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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [23a]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Thought I’d better post this first otherwise it won’t get posted. Packing to travel and it’s a long ass flight so hopefully I can finish it and post some time this week… Also sorry about the start lol. I needed a little crack to ease the angst cos I don’t like Changmin crying ;;

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

Due to the blanket, Changmin can’t really get into Yunho’s lap and Jaejoong can’t really get free to give him his spot. Some pushing and pulling occur and by the time they are done, the blanket is on the floor and both Jaejoong and Changmin are crowded on Yunho’s lap somehow.

Long limbs are entwined, a leg here, an arm there, Yunho trying to make sure his family jewels don’t get squashed while Jaejoong is just busy trying to kiss away the maknae’s tears and the youngest is surprisingly allowing this, even turning the other cheek when Jaejoong is done with one side, eyes shut and still sniffling quietly.

“Changminnie…Changdollie…I love you but if you don’t move your knee I’m never going to have kids,” the poor leader’s attention is fully on his crotch and trying to free it, his voice a little pained.

Two men freeze and two heads turn towards the leader, who is genuinely concerned about his younger half’s bony knee and is trying to slip his hand into the non-existent space to protect it somehow.

“Kids?” Changmin asks, a little confused as he chances a glance at Jaejoong and he breathes a little easier when all he sees is the same confusion that he feels rather than anything darker.

“Yes, kids. Children. Jaejoong likes kids and he’d want kids and oh my god when did you get so sharp and pointy, can you please move your knee,” Yunho’s voice is a heartfelt groan, poking at the offending knee that has his crotch hostage, his eyes practically cross-eyed from the pain. The fact that Changmin hasn’t moved despite his knee pressing quite firmly against the older man’s groin is testament to how close they are.

Changmin moves a little, leaning against Jaejoong who takes his weight willingly, and Yunho’s drawn out sigh of relief is what the rest of Anyang Halla hear as they finally decide that it must surely be safe enough to enter.

“How were you planning on giving him kids?”

Yunho’s attention is still on his sore bits and he is cupping them protectively, not looking up as he answers. “The usual way.”

“Usual…way?” Jaejoong asks, the question practically strangling in his throat, the dawning horror extremely evident in his voice as he imagines the unimaginable.

Yunho looks up then, his expression is so innocently confused with a hint of hurt. “You don’t want to have kids with me?”

“Hyung, you’re both male!” Yoochun finally interrupts, stating the obvious, not entirely sure what they just walked into but they all need to scram because the shoots and practice still need to go on.

Both Changmin and Jaejoong know the exact moment when the lightbulb goes off in the leader’s head and the immediate flush as he colours right up to the tips of his ears, cutely covering his face, muttering something unintelligible.

“What did you say, baby?” Jaejoong leans in, waving at the men standing around them with an expression that conveys a warning that they better not laugh at Yunho otherwise there will be hell to pay.

“They make you pregnant too much it got stuck in my head,” Yunho’s voice is quiet and extremely sheepish.

Jaejoong’s beautiful broken laughter and Changmin’s evil cackle echo around the room.

Yunho’s hell has only two exceptions.

Yeon Hee’s backstage scene with Jaejoong was filmed with crew pulled in from anywhere they could find females in the building. They had initially intended to pull in some Tohoshinki fangirls who were milling about outside the venue but decided against it when Joong Ki pointed out that they would need to sign the NDAs too and there is absolutely no guarantee they will understand or abide by it, and so that idea was canned.

The stage is set for Tohoshinki’s performance that Saturday, but it needs to be modified for Jaejoong’s charity Dome performance and Sam-san had insisted that the Ice crew talk him through each and every step and modification. There had been a rather heated argument between him and one of the PDs on who had the power of veto, but the stalemate ended up being decided by Yunho who told the PD in no uncertain terms that Tohoshinki will always come first. Even the head writer wisely decides to stay out of this one, not even Jaejoong wanting or even attempting to gainsay the leader, and Sam-san ends up taking over the stage direction for the now-rock idol too.

