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The Dragons [2/2]

Title: The Dragons
Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Twoshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Jaejoong is returning to work after being given time off following the incident in the Pit and his boyfriend and a couple of other VVVIPs have a few things to say about that.

AN1: I might have to apologise in advance because this other pair right here kinda took me by surprise when they turned up and well…every time I do a crossover it’s always everyone else in their !verse which is why it kinda turned out the way it did :P In the name of Jaejoong’s birthday, please forgive me :D

AN2: This is from The Tattooist universe and you will have to read The Moll first otherwise you will definitely be confused.

“Is that who I think it is?”

Jung Yunho, CEO of Jung Conglomerate and on a business trip with his wife for the meetings are about the Kim Media empire side of the business rather than his, leans forward to instruct the driver to swing by the Panamera and R8, smiling as he listens to his wife’s barely contained glee as he decides that it is.

The limousine barely has time to come to a stop before Jaejoong is out the door. The twenty-six year old forgets himself in his excitement and basically jumps over and slides across the bonnet of the Panamera without any thought, the buckles on his pants screeching on the car’s pristine hood and leaving gouges in it.


Surprised, the intern turns and his expression morphs instantly, pushing himself away from Yunho voluntarily for the first time that morning to greet the newcomer.

Jung Jaejoong, newly minted PHD graduate and currently attached to a children’s hospital as resident clinical psychologist, is well met indeed as the young intern catches his exuberant hug.

“Hyung! What are you doing here?”

“There’s no rest for the wicked,” the gorgeous mama to five children and blond again, grins as he peppers the wide-eyed intern with kisses. He hasn’t seen him in almost a year, having kept in contact since the damn yakuza tattooed Yunho.

“You’re not wicked! Who called you wicked?”

“I think Yunho would beg to differ,” Jaejoong draws back, remembering their morning, his smirk decidedly…wicked.

“Oh…” Jae finally catches on, blushing profusely at the gleam in the older man’s eyes.

“Kitten, you’re going to be late if you don’t go in soon.”

Blush morphs into pout as his arms tighten around Jaejoong. “Maybe I should get another day for PTSD.” Turning to his hyung, his expression is playfully hopeful, he asks “Can you write me a note excusing me for today, Doctor Jung?” not realising that his words have just cemented his own fate.

Instead of answering, Jaejoong keeps his arms around the intern, but he physically moves them both, turning towards the tattooist with a deep frown on his face, his ethereal features that were enhanced by the blond hair now morphed into something that sends a shiver up the tattooist’s back.

Icy cold.

This is the face of Jung Yunho’s wife when someone he cares about is threatened in any way.

It is like the vivacious and exuberant light of the Jung household has in a split second, swallowed some of his husband’s darkness.


Yunho looks at his boyfriend whose expression is a little confused, attention still on the psychologist. He nods his head imperceptibly and mouths later at the doctor who accepts it without question, nodding and returning his attention to the intern.

“Do you really want to miss another day of work?”

Jae wrinkles his nose and sighs loudly. “I suppose not. I’ve already practically missed two days. I only have six weeks left. I should learn as much as I can. Maybe I should ask for more shifts.”

“Burn out never helped anyone,” Jaejoong murmurs, sliding a look at the tattooist over the two days. “Now go kiss your boyfriend and I’ll walk you in.”

To no one’s surprise, the young intern complies immediately, actually content to just peck Yunho on the mouth before he smiles and tugs his hyung by hand, eager to introduce his doppelgänger.

The tattooist has to hand it to the Jung wife.

He’s always been adept at handling Jae whether as a teenager or as an adult. While more often than not, the two are usually in cahoots, he does act the hyung when the situation arises.

And unfortunately for him, he’s also good at getting answers without any direct questions.

“There are three cars of men circling the block. They’ve gone past at least three times now since we got here. Should I be worried about my wife’s safety in that hospital?”

Yunho watches the retreating back of the two younger man, not looking away till they both enter the foyer before turning to his friend.

“I am going to make sure the hospital’s security is in our hands. I’m about to talk to the Board about it.”

“Is that supposed to ease my worries?” the question is pointed. “One hair on his head, and you know full well that not even your father can or will save you from me.”

“There’s probably nothing you could do to me that I wouldn’t already want done to myself if I let that happen, aniki,” comes the quiet reply. “Jae’s in there too.”

The two men stare at each other for a few moments before one of them cracks a very small smile. “You should tell your father to stop with that.”

Clapping his friend on the shoulder, he laughs. “He’d have my head for disrespecting you so that’s a no go.”

The ghost of a smile lingers and is all that the CEO allows, but he acknowledges the sentiment. They both know there was no overstatement in their conversation thus far.

“Do you let him drive this thing?” he nods towards the R8.

“Only if I’m underneath him.”

The CEO smirks at the mental image. “It’s a lot easier when neither of you need to drive.”

The tattooist sends a sidelong glance at the powerful man. “When was the last time you drove?”

“The day we left Seoul.”

