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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [5]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.


AN2: Actually wrote this in the morning before work but got sucked into meeting after meeting then jet lag hit and I napped and now i've got to head off to dinner with people i've been meeting all damn day and I just wanna sleep damn it! All mistakes are mine of course.

Jaejoong decides to take a bath.

A long, lengthy, luxurious bath that promises peace and quiet.

He hasn’t gotten any peace and quiet since he met Jung Jung Yunho.

Even when he was running errands, packing and tidying up the Turned’s modest abode did he feel anything but peaceful despite the fact that he was alone.

There were a fair few photographs of the baby vampire scattered about the studio that gave Jaejoong a peek into his former life. His charge was an extremely social human and looked to have had a rather large group of friends with whom he went trekking, off-road biking, white water rafting, and all other manner of adventurous endeavours with.

Nothing aerial though which now explains the baby bat boy’s aversion to flying. He had appeared to be willing to try all manner of sport apart from something height related.

While sorting through his clothes, Jaejoong had felt overwhelmed at the responsibility entrusted upon him accompanied by a brief twinge that he may be found wanting, loner that he is, by the social butterfly of a charge that he has.

At one point he even called his father and demanded an explanation as to why he had connived to land such a burden on him.

His father’s response, while laid on a little thickly in his opinion, had silenced his protests and given him something to think about.

“I gave him to you because I trusted that you could handle the responsibility. You’re my only son and it does not sit well with me that you’ve been alone for so long. The boy is harmless and I think he’ll be good for you.”

Admittedly, the infant Turned is growing on him. He had found him extremely irritating and his constant questions and excitable nature quite difficult to deal with at first as he is a complete contrast to Jaejoong’s relatively quiet existence.

Not quiet in the sense of being boring.

But rather that he has never had the need for others in his life.

Jaejoong sees what he likes, takes what he wants, and then he moves on.

No ties.

No strings.

No loose ends.

He can enjoy himself and party like the best of his kind, literally painting the town red till dawn - but he doesn’t actually need it.

Add the fact that his Makers happen to be rather important vampires in his world keeps most other vampires at an arms length, all of them wary of interacting too closely with him.

They never dare shun him outright of course, but neither do they go out of their way to include him.

After over a quarter of a millennium of this, Jaejoong naturally prefers being alone.

He understands his parents’ concern to some extent because he knows his mother especially places some of the blame on themselves for his isolation. However what they both don’t seem to get is that he truly does not mind it.

He doesn’t feel like he’s missing anything.

He doesn’t care for the rabble rousing existence a lot of the younger vampires seem to enjoy.

He doesn’t want anyone to feel obliged to be his friend out of fear just because of who his parents are.

The vampire supposes that it stands to reason that with all that in the mix, it was anticipated that he would eventually make a Turned.

However all the reasons for the Turned never appealed to him.

He already has parents.

He doesn’t care for children.

And lovers are meant to be loved then left.

Just like everyone of his kind, he remembers nothing of his human life and neither do the humans whose lives he touched remember him as a human, so he feels like he has lost nothing.


He never really considered the emotion. He does care for the vampires who made him for they had genuinely been the best parents a Turned could have asked for. His mother was kind yet with a wicked side to her that balanced out his father’s stuffiness at times. Yet despite that stuffiness, his father was always patient with him to the point where Jaejoong sometimes poked the Elder on purpose just for the hell of it.

He outgrew that at least a century ago of course, but having neither known nor remembered any other, the two ancient vampires are loved by him in his own way and they are truly Father and Mother to him in all sense of the word.

The strange newborn vampire he is now saddled with has essentially turned his quiet life completely upside down. It’s like everything he thought he knew, he has to look over again, sometimes from the perspective of the Turned.

To say Yunho is quite baffling to him is putting it mildly, yet he seems to provoke Jaejoong in dangerous ways, pulling reactions from him that are even more baffling if one were to know him.

Jaejoong is not patient.

And yet he was willing to listen to the little bat complain for a lot longer than he even cares to stay in the presence of most other vampires.

Jaejoong has never fed anyone.

And yet he hadn’t really given it a second thought when he had fed the tiny confused bat that first time.

Jaejoong has never actually felt aroused enough from feeding to induce a physical reaction - something that some vampires are addicted to.

