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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [9]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN1: February has been, for all intents and purposes, HELL MONTH. Shortest month of the year and it felt like so much shit got squeezed into it that half the year had gone by. YunJaeMin’s birthdays were the only shining lights and my god that Vogue Japan shoot is just…what the hell can I even say? I probably chant Yunho’s name in my sleep the way I’m so hung up about him. Thank god I have an understanding husband… :D

AN2: Also, I had already written about 1k words but I threw it out because it wasn’t sitting right so this is the second try with a different playlist. Longest chapter so far again… :O

The older vampire’s breath is caught somewhere between his chest and his throat.

Nothing goes in, and nothing comes out as he stares into the reddening eyes of the handsome baby Turned as he feeds deeply.

Again, that inevitable, inexplicable pull in his groin with each heavy tug of Yunho’s mouth over his skin.

He can feel the care he is taking as he feeds.

He can feel the tickle of his tongue as he sucks.

He can feel his amoral body responding to the intimacy.

He can see almond-shaped eyes keeping a close watch over him as Yunho’s gaze flickers across his features even as he feeds.

And he gives it a try even as his hunger claws at his soul, begging to be released. He can feel the sweat gathering at his brow as he fights the urge to drop his fangs and his body’s natural inclination to get as close to his bonded as possible, instead focusing his energy on trying to manage the blissfully ignorant young Turned drinking his fill from his body.

Using more of his powers than he has yet till that point, Jaejoong’s eyes become the night.

Darker than a moonless night, yet blazing with an inner light, the ebony beauty of his glowing eyes captures and mesmerises the feeding vampire.

Each pull.

Each suck.

His mouth continues to suck.

His throat continues to swallow.

And yet he has no control beyond that.

The older vampire does not want to leave anything to chance, and the chance of him tasting his Turned before the night has exhausted itself is so high he has to do something.


And so he gives it a try.

His powers brought to bear, he compels his charge, unaware that his soul has accepted their bond, but his mind is refusing to let it take.

Not yet.

He’s not ready.

Yunho can feel the push, his meager resistance against the insistent intrusion, and then the entry when he relaxes, not willing to fight.

Not wanting to fight.

It’s like his most private space is being invaded and instead of being unaware as he should be, he can see and feel each step the intruder is making.

The touch is gentle but firm. He can feel the care, but also the coiled power behind it, ready to be unleashed if necessary.

Deciding not to wait for the older vampire, his mouth full of happiness that is strawberries and cream, Yunho reaches out first, projecting his feelings as clearly as he can and making sure the older vampire knows that he is welcome despite his question.

“Why are you here?

“I should have known this wouldn’t work.”

“Are you trying to mesmerise me?”

“I haven’t tried yet, baby boy. I was just laying the ground work and then you decided to say hello.”

“Oh…i’m sorry. Should I stop and let you finish?”

Jaejoong chuckles, and he watches as Yunho’s mouth quirks into a semblance of a smile despite his feeding. Weirdly, Yunho’s mental touch has calmed his thoughts. He can still feel a deep yearning hunger, but he is also a lot more confident about keeping it under control. His body is still aroused, and his fangs are still threatening to show themselves in the worst of ways, eager to mark that pale neck. Yet despite it all, he feels as if he’s just gotten a boost of something to help him stay strong.

The fact that the something is Yunho himself is overlooked because he cannot ascribe that kind of power to a mere Turned.

He just cannot fathom it.

Neither will his own kin be able to when they grow to know of it.

That power and connection between them would ultimately turn their world on its head for they will soon discover that their bond is the beginning of a necessary evolutionary process that will to some extent, protect vampires and humans alike.

Blood bond.

Mate bond.

Soul bond.

They will be the first pair of their kind.

“Have you fed enough?” Jaejoong asks, tugging at his wrist lightly, but not enough for Yunho to think he wants his hand back.

“Talk to me in here. I like it better.”


“It’s cosier.”

Jaejoong laughs outright this time and Yunho pulls his mouth from the older vampire’s wrist, his cupid bow pout stained with blood, his tongue curling out to lick up the precious dampness.


Yunho doesn’t reply, licking at Jaejoong’s wrist to close the wounds like the older vampire taught him the first night, before pressing a soft kiss to his inner wrist and lowering it.

He doesn’t let go though, keeping his adopted Maker’s wrist loosely circled in his larger hand, trapped by long fingers.

Jaejoong’s breath is once again caught somewhere between his throat and his chest. Yunho’s quiet unreserved affection makes him want to return it in kind, but two and a half centuries of stubbornness needs awhile more to dissolve.

Shrugging away Yunho’s hand, he steps away from the baby Turned, eyes landing on the mess he made of their bathroom.

“We need to get to the shops.”

“Are they human shops or vampire shops?”

Jaejoong turns and gives Yunho such a withering look that the little baby bat boy has to actually resist the sudden urge to transform as his hair stands on end from the sudden frisson of raw irritation coming from the older vampire that is so strong that it incites his fight or flight response.

Vampire shops?” Jaejoong has no idea whether to be insulted or flabbergasted. His Turned has the weirdest notions and he hasn’t the faintest idea where he gets them from since he is pretty sure his parents had nothing to do with it. He knows humans may forget their lives, but they retain enough to function. Yunho must have been a very strange human.

