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The Moll [1/1]

Title: The Moll
Pairing: YunJae + MinSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Moll (noun; informal) - a gangster’s (fe)male companion; a gangster’s love interest.

AN1: I haven’t watched Grey’s since Sheppard died (because WTAF) and this is set while he is still alive so if you think you might have a problem with it, then I suggest you skip this :)

AN2: This is from The Tattooist universe and unlike The Intern, you might get a bit more confused here if you haven’t read TT. You can attempt to read it as a standalone though but don’t say I didn’t warn you :-) There’s also a little drabble (Song 6) in Random Mix that is also referenced in this.


Several pairs of eyes track the intern as he exits the car, cheeks flushed, eyes shining, and lips moist with the evidence of a very exuberant parting. They follow his every step as he enters the glass doors, not looking away until their view is cut off by an expensive car driven by a very unfriendly face.

All three men straighten immediately, clearing their throats for no reason, looking away and unable to meet the hard eyes of the man driving the very car their target had exited from.

“Something is going down today. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t like it. See that he never leaves your sight or you may find yourselves without sight.”

The threats are starting to come naturally, and he really should feel some semblance of regret for being dragged back into a world he never wanted a part of, but after what happened some few months ago, he realises that he will never be free of it, and the only way he can protect his heart, is to ensure that it is impenetrable.

Any type of assault is met with swift justice, no questions asked, for the world he comes from have all been warned time and time again. He refuses to accept the burden of being responsible for their choice of ignoring those warnings. His responsibility is solely to one, and thus it remains.

All three men swallow hard, two of them immediately bringing up camera upon camera from the hacked security system at the hospital on the laptops sitting across their knees. The driver is without one, and he chances a glance at the youngest son of the head of the largest yakuza family in the world, with members in the hundred thousands, all of whom have individually sworn fealty and made to memorise several tattoos for their lives quite literally depend on it.

They may as well be in downtown Tokyo the way the underworld gives this man and his moll a wide berth. The warnings etched into their skin is a warning for all, and if you cannot read kanji, as a couple of Russian gangsters had tried to argue a couple of years ago, it’s really just too bad for you. The bodies of those two men long disposed of, feeding many a fish in the cold Sea of Okhotsk.

Kazuo Taoka may be seventy, but his mind is nimble as ever, his empire more vast than it has ever been, and his patience for even the most minor slight towards his family absolutely intolerable. He has fingers in many pies, but that was never a priority for him. It has always been family first, wealth not even in second place but rather, third.

In second is the timeless concept of connections and favours. It is not what you know but who you know, and the man uses this to his advantage.

When his son had informed him of Jaejoong’s internship in America, he had dug up every single lucrative connection he had on that continent, from the very north to the very south to ensure safe passage for the pair no matter where they were, and to provide fair warning to those unable to read traditional Japanese calligraphy.

Touch either of them and die.

It is really as simple as that.

The warnings are more elaborate of course, with graphic depictions of the type of send-off you will get to the Gates of Hell, something not even the strongest of the men of his group are able to tolerate witnessing at length, but no one can claim they were not told.

Those tattoos have even made it into history books, though very few have actually seen them up close in the flesh.

It is practically a myth, for the youngest and most beloved son had gone missing for over a decade before returning like a resurrected phoenix, exactly like that depicted on his chest.

“He…he’s in the interns’ lounge, S-sir,” one man stammers out, eyes resolutely on his screen, not even blinking for fear of losing sight of his mark.

Yunho resists the urge to roll his eyes.

“Ando, call for back-up. They don’t have to be in the parking lot with you but make sure they are close enough. Jaejoong knows he’s being watched, but he doesn’t know by whom and how many and I’d like to keep it that way.”

“Yes, Sir.”


Yunho’s eyes narrow, but his features flatten out somewhat, looking less menacing and a little more approachable. The stammering one is the youngest of this lot.


“Is there a punishment if he sees us?”

Yunho sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “The only one who will be punished if he sees you is me.” And with that cryptic sentence, he drives off, leaving three men staring after him, not feeling the slightest bit reassured.

“Who would dare punish him?”

All three men shiver as they think about it, taking it upon themselves to make sure they are never ever seen by the very beautiful intern Kim Jaejoong.

Completely oblivious to the charged conversation out in the parking lot, Jaejoong changes quickly into his scrubs. He is stuck in the Pit today with Karev and Kepner, but unlike most of the other interns, he rather enjoys the human interaction the Pit accords him. Soothing crying little girls with broken arms or talking to a tearful teenager to distract him while he sews up the gash on his forehead from a parkour stunt gone wrong is simply seen as being an essential part of his training.

Not just as a doctor, but as who he is.

He cannot count the number of wounds he’s had to stitch together in recent times, mostly of brutish men who cannot even bear to look him in the face, their anaesthetic of choice normally saké or whisky, imbibing enough to dull the pain but not take leave of their senses. He is always called as a last resort, not a first, for he knows Yunho would keep him away from it as far as possible.

