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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [6]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN: This is the longest chapter yet hmmm…also written in parts a little disjointedly cos some parts came before others and I had to jigsaw puzzle it all together. If there is a hanging paragraph in there somewhere that seems to not have an end, let me know please cos I didn’t re-read this. Your indulgence towards my shortcomings is appreciated.

Jaejoong feels the very light brush of leathery wings across the tip of his nose. He can feel the power of the sun diminishing acutely, and he knows that his Turned in his little bat form feels it even less. Many of their kind are able to slumber comfortably in a mere cave as long as they are in their creature form for they are affected less by the only thing that can kill them.

Silver does nothing. He even has a myriad of pure silver accessories to thumb his nose at that misconception.

A stake through the heart might be a little uncomfortable, but nothing a full feed cannot repair. He is pretty sure such a thing wouldn’t even register as a tickle on his parents, though he really would feel sorry for whichever misinformed humans that attempt something like that on them.

And speaking of misinformed (formerly) humans…

He feels the brush of paper thin wings again and he opens his eyes to find himself face-to-entire-body with the baby.

Yunho is practically cross-eyed and Jaejoong has to fight the urge to smile.

Instead, he inserts a measure of belligerence in his tone.

“Why did you wake me?”

The little bat doesn’t reply, seemingly content to continue to stare.

Even as Jaejoong watches, the wee bat passes his wing lazily over his nose again, the feather-light touch tickling his senses and invoking an odd sense of peacefulness within the older vampire that seems to be trying to make up for all the madness of the past 48 hours. The clumsy insertion and intrusion of the Turned into his life has definitely unsettled his normal existence, but in some strangely insidious way, it has also made Jaejoong feel like himself. The part of him he keeps suppressed because it’s easier, much to the annoyance of his mother who always tries to poke it to the surface.

And in some profound way, it makes him feel more alive.

Well, as alive as one of the undead can be.

The tiny creature does it again.

Caressing the tip of Jaejoong’s nose with his wing.

His movement blocks the vampire’s view of his face for a second but when he puts his wing down, his expression is still the same.

His gaze never wavers, staring intently at his adopted Maker as if trying to figure him out.

Or persuade the vampire to fall into him.

“Baby boy…” Jaejoong voice is quietly intimate in the darkness and confined space. “…what are you doing?” Jaejoong doesn’t realise that the little bat’s soft caresses have peeled away slowly at his mindfulness at not showing how he truly feels. His voice is curious with a healthy measure of affection.

The tiny bat’s nose twitches at the vampire’s words, that cute reaction is followed by the most adorable ear wiggles as he closes his eyes and scrunches his nose again, a wave of simple pleasure at the affection directed at him enveloping his little body making him feel inexplicably happy and cared for.

Shivering at the intensity of the feelings, his eyes fly open when he feels Jaejoong’s hand covering him, having mistaken his shiver for physical discomfort.

“Are you cold, baby?”

He shakes his head, feeling the heat in his cheeks as he lowers his eyes, suddenly feeling shy, wondering if he the older vampire meant the noun as an endearment or as mere fact.

Nuzzling against the juncture of the vampire’s thumb and index finger, he can smell the blood underneath the thin skin, just a little out of reach and he chitters needfully, drawn to the intoxicating scent.

As if reading his mind, Jaejoong moves his hand up slightly till that soft skin is against his mouth.

“You can feed if you want. You really haven’t had enough.”

Jaejoong feels the soft prick and he smiles in the darkness, closing his eyes as the little bat suckles his hand. Not really feeling inclined to leave the protection of the casket despite the sun being well and truly gone, the vampire lets his guard down and dozes while his tiny charge feeds on him.

He isn’t sure of the hour when he wakes again, laying on his back this time. Sending his…batty senses out, he is a little surprised to find that it is almost midnight.

A soft squeaky snore right by his ear startles him momentarily. Baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho is quite literally a hair’s breadth away from being pressed against his ear.

The fact that he isn’t makes the vampire feel a little strange.

Like he cannot decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Deciding to ignore all these weird silent questions going on in his mind, he unlocks the coffin and raises the lid.

Sitting up in the dim room, he stretches and yawns before transforming into a bat and taking off to stretch out his creature form.

He does several laps around the small room, doing tight loop-the-loops and spinning from the ceiling to the floor, pulling out of the dive just in time before soaring out again. There is normally no need for these acrobatics, but since he cannot soar out into the night properly while his charge is asleep since he doesn’t want another incident like the previous night, he’ll take whatever exercise he can get.