“Well…” Yunho stares at the broken tiles on the floor, shifting his weight awkwardly from one foot to the other, that flight or fight response still tingling. “It’s well past midnight and I don’t know many shops that would be open at this hour that would have what we need and—“

“Do you think vampires have sudden urges at ass o’clock in the morning to redecorate their bathrooms? Do you believe there’s an actual market for that?”

Yunho raises his hand and rubs the back of his neck, the gesture so familiar it knocks Jaejoong’s irritation back several notches quickly and the corner of his mouth tugs up.

“Well…I guess not…”

“Definitely not.” Jaejoong sniffs, getting a lungful of the infant Turned that has his eyes glazing for a moment as his brain suddenly drops straight to his cock, but the young vampire doesn’t notice.

“What’s ass o’clock?”

“Do you know what beer o’clock is?”

“Time for some beer?”


Yunho frowns cutely, the furrow in his brow deepening before he reddens rather dramatically, making Jaejoong click his tongue at the waste of blood yet again but he doesn’t comment, too amused at the rising colour as the baby vampire realises his potential peril.


“Want ass? Yes, I do, baby boy. Are you offering?” The lush vampire asks with a smirk, finally feeling like his equilibrium is back.

Desire, he can control.

Lust, probably.

Unadulterated hunger needs a bit of time to tame.


Yunho’s reply is hilariously hesitant in his questionable denial that the pink in his cheeks deepen alongside his own awareness at the fact that he isn’t actually opposed to the idea.

Not even in principle.

Whatever his principles used to be.

It is going to take more than three nights for him to get used to the intoxicating vampire whose beauty is threatening to overwhelm the baby bat boy’s already overflowing heart for his minder. He doesn’t dwell on it, but every now and then when Jaejoong’s naughty side comes out, it magnifies his beauty in his eyes.

He hasn’t quite decided whether this is a good thing or not.

Jaejoong’s laughter is decidedly wicked as he shimmers out of the bathroom, followed closely by the blushing Turned.

Yunho manages to control his speed and stop just before he bowls over the vampire standing out on the balcony, the cool winter breeze teasing tendrils of his hair and making them flutter about his face, softening his features.

Turning, Jaejoong holds out his hand.

“Do you want to walk out or fly out?”

Taking the proffered hand, Yunho shudders dramatically. “Walk out please. I don’t want to puke in mid air.”

“You’re just worried you can’t transform with your clothes,” Jaejoong replies slyly, linking their fingers.

Yunho squeezes their hands together and nudges the shorter vampire with his shoulder playfully. “Pervert.”

“Are we back to that again?”

“If the cape fits.”

“Cape? We don’t wear capes! And just for that…”

Yunho is grasping air a second later as the older vampire transforms and flies out into the night.


Something black zooms past his face.

Baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho folds his arms across his chest and pouts into the night sky.

“I don’t want to change.”

The black creature zooms past his face again and the Turned could swear he can hear laughter.

“I can’t fly properly yet,” he tries again.

A black thing swoops in and lands on his head before transforming into a laughing vampire who slides down his back fully clothed.

“You can always hitch a ride.”

Yunho shakes his head immediately as he takes several steps away, only to find the balcony door closed as his back hits it.

“Let me in,” he whines. “I don’t like flying with you. It makes me want to puke.”

“You need to get over your fly-sickness. You can’t be a proper vampire without knowing how to fly.”

“I know how to fly,” comes the mutinous response.

“If by fly you mean flail…”

“It’s your fault. You haven’t taught me properly.”

“Properly?” Jaejoong’s tone is tinged in mild disbelief. “You don’t want me to teach you properly. Do you know how my father taught me how to fly?”

Yunho straightens against the glass door but he doesn’t step away from it as he shakes his head, getting a sinking feeling he’s not going to like the reply. “No. How?”

He took me straight up towards the moon and when he decided there was enough space between me and the ground, he dropped me.

“He what?” The shock and anger in his voice is unmistakable as Yunho takes a step forward, eyes blazing as he thinks of a baby bat boy Jaejoong being dropped and expected to fly or die. “Tell me you’re joking.”

Jaejoong hesitates for a split second, thrown slightly by the sparks in Yunho’s eyes, but it is something too inconsequential to lie about and so he chooses not to.

Shaking his head, he replies truthfully. “That’s how most of us learn. You have to admit it’s one hell of an incentive when it’s either fly or be flattened like a pancake and spend the next week drinking blood out of a straw.”

Carding his hand through his hair trying to contain his still bubbling anger, Yunho redirects because getting mad at his minder’s father isn’t going to earn him any points at all though he is definitely going to take the venerable vampire aside when they next meet and have some words with him about his inadequate teaching methods.

“We should set up a school,” he suggests impulsively, yet not without merit.

“A school?”

“Yes, vampire school. Leaving Turned at the mercy of their Maker doesn’t seem like the best idea to me. There’s no uniformity in the teachings and half the time it seems like everyone is just making things up as they go.”

Surprised at Yunho’s insight, Jaejoong nods. “I was actually thinking about writing a book on how to deal with Turned.”

Smiling faintly, Yunho moves and presses Jaejoong up against the balcony railing. “Basically the opposite of everything you’ve done with me so far?”

“You’re not exactly a by-the-book Turned. You’ll be in the chapter about anomalies.” Pushing Yunho gently away, the vampire sits up on the railing. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do.”

