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The Dragons [1/2]

Title: The Dragons
Pairing: YunJae + MinSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Twoshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Jaejoong is returning to work after being given time off following the incident in the Pit and his boyfriend and a couple of other VVVIPs have a few things to say about that.

AN1: He wouldn’t leave me alone…this doe-eyed kitten with his innocently hopeful expression…somebody teach me how to say no!!! And well…someone else decided he wanted in and I CANNOT say no to two of them. God…you try. Also, happy birthday oppa :D I tend to recognise his Feb 4 birthday more than his Jan birthday because #reasons :P

AN2: This is from The Tattooist universe and you will have to read The Moll first otherwise you will definitely be confused.

“Do the two of you ever stop?” Nicole grumbles as she stares at the loved up couple. Jaejoong had been making breakfast and chatting with her about his day ahead when Yunho had exited the bedroom wearing neatly pressed dress slacks, a shirt, the sleeves undone at the wrist, and a tie lying unsecured around his neck.

The intern is now perched on the island, legs wrapped around his boyfriend’s torso and giggling against the older man’s mouth at something the man has whispered to him that she isn’t privy to, his fingers wrapped around the still unsecured tie, effectively holding the older man captive against him.

Turning to look at her over his bare shoulder, the oversized shirt he is wearing most assuredly belonging to Yunho, having lost the battle with gravity a while ago, he grins.


“Not even in the OR?”

Brow furrowing cutely, Jaejoong lets go of the tie and leans his body forward to drape over his boyfriend while still looking at his guest.

“Of course we have to stop while I’m working. Don’t be silly, noona.”

Nicole’s jaw drops open. “Silly? Me?”

“Let it go, Nic,” Max suggests as he enters the kitchen area having heard part of the conversation and knowing resistance is futile. Over the years, the couple seem to have gotten more and more octopus-like rather than less. They are like two magnets, constantly drawn to each other, and woe to anyone who tries to get in between them. Jaejoong is just as bad as Yunho when thwarted and unlike the more reticent older man, is absolutely free with his words. Changmin has been minding Mirotic in Yunho’s absence, the business still thriving despite the absence of a tattoo option for a year, and he’s visited the couple twice in the last ten months, with a return visit by them in between. Oddly, they are far worse in America, perhaps due to the fact that they are pretty much completely dependent on each other in a foreign country. Whatever it is, he knows it will only get Yunho’s grouchy side out if anyone interrupts their time together. It’s a miracle already that they have opened their home to three unplanned guests, but Jaejoong is the one who says yay or nay, notwithstanding his mafia warlord’s offspring of a boyfriend, and there was no way Yunho’s kitten was turning away family regardless of how grouchy his friend gets about it. “Is there coffee?”

The blond nods towards the fancy chrome monstrosity by the refrigerator. “Sure, if you can figure it out. None of us can.”

“Hyung, seriously. Why do you have things you don’t use? Why can’t you get one of those simple Keurig coffee machines? You open the top, drop the pod in, and voila! Coffee!” Changmin waves his arms around to demonstrate.

“It came with the apartment,” Jaejoong replies, giggling at the piercer while he diligently fastens and fixes the tattooist’s cufflinks. “Both of us just get coffee on the way out, it’s no big deal. There’s a nice new cafe on the corner if you need your caffeine fix now. I can get it when I’m done here.”

“He can get it himself,” Yunho frowns, staring at his friend who glares back, grouchy himself.

“I’m a guest!”

“Soon to be ex-guest.”

“Aaaaaand GA1 and GA2 are back in action,” Nicole claps her hands mockingly together and rolling her eyes at the intern who bursts out laughing at her expression.

“You remembered,” Jaejoong grins, ignoring the pair of GAs scowling at each other at seven in the morning and hopping off the island to walk around and hug the blond.

Perched on the barstool, she is just a mite taller than he is, and with those beguiling doe eyes staring at her, she is lost. Playing with his fringe, pushing his bangs out of his eyes, she suddenly feels misty-eyed at being the object of his attention once again. He’s filled out a lot from the nubile teenager she met and worried about all those years ago. Broader with a denser layer of muscle, yet still somewhat gamin-like still with his elfin ears and guileless expression, the arms around her waist feel different, yet the same.

