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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [7/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Jejuko dancing for Yunho…that is all you need to know :PPP

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Freaking love you all. So much.

Sunday, June 10

“Have you chosen an outfit yet?”

Jejuko hums from within her closet as Yoochun sits on her bed flicking through her Legal History textbook. He grimaces as he reads a few boring sentences and shuts the book with a loud bang, startling Jejuko out of the closet. It’s late Sunday afternoon and Jejuko is on her second dose of Switch in the last 36 hours. Her time will run out at 4am and she hopes she will be well home by then.

“Must you always be so loud?” Jejuko frowns and stands up, stretching her slim, lanky frame, causing her short tank top to ride high up her ribcage as she scratches absentmindedly at her taut, flat belly.

Yoochun chooses to ignore his friend’s question and replies with one of his own. “Outfit, Jejuko? You need one in oh, four hours,” he mutters as he checks his wristwatch.

Jejuko darts back into the closet and rummages for a few seconds and pulls out a few items. “What do you think of these?”

She is holding a tiny black spaghetti strap top where the ties are at the shoulders and can easily be tugged undone. Along with that, she holds up a tight fitting white shirt with metal snap buttons.

“Where did you even get those?”

“Sooyoung dropped off more clothes this morning when she came to do my hair cos she has youth group with Changmin and wasn’t sure what time she’ll be back so she picked some clothes for me to try out in the meantime.”

Yoochun simply nods and gestures for Jejuko to continue.

She holds up a pair of boy shorts and cocks a perfectly plucked eyebrow at Yoochun.

“Mmm… shouldn’t you be wearing a skirt rather than shorts? I mean, those shorts are tiny but maybe a skirt over it would be better? I know it’s kinda stereotypical but why don’t you go as a naughty virginal schoolgirl? Yes, I know it’s an oxymoron but hear me out. If you blush or become all shy and demure, they’ll just think it’s you being in character.”

Jejuko turns back and rummages around once again, shuffling the pile of clothes Sooyoung had left for her earlier.

“Weird…I don’t think she left me a skirt. How odd.”

“Maybe she thinks you already own one? You have been Jejuko more than Jaejoong this weekend it seems.” Yoochun’s cheeky response is met by a scowl.

“That may be so but this is Jaejoong’s closet and Jaejoong does not and never has, owned any skirts!” Jejuko’s voice is indignant as she flings the pair of shorts in Yoochun’s amused face.

“What about that kilt?”

“A kilt is not a skirt!”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

Jejuko huffs, not bothering to dignify that with a response as she ponders her clothes once again. Sighing in resignation after several minutes, she turns to Yoochun. “Do you still have your ex-gf’s old school uniform?”

Yoochun eyes his friend carefully over the magazine he picks up while waiting for her to decide on her ‘costume’. “Yes…”

Her eyes widen, “Really? I was just kidding…”

“Shut up.”

“You know what? You’re right, I don’t want to know…but I really need a skirt. Can I borrow it?”

“Why don’t we see if Sooyoung is back, huh? My dorm is ages away and the less you’re seen on campus the better.”

“Excuses, excuses, Yoochun-ah… Are you gonna wear it for Junsu?” Jejuko has to hurriedly duck when her best friend flings a rolled up magazine at her head and she falls back into the closet, giggling madly. She peeks at Yoochun who is simply staring at her expressionlessly and her mouth twists into a smirk, deciding to stop teasing her friend who has been nothing but supportive.

They are interrupted by Yoochun’s phone ringing, and a quick conversation reveals that Sooyoung is back and willing to help out once again and that is where the best friends head, both holding an armful of clothes, bickering good-naturedly about Jejuko’s full head of newly acquired jet-black wavy clip ons.


Jejuko eyes herself critically in the mirror. She is wearing thigh high white socks and black platform Mary Jane shoes that belong to Sooyoung. Her head feels heavy as she shakes it, watching the dark locks curl around her upper body. She is still not used to all that extra hair and it has thrown her slightly off balance when she practiced her routine earlier, even though she’s had hours to get acquainted with it. She turns, gazing critically at the wealth of wavy hair tumbling down her back, almost to the hem of her shirt. Sooyoung had spent ages putting them in this morning and when the then Jaejoong had protested, Sooyoung had as usual, brushed him off, saying the look works very well on him/her and who was Jaejoong to say no to Sooyoung the fashionista? He’d had to hole himself up in his room since the clip-ons were put in while he was still a male but that hadn’t been an issue.