Yunho’s jaw unhinges as Jaejoong simply leans back and drops off the balcony railing with a faint challenging smile.

Taking a huge breath as he peers over the railing, Yunho squares his shoulders and concentrates.

A minute later, a chittering, grumbling, tiny baby bat claws its way free from the clothes atop him. He climbs up in the space between two rails and tries to gauge his distance to the ground. He can sense Jaejoong very clearly and he knows the older bat is close enough to rescue him if necessary and so before he loses his nerve, he jumps off the balcony with a terrified high pitched shriek, not falling far at all before he is deftly rescued by a larger bat.


“I can’t believe you actually threw up on me.”

“I told you, didn’t I?” comes the unrepentant, slightly mutinous response. It’s not as if he wanted to throw up on the other vampire. Regurgitated blood doesn’t taste like strawberries and cream anymore. Just stale and sour and he hates that something of Jaejoong’s has left a foul taste in his mouth and in truth, he is more upset about that than anything else.

“I know you told me but that doesn’t mean I believed you would dare.”

“Bravery had nothing to do with it. My insides wanted out and out it came,” Yunho’s tone has a very i-told-you-so note about it.

“You don’t have to be so smug about it.”

“I did warn you,” the adorable little bat replied before nestling its furry little face back against the larger bat’s chest and nuzzling, wondering if he can sneak a sip or two, if only to be rid of the nasty taste in his mouth.

“Why are you ok now?”

“I felt better after throwing up.”

“I guess you must be happy.” The larger bat remarks drily as he swings gently on his upside down perch, hidden from view in one of the topmost branches of the large tree.


“I’m naked now too.”

“Well, it’s not like I can do anything about that so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“How are you supposed to go to the shops now?”

“We can always go home, get dressed, and walk out.”

Nipping the top of the infant bat’s head affectionately, Jaejoong continues to sway in the brisk wind as it turns into that part of the night that is inexplicably colder than any other time of night.

Dawn is barely two hours away.

“I don’t really want to risk flying yet and you can’t transform.”

“Why not?”

“Naked, remember?”

Baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho lifts his head to stare at the doe eyed vampire bat. “Most humans are asleep. We can just fly into someone’s house and borrow some clothes.”


“Well, we only need it for a short time. We can always fly back, transform naked and leave the clothes we borrowed.”

“It honestly just sounds like too much trouble. Plus I don’t need clothes, you do.”

“Of course you need clothes! I won’t have you walking around naked even if most humans are asleep right now. What about other vampires? You’re wearing clothes whether you think you need it or not.”

If Jaejoong were in his normal form, his expression of stupefied disbelief would have been a right picture indeed. Yunho won’t have him doing something? Who does the little bat think he is?

Deciding not to look too deeply into the presumptuous Turned’s words, he addresses only part of his response. “I don’t want anyone else’s clothes. I want my clothes.”

“You’re such a princess sometimes.”

This time the nip is harder and he growls, “Excuse me?”

Leaning back once again and unfurling a wing to rub the top of his sore head, little baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho glares reproachfully at the bigger bat. “I offered a solution and I get punished for it. Where’s the fairness in that?”

‘Well you asked for that. Your solution was unnecessary and me? A princess?” The vampire bat makes a disgusted sound in his throat that translates quite well in any language. “And if we had a proper school, you’d know that I can just mesmerise the humans into seeing that I am clothed and no one will be the wiser.”

“So you’re fine with everyone seeing my bits?”

“You can just stay in bat form silly. I don’t need you.”

This time it is the baby bat that nips, his fangs dropping and penetrating the other bat’s chest. He had reacted to Jaejoong’s I don’t need you and everything else is secondary or completely moot. His move is out of instinct than any discerning thought process, simply wanting to remind the older vampire that they are in this together. Jaejoong needed him to drink earlier, and drink he will.

Jaejoong is taken by surprise for the nth time.

The first pull sends a frisson of awareness up the vampire’s spine, his bat form doing nothing to prevent it this time. He feels something click in his mind, and their connection blazes to life, though it isn’t clear whose doing it is.

Yunho is unaware of it at first, his initial sip coating his tongue with the cloyingly sweet taste of flower honey. His need for sweetness to expunge the vile taste in his mouth has Jaejoong coming through for him once again.

That thought is at the forefront of his mind, and Jaejoong is a little startled to be able to “hear” it.

“My blood tastes different to you each time?”

Yunho pauses mid-suck before reluctantly pulling away as he licks at his lips. Yucky puke mouth is gone and he’s at least pleased about that.

The connection is broken, and Jaejoong is troubled by the implication. From the way his baby bat is staring at him, he is sure Yunho wasn’t aware of that brief touch of their minds. He shouldn’t even be looking for answers from Yunho anyway, knowing it is likely that only his parents or someone else from the Council will be able to help.

As long as they do not threaten Yunho that is.

He isn’t sure anymore how he would react, even to his father.

Finally breaking eye contact, Yunho curls inward and nuzzles cutely, his tone vaguely sorrowful. “I’m sorry for not asking first…I got a little angry when you said you didn’t need me and I wasn’t thinking and I’m sorry I drank without asking permission…” he pauses, closing his eyes and nuzzling some more, satisfied somewhat that the larger bat hasn’t dropped him out of the tree. “You always taste different. I think it depends on what I need or want at the time. Earlier you tasted like strawberries and cream because I thought you smelled like cake and it went together in my head. And then now you taste like honey because I had vomit mouth.”