“Aha! So whenever you choose a limo it’s because you’re a horny bastard?”

“I plead the Fifth.”


“I’ve levelled men for less.”

“Don’t I know it,” comes the rueful response. “Do you know what my father calls you?”

“No,” the man’s reticence can be quite disconcerting if you don’t know him as he simply doesn’t invite conversation, neither through words, actions, nor demeanour.

His friend is very used to it though, and it doesn’t bother him.

“The Dragon of the East.”

“How very yakuza of him,” Yunho’s voice is low and amused.

“It is a little, isn’t it?”

The two men chuckle at their tiny diversion before turning in unison, leaning against the R8, shoulders nearly grazing, observing the sudden chaos around their better halves.

“Those kids look like they’re about to have a coronary.”

“Whose fault do you think it is, this time?”

“Jae hasn’t actually changed all that much so my money’s on him.”

Watching his wife’s laughing expression closely, the CEO concurs with a nod.

The crowd of interns near the front entrance are at full strength now, not told off by anyone as most of their attendings are preparing for some big meeting.

“Jung Jaejoong…or Jaejoong Jung here I guess,” he introduces himself with a laughing grin at the gobsmacked expressions that none of the interns are able to hide. “I know right? Who would’ve thought?”

“He’s actually Doctor Jung.”

“Oh, you’re a doctor too?” the chatter increases. “You don’t seem old enough…are you a resident?”

The beautiful man shakes his head with a smile. “Not a medical doctor. Clinical psychologist.”

“Beauty and brains…wasn’t that what Bailey said about Jae? Seems his twin is the same.”

“Personally, I don’t really see the resemblance between us nor those two out there,” he nods towards their other halves outside. “And neither does he. Not really.”

“They are looking a little more alike than usual…” Jae can’t seem to take his eyes off the two men. He always likes it when Yunho wears shirts like he is today but that other man just looks like he was born in a three-piece suit. How does anyone look that good all the time?” His eyes go back and forth between the two, smiling when he sees his boyfriend clap the older man on the shoulder and laugh. While he doesn’t quite receive the same in return, Jae can see the amusement lurking in the CEO’s cupid bow mouth. Since his attention is elsewhere, his mouth wanders unchecked. “Hyung…did he ever get the piercing? We haven’t been home in awhile so maybe after the five kids, four weeks of no sex might be ok…” he trails off, glancing up when gasps are heard around him, but his eyes are only on his hyung.

“F-five kids? How old are you?”

“Twenty-six,” Jaejoong grins. “My youngest is four.”



“Did you have multiples or something?”

“Holy shit.”

“Think about it, if you looked like him and his husband looked like that, wouldn’t you have five kids too?”

Jaejoong laughs. The broken sound bringing more eyes than there already are towards the bright blond. “So Jae…what makes you think I can be without for four days let alone four weeks? Five kids haven’t changed anything there.”

“Doesn’t he have a lot of business trips?”

Jaejoong laughs and nods. “Good point. Maybe I’ll check with his secretary about his next trip, but he’s never away longer than a week.”

“Maybe you should talk to hyung cos he healed really fast from the tattoo.”

“Tattoo? Piercing? What are you two talking about?” one of the girls finally decides to be brave enough and ask the two traffic-stopping men in front of her the question that is on everyone’s minds. They all have their suspicions but she is having serious trouble imagining those two lounging by the car being hotter than they already are and she almost hopes that Jae doesn’t confirm their silent but collective thoughts.

Turning towards the girl, Jaejoong replies first. “My husband has a full upper back tattoo done by his boyfriend,” he nods towards the younger man.

Taking it as his cue to speak, Jae continues blithely. “And he was intrigued by the cock piercing Yunho has,” he pops a thumb in Jaejoong’s direction, whose eyes are dancing with mirth as several jaws collectively drop. “And was thinking of seeing if his husband would get one.”

“I really don’t think it’s possible though. The healing time is way too long.”

The intern nods solemnly. “I guess you’re right. I don’t think I could wait four weeks either.” His eyes start to sparkle as he grips his hyung’s arm, his gaze truly earnest like he’s about to impart the most vital information. “But…it feels SO GOOD…”

All hell breaks loose.


Jaejoong finally rejoins the two men, still chuckling at all the ridiculous questions that followed. Jae seems to have taken them in stride though, his expression not really changing at all despite the increasingly furious blushes of the girls around him and the unhinged jaws of the boys. In terms of age, they are closer to his own age than Jae, but they still seem so green and young to the Kim heir.

Heading straight into the arms of his husband, he greets the man with a warm kiss, unbuttoning Yunho’s suit jacket and sliding his arms around him before nuzzling his nose against the silk tie and tucking his head under his chin and turning towards the tattooist.

“What happened?”

And so Yunho explains.

He doesn’t leave out a single detail.

