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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [7]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN1: I’ve had some serious work issues on three different continents and I know I haven’t been around and will likely not be around much for the rest of the month. This also the longest chapter yet again haha. Oh well, I guess economy of words is not something I bother to excel in while writing.

AN2: Also…a reminder of what vampires are really like…to me anyway… And Yunho’s blond hair threw me for most of yesterday morning :D And then 24hrs later he’s looking like a vampire in his all-black outfit and bright blond hair…idek anymore…

“Layla, don’t do it.”

The female vampire pouts at the handsome older man waving his finger at her, his knowing crimson gaze is familiar, having been subject to its power for too many years to take note. She feels nothing for her companion has not used his powers, but she knows he will if she pushes too hard.

This is their son though, and he has always given her free rein over him.

“I just want to check on them and make sure—“

“They’re fine,” he interrupts, shaking his head and chuckling quietly. “First, you predicted dire consequences about their introduction. Then you were convinced that he would rather meet the sun than deal with a blundering fool of a Turned whose lack of knowledge was in part our fault. And now when we’re both quite certain neither of them are going to try meeting the sun in the near or distant future, why do you still need to check on them?”

He smiles as the ruby red pout deepens even further, contrasting starkly with her milky white skin and jet black hair. Layla wasn’t misnamed, a beauty of the night and a wild child of the desert, he had to have her when he saw her all those years ago in the dark, desolate lands on the edges of Persia. While she near drives him insane sometimes with her rather wanton traits and intrinsically stubborn nature, her fierce loyalty and absolute devotion to her family has saved his own hide on more than one occasion. She will not stand for anyone questioning his authority or messing with their son which is one of the reasons Jaejoong prefers staying away.

For those who know the truth, it could be said that Layla was the original Blood Countess, but only when offended or angered. Her early years as a Turned were unfortunately steeped in blood. It was a lawless time and their kind were few and far between so he had let her run wild, knowing that caging her would mean losing her despite their tenuous bond. It was Layla who brought it to their attention that a vampire could become addicted to blood, and she was the first vampire to self-report her addiction. While she has long tamped her desires and learned to manage them, she never bothers holding back when angered.

Her bond to him had taken a very long time to meld for a bonded pair. While she prefers to drink from him, her lust for blood meant that when she felt like it, she could also be quite indiscriminate when he wasn’t around.

It was like trying to tame the night.

Try telling the moon to stay behind the clouds when she wants to shine, and the stars to disappear when all they want is to bask in their own beauty. And when you forget that the night can also turn on you quickly, the dark clouds coming in to obscure whatever light there was to be had, leaving you blind for the skies are the deepest black with not a single star to guide you, then your predicament will become clear.

As the Council’s sole executioner for over a millennium, vampire blood is what she normally spills rather than human. Bleeding them out so they cannot run when the sun comes to take them, and she revels in her duties. Her skills were recognised fairly early on and though much younger than him, she had raised to a position of power before he did.

And her infamy amongst their ranks allows for a fairly peaceful reign now that he is where he is.

He does not fear her for they are bonded, and if it really came down to it, his powers are stronger. However he does have moments of occasional concern especially when she goes head to head with their extremely independent son. It is probably both their faults, for their traits are in their blood and Jaejoong has fed from them both. Their son doesn’t like to be “coddled” as he so eloquently put in one stormy winter’s night when he was barely a score old, not really seeing his little tantrum for what it was. He knows Layla’s close eye over Jaejoong is borne out of fear and until she admits it to their son properly, they will be forever at odds over her constant meddling.

To Jaejoong’s credit, he seems to have learned how to deal with his mother over the years.

While he still stays away, he doesn’t complain about her “drop-ins” and at times, seems rather willing to have lengthy long-distance conversations with her no matter where he is or what he is doing.

He remembers an occasion over a century ago that still makes him shake his head at both of them.

Layla had dropped in on their son mid-coitus, and Jaejoong had continued speaking with her as if he was in the middle of a gentleman’s club playing cards or some such. He’d only been clued up on it because she kept laughing rather than actually speaking. Curious, he’d decided to “drop-in” himself and well, let’s just say he hadn’t really needed to know that much about their son’s sexual preferences.