“Of course I remember. I don’t think I’ve ever been as bewildered as I was in the span of time I knew you. You did say the damnedest things.”

Nuzzling her and hopefully offering up his nose for a kiss, the young man smiles when she obliges, kissing the tip of his nose. “I’m pretty sure that nickname was yours. I called him grumpy bear or some such.”

“Cuddly bear.”

Three pairs of amused eyes turn towards a suddenly sheepish yakuza prince who had blurted out the correction.

Laughter echoes throughout the apartment, waking the on temporary sabbatical international idol still dozing after having gone to bed a lot later than the other occupants of the home due to a sudden bolt of artistic inspiration and he’d spent half the night writing. Smiling at the sound, he rolls over and breathes in the pillow on the “wrong” side of the bed, content to continue dozing for whatever length of time he has left.


“Do you think it’ll be ok?” Jaejoong stares out of the window of the R8 apprehensively. Yunho’s hand is on his knee and he feels the reassuring squeeze. “They won’t blame me for the damage to the Pit right? We’re on budget cuts and I know you told them money is no object but you can only do so much.”

“Whose rotation are you on today?” Yunho asks, side-stepping the intern’s worries neatly. He can and will do anything, and the amount spent to right the Pit while a little on the exorbitant side, will benefit hundreds, so his conscience is at ease.

“I’m in the Pit again, though it remains to be seen if they let me back in after I pretty much helped to destroy it.” Jaejoong continues to stare out the window, unaware of the tightening of his boyfriend’s jaw as he turns the wheel one handed into the parking lot of the large teaching hospital, the other hand still squeezing the intern’s upper thigh. They are followed by another car, a black rented Porsche Panamera driven by the piercer who is a creature of habit, preferring the familiar even when outside his home country.

“Hey, Jae’s back!”

Several interns move as one towards the entrance to welcome back one of their own. If the tales are to be believed, Jaejoong Kim is the Hero of the Pit, keeping calm and walking into danger without a care for himself. What actually happened in the hospital’s emergency room is anyone’s guess though because for some reason, everyone who was in it has been instructed not to speak of it, and in a hospital where anything newsworthy spreads like wildfire, it is rather strange. The interns who spread the information about Jaejoong being the hero only know that he had gone in alone, and the situation was diffused soon after.

“He’s not alone.”

“Daaaaamn.” One of the girls pretends to swoon much to her friends’ amusement. “It’s been what? Ten months? More? I still can’t get over what a regulation hunk his boyfriend is. Just look at that,” she licks her lips thirstily, staring at the way Jae’s boyfriend has him pinned up against the car.

“Kitten, look at me,” Yunho coaxes, capturing the intern’s chin gently and turning his gaze up from the ground. Luminous doe eyes swimming with worry and apprehension meet him and he sighs. “Babe…it’s all fine. The Pit is back to normal and then some, and my men even replaced the entire ceiling just in case. There were some air ducts that got a little holey and we replaced those too. Damaged equipment were all replaced. The Pit is brand spanking new for everyone’s use,” he pauses and adds a couple more words in silence - except yours. Leaning down to kiss Jaejoong’s mouth gently, he continues talking. “It will be the hospital administration’s decision if they let you go on that rotation again, but know that anything and everything that got damaged has been replaced with something better.”

Wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, Jaejoong sighs against his mouth, licking at his lip bolt absentmindedly as he nuzzles, shifting and trying to get closer still despite having nowhere to go, trapped as he is, his legs naturally falling on either side of a hard thigh as he seeks comfort. “You’re too good to me.”

Yunho feels a rather large twinge of guilt and remorse at the younger man’s words, closing his eyes briefly against the devil in his mind waving its pitchfork.

“I’m going to be meeting with the Board to discuss the security system.”

“I know.”

“Do you want me to say anything in your favour?”

Jaejoong continues to sigh forlornly, ignoring the goodnatured bickering happening around him as Changmin, Junsu and Nicole spill out of the other car. He shakes his head, tightening his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, a husky plea on his lips. “We’re pretty early. Just kiss me and make me forget for awhile.”