That last bit was said with a healthy amount of disgust that even the memory of the taste sends a shudder through the little bat’s tiny frame and Jaejoong’s wings automatically tighten protectively around the baby Turned.

“You mean I’m like a vending machine to you? A blood vending machine?” Jaejoong is just teasing because he’s heard of this phenomenon but hasn’t quite experienced it himself apart from with his parents.

Blood tastes like the purest water to him, quenching thirst and nothing more.

His parents taste comforting - that’s about the extent of a comparison he can draw. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what they taste like, but they always give him a sense of peace and comfort when their blood hits his tongue.

Yunho doesn’t lift his head, content at being held so closely, drowsing a little for he has filled up on more blood than he has in awhile plus they have had a rather eventful night. “Not a vending machine,” he slurs. “You’re all that I need.”

Jaejoong remains silent, closing his eyes and losing himself in his thoughts, he is focused too closely on the slowly slumbering baby bat that he doesn’t notice the company till they make themselves known.

“Why look who decided to finally make himself a Turned.”

The oldest vampire in the region immediately has his guard up, eyes snapping open, he finds himself surrounded by three other vampire bats.

Jamie and his brood of troublemakers.

Yunho wakes too, startled by the tension in the larger bat’s body and he too braces himself, unaware of what the threat is, but he knows there is one. Once again, his reaction is one of instinct and he reaches out to Jaejoong.

“What’s going on?”

“I need you be still and listen to me, ok?”

Jaejoong doesn’t even question their ability to communicate this way anymore. He’s got more pressing things to worry about.

“Ok. Who are they?”

“Some vampires I used to hang out with, but their idea of fun is not mine and we parted ways not too amicably.”

“What’s their idea of fun?”

“Terrorising humans and young vampires.”

“You’re not young.”

Jaejoong has to muffle his chuckle. Honestly, even when in some peril, Yunho manages to make him smile as his audacity.

“I can handle them, but they’re going to be targeting you.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Now’s not the time to be cocky, baby boy.”

“I’m not being cocky. I know you can handle them and you can do whatever you need to do. I’ll be fine.”

“How can you be so certain? You can’t even fly properly, you won’t be able to defend yourself.”

“You won’t let anything happen to me.”

Yunho has him there. He’s absolutely right of course but it almost seems like the baby Turned expects nothing less. As if there isn’t any other alternative.

There isn’t of course, but only Jaejoong knows that.

Though apparently, his Turned knows it too.

“You and I need to have a nice long talk later about things.”

“Interesting things?”

“Just things.”

“What kind of things? Things like sleeping arrangements?”

“Nice try, baby boy. That is already settled. I meant other things like how we’re talking like this for one, but we need to save it for later ok? I need you to understand one thing.”


“It might get a little violent and—“

“We’re vampires. I know violence is part of it.”

“You don’t understand. These vampires are not like you and I. They’re addicts and they will not stop at anything to get a fix. I can sense their hunger and you’re the target.”

“Doesn’t that mean I’m an addict too?”

“But you don’t—“

“Feel thirst but I do feel hunger. You know there is a difference.”

“We can talk about that later. You’ll be ok? You’re not scared?”

“Should I be?”

“I guess not.”

“Hey, Jae. Are you fucking deaf or what? Why are you hiding your Turned? Come on share him round. We can all have a taste of that sweet young blood.”

Jaejoong extricates himself from their silent conversation and sighs. It really cannot be helped. Jamie and his ilk should have stayed off the radar and underground like they always have. He’s never wanted to get involved despite his parents’ occasional and not-so-subtle nudging and he’s resisted till now.

However, he has someone else to consider now and he will not hold back if Jamie decides to be stupider than he already is.

His opens his claws and they drop like a rock, Yunho barely has time to protest when Jaejoong transforms and perches the little baby bat on his bare shoulder.

Yunho starts chittering in his ear immediately, complaining about the awful shocking plunge to the ground, threatening to puke in his ear if he does it again, not that Jaejoong can understand. However he does turn slightly and rub his cheek against the furry little body, mollifying the complaining baby bat into silence.

Curling up around the side of his throat, the tiny bat is comforted by the steady thrum of the vampire’s blood pulsing through his carotid artery. The scent has changed once again, now strongly metallic that makes Yunho think of weapons and he shivers as he tries to get as close to the older vampire as possible.

Jaejoong wasn’t overstating when he said he was the poster boy of the wars. If anything, he was understating it.

Wearing nothing but boxer briefs because he wasn’t completely naked after the baby puked all over him earlier, he leans back against the tree and crosses his feet at the ankle, neither his partial nudity nor the chill of the night bothering him.

Three bats fly down, one of them crashing into the grass, his landing needing quite a bit of work which amuses the vampire as he straightens, a smirk playing about his full mouth.

The transformation doesn’t take long for two of them, but the third crash victim takes a little longer.

“He really is fucking small. He must be less than a week old.”

The largest of them shimmers and makes a grab for the tiny bat curled around Jaejoong’s neck only to let out a howl of pain as the Turned’s minder side-steps him easily and uses the other vampire’s momentum to smash him into the tree.

Two vampires start to circle as their leader recovers from the stunning hit, blood pouring out of his nose.