Despite her misgivings about Jaejoong taking the drug so often, and voicing her concern every now and again, Sooyoung gets caught up in their nervous excitement and the chance to dress someone so close to her own figure is an opportunity she’s not about to pass up. Her friend is practically vibrating as she stares at herself in the mirror and she sits back on her bed next to Yoochun, curling into his side as he puts an arm around her.

“She’s beautiful.”

“Why are you even surprised?”

“Not surprised, just a little sad actually. Jaejoong is just as beautiful, if not more so. I hate that he thinks he has to be a girl to get Yunho.”

Yoochun sighs, rubbing his hand up and down Sooyoung’s arm. “That’s my fault. I honestly wish I could take it back but I can’t so let’s just help her out, yeah?”

“I know. But Yoochun-ah, please don’t give him any more. He’s taken three already this weekend and I think it’s three too many. How many did you get?”

He grunts in response and turns his head to whisper directly into her ear. “I managed to get 10 pills but I really don’t intend for him to take more.”

Sooyoung frowns at the number as she looks at Jejuko looking at herself in the full length mirror.

Jejuko tilts her head, checking out her reflection, ignoring the whispering behind her. Sooyoung has taken scissors to one of her own green and black tartan mini skirt, and it is now even shorter and frayed on the edges, giving it a slightly edgy, punk vibe. The black spaghetti top is hidden from view at the moment, covered by the tight white shirt. The skirt hangs low on Jejuko’s slim hips and the shirt stops about three inches above the waistband giving a tantalising glimpse of creamy white flesh and showing off Jejuko’s pierced belly button currently adorned by an emerald barbell. Her outfit is completed by a black rosary necklace, a sharp contrast to the white shirt, and doing its job to draw attention to her body.

It is a unanimous decision by all three for Jejuko to go braless as the tank top is so tight that there really is no point. Plus, Jejuko’s boobs are extremely firm and perky so support isn’t really an issue. Sooyoung is of the impression that any extra bounce will surely gain her more points anyway, and the aim is to get to the lap dancing final so it will probably help Jejuko rather than hinder her. Jejuko has to agree because she is still unsure of her pole routine, taking into account her still-injured hands so whatever advantage she can gain, she is more than willing to take at this stage.

The door to Sooyoung’s room opens and a familiar head pops in, glasses perched slightly askew on his nose.

“Well, well, well, look who decided to finally show up.” Yoochun’s tone is teasing as he hauls Sooyoung up further against him, earning himself a frown from the younger man who enters the room but doesn’t say anything.

“Just in time too!” Sooyoung’s smirk is wicked as Changmin looks at her, slightly perplexed.

Jejuko turns around and catches the smirks on both her friend’s faces and she immediately catches on.

“Hello, Changmin.” Her tone is decidedly playful, flirty even.

The tall man turns towards the girl standing in front of the mirror and his jaw drops. “H-h-hyung?”

“Mmmmm… I think it’s noona now, baby boy.”

Changmin swallows hard, eyes travelling up and down the scantily clad form of his former hyung. A hyung that yes, he’d had a tiny crush on when they first met but that was ages ago. Years even. But this…well this is crazy! And that hair…dear god, help him.

“Cat got your tongue?” Jejuko’s lips quirk in amusement as Changmin’s stunned eyes meet hers. She steps forward towards him, and is very tickled when he takes a nervous step backwards.

Sooyoung’s giggle cuts through the slightly charged atmosphere as her boyfriend looks like a deer caught in headlights. “Changmin-ah, help your noona out.”

“H-help? What?” He shakes his head, turning towards his girlfriend who is practically in Yoochun’s lap now, her expression extremely amused. He should probably go and pluck his girlfriend from the arms of his other hyung but right now he’s not even sure what’s going on, having the feeling that the joke’s on him somehow as he struggles not to swallow his own tongue in shock.

Jejuko takes the opportunity to step right up to Changmin while Sooyoung distracts him, putting a pale hand lightly against his chest. She smirks as he turns towards her, eyes widening behind his glasses when he realises just how close she is. “Yes, Changmin-ah…” she purrs, “help your noona out.” And with that she pushes him backwards, hard enough that he loses his balance and falls back into Sooyoung’s desk chair behind him.

