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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [1]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN1: I had a bad migraine and slept early then woke up 5hrs later unable to go back to sleep so I finished this… :O Also my CEO probably felt sexually harassed because he walked into my office three times this morning as I was finishing this. First time - I Love My Sex was playing. Second time - Flesh. Third time - Sweat. LMAO. Poor guy.

AN2: If you missed the Intro to this fic, please read that first otherwise you'll have no idea why i'm laughing like heck at a bat.

There is definitely a market out there for handbooks on the newly Turned. The 261 year old vampire could surely do with some help as he stares at the motionless bat laid out on his palm. He’d almost poked it to check if it was still alive, when he caught himself at the very last second.

“He’s a fucking vampire,” he snarls at himself, though his voice is low and barely audible, as if mindful of the comatose bat.

His mind wanders as he waits, never a patient human to begin with, he is even less patient as one of the undead. The years had merged into themselves, each day more or less the same as the previous. He actually prefers it that way. The predictability is comforting, and he’s grown to depend on it. There are vampires who have met the sun due to the interminability of their days and the inability to deal with the supposed lack of stimulation. You may be able to live forever, but that existence has no meaning if you do not give it meaning.

Jaejoong hasn’t reached that point of ennui just yet. He can’t actually imagine ever reaching that point for he is content with being the lone roamer. Observing people from the shadows or interacting with them in the open, and amusing himself on occasion at the way they cannot seem to deny him anything. He knows it’s a gift that not all vampires have, for most need to learn to mesmerise, but it came naturally to him. Beckoning a human to him for a drink has never been a problem.

Male or female.

Young or old.

Neither does he have a preference for any type.

He is of course attracted to that which is aesthetically pleasing, just like anyone else. However if his sole requirement is sustenance, then food is food. A human can’t tell one lamb from another when it is sitting nice and roasted on their plate, and his mind works the same when it comes to his food.

Or drink, as it may.

And now he is saddled with one of the Turned.

And to add insult to injury, it wasn’t even someone of his choice, nor of his making.

Turned are usually made accidentally or purposefully.

The accidents happen more often than not when a vampire has reached his limit of hunger and basically devours the first human he sees, drinking them dry.

Accidents can also happen with some vampires who are addicted to blood, gorging themselves and enjoying the high it gives, always needing more and thus they keep feeding. These vampires have a duty to self-report their addiction, and the punishment for not informing the Council of their existence is death.

Vampires have lived among humans for too long to allow junkie rogues to upset the status quo.

Then there is at least half of the Turned who were made simply for companionship.

There are families of vampires out there comprising mostly of the Turned.

The need for a connection with another being hits most vampires around the century mark when they are finally no longer enamoured of themselves and their newfound powers. Turned are made to fill a gap in their existence.

Some vampires make parents.

Others make children.

Most make lovers.

He has never been hit by any such feelings, vastly preferring the solitude of his existence to that of a Maker needing to look after their Turned, for you are ultimately responsible for them for as long as you still walk the earth. He never wanted that type of responsibility.

There is the odd attachment here and there over the years with humans, and they never lasted long because…well…they are human. There was never anyone who held his interest for long enough to consider making them one of the Turned.

And yet here he is…saddled with one. Someone else’s Turned. He doesn’t even know if he was made accidentally or purposefully.

The vampire hopes it is the former.

He observes without a word as the tiny bat finally rouses himself, staggering slightly to the side as it leans against his thumb, little bat chest heaving, eyes filled with an odd mixture of accusation and confusion, looking a little drunk.

“What’s the matter with you?”

He’s never seen a drunk bat before but it’s really the best way to describe the wee thing.

The bat starts squeaking animatedly, tiny claws wrapped around the vampire’s thumb, hanging off it, his leathery wings feathering as he complains and complains and complains about the devil knows what. Endless, those complaints seem, without a halt point in sight as the little thing chitters and squeaks on and on and on.

And for the second time that night, Jaejoong almost cracks a smile.


“I can’t understand you in this form. I can if I transform but then who will protect you if a cat comes in the window and decides you look like dinner? You’re really too tiny.”

The little bat pauses for a few beats, and then has the audacity to hiss at him, showing his little pointy teeth. Peering closer, Jaejoong can almost see a pout on the teeny weeny face, as those large still-almond shaped eyes glower at him, their dark depths promising some type of punishment that he cannot of course carry out.

And for the third time in as many minutes…


Ignoring the now sulking baby bat, he brings up his wrist to his mouth again, having licked the initial droplets away and closed the wound while waiting for the helpless thing to gather its wits. Dropping his fangs, he breaks the skin once again, aware of those dark almond-shaped eyes staring and taking in his every move.

Offering his wrist for the third time, he waits as the newborn watches him warily for a few moments before inching…or is it millimetering…hesitantly towards the sustenance.

“I don’t think you even have any survival instincts. Drinking should come naturally to you and you should want it,” Jaejoong mutters as the baby bat makes its way slowly from one cupped hand to another, tumbling into his other hand with a shriek, head whipping up immediately as if to check if his minder is laughing at him.

