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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [10]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN: TOTALLY off topic but I suddenly find myself with an Asami kink hahaha. That man was seriously drawn right. Idk if y’all are old enough to know who Jessica Rabbit is but hot damn that man…he’s like the male version and infinitely better because he’s not just drawn that way, he is that way lmao. I literally spend my pockets of free time just googling images of him :D I like my manga guys a little wicked and he just makes me fan every thing cos HOT. Honestly, idk if Yunho could pull him off. He’s too pure. Visually it’s not bad though… I saw a few mafia/yakuza type fic prompts for the fest but idk if they were picked up. I’m guessing it’s based on this?

The fire is as sudden as it is intense.

The watery dawn light penetrating the grey winter morning is barely noticeable to many who are awake at that hour and getting ready for school, work, or just going about their normal day. To them, it is still too dark and miserable to be starting their day and they do so reluctantly, going through the motions of morning ablutions and preparing breakfast on autopilot, not quite participating in their own life as they work through the sleep-fog in their minds.

For those who like the mornings, they will note the extra chill in the air and make a mental note to grab a thicker jacket when they leave that morning.

And for those who are living in the apartment blocks near a nondescript park whose main attraction is a very large and old tree, their morning will be much more exciting.

It started off as smoke. The wisps curling up into the chilly air, looking very much like a centralised mist or fog that no one pays it any mind. In fact, no one actually notices the grey of the smoke from the grey of the early morning in general.

No one sees at which point the smoke turns into a bright explosion of orange light, and by the time they see the fire, it is too late to save the tree.

Burned down to its very trunk in less than five minutes, most eye-witnesses would have concurred on two things.

The fire started at the very top of the tree.

And the flames had been too intense for anyone to come closer than a hundred feet. The wall of heat keeping them at a distance that even if they had wanted to save the old, beloved tree, they wouldn’t have been able to. By the time the fire engines arrived, all that was left was a smoking husk of a tree, embers still orange but dying out quickly as snow starts to fall.

There were no official investigations for no one was found anywhere close to the tree, nor were there any traces of accelerants of any type. The grass and earth surrounding the tree was scorched for at least a fifty foot radius and nothing could be found that would explain how the tree was torched.

Unofficial subtle enquiries offer another possibility, and word gets to the Minister of Public Safety and Security who immediately makes a private encrypted call to the Blue House.

The conversation is brief, and once done, the recipient of the call in the Blue House picks up the same phone, takes a deep fortifying breath, and makes a call to Europe.

“How is it Jaejoong didn’t deal with those rogue addicts before yesterday? By all accounts, one of them has been around in his region for at least half a century though the other two are much younger.” Damian leans forward, steepling his fingers as he looks around the table he is seated at.

Layla bristles at the tone of one of the seven core Council members, but a mental hand from Erik stays her tongue, content instead to glare at the vampire younger than her and clearly more foolish for it.

The Council is currently made up of seven members plus the Executioner. Depending on their requirements at any time, the numbers may increase or decrease with members coming and going except for the Head and the Executioner. Currently representing the regions of North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Pacific and the vast areas of Asia, the seven members divide the world amongst them to be dealt with together in unity.

The vampire Damian is responsible for North America and is the newest member of the Council. Appointed less than two centuries ago after his predecessor met the sun, he is a stickler for rules, something necessary as most of the rogue vampires reside or originate from his region. His arrogance and blind adherence to their laws causes friction within the Council many a time, but with no one else willing to step in and offer to take up the mantle for his region, and with potential replacements being even more unpalatable, he remains where he is though closely supervised by Erik and Vlad, much to his irritation.

His counterpart in South America is Vivachel whose dominion is filled with vampires more interested in partying than anything else, and she oversees them in a way very similar to Layla. Punishments are meted out swiftly but pleasures are also encouraged as long as they are within their laws. She has the biggest vampire family of all of them, children and lovers numbering into the hundreds though she has no blood bond. Liberal in her views of everything except when it comes to jeopardising their existence, she and Layla are close friends, the latter oftentimes leaving Erik in North America to deal with Damian while she visits with Vivachel.