They both attack at the same time, coming in from the flanks which is another mistake as Jaejoong jumps up to sit on a branch and watch them crash into each other.

“You’ve been playing with humans for too long,” he calls out mockingly. “How many have you killed since the last time I saw you?”

“Lots,” one of them replies arrogantly, ignoring the cut to his jaw as the three of them regroup.

“What a bad, bad, vampire you are, Tomi,” Jaejoong’s voice has a strange sing-song quality to it. “Tell me, Jamie. Have you registered yourself and your ugly friends here with the Council like I told you to a decade ago?”

“Fuck the Council,” the big vampire snarls, the blood dripping from his nose finally ceasing.

“I guess that’s a no then.”

“Fuck the Council and fuck you too, Jae. We’re going to tear your little Turned to pieces for this.”

This time all three attack, jumping up at the branch.

Jaejoong drops backwards, avoiding their clawing hands, but he loses Yunho as well, the little baby bat jostled from his hold and he shrieks in agony as he lands on his wing, breaking it.

The vampire minder’s fangs drop instantly at the heart-rending sound and he snarls a warning which the stupid vampire chooses to ignore at his peril.

Jamie moves quickly, snatching up the injured Turned with a wicked cackle, holding the limp body carelessly in his hand, before a force of sheer fury collides into him.

Son of the regal head of the Vampire Council and the terrifying Vampire Executioner, and deputised to dispose of rogue vampires as he comes across them, those titles matter nought to Jaejoong whose eyes blaze the red of his parents as he channels his mother.

Jamie’s cackle turns into a gurgle as Jaejoong stuffs his hand into his mouth and down his throat and rips out his oesophagus, and everything else attached to it.

The vampire’s hand falls limp as he drops to his knees with his innards hanging from his mouth, along with the crumpled form of Jaejoong’s Turned next to him.

With an inhuman roar of fury, Jaejoong turns on the other two remaining vampires and makes short work of them.

Somewhere in the bowels of an abandoned castle, two pairs of blood red eyes pop open much earlier than they are meant to wake.

Moving like lightning, much faster than either of them, he rips out their throats. Then disemboweling both, he ties them upside down with their own intestines to the branch he had been hanging idly from with Yunho barely fifteen minutes ago, blood pouring from their severed arteries as they are practically beheaded with his bare hands.

Jamie gets similar treatment, eyes wide with pain and true fear, he is tied upright naked and spreadeagle. His fear runs deep for Jaejoong is hovering in mid air before him as he tilts his head to admire his handiwork.

He isn’t in his bat form.

Jaejoong is hovering in mid-air in his normal vampire form, body awash in red, the colour mirrored in his doe eyes gleaming with an unholy light.

Very few vampires are able to do this, and he has never heard of one so young let alone seen one.

That thought is ripped from his mind when he finds his hanging legs pulled into an unnatural split, the pain clear in his eyes as Jaejoong nonchalantly ties his ankles to opposite ends of the branch.

His cock and balls are dangling, small and limp and covered in blood, and he makes a whimpering sound that draws the crazed vampire’s attention to them.

Jaejoong’s smile is tinged with a maniacal delight as he cups the vampire’s family jewels and rips them out.

“You want this?” he asks, not expecting an answer, before he stuffs Jamie’s cock and balls into the dying vampire’s mouth. Dipping his hands into the wound, Jaejoong slashes his hands across each thigh and opens up the vampire’s arteries to bleed him out just like his two upside down friends who are very nearly drained.

Hovering for a few seconds more, he finally decides that they won’t be going anywhere till the sun comes up and he floats down towards the earth, landing gently next to the curled up form of his Turned.

Seeing the unmoving little baby bat boy, the older vampire snaps out of his blood rage anger-fueled trance and he picks up the tiny creature gently.

Large pain-filled almond-shaped eyes turn towards him, no fear in them despite the fact that Jaejoong is literally covered in blood from head to toe.

Licking a clean spot on his wrist and spitting out the disgusting taste of the doomed vampires, he breaks the skin and offers his wrist to his Turned.

Weak with pain and a fair bit of shock at the ferocity of Jaejoong’s assault on the three rogue vampires, it takes a few seconds longer for Yunho to latch on properly and start to feed.

The curls of desire assault the vampire with each tug of the tiny bat feeding and he welcomes the feeling this time instead of smothering them. The adrenaline from the one-sided fight and the terror that had fuelled it the second he saw Yunho in Jamie’s hand needs an outlet.

Gaining his feet and cradling the little feeding form close to his chest but careful not to let the blood staining his body touch him, Jaejoong looks around.

The park is dead silent.

The kind of silence in a wooded area when a top predator is walking through and every living thing knows to be quiet or be eaten.

Sending out his batty senses, Jaejoong is relieved to find the closest humans are asleep in a nearby building. There are still the odd few wandering around, but they are nowhere close enough to be of concern.

Deciding not to chance it, the vampire drops a veil over himself and runs back to his apartment at vampire speed.

Yunho has drunk himself into a coma again, but it is welcomed by Jaejoong.

He had held the sleeping form in his palm for the longest time, unable to look away, and unable to put him down. His keen eyes see the bones mending as his blood works to heal the infant Turned. Simple breaks are easily fixed. Other things, not so much.

His body is still caked with dried blood and he looks like something out of a horror movie standing as still as a statue in the middle of his bathroom.