The Jung CEO and his wife may not be yakuza per se, but due to something that happened years ago before the couple were properly married, they might as well be. Jung Yunho has Kazuo Taoka’s gratitude and respect and he is honoured as such, two things that cannot recommend the man more. The yakuza lord’s world protects the Jung magnate just as much as it protects his son, save for one small detail.

He truly would not interfere if Yunho deemed his son deserving of being “levelled” no matter how he personally feels about it.

Honour above everything.

“I’m coming in with you.” Jaejoong declares, his tone brooking no opposition.

Yunho hides a smirk in his wife’s hair as the tattooist stares at him a little nonplussed.

“Just go with it. It’ll be easier,” he advises his friend. “I’ll come to. I was dropping by to see Catherine anyway.”



“The chairman of this hospital’s mother? That Catherine Avery?” he should be surprised that Yunho’s reach extends all the way here, but he isn’t really. He wasn’t joking when he told Changmin all those years ago that Jung’s power and influence are ahead of that of his father.

Perhaps even more so now.

Yunho’s mouth twists with amusement, his arms still around his wife who appears to be trying his best to burrow into him. “Chairman of the Foundation that bought this hospital, and placed her son as chairman, yes.”

“How do you know her?”

Yunho’s features close off. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

The tattooist stares at the older man, trying to find a hint of jest.

Finding none, his eyes drop to the man’s wife who is wearing a smirk and he sighs inwardly in relief

“You’re still pretty much the only person I cannot get a read on,” he admits unwillingly.

“Let’s keep it that way.”

Yunho shrugs and straightens away from his car. “Shall we, then?”

Jaejoong finally pulls away from his husband, pressing another kiss against his mouth and steps away to turn towards the other man.

“Do you have a jacket?”


The psychologist cocks his head. “You’re going to a board meeting in a shirt?” He wrinkles his nose, staring the tall man up and down, his expression showing that he finds the outfit exceedingly wanting.

Feeling a little self-conscious, he once again looks over at the CEO, hoping for assistance. The man merely quirks an eyebrow and smiles.

Turning back to the blond, Yunho is feeling like an errant child all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong with my shirt?” he can’t help it, his tone is a mite defensive. “And I’m not just wearing a shirt. I’m wearing pants too.”

Jaejoong’s expression is serene as he looks up at the normally intimidating tattooist who does absolutely nothing for him. Patting the man’s cheek like he would a child, his tone is both amused yet instructional.

“Yunho, your men who have been driving around the block for a good while now, in five cars no less, all dress better than you. They are in three-piece suits and ties. They are the proverbial men in black. You don’t need to look like them because god knows you couldn’t even if you tried but you cannot go in dressed just like this.” His gaze runs up and down the man’s torso pointedly. “It’s nice if you want to clean up a little for a dinner out or something, but it’s not enough.” He looks over his shoulder at his smirking husband. “Yunnie-yah…he will definitely fit your clothes. Lend him the one in the limo?”

“What’s mine is yours, love. Do whatever you want with it.”

“Well, it’s polite to ask,” the blond sniffs before grinning and turning back to a bemused Yunho. Patting him on the cheek once again, his words are sweet as honey but the order is there nonetheless. “Wait here.”

Turning, he nonchalantly skips off towards the waiting town car now parked in the corner of the lot. It is a stretch limo and pretty ostentatious, but Jaejoong doesn’t travel with Yunho very often and it’s always only the best for his wife. The driver is waiting, but the blond waves him away as he enters the car to get the suit.

“If I run now, he won’t be able to find me right?”

“Don’t make me chase you.”

Yunho’s expression right then is exactly like that of his kitten, bottom lip jutting as he pouts at his friend who merely looks at him without expression. “I’m younger. I’ll outrun you.”

“Care to bet on that?”

Staring at the older man, Yunho runs his eyes up and down the length of him.

“Why did you call Jaejoong wicked this morning?”

“You know why.”

“Did you call him wicked yesterday?”

“Several times.”

Chuckling, he shakes his head. “I don’t think I want to take that bet. I’ll stay put. How do you manage to remain so stoic in the face of that?” he nods towards the limo where Jaejoong is now coming out of slowly…backwards. His ass wiggling as he backs out of the car for whatever reason.

“What would you do to someone who stared at Jae in that position?”

Yunho licks his lips before turning to his friend, the amusement so clear in his face that he is surprised for a moment. The man can wipe expressions so quickly, and yet when he wants to, his face is an open book.


“What would you do to someone who stared overlong at Jae’s ass?”

“Real reaction or the controlled version?”


“Shoot him.”

“Consider yourself shot,” comes humour-tinged velvet voice of the Jung mogul. His empire stretches across every continent, thriving as his home life thrives. However he would quite happily raze it all to the ground if keeping it meant losing Jaejoong. What he isn’t though, is a jealous man. Possessive, yes, but never jealous. His friend’s wandering attention when it comes to his wife happens every single time they meet, and if it weren’t for the fact that he knows it’s because he resembles his own partner so closely, he may have a problem with it.

He was just making a point here, nothing else, for he knows Jaejoong has never found the tattooist even the slightest bit appealing.

