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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [8/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Jejuko dancing ON Yunho... Let's hope y'all like it as much as you liked her dancing FOR him in the last chapter lmaooooooo!

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Freaking love you all. So much. This chapter is especially dedicated to Felicity my eonni, Catherine my dongsaeng and Nicole my twin.

Yunho can honestly say he doesn’t have much of an idea as to what happened after Jejuko went offstage. He sees her emerging from the back room arm in arm with a very tall man who is holding her close and his hackles rise and he moves to get out of his seat but is stayed by a strong hand on his forearm and he looks over at his fellow judge next to him. Seung Hyun shakes his head, and nods towards his crotch.

“Don’t embarrass yourself. You can find her later.”

Yunho frowns and settles back in his seat as HyunA’s Change comes on. He watches dispassionately at the parade of girls on stage clad in nothing much but underwear, doing a synchronised version of that pelvic popping move as he shifts to try and will his insistent erection away. He stares blankly at the stage, trying to pay attention to the three girls currently gyrating lewdly against the poles, all of them seeming to be completely out of sync with the music as far as he can tell. His mind wanders back to the fiery angel onstage not five minutes ago. Was that really Jejuko? The somewhat shy girl from Friday? The girl who blushed at his cheesy compliments? That girl? The name is right, the face, the hair is all wrong though. His hand reflexively claws at his jean-clad thigh as he remembers those dark tresses tumbling wantonly down her back as she arches right in front of him, clothes straining tight against perky breasts that he’d tried very hard not to stare at, mouth parted in a silent cry as the singer screams in the song and whooops, his boner just came back to full strength.

He shakes his head, shifting in his seat once again to relieve the ache in his balls, totally lost in thought, as a new batch of girls come on. This time it’s T.O.P’s Turn It Up and he hopes fervently that it’s not going to be another synchronised dance. He sees Seung Hyun lean forward slightly next to him and when he looks up, is surprised to see Bommie on stage. The fiery redhead is staring daggers at Seung Hyun and Yunho really doesn’t want to be his friend right now. Their break up is the stuff of legend, and if this is her getting back at him for cheating on her with…Yunho leans forward to look past Seung Hyun and yes, Ji Yong is trying to disappear into his chair. Oh well, at least the night will continue to be interesting that’s for certain. He settles back in his seat to watch the fireworks, hoping the tightness in his pants will dissipate soon because none of the three girls onstage with their multi-coloured hair is doing anything for him. He only has eyes for a beautiful, supposedly demure raven-haired angel. He recalls the way Junsu announced her and is wondering if his friend is issuing him a challenge. To man up, and go after the girl for once instead of being content at having females throwing themselves at him.

“She’s trying to kill me.”

“I’m surprised she didn’t try to jump off stage and strangle Ji Yong to be honest.”

“Oddly enough, she doesn’t blame him at all. Chae Rin is up next though.”

“What the hell? What is his ex-gf doing here too? Is this a conspiracy?”

“I don’t fucking know but I don’t like it…maybe we can score them low or something so they don’t get to the lap dance section because I know she will definitely gut me if I don’t pick her.”

Yunho eyes his friend in disbelief. “Have you seen the other girls? They’re hopeless! I’m not scoring Bommie low just because you’re a dick and exchanged drunken blow jobs with your best friend, dude. Man up.”

“Ugh… You don’t know Bom do you. Once she gets her claws in me…”

“Admit it, you want her back. You two are idiots.” And with that, Yunho turns away as SHINee’s Get It starts playing, eyeing Chae Rin warily. Once again, this ex-gf has eyes for no one except the one who’s wronged her and when he leans forward to look at Ji Yong, the man is scowling ferociously at Chae Rin booty-popping to the beat of the music, much to the appreciation of the crowd.


Yunho is staring at the empty stage when Junsu comes up, tapping him on the shoulder to announce his presence.

“Wanna go look for them?”

“Who’s that man?”


“The tall guy with Jejuko. Who is he?” Yunho is pouting slightly, his boner finally subsiding. It has taken all three subsequent performances and then some to kill the lust that Jejuko evokes during her own dance and he can finally stand without embarrassing himself. He’s glad he’s wearing dark jeans because he is sure there’s a nice wet patch on his boxers. He wrinkles his nose at the thought as Junsu’s laughter washes over him.

