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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [6/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: soft R...tbh it's still PG-13 to me but erring on the side of conservative
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Work has been atrocious so I apologize for the delay. As usual, not too happy about this but i'm starting to think i'm never gonna be happy lmao so just ignore my whining. It's also past 2am and I just got home from a night out so there may be more mistakes than usual with this in terms of formatting... Let's hope I don't fuck it up too royally.

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Freaking love you all. So much.

Chapter 6

Saturday, June 9

Jaejoong wakes up just past noon with a slight headache and a sour taste in his mouth. He decides that lying in bed for a little longer before Yoochun arrives is the order of the day as he stretches out, arching on the bed and sighing contentedly as his back pops. His butt and calves ache slightly and his belly is jumping around though he isn’t sure if it is due to Switch or just hunger and anxiousness. He groans and curls further under the covers as he recalls their antics from last night.

By anyone’s standards, even his own, last night was pretty tame despite the unplanned appearance of Yunho and Junsu. He did not do anything he hadn’t wanted to and both Junsu and Yunho being there with them, oddly enough, helped him feel more at ease with his alter ego. Judging by the looks he’d received and the almost constant glaring Yunho had been doing, Jaejoong knows he is hot as a girl. However whether he can actually pull off his routine, be confident and not turn beet red is another matter altogether. He sighs deeply and curls further into himself, reaching a hand between his legs and grasping at his half-hardened length. He smiles, happy to be himself once again.

Jaejoong stretches languidly once again, feeling the silk bedsheets slip and slide over his body, skimming his skin and reminding him of another’s featherlight touches. He closes his eyes, running one hand up and down the familiar planes of his male torso while the other fists his cock, waking it into fullness. Why would anyone prefer a female body? The thought briefly passes through his mind as he happily reacquaints himself with the his lightly muscled form. His hand roams back up, fingernails scratching slightly as he circles his pierced nipple, moaning softly when he flicks at it. He moves to lick his finger, once again playing lightly with the hardened nub with a moistened fingertip. His other hand moves lazily over his shaft, in no hurry as he thinks back to yesterday. He squeezes the head of his cock as he thinks about Yunho dancing up against him, pressing his hard body against his back so he can feel all the lines of his muscles. His fingers scoop up pre-cum, as he palms the head and stroking the liquid down his length, remembering Yunho’s long fingers, and he moans, imagining his hands around his cock as his fist pumps faster. His hands are running restlessly up and down his body now, squeezing his nipples hard with each pass, his eyes clenched shut as he remembers Yunho’s mouth against his own, that perfect cupid bow pressed against his own full lips, and his hand quickens yet again, jerkily this time as he moans at the memory, wanting that hot mouth against his once again and soon. He remembers Yunho’s hot breath flowing over his skin as he whispers into his ear, so close he is practically speaking into his skin, impressing upon him the beautiful deep tenor, and his hand flicks at the head of his cock, collecting more clear drops, spreading it down as he squeezes his shaft hard. The memory of his brief caresses and the electricity that awakens his entire body every time they touch draws out a long moan from Jaejoong as his hands work furiously over his hard cock; the memories bring back every delicious shiver he felt last night and was unable to act upon.

His eyes still tightly shut, Jaejoong blindly reaches for the dresser drawer next to his bed, rummaging till he finds what he wants. The silence of the room is broken by a loud pop of a plastic lid. Jaejoong remembers Yunho’s fingers trailing over his body, his skin, caressing his cheek and hanging proprietarily off his hips. The man is very tactile and Jaejoong moans loudly as his hand plays delicately with his virgin hole, one finger breaching his tight body. His breath comes in soft pants as he struggles to find a rhythm between pumping his cock and finger fucking his own ass. His mind is solely on Yunho though…it is Yunho’s fingers breaching that private place and Yunho’s hands on his cock, not his. He remembers those beautiful hands with the long fingers and large knuckles. Perfect hands. Perfect for fucking him with. His grits his teeth as he tries to stop the sounds coming out of his mouth as they seem loud to his ears, his index finger buried deep within him as he maintains a furious pace on his cock, desperate for release yet wanting to prolong it just a little more. He wants to hear Yunho whispering dirty things in his ear, telling him to fuck his hand, to fuck it harder and Jaejoong has to turn his head into his pillow to muffle his keening groan as his finger finds that agonizingly pleasurable spot within him and his hand jerks erratically over his cock. His bites at the pillowcase, uncaring, his mind lost in fantasies of Yunho ghosting that beautiful mouth over him, dirty words like a hot caress over his body as he moves lower, teasing Jaejoong mercilessly with his long fingers as that plump bottom lip tugs playfully at the head of his cock before shoving another finger into Jaejoong’s ass as he swallows his cock down and Jaejoong comes with a scream, spilling over his own hand and bed as he lies panting on his side, two fingers still buried deep in his own ass.