Apart from a certain body modification which shall remain unspoken about.

“Oh…” Yunho finally catches on, expression sheepish and apologetic as Jaejoong arrives back with a garment bag.

“Good, you stayed. I was worried I’d have to scold you for making Yunho chase you.”

“How did you…”

Jaejoong taps his nose. “I have five children. I know when one is ready to bolt.” He waves the garment bag. “Now then, let’s do this.”

Yunho’s answering sigh may topple the Statue of Liberty if it were anywhere close. He takes the garment bag from the blond. “Thanks…I think.”

Jaejoong walks the two steps back to his husband and presses another kiss against the man’s mouth, deepening it briefly before he sighs loudly. “The car smells of you…us…I wonder if I can convince him to change slowly…”

Yunho chuckles, thumbing his wife’s mouth.

“Later, love.”

“Again? Really?”

The couple turns towards the tattooist who has only managed to unzip the garment bag.

“Again?” Jaejoong echoes. “What do you mean?”

“You want him to call you wicked again, don’t you?”

The smile that suddenly lights up the blond’s face is breathtaking. In a heartbeat, he is back to the gorgeous pregnant wife that Yunho first met all those years ago, with the glow of pregnancy and happiness that literally radiates off him, turning him into a beacon that calls everyone to him.

“Haven’t you heard of pheremones?”

“It’s a myth.”

“It’s inconclusive, but I believe in it so—“

“What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets,” Yunho intones, familiar with the adage for even his own Jae quotes it. It doesn’t quite work as well for the kitten compared to the older blond, but it has its moments. “Honestly, you just have a horny bastard for a husband.”

“Well, he has a horny wife, so we’re even. Now stop dawdling and get dressed.”

“I thought you wanted me to change slowly?”

“Can you take an hour?”

“The meeting is in,” Yunho pauses to check his watch before swearing up a storm and pulling out the clothes he needs to change into roughly. “Five fucking minutes.”

Jaejoong pouts.

One Yunho stares at that pink mouth.

One Yunho pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Catherine? I need to talk to your son and the hospital board about something, and I know he’s got a board meeting scheduled for eight thirty. I know this is going to be a little inconvenient, but I was wondering if he could postpone the meeting by half an hour? I can wait while you check if the other doctors have any operations they cannot reschedule.”

Jaejoong smirks and Yunho continues staring…at his friend this time because what else can he do? He might be able to pull off the same thing, but it would need a show of arms at the very least and he would literally be strong-arming them into complying. And even then he really isn’t sure he would be able to convince a board of doctors to give him an extra thirty minutes.

“The board meeting is scheduled for an hour. Can you finish in 45mins if it gets delayed half an hour?” Yunho addresses the tattooist who is shaken from his thoughts.

“I doubt it will even take half an hour.”

Returning to his call, Yunho agrees to the conditions.

Jaejoong has already started walking back to the limo before his husband even finishes the call.

Two sets of almond eyes meet as Yunho ends the call.


“I’m always serious when it comes to my wife. Best you remember that.”

“You just asked a bunch of doctors to wait so you can…you can…” completely and utterly poleaxed is Yunho. “They have lives to save!”

The magnate’s expression doesn’t change. “We would have worked something out. Nothing is ever set in stone.”

“This is crazy.”

“So is the Wall of Life,” the CEO replies over his shoulder as he walks away.

That shuts him up.


Yunho’s eyebrow raises pretty much all the way up to his hairline as he takes in the impeccably groomed couple who emerge from the car.

Well, the CEO is impeccable.

His wife on the other hand…

He decides to play it safe and point out the obvious.

“Why do I have to wear a vest and you don’t?”

The Jung mogul’s mouth quirks amusedly, the mere quirk broadening into an actual smile when his dilly dallying wife catches up with him and slides under his arm.

“This is a social visit.”

“But you were wearing one earlier—“ he trails off as Jaejoong starts giggling. “Ok, never mind, I don’t need details.”

“Oh I’m sure you know the details.” Jaejoong retorts airily. “And before you ask, I don’t have anything else that’s clean so they’ll have to deal with it.”

“Will you button up at least?” Yunho expression is a little pained, but he keeps his eyes on his friend rather than his laughing blond wife, remembering the pointed warning from earlier.

“Of course, Yunho-san.”


“Is Yunho such a common name? Like John or David? Who is this Jung Yunho? You’re saying we’re meeting two Yunhos today?”

Avery is not really paying attention to the chatter of his colleagues as he stares at his phone.

His mother had sent him a very clear message and he’s been trying to get a more substantial answer out of her but she’s been ignoring his text messages.

“Do NOT offend this man.”

Who the hell is this man? Jackson knows nothing except his name.

Remembering Kepner’s resourcefulness the day before, he texts her.

Do me a favour? I need an answer to my question in the next 5m. Who is Jung Yunho?

Her reply comes within three minutes which makes him smile, but it dies a slow death as he reads it.