Jaejoong finally moves when Yunho rolls over, his nose almost touching a spot of dried blood and he recoils, chittering in mild distress even though he is still asleep.

Wrapping the little baby bat boy securely in a hand towel, Jaejoong sets him as far back from the edge once again, tucking a couple of other rolled up hand towels around him to make sure he doesn’t move before he heads into the shower to wash the night away.

The swirls of red take forever, the water running like an Egyptian plague has manifested itself in the large bathroom.

And the rivers and waters of Egypt ran red and were as blood.

Hands braced against the wall, head bent under the shower, his eyes following the red as is slowly turns pink. The water is bracingly cold, something purposeful because his body is still aroused from Yunho’s lengthy feed, and he is just about done with his denials.

If his Turned were awake, he would no doubt be making a joke about the Nile being a river in Egypt.

Apt really.

He spends the time going over the last hour.

His terror.

His fury.

And the deep-seated feeling of loss, as if part of his soul had been rent from him when he saw Yunho falling to the ground and not moving.

He usually avoids things that are beyond his powers or his understanding. He doesn’t expect to need to accept anything outside his control. He is the master of his life and the orchestrator of his own path. He chooses which steps to take and when to walk away if need be.

Maybe he’s a coward for want of a better word, but he prefers his existence to be quiet and without turmoil because he’s had enough of it.

Nothing makes sense when it comes to Yunho.

His reactions to the young Turned.

His attachment despite his better judgement.

And it all seems tied to the fact that no matter how hard he tries to fight it, nothing works.

It boils down to the simple fact that he cannot see Yunho hurt in any way, physically, emotionally, or mentally. He tries to question why that is so, but there isn’t a sufficient answer that he himself can come up with.

Honestly, his Turned is a burden on him.

Pure and simple.

But he is willing to bear it because he knows deep down that Yunho will be hurt if he tries to cast him away and he is finally aware of the fact that he would rather hurt himself than hurt the newborn vampire.

And yet he still cannot understand why.

The hows and the why of how he became this way is still a mystery to him.

“Not everything needs a clear answer, son.”

“Why are you awake?” Jaejoong’s voice is a whisper.

“You caused a rather big ruckus and it woke us. Is your Turned alright?”

“He’s asleep. Mended and asleep, but he probably thinks I’m a monster.”

“He won’t. Don’t be melodramatic.”

“Don’t you think I have the right to be? I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. I wanted to see them suffer. I wanted to bleed them and then bleed them out all over again. I wanted to tear them limb from limb and then put them back together and tear them apart all over again. I’ve never felt like this, not even during the wars when I was bathed in blood. That was work. This was personal and I wanted them to hurt.”

The silence in his mind is telling, but he waits, unsurprised when he feels the gentle touch of his mother as his father brings her in.

“You’re my son, Jaejoong. Don’t ever forget that. You drank enough from me to have taken on some of my more undesirable traits.”

“It’s never manifested before this.”

“It doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. I won’t have you blaming yourself for this. The Council has always needed vampires with your strength, but they didn’t force you into servitude because we wouldn’t let them. They knew your potential as did we but you wanted to be left alone and we respected that.”

“Respected? You mean you’re not going to respect it now?”

“We still do but the Council will likely want to take a closer look at what happened. You were justified of course because it is a death sentence for addicts regardless, but it is the trigger that will be of concern to them.”

“Yunho,” Jaejoong’s jaw clenches tight, the muscles sliding in his cheek, taut and rigid with tension.

“What would you have done if you were alone?”

“Walked away. They’re none of my business.”

“It should have been your business. It’s the business of every vampire to make sure addicts either report themselves and are monitored closely or are put to death if they refuse. Humans outnumber us and even though we are far stronger, we have a single weakness that is easily exploited. It should have been your business to either take them to the Council for us to deal with or for you to have disposed of them much earlier than tonight. We cannot have the humans searching out every vampire for fear of a handful. It was your responsibility and you chose to ignore it for years. Our kind would have perished well before you were made if we hadn’t done something about the addicts, and that includes me.”

“I’m not going to ignore it now,” Jaejoong mumbles under his breath, feeling a very foreign sense of guilt as his mother calls him to task.

“Your loyalty isn’t to vampires though is it. You won’t ignore it because you don’t want Yunho to be hurt.”

“Does it matter?”

“Not to us. Not at all. It might matter to the Council, but they understand blood bonds and will likely excuse you for it. Can you see now why a solitary vampire is a concern to them? When a vampire has nothing tying them to our world, the propensity to run amok is a lot higher, especially in the first few centuries.”

“I’m tied to you. I would probably be quite pissed off if something happened to either of you too.”

He feels the affection coming through from both his parents.

“Yes, but you also know we are more powerful than you so you don’t worry too much over us, do you?”

“I guess not…”

“Have you tasted him?”

“Father, I am not killing him and I would rather not test my bond with you over his bond with me.”

“Erik, stop it. Ignore your father, though I am one hundred percent sure that we will be seeing you in our castle sooner rather than later. Now go and enjoy your bedmate and let us go back to sleep.”

Jaejoong opens his mouth to protest her choice of words and her knowing laugh at the end of it, but the presence of both flee his mind before he is able to and he simply shakes his head and sighs.

Turning his attention back down to the swirling water, he is relieved to see it clear of any stains.