The practice of setting up and dismantling where required of the stage for Hero’s performance goes as clockwork, timed to the T and watched carefully by both Tohoshinki’s and the drama’s staff alike, neither able to afford any more time or even the slightest mistake. However, under Sam-san’s experienced direction, knowledge, and a familiarity with the rock idol’s preferences and stage habits, he is able to bring a subtle nuance to the entire set up that is uniquely Hero, fitting the singer perfectly.

This does not go unnoticed by either Jaejoong or Yunho, but independently of each other, neither choose to comment about it except to Sam-san himself, thanking him separately when they find him backstage.


“I can’t believe this is a real song.” Yunho mentions for the second time since they got to the venue as the explicit song goes into the chorus. He stares morosely at his drink, a gin and tonic, something he’s not used to but after hearing the instructions from the PD and seeing what he had, he’d needed something relatively strong to be able to sit through what’s about to happen.

“I told you,” Changmin retorts, already on his second bottle of beer, shifts around on the bar stool to look at the hustle and bustle around some leather sofas. He has no idea how the PDs have managed to get the approval for the shoot at that exclusive location.

When the head writer mentioned that they would be filming in a private club in Roppongi, he never imagined it would be that club. It is an exclusive members only club with a 360 degree view of Tokyo. What makes it even more amazing is that they pretty much have the run of half the club that evening, the cast dining at one of the exclusive restaurants, the teppanyaki so good that even though he’d eaten probably twice his weight in meat, the mere memory of it makes his saliva glands work overtime.

There are cameras everywhere and quite a few bodies are milling around, pretty much every available staffer who had signed the NDA from both the Tohoshinki and the drama staff are there. The lights are still bright, not quite ready to film yet as the two PDs and the head writer stand together to brief the actors and extras who will be participating in the scene.

Changmin has a fair few suspicions about what’s going on. He has some details of course, but not really enough to figure out who has pulled enough strings to be able to bring this many “guests” into the exclusive club, and break several of the house rules. While it may explain why half the club seems to be retained exclusively by the drama, it still doesn’t explain who has enough clout to pull this off, nor does it explain the amount of money expended already for what is essentially a taboo drama.

A benevolent benefactor?

Or someone with a stake in it?

In his mind, it is one of the two. He knows who the latter might be but he is pretty fucking sure that the person doesn’t have enough power to pull this off, nor would he have spent this much money. He’d expected an actual club. Not ageHa, Womb or Vision because that would be a logistical nightmare not to mention they simply do not have the manpower to make the club look even a hundredth full. He was pretty sure it was going to be Feria with its multiple levels of options but no. They are instead sitting in a club where dignitaries from countries meet and this is why he doesn’t think his second choice was a viable option.

Not the person he’s thinking of anyway. He may have some sway in the entertainment industry of South Korea, but not this much clout to pull off the things that are happening in this particular club in Japan.

Changmin turns his gaze back to the crowded side of the elegant establishment. Anyang Halla are all banned from one area of it and made to stay by the bar no matter what, the PD glancing over at Yunho multiple times during the message, making it very clear that the instruction is only directed at one man. The reasoning behind it is sound of course, they need to film the VIP club scene and nobody from the team is meant to be in it, and Hero will be in some corner booth fawned over by males and females alike. This club has a very masculine vibe to it with the dark colours and leather seating, testament to the type of clientele it normally caters to.

Powerful men discussing all manner of business and politics.

Seether’s FMLYHM starts to play again, the third time now since their arrival at the bar.

“Why do they keep playing this song?” Junsu asks, his nose wrinkling in distaste, nursing what appears to be an orange juice. Never the drinker of the group, some things don’t change.

Joong Ki has a similar look on his face though he is holding a bottle of beer. He and Ah In were the only ones who had ventured close enough to the other side of the bar to check out what was going on and he cannot yet decide whether he is going to have to kill the head writer himself, or hold Yunho back so their leader will not do it.

Taking a sip of his beer, he frowns as he looks at the faces of all his teammates, each in turn, as he enunciates each word with a slow drawl of someone who is a little into his cups and wanting to get a bit deeper.