However those men are Yunho’s brothers, for better want of a word. One of whom was actually truly his half brother, his finger broken in a fist fight and he remembers setting the splint and trying to not notice the absence of his pinky.

The man had admitted sassing Ayako a lifetime ago, and given up his finger as punishment, but he is as loyal as they come for he had seen first hand that his father’s protection extends to him as well. The sass was forgotten, and the loyalty only grew.

Kazuo Taoka is ruthless to outsiders and an exacting parental figure to the thousands who owe him their loyalty. He wants and expects only the best from his men, and his very own kin do not escape this. Yunho by and large, the most irreverent of his children, yet the closest to him in temperament, has largely been left to his own devices. He would not saddle his youngest with his empire because it is a burden the youngest has repeatedly refused, and yet since the attempted kidnapping of Jaejoong, has shown a growing interest in his father’s trade.

Jaejoong notices, and he knows Yunho doesn’t want him to notice, but he did not spend nineteen months as a teenager pretty much staring at Yunho and willing the man to pay him even the slightest attention, to now miss the slight changes in his older lover. The tension in his body, and the starkness in his eyes. The way the man tosses and turns in his sleep, waking even Jaejoong who normally sleeps like the dead.

He spoke to Ayako briefly before they left on their last trip back, and she had only sighed and remarked that Yunho is his father’s son and she can only do so much, but she will speak to his father because she doesn’t want this life for him either. However, she had said something that had made him think.

“You do know they do this for us? He loves Yunho more than he will ever admit for how can he not when the boy is practically a younger version of himself, and he loves me. Yunho is taking this step because he loves you.”

Love? Or is it fear?

Jaejoong had thought about that for the longest time.

In the seven years they have been together, he has never been fearful.

Not even in that first meeting with Yunho’s parents when everyone else was practically pissing their pants.

Nor all the other “momentous” occasions for visits to Japan are never without some type of interesting occurrence, mostly small ones of strange injuries and cryptic double talk.

He remembers feeling concerned the morning he noticed the Wall of Life taking on a noticeably darker yet brighter hue, understanding the implication immediately, and knowing that Yunho had something to do with it the second he saw him. His heart had hurt, but all he can offer is love and support, because he also knows that it is only because of him that his lover would ever take part in any form of bloodshed. Not under pain of death would Yunho obey an order to bleed someone who didn’t deserve to bleed, that much he knows. However if it is Jaejoong who had been harmed or cause to be harmed, then all bets are off.

Jaejoong had given this some thought.

As a doctor, he should be preserving life.

As to who he is and the part he plays in Yunho’s life, he will definitely be the cause of the end of someone’s life.

Likely more than one someone.

Unable to reconcile the two parts of his life, nor be able to properly choose what he can from either, he decides to compartmentalise each into their own space where the two shall never meet.

Not till that day anyway.


He is in the supply closet picking out the supplies Kepner had requested when he hears the gunshots.

Instead of freezing like any other normal person, Jaejoong heads out the door immediately, knowing from the sounds that the shooter is nowhere near him and he is free to leave. The hallway outside are filled with nurses, doctors, patients and interns, all in varying degrees of making like a statue, eyes wide and fearful as they peer around walls and doors, trying to ascertain the danger they are in.

Finger to his lips, Jaejoong catches sight of a camera and turns fully towards it and starts a strange mime, watched by an extremely confused live audience around him.

“Machine gun…no idea how many gunmen…we are so fucking dead Ando, where the fuck are the back ups?????”

“Look, he’s telling us not to come in until he checks it.”

“Like hell, we’re staying here! If he even gets one drop of blood on him we are fucking lynched.”

“And if it’s his blood that’s spilled we might as well dig our own fucking graves. Fuck. Why the fuck did this have to happen?”

“How the fuck did they get in anyway?”

A sharp rap on the window startles all three men, who sigh in relief when they see who it is.

“Update, Ando-san. Yunho-sama is on his way.”

“Ishii-sama, thank god.”

The man’s frown deepens as the three men appraise him of the situation. Head of Yamaguchi-gumi’s security, he is in America on holiday when his boss had called him to check on his son and his lover. A drug syndicate turf war had just been declared and while Yamaguchi-gumi are not directly involved, the ones who are do owe obeisance to Kazuo Taoka and his ilk.

He had kept his nose out of the matter simply because the small petty crimes of fringe yakuza families in America are of no interest to him. As long as they don’t step on his turf or overstep their boundaries and cause issues for him and his American partners, he sees no reason to interfere.

However, that war has now spilled into the hospital that homes his son’s lover and that cannot be allowed.

Jaejoong doesn’t just have the eyes of the three men on him. Kazuo Taoka himself has eyes on the enigmatic intern, all the way from Kobe and was already on the phone before the shooting had even begun.

Add to the fact that Ayako is beside herself with worry for she had been with him asking to see her beautiful son-in-law because she missed him, Kazuo Taoka’s order had been grim and absolute.

“Wipe them out.”

Unable to offer much more information without getting closer, Jaejoong heads in the direction where he believes the gunshots had come from.

The Pit.

