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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [2]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN1: Work is pretty quiet at the moment apart from a major issue that will either take up all of my time or none of it so you get another chapter :-) I’ve probably jinxed it now though… OTL Oh and of course I had to commemorate Yunho and Changmin getting official and verified Instagram accounts :P Welcome to the rabbit hole oppa……

AN2: Check out how teeny tiny baby bat Yunho is omg T_____T

“I look so ordinary,” Yunho repeats for the nth time as they walk along the river, trying to get used to maintaining a normal pace. “Why can’t I wear something different from my normal human clothes?”

Excitable by nature as Jaejoong has already discovered, the baby vampire is finding it very difficult to control his speed. By the time they’d left his apartment, he had already dented all the doors within it, and added a crack to a wall.

The vampire is uninjured of course, for it will take much more than his own body weight to do any damage to him, supernatural speed or not.

Jaejoong however is affected by his clumsiness, Yunho’s sheepish smiles and awkward rubbing of the back of his neck every time he collides with a door or wall always sends a strange pang through his body.

Like a bell tolling.

A pall portending impending doom no doubt.

And he doesn’t like it one bit.

The older vampire ignores him, continuing to walk at a sedate pace. Ordinary? They are anything but ordinary. Despite Yunho not seemingly able to function like a proper vampire should, he is still most definitely not ordinary.

He is pretty certain there’s an adage out there that says children should be seen not heard.

And the Turned are essentially children needing to be taught how to function properly again.

How to feed.

How to walk.

How to exist.

Even how to talk.

And most importantly, how to goddamn listen.

He tells him how to sense when humans are close by.

He tells him how to manage his speed, strength, and hunger when it hits.

He tells him how to be mindful of his reflection lest he scare someone accidentally.

He tells him how to transform into a bat and keep his clothes on at the same time so he isn’t naked when it changes back.

He shows him how to mesmerise with his voice, his eyes, and his body if need be since all it takes is the focusing of his power and bringing his mind to bear on the other.

Perhaps he had placed too much information in the mind of the baby bat who might be a full-sized vampire now but his brain seems to have stayed bat-sized.

The only time Yunho ever listens is when he’s mesmerised which never lasts long for it requires more effort to mesmerise a fellow vampire and Jaejoong’s powers are not quite on par with the Elder who had dumped the faulty Turned on him.

It’s almost like his brain is essentially a sieve. Jaejoong painstakingly fills it up with information he needs to know, only for it to leak out of the young vampire’s ears a few minutes later as he gets distracted by something or other.


“Will I grow bigger?”

“Were you small like me when you were a baby bat boy?”

“Does everyone smell like you?”

“Do I smell nice to you?

“Can vampires get married?”

“How fast can you run? Can we have a race?”

“What’s it like to live forever and ever?”

“Do you think it’s possible to read every single book in the world since we have so much time?”


It’s honestly enough to drive anyone batty.

Jaejoong had resisted the urge to transform several times and just fly out the window into the night and shriek his frustration into the dark skies and expel any lingering urge to strangle the damn infant.

It was either that or mesmerise him into changing back into a bat so Jaejoong can stick him in a cage for the rest of the night.

He ends up doing neither, mores the pity.

Turned are meant to be meek and docile, somewhat imprinted onto their Maker in the first few weeks as they learn how to be one of the Undead.

Turned are meant to be hungry all the time and constantly needing sustenance to support their new powers.

Turned are meant to follow each and every instruction of their Maker without question.

Yunho is none of this.

Perhaps the problem is that Jaejoong isn’t actually his Maker.

Jaejoong feels a tell tale shift in the air as the silly baby vampire ignores his instructions at maintaining a slow pace and appears by his side with a bright grin on his face, ignoring the fact that Jaejoong feels anything but bright.

Murderous might be closer to the truth. He knows there are laws against killing their own kind, but in this case it seems perfectly justifiable. He’s preventing a lunatic from joining their ranks.

“There’s no one around. I sent out my spidey senses and the nearest human is on the bridge waaaaaay over there.” He points at the bridge about three hundred feet ahead of them. “Can we have a race? I wanna see how fast we can go.”

That open earnest face is alight with contained excitement but the veteran vampire is not at all moved.

Spidey senses?” his tone is as cold as the winter waters of the river lapping gently on the bank next to them.

That pouty bottom lip juts out again.

“Batty senses?” he tries again, actually taking a step back away from the older vampire when Jaejoong’s expression changes and his fangs drop.