Closing his eyes, his hands press at the tiled walls as if he needs the support to keep him upright. His guard is down and he is emotionally spent for the night and with dawn less than an hour away, turning in early seems to be a good idea.

A sharp squeal startles him and he turns to find a nude shivering baby vampire whose almond-shaped eyes are filled with mild accusation.

“Why is the water so cold? I think my balls just turned to raisins.”

Jaejoong glances down and his husky broken laughter echoes around the bathroom even as the handsome young vampire blushes when he realises what he’d just said.

Turning the faucet to moderate the temperature, Jaejoong steps out from under the spray and pulls the pouting Turned underneath it.

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel like I’m having deja vu. Haven’t we done this already?” Yunho asks as he tilts his head back allowing the warm water to run over him.

Jaejoong smiles faintly. “It’s been a long night.”

“One for the grandchildren,” the younger vampire nods in agreement. “I know how I would tell it though,” he continues with his eyes closed as he runs his hands through his wet hair, rinsing it out under the water. “Your grandpa Jaejoong had to look after useless grandpa Yunho who still pukes after flying so he couldn’t defend himself, and he did very well in fighting off bad vampires who were trying to hurt grandpa Yunho. Grandpa Yunho was very grateful to grandpa Jaejoong and doesn’t mind anything at all that happened that night because the most important thing is that grandpa Jaejoong was unhurt.”

His eyes fly open when cold lips press against his mouth, his hands dropping from his hair to automatically go around the back of the vampire pressed against him with his still icy skin.

Despite his complaint earlier about the temperature of the water, his body apparently has no complaints whatsoever about the cool skin of the older vampire, perking up immediately with interest at the close contact.

Yunho feels a questing tongue running along the seam of his lips and he parts them, moaning quietly when a warm tongue slides into his mouth even as his arms tighten around the slimmer vampire.

Jaejoong didn’t mean for the kiss to be anything more than chaste. Halfway through Yunho’s tale for their grandchildren, he realised what his Turned was actually saying to him.

He had kissed the vampire without a second thought and it is the growing hardness pressing against him and the tiny moans the other vampire is making that causes him to reluctantly draw back.

The somewhat dreamy expression on Yunho’s face makes his heart tug.

Licking his lips, he finds something strange.

“Why do you taste like sweet milk?”

“That’s you…you tasted like that. Warm sweet milk…it made me feel better.”

“Why can I taste what you tasted?”

Yunho is trying to act as nonchalant as possible because his cock is seriously embarrassingly poking into the older vampire and he is trying to pretend it isn’t happening. One small kiss and he’s basically waving hello come bite me. Perhaps three days old in vampire time equals a horny teenager in human years.

Surreptitiously loosening his hold of the other slightly as he pulls his hips back, he replies with a shrug, “I have no idea. Maybe you needed to feel better too. Do you feel better?”

“I feel fine.”

Yunho moves and cups Jaejoong’s face in his hands, staring into the ebony eyes of the other vampire.

“Are you sure?”

“I should be asking you that.” Jaejoong rests his arms loosely around Yunho’s waist

Yunho bends his head and kisses the older vampire gently, his shy whispered words caressing plush lips. “You made sure I was ok, so let me return the favour.”

Licking at the Turned’s sweet mouth, Jaejoong replies honestly, “It wasn’t a favour that needed to be returned. If you hadn’t been ok, I would have tried to put them back together somehow so I can rip them apart once again.”

“Bloodthirsty aren’t you?”

“I’m a vampire.”

“So am I, but I only want your blood. Does that make me an addict? Do I need to report myself to the Council?”

“Since I am a child of the Council, consider yourself reported.”

Yunho chuckles, the easygoing atmosphere relaxing him further as he steals another taste of those soft, moist lips.

The kiss is tinged with residual shyness, and the affection is so strong that Jaejoong is loathe to turn it into anything else.

Drawing back first, he thumbs at the young vampire’s full lower lip. “We need to sleep, baby boy. Dawn is coming and you won’t be able to stay awake. I don’t think you’d want to drop asleep here.”

The faucet turns off without either of them touching it and Yunho shakes his head bemusedly as Jaejoong steps out of his embrace.

“How long will it take for me to be able to do the things you do?”

“We’ve got a lot of time. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m not worried anymore,” Yunho admits as he takes the fluffy towel Jaejoong hands to him.

“Good,” comes the simple reply as the now robed vampire turns and heads out of the bathroom.

Wrapping the towel low around his hips, he picks up a smaller towel to dry his hair and follows the older vampire out.

Yunho had forgotten about the coffins until he is forced to face the reality of them.

His expression turns pouty and a little mutinous, crossing his arms across his bare muscly chest, he shakes his head.


Jaejoong merely hums, as he climbs into his coffin. The door to the inner chamber slides shut firmly behind Yunho, leaving the Turned not many options left.

“No what, baby boy?”

“I’m not sleeping in my coffin.”

Jaejoong hides a smile as he shrugs off his bathrobe and drops it over the side carelessly.

“That’s ok, you don’t have to.”

“I don’t?” Yunho’s voice is so hopeful Jaejoong almost gives in.


The older vampire lies back in his coffin and the lid starts to close.

“No, you don’t. There’s always the floor.”

“The fl—“

The insistent knocking on the closed lid of his coffin is pretty much immediate.

“Go to your coffin.”

“I don’t want to sleep alone!”