“Are you jealous?”

“No…yes. Maybe…I don’t know.” Yunho scowls at his laughing friend. “I don’t want to intrude.”

“Oh you’re such a baby. That’s Changmin. I’ve talked about him before remember? We met at the swimming pool? I wanted to hit on him when his tall drink of water of a girlfriend falls into his lap just as I was about to make a complete ass of myself. That guy.”


“Yes, he’s here with her. They’re friends with Micky and Jejuko. Come on let’s go find them.” Junsu tugs his friend to his feet and they walk through the crowd, not really pausing, expecting people to make way for them. It’s not really arrogance on their part, just the natural order of things. The bar is on the edge of campus and Yunho is the undisputed kingka. Everyone makes way for the man almost subconsciously, recognising his presence even if they don’t know who he is. Tall, broad and tanned, not to mention good looking, Yunho is quite a sight to behold and right now, he has a small smile tugging about his lips that reaches his eyes, making him extremely attractive. So attractive that they get stopped twice by some of the contestants, possibly thinking to get brownie points with the judge but they are quickly and easily, politely sent on their way by Junsu. The blonde man is extremely easygoing with a ready smile for everyone but he is also quite protective of his friend and the hangers-on annoy him. His friend is too kind sometimes.

They both approach the booth where the four friends are sitting and laughing. Yunho falls back slightly, feeling a little self-conscious and he’s not sure why. The Jejuko on stage is not the Jejuko he remembers from Friday and he’s not sure which is the real girl.

“Hello again, mind if we join?” Junsu’s familiar amusement-tinged voice washes over the four friends.

As if on cue, both Sooyoung and Changmin stand up, excusing themselves to go for a walk. Quick hugs are given all round between the friends, with a nod of acknowledgement to Yunho, and they leave. Yoochun sits back down, and pats the seat next to him while Jejuko simply stares at her empty glass, suddenly too shy to look up at Yunho who sits down next to her. Junsu stops a passing waitress and orders another round of drinks. Jejuko speaks then, asking for a Coke rather than anything with alcohol, earning her a smile from Junsu who changes the order. He then settles a proprietary arm around Yoochun who shoves him off with a laugh, though he places a hand on his now discarded arm, showing that he’s not serious. They settle next to each other, comfortably pressed together, Yoochun trying not to react when Junsu starts drawing circles on his thigh with a fingertip.

Jejuko peels off her gloves as she now has no need for them after the pole performance and she’s glad she has something to focus on to keep her out of the conversation happening easily around her. Apart from a soft ‘hello, beautiful’ in her ear, and a quick peck on the cheek, Yunho has not directed any conversation her way. He seems to sense her reticence, as do both Yoochun and Junsu, and they all carry on talking, not excluding Jejuko but allowing her to take her time to join in if she wants. She is grateful for their understanding as she rubs her hands, easing the slight ache in them. She must have made some sort of sound to indicate her discomfort though because suddenly, a warm hand catches one of hers. She looks up and meets Yunho’s intense gaze, and unable to look away, she lets him caress her hand and examine it.

Yunho feels an electric shock at the contact he initiates, and he looks down at Jejuko’s hands, away from the bottomless pools of her eyes, afraid of falling in even further than he already has. He strokes a finger over her soft, delicate skin, transported back to an afternoon not two days past where he found himself doing something similar with a man. He shakes his head at the memory though unable to shake the feeling of deja vu as his finger runs over a strange black mark on her palm. He lifts her hand closer to inspect it and sure enough, there looks to be a small stone embedded in her palm. He runs his finger over it, inexplicably expecting a bump, but the skin is smooth over the mark. He feels Jejuko about to pull her hand away so he tightens his hold on her hand gently.

“Where did you get that mark?” his voice is soft, curious.

Jejuko hesitates, not wanting to lie to Yunho and yet, her whole self is a lie. She stays silent for a few seconds and resolves to answer as truthfully as she can without giving too much away. It’s the least she can do, and if she’s honest with herself, she wishes that Yunho will somehow know her. But she is not hopeful, sure that Yunho has long forgotten the shy, clumsy man from Friday afternoon.