The watching vampire is laughing alright.

Internally at himself.

How did he get saddled with the most useless Turned in history?

Apparently satisfied that he isn’t being laughed at, Jaejoong watches the infant sit up and square its shoulders as if preparing himself for something distasteful, and half crawl half stumble towards the blood leaking from his wrist, the crimson pooling slowly. Watching intently, knowing what will likely happen next, he doesn’t hide the knowing smirk as the bat starts to lick tentatively.

Two licks in, and his wings flap out as if he’s been hit by an electric shock, and he starts lapping earnestly now.

Several more licks in and the bat transforms back.

Head bent, both hands cradling Jaejoong’s wrist and sucking industriously, the newborn is making distinctly unbaby-like sounds while feeding, the thrum of a near consistent low moan in his throat as his mouth takes from the older vampire is closer to that of an adult vampire.

Jaejoong can feel the heavy pull, the tug at his wrist that seems to have a direct line to other body parts, a feeling he ignores knowing it is common though a little surprised that he feels it in a vampire-to-vampire feeding, and so strongly at that. Ignoring the interested twitch of his body as the newborn continues to feed from him, he gazes intently at the bent head, the tiny smirk still playing about his sensual mouth as he waits for the day-old vampire to realise the condition he is in.

It takes much longer than expected.

At least a good three minutes.

And when he finally realises his predicament, his reaction was well worth the wait.

Throwing himself backwards with a distinctly unmanly shriek of shock, giving his fellow undead a proper eyeful and then some, near poking his eye out, the naked man dashes away, a smear of blood on his chin as he makes a running jump into the bed in the corner of the spacious studio.

Unfortunately for him, vampires are much faster and stronger than humans and this additional speed and strength needs to be learned and managed.

And of course he doesn’t know this.

Shimmering with the sudden burst of speed, unused to the supernatural boost and missing the bed altogether, the naked vampire hurtles towards the wall and hits it with a bone jarring crack before toppling onto the bed, stunned.

Jaejoong throws back his head, eyes closed as he uncharacteristically lets himself go, throaty, husky laughter fills the apartment, the sound echoing in the large space as he laughs as he hasn’t done in over two centuries.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? That one is practically a confirmed bachelor if there was such a thing in our world. I really don’t think he would be patient enough or care enough to look after a newborn,” the creature pauses and winces as the vampire hits the wall. “Especially a newborn like that.”

Two creatures-that-flap-in-the-night are perched upside down on a nearby lamppost with a bat’s eye view straight into the walk-up belonging to the newborn Turned, conversing in low pitched squeaks.

“We need someone to oversee this side of the world and solitary vampires will never be accepted.”

“Him though? Wasn’t there anyone else?”

“Our second choice got himself turned to ash, remember?” the bigger bat’s reply is droll. “Not that we would have gone with him anyway, addict that he was.”

The smaller bat shrieks irritatedly, scaring off a curious cat hovering at the bottom of the lamppost.

“He really shouldn’t have done that.”

The big bat nods upside down in agreement. “Yes, he really shouldn’t.”

“Why didn’t you warn him?”

“I didn’t think I needed to warn a confirmed bachelor about that.”

“Well, if the two of them turn to ash, it will be on you.”

“It won’t come to that.”

“I’m sure we’re well past proper introductions now since I’ve seen every last bit of you. I believe you owe me at least your name after that moment we just had.”

His voice is a lazy drawl, not bothering to hide his amusement, the evidence of it in his voice as he watches the naked man scrambling madly to get under the sheets after recovering from his meeting with the wall.

Raising gracefully to his feet, he walks towards the closet belonging to the undead mound in the middle of the bed to find him something more suitable than a vampire-like cape.

With no reply forthcoming, he shrugs, not really the type to coax beings, human or undead.

Licking his wrist absentmindedly to close the wounds properly for the infantile vampire hadn’t accorded him the courtesy, he digs proprietarily through the messy closet, a little surprised at the quality of the clothing.

In five minutes, he’s found several sets of clothes that are much more suitable, and is impersonally going through the Turned’s sock and underwear drawer when he is interrupted.

“Can…can I have more?”

Jaejoong pops his head out of the closet to find a very embarrassed looking vampire sitting in the middle of the bed with the sheets bunched up around his shoulders, covering him completely apart from neck up and staring up at the ceiling. He can see a pink flush creeping up the man’s pale neck towards his jaw, surprised that he had even consumed enough to be able to give him colour.


Even as he watches, the colour intensifies and he leaves the closet more out of curiosity than anything else.


Cocking his head and waiting for the rest of the sentence, he stands there a fair while before realising the man appears to have no intention of finishing his sentence, seemingly intent on perusing the ceiling.

“You can’t eat flies or moths or any other type of insect if that’s what you’re looking for on the ceiling.”

Baby Turned drops his gaze, mouth parted in confusion. “I don’t want to eat flies or insects. I want you,” he explains honestly, speaking without thinking.