On his next pass by the coffin, he notices the tiny bat stirring.

Doing a couple more laps around the perimeter of the room, essentially gliding just mere centimetres from the walls, he finally comes in to land gracefully just as the little bat finds his feet and flaps out his wings, shaking them out vigorously as if readying himself for exciting things to come, something evidenced by his glowing eyes.

“Can you teach me to fly like that?”

“Not yet. One thing at a time,” Jaejoong shakes his head and is amused as a full on pout materialises on the infant’s face, the tiny bat’s nose quivering.

“Why not?”

“I don’t think your pea sized bat brain has the capacity to handle too many lessons my little baby boy,” the vampire bat remarks with a laugh, his tone is lightly teasing and full of affection. “First, you need the basics of flying. Flailing like a fat pheasant with a broken wing doesn’t count.”

If anything, the little bat’s pout becomes even more pronounced, though his shining eyes betray his pleasure at being treated affectionately once again.

“I don’t know what a pheasant is but it doesn’t sound very complimentary, and I’m not fat! Ok, teach me how to fly now then.”


Huffing loudly at the rather firm refusal the little bat dramatically whips his wings back, nearly smacking himself in the face as he wraps his wings around himself, then topples over with a hilariously shrill squeak from his momentum.

Jaejoong’s snort of laughter is loud indeed.

Embarrassed and a little put out at being laughed at, Yunho closes his eyes and grumbles loudly, “I’m not leaving this bed.” He refuses to even open his eyes as he feels the bigger bat taking flight, the breeze from his take off buffeting him and making him feel even more like perhaps he should go looking for worms in the garden or something.

“Suit yourself,” comes the airy and still amused response as the steel door swishes open and the larger bat flies out without a second look.

Yunho cracks open an eye, sending his batty senses out, only to realise to his dismay that Jaejoong had really left him.

In fact, his vampire carer had left the penthouse altogether, currently flying up and over the apartment building, and even higher still, spiralling upwards until Yunho cannot follow him anymore which is mildly alarming when Yunho can sense up to five hundred feet in any direction if he concentrates.

Huffing again, the tiny baby bat boy pouts in the dim light of the room, tightening his wings around his small body, refusing to move.

It’s out of principle really.

He did say he wasn’t leaving the bed.

Though his attention span or lack thereof doesn’t quite survive his resolution.


Jaejoong is unsurprised to find his day chamber empty on his return from stretching out his wings properly and going for a quick feed. He had stayed in bat form for the feed but finding a sleeping human is easy.

Transforming as he enters the bathroom, still as nude as he was yesterday, he doesn’t miss the fact that his shower is already occupied and someone has figured out how to operate the sound system in the bathroom.

The familiar strains of an electric keyboard echo around the cavernous bathroom.

Don't ask me…
What you know is true
Don't have to tell you…
I love your precious blood

Jaejoong bites his lip when Yunho ad-libbed, but he remains silent, mesmerised by the Turned’s voice.

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart

The less familiar vocals accompanying the original song is strong, overpowering both the splash of water from the shower onto the tiles, and the vocals of the long-dead singer of the song.

Cocking his head thoughtfully at the shadow behind the frosted glass of the shower door, Jaejoong wonders if the song was chosen accidentally or by design because it is pretty much perfect, just as Yunho launches into the second part of the song.

We could live…
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I'd make wine from your blood

Jaejoong’s eyebrow goes up at that ad-lib.

You told me
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know ho-o-o-o-o-o-owwwwwwww

Jaejoong can’t take it.

That howling ad-lib at the end complete with over-the-top melodramatic angst yet somehow still staying on pitch. Add the fact that he can actually see Yunho using the shower head as his microphone for the climactic end breaks through whatever stoicism or distance he was trying to keep up and he bursts out laughing.

Well, guffawing might be more appropriate.

He is laughing so hard he hunches down next to the bath to lean against the cool tiles to get some semblance of support, unable to keep himself upright from his laughter.

The song cuts off abruptly and the shower is turned off, the only remaining sound in the bathroom is the broken sound of the vampire’s laughter which dies away slowly though not quite surely.

A little too slowly for Yunho’s liking.

“This is all your fault.”

“M-my f-f-fa-fault?” Jaejoong barely manages to get the words out before dissolving into another fit of laughter.

“I don’t know how to fly,” Yunho’s tone is so sulky and put upon, as if the weight of the whole world is on his shoulders and then some.