“You’re not alone, I’m here. We’re in the same room. Go to sleep before you literally drop where you stand, Jung Jung Yunho. You’ve never felt the sun before because you’re more protected in bat form but trust me, you will drop.”

“I can’t believe you locked me out.”

“You have less than half an hour. Get into bed!”

“I am trying!”

The knocking gets louder and Jaejoong pinches the bridge of his nose. It’s actually pretty muffled but Yunho is strong and he is sure his Turned will actually pummel a hole in the lid soon.

“Do you know how much a coffin costs?”

“I don’t care, you didn’t need to pay for another one, we could have shared.”

Jaejoong tells him anyway and the hammering ceases instantly.

He can hear the huff of annoyance as Yunho finally turns away. Listening closely, he can hear the younger vampire climbing into his own coffin, though he is definitely not happy about it.

That isn’t surprising.

What is surprising are the sudden waves of hurt feelings that flow over Jaejoong that makes his heart ache and his resilience waver.

Yunho is really upset, and it isn’t just about their sleeping arrangements.

He feels rejected and lost, not understanding at all why they cannot sleep together.

To be fair, the young Turned is only being made to sleep apart because Jaejoong thinks that he will not survive being in such a confined space with the painfully attractive and likely very tasty baby vampire.

Actually, he knows he won’t survive it, and he already thinks their connection is a little too strong for the number of days they’ve been together that he doesn’t want to explore anything deeper or stronger before he gets some sort of clear understanding as to what the hell is going on.

The waves of hurt get stronger and Jaejoong sighs.

Staring up into the darkness, he wonders how a three-day old vampire has managed to overpower a 261 year old vampire.

Popping open the lid of his coffin, Jaejoong is out and standing by Yunho’s coffin in a blink of an eye.

The other coffin’s lid is still up and Yunho is curled into himself, seemingly trying to make himself as small as possible, pressed up to one side of the large space. There is more than enough room for another body next to him and Jaejoong lays down in the empty space.

No words are exchanged as Yunho immediately turns and wraps himself around the resigned vampire. His Turned is still wearing a damp towel around his waist and Jaejoong tugs at it because if he has to sleep like this, it is going to be on his terms and the wet towel has to go.

After some wriggling and shifting, the towel is tossed out and the lid comes down over the two nude vampires wrapped innocently around each other.

“Happy now?” Jaejoong’s tone is decidedly grouchy. He is acutely aware of the half hard cock pressed against his hip and if it wasn’t so late, he would be teaching his Turned a thing or two about provoking him into submission.

Yunho noses the spot under Jaejoong’s ear. “You smell nice.”

“When have I ever not smelled nice to you?”

“You smell extra nice.”

“You’re just saying that because you got your way,” Jaejoong clenches his jaw as he feels his fangs threatening to drop at the warm caress of the baby vampire’s airy words against his sensitive ear. It’s going to be hell in a coffin.

“No, I didn’t. You wanted to sleep with me too but you’re fighting it. Stop fighting it. We’re just sleeping.”

Jaejoong grits his teeth, choosing not to respond, feeling like he has no choice in the matter anymore and it is starting to grate just a tad.

The feeling of being trapped against his will dissipates after a few minutes and the older vampire finally relaxes enough, only for Yunho to snuggle closer.

“I’m thirsty.”

“I thought you never get thirsty.”

“I’ve only been a vampire for a few nights, I don’t know everything.”

“Well, tough. I don’t feel like feeding you.”

Yunho’s sigh is mournful and Jaejoong feels like a cad.

They settle into a slightly awkward silence.

It is about five minutes to dawn, when Yunho finally speaks again, his voice conveying his worry and fear.

“I don’t feel well.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel heavy like something is trying to press down on me…I don’t like it. Make it stop.”

“I can’t. It’s the sun’s power. You’re very young and will feel it more, but it’ll get better as time goes by.”

“Do you feel it too?”

“Yes,” Jaejoong turns and kisses Yunho on the cheek. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. It’s probably better for you to fall asleep before the sun creeps up for the first year or so. You won’t feel it then.”

Jaejoong doesn’t realise how afraid Yunho truly is until the first tear drop lands in the crook of his neck.

His own heart constricting, remembering that he would have left Yunho alone with this experience, he does the only thing he knows will comfort the upset vampire.

Tilting his neck, he reaches a hand up to cup his Turned’s jaw and gently coaxes him towards his carotid, wiping away another tear as he does.

“Drink, baby boy. You’ll feel better and be asleep in no time.”

Yunho moves, turning fully, half sprawling on top of the smaller vampire, burying his face against Jaejoong’s warm throat, his fangs sink in, taking all the comfort he can get for the heavy oppressiveness is scaring him.

The prick of pain is brief and oddly comforting in itself.

The lassitude takes hold of him, but it doesn’t banish the tendrils of desire as Yunho feeds intimately from him. Why he didn’t offer his wrist instead is something to think about later, and with each deep, sleepy pull, Jaejoong realises that Yunho was right.

He did want to sleep with his Turned.

In fact, imagining being unable to is practically unthinkable.

His last thought before the sun forces him into slumber brings a wan smile to his face as he realises that Yunho has fallen asleep with his fangs still buried in his neck.

And he finds that he doesn’t mind it one bit.

AN: Someone please remind me that this is supposed to be fluffy. Ugh I am sorry guys. This chapter definitely ran completely away from me.

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