He knew Jaejoong didn’t mind either sex.

But both at the same time?

Well, he definitely got that trait from his mother. His own blood is innocent of that particular predilection.

Probably considered a prude by most vampires, the fact that the blond Viking’s bonded lover is Layla has amused many over the years. Some have tried to entice her from him, only to meet their end by her own hand for while she is a capricious companion, and has kept him on his toes for almost three thousand years, she is only his. No single day has been the same for she is as unpredictable and as dangerous as the windy seas of the Irminger, and as deadly and stormy as the Southern Ocean.

There is the briefest of shimmers, and then her lush body is pressed up against him, dressed in the reddest silk negligee that hides next to nothing, her state of en déshabillé despite the cold and drafty tower room of the castle they are in is something that amuses her.

Guests have been known to stare and do her bidding without thought, for she has no true need to mesmerise, her body doing it for her, vampires and humans are victims alike. When arguing, he vastly prefers to do so in creature form where she isn’t quite as able to distract.

“You do know I don’t need your permission…” she purrs, licking a stripe up the length of his throat just over his carotid before she blows teasingly over the damp skin, the airy touch easily dropping his protests and whatever defences he may still have. “But you can distract me if you want…”

Her mouth hovers over the cool skin of his throat, and he can feel the soft puffs of breath and he smiles, holding her elbows gently, there is a mild disturbance in the air as he moves. Leaning back against the heavily pitted brick wall of the centuries old castle and tilting his neck in the barest of invitations, he stares out the sole window into the darkness beyond as the sting of her fangs pierce his skin and desire fills his body.


Yunho is startled but unsurprised to find himself pinned against the bathroom wall, and it takes him a couple more seconds to realise that Jaejoong had pushed him right through the glass panel of the shower, its fragments now scattered before him, the shower still going.

Even as he thinks it, he can hear the tiny creak of the faucet turning, and the sound of running water ceases as the shower turns itself off right before his eyes.

The bathroom is absolutely silent.

All he can think of is how Yunho was that first night, innocently asking for more of his blood.

So much for never when he now basically offers up his blood to the baby Turned without him even needing to ask for it. The fact that it is already extremely odd that Yunho never seems hungry or thirsty is beside the point.

“I just think you smell good and I want to keep tasting you.”

Jaejoong tries to physically repress the sudden surge of arousal the memory those words bring, but it is like the dam has been breached in his mind and the trickle of the inevitable slowly pouring through cannot be stopped.

No vampire that he has ever known would choose anything else over blood.

Not even him.

His Turned has managed to surprise him again and this is not a good thing.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The question is hushed but there is an undeniable hint of menace in the vampire’s tone.

Yunho drops his eyes and the feral gaze in Jaejoong’s eyes takes his breath away.

Licking his lips nervously, he opens his mouth to speak but not much comes out apart from a single letter.


Taking a step closer, pressing his aroused body against Yunho’s, their cocks frotting in greeting, Jaejoong’s eyes are gleaming, red skirting the edges of the deep darkness of his blown pupils.

“Shall I tell you a story about Turned who get in over their head and don’t survive the night?”

His voice a seductive whisper, the quality of it so intimate that Yunho can feel his cock twitching despite the mildly threatening words, rubbing against the other vampire’s silky steel length.

The contact freezes him momentarily and he swallows audibly, eyes wide like an antelope caught in headlights. He tries to speak again and for the second time, eloquence eludes him.


Turned who don’t know what they’re asking for and yet ask for it anyway should be punished,” he hisses the last word. Unbeknownst to him, in a move that imitates his mother’s earlier actions, he licks a stripe up against the weak and barely filled carotid of the Turned. “If I bite you now,” he mouths the words against the curved of the Turned’s ear before drawing back, his fangs bared, eyes more red than black now. “You won’t survive.”

Yunho’s mind is blank.

Blissfully blank.

His fangs are down as well, responding to the hunger in Jaejoong’s eyes and the warning caress of his words. Licking his lips once again, he is careless and nicks himself on his fang.

The bead of blood is small, watery even, for the Turned really hasn’t drunk enough in the last three days, each feed either thwarted or bat-sized which isn’t enough to sustain him in his normal form.