Jaejoong lies there for a good few minutes, catching his breath. That’s a lot more intense than he remembers it being and can only blame Yunho for that. He groans slightly despairingly as he gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. He needs to channel this Jaejoong into that routine tomorrow. The Jaejoong that imagines Yunho saying dirty things to him and loving it. The Jaejoong that is unashamed to fuck his own ass. The Jaejoong that has a very dirty sense of humour, whose love of yaoi mangas even embarrasses Yoochun on occasion. Well, what’s he to do? He’s still a virgin so he has to live vicariously somehow since his own best friend isn’t anywhere close to being fucked by any guy in ages. Listening to him talk about fucking girls does absolutely nothing for Jaejoong. He needs to channel this hidden Jaejoong into the routine tomorrow. He can do it, can’t he? Since he will be Jejuko and no one will know who he really is. He growls in frustration as he steps into the shower, yelping at the cold water but not moving, letting it chill his overheated body and staying till the temperature evens out.

It’s raining men! Hallelujah, it’s raining men! Amen!

Jaejoong is drying his hair when a phone suddenly goes off, screaming at him. What the hell is that? The phone continues screaming about raining men, in Korean no less, as he follows the source of the sound, not really surprised to find out it’s actually his phone making that racket instead of some random device belonging to someone else. It can only be one person who’s changed his ringtone.


“Hey, sorry I’m running a little late. I didn’t go to bed till after 10am. As it is, I’m running on barely two hours of sleep so please don’t be bitchy to your poor, tired friend.”

“10? What the fuck? Where were you? What were you doing? You left me at 6am!”

“Uh, about that. Junsu texted me and asked if we were alright and I felt bad about leaving him hanging like that so I went back to the cafe and he was just about to leave so we sat and chatted till the breakfast crowd came in. He bought me the breakfast he promised and then he walked me home.”

“Wow. I mean, wow. Where was Yunho?”

“I’m not looking too deeply into it. He talked about his ex-gf a lot and said I reminded him of her which isn’t really a good thing in my opinion. Oh, and Yunho was already gone when I got there.”

“Oh! Well, there’s one major difference. You’re a man.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll stay a man. How are you feeling? Any side-effects?”

Jaejoong shakes his head and then remembers he is on the phone and Yoochun can’t see him. “I feel fine. Just hungry. Can you bring some food?”

“I’m psychic! Now open the door before I drop your lunch on the disgusting hallway carpet out here.”

Jaejoong furrows his forehead confusedly till he hears a loud bang on his door which is echoed through the phone. “Oh, you’re here. I’m coming.”

“That’s what she said,” Yoochun cackles through the phone as Jaejoong hangs up to open the door to let him in. He is indeed bearing gifts, and Jaejoong sniffs appreciatively as he recognizes the takeaway boxes from his favourite Japanese restaurant.

He helps Yoochun unload, ruffling his hair affectionately before once again scowling at the atrocity that is Changmin’s handiwork. They settle on the rug on the floor, boxes of food laid out before them. Jaejoong eyes all the packages a little warily, and groans in dismay as something occurs to him.

“I can’t eat all this! I need to practice my dance today! My hands still hurt so I need to amend the routine slightly. Damn it, Yoochun!” Jaejoong’s voice is low whine as he starts dishing out some spicy udon noodles for himself, and eyes Yoochun mournfully over the huge box of tempura.

“Balls!” Yoochun speaks through a mouthful of takoyaki. “You need some fat on that skinny body of yours if you want more fat to go to your boobs.”

Jaejoong gawps at his friend. “Are you serious? Did you see all those guys hitting on me last night? I don’t think I need more padding up top, thank you!” He sniffs delicately, and sits primly upright as he tries not to shovel his udon down like a starving homeless person. He needs to be more ladylike even if it kills him.