Africa including the Middle-East is supervised by a rather militant Jamire whose primary work revolved around managing vampire combatants. Due to his history, he has also been fighting a lifelong battle to help rehabilitate addicts. It was by his request that the cooperation with various legitimate and illegitimate governments be abolished a few years ago when he realised that they were breeding and encouraging addicts. Now focused than ever on rehabilitation, his military background assists in keeping the blood addicts in line. He is also responsible for the overall global vampire security and is a stalwart supporter of Erik’s moderate leadership though he finds Layla a little too bloodthirsty, even for him. She is a reformed addict and his only one for many years when blood addiction was still relatively unheard of, often mistaken for simple thirst. He still makes her return every century to confirm she is rehabilitated, much to her general amusement. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Jamire is a staunch opposer to replacing Layla as Executioner while she still walks the earth.

Michael is a boyish, easygoing vampire whose nature hides his true age for he is older than Erik, tasked primarily with the vast spaces of the Pacific and the countries that fall within it. He is probably the Council member most seen roaming the streets of his dominion and befriending both human and vampires alike with his surfer boy looks and sun kissed burnished gold hair that hasn’t seen the sun in too long for him to even care to remember. If there was ever a PR and Marketing function, Michael would be it. He also has a rather obvious crush on Layla that amuses his own blood bond who has told him that she is his only free pass, not that Layla would ever take him up on it for she has killed other vampires for lesser aspirations against her person.

Camilla, the oldest member of the Council, has the unenviable task of being given the biggest area to manage. Asia was formerly divided into four, with her remit limited to South Asia. North, East and Southeast Asia were looked after by three other Council members who have since met the sun and not been replaced for the region has been relatively low maintenance compared to the others after the wars were over. She is assisted by Michael and Vlad, the Council member for Eastern Europe, as and when required. Another Erik supporter, she is eternally thankful to both himself and Layla when her own blood bond, the Council member responsible for North Asia decided that five thousand years was long enough to exist and had met the sun without disclosing his intentions to her. She is also responsible for any vampire-related scientific and medical advancements and gets along very well with Vlad who also lost his own blood bond to the sun a few hundred years ago.

Vlad is responsible for Eastern Europe and occasionally assists with matters of Western Europe alongside the needs of North Asia when required. Normally tasked with being the mediator on the Council, he is a brilliant vampire who looks after the legalities of their kind’s existence. Despite the fact that he created most of the rules and laws that bind the vampires, he dislikes Damian intensely for his black and white view of them. For him, the law might be black and white, but one must always be able to operate within the grey. While he doesn’t agree with either Vivachel’s or Layla’s methods of kill first, question later, he admits that their judgments have not been questionable in the years he he has known them.

Erik is the current Head of the Council, and will be for the better part of a millennium unless the Council unanimously vote him off. Moderate by nature though relatively conservative in his views, he is well respected for his balanced ruling of their world. While new to his current position, he had been part of the Council and responsible for Western Europe for almost a thousand years.

Layla self-appointed herself as Executioner, after a very short stint as the Council member responsible for the Middle East, and with no one willing nor wanting to step up to replace her though she offers up the role regularly, she is still it to this day. According to Jamire, her role is also likely the primary reason why she is still rehabilitated. She gets her addiction fix from bleeding rogue vampires and even when she cannot stand their taste, she still gets the physical pleasure from it.

“Actually Damian darling,” Vivachel purrs, though her brilliant cat eyes are anything but friendly. “The main perpetrator in this is yours, and I told you about James Morley sometimes known as Jamie almost a hundred years ago when he crossed into my lands. Why didn’t you do anything about him then?”

“What do you mean he’s mine? Do you have any proof?” the vampire’s tone is defensive and he sits back in his chair as if trying to get away from the jewel-like eyes of the beautiful female vampire.

“Are you calling me a liar?” her voice is soft, indulgent even, but the electric sense of menace is very heavy beneath it all. Her ruby eyes flash dangerously, and it causes Damian to make the very wise decision to remain silent.

Camilla rolls her eyes and stands, pacing around the table as is her preference when considering something. It is distracting, but due to her age, none of the Council members ever berate her for it, save for Layla on occasion. “You should probably come and visit me to get checked, Damian. You either have a very selective memory or are suffering from some vampiric type of memory loss. I remember Viva mentioning it during one of our updates and even though it was in passing, she definitely mentioned it.”