Jaejoong’s eyes are zeroed in on the droplet, and the fight within him is the biggest one yet as a scent like the call of the siren assails his senses.

Taste me.

Tame me.

Take me.

His Turned doesn’t seem to have a single iota of self preservation and if the predator is someone other than Jaejoong, he would be long gone.

And that makes him feel the first tendrils of true fear, and this in turn makes him angry.

Pressing his body even further against Yunho’s, the tiles behind the taller man’s broad back cracking slowly at the force he is exerting, his eyes are like pinpoints of fire as he speaks.

“Do you have any idea what I could do to you right now?” he hisses again, the fear and anger melding together and making his tongue loose as he runs the back of his finger down Yunho’s cheek in a mockery of a caress. “You are weak and pathetic and you wouldn’t even be able to fight off a Turned your age who has likely fed much more than you have in the past three days. You turn down sustenance when offered, and for what? A kiss?”

Jaejoong leans in and takes a heavy lick of the Turned’s pouty bottom lip, feeling the young vampire shudder against him and despite everything, Yunho tries to lean down and taste more.

“I offer you my blood, and you want my mouth instead. Are you really broken?” Jaejoong lifts his hand away from Yunho’s cheek and knocks at the Turned’s hard skull. “Is there anything going on in there? Are you confused about what vampires need?” he asks, his voice curling cruelly in line with his actions, but he is doing it intentionally. Anyone else would be far worse, for he knows his own kind. They will not hesitate to torture a Turned without its Maker if they can get away with it for they are much more fun to play with than weak humans who die much too quickly and easily.

Yunho manages to shake his head. His face deathly pale but there is conviction in his eyes for he knows he speaks the truth. “Just you…I only need you.”

Pulling back in disgust and barely controlled need himself, Jaejoong’s voice rings in the bathroom, his frustration so loud that it briefly rekindles the bond to both his parents who are otherwise occupied, causing both to pause.

His eyes are blazing as he cups his Turned’s hollow cheeks and forces their eyes to meet. “You need blood. You need to feed and before I force it down your stubborn throat, by all Hell Jung Jung Yunho, drink now,” he practically roars.

The response is quick and Jaejoong punches the already cracked tiled wall clean through, forcing a passage between his walk-in and the bathroom.

A tiny little bat shrieks in terror as pieces of tile and plaster rain down around him, all narrowly missing him for his paper-thin wings will not save him. Shuddering and shaking as the destruction ends, he lowers his wings and blinks tearfully up at Jaejoong from the floor, shaking his fuzzy head disappointedly, he turns away to shuffle disconsolately out the bathroom.

Still naked.

Still frustrated.

Still painfully aroused.

Jaejoong is pissed as hell.

Refusing to change into bat form so he can communicate with the stubborn thing, he simply picks it up along the way, ignoring its angry screeches and shrieks and sends a call to his mother.

“Jaejoong, I’m busy. What do you want?”

“How the hell do you feed this stupid thing?” The vampire asks as he sits on his bed, glaring at the little bat who has finally deigned to settle on his palm with a grouchy look on his tiny cute face.

He gets a sharp nip to his thumb for that, the sulking little bat is really annoyed as well. He’ll drink if and when he wants to and he doesn’t want to drink. Why is that so difficult to understand? He told Jaejoong this already. What’s wrong with kissing anyway?

He lays on his back on Jaejoong’s palm, wings unfurled, staring up at the ceiling and refusing to acknowledge his adopted Maker’s existence or his one-sided complaint to his mother.

He chitters a snide comment.

If Jaejoong were in bat-form, he would understand what the brave little thing has just called him and there would definitely be hell to pay.

Mommy’s boy.

Layla sighs and explains the problem to her bed mate.

The blond vampire merely shrugs, as he lays his head on her bare breast and traces the path between the valley of her voluptuous assets to the concave softness of her belly and lower still with a sharp fingernail, drawing a thin line of blood that he will lick up later.

“What do you mean how? He’s a vampire. Vampires feed. It’s like breathing. Are you being weird again about him feeding from you? You can always do what you used to do when you were younger and drop some of your blood into a glass and mix it with human blood to make it more palatable.”

“If he dies, it’s not my fault. When I tried to mesmerise him into drinking, he turned into a bat.”