“She. Made. Them. Play. It. To. Set. The. Mood.”

So he might be a little tipsy.

Yunho tosses down the rest of his drink, his expression grim if you know him, but to those who don’t, it is somewhat blank and empty of any overt emotions. His tone is deceptively mild. “What the hell is she playing at?”

The question is largely rhetorical, and no one offers an answer, each of them moving towards the more comfortable couches in front of bar area they were banned to, and contemplating their own drinks, Changmin the only one left on the barstools with their captain.

The leader of TVXQ turns and waves at the bartender, asking for another drink, his elbows resting on the gorgeous mahogany counter as he stares blindly at the rows of bottles.

Service is prompt, the bartender clearing his empty glass and coaster, replacing it with a new one and a freshly made drink, her expression inviting as she tries to engage the leader in conversation.

Behind the man, the other members converse quietly as Changmin pats his hyung on the shoulder before hopping off the bar stool to join the other men on the black couches. He catches Yoochun staring at something behind him, expression both amused yet faintly annoyed. Popping a thumb over his shoulder, he answers Yoochun’s unspoken question.

“Yep. Like bees to honey, moths to a flame, scavengers to food. It’s gotten worse over the years. They swarm him like a thirsty horde and they know I’m not exactly a threat so…” he trails off, shrugging as he finds a spot on the couch next to Junsu.

“It’s not like he encourages them,” Ah In observes, watching as Yunho doesn’t even appear to be listening to the pretty girl, his head down, probably still staring at his drink. She is really quite attractive if you like the air stewardess type.

Joong Ki who is perched on the arm of the couch next to Ah In waves his drink as he slips an arm around the younger man’s shoulders. “You can’t even smile at them. A smile is encouragement enough so our dear darling extremely taken captain can’t even answer her if he doesn’t want to encourage her.”

“He’s right,” Yoochun adds, watching the girl who can’t seem to take a hint. “Should I rescue him?”

“Incoming,” Changmin declares, as a blond virago stalks past them.

Like a wave of bodies, the five men of fictional Anyang Halla move collectively closer, torsos squeezing on one couch, laps filled, but it doesn’t matter for their combined attention is not on such inconsequential matters as sharp tail bones pressing too close to sensitive body parts.

The bartender does not notice till it is too late, her hand out and playing with the condensation of Yunho’s glass, her fingertips inches away from Yunho’s when the drink is snatched up and downed with a practiced flick of the wrist.

“Hey baby,” the voice is husky from the burn of the alcohol as the glass goes crashing back to the counter, the sound jarring in the silence in between songs. The greeting for his man, but glittering doe eyes stare the bartender down.

The girl must be popular on a normal night for she does not back down, staring right back at the rock star, expression vaguely annoyed at having nothing interrupted.

“That was my drink.”

“Another drink bartender, make it a double and add more ice,” Jaejoong..or is it Hero’s tone, is cold, dismissive, and not at all how the idol would have normally spoken to serving staff. Hero it is then.

Knowing there is no way she can deny the request without inviting trouble to herself, the girl finally moves away, eyes dropping to linger on Yunho’s handsome features whose eyes have not once given her a single iota of attention, yet she is impervious enough not to feel discouraged.

Yunho doesn’t turn, still staring at the bar counter, playing with the coaster that unsurprisingly, has some numbers on it. However he’s not really paying any attention to it, starting to shred the square coaster a sliver at a time, his attention fully on his task as he tries to quiet his jumbled thoughts.

Seeing some of the extras, a balance of males and females, touching Jaejoong earlier as they try to figure out positions on the corner leather seat had set his teeth on edge. Seeing another practically land herself in his lap had made the muscle in his jaw twitch from clenching so hard. And to round it off with a cherry on top, one of the male extras had slipped his arm much to familiarly around Jaejoong’s tiny waist, pulling the gorgeous blond alongside his taller body, that had sent Yunho straight to the bar, his back resolutely turned away as he contemplates multiple ways of dismembering the head writer.

If this is the alternative to a scene that was so much worse it made Changmin cry, he did not even want to know what it was meant to be since this was more than bad enough.