“Y-yes,” Jaejoong bites back another fit of laughter, clearing his throat as he regains his composure. “You certainly…don't know ho-o-o-o-o-o-owwwwwwww” he sings, unable to resist, chuckling again at the end of his version of Yunho’s rendition of INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart. “Nice ad-libs by the way.”

Yunho decides not to dignify that with any type of response.

In fact, he decides that he’s going to remain in the shower till he’s a wrinkly prune and even then he won’t leave it.

Turning the water back on, he stands directly under the powerful shower head, hoping to drown the older vampire out. He starts making a very long list of silent grievances as to how Jaejoong seems to be failing in his duties.

He cannot fly.

He cannot feed.

He apparently cannot maintain a proper reflection.

He hasn’t practised mesmerising since that first day because he hasn’t really been out.

He cannot even walk properly without hitting a wall due to some random acceleration he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of. He still has to tell Jaejoong about the carafe of blood he knocked over in the kitchen.

His thoughts meander a little as he remembers the incident because for the first time, the smell of blood hadn’t turned him off. In fact, the rich sweetness of the scent reminds him of Jaejoong but it is different enough for him to know that the blood isn’t his minder’s.

He cannot distinguish human blood for it all smells foul to him.

Which begs the question, whose blood is it?

Tucking away that query to the back of his mind, he continues on his list.

Well, the end of the list really because who can forget the very important fact that Jaejoong has decided to skip teaching him how to transform properly.

Blushing at that thought, he forces away the embarrassment and the slight twinge of strange feelings the memory of the vampire’s words and the way he was when he said it, brings forth.

“Maybe i’ll skip that part of the lesson for awhile.”

Tilting his burning face towards the cascade of water, he blindly seeks the tap to turn the warm water cold.

Gooseflesh blooms across his skin and he drops his hand, never quite touching the faucet as he feels a familiar presence behind him.

“Most people shower alone,” his tone is resigned, mostly to hide the fact that his goosebumps are of the pleasurable kind.

“I never said I was showering. I’m just…enjoying the view.”

Yunho’s hands automatically move to his ass in a rather belated attempt to cover himself but at the very last moment, decides against it, his hands dropping to his side, fisting lightly before he forcibly makes himself relax.

Jaejoong’s mouth quirks, but he doesn’t take another step closer, nor do his eyes stray back to the curve of the Turned’s ass and his muscular thighs.

Such a good vampire.

His father would be proud.

His mother? Not so much…

“Weren’t you staying in bed?”

“Spending the entire night in bed alone without you didn’t seem that appealing after a few minutes.”

Jaejoong arches a perfect eyebrow at the Turned’s words. “Is that so?” he drawls out, making each word run into the next.

His tone makes the younger vampire frown before his eyes widen and he turns, shaking his head. “No, no, no, I didn’t mean it that way. I mean I got lonely after you left because you’re always in bed with me and—“

“I see,” Jaejoong cuts off the babbling Turned with a smirk.

“What? No! I don’t mean— I mean…I don’t mean— Oh hell I can’t think with you standing there like that.”

Jaejoong makes a show of glancing down at himself, and then pointedly does a rather leisurely perusal of the blushing vampire from the tips of his toes and up his calves…past his knees and hello.

“Can’t think, huh? Looks like you’re thinking just fine…care to share your thoughts, vampire?”

“How do you do that?”

Jaejoong rests the side of his head against the glass panel of the shower and takes in the furiously blushing Turned who is surprisingly still standing his ground despite everything. No missish squeaking and fleeing because he is nude. Yunho’s dark almond eyes are wide, and the shyness within them stark, and yet there is a gleam of determination that stirs his blood and if he is willing to admit it, his lust.

“Do what?”

Yunho’s eyes are steady as he takes a step out of the stream of water towards the other. He has quite literally nothing to lose in challenging the older vampire, but he also has absolutely no idea of what the prize is for he is going into this completely blind. However after the upheaval of the past two nights, the brief time alone has allowed him to find himself so to speak, and he seems to have remembered a semblance of his character from his former human life.

He is willing to take a chance and face the unknown head on.

That step of no return, when you decide that taking on grade 5 rapids were a good idea despite the fifteen metre stomach churning drop that you know is along the way. A drop that will submerge the raft and everyone in it, that long few seconds where the force of the water cascading over the top of the falls will keep you pinned down and you wonder whether you will ever resurface, giving the drop the nickname Reaper’s Embrace.

You will feel like you’re halfway to hell as your lungs burn to take a breath and you cannot see anything except churning water, completely lost as to which way is up, but the exhilaration of surviving the gut-wrenching fall and popping out from underneath the weight of the water is beyond compare.