Layla laughs as she turns to the blond. “Erik, I think karma just caught up with our son.”

“What happened?”

She explained what Jaejoong had just told her and he too starts chuckling, remembering what a stubborn handful their son was as a Turned. When he was a newborn, human blood wasn’t good enough and he needed a palate cleanser which is why their blood is stored in several carafes in their son’s apartment just in case he got finicky or lazy to leave his home which has happened before.

And he used to transform into a bat and sulk in one of the turrets when both Layla and himself refused to let him drink from either of them till he got used to drinking human blood without any “supplements”.

“Darling, if he hasn’t drunk much, your mesmere probably just scared him into transforming. He probably didn’t do it on purpose. Remember what your father said and remember what you were like as a newborn. Nobody is born into this life knowing everything.

“But he’s so…so…” Jaejoong can’t even articulate it as he watches the tiny little baby chitter loudly and roll over on his palm, turning away from him.

“What did he do?”

“He…he kissed me.”

Jaejoong replies in his mind, deciding that his Turned doesn’t need to know anymore details of his conversation with his mother especially since he’s being particularly contrary as he glares at his charge’s tiny bat back on his palm.

The vampire is still naked.

Still frustrated.

But his concern for the stubborn little bat overrides everything else.

There is a brief silence before he feels the familiar presence of someone else in his mind.

“What happened? Your mother told me to talk to you.”

“He chose kissing me over drinking from me.”

More silence, and Jaejoong is starting to get uncomfortable. Moving to get under the covers, he drops the sulking bat on the fluffy pillow before laying his head next to him.

It takes only a few seconds, but soon the little bat is plastered against his throat, chittering grumpily as if daring Jaejoong to comment on the fact that he’s there instead of on the pillow.

Jaejoong pulls the covers up till the tops are just skirting his nipples and he lifts a hand to stroke a finger over the curved form of the little bat curled around his clavicle.

“You can feed if you want. I don’t know why you prefer to feed in this form but better something than nothing.”

He turns over slightly, resting against his cheek as he rearranges the now-silent bat so that it is against his carotid rather than sprawled over his collarbone.

Again, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds when he feels the tell-tale prick and he exhales loudly, closing his eyes and ignoring the tug of arousal in his lower half as his Turned feeds quietly.

“Jaejoong, are you listening?”


“No vampire would ever choose something like a kiss over feeding, not even your mother or any other bonded pair.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jaejoong briefly wonders what a headache feels like because he is starting to feel like he might be getting one.

“What’s your point?”

“My point is that you need to make a choice. Your mother will probably kill me if anything happened to you because this is wholly my fault for missing telling you that you shouldn’t be his first feed—“

“Get to the point, Erik!”

Jaejoong suppresses laughter at his mother’s irate voice and he can practically see her smacking his father’s arm. The two of them bicker a lot when together which is probably why they are apart a lot of the time.

“Have you tasted him?”


“Oh, thank Purgatory for small favours.”

“Layla, be silent.”

Jaejoong’s eyebrows practically reach his hairline. And yet, there is silence from his mother. Smirking slightly at the dynamic of his parents he decides to prod the conversation ahead.

“What’s wrong? What choice do I need to make?”

“Since you haven’t tasted him, there isn’t a need to make a choice. You must kill him.”

Shocked at his father’s cold words Jaejoong jerks upright, dislodging the poor feeding little bat who tumbles down his chest in a blaze of squeaks and sharp claws trying to find purchase on something.

Landing on Jaejoong’s thigh, the tiny creature complains endlessly once again, not realising that his adopted Maker is frozen, caught up in the conversation in his mind and the very unpredictable turn of events.


“Jaejoong, please. This is for your survival.”

“Mother, you and Father have one minute to explain what the issue is otherwise you will have to get through me before you get to him.”

“Don’t be insolent. Remember to whom you are speaking to.”

“Do you want me to take this to the Council or do you want to deal with the personal matter the way it should be dealt with? I am fine either way Father, because you know the penalty for killing one half of a bonded pair is death.”

“Oh Layla…you told him?”