He walks as he normally does, though a little more sedately, and has to swallow a yelp of surprise when he is pulled into a room by two bright eyed interns and a hyperventilating patient who is being attended to by a third intern.

“Where are you going?”

“To find out what’s going on.”

“Are you insane?” Leia asks, mouth agog, trying her damnedest to keep her cool.

Jaejoong shakes his head, smiling slightly.

A few more rat tat tats of gunshots and muffled screams wipe the smile from his face and elicit a strangled screech from his friend.

“Stay here so I can get help,” he instructs before turning to the hulking man standing next to the petite girl and looking just as flummoxed. “Can you get data on the people in the Pit? I’m pretty sure they’re there. I need to know which hospital staff are in there, and who the patients are.”


“So I know friend from foe.”

The big man swallows hard and picks up his iPad, a near constant accessory for most of them especially when doing rounds as he had been.

“Karev, Kepner, Avery, Turner, Bennett, Parker, Wilder, Wallace, King, Reilly.”

Jaejoong heaves a sigh of relief. “No interns.”

“No interns.”


“According to this, just two.”

“I know those two. No new ones?”


“Ok, listen to me. I need you to go to my locker and get my personal phone. Call the third number on speed dial. When he answers, tell him that you’re an intern and my friend and tell him that I am fine, but I need help. Tell him NOT to call his cousin.” Jaejoong reaches up to cup the big man’s face between his hands and stare into his eyes. “This is very important, Obelix. You must tell him not to call his cousin. He cannot call the police either because the sirens might spook them. I don’t know who they are but we can’t have anymore shooting. Ask him to send help.”

“Who is he supposed to send if the police can’t come?”

“People who are better at their jobs than most police here,” comes the cryptic reply.

“Why can’t he call his cousin?” Leia asks, unable to comprehend the situation and simply wanting to understand something at least.

Jaejoong grimaces. “Because he will overreact.”

And with that, he turns and leaves before either of the interns can protest.

“Who is he and what happened to Jaejoong McHottie Kim?” whispers the intern who had been helping the patient calm down.

“He’s still McHottie.”

“McScary more like it.”

Jaejoong makes sure he is in view of every single camera he passes, unaware that he is giving Yunho’s mother heart palpitations with every step closer to danger, and making the oyabun even more frantic, uncharacteristically so, as he calls in a favour.

He can hear shouting from the Pit as he gets closer, and the voices sounding very agitated, and speaking in Japanese. He takes a peek, and chews his lip as he takes in the stand off he sees.

“Look, please stop waving that thing around, you’re scaring everyone including your own boy there. No one here is trying to hurt you. Can you understand me?”

More shouting and more Japanese.

“Listen, I can’t understand you, but that kid is bleeding and I need to see him. I can’t get close if you don’t put that damn thing down.”

Even more shouting and this time the man puts his hand on the trigger of his machine gun again and continues to yell. It isn’t directed at Karev though but rather the men to his right.

Jaejoong understands.

There are two groups of men in there.

Both are opposing groups and both had come in with injured men.

Both sides are refusing to put down their guns and are yelling at each other to put their guns down first.

However, one side already has Kepner and Avery attending to his wounded while the other does not have anyone and Karev is trying to get to the child.

Not wanting to startle anyone and be inadvertently shot, Jaejoong crouches down and lays on his belly before pushing open the Pit door and calling out in Japanese.

“I can understand you and I can help. Don’t shoot me.”

“Kim, stay back!” Karev yells out. Yet one more person for him to worry about.

Man with the happy trigger finger is startled, but the gunshots hit the ceiling instead, raining plaster down on everyone. Three pistols are now trained on him, but he holds the sole machine gun and if he decides to let loose, no one will be spared.

The question is, who is quicker?

“Where are you from?” Jaejoong calls out, staying on his belly but wriggling his way into the Pit.

“Stop talking to me. Show yourself. Who are you? Are you Japanese?”

“Will you promise not to shoot me if I show myself?”

There is a short pause, but then a reply in the affirmative.

Trusting the man at his word, Jaejoong raises slowly to his feet, careful not to make any sudden movements.

Wolf whistles greet him, men being men.

However, the intern is not where he is and who he is by being stupid. Taking a good hard look at every single men there, he sees the familiar.

Knowing there is a camera over the door behind him, but the men are just out of its range, he puts his hands behind his back and starts to indicate numbers.

“This child will be the death of me,” the oyabun mutters, shaking his head. His love is sedated with her head in his lap, drowsing slowly. “And here I thought Ayako was bad enough. Do you not have a single self-preservation bone in your body at all?” he asks the monitor, seeing the young man indicate seven men, four of whom are armed. He is wearing a headset now, getting with the times thanks to his sons, leaving his hands free to soothe his heart.

“To whom do you belong?” Jaejoong asks quietly, recognising the tattoos but he wants confirmation.

One of the men spits and laughs. “What’s it to you? We just want to get these two idiots here stitched up and then we’re out of here. It’s that fool over there who started shooting.”

“Because you won’t let the doctor near him,” the machine-gun toting man waves his weapon menacingly again, but there is a tinge of desperation in his voice.