The relief of survival is short-lived because downstream, a set of fifteen foot waves are set to buffet your already beleaguered raft and crew, where one wrong paddle could send you straight into oblivion. Ghostrider it is called for rafts have been known to completely disappear under the mountains of froth and white water as they fight to stay on course, sometimes paddling blind and praying for salvation.

Yunho has made decisions that have had no guarantee of him coming out of it unscathed except for a quiet conviction that he will do his best even if the odds are stacked against him.

Even though he cannot remember the details of his former life.

As a person, he has not changed.

What’s the worse that could happen? He’s already undead.

“You know what.”

Jaejoong tilts his head to look up at the taller man. His eyes are searching, taking in the taut jaw, the reddened cheeks and the honest fight he can see within his eyes.

Yunho isn’t fighting to conceal his confusion or feelings.

He seems to be fighting about what to do about it for in those eyes he sees a mute plea.

“What do you want from me?” Jaejoong asks quietly, eyes not leaving his Turned’s.

This time it is Yunho’s turn to search the older vampire’s eyes.

He doesn’t see the annoyance and frustration that characterised their first night.

Nor does he see the worry and spurts of amusement of their second night.

This is their third night and all he truly remembers is affection.

Pure and unconcealed affection in their bed.

Yunho doesn’t see affection in Jaejoong’s eyes right now though.

He sees something more.

“I want you to be honest,” he finally replies, eyes sliding over the pale features of the vampire. “Don’t hide from me. I know I’m picking things up really slowly, but I don’t think I can progress properly if I can’t trust your reactions or what you really think of me either.”

“You think I’m hiding things?”

“Aren’t you?” Yunho feels like he is falling off a cliff and hoping the other knows to catch him. “You’re so…” he pauses, breaking eye contact for a moment as he tilts his head back to stare up at the ceiling, actually wishing for a moment that the vampire can read his mind because it’s a confused jumble and he can barely make sense of what he is trying to say. Dropping his chin, eyes searching for the other’s and as they meet, he completes his sentence though he knows it isn’t very enlightening. “…confusing.”

There is that plea again within the dark depths of his eyes.

A plea for help.

However Jaejoong isn’t sure he knows how to help because if he’s being honest, he needs a bit of help himself.

The water has been running the whole time, and to avoid those eyes and perhaps to figure out if he can be honest, Jaejoong nudges past the taller vampire to take his place under the warm spray.

Yunho moves aside without protest, turning and propping a shoulder against a tiled wall. He is acutely aware of their nudity, but Jaejoong as always doesn’t seem perturbed at all, and he takes his cues from the vampire. It helps that his body has calmed down and he is not quite as embarrassed as he initially was. He’s also noticed that Jaejoong’s eyes don’t stray lower than his shoulders and that surprising observation has actually helped to relax him further whether the older vampire did it purposefully or not.

He watches Jaejoong tilt his head back, allowing the water to flow over his face, the sheen of water doing absolutely nothing to hide the fact that his vampire minder is really handsome.

Or beautiful.

Maybe gorgeous would be the more appropriate.

He keeps his gaze polite, though his eyes do drop a little lower than Jaejoong’s, brushing across the vampire’s pink nipples, pebbled despite the warm water. He feels the gooseflesh erupting again across his body and he shivers, raising his eyes back up to find himself under bemused scrutiny.

“Do you like what you see?”


Yunho pauses, staring into Jaejoong’s dark doe eyes, trying to find some type of hint that will help him figure out how to answer the question, but even as he searches, he remembers his own plea towards the other vampire.

I want you to be honest.


Jaejoong’s eyebrow goes up a fraction. “If…yes?”

Yunho chuckles quietly, the sound muted as he turns away to lean fully against the cool tiled wall. Lifting his hand, he takes liberties, running a heavy finger blindly from the top of Jaejoong’s shoulder, moving it along the wet skin slowly, feeling the dense musculature beneath the smooth porcelain skin.

He only stops when he reaches the vampire’s wrist.

Replacing his finger with his thumb, he circles the spot where he knows he took his first drink.

Circling Jaejoong’s wrist lightly with his hand, he continues to rub circles with his thumb at that spot

Closing his eyes, there is a hint of a smile as he starts to speak, his thumb never stopping its gentle caress.