Vlad stands up gracefully, always impeccably groomed, that early evening isn’t any different. Dressed to kill so to speak, he pins Damian with a level gaze. “What are you trying to say, Damian? Justice has been served and it is of no matter how long it took to get there. The application for retrospective responsibility is limited and in my opinion, unnecessary. However, if you want to pin Jaejoong for not doing anything about this fifty years ago, then I will also look into why you didn’t do anything about this a hundred years ago when a fellow Council member asked you to.”

“Why don’t you look into it?” Jamire’s voice is quietly contemplative, though his words earn himself sharp looks from all three female vampires on the Council, especially Layla who bares her fangs at her sometime mentor. “Jaejoong was one of my soldiers and one of the best, though his failure in judgment here is quite uncharacteristic and worth examining. I am also interested to know why Damian still hasn’t manage to fix his border control issues a hundred years ago when I told him to make it his priority on his very first day as a Council member. Will your borders withstand a basic check from my team I wonder…” he trails off, tapping his jaw thoughtfully with a callused fingertip.

“H-how did this turn into being about me? My borders are fine and—“

“Come on guys, let’s not argue about this,” Michael cuts in smoothly. Dressed in shorts and a rather bright Hawaiian shirt and a total contrast to the more vampire-like outfits of the others, he sticks out like a beautiful but very sore thumb. “As my good ol’ mate Vlad here says, it’s not worth an inquest into applying retrospective responsibility without opening a whole can of old worms, aye, Damian my boy? So I say a simple vote works. “Whoever wants Vlad to make a trip down to South Korea and then move Stateside for a month or so to examine these purported breaches of some protocol or other, please raise your left hand. If you want me to visit South Korea and give the lady in the Blue House a jolly good time so she forgets about this mess, raise your right.” Turning to an amused Erik and Layla, he wags a finger at them. “You two are not allowed to vote of course since Jaejoong is your son.”

“Of course,” Erik murmurs.

Four right hands go up.

Followed by a fifth.

And then a very reluctant sixth.

“Oh, look at that. The vote is unanimous.”

“You shouldn’t be looking so smug over that. Damian seems to have a thing against Jaejoong and while he’s pretty stupid, he also has a bunch of followers who listen to his every word. Jamire and Vlad assure me that he is harmless for now, but it’s not going to help if you look so gleeful over him losing his chance to get Jaejoong into trouble.”

Layla smacks the head of the Council on the shoulder and roll her eyes. “How long have you known me that you’d think that I would spare even a moment to think about that useless fool?”

“Then what are you smirking about?”

Layla merely grins again, fluttering her long lashes, her emerald eyes glowing and filled with both amusement and love.

Watching from a distance, Michael sighs as he leans against his blood bonded partner Jamire.

“You’re welcome to try again,” the physically more imposing, dark-skinned vampire, pretty much the total visual opposite to Michael murmurs, nudging the blond vampire with an elbow.

“Should I be concerned about how willing you are to send me to be slaughtered?” The blond pouts, earning himself a very toothy smile from the devilish vampire general.

The younger vampire shrugs. “You know you’re mine. You’ve just got this weird notion that she’s an itch you need to scratch despite knowing that this itch won’t just scratch back, she’ll claw your heart out and eat it for dinner. I can always patch you back together like I did the last two times you made a pass at her. Having you bedridden for a week sounds rather tempting…” he trails off, eyes deepening from the glorious multi-hued amber into a colour more closely resembling garnet.

“Come with me—“

Licking a pale ear, the taller vampire smirks. “Always.”

Colouring slightly and smacking the only blood bonded he’s had for nearly three thousand years, Michael laughs throatily. Jamire had been dying when he had chanced upon him in an inground cave on the Nile delta. Almost bled out by some young rogue vampires who hadn’t been able to finish their meal before the sun came up, there wasn’t far to go to make him one of the Turned. Beaten and tortured to within an inch of his life, his beautiful golden eyes had begged the enchanting blond for mercy. Their bond is especially unique for Jamire’s first taste of Michael had been the bloody tears the blond had wept over what had been done to the Moor.

He wears his scars proudly, opting not to fix them when he could, and the roughened visage helps in his role of ensuring that all vampires toe the line. If Michael is the carrot, then Jamire is the stick.

They are the closest bonded pair to currently exist, unlike Layla and Erik who took awhile to come to grips with each other, Michael and Jamire were inseparable for at least their first thousand years and are still very nearly inseparable now. Despite their dominions on different continents, they never spend more than three days out of a week apart and are powerful enough to be able to travel to each other with the wind.