“I’m a doctor.”

There is a hint of hope in the eyes of the man, and he gestures for Jaejoong to come forward.

However, Karev is having none of it.

Stepping in front of Jaejoong and preventing him from moving any closer, his expression as grim as he feels, he eyeballs the man with the automatic weapon.

“He’s just an intern. I’m the doctor.”

“Move aside, Doctor Karev,” Jaejoong whispers. “They don’t understand you and you’ll make this worse.”

“Like hell I’m moving.”

“I’m sorry,” the gorgeous intern whispers, before he immobilises the stubborn doctor in a practiced move taught to him by Yunho. The move is from a traditional form of Japanese martial art and it is recognised by some of the men staring at him dumbfounded.

“Who are you?”

“I’m a doctor,” Jaejoong replies pleasantly, keeping his eyes on both the one with the machine gun, and the man who had questioned him from the opposite side of the room. He walks quickly and is by the bedside of the injured teenager without anyone else objecting to him doing so.

There’s a lot of blood, and the boy’s face is drawn and pale, fear in his eyes with a hint of defiance.

Jaejoong sighs, thinking about how young he must be, he cannot be more than eighteen.

“I need a nurse,” he turns and gestures towards King, one of the hardier and longer serving nurses. A no-nonsense type of woman who won’t even put up with Bailey’s snappiness. His voice is well-modulated, meant to soothe as he gives her instructions.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m asking her to assist me. It’s a flesh wound but it’s torn out a chunk of his side and I need to stop the bleeding and stitch him up. I’m guessing you won’t allow me to take him to an OR?”

“Can it be done here?”

“Here? Yes. But safely without infection? I cannot promise that.”

There is suddenly a commotion by the ER’s other entrance and a voice calls out in Japanese.

“We know who you are. We are here under the orders of the oyabun of Yamaguchi-gumi. Put down your weapons.”

The tattooed Japanese men freeze, turning to each other, weapons wavering.

“I am not going to repeat myself a second time. My name is Ishii and you know who I am. Put down your weapons now!.”

The teenager starts to tremble, tears pooling in his eyes, staring imploringly up at Jaejoong who sighs once again.

“Ishii-san, can you stop with the theatrics. You’re scaring the children.”

“Jaejoong-sama, you are unhurt?”

Weapons clatter to the ground immediately.

All the men know the Head of Security for Yamaguchi-gumi, and nobody outside family outranks him in the organisation.

For him to use an honorific on the beautiful doctor only means one thing.


“Yunho…” Jaejoong bites his lip and casts his eyes down to the wide-eyed teenager. “It’ll be ok, I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you.” Raising his eyes, he watches his boyfriend coming through the door, his shirt purposefully unbuttoned, his tattoos out in full view.

Cue the whimpering as the men collectively drop to their knees, their heads bowed.

Karev has no idea what to make of it.

The intern really is a yakuza moll.

“Do you know who I am?” Yunho’s voice is deceptively mild. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

Four men lift their heads, their eyes roaming, each of them coming to the same conclusion quickly, their breathing harsh to those listening, for one and all can hear panic setting in.

“Yunho…stop it, love. No blood no foul, remember?”

“You’re really ok?”

Jaejoong smiles, reassuring the teen once again before whispering quick instructions to the nurse and waving at Karev to take over before he moves to his boyfriend’s side.

He can see the residual fear in those dark almond eyes, and all he wants is to wipe it away.

Stepping up against the man, he cards his hands through his hair before pressing his soft pout against his mouth and kissing him deeply.

This is nothing no one who works at the hospital hasn’t seen before, having witnessed a rather extraordinary number of PDAs from the couple over the last ten or so months. The intern is not shameless exactly, more that he has never cared about what anyone thinks of him, and his boyfriend cares even less. No matter how homophobic you might be, it’s difficult not to smile at the way the older man teases the young intern, eliciting soft giggles or a huffy mock tantrum.

Or the way their eyes literally light up when they see each other, and everyone else becomes invisible.

Or how the tattooist even helps the pouty intern memorise diagnosis for his rotation with Dr. Yang because the woman still doesn’t cut him any slack.

The way both their heads pore over Jaejoong’s neatly written notes, the tattooist feeding the intern his lunch as he angsts over several patient files.

It is very rare that any of the hospital staff get to eat with Jaejoong at any mealtime for his boyfriend is a near constant presence.

Several months go by before anyone realises that the couple don’t actually mind company. Karev and Avery have both eaten with them on a few occasions and were intrigued to find out that the boyfriend is also medically trained. A handful of the female interns attempted to eat with them once, but the couple’s level of PDA is something very hard to digest especially with Jaejoong’s runaway mouth, and five beet red faces later, none of them attempt to join the couple for a meal again.

The hospital staff are truly used to the couple now, the soft needy sounds their intern is making causing a fair few to blush and look away, yet they smile for even in a situation like this, it is as if no one else exists but them.

However, the reaction of the five men is something they will never forget.