Yoochun quickly reaches out to the remote on the bed next to him and hits the play button and Tohoshinki’s Darkness Eyes starts playing.

Jejuko bends down, placing her forearms on Changmin’s shoulders as she leans close into his ear, her necklace swaying tantalizingly in front of her cleavage, and trying not to laugh at how tense the poor man is. “I need to practice my lap dance. Tell me if you like it.” And because she’s feeling extremely cheeky, she kisses the arch of his ear, causing the younger man to shiver beneath her as she straightens up to start the routine.

The practice lap dance goes off without a hitch. Well, there is a definite hitch in Changmin’s breathing not even halfway through it and he just about moans when Jejuko plucks his glasses off his nose and puts it on her own face, an improvisation on her part. The performance is flawless though judging from the whistles and hoots of appreciation from her two naughty friends on the bed and the absolutely flustered man in the desk chair. Jejuko opts for the no hands routine, feeling more confident if she isn’t touched as again, the body is still relatively new to her and she is still finding her way around it so to speak. Sooyoung gives her a few pointers as she goes along, taking a great deal of pleasure in Changmin’s discomfort. Jejuko finds her routine now filled with coy looks from beneath her lashes, as Sooyoung believes that although Jejuko is a natural sex kitten, her eyes betray her innocence, and what better way to drive someone crazy than the juxtaposition between that and the sensual promise that is Jejuko’s body.

“I hate you guys.” Changmin is now pouting rather determinedly in the chair, arms crossed and a pillow in his lap.

“Awww we needed an objective opinion since Sooyoung’s a girl and I’ve seen this routine so many times it does nothing for me anymore. Chin up, man.”


Sooyoung bursts out laughing at Jejuko’s query and points to the pillow in Changmin’s lap that she’d thrown to him within a minute into the song.

“Oh, right.” And strangely enough, the cheeks of the beautiful girl bloom red as she lowers her eyes, earning herself matching groans from both men in the room.

“Seriously, noona, hyung, noona…whatever! I can’t believe you just blushed. I’m the one who should be blushing! Why are you blushing?” Changmin’s voice is slightly annoyed as he shifts uncomfortably in the chair

“We’re still working on that. Why do you think she’s going as a virginal schoolgirl? At least the blushes won’t be out of place.”

“Virginal?” Changmin’s voice is incredulous, his hand gesturing to Jejuko’s form. “That, is decidedly NOT virginal. Hyung, what are you smoking? Sooyoung?”

“Look at her face. That’s the problem. Neck down is not an issue. Neck up is. So, does it work?”

Changmin’s eyes take in Jejuko’s flaming cheeks and then her figure, right down to her toes and back up. “Yeah, yeah, it works. It works too well, but it works. How the fuck are you going to keep all the men off her?”

“Ah-hah! That’s where you come in. We’re tagging along.”

“I can’t fight off a bar full of men! I’m not superman!”

“Oh, Minnie, you’re so silly. We’re just there for support. Now go back to your room and get dressed!”

Changmin simply quirks an eyebrow at his bossy girlfriend, then lunges out of the chair, snagging her around the waist and dragging her out the door with him, calling behind him that they’ll be ready in an hour before shutting the door loudly behind them.

“Well then, looks like we’re the only ones who are going to be sexually frustrated tonight.”


Jejuko pulls on the black fingerless gloves that finish her outfit, pleased that her wounds have actually healed over rather quickly, possibly due to Switch changing the makeup of her body. The only evidence left of her scrape with the pavement is the strange black stone embedded in her palm. She rubs a finger over her glove that covers the mark and notes that her hands still hurt slightly but there are no scars to be seen. She looks up at her three friends waiting expectantly for her. “I guess I’m going to be as ready as I’ll ever be.”

Time has gone by quickly. Too quickly, in Jejuko’s opinion. It is now 7pm and they have to be at the bar by 8pm at the latest. The quartet bundle out of the room, tugging on their jackets as although it is the start of summer, there is a slight nip in the air that night.

“Remember,” Sooyoung starts as they walk down the steps outside the dormitory, “confidence is the one accessory that's always in stock, and always in style.” She winks at Jejuko who just groans softly.