If you’re talking about the only Jung Yunho who is anybody, he is the Chief Executive of Jung Conglomerate that as of last year, is the largest privately held conglomerate in the world, and the 17th largest by revenue. He is about to subsume the Kim media conglomerate, currently the biggest in Asia, whose reach extends to our shores. Once that happens, it will likely creep up 1-2 places in terms of revenue. There’s not much on his personal life as it appears to be taken down as soon as it goes up so all I have are business related information. There’s some old news about him being a widower but he remarried. Owning the media can have its uses I guess. Is he a patient? If he is, it doesn’t get more VIP than this. A millions Vs may not be enough in front of that IP. Why are you asking?

“I know we’re about to meet some yakuza prince but he seems friendly enough so why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“We have a problem.”

“What is it?”

“That other Yunho…Jung Yunho.”

“What about him?”

“Let’s just say he can probably buy the Harper Foundation and that would be loose change.”

Five pairs of eyes stare at the chairman of the hospital, unsure if they are hearing right.

“You do know the Harper Foundation controls nearly half a billion?”

“Ok, maybe not loose change, but trust me, this guy wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”

Turning to Kristina Yang, Derek Sheppard jokingly asks, “Do they have their own money printing machines in Korea or something?”

“Maybe North Korea.”

Nervous laughter echo around the room when a polite knock sounds on the door.

“C-come in,” Avery calls out, hating that his voice cracked, his colleagues giving him strange looks just as three people walk in.

“You have got to be kidding me…”

“Stop fidgeting.” Jaejoong grabs Yunho by the lapels of his jacket and tugs hard. “Seriously, stop it! You look great, and I know the jacket is a little tight but you’re just a tiny bit broader and that’s your own fault so be still.”

“Did you really just blame me for being too broad for his jacket?”

The blond merely sniffs as he brushes off some imaginary piece of lint and straightens the man’s tie. Honestly, a big boy in a men’s club, and still as fidgety as his four year old son.

“Just go with it,” Yunho murmurs to his friend, watching the numbers of the exceedingly slow lift go up. “It’s easier.”

The tattooist takes the psychologist by the wrists and lowers his hands gently. “It’s fine. I just feel weird in this penguin suit.”

“Make sure Jae sees you in it,” Jaejoong grins mischievously, his eyes taking on a knowing glint. “Preferably around lunch time where he can have a long break.”


“Keep the suit.”

Jaejoong bursts out laughing at his husband’s long suffering tone.

“What…” Derek stares from one face to the next and the next and then back to the first face. “What’s going on?”

“I’m here to discuss the security system here after what happened in the Pit two days ago. You have some serious gaps in security and—“

“Slow down,” Jaejoong whispers out the side of his mouth. “You need to introduce us first. They’re confused as hell.”

“Jae?” Dr. Arizona Robbins calls out hesitantly. She’s pretty damn sure he wasn’t blond and he looks different yet the same…and is that a new tattoo?

“Jaejoong,” he smiles. “Jaejoong Jung actually,” remembering the Western affectation. “Clinical Psychologist at the National Children’s Hospital in Seoul.”

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on? I feel like we just dropped into a parallel universe.” Dr. Callie Torres interrupts her wife’s jaw cracking stare. “You’re not our Kim Jaejoong, Intern at Grey Sloan Memorial are you? Siblings?”

He shrugs, not really wanting to say much more. Let them assume whatever they want because it will probably work in their favour.

Someone clears his throat.

Six pairs of eyes land on the man who gently pushes between the two bodies hiding him from view.

“Kepner didn’t say anything about a brother.”

“You mean a twin don’t you?”

“There’s two of them? Wait…you’re both Yunho?”

“I am Jung Yunho,” the man in the centre replies, his cadence measured and controlled in the growing chaos of the room. “You’ve met Yunho,” he gestures to his left. “And now my wife,” his expression softens imperceptibly as he nods to his right, the blond slipping his hand in the crook of his arm. “We are here on a personal matter, and I know your time is valuable so we’d like to start when you’re ready.”

Avery stands up.

Then he sits down.

And then he stands up again.

The six of them outnumber the three standing before them two to one yet he feels distinctly in the minority.

Finally holding out his hand, he manages to speak. “My mother told me about you. You needed a word with the Board she said. I didn’t realise it was a personal matter though. How can we help?” he actually sounds like he’s strangling on his words and he gets even more strange looks from his colleagues.

“If half a billion is really loose change to him then what help can we possibly give him?” Cristina Yang half mutters to herself but she is well heard by all in the room. “He could probably buy this hospital several times over and get all the help he wants since he owns us.”

“Do you know my husband?” Dr. Jung Jaejoong takes a step forward. The tension in the room ups a notch for the blond is no longer smiling for some reason. His voice is very quiet now.

“Not until a few minutes ago,” the Korean doctor replies, feeling unusually disconcerted by the penetrating eyes of the blond. The intern has a similar way of looking at people, but his gaze is quite polite. She cannot call this look impolite, but it is not…friendly.

