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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Moll [1/1]
Title: The Moll
Pairing: YunJae + MinSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Moll (noun; informal) - a gangster’s (fe)male companion; a gangster’s love interest.

AN1: I haven’t watched Grey’s since Sheppard died (because WTAF) and this is set while he is still alive so if you think you might have a problem with it, then I suggest you skip this :)

AN2: This is from The Tattooist universe and unlike The Intern, you might get a bit more confused here if you haven’t read TT. You can attempt to read it as a standalone though but don’t say I didn’t warn you :-) There’s also a little drabble (Song 6) in Random Mix that is also referenced in this.


The MollCollapse )

OMG...you really did it! Thank you for writing the Tattooist!!!! This is so loved. Now we can have a glimpse of their lives after Jae becomes an intern. And what a great way of showing how important Jae and Yunho is...with the hospital staff finding more of them.

Hope we can read more of them soon.

PS - why are you in and out of hospital so much...are you alright?

I "really did it"? What do you mean? Did I say I was going to do it somewhere? Lol I don't remember...

It's not me it's my husband. He had some back issues and is recuperating safely and grumpily at home lol. Tbh he's driving me crazy but oh well. Guess I have to take both the hits and the misses in a marriage.

oh i've missed you, nicole!!! thank you for bring her back, Nikki. hehe~

lol at Changmin. he seems to be super proud being yakuza's moll.

and the direct line between yunho's eyebrow and lil jaehoong is still perfectly intact. so adorable, kitten!

I miss her too T_______________T

Yeah, he totally is lmao.

Mmmmm...that eyebrow and his kitten.................

Everytime you wrote and post for this universe, I can't help but wish for moooooooooooooooooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so selfish. I can't wait for you to get more muses for this universe and hopefully for LITI and especially SB!! I WOULD PRAY FOR A CROSSOVER AGAIN. PRLLY DIE IN HAPPINESS IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO THAT! UGH...

Lol believe me I wish I had time to write more. I was toying with the idea of like a cameo from the SB!Jungs haha...we'll see. I can't promise anything so please don't get your hopes up. I feel so bad sometimes as a writer cos I get these moments where I have time to write and dump fic on y'all and then after that updates are months in between. I still need to finish Goblin and LITI omg... OTL

reading this made me fee nostalgic because i have been watching greys and keeping up. it hurt a lot when mcdreamy died and i was torn between letting go of the series or not but here i am, waiting for their upcoming episode.

thank you for writing this. reading is one hobby that takes me away from overthinking my worries and problems (the other is music) and reading this made my heart feel lighter and my mind imagined every scenario described in this oneshot.

yunho is his father's son and they're both protective as hell so it's understandable why they do the things they do. jaejoong knows all of this that is why he does the things he does as well. and he does try is best to protect yunho's heart too.

having minsu here was great. i missed them and their 'dynamics' hahahaha~

again, thank you for sharing this 😊😊😊

I stopped watching after he died... To be fair I discontinued my Hulu account so that was the primary reason but yeah I never sought it out. I'm guessing she's ok though? Mer is nothing if not resilient.

I love that I helped make your heart feel lighter. Writing was suggested a long time ago by my therapist as an outlet I could utilise and well, i've definitely taken that to heart and gone to town with it. Music and writing soothes the soul. That and solitude cos i'm craving it right now after being stuck at home 24/7 with everyone haha. Writing helps me escape mentally at least.

Take care of yourself and I hope your worries and problems resolve eventually.

You're always welcome :-)

I miss Jaejoong from this verse!!!

He's seriously giving his boyfriend, "mother adn father-in-law" more grey hairs >.< I know he meant well, but he did voluntarily step into a dangerous situation. But well, that's our fearless kitten...oppps, I mean Yunho's kitten. But I bet that Yunho's father is actually kinda proud of how courages Jaejong was and that Jaejoong was really the perfect match for his son.

Hahahahahaha your gif omg I cooooooed even though I pretty much see every time I open my LJ.

He's been in a few dangerous situations and he knows full well there are always eyes on him so I guess that's why he's inclined to not mind about himself too much. Slightly reckless but in a way, he trusts the eyes on him? Did that make sense? Haha I never have to ask anyone at work if I make sense but for some reason in fic world, i'm always wondering if readers get what i'm driving at.

His father definitely thinks they're well suited :D

Ohmygoooood nikkiiiiiii you really made my day >O< aaawww. Reading this could heal my heart from missing the tattooist sooooo much <3 love this story as always. KittenJae and YakuzaYunho are perfect combination aa~~ love it very much. Thanks dear

I'm so glad :3 I do love the combination as well heh. Especially since Yunho is actually a reluctant yakuza while Jaejoong is 100% kitten :D

i love this so much.....thanknyou....this fanfic version of yunjae is my favorite...and i cant believe changmin and junsu are together plus...noona at the end is back...thank you....i love it so much

I love them too :D Glad you enjoyed the tiny reunion.

I don't need new prompt if you keep on writing one shots of this story..

OH MY!!!!!!! You post a fic on tattooist verse😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my most favourite verse ever~~~ Jaejoong is still a cute kitten and Yunho is really something as ever

I love the Tattooist, and especially Jae as an intern! Thank you for writing, I love your writing style!

It's been a while since I first started reading the Tattooist verse and I'm so happy to see that you updated the verse with a couple of new chapters! I enjoy all of your verses, but I particularly enjoy Tattooist and the Sleeping Beauty verse. I was wondering if you finished the third part of the Tattooist epilogue and if I could join the_jungs community to stay updated on the SB verse and read more of your writing. I really enjoy all of your writing so I hope you continue writing for a while yet!!

I love this so much i don’t have words

omg!!! an update!!! yeayyy!!!
its been so long after my last visit to livejournal and you updating this is soooooooo amazing!!!

thank you so much i really like this story!!<333

I really love tatooist universe... best fic ever!!! ♥♥♥

Aweeee the highlight is the return of Changmin & Junsu and Noona ~~~♡♡♡ And Jae, u are sooo ridiculously brave ^;)