Jejuko squares her shoulders, fixing her posture and walking as confidently as she can, determined that if she can’t feel confident, she sure as hell will try to at least fake it.

They walk leisurely together, chatting about anything and everything. Jejuko is grateful for the company and their excitement is starting to rub off on her. Yoochun is always up for some fun and with Sooyoung and Changmin being there, there’s definitely fun to be had. In no time at all, they find themselves in front of the gleaming, neon signed entry of ‘Last Angel Gentlemen’s Bar’. None of them get carded as the huge bouncer at the door simply nods them through.

Yoochun, Changmin and Sooyoung all join the line to leave their jackets at the coat check while Jejuko keeps her trenchcoat on, ostensibly to keep her costume under wraps. She signs in at the booth in the foyer while waiting for her friends to finish at the coat check, and is given a number by a blonde, buxom girl who gives her an empty yet dazzling smile. Slightly blinded, Jejuko steps back involuntarily and somehow manages to lose her footing. She bites back her scream as she feels herself falling backwards, squeezing her eyes shut, waiting for the impact.

“We really should stop meeting like this, pretty lady,” a masculine voice chuckles lightly in her ear. “I love your hair.”

Jejuko’s eyes fly open, exhaling so forcefully she starts coughing. Strong arms loosen their hold around her as she gains her feet, and balance once again, a free hand gently rubbing her back between her shoulder blades. Jejuko turns to her saviour and smiles self-consciously as she meets the dark brown eyes of Junsu, not missing the amused glint in them.

Before she can respond, she hears Yoochun’s chuckle as her friends join her. Junsu does a quick once over of Jejuko, making sure is unhurt and then turns to greet her friends.

“Fancy seeing you here. Don’t tell me…you lost Yunho and you’re just here looking for him?” Yoochun’s teasing tone causes Jejuko to arch an eyebrow in interest.

“Then I’d be lying, and I’d never lie to you.” Junsu smirks, eyes full of mischief as he takes Yoochun’s hand, tugging him towards him and presses a chaste kiss to his cheek, causing the other man to blush.

“You are such a cheeseball,” Yoochun shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he recovers from his brief shock at the contact. He tries to extract his hand but Junsu just grins at him and keeps it captive. He takes it in stride and nods towards the tall couple next to them “This is Sooyoung and Changmin. We’re here for the contest.”

Junsu looks over at the statuesque couple and nods in acknowledgement, smiling in greeting. “I know them. I swim with Changmin sometimes and Sooyoung hangs out by the pool a lot.”

“Such a small world.”

“Isn’t it just? Why are you here for the contest?” His query is directed at Changmin as he gestures towards Sooyoung tucked protectively into his side. “You’re not seriously going to let your girlfriend dance tonight?”

“What makes you think she’s dancing?” Changmin nods in Jejuko’s direction. “We’re here for her.”

Junsu looks slightly alarmed at that and reaches out his free hand to tug Jejuko towards him. “You’re in the contest?” he rubs his thumb absentmindedly over her small hand as he looks at her hoping that he’s heard wrong.

Jejuko ignores his question and replies with her own. “Why don’t you tell us why you’re here if not to look for Yunho?”

“Oh. Well, I know where Yunho is because I came here with him. I’m the MC for the contest and Yunho is um…one of the judges.” Junsu finishes uncomfortably, well aware that he may have just blown it for Yunho. He knows his friend’s quite taken with Jejuko and he isn’t sure what her reaction will be to find out that Yunho is judging an amateur pole dancing competition. To his surprise, Jejuko laughs merrily, joined in by Yoochun.

“Ah, I have a better chance now then, eh?” Jejuko smirks as Yoochun chuckles.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Junsu is distracted by the cousins on either side of him. Jejuko lights up the room when she smiles or laughs and Yoochun on his other side, is a shining beacon of masculine, yet feminine amusement. The man’s mouth is seriously giving Junsu issues.

Yoochun swallows his laughter and answers for his friend who is still smirking as she tugs her coat closer around her. “Jejuko is in the contest, my dear clueless friend.”

“Wait…what?!” Junsu’s eyes widen as his mind goes quickly over the names of the contestants and true enough, there is a ‘Jejuko’ signed up. She was one of the first entries received actually. He turns his entire body to face Jejuko, looking at her up and down again, finally noticing that she still has her jacket on. Well, more of a trench coat actually as it reaches down just past her knees. He can’t decide whether Yunho’ll be happy or upset but Junsu is feeling oddly protective. “But…why?” he asks, unable to help it.