All four uninjured men prostrate themselves to the kissing couple. Their bodies low and as subservient as possible, making the hair on Karev’s neck stand on end, his hand shaking uncharacteristically as he makes temporary sutures knowing he can now take the injured teenager to the OR.

Avery is next to Kepner, holding her hand and staring aghast at the sight before him.

“I guess Grey and Yang were right.”


“They really are gods.”

Only Yunho can feel him trembling.

Only Yunho can taste the tears flowing down his cheeks.

Only Yunho understands what he is saying without Jaejoong needing to verbalise it.

The kiss is long as Jaejoong tells his boyfriend of his fears of the past, the fears of the present and the fears of the future.

He tells him that he loves him no matter what, but he will not stand idle while he slowly loses himself.

He tells him that he is equal partner and he can fight if he needs to, but not all battles need to be won through bloodshed.

He tells him that he accepts who he is, and he accepts what they are, and he knows it will be difficult and there will be more moments like this, but they will be fine.

The men standing behind Yunho can see Jaejoong’s tears, and they know that it will likely mean the absolute end of this arm of the two fledgling yakuza groups who had managed to snag one of the most important people in their world in this worthless dispute.

One of the oyabun’s sons had lost a finger for making Yunho’s mother cry a very long time ago.

There will be no half measures here for making tears flow like a river from someone essentially the oyabun’s son-in-law.

Finally finished with his tale, Jaejoong steps back, breath hitching as he sniffles. Yunho’s expression is wry as he cups a pale cheek and strokes away at the tear tracks.

“Are you sure, babe?”

Jaejoong nods. “They’re so young…” he whispers.

“Who’s in charge here?”

“Doctor Avery.”

“Avery-sensei?” Yunho calls out.

Startled, the tall man turns fully. “Y-yes?”

“My men will clean this up for you. No cost is too much. Just tell them what you need and it will be done.”

“It’s ok…we’re covered by insurance. We just need to make a police report and—“

“There will be no police report.” Yunho’s tone is final, and brooks absolutely no opposition.

“There won’t?”

“Just listen to him,” Karev calls out. “Don’t you think the police would be here by now if they were coming? I called them when this shit went down and they’re not here.” Turning back to Yunho and seeing the small smirk playing about the handsome man’s mouth, he decides to hell with his own sense of self-preservation. As a street kid, he can identify the one who holds the most power in a room, and despite everything, he is pretty certain it isn’t the tattooed yakuza god but rather his tattooed yakuza goddess. “Do you know them?”


“The police.”

Yunho takes in the man carefully. He had pegged him as a possible threat when they first met, but no more than the usual. Having interacted with him several times over the past few months, he still pegs Karev as a threat, but only if one of his own is threatened.

A man like him really.

He decides to be honest. “We know them, yes.”

“They’re not coming are they?”

He shrugs, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

“My men will clean up.” Turning to look over his shoulder, he continues in Japanese. “Make sure these kids help, and then find out who sent them and what actually happened. My father wants them wiped out, but we could probably do with a chapter in Seattle don’t you think? I’ll speak to him, but we need to clean up both in here and out there. This cannot happen again.”

“Of course, Yunho-sama.”

Ishii turns and starts barking out instructions.

Looking down at his feet, Yunho nudges the one he’s rightly identified as the leader of the motley crew.

“You owe your lives to Jaejoong. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Jaejoong-sama. We owe you our lives to do as you see fit for the rest of our lives.”

Rinse and repeat, the quartet repeat the same sing-song words over and over and over again, creating a haunting chant in the ER.

“Must you?” Jaejoong sighs and crosses his arms, pouting at his boyfriend who merely quirks an eyebrow.

“You wanted this didn’t you?”

“It’s a little weird.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it!” Jaejoong smacks Yunho across the shoulder, eliciting shocked sounds from several men who mask their rude sounds with coughing fits.

Jaejoong turns to the smirking Head of Security. “Ishii-san please take them away somewhere.”

“Of course, Jaejoong-sama,” the man grins, bowing at the waist like some kind of courtier.

“Now I know you’re making fun of me.”

“Never,” Yunho laughs, tugging Jaejoong against his side and nuzzling an ear. “Never laughing at you, kitten. If they were, I’d have their heads.”

“You’d need to have your own head then,” the younger man growls, moving towards the inner area of the ER. “How did you find out anyway? Did hyung call you?”

“Hyung? Which one? You mean to tell me you called someone other than me?” Yunho’s voice is full of disbelief, stopping short in the middle of the ER and staring at the retreating back of his boyfriend.

“I knew you’d overreact just like this,” Jaejoong yells back, startling a couple of passing interns.

Yunho’s expression is grimmer than earlier as he turns towards Avery.

“Avery-sensei, I must insist that you let Jaejoong off for the rest of the day. It appears that he is in need of a lesson in priorities.”

“He can have tomorrow off too,” Avery replies quickly, a little disconcerted by the promise of dire consequences in the man’s eyes.

“Excellent,” Yunho’s expression morphs instantly, grinning impishly. “He wouldn’t be able to stand anyway, let alone walk. Please excuse me.”