“Come with me to Seoul, you wretch. You can check in on your prodigy-that-got-away and I can be all diplomatic and smooth over the lady’s ruffled feathers.”

Jamire hums his assent, wrapping his arms around the very svelte vampire, he rubs his chin atop the messy bed head of his lover. “I don’t know about getting away. Let’s just say I loosened the leash a little and after that fiery display from him, I think my boy is ready to return to where he belongs.”

“Layla will rip out your tongue for that.”

“Too true. Let’s keep this to ourselves, shall we?”

Michael turns in the larger vampire’s embrace and smirks up at him, his bright blue eyes now a deeper shade of violet that makes him look more exotic instead of the boy-next-door. He sticks out his tongue and wags it at the other. “Well…maybe if you kept my tongue occupied, I’d consider it…”

The other bonded couple, still conversing quietly about their son, ignore the burst of masculine laughter as two vampires zip past them in a blur, heading up to one of the towers of the Council’s European headquarters to reacquaint themselves with each other before their trip to East Asia.

“You should stop spying on him before he puts up a permanent barrier.”

“He wouldn’t.”

“He would.”

“I’m not spying anyway since he’s asleep and won’t know.”

“You have a very heavy touch, my love,” Erik runs a finger fondly over his bonded’s sharp cheekbone. “He can probably sense you when he wakes.”

“Well, it’s a good thing that I’m not checking in on him but his Turned then, isn’t it?”

“A very, very small and inconsequential difference and you know it. He wouldn’t tolerate that from you once he realises what a blood bond truly means. Alright then, tell me why you’re grinning like the cat that got the cream.”

“They’re in the same coffin.”

“That isn’t anything new.”

“Yunho isn’t in bat form.”


“Which castle do you think we should open up for their visit?”

“Oh, Layla…”


The day remains grey, but by the time twilight approaches, the skies have cleared and the dying orange rays of the sun as it dips over the horizon illuminate the city, softening the hard lines of the tall skyscrapers and giving everything a warm glow.

Even the weather cooperates, the snowfall from the morning ceasing, the wind dropping, leaving a cool but not uncomfortable temperature that has the humans in the city willing to venture out further than usual.

Dinner plans are made, club dates are scheduled and the hustle and bustle of the large city is at its peak as the sun curves around that part of the Earth, finally disappearing off the horizon.

Jaejoong’s eyes pop open before the sun leaves the sky completely.

He can feel the heaviness of his limbs gradually lightening, though it only seems to apply to half his body.

The other half is trapped under deadweight.

Yunho is still latched against his throat, dead asleep, and likely will be so for another hour. Willing his body to stretch without actually stretching, Jaejoong stacks his free hand behind his head as he contemplates the dark interior of the brand new coffin.

It only takes a few moments for him to decide that he prefers his coffin, and rolls his eyes when he realises that he has already decided to keep Yunho’s coffin in a guest room for when his parents visit.

After what happened, there is no way he is leaving Yunho to sleep alone. The baby Turned’s fear and vulnerability were so palpable that he is already mentally organising their nights to ensure they are in bed, his young charge fed and asleep at least a good half hour before dawn.

It is truly like looking after an infant.

Yunho chooses that moment to shift slightly in his sleep, bringing attention to his evening wood pressing intimately against Jaejoong’s thigh.

Ok, perhaps not quite an infant.

The sun is well and truly gone and the Turned’s instincts kick in as he starts to sleep feed.

Jaejoong closes his eyes, feeling his own cock stirring rather vividly at the innocent little sucks his handsome baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho is making.

Goosebumps erupt across his skin despite the heat in his loins, and Jaejoong shifts, moving his hand down to his aching shaft in a bid to ease the ache.

Each tiny little pull of his blood into the mouth and down the throat of his Turned sends wicks of electricity from his neck, through his spine, and straight to his cock, filling it to a turgidity that borders on that thin line delineating pleasure and agony.

Fangs dropping, his throat parched to the point of actual pain, Jaejoong lays there in the darkness like a martyr of the olden days, thinking that he wasn’t far off calling this hell in a coffin. His tongue curls in his dry mouth and he suppresses a groan when Yunho moves again, his feeding deepening.

