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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [4]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN1: Ok, let’s just treat this as my YunJae Day and joint YunJae birthday present all rolled up in one neat little package. Well…sorta neat :D It is the 5th of February in NZ right now even if I’m not there…

AN2: This probably looks like two updates in a day for most of you but it was actually two separate days for me hah. Jet lag is fun.

“Exactly the same dimensions?”

“Yes,” Jaejoong taps impatiently on the lift button, a bluetooth headset to his ear as the carriage takes forever to return to the ground floor.

He would have simply flown up, but armed with a trolley carrying four suitcases, it would be a little difficult to mesmerise every human in the vicinity to forget about seeing suitcases floating up to the top floor.

“We can deliver it by next week but—“

“Tomorrow night.”


“You will deliver it by tomorrow night.”

“But that’s impossible. We—“

“I’ll pay twice the price.”


“Twice. And everyone’s overtime rate whoever works on it if it comes to that. Drop everything and finish this.”

There is a small pause, before the vampire on the other side sighs. He is a merchant vampire taking on the trade of his former Maker who has long since met with the sun. He knows of Jaejoong, the lone vampire that many others of his kind avoid mostly because of his ties to the upper echelon of the Council. Whether rightly or wrongly, they have left the oldest and arguably the most powerful vampire in that part of the world, to continue his solitary existence without disturbing him.

He has never bothered them, and they in turn, make sure they do nothing to catch his attention and indirectly, the attention of the Council.

Making his vampires work on this one thing will not be difficult, but with the sudden increase in Turned over the last few months, they are a little behind in schedule and Jaejoong’s request is one of the most elaborate.

“Two nights. You can pay ten times and it will still be two nights because some of the material has to be flown in and I am not even sure if they will have it in stock.”

“Fine. Two nights it is. I’ll still pay double, but you can pay the overtime since I’m not getting it tomorrow,” the red-haired vampire sniffs irritatedly as the elevator finally arrives. “Deliver it to the same address but give me a call first to make sure I’m home.”

“Of course.”

He hangs up the phone and pockets it, pushing his trolley into the lift before turning, eyes burning at the couple behind him as if daring them to step foot into the carriage with him.

Both humans step back, more out the menace in his eyes than anything else, and the door shuts on their pale faces.

He checks his watch, noting he has been away for over five hours. Yunho should still be asleep if his earlier feed were anything to go by, and Jaejoong is again wondering if he will remain bat-sized.

Sucking on his finger absentmindedly, remembering how the tiny bat’s fangs had managed to sink in all the way for him to feed, Jaejoong knows the creature is growing in strength. His brief research into the matter has left him more frustrated than anything, now more than ever, determined to write something about taking care of the Turned because there really seems to be nothing properly documented.

As the elevator enters the private lobby of the penthouse and Jaejoong sheds anything vaguely human about himself. The mirrored walls of the elevator are suddenly empty, the vampire vanishing from sight just as the doors open.

Not even bothering to pretend to push the trolley any further, the thing trundling along on its own ahead of him as the main door to his abode opens as if by an invisible hand, he shimmers and enters the apartment ahead of the four suitcases now floating off the trolley one by one to silently arrange themselves in the corner of his walk-in wardrobe for their owner to unpack.

Sensing that nothing is amiss, no human presence close, Jaejoong sheds his coat carelessly onto his bed in the outer chamber and enters his closet to access the private chambers where he left his charge. He feels a shift in the air as he approaches the door, frowning at the flutterings of fear he can sense, and he opens the steel door quickly.

He sees the extremely tiny and frantic baby bat boy squeaking loudly as it does a dizzying spin near the ceiling before it bangs its head loud enough for Jaejoong to wince. The hit must have stunned him because Yunho then plunges into a heart-stopping dive to the floor, and Jaejoong transforms in the blink of an eye, the air around him undulating with his power.

Swooping down and catching the tiny infant before he makes contact with the hardwood floor, the momentum is too much for the older vampire who wraps his wings protectively around the little thing clutching at his chest as he bears the impact of hitting the floor, tumbling head over wing before coming to a stop against the base of his daybed.