And the hero of the hour is laid low in a matter of minutes, once found and thrown over the shoulder of his boyfriend, the gorgeous Korean intern practically howls the ER down as he protests being manhandled so abysmally at his place of work as the smirking tattooist walks out of the hospital as if he owns the damn place.

No one comes to his aid of course.


“So he really is a yakuza moll?” Meredith’s eyes are wide as Karev tells the tale of the Pit which is looking better than it used to, with brand new equipment they never had, top of the line, best that money can buy.

The ER was out of commission for less than 24 hours for everything to be restored back to its original condition and better. Bailey and Hunt had practically swooned at all the new high tech devices they had been wanting for months and months but never had the budget for, Bailey declaring that Jaejoong can stay for as long as he damn well wants and nobody dare to even think of kicking him out of the program for this.

All the other attendings are in agreement, but not so much for her reason.

Perhaps more a sense of self-preservation.

“I did some research. I know who he is.”

“Spit it out, Kepner. We don’t have all day.”

Glaring at Karev, she drops some paper with colourful prints on it.

“Remember their tattoos? It’s practically legend in yakuza lore. The current head of Yamaguchi-gumi made sure of it.”

“Yama-what the hell?”

“Yamaguchi-gumi. Only the biggest yakuza family in the world with over a hundred thousand members. That diamond crest you see in their tattoos is their stamp.”

“This crest?” Cristina points at a photo of Yunho’s tattoo.

“Yes,” April nods. “Jae has one too but it’s smaller.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.” Karev confirms without checking the photos.

“Their tattoos are different from those guys that came in though,” Avery remarks, staring at the photos. “Those guys were totally covered. These are not really traditional yakuza tattoos.”

“They’re not,” April’s voice grows lower and little more dire. “They are the only ones of their kind. Only three people have them. Our Kim Jaejoong, his boyfriend, and his boyfriend’s mother.”

“Get to the point, Kepner. Who are they?”

“The current head of Yamaguchi-gumi is Kazuo Taoka. The boyfriend’s mother is his moll, and has been for over 35 years.”

“Holy shit…”

“So boyfriend is yakuza royalty.”

“You don’t get more royal than him.”

“He really could have killed you that day, Yang,” Karev’s starts laughing. “Remember how rude you were to Kim?”

April Kepner’s expression is a picture of horror as she gapes at Doctor Cristina Yang who is trying to brush off Karev. “You didn’t?”

“I did. So what? That was a long time ago.”

Kepner shakes her head as she points at the tattoos. “Can you read this?”

“I’m Korean, not Japanese.”

“Insulting him, is death. Touching him if he does not want to be touched, is death. Looking at him the wrong way, is death. Threatening him, is most certainly death.”

“Are you joking?” Avery asks, picking up the printouts and taking a closer look.

“No, and that’s not all. There are warnings, and then there are graphic depictions of what will happen to you if you don’t heed those warnings. I googled a little and found out why those guys dropped their weapons so fast the second that guy called out Jaejoong-sama. Sama is the most formal honorific in Japanese. They knew who they were messing with the second it happened and not even a SWAT Team could have gotten them to drop their weapons that fast.”

“Can we really keep him here?” Derek Sheppard asks, coming up to the tail end of Kepner’s explanation, slipping an arm around his wife’s waist and kissing her in greeting. “Would it be safe?”

“Do you want to be the one to tell him to leave 6 weeks before the end of his stint?” Meredith jokingly asks her husband, kissing his temple.

“I bet that would go down real well,” Doctor Cristina Yang mutters. “I say you’d last maybe an hour before his yakuza prince has your head on a totem greeting patients at the entrance.”

Karev starts to laugh. “You guys are idiots. The hospital is going to be the safest place in Seattle now with that kid here and his identity out.”

“Won’t people try and kidnap him or something?”

“This isn’t a half-baked gang we’re talking about,” he turns to Avery who had asked the question. “You heard Kepner. They have literally over a hundred thousand members, and based on what happened, probably absorbed the local gangs here too. You heard the warnings. To threaten him means certain death. Certain as in guaranteed. Unless some idiot gangbanger out there actually wants to commit suicide by yakuza, nobody will touch him. Hell, even the police won’t touch him.”

“Speaking of police, what happened there?” Dr Derek Sheppard asks. He had been away when everything had gone down and missed the excitement.

Those present look at each other, and then to Avery, and back to Karev who finally speaks.

“We signed an NDA.”


“We can’t tell you,” Avery’s expression is a mite pained. He’d had the same conversation with his mother and it was only April who had managed to talk her down.

“Organised crime seems a little more organised than I thought.”

Meredith is staring thoughtfully at the photos, tracing a finger around the wee kitten tattoo with the crest dangling from its collar. “I think the word you’re looking for is protective.”


Jaejoong is shaking a shivering mess, completely boneless and unable to even summon the energy to turn his head so he can breathe. He is inhaling the sheets and barely getting any air in, but he takes what he can get. He knew he was in trouble the second Yunho threw him over his shoulder, but he didn’t realise how truly upset his boyfriend was at him calling someone other than him.