“I see,” turning to the male who spoke earlier, his gaze is still unrelenting. “Did your mother tell you about my husband or did you do a search?”


“Did you find much?” the blond persists, curious because he knows his father has pretty much anything personal about them shut down by any means necessary at the behest of his husband. After when happened in the first few months of their relationship, they’ve had enough press to last a lifetime.

“Just about his business. There wasn’t much about his personal life. You’re his second wife?”

The temperature in the room plummets.

It is only a few heartbeats of silence but the sudden chill in the room is absolute.

Yunho winces inwardly, hoping his friend doesn’t decide to “level” the hospital thanks to their Chairman’s lack of tact. You would honestly have some kind of death wish to point out that Jung Jaejoong is the man’s second wife. As far as Jung Yunho is concerned, Jaejoong is his only wife.

Jaejoong is frowning, but he steps back and takes his husband’s hand, squeezing it comfortingly for the chill is emanating from him. He can feel then tension easing from the taller man, and he gives his hand another squeeze. He wants nothing more than to take Yunho away from these people, for absolutely nobody in their right mind would ever bring up first or second wives to his face. He squeezes again, this time it is an apology for he knows it was his continued questioning that led to this.

The silence is long and increasingly frigid, none of the Board actually aware as to why.

“We are not here to discuss who I am,” the CEO finally speaks, squeezing his wife’s hand and acknowledging his apology and comfort. “Yunho has something of importance to speak to you about. I am here as a friend.” His voice might be mild, but there is a measure of censure within it. “And since you have only given us forty-five minutes, you should let him start.”

Dr. Jackson Avery sits back down, feeling royally screwed. Alright, offended might be an understatement. His mother is going to gut him, probably from his balls upwards.

Dr. Arizona Robbins is wishing Karev were with them for so far, he’s been the only one able to get a real handle on their intern’s boyfriend. He might be able to help them figure out their doppelgängers for they are even more difficult.

Dr. Cristina Yang is resisting the urge to point out that they are half an hour late. However she is feeling oddly chilled from the blond’s direct gaze and she knows they are all already on the backfoot here so she keeps quiet for once.

Dr. Derek Sheppard is observing the couple, forgetting the intimidating yakuza for a moment. He is curious at the brief tightening of the CEO’s jaw at Jackson’s somewhat rude query, and even more curious at the wife’s protective stance the second it happened. You would think the one being defensive would be the “second wife” but Dr. Jung only seemed intent on finding out about how information on his husband got out.

Dr. Meredith Grey (Sheppard) is also watching the Jung couple carefully. There is absolutely no doubt that Jung Yunho is a powerful man, but his wife would not hesitate to tear anyone a new hole if they looked at his husband the wrong way. She did not miss the look he had given Cristina since she almost got singed by the look sitting next to her. His affable temperament had dropped away in the instant he found her remarks concerning.

Dr. Callie Torres is noting something that Karev had realised in the Pit with Kim Jaejoong and his yakuza boyfriend. Having come from a wealthy family and reasonably street-smart herself, she understands power when she sees it. The balance of it between the yakuza Yunho and the businessman Yunho is tilted heavily in favour of the businessman which is a problem in itself for they had already come to the conclusion that the yakuza prince is not to be trifled with. Dr. Jung on the other hand wields a more subtle power that should not be tested. She is pretty certain both Yunhos would do anything he asks and considering who both men are, that in itself, is terrifying.

Yunho speaks again when it is clear no one seems particularly inclined to.

“Are you ready for us to start?”

Six pairs of eyes blink owlishly back at him, before the male doctor he doesn’t know speaks.

“This is about the incident with Dr Kim Jaejoong in the Pit the other day?”

The CEO nods.

Returning his attention to the pale Chairman, he doesn’t offer anything further, merely inclining his head and then stepping back, a hand in the small of his wife’s back and guiding him to stand closer to the silent boyfriend of one Kim Jaejoong.

Turning around, he goes over to the couch he spotted when he first came in and he settles comfortably in it, gesturing with his hand at all eight pairs of eyes that are currently on him, to move it along.

“I am merely a silent observer. Yunho, go ahead.”

Turning to Jaejoong on his other side, he asks rather ironically. “Is he always like this?”


“Quietly, yet very efficiently, dictatorial.”

The blond shrugs again, leaning back slightly to catch his husband’s eye which is terribly easy since his husband’s attention has not left him since he sat down. Grinning and then sending the man a rather cute yet terrible attempt at a subtle wink that makes that cupid bow mouth tug at the corners, he straightens his gaping jacket and returns his attention to the Board.

Yunho finally begins properly, remembering Jaejoong’s words from earlier though introductions are probably moot.

“Yunho-sama and his wife are here as personal friends. They insisted on coming along when I told them about this meeting. I requested to see you to ask that you hand over the security of this hospital to me.”

The use of the honorific is not lost on the Board who were schooled on it by Kepner.