“You left me. Why did you leave me? I was so scared I couldn’t get out. There no holes anywhere in this room. I couldn’t even smell an opening. Why did you leave me? Are you sick of me already?”

“Hush,” Jaejoong bends his head to nuzzle the tiny fuzzball clutching him for dear life. He has no idea whether it’s a good thing that he can understand the little thing now. He has not suffered much from the fall, the aches in various parts of his body already dissipating except for a weird tenderness where his heart is.

On the other hand, the little baby bat boy has no intention of stopping, his tiny heart still pounding with distress, he lists out his complaints to the much larger bat holding him protectively while he itemises all his grievances, complete with a perpetual disgruntled pout on his cute little face.

He knows he’s not the smartest little bat (yes, he refers to himself as a little bat), but this is all new to him and Jaejoong was little once too, wasn’t he?

He knows he should try harder to feed from humans but they all smell so disgusting that even thinking about it is making him sick. Does Jaejoong want him to be sick?

And he gags a little to add to the effect, though his deep inhale at the end of his gagging gives him a noseful of the larger bat he is holding onto and his eyes roll up into his head briefly as the smell drives him…well…batty.

He knows he gets distracted easily but that’s Jaejoong’s fault for smelling so good. Maybe he should put on some yucky smelling cologne or something so disguise his scent.

He knows he has a lot to learn but can’t Jaejoong be a little bit more patient? He’s really trying, and he can’t even fly properly yet because Jaejoong has never showed him how to fly. Can they have flying lessons?

He knows that he is imposing on Jaejoong’s life, but that nice female vampire told him that it’s the way of their kind to look after the Turned, even orphans like him, so why can’t he be a proper caregiver? It’s not like Yunho asked for him.

However, the tiny baby bat boy decides that wasn’t very nice of him to say, and he squeezes the larger bat in apology and murmurs shyly into his furry chest that he rather likes Jaejoong even if he didn’t ask for him and he hopes that Jaejoong will like him back too…someday.

“Are you finished yet?” Jaejoong asks drily, as the smaller bat opens his mouth to continue his long-winded monologue. “I can’t start teaching you anything if you don’t stop talking.”

The little creature grumbles his assent, his almond-shaped eyes bright in the glow of the dimly lit room.

Spreading out his wings and straightening, Jaejoong takes flight without warning, causing the newborn to chitter loudly in surprise. The sensors recognising the owner, automatically open the steel door and the good looking bat flies out of the hidden room and back into the apartment.

He can feel Yunho’s claws digging into his body and he takes a moment to bend his head as they soar out one of the open windows into the night.

“You don’t have to hold on so tight. I won’t let you fall. The view is amazing from up here. Take a look.”

Yunho’s eyes are clenched shut and he decides that he’s as defective as Jaejoong believes he is because he doesn’t want to let go, nor does he want to look. The wind whistling in his ears makes him want to disappear into the older vampire till they return.

The vampire bat feels his tiny counterpart burrowing his face deeper against his chest and he smiles uncharacteristically. He remembers his first flight well, and his Father had a point when he reminded him to recall what he was like as a newborn. He’d dug his claws into his Mother so deeply he’d almost drawn blood the first time she took him out.

“C-can we go b-back n-n-now? I p-p-pr-prom-m-mise to be g-good.”

“What is good, Jung Jung Yunho?”

“Yunho…call me Yunho.”

“Why? I rather like your strange name,” Jaejoong teases as he flies along the river. He rather likes the water even if he doesn’t like getting wet, and he always finds himself straying near bodies of water when he can. He has drunken his fill while he was out, going to one of his usual clubs and finding a couple of willing girls. If he has to somehow feed Yunho indirectly, he might as well make sure he isn’t sapped of his own strength.

He had wondered if it was a psychosomatic thing that he now knows that they are bonded, because on a normal day, he would have found those two girls rather attractive, but that evening, he’d simply wanted to drink to make sure Yunho would be ok later.