And yet he had definitely felt something physical for the Turned even though he decided to ignore it. Thankfully the feeling seems to only be present when they are in their proper forms since he’s not actually sure how bats mate…

Male bats at that.

The vampire chuckles to himself as he sinks lower into the warm water, tilting his head back to wet his hair.

Staring at the ceiling, he can tick off one more thing relating to his odd reaction to the Turned.

Despite everything, Yunho genuinely makes him want to smile.

He knows it isn’t on purpose on the part of the newborn since he’s never actually met anyone, human or vampire that induced such a reaction from him.

Yunho is cute.

Very cute actually.

And it isn’t just his looks but his behaviour in general.

Jaejoong has also met many vampires in bat-form, and he is of the unbiased and objective opinion that Yunho is the cutest of them all.

He’s been resisting telling the Turned who appears to be constantly worried about his size, that his stature is directly linked to his vampire age. He will grow bigger as the years go by and eventually catch up with Jaejoong because you can only grow so large despite your years.

His father is larger than his mother though both have stopped growing long before Jaejoong was ever part of the family.

Perhaps Yunho’s eventual full size will be bigger than his since the man is physically bigger…in every expect.

The last view he had of his Turned brings forth a smirk.

Vampires are pretty much mostly about blood and lust.

Those books weren’t lying.

However, that is only representative of the first century of a vampire in most cases.

Once the hedonistic urges and a new vampire’s love for themselves and their newfound powers subside, most vampires would have either settled down somewhat or have grown less interested in the carnal and more self aware of their eternal existence which can get a little too much to handle for some.

Meetings with the sun are not uncommon.

Even vampires get depressed.

And so Jaejoong has never really led a life of excess.

Except for a couple score years where he needed to sow his wild oats so to speak, much to the eternal amusement of his mother who used to pop in at the most embarrassing of times just for kicks, he has been a pretty good vampire.

Jaejoong is frowning a little as he recalls the laughing intrusion of his mother at the worst of times when he was still young and unable to properly block her out when he hears a hesitant knock on the bathroom door.

He doesn’t move.

But the locked door does open of its own accord.

To reveal an open mouthed vampire with his fist up mid-knock.

“Wow…can I do that too?”

Jaejoong shrugs as he sits up, sloshing water all over the floor, watching the full length mirror in front of him. “You need to focus on the basics first before you start dabbling in the unnecessary. Learn to fly and maybe I’ll teach you how to open locked doors without touching them.”

Yunho frowns, shaking his head. “That’s ok. You can open the doors for us. I don’t need to learn that.”

The warm tingle Jaejoong feels at his words is smothered purposefully. He is not going to get his head turned by this whole bonded business. He is still a little skeptical about the whole thing.

“Do you remember how to maintain your reflection?”

“Of course,” the newbie vampire’s chest puffs up with pride, looking plenty chuffed about himself since it was one of the first things he picked up.

Jaejoong hums, still staring at the mirror. “Then why can’t I see you?”

“Oh,” the chest deflates immediately as Yunho closes his eyes and concentrates. “What about now?”

Cocking his head, as he starts trailing his hand through the clear water of his bath, Jaejoong hums again. “Why don’t you see for yourself.”

Yunho opens his eyes and takes a step towards the large bath in the middle of the bathroom, eyes flitting over the smooth back of the vampire before lifting to the mirror.

“I can’t see me but I can’t see you either. Is that a trick mirror?” he questions suspiciously, taking another step.

Even as he finishes his question, Jaejoong appears with a blink, startling the newborn.

“No tricks. Where are you Jung Jung Yunho?”

“I told you to call me Yunho,” the two-day old vampire grumbles. “And you should see me. I’m doing it exactly like you told me that first time and I appeared instantly! Are you sure you’re not tricking me?”

“What benefit would tricking you bring me?” Jaejoong questions, his tone just a tad snippy to hide the mild worry he feels. “If you’re a defective vampire, it reflects on me as well doesn’t it since I’m supposed to be teaching you?”

Yunho takes a step back as if he’s been hit, face crumpling, more so from the words than the tone because Jaejoong has been somewhat grouchy in general since they met but he did think it was getting better.

Apparently not.

“I…I’m sorry. I’ll…i’ll go practise or something. I’m sorry…”

“Be nice, son. He’s only a baby. And before you snip at me as well, I’m not going to bother you again, but you should probably feed him properly. All the little bat-sized sucking going on isn’t enough. That’s why his powers are all haywire. He needs sustenance and sleep, just like a real newborn so stop being such a prude.”