Stepping up into the faulty Turned’s personal space, their mouths practically touching. The vampire is really just about at his limit.

“What in the devil’s name is wrong with you?” he hisses, words cold, tone crackling with frustration. “You follow me, and you listen to me. I said walk like a damn human. Is that so hard to do? Pray tell me where you found let’s have a race in those instructions. Were you dropped on the head as a child? Used as a ball for soccer practice? Or did your brain stay pea-sized when you transformed back from being that cute little baby bat boy?”

“You think I’m cute?”

Stepping away in disgust, the russet haired vampire turns and stalks off, very thinly toeing the line at walking like a damn human.

He is mentally chastising himself.

He’s noticed that this particular vampire seems to need constant affirmation, something Jaejoong is not at all inclined to provide.

Like a clingy child who wants to be told he’s done well and done good for the smallest and most menial of tasks.

And he latches onto any type of compliment, whether intentional or not, like a dog with a bone.

Or a wolf when they reach that part of the transforming lessons, though at this stage, Yunho is likely to stay as a damn baby bat forever.

A teeny weeny baby bat.

He feels the other’s presence drawing close, a couple of feet behind him, the steps hesitant.

“Are you going to listen to me now?” he asks, his voice low enough to be whisked away by the wind but he knows Yunho can hear him.

No reply is forthcoming, a dull thud sounding behind him instead and Jaejoong whirls around immediately to find the other vampire in a crumpled heap.

Forgetting his annoyance, he rushes to his side.

“I…I don’t feel very well.” Yunho’s face is ashen.

“You need to feed,” Jaejoong growls even as he sends out his spidey senses to find the closest human.


Jaejoong has never been more flabbergasted in his life and that’s saying something considering how long he’s “lived”.

Yunho has everything it takes to be a successful member of the undead.

Looks that draw people in without the need for any “modifications”.

Eyes that can mesmerise without doing it intentionally as he’d done so on several occasions, something that had also come naturally to Jaejoong too even when he was a human.

Thankfully, this passive skill doesn’t appear to extend to Jaejoong himself.

He also has a seemingly innate ability to maintain his reflection, almost like that switch is just permanently turned on at the back of his head, yet another thing which Jaejoong too finds easy. He was however incredibly surprised to find that Yunho has no problem with it as well considering how generally problematic the day-old vampire is about everything else.

Really, he shouldn’t have any problem with his dinner.

But oh no of course he had to be saddled with an utterly defective and malfunctioning Turned.

A Turned who should be worried about maintaining control over his hunger instead of worrying about the apparently awful, puke-inducing smell of human blood.

Yunho’s momentary weakness had passed almost as soon as it had come over him, Jaejoong practically dragging the reluctant infant towards much needed sustenance.

Yunho had actually dry retched over the last willing human, eyes watering, shaking his head apologetically as he backed away from the delectable morsel with his large hand over his nose and mouth.

They tried males.

They tried females.

They tried teenagers.

They tried senior citizens.

They even tried a baby, though it was purely for research purposes for even Jaejoong wouldn’t drink from a child.

If Yunho hadn’t visibly paled upon inhaling the sweet-smelling infant, Jaejoong would think he was faking it.

They roamed the streets, a striking pair even without the supernatural enhancements. Males and females alike sought them out in the alleys of the bustling city. Jaejoong had taken a drink or two while Yunho suffered from some type of crisis of faith, always coming close.

So close.

The neck vein is the easiest.

Though the wrist does just as well.

He always comes close.

But the second he inhales.

Cue the dry heaving.

He’s chased a fair few potential partners as well from the faces he makes the second he smells them, unable to hide the disgust in his expression. Perhaps he should teach the damaged Turned how to maintain a mask of his normal features so he is free to make whatever expressions he wants behind it without offending a potential meal or lay.

“Can vampires get pregnant?” Yunho asks, leaning wearily against a wall, allowing it to bear his weight for he is getting more and more exhausted as the night goes on. He hasn’t collapsed again like he did by the river, but he sure feels like he might. He’s not really serious, but he imagines this is probably how pregnant women feel in the first trimester.

Everything smells like rotting garbage, or worse, decaying bodies. All he smells is death, as if the humans are basically walking corpses which is a little ironic since he is the Undead one not them.

And then there is the craving he feels deep in his gut, and even deeper still than that, which remains unvocalised.

Jaejoong had been clear about where the lines are, and he knows he has tested the older vampire’s patience to the limit already and he doesn’t want to push his luck.