The vampire had also vaguely pondered as to why he doesn’t feel angrier at the situation. Being frustrated is a given, but at the end of the day, his parents’ manipulations had basically ensured his survival. He definitely doesn’t find Yunho in his normal form the slightest bit unappealing.

In fact, the baby vampire might be a little too appealing.

And his mother’s words about the Turned’s purported jealousy had caused a glimmer of satisfaction that he had chosen to ignore.

The lights of the city below twinkle merrily, completely unaware of their presence so high up in the dark skies of the cold winter’s night. Most people are indoors, enjoying the warmth of each other’s company. Jaejoong doesn’t really feel the cold, but he can feel Yunho’s fear.

“You will really have to learn how to fly properly some day you know, and I don’t mean fluttering around my apartment like a bewildered butterfly.”

“Some day…in twenty years maybe. Can we please go home now?” Yunho is basically talking to Jaejoong’s chest, his face pressed so tightly against the larger bat’s warmth, he simply flatly refuses to look up or away. He’s tried to loosen his grip somewhat but every now and again, Jaejoong will drop a little in a stomach churning free fall that he has given up trying to protect the older vampire from his minuscule claws. It’s his own fault anyway.

“Your home or my home?” Jaejoong questions curiously as he arcs to the left in a graceful turn to make their way back, accelerating and flying much faster than he was before.

“That female vampire told me my home isn’t safe. I didn’t even sleep there the first night. She said someone would sort it out for me, but I had to stay with whoever is looking after me…” he trails off, whimpering as Jaejoong makes a steep dive down that is really making his insides lurch around. The vampire is really going to hate him properly if he throws up on him.

“We’re almost there. Hang on.”

“Stop going so fast!”

Jaejoong doesn’t answer, eyes intent on his mark as he glides through the window of his penthouse and lands on the back of his leather couch.

“We’re home.”

“Don’t move…I think I’m going to throw up.”

Jaejoong’s eyes narrow as his wings fold. “Yunho, there is nothing on earth that will save you if you throw up on me.”

In response, the little bat finally lets go of the death grip he has on the older male and drops away, not realising that Jaejoong had parked them on the back of the couch with its narrow space, and he goes tumbling down with a loud screech.

Jaejoong doesn’t move from his perch, peering down to watch as the tiny bat squeaks and squeaks as it cradles a crumpled wing that had somehow gotten caught underneath him when he tumbled.

“Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!!” The tiny bat’s voice gets louder when in pain and he whimpers even as he tries to straighten his bent wing.

The bigger bat tilts its head up to the ceiling as if asking for some kind of divine assistance before hopping off the back of the couch and landing next to the injured creature.

“C’mere,” he spreads his wings to give the little bat room to latch onto him again.

Yunho’s eyes are wide and a little tearful as he shakes his head, his chin tilted stubbornly, still cradling his crumpled wing. “No. I’m tired and I’m going to sit here until I feel better. Who knows if you’re going to fly off again and maybe this time you’ll drop me in the middle of the river.”

“I would never drop you on purpose,” Jaejoong promises. “No matter how bloody annoying you are. Come on,” he waves at the little bat again. “Your wing isn’t broken. You’ll feel better when you feed.”

The wee creature’s eyes widen at the implication. “You mean…?”

Jaejoong sighs and nods. “Come on.”

Well, Yunho definitely needs lessons on walking like a human even in bat form because the shimmer is unmistakeable, nor is the collision when he hits Jaejoong the way he hit the walls in his former home.

“Sorry,” he whispers against the older vampire bat’s neck when Jaejoong squawks at the impact.

“Just pick a spot,” the vampire’s voice is resigned as he bats his wings and takes off again.”

“Wh-where are you going?” there is a tremor of fear in Yunho’s voice that Jaejoong really doesn’t care for as he flies at human speed through the apartment, careful not to jostle the apparently air sick little baby bat boy.

The answer comes soon enough as Jaejoong finds an empty spot in his closet to hang upside down.

Folding his wings around the smaller one’s body and closing his eyes, he commands the little bat to feed.