“I didn’t have it before Friday…” she starts, “it just, sort of…found its way there.” Jejuko holds her breath, waiting for Yunho’s response. Silence has fallen over their table as both Junsu and Yoochun watch their interaction, one panicking inside and trying not to show it while the other, merely curious.

Yunho listens to her response, mind whirling. It is an odd answer so he decides to press a little. “How did it appear? It looks like something I’ve seen before.” His thumb circles lazily around the mark, eyes down, and he licks at his plush bottom lip as he fights the electric currents coursing through his body. The feeling is familiar, there is no denying it. He’s felt like this before but never with two separate people within a day of meeting them. That has never happened. There’s always a first time for everything but Yunho doesn’t really believe in coincidences. He’d rather suspend his disbelief for a few seconds and see where it gets him. A seed of suspicion is sprouting in his mind as he recalls how Jejuko reminds him of Jaejoong, how he gets that same odd tingly feeling when they touch, how he can’t seem to stop thinking of the two of them. It’s almost as if in his mind, he cannot separate Jaejoong from Jejuko and that in itself is already strange. The seed begins to germinate as he also recalls hearing about a new drug that has recently come out that purports to be able to switch a person from one gender to another. Could it be? The thought sends a shiver through him that he tries to suppress and his body is suddenly covered in goosebumps as he waits for her answer, a nagging feeling in his gut. He decides to stop thinking altogether while waiting for a response, watching her closely, his own expression betraying nothing of the crazy thoughts and feelings going through him.

Jejuko sucks her bottom lip into her mouth, chewing nervously, unsure as to how to respond. She stares at Yunho’s thumb, stroking her palm as her mind whirls frantically. She chances a glance up at Yunho, and is unnerved by his unreadable eyes as he looks at her. She knows she’s taking far too long to respond, but she really doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to lie to Yunho, even though she is well aware that she is currently living a lie. However, despite her outward appearance being Jejuko, she is still Jaejoong inside and Jaejoong is not the type who lies. As her mind flits back and forth between the truth and dissembling, she feels a cold hand touch her other arm.

Yoochun can see the conflict going on in Jejuko’s head. Heck, he can practically feel the anxiety radiating from his best friend. He doesn’t know what Jejuko wants to do, but he hopes that she can feel his support for her in his touch. He feels deeply guilty, almost stricken as he watches the quiet couple, for putting Jejuko in this position to begin with, and he tries to convey all his love and support in that one touch, as he squeezes Jejuko’s forearm comfortingly, reassuringly, letting her know he will be there for her no matter what.

Yoochun’s touch is exactly what she needs, helping to calm her and she makes up her mind. Taking a deep breath, she smiles timidly up at Yunho through her lashes, hiding the fear she is feeling at what might happen next. “I had a fall on Friday, and I think some gravel lodged itself in my skin.” Deep down, Jejuko is genuinely convinced that Jaejoong’s meeting with Yunho has been long forgotten by the latter. She truly believes Jaejoong is forgettable to Yunho. Why would he remember that shy man? However, a little flare of hope in her wishes he hasn’t. Though if he hasn’t, she’ll have one hell of an explanation to give him….

Yunho’s brain is frozen in shock as he gazes into the beguiling brown eyes in front of him. He hears the words, but it is the eyes, that familiar shy gaze, that seals it for him. The germinating seed in his mind has sprouted, even flowering. Yunho is ninety per cent sure that Jejuko is Jaejoong from Friday afternoon. He just needs to confirm the existence of the drug before he can be a hundred percent certain. As he stares back into Jejuko’s eyes, he realises her expression is changing to one of worry, as his response is late in coming. He smiles reassuringly, lifting her hand and kissing her palm gently. “I’m sorry that happened. I hope you’re okay now.” Yunho is uncertain about how he feels about Jejuko’s overall deception, but he is pleased that she has at least been truthful when asked a direct question as anyone else he knows, including himself, would have probably lied.