Is there something wrong with him? Some type of defect? Is he missing a body part or something? Faulty programming in his brain? He’s heard Jaejoong muttering to himself on several occasions and the words would hurt more if he hadn’t already seen how much the older vampire is actually trying to help him.

“No, that’s why the Turned exist. We cannot reproduce so if you want a child, you make one.”

The older vampire knows Yunho is on the brink of exhaustion and he’s just waiting for him to transform again and take him home. He can’t exactly force feed a human to him, and he refuses to even briefly consider the alternative.

Yunho grimaces as he pushes away from the wall. “That’s awful. Why would anyone do this to a child?”

“You don’t like being a vampire?” Jaejoong’s eyes flare as he is momentarily distracted, fangs dropping as a man wanders into their alley. “Everyone has their own needs and you do what you must as long as it is within the rules of our kind.”

“And you? What do you need?”

“That.” Jaejoong nods towards the man coming towards them.

Clearly a little inebriated, though his intoxicated state doesn’t detract at all from how handsome the tall man is, the human stumbles towards them.

“Do you have a smoke?”

Jaejoong licks his lips as he eyes the newcomer up and down. Maybe he’ll go for the vein in the thigh this time…

What happens next defies logic.

Vampire logic.

Or at least basic vampire courtesy.

One second they are in the alley.

The next, they are by the waters again, under a bridge.

Wrenching himself away from the clearly completely addled Turned, his eyes are black shards as he snarls at the deathly pale vampire. “Have you completely lost your mind? If you don’t want to drink, that’s your problem but I certainly have no problem with my food.” Still angry and more than a little shocked at how rude the childish vampire had been because you don’t mess with another vampire’s food, Jaejoong finally decides he’s had enough. He doesn’t even bother to look back as he walks away. “I’m done. Do whatever the hell you like. I’m done.”

He hears the first distressed squeak a few steps later.

Clenching his jaw, he keeps walking.

The squeaks grow more agitated, this time accompanied by the frantic beating of tiny little wings.

Jaejoong pauses.

The high pitched shriek that precedes the muted splash into the freezing river has the vampire transforming before he even turns to see what has happened.

Because he knows.

Somehow he knows.

No one sees the odd sight of a beautiful glossy black bat diving towards the waters under the bridge.

Nor do they see it emerge with something in its claws.

A bedraggled little thing, half drowned and out cold from fear and shock.

“I told you.”

The two bats glide effortlessly, a fair distance away from the third bat flying below them with its burden in its claws.

“They’re not ash are they?”

“Not yet.”

“Perhaps we should pay him a visit.”

“Leave it alone. Jaejoong is more than capable. He just needs a nudge in the right direction.”

“Don’t you think you’re being too optimistic? We both know what he’s like. He is more likely to meet the sun just to get away from that thing you saddled on him.”

“That thing is one of us. And you know full well what afflicts him is not his fault.”

“No, it’s yours for not warning our son.”

The larger bat veers off unexpectedly in an arc, before coming in to attack its mate.

The collision is brief, both bats disappearing into mist at the contact.

The lights in the penthouse turn on, the motion sensors detecting its owner flying in through the customised window opening of the master bedroom.

Laying its load gently on the bed, the bat transforms into vampire in the next moment.

Fully clothed and dripping wet, he crouches by the bed to check on the unmoving soaking wet baby bat.

“Vampires can’t drown,” he mumbles to himself as he picks up the tiny sodden pile of essentially skin and bones. “Vampire bats can’t drown either,” his voice a whisper as he peers down at his charge who has yet to move. “Can they?”

Cradling the unmoving baby bat, he strips off his wet clothes and heads to the bathroom.

He turns on the shower, leaving it at full blast and at the highest temperature, the steam filling the cool room quickly.

Finding a clean hand towel, Jaejoong places it on the counter by the sink and lays the little bat on it and starts to rub it gently, drying the tiny creature as carefully as he can.

It takes a few goes, but he soon sees signs of life as the wee bat struggles briefly to fight with the cotton fluff drying its head, letting out miserable little protesting squeaks before he quietens down, tiny bat chest rising and falling barely noticeably. Those large almond-shaped eyes don’t open though, and the vampire bites his lip and continues to dry the tiny thing.

By the time he finishes, the bathroom is like a sauna, the steam is swirling around and the mirrors are completely misted over.

Changing to a third towel, Jaejoong wraps baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho in it and places him carefully against the mirror, as far away from the edge of the sink counter as he can.