Jaejoong’s body is swaying gently from the momentum of his landing that seems to soothe the tiny Turned who doesn’t need to be asked twice, his minuscule fangs sinking into the older bat’s chest.

And just like before, Yunho falls asleep mid-feed, his sore wing all but healed and completely forgotten, his fangs still embedded in Jaejoong’s chest.

The 261 year old vampire bat is still awake and wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do now.

Remembering that he’s done the same thing to both his parents, Jaejoong decides to nap since he can’t really do much else with the silly little bat pretty much stuck to him.

Did no one ever tell him that’s it’s polite to let go when you’re done feeding?

Oh wait, that’s his job.


“Why am I not giddy?”

Jaejoong cracks open an eye to find Yunho’s mouth free from him and practically nose to nose having climbed down his upside down body.

“You’re a vampire bat.”

Yunho’s wide eyes meet Jaejoong’s, the curiosity within it alive and sparking. The little bat is looking more awake and brighter than he did before.

“But I hated flying.”

“You’re a weird little vampire bat.”

“Am I always going to be little? I’m not even little. I’m taller than you so why are you so much bigger than me?” Yunho’s voice is a wee grumble as he moves up and down Jaejoong’s body as if to prove a point. “Look, you’re almost three times my length and that’s not right.”

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it,” Jaejoong replies lazily, a tiny smirk playing about his mouth even in his creature-form.

There is a very long pause before Yunho moves again.


Until he is face to face with Jaejoong.

His cheeks a dull shade of pink as he tries his best to meet the older vampire’s amused eyes.

Jaejoong is still the same colour he always is.

“Must you always make everything sexual?”

“Who says it was anything sexual? Smaller bats can get into tighter spaces than bigger bats.”

“Tighter sp—” if anything, Yunho’s cheeks turn even redder.

The vampire is rather amused to see where all the blood he’s been donating is going.

“What are you thinking about my cute little baby bat boy?”

“You really think I’m cute?”

“All babies are cute,” Jaejoong replies with a non-committal shrug that makes them sway a little.

“Oh,” Yunho’s expression falters a little, his face wearing the disappointment clearly, but Jaejoong doesn’t give in.

He’s given his adopted Turned much more in the last thirty-six hours than he has given to anyone in his existence, including his parents and he’s not going to give an inch more if he can help it.

“Look, we have a lot to do before the sun comes up. How about you practice hanging upside down while I shower?”

“Is it hard?”

Jaejoong has to stop the natural inclination to reply with a lewd remark, taking a deep breath before he answers the innocent question.

“No. Here, let me show you.”

The lesson takes a few minutes, Yunho losing his grip not out of weakness but rather because what Jaejoong is hanging from is a little too wide for his smaller claws.

He hangs just fine when they move to an empty clothes hanger.

“I’m really not giddy. Should I be giddy?” Yunho’s voice is filled with wonder as he swings his body back and forth upside down, treating the hanger like some kind of trapeze.

Jaejoong flies off and transforms mid flight, landing on his feet gently as the little bat continues squeaking more comments.

“I can’t understand you.”

Yunho nearly falls from his upside down perch at the sight of a full sized and fully clothed Jaejoong.

He starts gesticulating wildly with his wings and claws, all while still hanging upside down and his momentum takes the hanger completely off the hook and both bat and hanger go flying. Yunho flails in mid air for a second before Jaejoong catches him.

Placing the disoriented bat on the nearest flat surface, Jaejoong sighs mightily, nearly blowing the tiny bat off his feet.

“What on earth am I supposed to do with you? You are beyond ridiculous.”

Yunho starts miming again, rubbing his small claws all over his body and making question-like shrugs till the vampire finally gets it.

“Oh, you want to know why I’m not naked?”

The tiny bat pauses mid squeak, colouring once again before he nods and hides his face behind a leathery wing.

“Did you want me to be naked?”

He gets a series of mortified chitters and squeaks, Yunho still hiding behind his wing, flatly refusing to reveal his face.

However his pointy ears can be seen and they are a nice healthy shade of pink.

Jaejoong laughs, taking pity on him and changing the subject.