“Oh,” Jaejoong’s surprise is loud in the bathroom even as her laughter echoes in his mind, immediately contrite, and he stands without thinking. “Prude, Mother?” he questions disbelievingly, a little belatedly, but true to her word, she has left.

Yunho was about to back out of the bathroom when he gets a rather glorious view of the older vampire from the back.

“Oh hell…” he manages to whisper, but he is suddenly unable to move. The onset of lethargy is swift and his limbs feel like they weigh a ton. This is why he had knocked in the first place. He had been unpacking his clothes when he found his movements slowing almost to the point of not moving. It only happened in spurts but after the third time he decided to risk disturbing the older vampire to ask about it.

However as usual, he gets distracted before he can even remember why he knocked in the first place.

Jaejoong turns.

Yunho groans silently, unable to do anything about his condition, his eyes trying desperately to remain in a “safe” spot, but everything in front of him is anything but safe. He can see both the front and back view since Jaejoong has conveniently left his reflection up.

Arching his eyebrow in curiosity and amusement, Jaejoong studies the newborn and it takes him only a few seconds to realise that Yunho is in distress and unable to do anything about it.

The telltale shimmer and the older vampire is against the younger, wet nude body against dry and clothed, placing a hand against his cheek gently, his eyes showing an apology he will probably never vocalise properly even though his tone conveys it well enough.

“Hey, it’s ok. It’s happened to me before when my parents took me to some godforsaken place and there was no one for miles. I was barely a week old and they forgot I needed more sustenance than them.”

Yunho’s eyes are a little wild, but he reacts to the gentleness of the vampire’s words, and he relaxes minutely.

Jaejoong drops his fangs and bites into his wrist.

Moving to stand behind the newborn, he moves his arm into what looks like a chokehold, but presses his bleeding wrist to the silent vampire’s mouth instead.

Unable to get into any other position, he leans fully into the newborn as Yunho starts to drink. Pressing his own mouth against the back of a clothed shoulder and wrapping his other arm low around the Turned’s hard abdomen, the older vampire suddenly gets his own lesson in something.

Each pull.

Each suck.

That straight line to places he doesn’t want to think about is making itself damn well known.

And the worst thing about it is that he isn’t concerned as much over his rapidly hardening cock pressing into the back of the innocent newborn’s thigh slash ass, but rather the fact that he is fighting really hard to keep his fangs from dropping again and into the body of the young vampire.

He is damned if he doesn’t win this fight.

He hasn’t existed for 261 years to be schooled by a simple feed.

He has drunken more that night than he has in most nights and he shouldn’t need to feed again for a week at least.

There shouldn’t be any type of hunger to force his fangs out for a hunt.

But he forgets about that other type of hunger.

The type of hunger he has actually never felt because he has never been in any situation where he would have been subjected to it.

Lust is one thing.

A craving for flesh is another.

But this pure unadulterated hunger to consume…

Ripping his arm away, Jaejoong staggers back, pupils blown, nipples hard and body heavy with arousal.

Finally allowing his fangs to drop, the vampire snarls out an order.

“Stay here.”

Before Yunho can even fully turn, Jaejoong has transformed.

“Wait!” Yunho wipes at the trickle of blood at his chin as he calls out.

The large bat actually does wait, hovering in midair, his wings beating to maintain his position. The expression on the bat’s face is anything but friendly, but Yunho knows better.

Concentrating hard, Yunho transforms, but it is only half successful as he finds himself smothered in his own clothes again.

“I’m destined to be naked,” the tiny creature grumbles loudly as he bats away at the folds of cloth over his head.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m naked too,” the larger bat remarks as he lands next to the pile of clothes. The transformation has done what he thought it would, and wiped away all the weird feelings he had felt in his normal form, as if the transformation process has cleaned it away so to speak.

The little bat finally pokes through the neck of his tee-shirt, his expression a little gleeful. “It does make me feel better.”

“I bet it does,” the older bat mutters. “Why did you change anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Yunho answers honestly as he struggles out of his teeshirt and stumbles over the uneven folds of cloth to get to the other bat. “I just felt like you were upset and I didn’t want you to be upset alone.” He lets out a strangled squeak, no words necessary as he trips over his belt buckle and rolls right into the older bat.