The music has set an insistent pounding beat in his head that seems to be manifesting into a headache. They’ve had a long day, at the Dome since seven that morning and it is now almost ten in the evening. The PDs had promised that the filming should wrap up by midnight at the absolute latest, and both Yunho and Changmin don’t have to report for rehearsals till after lunch the following day. The rest of the cast will be filming the odd scene here and there, one of the vast areas in the Dome already converted into a makeshift set.

For what feels like the fifth time, the song comes on again.

You come around when you find me faithless
You come around when you find me faceless
Fuck me like you hate me
Dig it up and tear it down
Dig it up and whore me out
Fuck me like you hate me
Dig it up and tear it down

“I love the sound when you come undone…” someone sings right by his ear.

A hint of knowledge.

A teasing lilt of a promise of things to come.

A self-awareness and confidence that forces Yunho to sit up and take notice.

Turning in his seat, he finds a gorgeous blond with eyes of fire, mouth pursed, stepping up closer, right into his personal space.

He can feel fingers caressing his jawline, and he tilts his neck, gazing up into those kohl-lined eyes, perfectly accentuating and enhancing an already unforgettable face. His view is disturbed as that face leans down to his exposed throat and he feels the most infinitesimal of touches, of the barest of lips against that hollow below his Adam’s apple, and yet all his nerves scream in response, awakening immediately as he inhales the familiar fragrance of the blond’s hair against his nose, tickled with a hint of smoke.

The ghost of a touch, so close yet not close enough, travels along the underside of his jaw, breath so warm against his skin, yet goosebumps follow, his body shivering and his hands move of their own volition, reaching up to hold onto the parted jacket of the man who is threatening his equilibrium. A man who has threatened his equilibrium for too many years to count, and yet the very same man also calms his senses, providing him with an elusive sense of security that he will be taken care of.

That despite who he is, how he is, and why he is what he is, that he will be looked after.


And only one man can truly give and take away that security, so all he has left to hand over is his trust.

Trust that Jaejoong remembers his apology from earlier.

Trust that Jaejoong meant it when he said that all he wanted was Yunho.

There is a pause just before he feels the tiniest of kisses below his ear, and soft words against his skin.

“I love you, Yunho-yah. It’ll be alright.”

The leader closes his eyes and smiles, the kind of blissed out smile that Jaejoong was known for back in the day, yet hardly seen on Yunho who was always serious or a little more aware of the cameras pointed in their direction. However that night, despite the cameras that are indeed pointed at them, merrily recording their interactions to be potentially spliced somehow into the drama or perhaps just taken for the sake of it, Yunho trusts that Jaejoong is right.

Tugging the older man’s jacket in a silent request, he feels rather than hears the muted chuckle as the man straightens away from him.

Jaejoong’s expression is fond as he looks down at the now slightly pouty leader and he looks away for a moment lest he cave. He picks up the drink he had asked for, his full mouth tugging into a smirk, no longer glaring at the girl because her expression echoes the defeated slope of her shoulders. He can afford to be magnanimous.

Taking a long pull of the drink, downing more than half the glass, he steps even closer, his thighs pressed against Yunho’s parted legs as he bends his head and presses a cool kiss to the man’s mouth, fingers caressing the man’s throat, thumb stroking at his favourite spot, feeling and revelling in the jumping pulse of the man who cannot hide his body’s reaction to him.

Even when they were younger, Jaejoong’s proximity would make Yunho’s heart race.

The strength of Yunho’s pulse comforted the older man.

So it isn’t any surprise what his favourite spot is.

The leader’s hands tighten around his hold of the singer’s jacket the second their mouths touch, feeling the damp coolness of the other’s mouth and he parts his lips, allowing the icy liquid to stream into his mouth. The taste fresher, sharper, colder than he remembers of his earlier drinks.

The taste of snow.

The taste of ice.

AN: Ahem… Ok ok I know I don’t have a lot of time left in December but I wanna try to finish this in 2017 ok. Technically there’s only one more chapter left…whether it devolves into a part abc is another story but yeah.

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