“I already told you, remember? Yesterday? I told you how to transform with clothes and keep them so when you transform back, you’re not naked. Have you forgotten?”

Baby bat boy reveals his face, a little furrow in his brow and wearing a teeny tiny little pout. He starts waving around again and gestures to his own body with the same questioning shrugs.

“I don’t know if you transformed with or without your clothes yesterday. I went by the river to look for your things but I didn’t see them.”

Little Jung Jung Yunho taps his chin thoughtfully, expression so serious despite his pink cheeks and ears that Jaejoong really wants to laugh.

He holds it in though, deciding to ask the newborn a question that he’s been wondering about for a couple of hours now.

“Are you in bat form out of choice?”

The tiny bat freezes, before his expression transforms sheepishly as he nods shyly, staring at the top of the dresser he is on as he shifts his weight from one foot to another.

“You’re afraid to transform in case you’re naked again?”

Again the little bat nods.

Jaejoong hums thoughtfully. “You really can’t stay in that form forever you know. What if you forget how to transform back and you’re stuck as a tiny bat for thousands of years?”

Yunho squeaks agitatedly, waving his wings and Jaejoong picks him up and places him on his palm and leaves the closet.

Settling onto his bed, he places the tiny thing on the covers in front of him. He even places a large pillow by the bat for good measure.

“There, you have protection if you do…uh…happen to come back naked.”

Jaejoong gets an earful of loud squeaking as Yunho is both embarrassed and worried. He starts to pace around, hands behind his back, looking a right comical sight as he continues to squeak and grumble, not really caring if the vampire understands him or not as he works up the courage to try and transform back, because what if he can’t?

“Come on little bat. I want a shower and you probably need one too.”

Yunho pauses mid pace and eyes the vampire suspiciously, his wings curling around his body once again.

Jaejoong reads that wide open face loud and clear and he chuckles. “Don’t worry, I’m not about to drag you into the shower and have my wicked way with you.”

“Liar,” an amused voice pops up in his head and he growls, fangs dropping.

“Go away, Mother.”

Yunho’s squeaking gets louder, his face basically a giant question mark as he gesticulates.

The vampire points to his head. “My mother drops in sometimes. Don’t worry, I’ve blocked her out.” He pauses as Yunho continues to chitter on, this time pointing at his own fuzzy little bat head. “Don’t you think I would be reading your thoughts right now rather than playing some kind of weird form of charades if I could?”

Yunho drops his wings, his shoulders slumping with a sigh. He utters a couple more squeaks before he squares his shoulders, his expression worried as he gazes up at Jaejoong.

“It’s ok,” Jaejoong’s voice is gentle, seeing the deep worry in the eyes of his charge. “My mother is the female vampire you met and she can transform me from this form into bat form and backwards without me doing anything so if you’re really stuck she can help.”

The little bat nods, expression resolute as he scrunches his cute little face and concentrates.

Jaejoong feels the shift in the air as the infant’s power takes hold, directed inward but he can feel it nonetheless and in the next blink, vampire Yunho not baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho is sitting on his bed, eyes still clenched shut.

The older vampire bites his lip, unable to hide his smirk as he takes in the long hard lines of the taller man. He manages to school his expression just before Yunho peeks out of one eye to stare at him.

“I didn’t do it right, did I?”

Jaejoong runs his eyes up and down again, before answering honestly. “You look plenty right to me.”

Yunho opens his eyes then, a happy smile on his face which dies in the next instance when he looks down and topples off the bed in his haste to get away from the older vampire’s amused gaze, hiding at the foot of the bed as he yells at Jaejoong to throw him the pillow.

The vampire complies as he stands up and heads towards the bathroom with a laugh.

“Maybe i’ll skip that part of the lesson for awhile,” he calls out before shutting the bathroom door.

The thump of the large pillow hitting the closed door is unmistakable as the vampire continues laughing loudly at the gorgeous nude Turned in his bedroom.

AN: See? Yunho did turn back hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa. Sorry, I’m too amused at his expense. Happy early birthday oppa. I’m worried I might miss your birthday cos shit to sort out at work :(

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