Jejuko breathes a sigh of relief that does not go unnoticed by Yunho, as her body relaxes noticeably. He finds it interesting too that Yoochun, her “cousin” visibly sags into Junsu’s side, almost curling into the other man, the relief emanating from him palpable and only obvious if you’re looking for it, which Yunho is. His brow furrows slightly, wondering if he will get to the bottom of this before the night ends or if he will have to leave it to tomorrow.

Conversation resumes around the table as the two couples fall back into the easy, teasing camaraderie they had on Friday night. All too soon however, Junsu excuses himself as he needs to announce the results. Yoochun and Jejuko both turn a questioning gaze on Yunho who shrugs and says he has no idea what the results are as the judges were just given a piece of paper with the 15 contestants on a grid table, and to rate each girl on beauty, originality, rhythm and pleasing the crowd. The owner of the bar tabulates the results from each of the five judges and the final five names are given to Junsu. Yunho excuses himself after explaining, saying he too needs to be up on stage. He presses a soft kiss to Jejuko’s temple and leaves before she has time to react.

Changmin and Sooyoung slide silently into the booth the second Yunho leaves, Sooyoung next to Jejuko with Yoochun on her other side. They both grip one of Jejuko’s hands as the results are announced. Bom and Chae Rin are the first two names called and no one is surprised. Some disgruntled muttering through the crowd is heard, saying that the only reason they are in the finals is because of Seung Hyun and Ji Yong but Sooyoung scoffs loudly at that, pointing out that the two girls actually danced quite fiercely compared to the random flailing of most of the other contestants. The room quietens down once again after the first two finalists take the stage, standing next to each other, expressions almost haughty as they scan the crowd. Minzy is the next name called, followed by Dara. Dara was in the same group as Bom and Sooyoung, the resident critic at their table nods her appreciation.

“She danced well but you danced much better than her though so I’m sure you’ll be the final contestant.” Sooyoung whispers into Jejuko’s ear.

“The final contestant actually scored the highest for this round. Does anyone want to guess who the final girl is?”

To Jejuko’s shock, the crowd immediately yells out her name to which Junsu laughs uproariously before nodding and confirming it.


The next few minutes go by in a blur for her, as she finds herself on stage once again, as one of the finalists. She towers over the other four girls, lending them to let her stand in the middle so as not to look too strange and they pose for a couple of photographs before being asked to wait for the judges to pick the girl of their choice. Jejuko watches nervously as a tall man with bright green hair which somehow really works on him, steps up, looking at the row of girls as if trying to make a decision. His eyes land on her, lingering a little too long and she shuffles uncomfortably, hoping that he doesn’t pick her. She doesn’t want to dance for anyone but Yunho but he is the third judge in the row so she’s feeling a little worried. She looks down, fiddling with the cross on her rosary necklace when she hears his choice.


The beautiful flame-haired girl next to her stomps her feet, huffing in disgust as she crosses her arms, glaring at the man who returns her theatrics with a cool gaze and a challenging eyebrow.

“Hands on or hands off?”

“On.” Bom spits out as she continues to glower at the man who says nothing, though his eyebrows seem to be speaking, the high arch seeming to infuriate the red-head even more.

Jejuko gets the feeling that there’s something going on there but she’s not sure what. She vaguely recalls seeing the striking couple together a few times but not recently but she shrugs as Bom leaves the stage, happy at not being chosen. The next judge is yet another one with a rather flamboyant hairstyle. His hair is pink, short and the smirk on his face is oddly attractive. Jejuko stares at him as he makes his decision rather quickly, not even looking at the remaining girls before calling out his choice.

“Chae Rin.”

Jejuko sighs in relief though yet again, the chosen girl doesn’t appear too happy at being picked. This one storms off stage before Junsu can even say anything and he just shrugs at the pink-haired judge who waves his hand dismissively and settles in a seat next to the green-haired man who leans over to whisper something in his ear, causing him to laugh.

“Hands on or off, Ji Yong? You can probably answer for Chae Rin.”

“Off…on…it doesn’t matter really, I’ve felt it all.” Ji Yong’s response causes the crowd to titter loudly.

Yunho steps up next as Junsu laughs into the microphone.

“Do I really have to ask who you’re going to pick?”