“Excuse me?” Jaejoong draws himself straight, feeling his power and gathering it in. Eyes narrowing, he pins the suicidal vampire, because what else could he be if he wants to eat another vampire, with a level gaze.

“I m-mean,” he stutters, shocked at his own boldness. “I don’t mean eat you like eat you but you…you smell so good and I was wondering if I…if I…” the vampire trails off again, shifting awkwardly. The newborn is a rather tall man, and handsome to boot, but in that moment he looks like a lost child buried to his neck in covers and looking extremely confused and sheepish at the same time.

“You can’t drink from me. That was a last resort because without it you’d probably be stuck as bumbling bat forever,” Jaejoong’s words hold a measure of impatience though something tickles the back of his mind, as if trying to remind him about something.

“I wasn’t a bumbling bat!”

The vampire cocks his eyebrow, because really, even the protest is so laughable it didn’t warrant a reply.

He is as flighty as a child, thoughts skittering around without a foothold as his expression changes suddenly as if realising something. “I…I…why was I so small?” There is a small furrow in his brow as he pulls his sheet and bends his head to look at himself. “I’m not small.”

Smirking at the memory, his irritation falling away for the moment, Jaejoong licks his lips, his expression vaguely predatory. “No,” he agrees, innuendo heavy on his tongue. “You’re not.”

“Are we talking about me as a bat?” the creature asks suspiciously.


“Does that mean I can drink you?”

Jaejoong shimmers and is right up in clueless baby vampire’s face in less than a heartbeat. “Listen, baby bat-boy. Before you bumble back into bat-form and bungle your way through this new life of yours, let’s get one thing very clear.”

The newborn’s eyes drop to the pale pouty mouth speaking and breathing against his cool skin. He can feel the puffs of air, they are so close, and he’s…wait a minute.

“Bat-boy? BAT-BOY?”

Baby bat-boy,” Jaejoong corrects.

“Baby bat-boy?!” he echoes, extremely indignant.

“What else am I supposed to call you? I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Jung. Jung Yunho.”

“Nice to meet you Jung Jung Yunho,” Jaejoong’s plush mouth quirks, distracting the baby vampire with no defences whatsoever, completely mesmerised by the red-haired vampire’s mouth without him even needing to do any actual mesmerising. “Now, back to my point.”

“Point?” Yunho’s eyes are still on his lips.

“Yes, I want to be very clear with this,” Jaejoong pauses, bemused by the slightly cross-eyed vampire who cannot seem to look away from his mouth. “You are never to drink from me again. Vampires drink from humans.”

Leaning back and sitting on his heels, Yunho’s face is the very picture of disappointment. His lush bottom lip jutting out so pronouncedly in his dismay that Jaejoong had the very fleeting thought of wanting to suck and bite on it. One hell of a fleeting thought as the older vampire frowns and shakes the odd reaction he has to the strange Turned. Nothing is as it should be with this creature. It is as if the Elder who saddled him upon Jaejoong knew full well that he is the most defective Turned every made. He’s met a few Turned and none of them are like this one.


“Never,” Jaejoong repeats.

Never was several hours later.

AN1: So…am I the only one who can see/hear Jaejoong singing the song I’m listening to?

AN2: Lol I’m enjoying these baby length chapters. How bout chu? :D

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I actually can picture baby bat-Jung Jung Yunho tumbling into Jae's hand XD ,Yunho needed a forehead flick from Jae to stop staring at his mouth XDDDDDDDD

Baby bat jung jung yunho is so cute. Those every bat movements are sooo cute. And then naked yunho realising he's naked then banging on the wall in his haste. I really laughed at that.
This fic feels so fluffy to me. And I like vampire fics. So really looking forward to this. Can't wait for moreeee.
Thanks for the update.

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i shrieked when i saw that the first chapter was up. i'm so glad this is all fluff. i never knew i needed a fluffy vampire au till i read the intro XD

and is it just me or did jaejoong letting yunho drink from him do something? i can be stupid and dense at times but i definitely think there was something...(the older vampires' conversation got me intrigued too). whatever it is, i'm definitely excited to read more! :)

Baby Bat Jung. Such a cute name and I can just imagine Yunho's cute pout that Jaejoong wants to suck on.

Jaejoong should not have said " never". Those kind of words are those that make the speaker want to slap their own faces when it happens.

" Never was several hours later "
I'm so in love with vamps Jae n Jung...

(Deleted comment)
Lol this is funny! I love a good vampire!YunJae fic ^^

I imagined baby bat Yunho like the baby bat (Mavis) in Hotel Transylvania - made the image of bat Yunho even cuter (in my head!!!) lol xD

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This is so cute and awesome and omg i love you for this.
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ROFLMAO! This is really interesting and funny.

Yunho asked the question that has been bugging me since the teaser....why is Yunho such a small bat? Why are vampires not allowed to drink from another vampire? I wonder why.

Edited at 2018-02-02 04:18 am (UTC)

I love it. At first, I had a lil doubt about this one, as vampire genre isn't my cup of tea. I came to like Yunho's character. It's something I have never read before. How he is going to make Jaejoong change the way he used to be is ver interesting.

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