The room is silent after that apart from some rather loud munching from Yoochun as the two of them polish off most of the food he’s brought with him. Jaejoong is hungrier than he expects and devours half of pretty much everything Yoochun has.

“So are you going to Switch for this?” Yoochun asks after a rather loud belch, drawing a rather sour look from his best friend who starts fanning the air around his face to drive away the noxious smell, while staring balefully at him for his purposefully obnoxious behaviour.

“You are so fucking gross. Junsu won’t need to look for a manly man. You’re practically all disgusting manly man apart from that oh-so-pretty face of yours,” Jaejoong says not unkindly to his friend who is grinning unrepentantly at him.

“I bet Yunho and Junsu have burping contests.”

“Probably, but they won’t do it around company.”

“You’re not company! You’re my best friend.”

“Whatever, Micky.”

Yoochun grunts at that before switching back to their original subject. “Well? Are you going to Switch?” Yoochun presses on. He knows Jaejoong needs at least one practice in his female body in order to pull this off and with the injuries to his hands, he’s a little worried for him.

“Yes, I’ll Switch. Can we do it now? Then at least the food has an hour to settle before I’m jumping around. Are you going to try it?”

Yoochun shakes his head at him as he digs through his bag for the stash of Switch. Jaejoong tidies up what’s left of their meal and they settle on the bed once again, a repeat of yesterday, but with no tears from Yoochun this time. Jaejoong again swallows the pill dry and lays down next to his friend. As he drowses, Yoochun realizes too late that Jaejoong is still topless and only in his pajama pants. He chuckles softly to himself as he settles in next to him for a long-deserved nap. Oh well, he’ll get a nice surprise when he wakes. He’ll bet anything he didn’t peek at himself yesterday and this will probably be as close to the female body as he’ll ever willingly get.

An hour later...

A muffled shriek jolts Yoochun from his pleasant dream. Junsu is teaching him how to play pool and the blonde man’s crotch is pressed rather deliciously against his ass. He was whispering instructions into his ear between nibbling it, damn it! Why did he wake up? He was about to grind his ass into Junsu as he takes his shot, acing it of course because Yoochun is really a pool king but no one needs to know that, least of all dream!Junsu…

He shakes his head to clear the cobwebs from it as he sits up, looking around, trying to find the source of the noise. He locates Jejuko in the corner of the bed, against the wall, with the covers up to her chin staring wide-eyed at him.

“Jaejoong? I mean, Jejuko… what’s wrong?”

“I’m naked, that’s what’s wrong!” Jejuko hisses at Yoochun. She is very grateful that she wakes up before her greasy best friend who probably conveniently “forgot” to tell Jaejoong to put on a goddamn shirt before taking Switch!

Yoochun stares back at the pale brunette who is looking quite mortified, the colour high in her cheeks. He can’t help it. He bursts out laughing.

And he keeps laughing.

Yoochun is so tickled that he almost falls off the bed laughing. Jejuko’s indignant face doesn’t help him any and it’s a fair few minutes before Yoochun manages to collect himself and look at his huffy friend in the face.

“Are you done laughing yourself to death?” Jejuko asks in a deadly tone, voice as frosty as her expression.

Yoochun smirks and shrugs, “Well, I do think it’s possible to laugh to death especially if you have asthma. And since I actually do suffer from that unfortunate condition, I guess you’re stuck with me laughing at you till I drop dead.”

“Why are we friends again?”

“Because you love me.”

“Drop dead.”

“Now, now, Jae Jae baby, don’t be mean.” Yoochun chides his friend gently as she pouts at him.

“What’s so funny anyway? I got the fright of my life when I woke up and my boobs were the first things I saw! MY NIPPLE IS PIERCED!” she wails and covers her face with her hands.

At that, Yoochun collapses under a fresh wave of laughter. He cannot help it. Jejuko is the picture of dissatisfaction, looking quite disturbed and Yoochun isn’t quite sure why. Whatever it is though, he’s finding the whole situation rather hilarious. His friend is crazy.

“You do realize you’ve had your nipple pierced for a fair few years, right?” Yoochun asks once he gets himself under control once again. Jejuko has gone back to hiding behind her hands, and Yoochun pokes at her with his foot.