Yunho simply smirks in response and cocks an eyebrow at his friend.

“Jejuko honey, hands on or off.”

Yunho turns to her, face not hinting at all at which way he wants her to choose but Jejuko has already made up her mind before the competition even starts.

“Off,” comes the soft reply and Yunho smiles at her, nodding his acceptance of her choice.

She wills her feet to move as she’s a little frozen, her mind racing ahead of her, realising that this is it. She is actually going to dance for Yunho. She turns back just before she goes behind the curtains and catches sight of her friends who are all giving her enthusiastic thumbs ups. She wishes she feels as confident as they seem to be because her stomach is churning so much she feels like throwing up. Her head is spinning a little too and she has to lean against a wall to stay on her feet, wondering if it’s nerves or something else.


Jejuko is nervous. She pops two Tylenol and swallows them dry as she peeks out to watch Minzy start her routine. Her head is aching now, not to mention the waves of dizziness that seems to come every now and again and Jejuko is worried. The judges had drawn lots earlier and Yunho is last. The fourth girl, Minzy, is currently lap dancing for Young Bae and she is good. Really good. She is dancing to SISTAR’s Ma Boy and the inner Jaejoong’s jaw is hanging just a little bit at her movements despite being gay. Chae Rin and Bom’s lap dances were a farce really, with it being more of a fight cum tug-of-war with the two judges. Hand lands on them, they slap it off, and it goes on for quite a bit especially during Chae Rin’s dance till Ji Yong stands up and grabs her, pushing her into his seat and starts dancing for her much to the amusement and appreciation of the crowd. She loses her bluster after that and Jejuko files it away in her mind to ask Yoochun what’s going on there. The man is always up with current campus gossip and she’s sure he’ll know what it’s about.

The three poles have been removed and a single arm chair placed in the middle of the front stage. Jejuko’s heart is thudding very painfully in her chest, as Minzy’s song winds down to an end. She is still feeling a little lightheaded and is actually worried about falling off the stage so she’s decided to improvise as she bends over carefully to take her shoes off. She’ll do this barefoot. At least with both feet flat on the ground, there’ll be a lesser chance of her toppling over. At least that’s the idea.

Jejuko hands over her shoes to Dara, whom she discovered is friends with Sooyoung and the older girl promises to keep them safe for her. She gives her a quick hug and then turns to walk out as Junsu announces her name. She squares her shoulders, head held high, expression cold as the nerves attack her from within as she strolls out. No, she sways out, hips undulating slowly with each step she takes. She is walking very slowly because her head still hurts and she hopes the medication will kick in fast. To anyone watching, the girl is a proud goddess, completely aware of the affect she has on the room as she saunters out into place, standing just behind the armchair where Yunho sits waiting.

The lights in the room dim as they’ve done four times previously, soft spotlights on the chair. The room is surprisingly silent as they wait for the tall girl to give the cue for the music. Jejuko looks out into the darkness, lips quirking slightly as thinks of the song she’s chosen. The pain in her head is starting to ease and she takes a deep breath, wondering how everyone will react to her improvisation. She is the only one who has chosen hands off and while she knows she can probably trust Yunho not to touch her, she doesn’t know what she will do if he does touch her, not trusting herself. She thinks that the way she is when the music starts, she won’t put it past herself to just straddle him and kiss the fuck out of the man. So she has to make sure that doesn’t happen…

She lifts her hand for the cue and the music starts, her steps are measured, in time to the beat as she walks out from behind the armchair to stand right in front of Yunho, her back to him as she stares blindly out into the crowd. Her lips quirk into a rueful smile which to the audience, looks like a decidedly naughty smirk as she suddenly snaps down, bending at the waist. She can see Yunho’s legs between her own as she crosses her arms, running her hands up the sides of her legs sensually, in time to the music, losing herself in it as she imagines once again, that it is Yunho’s hands running up her long limbs. When they reach the tops of her thigh high socks, she hooks a thumb into each sock and slowly slides them down, exposing her skin an inch at a time as she sways to the music. The crowd gasps, not at all expecting clothes to be shed during the lap dance and hoots and catcalls start to sound around the room. Jejuko is oblivious though, lost in the music. Once the socks are around her ankles she straightens back up, licking at her bottom lip as she takes a step back and sits down in Yunho’s lap. She hears the gasp in her ear and a shiver runs down her spine as she leans back, arching her body slightly as she rests her head against Yunho’s shoulder while extending her leg out, flashing the audience her virginal underwear that seems to wink in the light, bright white. She pulls off her sock with a smirk as Yunho turns his face into her cheek, lips seeking contact which she allows…for now. She extends her other leg, pulling off the other sock quickly before she moves, unfurling back into a standing position as she snaps her wrists, both her socks unrolling to their full length in each hand. The audience is absolutely mesmerised at the wicked angel, or was it devil?