“What was I supposed to do? I can’t have him blundering around blind like his forsaken Turned.”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Yunho is not forsaken or broken. Sometimes in a few thousand years, there is a bond that is beyond any other type of bond. It’s a blood bond but it is also something more. For a vampire to overcome his natural inclination to want to constantly feed, and instead choose the simple or carnal pleasures of his partner is unheard of and dangerous because by nature they are inherently jealous. Bonded pairs like that self-destruct and there has only been one in my lifetime and it almost ruined Egypt.”


“Long story for another day, but lets just say, both didn’t survive.”

“How long?”

“One month. Son, you must kill him. I order—”

“Wouldn’t I be breaking your own laws then? Harming a bonded pair?”

“This has always been an exception.”

“You can’t prove he’s an exception.”

“Jaejoong…what are you saying?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“This is not the time to be stubborn—”

“I said I’ll think about it, ok? That should be good enough for you, now leave me alone.”

Jaejoong feels a sharp pain in his finger and he finally looks down at his lap to find wide almond-shaped eyes that practically take up the little bat’s tiny face staring up at him with concern. Licking at the little prick he had made on his finger to try and get his attention, his Turned’s trusting expression that clearly betrays his concern that is solely for Jaejoong.

Feeling tired and drained all of a sudden, the argument he was having with his parents is forgotten for a brief moment as Jaejoong picks up the tiny bat and lays him gently in his palm.

The idea of hurting Yunho, hurts him.

Just the idea of it, let alone following through with it brings a strange pain within him, like even his body, or whatever remnants of a soul he has left, rebels against the very thought.

And the idea of anyone, his parents included, trying to hurt this tiny little creature who doesn’t know any better, makes Jaejoong see red, his fangs lengthening with his dark thoughts.

Laying once again on his pillow, Jaejoong watches as the wee bat hops off his palm onto the pillow, tilting his small face sideways in a very human-like way so he can look at Jaejoong.

He keeps his mouth closed, careful not to bare his fangs as his charge observes him closely, eyes casting about his face.

Layla and Erik exchange looks as they leave their bed and head down into the dungeons to their resting place for the coming day. The time difference with their son doesn’t work much outside of the winter season, and they have lingered long enough.

Both uncaring of their nudity as they make their way down through the cold and empty castle. They are not in their usual home filled with servants, both human and vampire, but somewhere abandoned where they go sometimes to simply reconnect.

“He’s already tasted him.”

Layla shakes her head. “He hasn’t, but it’s very close.”

“This is my fault.”

“Yes,” she agrees, her tone thoughtful. “But I don’t think they will go the same way as the other pair. Have you tried listening in on his Turned?”

“No, should I?”

“It’s interesting,” she replies contemplatively. “He is in his bat-form and all I can feel or sense is his concern for Jaejoong. He was scared half to death by our son not half an hour ago, and now he neither remembers nor cares anything for it. He simply wants to comfort Jaejoong and he feels bad for being a broken vampire and not wanting to drink.”

“Well, he should feel bad,” the older vampire shakes his head. “This is ludicrous. How did this happen? I know the Egyptians tried to find some genetic reasoning for this, but after decades of research, the conclusion was that it is utterly random and there is no cure except death.”

“Hurt Jaejoong and you will meet the sun, Erik.”

The blond man rolls his eyes. “Theatrics definitely came from your side. You’re not worried about his Turned?”

He opens his arms and his forever-partner hesitates for a second before she tucks herself under his arm and hugs him around his waist as they descend into the depths of the castle.

“He’s already shown his jealous tendencies,” she admits quietly and her hand rubs a soothing circle over his abdomen when she feels him tense at her words. “That first night remember?”

“In that alley? That was jealousy?”

She laughs mirthlessly. “Oh, Erik. What else would it be? You see everything without emotion.”

“Emotion clouds the mind.”

“And it wasn’t emotion when you feared for his life and ordered him to murder his own bonded?”


“If Jaejoong feels this strongly about it already, you know they are already bonded beyond what took years for us to develop. Some things just happen for no rhyme or reason and we will just have to roll with the punches.”

“He said he’ll think about it. Why do you think it’s a foregone conclusion that Jaejoong will defy me?”

“He’s not defying you, but he did lie about thinking about it.”

“Are you sure they will be alright?”

Layla pauses at the bottom of the stairwell and closes her eyes.