Jejuko’s eyebrow shoots right up at that and she shrugs nonchalantly. “I just thought it’ll be something fun to do. An experiment of sorts.” She reaches out a hand and pats Junsu’s cheek. “Now are you going to be a good host and direct us to a nice table? I think I need to check-in backstage too at some point. I’m number 5,” she says, holding out the number she was given earlier to Junsu.

“Uh, um…” Junsu is still a little shocked and staring slightly agog at Jejuko. The shy, flawless, almost unapproachable beauty he remembers from the other night has transformed into a naughty, teasing, sensual being. “Yunho is not going to know what hit him…” he mumbles under his breath as he collects himself and flashes the foursome a disarming smile and ushers them through to the main room where the contest is to be held.

In a repeat of the other night, Junsu procures a ‘Reserved’ sign for their table, saying that he knows the manager there. The two couples choose not to question him about it as they look around the room, having never been to a ‘gentlemen’s bar’ before while he disappears to get their drinks. The room is large and brightly lit which they find surprising. Everything seems to be either gold, red or black, lending a sensuous elegance to the place. There is a raised ‘H’ shaped stage that starts along one wall, with a short catwalk leading to another stage parallel to the larger one. This stage is set almost in the middle of the room and has three poles on it set relatively far apart. Jejuko had expected the room to be tacky and cheap but this is anything but as she takes in the chaise lounges that lined one wall, all with gauzy gold-tinted drapes pulled up, that could be released in an instant should the occupants want some privacy. A long, solid mahogany bar takes up another wall, with the entrance and exit at either end of it. Leather bar stools complete the masculine look with female bartenders dressed smartly in sexy tuxedo outfits. The remaining wall is taken up by works of ‘art’. Erotic art to be exact. Tasteful, and classy, Jejuko thinks as she takes in the wall mounted carving of a girl doing the split in the nude from the back. The alabaster carving reminds her of the austere busts found in museums, causing her to chuckle at the contrast. There are no cheap, ‘normal’ chairs in the whole room, with seating primarily being red upholstered arm chairs that lined the stage for punters, red and gold chaise lounges and black leather booths. They are all seated at one such booth, talking quietly as Junsu returns with their drinks.

“Here we go, cosmopolitans for all. I apologise for the cliche but I figure a pink drink to start the night would be nice.” Catching Yoochun’s expression, he grins at him. “Yours is a virgin cosmo.”

Yoochun huffs to try and hide the smile playing about his lips as he takes a sip of his virginal drink while Changmin looks distrustingly at the pink concoction in his hand. Sooyoung takes a dainty sip at hers while Jejuko downs her cosmo in one gulp.

Four pairs of eyes on her, and Jejuko exhales loudly, “I need some liquid courage. Can I have one more, Junsu?”

Junsu shakes his head, swallowing a laugh as he replies, “Yunho will kill me if you fall off that stage so I’ll say no this time, princess. Maybe after?”

“What does Yunho have to do with this anyway?” Jejuko asks curiously, not pressing the drink issue as she is feeling very slightly lightheaded.

“Nothing, I guess,” Junsu dodges the question. “But I don’t think he’d be happy if you fell off the stage. I don’t think any of your friends would be happy either.”

Jejuko wrinkles her nose and then nods, accepting his answer. She looks around the room as it starts to fill up. “Should I go backstage? I’m not actually sure how this will work.”

“In the knock-out round, girls will be coming out in threes to perform. There are 15 of you in total so it will be five sets of 4-5 minutes each. Then the judges will choose the top five and then you will perform solo lap dances with the judge that picks you. There’s a 45 minute break between the knock-out round and the final lap dance.”

“Are we actually going to have to sit through almost half an hour of Before U Go on repeat?” Yoochun questions, eyes wide.

Junsu shakes his head and laughs. “Ah, I guess I don’t have to guess what song Jejuko is dancing to. Each group of three has a different song. Jejuko’s is the second group up and it will be Before U Go but the others are dancing to other songs. Personally, I like the first song but that’s possibly because of the music video….”

“Oh yeah, what is it?”