They’d been at it for hours, and he is pretty sure every single drop of semen has been wrung from him for the next few days. He has nothing left he’s sure. The sheets are a mess and he really can’t be fucked (haha) doing anything about it.

Even as he thinks it, he feels someone turning him gently and scooping him up.

Mewling at the twinges of pain in his back and ass, he nuzzles into the man’s shoulder and sighs when he gets a soft kiss to the forehead.

“Hang on, kitten. I drew the bath for you to have a quick soak while I change the sheets.”

“Leepy…” the intern slurs a little and he is lifted higher and cradled more protectively.

“If you drown in the bath I’m going to follow you to heaven and yank you back.”

“M gonna hell…”

“You’re not going to hell.”


Yunho is really in two minds whether to leave Jaejoong in the bath as the young man drowses against his chest, more asleep than awake. His indecision is interrupted by the buzzer of the front entrance.

Noting the time and knowing it can only be a handful of people who would interrupt at such an hour, he goes to answer it.

Unsurprised to see his cousin’s worried face in high definition right up close to the camera he can see the man’s nose hair, he uses his own nose to press the buzzer to open the gate.

Deciding to deposit Jaejoong in the bath because he now has help, he heads back into the bedroom.

He is watching the dozing intern intently when he senses someone in the doorway.

Looking up, he sees Junsu with Changmin hovering behind him.

“Min, get us all a drink. Su, can you watch Jaejoong for a bit. I need to fix the bed so he can sleep.”

“I can fix the bed,” his cousin volunteers but Yunho smiles and shakes his head.

“Trust me, you really don’t want to go near the bed.”

Changmin rolls his eyes. “If he’s more willing to have you watch over a naked Jaejoong than touch their bed, you know it’s bad. Just watch the kid, ok? Do you want a beer?”

“Just soda, whatever they have.”

The men all move to their designated tasks.


“Where you going?” Jaejoong slurs, arms wrapped around Yunho’s neck as the man tries to extricate himself after depositing his precious load into the freshly changed bed and pulling the soft fluffy covers up over the beauty.

“I won’t be long.”

“Better not be…love you.”

“Love you too, kitten.”

“So…” Changmin starts, watching Yunho carefully as he walks towards them. Junsu is tucked into his side and morosely peeling the label off his beer bottle, his own soda label already ripped to shreds.

“I think I just aged ten years.”

“How did you find out?” Junsu asks, straightening up and leaning forward, his hand curved around his boyfriend’s inner thigh.

“My men.” Yunho answers shortly. “How did you find out?”

“Some guy left a very confusing voicemail. We were mid-air on our way here. He kept saying don’t tell your cousin don’t tell your cousin don’t tell your cousin.”

“I was afraid of that,” Yunho sighs, picking up his bottle of beer and chugging down half the bottle before leaning back and closing his eyes, rolling the condensation off the cold bottle onto his forehead.

“What happened?”

Yunho relates the events of that morning as best he can, answering the questions from his partner, and soothing the worries of his cousin.

“Why would he call Su instead of you?” Changmin asks again, practically beating a dead horse the way he keeps at it. “Surely he knows you’re better equipped to deal with the situation,” turning to press an apologetic kiss against his boyfriend’s pouting mouth, he continues. “Sorry, you know it’s true.”

The international idol shrugs and lets it go.

Yunho’s brow is furrowed as he thinks about it. “How long are you two staying this time?”

“We’re staying till he’s done,” Junsu smiles when his cousin’s eyes light up. “I asked for a break since I haven’t had one in over ten years.”

“He also threatened to tear up his contract if they didn’t let him,” Changmin adds, a faint note of amusement and pride in his voice as he squeezes the smaller man closer against him.

“I didn’t…”

“Well, you did something, didn’t you? They were practically pissing themselves.”

“I might have mentioned your father is my uncle by marriage…” Junsu’s answer is a little sheepish as he nods at Yunho who chuckles and lifts his half full beer bottle in salute. His ties to Yamaguchi-gumi were always known, but exactly how close he is tied was never actually verified.

“I guess both of your identities are really out of the bag now. Jaejoong and Junsu. Who would have thought?”

“Does that mean I’m a yakuza moll too?” Changmin muses aloud, squeezing Junsu’s ass as he speaks.

Junsu’s unique laughter echoes around the room followed by his cousin’s.


Jaejoong wakes as he normally does, sprawled atop Yunho.

Ignoring the odious aches and pains in his body, he knows the traditional “limp” is likely going to thwart him all day today regardless. Thankful for the extra day off, Yunho’s kitten yawns widely, stretching as he does, before mewling immediately in pain, eyes scrunched shut as his body protests the overlarge movement.

How he managed to get on top of Yunho in his current state is something of a miracle, because right now he is so sore he can barely roll off the man.

Whimpering a little, he tries, before a soothing hand rubs his back.

Holding him close to minimise movement, Yunho turns slowly over to his side to deposit his little kumiho onto the bed.

“Morning, babe.”

“So sore…” Jaejoong complains, even as he tries to nuzzle closer.