“They seriously never stop, do they?” The blond girl marvels aloud, staring at the couple as she leans against their car.

Junsu grins, moving around the car to fit himself against her, the marginally taller girl accommodating him easily, allowing him to fall between her thighs and draping her arms around his shoulders. “They stop when they’re at work, but that’s probably about it.”

“Not even then,” Changmin comments, scowling at the back of his boyfriend’s and ex-girlfriend’s heads, wondering when the hell they got so chummy and he’s left on the sidelines. It didn’t seem fair somehow.

Nicole looks over her shoulder at him, amusement lacing her features and voice. “Really? So he’s as he was in the tattoo parlour here too?”

“Worse, because the guys who work there are pretty chill and they don’t mind PDAs at all. They’re as straight as doornails though so hyung doesn’t mind either.”

“Hot guys?” she asks, perking up interestedly. Although the extent of her experience with guys in the trade were limited to Yunho and Max, they were a damn good introduction.

Changmin shrugs. “Emmett’s blond, built like a body builder and lewd as fuck but he’s really sweet on the kid. He’d probably smash anyone who looks or talks to him the wrong way before hyung even reacts.”

“Of course you mention the blond first,” Junsu teases, turning in the circle of Nicole’s legs to look at his boyfriend still frowning in their direction. “Do you like him?” he asks innocently, mouth pursed as Nicole starts to laugh.

The piercer narrows his eyes and crosses his arms, not deigning to answer the stupid question, feeling distinctly outnumbered.

It was Junsu who had oddly kept in touch with Nicole over the years, always making a point to visit her when he went to New York where she is currently based. It was also his idea to convince her to take some time off from her marketing executive job to say a final farewell to the tattooist and his kitten before they left America, likely for a fairly long time because he knows the oyabun has been extremely uncomfortable at the two being so far away.

Father and son both have a thing about control. They vastly prefer having control over a situation than leaving anything to chance.

As for control when it comes to the intern though, to this day it is still up for debate whether Yunho ever succeeded.

“Well? Answer your boyfriend, Max,” Nicole smirks.

Deciding not to answer just to be contrary, the piercer ignores the laughter and continues. “The other guy is British. They all jokingly call him Edward because he looks like that guy from Twilight but I don’t think that’s his name since he always scowls when they do it. He doesn’t say much. I think he’s got the whole tall, bed-head and brooding thing going or something. He—“

“You’ve really gone and lost your balls, haven’t you?” Yunho’s voice cuts in, half disgusted, half in amusement. His arm is collared around Jaejoong’s neck whose eyes are also glinting with laughter. “Do you need me to return to Seoul and help you find them? Perhaps they got locked in my office closet or something, gathering dust over the last year.”

Jaejoong starts giggling. “Why would they be in your office? I think his office would be better with all the drawers with his piercing stuff. Easier to hide balls there…maybe with the two-inch gauge drawer since I’ve never seen anyone ask for it.”

“Jae…he doesn’t mean—”

“I know what it means, noona. I’m just trying to imagine hyung without his testicles and losing them in his office and—”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Changmin’s had enough, growling at the grinning intern before turning and stalking off to find coffee. They ended up not stopping by the cafe and he’s suffering from caffeine withdrawals, not to mention being ganged up on. He’s not normally the butt of the joke so it feels a little strange.

Yunho’s eyes narrow on his friend’s retreating back, making a mental note to remind him not to take out his anger on Jaejoong.

Nicole catches the look and she nudges Junsu who sees the same thing.

“Hey, do you want coffee? I missed breakfast and feeling a little peckish. Changminnie still can’t seem to understand that buying up the entire pastry selection of a store is not my idea of breakfast.

“He’s just trying to fatten up your ass,” the blond girl remarks teasingly.

“I think it’s perfect just the way it is,” Jae observes, head cocked as he intently checks out the ass of the international superstar.

Yunho laughs, waving off his cousin and friend, watching as the two of them run after Changmin hand in hand, narrowly missing being hit by a black town car that has just turned into the parking lot.

AN: Bloody LJ the post was too big there's a part 2...
Tags: #reasons, fic:intern, fic:tattooist, pairing:minsu, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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