Knowing his Turned, Jaejoong wouldn’t put it past him to roll off while he’s showering and land on his head or something. He doesn’t need to be more addled than he already is.

Satisfied that the little thing is as secure as he can manage it, Jaejoong strips off his boxers and heads into the piping hot shower.


The painfully hot shower has turned his skin pink, but it has also helped clear his thoughts.

Worry has melted away the impatience and annoyance he felt, but not the frustration.

If there isn’t a handbook on the Turned out there, he is going to write one so that no one else is subjected to the evening he’s gone through. He really should have a word with the Council. It is practically negligent the way they have left him to fend for himself with a newborn that isn’t like any of the other newborns he’s met.

Perhaps this is some kind of punishment?

He really can’t recall anything he’s done in recent or not-so-recent times that warrants this type of mental torture.

He follows the rules and keeps to himself.

He is never careless about who he feeds from, and he’s never gotten attached enough to anyone to want to become a Maker.

So why did he have to practically adopt one?

Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t notice that the tiny bat is wide awake, it’s eyes looking overly large in it’s small face as he stares sleepily around the steamy bathroom in confusion.

Exiting the shower, he blows away absentmindedly at the steam, clearing the air around him.

Loud chittering and squeaks suddenly echo in the large bathroom, and Jaejoong sighs with relief.

Turning towards the sink he sees the bat…waving its wings and squeaking agitatedly as it tries to cover its face. The squeaking gets even more panicked as he approaches and Jaejoong looks around the bathroom, fangs down as he snarls, trying to find the intruder scaring his poor baby bat.

Neither seeing nor sensing anyone on the same floor, Jaejoong returns his gaze to the bat who is trying to pull the small towel over his head, his squeaking continuing on endlessly.

Somewhat attuned to the little creature, he recognises the quality of the chittering as being of the complaining sort.

He picks up the baby bat and it starts to struggle. Ignoring the protests, Jaejoong drops Yunho onto his palm and is unsurprised when he gets a baleful glare. That tiny mouth works non-stop as he waves his wings at him, chittering on as if Jaejoong can understand him.

Maybe he’s scolding him about almost leaving him, because if there’s anything Jaejoong should be reprimanded for, it’s probably that.

Strolling out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, Jaejoong continues to watch as Yunho gains more confidence and starts to pace in small concentric circles on his palm, seemingly unafraid of falling. The arm waving continues and now he’s added finger (or is it claw?) wagging and head shaking.

It is not until the tiny bat makes a surprisingly lewd hip thrust when Jaejoong finally understands what the problem is.

Sitting on the bed, he brings his hand up to his face and eyeballs the little creature.

“Are you mad because I’m naked?”

The wee bat freezes, before he shows his sharp pointy teeth again.

Jaejoong gets a nip to his Mount of Venus as a response, the prick of pain making the nude vampire laugh.

The laughter grows when he realises the little bat is blushing.

There’s no mistaking the pink in its little face and Jaejoong falls back onto his bed and places the bat in the centre of his chest as he stacks his hands behind his head. He can feel the tickle of paper-thin wings and a little furry body trying to keep its balance as his chest rumbles with laughter.

Yunho must have lost his footing because the next thing Jaejoong knows, there is a loud squeak and he feels a claw scratching deeply on his belly, before he suddenly finds himself with a faceful of an insanely embarrassed baby bat boy.

Picking the tiny creature off his face, he smirks up at the infant vampire.

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to get friendly?” his tone is teasing and naturally sensual. “First you give me an eyeful, then you decide to ride my face? At least I know your name now, Jung Jung Yunho.”

The teasing tapers off as the tiny bat wilts before his eyes, head hanging limply, still once again. All the agitated pacing must have sucked the last of his strength.

The vampire sits up and drops his fangs, sighing to himself but it cannot be helped. He can’t exactly let the newborn starve to death. He’s going to have to ask the Elder about the defective Turned but he has to make sure he’s at least reasonably healthy when he does because he knows he’ll be in a great deal of trouble if he’s found with a starved Turned.

Instead of pricking his wrist, Jaejoong decides to just bite into one of the smaller veins on his finger. Laying the groggy bat onto his finger, Yunho really is bloody tiny, he arranges the tiny bat so that his muzzle lays fully over the minuscule droplet that has formed.

It takes awhile but Jaejoong finally sees the itsy bitsy tongue lapping.

There isn’t the same electric shock from the first feeding, the infant creature barely ever lifting its head, simply laying splayed out over a couple of fingers and drinking quietly.