Warmth once again sneaks in and rubs somewhere inside Jaejoong, and again he tries to temper and smother it. “You would have flown after me?” he adds a contrived note of incredulity even as he bends over and nudges the tiny baby bat boy upright.

Uninvited, yet somehow knowing he won’t be rejected, Yunho steps up against Jaejoong and hops onto the bigger bat, tiny claws clutching for purchase and hugs him, nuzzling into the other creature’s furry chest, feeling nice and protected. “I don’t know. I might have fallen out of the window and hope you’d rescue me or something. If you need to fly, you can go. I’ll just stay here and try not to throw up.”

“Bat boy…”

Baby bat boy,” Yunho corrects, before he realises what he’s done and he chitters in embarrassment, burrowing even more against Jaejoong who is laughing.

“Alright, baby bat boy. How about we have a small flying lesson in here? I don’t have to go out to fly but I do need to expend some energy before we have to sleep.”

“But I’m so nice and warm…” Yunho complains, his claws digging in a little more as he cements his hold on the larger bat. “You smell nice.”

A strange expression crosses the bigger bat’s face as he feels the younger bat try to get closer.

“Are you still thirsty?”

“No…” the newborn replies honestly. “I’m never actually thirsty…or hungry. I just think you smell good and I want to keep tasting you.”

“Do…” Jaejoong pauses, before deciding that this form is really about as safe as it can get. For him anyway. “Do you want to feed?”

The little bat draws his head back, his eyes wide in his small face, the surprise and pleasure in his eyes is unmistakable. “Can I?”


The little bat beams a very sharp and pointy smile before bending his head to take the vampire up on his offer, but he pauses just before his fangs break skin.

Tilting his head back up, there is curiosity in his eyes now. “Why are you letting me? You told me vampires feed on humans not vampires.”

“Can you feed on humans?”

The adorable little baby bat makes such an ugly face of disgust that Jaejoong starts laughing again.

“You can’t even bear the thought. I can’t have you starving now can I?”

Shrugging, the infant doesn’t question his good fortune again, fangs sinking into the older bat’s chest, he feeds with a contented sigh.

It doesn’t take very long before the tiny creature with its much more limited capacity for drinking has once again fed himself into a coma.

“I really don’t know what to do with you,” Jaejoong sighs before taking off towards his closet and the secret chamber within it.

He lands gently in the middle of the coffin, managing relatively easily this time to dislodge the sleeping bat who chitters softly and rolls over, wrapping himself in his own wings.

It’s still pretty early for him to go to sleep, but judging from the loud squeaky snores coming from his coffin-mate, baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho is down for the count.

Jaejoong flies out of the room to do his usual checks around the apartment, securing it for the day, before he reenters the sealed room, the steel door swishing quietly behind him and lands next to the snoring bat who hasn’t moved.

The vampire transforms back, not at all keen at sleeping in his creature form. The lid of the coffin drops over his head, the darkness and confined space comforting as he spends the next couple of hours or so before dawn wondering about a great many things.

His primary thoughts are wholly centred around the happily snoring little bat that is currently asleep sprawled out rather contentedly on his chest.

How he got there, Jaejoong will feign ignorance if asked.

Even as he starts to drowse, he feels the smug push of a familiar touch in his mind.

“Stop fighting it."

“I hate castles, Mother. And didn’t you say you’d leave me alone? I think you’ve dropped in more times in the last 48 hours than you have in months. Are you sure you didn’t want to adopt Yunho as your own?”

“I didn’t have to when you’re going to manage that all on your own.”

Her laughter is Jaejoong’s final memory as he struggles at trying to capture her strange words, giving up the fight as the sun’s inexorable rise presses down on him and forces him into slumber.

AN1: I think I’m going to be claiming a prompt pretty late. I haven’t checked the spreadsheet since the first time it went up and every spare moment I have is spent writing Turned lol which was originally a prompt I submitted anyway so it’s a little weird…

AN2: Hahaha now they’re both naked lmao wth. It was bound to happen…

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Every time I read about baby bat Yunho drinking from Jaejoong's chest, the image in my head is Minnieball drinking milk from Jaejoong and not letting go.

The hunger that Jaejoong has from Yunho will probably get more worst from here on. I wonder how long will it take before he caves in. Already he sees Yunho as cute and is starting to want to consume him.

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