Erik is content to wait, even though he can feel the sun’s power slowly making him lethargic. Due to their age, both he and Layla are able to stay awake during the daylight hours if required, but it always drains them and they only do it when absolutely necessary. Their sleep is more akin to a nap and not the deep sleep of a newly made Turned who can probably sleep through a nuclear explosion though no one has ever actually tested this.

When her eyes open again, they are shining in the deep darkness of the bowels of the castle.

“Yunho just kissed Jaejoong on the nose and all I felt was love.”

“He transformed?”

“He’s still in bat-form.”

Erik sighs. “Jaejoong always had a soft spot for cute things even if he refused to admit it.”

Layla’s laughter is as bright as the sun, and healing on its own as the couple make their way to their bed for the day, arm in arm, still concerned about their son, but leaving it for later because in truth, nothing they have seen has been any true cause for concern apart from this strange trait of the newborn, and their son’s unspoken declaration to protect him at all costs.


“You’re doing it again.” Jaejoong remarks, eyes still closed, body and mind finally at ease thanks to Yunho. He should be a little more concerned about the tiny bat’s ability to calm him, but he’s not about to look a gift horse in the mouth since he knows why that probably is.

He hears a chitter that sounds remarkably like a giggle and he pops an eye open.

The tiny bat is unprepared for that, and he tumbles backwards with a small screech, rolling off the fluffy pillow completely much to Jaejoong’s amusement.

He had been doing the same thing he did earlier that evening when they woke - brushing his wing lightly across Jaejoong’s nose. The simple caress makes him happy for some reason and he knows the vampire likes it too for his body is soft and relaxed, not tense as it was before.

“Change back please?” Jaejoong asks quietly, and the tiny bat responds to the softly uttered request.

Yunho was facing away when he transformed and Jaejoong gets a marvellous view of his broad bare back.

Lifting a hand he traces a path around a wing bone, and smirks when the young vampire freezes at the contact and a slow but certain flush of pink crawls up his neck.

“You really need to stop wasting what little blood you get on blushing, baby boy. Vampires don’t blush. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if you saw my mother at home.”

“Your mother is very beautiful.”

“And she likes walking around the castle naked.”


Jaejoong laughs at his Turned’s adorable stutter.

“Ok, maybe not naked, but she wears these ridiculous gowns that are basically see-through so she might as well be nude.”

“And your father…doesn’t mind that others see her like that?”

Jaejoong shrugs as he continues to trace a pattern on Yunho’s back, pretty sure that argument was well and truly over long before he ever appeared in the picture.

“He does mind, but he doesn’t say anything about it because she seems to find it amusing. Whatever makes her happy I guess. And it makes controlling humans and vampires easier. They’re too busy gawking at her body to realise she’s taken over their minds.”


“But nothing, baby boy. Vampires are not like humans. You’re nude in my bed right now or haven’t you noticed?” his tone turns just a tad wicked, not really serious about doing anything to the Turned but it amuses him to remind him.

“I noticed,” came the quiet reply before Yunho turns over.

He manages to surprise Jaejoong again, which in itself is no longer surprising to him. The vampire has lost count now and he is resigned to the fact that he will probably always be caught off guard by his Turned. Whether it’s because of their bond, or the simple fact that Yunho is just a peculiar sort, he decides that it’s not really something he should be getting worked up about.

If he can’t beat ‘em, he might as well join him.

The shimmer barely registers, and even though they were close enough to begin with, already sharing the same pillow, Jaejoong’s move presses his body completely against the other vampire’s.

A vampire who is once again starting to look like a deer caught in headlights.

Licking his own lips, he lowers his voice though he doesn’t hide the smirk.

“So, did you want to continue where we left off?”


That one letter again, but this time the baby vampire is saved.

Saved by the bell.

Jaejoong lifts his hand and his phone finds its way to his hand.

“This better be fucking important. I was about to eat.”

Yunho swallows visibly at the older vampire’s words, and he gets a wink for his efforts. A wink that manages to go straight to his cock and his body stirs, much to his mortification for he is still pretty much chest to thigh against Jaejoong who doesn’t seem the slightest bit perturbed.