Pushing the young man’s hair from his face, Yunho presses soft kisses all about his face. “Are you ready to apologise?”

“Didn’t I apologise yesterday?” Jaejoong questions, pouting sleepily. “And you did overreact so you should apologise too.”

“Overreact?” Yunho’s scoffs quietly, following it with another kiss or few because Jaejoong’s upturned face with his eyes scrunched shut and plush lips all pouty is irresistibly sexy and adorable all at the same time.

Breathless from the kisses, Jaejoong pulls back first, pushing his boyfriend away as he wipes away the sleep in his eyes. Yawning again he feels Yunho playfully poking at his exposed tongue and his mouth closes on the man’s finger, biting it good and proper.

The tattooist doesn’t react to the pain though, his eyebrow going up questioningly as he gazes down at his lover who finally opens his eyes.

“Bloodthirsty little thing, aren’t you?”

Licking his finger contritely, making Yunho eyebrow go up even higher, Jaejoong starts to giggle as he pulls the spit slicked finger from his mouth. “What did I tell you about your eyebrow? It goes up up up and so do I…” he sticks out his tongue and licks Yunho’s finger again as he presses his growing erection into the older man’s side.

“I thought you couldn’t go anymore after yesterday?”

Jaejoong shrugs delicately, using Yunho’s finger to clean his teeth absentmindedly.

“I’m young.”

Yunho laughs, bending to kiss Jaejoong between the eyes. “Before I forget, you need to call my mother. My father nearly wiped out the entire yakuza presence here in Seattle just because of how upset she was over you walking into danger like that. His reasoning is basically if they don’t exist then you won’t be in any danger.”

Jaejoong sits up hurriedly, before wincing loudly at the bolt of pain at his sudden movement and toppling over onto his boyfriend. Ignoring the pain, his eyes are bright with worry as he questions the other man. “He didn’t, did he?”

“He left it to me to decide.”

Jaejoong sucks in a breath, eyes becoming wider. “You didn’t, did you?”

“What do you think?” Yunho asks quietly, moving Jaejoong off him to lay on his side once again. He turns inwards towards his heart, staring into the wide guileless eyes he wishes so hard could remain untainted and innocent.

“You didn’t,” Jaejoong answers quickly. “I’m sorry for asking and making you think I thought you did.”

“I’m glad you trust me.”

“I’ve always trusted you,” Jaejoong whispers, his voice aching with love as he sees the starkness pooling into his lover’s eyes. Lifting a hand to cup the man’s jaw, he rubs his thumb gently over a cheekbone. “I just worry sometimes that you try too hard to protect me that you forget to protect yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

Dropping his hand, he finds that spot on Yunho’s chest as he always does. “Your heart is my heart. When your heart hurts, mine does too. I’m not being rude, but I think you need to see the difference. Your father treats your mother like a beloved pet. He lashes out at anything that hurts her and yet he has never given her the tools to help him protect her. She has no power to exact retribution on anyone who hurts him. I can’t live like that. I can’t be a pet. I didn’t want to be one when I was seventeen, and now at twenty-four, I want to be one even less.”

“Kitten…” Yunho bends his head to nuzzle Jaejoong’s nose. “I listened when you told me off all those years ago. I may call you kitten, but I have tried not to treat you like a pet.”

“I know, so you have to let me protect you too alright? What I’m protecting is not so much your physical body, but emotionally. I won’t be any good at the former, but I can definitely work on the latter.”

“Will you call me first, next time?”

“If there is a next time, I will.”

“That’s all I need from you.”

“You don’t ask for much, do you?” Jaejoong smiles.

Yunho opens his mouth to reply but he is interrupted by a loud pounding on their bedroom door.

“Oei!!! Are you decent? We brought lunch since it’s way past breakfast time for you lazy asses!”

Jaejoong’s eyes are as wide as saucers, hearing a voice he hasn’t heard in a fair few years now.

Yunho turns just in time to see the door burst open and three people come barging in without a by your leave.

“Look who we picked up,” Changmin smirks, arm around Junsu who is practically vibrating with excitement.

Yunho groans and closes his eyes at the sight of the tall lithe blonde with a shit-eating grin on her face who has no qualms about staring unashamedly at two naked men in bed, covers down to their waists, though really, it’s not like she hasn’t seen it anyway. He knew he shouldn’t have given Junsu the spare card for the main gate.

“Kid, I swear to god trouble follows you wherever you go. Are you still asking people to pop cherries with you?”


AN1: This came about because I’ve been in and out of hospitals so much I figure what the hell lol. Plus Yunho’s kitten with claws wouldn’t take no for an answer. Wrote this non-stop and there’s prolly mistakes cos sleepy as fuck sorry. Fell asleep without posting cos I was too sleepy to figure out the html whatever so you get it now…

AN2: Btw that thing with Yunho’s finger, I do that with my husband lmao and he finds it very odd. I find it odd that he finds it odd rather than disgusting since I’m really using his finger like a toothbrush but oh well…
Tags: fic:intern, fic:tattooist, pairing:minsu, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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  • The Dragons [2/2]

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