“Ask?” Yunho questions from the couch, his posture is deceptively casual as he leans back deeply in the couch, legs apart, his elbow on the arm rest as he rubs his full lower lip, eyes still on his wife as if contemplating something, even though his question is directed at the tattooist.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, not at all offended at the interruption, nor the not-so-subtle direction. Yunho returns his gaze to the Board and rephrases. “He’s right. I’m not asking. I requested to speak with you to inform you that I will be taking over the security of this hospital.”

“We can’t have armed men running around the hospital. What’s wrong with our security system?” Dr. Torres asks, suddenly finding her backbone again.

“It is non-existent.”

“We have cameras everywhere—“

“That you do,” Yunho interrupts smoothly. “However, there are many spots that are left uncovered, and the system is old and easily hacked. I should know since both my father and I have a direct feed into it. He saw everything that went down and is quite unhappy about it.”

At the mention of his father, all six members of the Board straighten and look at each other.

“The Pit has three points of entry and yet only one camera over the internal door. My men didn’t know about the gunmen until it was too late as they didn’t have eyes on their entry point.”

“Your men?”

“Jae is always watched,” Yunho pauses, looking at each face in turn. “He knows it and accepts it. However, I find it unacceptable that he was put in danger in the first place.”

“We know he walked into it,” Jaejoong finally speaks. “That’s just the way he is, but he did it because he knew he was being watched, and because of those eyes on him, he felt confident he was safe.” His smile is a little ironic as he continues to speak. “Imagine how we felt when it turns out your security system was so bad that Yunho lost sight of him a few moments after he entered the Pit? Jae has complete faith in being protected but for a good few minutes, nobody knew if he was ok.”

“I will replace your security system. It won’t cost you anything, nor will it inconvenience anyone. My men are good at being invisible and they will be able to fix your system within 48 hours. However, we need full access.”

“We can’t give you full access. This is a hospital, not some—“

“I don’t think you understand,” the tattooist interrupts, his eyes on the sputtering Korean doctor. There is no love lost between them as he stares at her. “I’m not giving you a choice.”

“Wouldn’t it be safer if he went home?” Dr. Robbins asks quietly. “He’s ahead of most of his peers in terms of hours worked and has probably done just about enough if he leaves five or six weeks earlier and—“

This time it is Jaejoong who interrupts. “I would be very disappointed if that’s the view you take.”

Dr. Torres had been watching the CEO when his wife spoke, and her earlier suspicions ring true when the muscle in his jaw slides prominently at his wife’s quiet words and his expression becomes absolutely forbidding.

“That is not an option.” The CEO doesn’t move from the couch, and all eyes are back on him. “You have two choices right now. Take Yunho’s offer and let him fix your security system that will benefit the hospital long after Jae leaves, or I will buy this hospital and fire every single one of you for wasting resources. You may be good doctors but you clearly have no idea how to operate a business and are not qualified to be on any board of directors.”

Aniki!” the tattooist is shocked. He was prepared to fight, knowing the Board wasn’t going to take his suggestion without one. He was even prepared to threaten somewhat, knowing that the stubborn doctors will come round eventually for Jae has talked about them enough for him to have a measure of their characters. They will argue for the sake of arguing, but they will give in because they do not want the possible wrath of his father on them.

He has apparently forgotten about the potential wrath of his friend with a front row seat to the doctors whose default nature is bickering amongst themselves, seemingly for the hell of it at times.

However, Jung Yunho doesn’t know that, and even if he did, would have had no tolerance for it. He never ever threatens without intending to follow through. What he says he will do, he does.

The Board cemented their fate when the man’s wife declared his possible disappointment.

Nobody disappoints Jung Jaejoong in front of Jung Yunho, for even the threat of it is clearly crossing a line with the CEO.

“Be still, little brother,” the mogul replies quietly in Japanese, his almond eyes as black as night, turning his attention back to the stunned sextet. “You have lives to save I’m sure, so I’ll give you two minutes to decide.”

“You can’t—“

“He can.” Dr. Avery finally speaks up wearily, rubbing his forehead tiredly. If his mother is scared of offending this man, he knows he is capable of anything for his mother is the scariest person he knows. “And as Chairman, I will give Yunho access to whatever he needs to install whatever security system he deems necessary.”

“We have to discuss this at least.”

“There’s nothing to discuss.”

The silence is awkward, though not for the three visitors. Jaejoong knows his husband is more irritated than angry. The decision is fairly simple, and he knows the tattooist isn’t interested in private patient records or anything. He just needs to make sure there are no parts of the hospital left without some type of surveillance.

“There is one other matter, and we would need your discretion and complete agreement to secrecy.”

Dr. Torres has a bad feeling about this. Dr. Jung has just spoken again, and while the wife truly looks like an angel with his blond hair and milky-white complexion, he has the power of the devil in his hand.

“Please keep Jae out of the Pit for the rest of his time here.”

“Aren’t we agreeing to this unlawful intrusion of privacy so that he will be watched wherever he goes?” Dr. Yang’s tone is quite bitter.