Jejuko turns quickly just as the group in the song finally starts to sing, her hips swaying with the music.

I'm just in deep, aoi kodoku no…umi no naka

And the first sock goes around Yunho’s wrist, securing it to the armchair before his brain catches up with what Jejuko is doing. He stares up at her in shock, mouth hanging as she winks at him, hips undulating with the music as she moves his other hand into position.

I don't know how? mae ni susumezu…tachidomatte

And the second wrist is secured.

She turns back to face the audience, and finally starts her routine as practiced, swiveling her hips tightly with the music, staying on the beat as she moves low, between Yunho’s knees, hands splayed across her creamy white belly. Her thigh muscles screaming at her but she’s used to it by now as she moves down, then back up, rocking her hips with the music and the words, her mouth parted. The modest curves of her breasts bounce with each hip swivel.

Once fully upright, she turns quickly, dropping to a crouch between Yunho’s legs, hands on his thighs, mouthing the lyrics.

Dark in my mind boku wa yowasa ni kakurete

She stares up at Yunho through her lashes, face angelic, belying her actions as she slowly runs her hands up his thighs, thumbs grazing the sides of the growing bulge in his crotch as she raises up to her knees, undulating to the music.

At the start of the next line, she throws herself backwards, body arched tightly like a bow, hair cascading behind her as she moves sinuously to the sensual voices in the song, hypnotising the audience and the man in front of her, his eyes on the expanse of pale skin he can see, mesmerized by the black cross on the end of her rosary necklace that tickles at the raised hem of her shirt. The jewel in her belly winking in the light, causing him to swallow hard and tug at his bindings as she moves sensuously back into an upright position, eyes hooded, staring at him as if trying to see into his soul. The dark-haired vixen in front of him is already killing him and they have yet to reach the chorus of the song. He is so fucked.

Kokoro, fukaku, kareta kanjou

Hands back on his thighs, Jejuko moves with each word, her upper body snaking up, left, right, left, right, till her belly is pressed against Yunho’s crotch. She gives no indication that his hardness bothers her as she pauses, then drags her body down fully against him, while singing “here is no light,” not looking directly at him, but rather through her lashes once again and Yunho groans loudly.

She repeats the serpentine movement once again, back up towards him, dragging her soft curves against his hard body, but she finds her feet this time as she stands, hips rotating to the left, to the right, with the music.

Kinou, kyou mo, asu mo, mienai

Rocking her pelvis with the beat, the audience is a distant memory as she smirks down at Yunho who is staring up at her spellbound as she steps out from between his legs. She body waves to the music, the movements more pronounced as her body is long and the audience sighs at the sight, before leaning down and pushing Yunho’s knees together, causing the man to wince at the pressure against his balls. But the pain is forgotten as she glides a bare foot up his leg with the music, no more words in the song for now, pressing heavily against his thigh as she slides into his lap, her pelvis flush against his. Her thighs are spread wide as her right leg is in the space under the arm rest while the other is not, the back of that knee pressing on Yunho’s own. She somehow manages to hook her left foot around his calf as she places her hands on his chest.

Sotto sawattara, sugu ni

Her hips snap in their gyrations, hard at the counterpoint of each word and she is unable to bite back the moan that falls forth from her parted lips, eyes heavy in want as she rocks herself directly on top of Yunho’s straining bulge.