“I know! But that’s Jaejoong. This is Jejuko and this is so fucking weird I don’t even know where to begin. How the hell am I supposed to perform with a pierced nipple? It’s pierced! No one will believe I’m a virgin. Hell, even I won’t believe I’m a virgin. Everyone will think I’m a slut!” Jejuko flings her arms about animatedly as she explains the predicament as she sees it.

Yoochun cocks his head and frowns in puzzlement. “Why would you want to appear virginal? The whole point is to get you to be confident and to LOSE your virginity. Not to wave it around like a damn flag. You’re confusing me.”

Jejuko throws her arms up in disgust, not noticing the covers have slipped and the gentle curves of her new form are now exposed to Yoochun who stares fascinated and unashamed. He didn’t get a peek yesterday and today, Yoochun is too hyped up to care. It’s not like he’s actually attracted. He’s just being a connoisseur, and his friend is certainly very blessed in every physical department possible. Jejuko can just get over her embarrassment! The metal rod through her left nipple winks in the sunlight and Yoochun has to admit it looks rather good, briefly toying with the idea of getting one himself and wondering if Junsu would like it.

“Earth to Yoochun!” Jejuko leans forward and snaps her fingers in front of Yoochun’s nose. “Okay, fine. I don’t want to appear virginal but I don’t really want to appear slutty either.”

“Just remove the damn thing, Jesus friggin’ Christ. Why are you being such a drama llama over this?”

“But I don’t want to have to remove it!” Jejuko pouts and folds her arms across her chest, finally covering her exposed boobs.

Yoochun lies back down and pulls the covers up over his head and moans, “I am not moving till you stop acting so crazy. I’m starting to think these pills are not very good for you. You’re acting really whacked out.”

There is silence as Yoochun breathes in and out deeply, starting to worry about his friend, and wondering what they should do next. It doesn’t take long before he feels the bed shift and a long body stretches out next to him, a hand tugs the covers down gently from over his head. A contrite face appears before him, eyes huge in her delicate face; Jejuko is biting her lip as she gazes down at her friend.

“I’m sorry, Chunnie. I just got a fright when I woke up topless and the first thing I see is my piercing staring at me right in the face and I guess I just panicked. I don’t want to give off the wrong signals you know but I also don’t want to have to compromise myself. I’ve already changed so much that I really don’t want to change any further.” Jejuko lifts her free hand and tenderly pushes away the hair from around Yoochun’s face as she looks at her friend apologetically.

Yoochun reaches up and catches Jejuko’s hand in his and presses a sweet kiss to her palm. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. And just because you have a nipple ring does not make you a slut. Taking part in an amateur pole dancing competition however….” Yoochun trails off and laughs as Jejuko’s face contorts in protest.

“It was your id—“ Jejuko is cut off as Yoochun places a hand over her mouth.

“I know it’s my idea. Relax. You’re still Jaejoong under all those extra curves. Jaejoong is not, and will never be a slut. Just be yourself. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all along. Now stop wasting time and get up! You really need to practise!”

“But I have nothing to wear…”

Yoochun turns, realising she’s right. “Ah well, guess it can’t be helped. Sooyoung to the rescue again.”

Jejuko winces as Yoochun rings their friend, hearing rather loud shouting on the other end as she sinks lower in her bed.

Yoochun hangs up after a few long minutes, shuddering as he nervously cards his hand through his hair. “She honestly wants to gut me. She’ll be here in five minutes with some clothes but she can’t stay because she has to go babysit.”

“That’s a good thing!”

“You’re telling me…”

The best friends spend the next few hours working on Jejuko’s routine. To Yoochun’s dismay, some modifications need to be made due to the injuries to Jejuko’s hands but she manages to salvage most of the routine. As it is amateur night, the participants are not allowed to do any fancy, crazy tricks on the pole due to insurance reasons as the bar does not want to be held liable for any broken bones. However, swinging around the pole with all your weight potentially resting on one or both hands may tear open some of the slightly deeper grazes on Jejuko’s hands, hence the need to make some changes. By the end of the night, both of them are so sick of TVXQ’s Before U Go that if they never hear the song again, it would be too soon. Tomorrow, Jejuko will be practicing her lap dance….

NEXT - 7

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