“It’ll be a surprise. Just sit tight and cheer Jejuko on. Speaking of whom…” he turns to Jejuko. “You should probably head back. I’ll take you there.”

Jejuko takes a deep breath, and nods, hugging her friends, giving an especially tight hug to Yoochun who clings to her, and whispers words of support and strength in her ear. Jejuko is touched when Yoochun plants an unexpected soft kiss on her cheek, his eyes wet but encouraging. The man cries over everything but she won’t have her best friend any other way.

She gets up and takes Junsu’s offered elbow as they wind their way around the booths and chairs to the back. Junsu keeps up a light conversation flowing as he nods hello to several people as they go past. Jejuko tightens her hand around the crook of his elbow, thankful to have him there. She just hopes she manages to dance well enough to get to the lap dance portion.


Jejuko can’t help but laugh as she recognises the start of Rania’s Dr. Feel Good start to play on the loudspeakers. She understands what Junsu means now and she peers out from behind the curtains to watch the first group of girls gyrate to the rather suggestive song. It looks almost like a synchronised performance though, she notes, as the three girls appear to have incorporated most if not all the original choreography. The only difference is that they’re now rubbing their pelvises against a pole rather than humping air. She is almost thankful now that her group song is Before U Go. There’s only so much of that choreography a girl can incorporate into a sexy routine, though she is guilty of borrowing that move. Who wouldn’t? It’s insanely sexy on the two men of TVXQ and hopefully, just as sexy on a girl.

She is in the back with a gaggle of other girls, most of them touching up their makeup in the brightly lit mirrors. She has shed her jacket, which Junsu takes, promising to leave it with her friends so she can put it back on, not quite comfortable with her revealing clothes. She tugs at the hem of her white shirt, as she looks over at the other contestants. Most of them are wearing next to nothing with lingerie being the outfit of the day it seems. She’s seen a variety of peignoirs, negligees, corsets and the basic bra and underwear. Jejuko is the most covered of the lot and she actually feels quite comfortable with that. Junsu also left her with a short tie, putting it on her, saying that it completes her outfit before kissing her hand and leaving her with a smile.

The crowd is getting noisier as one of the girls must have done something interesting as there is applause and some scattered catcalls. The audience for the most part seem to be made up of a less boisterous, more respectful group. Junsu mentioned earlier that Last Angel is probably the most exclusive of all the clubs of its kind in the area. The bouncers are instructed not to let in just anyone, which may explain the general makeup of the crowd. However, as Jejuko turns back to look over the girls waiting with her, she wonders if someone forgot to screen the contestants….

Too soon, the music ends and she hears Junsu’s cheerful, laughing voice over the speakers thanking the girls and introducing the next group. Jejuko zones out till she hears her name being called.

“Contestant number five is the lovely, Jejuko. A picture of innocence in her schoolgirl outfit, but don’t let that fool you. There are many layers to this girl. Question is, are you man enough to peel them off?” Junsu’s voice betrays nothing as he introduces Jejuko, chuckling as Yunho sits up in his seat, eyes wide as he looks at Junsu who nods in confirmation, before turning to look at the leggy raven-haired vision coming out.

Jejuko walks out as she has been instructed to, pausing at the start of the catwalk and smirking at the men lining up on either side as she struts down the short distance to her pole which happens to be the one right in the middle. Her stomach is rolling in anxiety and she is glad her legs are moving as they are. She is determined to be the best actress there ever was and fake the confidence she doesn’t quite feel at the moment. She looks over the room as she waits for the last girl to come out, her eyes drifting over the sea of faces, stopping when she sees her friends who wave enthusiastically at her, Sooyoung blowing kisses while the men giving her thumbs ups, and this settles her nerves somewhat. She really doesn’t want to look down in front of her as she knows that’s where the judges will be sitting but curiosity overtakes her as she wants to see Yunho.

She looks down just as the final girl reaches her pole and immediately catches Yunho’s eye. He looks stupefied yet slightly confused as he stares up at her, ignoring the girls to her immediate right and left. Jejuko takes a deep, fortifying breath and quirks her lips and eyebrow in acknowledgement just as the music starts. Her heart is pounding as if in sync with the music. She needs to be one with the music. There is no one else in the room. It is just her, Yunho and the music. She closes her eyes as lets the first suggestive moans in the song caress her body, undulating with the sound slowly, uncaring as to who might be watching her. She’s worked too hard for this to choke now.