“I’m a vampire…vampires don’t blush. I’m a vampire…vampires don’t blush…” the poor baby Turned starts chanting under his breath as if that will help somehow.

Leaving the phone on his ear, Jaejoong presses a thumb against Yunho’s mouth to silence him, before kissing him quickly in the corner of his mouth, just above his lip. He turns away too quickly to notice the small mark that forms where he kissed his charge.

“I’m a…vampire?” Yunho manages to squeak out questioningly as the other rolls away and out of bed, standing in all his naked glory. “Don’t blush…vampires don’t blush. I have to be a vampire…”

And yet he doesn’t look away either, his eyes following Jaejoong’s bare ass into the closet.

“I guess I’m paying the overtime after all. How did you manage to get it done so fast?”

“Luck?” the merchant replies flippantly, but he changes his tune when he hears a growl in his ear. “My apologies, I didn’t mean to be rude. It really was luck. A shipment that was meant to come in next month got mixed up and sent this month instead so we could complete your order to the desired specifications. Do you still want it delivered tomorrow or is tonight alright?”

“Tonight’s fine. What time?” Jaejoong gets dressed while speaking, pulling on a pair of linen pants sans underwear and a shirt he found hanging that he is pretty sure doesn’t belong to him.

“Ten minutes?”

“Perfect. See you then.”

The vampire hangs up and picks out a few more items of clothing before leaving the his walk-in wardrobe.

Seeing Yunho now completely wrapped up in the sheets brings a smile to his face.

“You need to get dressed, baby boy. We’ve got guests in ten minutes.”

Clambering into a sitting position, Yunho’s pleasure at the continued use of the endearment is marred slightly by the idea of other people intruding in their space.

“Who are they?” he asks as he wiggles into the proffered pants under the sheets, not looking the vampire in the face because he knows there will be amusement all over it at his shyness.

He is a vampire, but maybe he needs to work on the shyness and the blushing.

“Deliverymen. I ordered you a coffin.”

“Huh?” Yunho pulls the teeshirt over his head quickly but he leaves the bed with the top collared around his neck, body still bare, muscles rippling nicely for the very appreciative audience. “Coffin? Are you burying me?”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes. “Where do you think you’ve been sleeping for the last three days?”

“In a bed?”

Gazing up at the ceiling and muttering incoherently to himself in another language, Jaejoong takes a deep breath and wraps a hand around the material dangling around Yunho’s neck and tugs, making the taller man stumble after him.


“You not only have zero sense of self-preservation, you also appear to be quite literally blind as a bat,” Jaejoong doesn’t bother walking like a human and basically drags the Turned along at vampire speed through the closet to the hidden room. “Look.”

Yunho’s jaw drops as he finally sees the room in his current form and not as a bat whose eyes are always on and only for Jaejoong.

Even when left alone earlier that evening, he had basically flown crookedly out the door without transforming first and had been too busy trying to stay in the air to notice his surroundings.

Jaejoong lets go of the flummoxed vampire and leans against a wall, observing Yunho’s reaction as his Turned finally moves, running his hand along the gleaming wood of the coffin as he circumambulates it.

The teeshirt is long forgotten by the young vampire, still collared around his neck, and Jaejoong loses interest in the vampire’s perusal of their sleeping quarters, content to watch the way his muscles dance beneath his skin as he moves.

While his abdominals are delicious, Jaejoong actually prefers the view of his back.

The broadness is not overly so, his musculature sleek and well, perfect really.

He’s not overly bulky, but just bulky enough.

“I’m really a vampire.”

Yunho’s voice is mildly awed, pulling Jaejoong’s attention back to the shining eyes of his Turned.

“Yes, you are.”

“And I sleep in a coffin.”

“Yes, you do.” Jaejoong’s grin matches the one on his Turned’s face, knowing full well what is coming.

“It’s vampire-like!”

Jaejoong bursts out laughing. “Baby boy, you’re a bat 90% of the time. I don’t know if you could be more vampire-like.”

“You scolded me that first day remember?” the young vampire pouts. “I thought my outfit was kinda nice too.”

“Ok, you have to admit that was a little too try-hard.”

“Try-hard? Why you…”

Jaejoong doesn’t see it coming, not ever in the company of anyone who suddenly decides to play catch.