“Too many strangers are able to walk in and out of the emergency room. A foe could very easily look like a friend. I will not take that risk. He is safer on his surgical rotations away from general public access.”

“Why the secrecy?” Dr. Sheppard asks curiously.

“Jae won’t be happy about us stepping in like this and I’d prefer if he heard it from me rather than from you,” Yunho replies.

“You will tell him then?” Dr. Grey asks, her eyes intent. “I agree it’s probably for the best, but I don’t like keeping things from him. He is one of the best interns in the Pit, never seeing it as a chore and going about his work with a bright smile always and putting the patients at ease. We are losing a valuable resource,” her emphasis pointed as she slides a glance at the silent CEO before returning her attention to the tattooist.

“Of course,” Yunho replies though he feels a twinge in his gut, knowing that will probably be a fight.

“When do you want to start?” a voice comes from the couch, his tone vaguely bored as if tired of the idle chit chat.

“My men are ready now.”

“Avery, how long till you get the blueprints?”

“I can probably get them by lunchtime.”

“Good,” the CEO stands in a fluid motion with a dark grace he wears well. “Have it delivered to the Fairmont Olympic.” Turning to Yunho as he returns to his wife’s side, he addresses the man. “We will wait for you by the car. Do you need anything else?”

The bemused tattooist shakes his head ruefully. There is weird vibe going on between the man and his wife, and he knows it started when Avery had questioned Jaejoong about being the second wife, and he is not going to interfere.

He watches as the couple bid farewell to the Board, before taking their leave, hand in hand.

“He seems more like a Four Seasons type of guy,” Dr. Avery muses aloud after the door shuts quite firmly.

Yunho chuckles, shaking his head. “Why would he stay there? He owns the Olympic.”

The six doctors take a few moments to absorb that piece of information.

“Was he serious about buying the hospital?”

He loses his amusement as he looks at each board member. “Jung Yunho never ever jests about anything when it comes to his wife. You’re lucky he didn’t call the Harper Foundation right then and there and demand the hospital be handed over or face the consequences.”

“What does his wife have anything to do with this?”

It is Dr. Torres who answers Cristina with a sigh. “Dr. Jung should not be disappointed under any circumstances. Arizona’s suggestion upset him, and with him being upset, his husband basically lay the hammer on us.”

“But it wasn’t even—“

“I know,” she pats her wife’s hand. “It’s not you. I’m pretty sure he’d do it to anyone else.”


Stepping out into the sunlight, Jaejoong tilts his head back, eyes closed as he stops to enjoy the warmth on his face. He smiles when he feels arms embracing him from behind, the buttons on his coat deftly unsecured and cold hands crossing across the bare skin over his exposed abdomen. The coolness against his warm skin perks his nipples and he steps back, flush against his husband’s body as he rests the back of his head on the man’s shoulder, feeling warm lips tracing the curve of his ear, making his nipples harden even more. “You didn’t have to scare them.”

“It was a pointless argument and it was going to go round and round and back to the same conclusion, only it’ll take ten times the amount of time.”

“It was quite a demand though. They needed time to get used to the idea.”

“They are doctors and have better places to be than a boardroom. It was a waste of their time.”

“The damn yakuza was right,” the blond murmurs, enjoying the shiver coursing through his body as he feels his husband replacing his lips with the tip of his tongue. “You are efficiently dictatorial.”

“I don’t dictate you.”

“That’s true,” the blond agrees, moving his ass and pressing against the growing hardness. “I feel like you should though…maybe right now.”

“Aren’t you sore, love?”

The husky whisper in his ear pulls a needy whine from the younger man’s throat and he presses back even more. “I’m sure I’m loose enough…”

“You’re always tight,” the CEO continues to nibble his wife’s sensitive ear, not at all concerned that they are out in public. “If you’re too tight, I can lick you open for me.”

“Yun…” Jaejoong’s eyes are clenched tight, his nipples hard points, his cock already filled and aching. “We are not going to make it back to the hotel if you keep talking like that.”

“Who said anything about the hotel? I rather liked you riding me in the car.”

This time his moan is long and low, and he turns forcefully within the embrace of his husband to kiss that sinful mouth that needs to stop talking about dirty things.

“Is that…” Changmin asks, squinting in the sunlight at the couple who don’t appear to care that they are in the middle of a parking lot.

“Yes,” Junsu shakes his head ruefully. Trust his cousin to bring the big guns to his meeting, and it doesn’t get bigger than Jung Yunho.

Nicole’s tone is mildly disgusted as she crosses her arms and stares at the couple. “Seriously, do either of them ever stop?”

Changmin laughs, knowing the couple from primarily Jung Jaejoong’s visits with Jae when they were still in Seoul.

His boyfriend appears to have the same thought, joining him in his laughter as they answer in unison.

“Not really.”

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  • Devil [1/1]

    Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Devil Pairing: YunJae Rating: NC-17 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life Disclaimer: I don't own…

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