Her eyes are shut as she does her first twirl around the pole, moving slowly, her body all long lines as she stretches out backwards, her shirt riding higher up her belly, but she doesn’t care. She comes to a stop and opens her eyes, staring straight into unfathomable, dark hooded eyes. Eyes that are only on her and her alone. She doesn’t take her own eyes off Yunho, choosing to use him as her anchor as she starts dancing to the music. She’s chosen to move sensuously to the sinuous beat of the music rather than any fancy acrobatics, letting her body flow fluidly around the pole, and up and down it. She ignores the other two contestants, and goes off in a world of her own with the music and Yunho. To her, there is only one person in room. She knows she’ll probably lose points for not engaging the crowd but at that point, she really doesn’t care. As she spins around the pole, knee hooked on it, hand holding tight as she arches backwards so the room appears upside down, all she sees are a pair of warm brown eyes, an unknown emotion playing within them. Upon completing her spins, Jejuko looks up, eyes scanning the crowd as she smirks coyly as the chorus starts, her left hand sliding heavily down her body as she gyrates to the music in an imitation of that infamous move, vaguely aware that the girls on either side of her are doing the same. Her mouth parts, as her hand drags across her pierced nipple, unaware that her gaze has just become more intense as she stares at Yunho, imagining that it is his hands on her, moving lower against the bare skin of her belly till she teasingly cups her sex lightly before dropping her hand away. The crowd is on their feet by now, hooting and catcalling loudly, very appreciative of the piece of choreography that everyone thinks about whenever this song is played. Jejuko continues to move, never losing sight of Yunho despite her spins. When she body waves against the pole, the cold metal feeling hot between her thighs, she thinks about Yunho between her thighs and her face unconsciously mirrors her thoughts. Her cheeks are flush with arousal and as the chorus comes on for the second time, almost every male has their eyes on the glowing angel at the centre pole, dancing exactly like she is making love, body so sinful and face so erotic even Yoochun is having trouble staying calm.

Jejuko drops low against the pole, knees spread in an open squat as she flashes her pure white underwear at the crowd while running her hands invitingly up and down her inner thighs before going on her hands and knees, crawling slowly forward on the counter beat with the “Hellos” in the song, eyes never leaving her mark even for a second, before moving to sit slowly back on her heels. Her blazing eyes on Yunho, no longer caring what her face is doing as closes her eyes and throws her head back, her dark locks tumbling down her back as her body arches right in time to the climactic scream in the song. Anyone watching would have thought she just climaxed and that really is the point as she sways lightly in time to the music, head still thrown back and both hands now running down the length of her body, her thighs spread, as she slowly tilts her head back up, heavy-lidded bedroom eyes scanning the room for only the second time that night before landing back on the eyes of the only man she has ever really wanted to call her own. She tugs at the tie at her throat, loosening it as she leans forward, rosary necklace dangling teasingly, and crooks a finger at Yunho as she mouths the words to the song.

Yunho leans forward, unable to help himself. His eyes are wide, his jaw slack as he stares up into the glittering eyes of a goddess. The crowd roars, now far more interested in the middle contestant and her interaction with the judges than watching the other two lackluster performances by girls who seem content in flinging themselves around the pole in their flimsy outfits, not even staying all that well with the slow beat.

Jejuko reaches out a hand and trails her fingers up Yunho’s open V in his shirt, ending at his chin and flicking it playfully as her body still moves in time with the music. She leans back and unfolds herself slowly into a standing position, making sure her hip is cocked, accentuating whatever ass she has as she smirks over the crowd and proceeds to spin once again around the pole. Her long limbs are graceful and her movements teasing as she sways to the music, lost in it. She reaches a hand up to her throat, tugging the tie loose completely and slowly unbuttoning the top two snap buttons of her shirt. Once unbuttoned, she runs her hand teasingly, heavily, over the left side of her body once again, fully aware of her nipple straining against her clothes and letting her mouth pop open in a suggestive gasp as she essentially feels herself up.