Yunho, expecting Jaejoong to run, slams into him instead when he doesn’t, causing both of them to crash to the ground.

“I like this,” the older vampire murmurs, his nose against skin.

“Yeah…I bet you do…” Yunho the vampire is trying his damnedest not to blush.

It’s not really working.

“I can feel the heat in your skin,” Jaejoong grins as he noses the bottom of Yunho’s jaw before propping his elbow on the vampire’s chest and staring down at him. “What did I say about wasting blood on blushing?”


That damn letter again.

And for the second time, saved by the bell as the doorbell chimes just as he tries to find some sort of self-respecting reply.

Hopping up lightly, Jaejoong holds a hand out and pulls the other vampire to his feet before turning and leaving to answer the door, leaving the bemused vampire in the darkened room alone.

“Is it always going to be like this?” he asks the empty room, holding his hands to his warm cheeks.

“I don’t understand.”

The exchange hadn’t taken more than a few minutes. Jaejoong never lets anyone he doesn’t know beyond the threshold of the doorway, and not even the merchant vampire counts as someone he knows. Taking the delivery at the door, he had paid for it plus everything he promised and more for the coffin was really very well made and exactly to his specifications.

And yet, Yunho is unhappy about it.

“What do you mean?”

“Why do we need two coffins?”

Jaejoong cocks his head, wondering for the umpteenth time if his Turned is addled somehow. While excited at first, Yunho’s countenance had grown quieter when he moved the coffin into the inner chamber until they are now standing across from each other with the coffin between them having some sort of weird face-off.

The room is admittedly a little more cramped now, but it’s not a big deal.

“There’s two of us,” Jaejoong finally replies, his tone extremely indicative that he thinks that he’s stating the blatantly obvious and he has no idea what the bloody problem is.

“But we’ve used one for the last few nights, why do we need another one?”

“You need your own coffin.”

Yunho shakes his head vehemently. “No, I don’t. I can sleep with you.”

Jaejoong exhales a sigh. “You slept with me in bat form. If you haven’t already noticed, you’re not exactly small.”

“I can transform.”

“It’s not good to be in bat form so often. Your senses and perceptions change if you’re in your creature form too much and you’ll grow clumsy in your normal form.”

“But I’m sleeping!”

“It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You already transform into a bat much too often to begin with. From now on, you’re sleeping in your normal form.”

“I don’t want to!”

“Yunho, my mother can transform you back anytime and as I’ve told you before, it is a very uncomfortable experience so please don’t make me sic her on you. Or better still, I’ll just get her to teach me how to do it so I can transform you back - sans clothes.”

“You’re a pervert!”

“Says the vampire who wants to share a coffin.”

“That’s different! My intentions are pure!”

“I sleep in the nude.”

Yunho’s jaw drops. Well, what is he supposed to say to that? Taking a deep breath, he replies anyway because he does not want to sleep alone under any circumstance and he doesn’t understand why Jaejoong doesn’t get it.

“F-fine. I’ll sleep nude too.”

Jaejoong resists the very tempting urge to face palm.

“How is that supposed to help? You called me a pervert and now you’re telling me you want to sleep with me in the nude, in a coffin that is barely big enough for both of us together. How am I the pervert?”

“I don’t have any impure intentions…”

“Wanna bet? I do remember another use of the little blood you have in your body, baby boy. You’re telling me all the blood in your body isn’t going to be redirected somewhere else the second we lay down?”

“I…i’ll be fine.”

“You’re really fucking stubborn you know that?”

“I just know what I want,” Yunho mumbles as he stares at his coffin, not at all liking it one bit even though it is identical to Jaejoong’s. “And what I don’t want. I don’t want to have my own coffin.”

Exhaling loudly, Jaejoong throws up his arms. “Fine, it’s going to be dawn in three hours. If you can last three hours with me in my coffin without any clothes on, you can sleep with me later. But the second you pop a boner, you’re banished to this coffin.”

“What if you pop a boner first?”

“Not going to happen.”

“Is that a challenge?”

AN: It’s a slowwwwwwwwwww burn. Also, who knows what Jaejoong will do hmmm… And honestly Yunho makes me wanna rawwwwwwwwr at him. Idk if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. He is cute though…

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