“Your smell seems to seep into my skin, as if trying to take root within me and mark me as yours. Even when you’re gone, I can smell you on me and though it’s not the exact same scent, it’s definitely you.” Pressing the pad of his thumb down briefly on where he drank from him, he continues to speak. “You don’t smell like the humans you drink, so why do I smell like you?” His thumb starts to circle again as he continues, not waiting for an answer. “I like smelling like you. It makes me feel like you’re mine, and I’m yours so yes.” He opens his eyes and turns towards the silent vampire. “I do like what I see and I think you like what you see too.”

Jaejoong makes a decision.

He decides that maybe his mother is right.

What use is a fight when the prize is in losing?

Twisting his wrist, he wraps his hand around Yunho’s wrist instead.

The startled expression on the taller Turned’s face is quite a picture especially when Jaejoong tugs the larger vampire towards him and his features show brief alarm at being so easily manipulated.

Having more than a measure of control over his strength, and from age alone, very much stronger than the three-day old Turned, his other hand stays the young vampire’s momentum, placed gently against his damp chest, he stops Yunho from colliding with him before pulling him under the spray of the rain shower.

The water raining down over their heads is a necessary distraction because Jaejoong is unsure what will happen when he stops fighting and he doesn’t want to scare his vampire into the next city.

Running his nose along the taller vampire’s tense jaw towards his ear, the move a mere affectation for he knows he could whisper from the next room and Yunho would be able to hear him if he was listening.

“Tell me…tell me how do you know I like what I see, baby boy?”

Yunho drops his chin, shivering once again at the pleasure the vampire’s endearment has wrought on his entire body. He bends slightly, his nose barely ghosting over the flesh so tantalising close, somehow having strength enough to stop himself from exploring that intoxicating scent further. Each inhale is like a form of torture, and the vampire simply stops breathing altogether when he realises all he wants to do is sink his fangs into Jaejoong’s neck.

“I felt you last night. When you let me drink from you in this form, I felt you against me.”

Jaejoong curls the tip of his tongue around the Turned’s lobe, tasting water and the scent of his bonded. “You were in much the same state the first time you drank, remember?”

“I remember,” Yunho’s voice is a hoarse whisper. “All…All I want is your honesty.”

“And my blood,” the words rolling off the older vampire’s tongue like a sensual promise that he can have it all.

Yunho swallows thickly, unable to deny that simple fact.

Leaning back with eyes as black as night, pupils blown to hell, Jaejoong gazes up at the young vampire. “Is that all you want from me? I can give you my blood and nothing else.”

Yunho shakes his head, something within him constricting acutely at those words, his insides twisting painfully in denial of those words, feeling the agony when even his body protests at the thought of getting nothing more than blood.

Jaejoong is more than that.

So much more.


“You’re in pain,” the older vampire observes, feeling it himself when he offered Yunho just his blood and nothing else, as if he is being punished for the unspoken lie, but he says nothing about that.

“I need you…” the confession spills forth as an anguished whisper, Yunho’s eyes wide, deciding to hell with it. He’s feeling things he doesn’t understand, the intensity of it near bringing him to his knees. “Even thinking of tomorrow without you is something my brain seems to rebel against. How can this be when you’re not my Maker?”

Makers don’t have such a connection with their Turned.”

“Then wh—“ Yunho’s words die in his throat as he feels Jaejoong’s palm, formerly against his chest, caress lower, fingers playing a soundless tune over the cut muscles of his abdominals. He cannot actually decide whether he wants that hand to go lower or to stay where it is.

Each strum.

Each light pluck.

The most beautiful soundless music Yunho has ever heard.

The vampire hums, staring at the paling Turned.

His pinky brushes against the softest velvet and Yunho sways on his feet, suddenly feeling lightheaded.

“I think you need to feed,” the older vampire observes with a small smile.

Yunho opens his mouth to respond, but nothing comes out.

“You haven’t drunk enough for your body to deal with the fact that all the blood has just emptied into one body part.” Jaejoong’s tone is very lightly teasing, and he is quite surprised to see a very slight tinge of pink in his bonded’s cheeks. “Ah…but you have enough to blush.” Tilting his head and drawing attention to the long graceful line of his jaw and neck, the older vampire closes his eyes and licks his damp lips. “Drink.”

Almond-shaped eyes as black as night, pupils blown to hell, gaze at the water beaded on the pale skin, the droplets constantly washed away and replaced by the still going rain shower.

His vampire sight shows him the thick carotid beneath smooth skin and the blood flowing within the plump artery.

Drawing his eyes away, they move to another point of interest.

Back and forth, his gaze wavers.

And then he decides.

Stepping forward.

Yunho bends his head.

And licks at Jaejoong’s plump mouth.

AN: Can you handle what I’m about to do…? ;-)

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