There are a few loud groans heard among the crowd as they watch the tall, absolutely stunning girl tease the room mercilessly. Flashing bits of skin here and there but still, fully clothed, and quite modest compared to everyone else. Cheers go up as Jejuko sinks once again into an open squat, hands running along her inner thighs, flashing everyone once again, the flaming stunner gazing at Yunho in blatant invitation as the man fists both his hands, stifling the urge to haul the beautiful girl off the stage and hide her from the world. The song ends with Jejuko on her hands and knees, body arched and eyebrow cocked challengingly with a naughty smirk playing about her lips. The response is tremendous as the room erupts loudly.

Jejuko gets back up, enjoying the applause as she looks over the heads to search out her friends. She finds Sooyoung sitting on her knees on the table at their booth, mouth hanging open and shaking her head at her in amazement. She then slips two fingers into her mouth and blows a piercing wolf whistle, causing Jejuko to colour embarrassingly as the people hoot and catcall, echoing her. Now that the music is gone, Jejuko becomes more aware of her surroundings. She takes in the appreciative looks from both men and women as she turns to head backstage once again. She purposefully refuses to meet Yunho’s eyes, though she does catch Junsu’s who has a wide grin on his face and gives her a thumbs up. Her belly starts coiling once again as she reaches the back room. Who would’ve thought that she gets stage fright before and after the show but not during. How peculiar.

Jejuko quickly checks herself out in the mirror, buttoning her shirt back up and fixing the cute tie Junsu had given her. She waves a quick goodbye and wishes good luck to the other girls as she heads back out into the main room. She is relieved to find Changmin waiting for her at the entrance, the taller man telling her that Sooyoung has instructed him to “get Jejuko back here unscathed”. The eye-catching couple moves quickly through the crowd, arm in arm, thankful the next set has started, the familiar strains of HyunA’s Change playing loudly, so most of the attention is on the stage.

They both slide into the booth, Jejuko next to Yoochun and Changmin reclaiming his place next to Sooyoung just as a waitress drops off four drinks that Yoochun had ordered. Jejuko hugs Yoochun tightly in greeting before once again, downing her cosmo in one long gulp.

“Who are you and what did you do with my best friend?” Yoochun asks, his tone amused. “That was NOT the routine I remember you practicing. Well it is, but yet it isn’t. The moves are the same but what the hell happened? I felt like someone had turned the temperature up by about a hundred degrees in here.”

Jejuko sets her glass down gently and delicately dabs at her lips with a napkin that Sooyoung has silently handed over to her. “What do you mean?”

Yoochun starts gesticulating as he goes on about Jejuko being a sexpot on stage and being all up in Yunho’s face and how he’s extremely proud of her but wonders where this newfound confidence stems from. “Seriously, even I forgot who you were for a good couple of minutes. Let’s just say my pants got a little uncomfortable and then the song ended, thank fuck, because I was starting to get a serious complex.”

Changmin huffs, “You’re telling me. Imagine how I feel. She was grinding into my lap earlier for fuck’s sake.”

“Oh we know how you felt about that, sweetheart. It was rather hard to miss.” Sooyoung grins and winks at Jejuko as Changmin groans, mumbling under his breath about crazy girlfriends and even crazier hyungs.

Jejuko shrugs, her forehead wrinkling slightly as she thinks about it. “I’m not sure. The music for one, definitely. And focusing on Yunho helped my confidence because I honestly don’t care about anyone else in the room so seeing him and that rather cute bowled over look on his face helped give me an extra boost. I guess I really felt the music, hearing it over the speakers and being so loud, it felt like I was alone with the music and with Yunho.”

Satisfied with her response, Yoochun takes Jejuko’s hand and gives it a quick squeeze. Changmin calls for another round of drinks and some bar snacks and the four friends settle in to watch and critique the rest of the performances.

AN: Woaaaaaaaah I just did a word count thing and I’ve already written MORE for Jejuko as of this chapter than the ENTIRE original fic that this is based off (28,000+ words). Don’t be too alarmed that I changed the number of chapters from 20 to 15 because the original had VERY short chapters, most were under 2,000 words. This YunJae version has turned into a monster lol. Or I’m just longwinded as usual. Hope you enjoy the quick update. I’m gonna try my best to update as fast as I can because mid July - mid September is gonna be fucking awful at work and I’ve got a 30,000 word paper due in early September so I honestly can’t see myself updating anything in that period tbh so I’m trying and hoping to finish this in the next 2-3 weeks.

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