Her undulation at that word, hips rotating twice, gentler than her earlier motions but it still elicits a hiss from Yunho as he feels her sex rub against his and at this point, he honestly doesn’t give a flying fuck as to whether Jejuko is a boy or girl. He’ll take both. She repeats the motions with the next line and his groan is heartfelt, no longer coherent as he stares at the hungry eyes of the girl in his lap.

Omoi kokoro no tobira shimeta mama

She slowly moves to stand, resting her weight on her left leg as she drags her other leg heavily against Yunho’s thigh, hands on his broad shoulders, balancing as she moves her pelvis torturously in his face, never once losing her rhythm to the music.

I just boku wa ima, morosa ni hitaru yo

She turns, sitting back down daintily on his thighs with an innocent smile on her face, hands pressing his knees together as she bends over, her wealth of hair falling about her face, running her hands down his jean-clad calves, her breasts pressing against the tops of his knees and her ass on his lower belly.

zaiaku no…

And she throws her head back, eyes shut, mouth parted in a silent O, causing the crowd to gasp at the sheer sensuousness of her expression as Jejuko loses herself to the music and the man underneath her. She leans back fully against Yunho, both hands reaching back to caress his neck as the chorus starts again for the second time as she body waves against him, reveling in the groans in her ear, extremely turned on as Yunho’s breath is a scorching hot caress that goes straight to her belly, tugging low in it, making her moan in response as she rocks in his lap.

Oremagatta kanjou, boku wo…

She arches her body back upright, still straddling Yunho, his very prominent arousal nestled in the crack of her ass cheeks as she grinds into his lap. This time there is no faking the high colour on her cheeks as she is extremely turned on by each graze against that puckered opening through her thin flimsy underwear. Jejuko may be a girl but really, she is still Jaejoong and this…this is all Jaejoong. All his longing, his wants, his need. This is Jaejoong rocking on top of Yunho. The crowd watches, stunned, with all sorts of choked sounds coming from here and there as the beautiful girl simulates rather well, a thorough fucking as her hands reach up to undo her tie.

As the rap part of the song starts, Jejuko leans forward before pushing herself into a standing position, still bent over, hands on Yunho’s knees and her ass in his face. She straightens, stepping forward before pulling her tie loose and turning around to face Yunho. She is improvising now, the rest of her routine having clean flown out of her head, her ass clenching in need as her body overheats, a pink flush now colouring her pale skin from neck down as she moves to the beat, sinking once again between his legs, gazing up at him in need, in want as she mouths the words “it’s raining on my heart…my stupid broken heart…” while running her hands heavily up his inner thigh and over his shirt, before she covers his eyes with her tie, blindfolding him, much to his consternation.

The crowd roars their approval as she turns around, still between his legs as she body waves against him, both hands now on her body dragging them heavily down her torso, as the crowd gets louder and Yunho more frustrated behind and under her. She moves her ass down once again, wanting contact with Yunho’s hard cock, even through their layers of clothes. She rocks again on top of him, gently this time before straightening and stepping out, moving to straddle him once again. Her lips twist into a siren’s smile as she grinds in his lap, running circles with her fingertips over the backs of Yunho’s hands as he strains in his bindings. Her hands ghost over the knots as she plucks them loose, holding his hands tightly as they try and make a move for her. She rocks her hips particularly hard, in warning, and Yunho stills. Blind. She stands up to straddle Yunho while facing him, sitting as high in his lap as she can before she lies back, body still undulating to the music but this time she takes his hands, placing both on the tops of her thighs before stretching languidly backwards, arms over her head as Yunho’s hands travel up her body. As he leans forward, hands ghosting over her breasts, she reaches up and tugs his blindfold loose, groaning loudly as his hot eyes devour her before she wraps her hands around his neck, arching back upwards, forcing him backwards and pressing herself fully against him, face buried in his throat as the song dies.

AN: DEEP BREATHS OHYMYGOD... Ok, some people were saying they don't know how i'm going to top the previous chapter with Jejuko pole-dancing. I honestly have no idea if I topped it or not but maybe they're at least on par? IDK... Leave me some love please cos this is my first lap dance scene and wtf... No research as usual. I keep telling people to research but I never do it myself lmao. IDEK tbh...

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