Jaejoong doesn’t move the entire time.

Simply watching as the licks get slower and slower, until it stops altogether, the baby bat boy sound asleep.

The fact that Yunho hadn’t transformed back is telling for it means he hasn’t fed enough.

Checking the time, Jaejoong considers waking the infant to make him feed some more so they can retire properly before the sun comes up. However, even as he thinks it, the baby bat moves, visibly shivering, a tiny mournful squeak coming from him before he settles down once again, wrapping his wings around Jaejoong’s fingers, claws digging in lightly as the sleeping bat hugs him.

Jaejoong gets up, mindful not to jostle the sleeping baby as he walks around his bedroom to prepare for his day-sleep.

He should be more irritated that he has to do everything with one hand, but every single time he feels even a smidgen of annoyance, the little bat nuzzles into his fingers, his chittering barely audible, as he hugs Jaejoong tighter.

Sometimes his mouth opens, showing Jaejoong his pointy teeth, tongue lapping air as if trying to find drink, but he usually settles down as quickly as he rouses.

“Are you cold?” Jaejoong finally asks, not expecting an answer of course, realising the reason for the somewhat restless slumber. “You’re probably cold. We’ve got to sleep now.”

Walking into his closet, the vampire looks around trying to find something that would adequately wrap the sleeping bat.

He finally settles on a pair of Calvin Klein briefs and he lays it out on top of a tallboy.

Moving the baby bat boy from his finger to the briefs without waking him turns out to be more difficult that expected.

Yunho practically has a stranglehold on his finger, his claws digging in when Jaejoong tries to pry him free. He knows the infant is asleep, but the Turned seems to be behaving instinctually.

It finally works when Jaejoong bites his own finger and drops a couple of blood red drops onto his white briefs, sighing at the stain, but it gets the baby bat moving on its own accord, rolling off Jaejoong’s finger and into the soft cottony warm folds of his underwear.

He can see Yunho sleep-feeding, sucking on a still damp stain, eyes never once opening. Jaejoong drips a few more blood drops near his mouth. It’s barely anything, but the baby bat is still a baby bat which means he still needs more and he doesn’t begrudge the bloodletting.

Wrapping the tiny thing in his briefs, he chuckles somewhat ironically to himself as he picks up the little bat burrito and walks out to do his final checks and secure the apartment.

Once satisfied, he enters an inner windowless chamber, accessible from the back of his large walk-in closet, the heavy six-inch steel door sliding shut with a soft whoosh behind him.

There is nothing in the small room except for a large coffin.

“You’d probably like this,” the vampire whispers. “It’s the only thing vampire-like that should satisfy your weirdness.”

Climbing into the softly lined and very comfortable custom-made coffin-bed, Jaejoong lays his little bat next to him and pulls the lid down over them, securing the lock that ensures that it cannot be opened except from within.

It is pitch black, and if he was human, he wouldn’t even be able to see his hand in front of his face.

Jaejoong is a vampire though, and he can see just fine.

He turns onto his side and continues talking in a soft voice, finger stroking the outside of the cocoon he made around the sleeping baby bat boy.

“I don’t actually know if you’re going to wake in this form or transformed. This coffin is just big enough but I’m more concerned about you panicking and I don’t want to hurt you.” He scoops up the little burrito and moves it closer, till the comatose bat is almost touching his chest. “And you are wrapped in underwear as a precaution. I really don’t want to get poked in the eye.” He chuckles quietly before quietening as he feels the last remnants of the night leaving to welcome the sun.

The silence is broken by tiny wheezing snores and the vampire pulls the cocooned bat closer still till they touch.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” he asks, as he strokes the little bat’s head gently. “I don’t know what to do with you,” his voice lowers, a husky whisper as he continues stroking, finally closing his eyes, feeling the oppressive weight of the sun as it hits the skies, even if he cannot see it.

The little baby bat boy burrito is long asleep, cradled protectively in the curve of his minder’s body.

AN1: Can I end this at 5 chapters? Yes, I can… Wrote 90% of this yesterday but got busy and couldn’t finish it so ass crack of not-even-dawn and here you have the rest.

AN2: It’s my husband’s birthday today and he’s feeling angsty about turning 30 and he’s been bloody texting me about it and asking silly clingy questions all week :-/ Well, he’s still asleep now so maybe I’ll apologise for my crankiness with a morning……. :P

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Aweeeee baby bat Jung Yunho is sooooo adorable :) and the coldhearted vampire Jae who is a putty at the hand of baby jung xD

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