The curls of pleasure turn instantly into waves of desire, crashing over the vampire trying to brace himself against the whirlpool that is threatening to drown him. The only thing stopping him from losing his extremely tenuous hold over his control is the fact that he isn’t breathing.

One small whiff of his Turned’s sweet scent and it will be over.

He clenches his eyes tightly, hand gripping his cock, a handful of strokes bringing a bead of pinkish blood to dew on the tip. Rending his bottom lip, ignoring the pain from his sharp fangs, Jaejoong’s hand works over himself, the strokes alternating between long and slow to fast and hard.

Unable to keep from vocalising his throaty moans in the confined space and lost in the sensations, his body tight with the need for release, the vampire doesn’t realise that the mouth against his throat is no longer taking from him, but rather licking the bite marks to heal and close them.

A few seconds later, a larger hand curls around Jaejoong’s over his cock and his eyes fly open.

“Do you want some help with that?” a sleep husky voice whispers against his too-sensitive ear that makes the vampire shiver, his hand convulsing spasmodically over his cock with the sheer intensity of his need.

The younger vampire takes the opportunity to slip his hand underneath the loosened fingers of the other, wrapping it around the pulsating velvet steel length whose warmth makes him push his own arousal against Jaejoong.

On the upward stroke, his thumb finds the slick head and he moans at finding plenty of moisture already, signifying the older vampire’s desire.

“Is this for me?” he asks in a hoarse whisper, eyes tightly closed, no time for being shy as he cants his hips, rubbing lewdly against the other, barely getting even a measure of relief from the climbing tension in his body.

Turning his head, Jaejoong seeks the younger vampire’s mouth, gasping against it when Yunho licks at his ravaged mouth before kissing him with his blood tainted tongue and filling the vampire’s mouth with the decadent silky taste of hazelnut truffles.

Drawing back for a moment, amused at the sweetness, Jaejoong nuzzles Yunho’s nose gently and affectionately. “I don’t like sweet things, baby boy, but I find that I like tasting how sweet I am to you.”

Ducking his head, his cheeks aflame with shyness, yet his hand is still boldly wrapped around the older vampire’s blatant arousal, Yunho bends his head further upon seeing something else to distract him as his hand starts to move again.

Licking at a taut nipple, the move so wholly unexpected that Jaejoong gasps out loud as his body thrums hard from the simple touch. His body arches when Yunho, encouraged by his reaction, closes his mouth over the straining flesh and starts to suck. The coffin’s lid springs up as if shoved by an unseen force as Jaejoong takes a deep breath, hands gripping the plush lining of the coffin and his world becomes awash in all colours of Yunho.

The scent hits him like a freight train, and the guttural moan he lets out is animalistic as he moves, flipping Yunho off him and onto his back as he cages the stunned Turned beneath him. The growl he lets out is one of a being who knows full well that he is an apex hunter, his eyes twin black diamonds shining with an alarming predatory vigour.

Bending his head, he takes a heavy lick up the centre of the nude young vampire’s chest, starting from the frantic beating of his heart, to the pulsing rhythm of his thick carotid.

“That is my blood in your veins, baby boy,” Jaejoong’s voice is hoarse and thick with need as he nuzzles the underside of the Turned jaw. “You have never had any other have you?” his voice is sensuously melodious. “I’d like some of it back.”

Unable to or perhaps unwilling to move, Yunho’s eyes are wide, pupils blown, his breath caught in his chest unable to anticipate what comes next, but wanting it all the same.

“Yours…i’m yours.”

Jaejoong smirks as he lifts his head from his lazy perusal of the sharp lines of Yunho’s jaw, licking at his mouth and nodding his appreciation of Yunho’s realisation of that fact as he moves to slip a knee between the four-day old vampire’s thighs.


The triumphant, singularly possessive word echoes loudly in Yunho’s head and he parts his legs willingly at the unspoken demand.

The hunger.

The yearn.

The need.

They are all wrapped up together with no begin nor end and it lashes at him with lightning bolts of tempestuous unbridled desire coupled with a bestial instinct to consume wholly and completely.

Making his way in reverse to his original path, his tongue makes it’s way down Yunho’s body, bypassing the usual distractions along the way, he only has one goal in mind.

To taste him.

AN1: Right through my fucking underwear to the seat beneath me. Calvin Klein I am disappointed with you…especially since that wasn’t even long lol.

AN2: I have to work even though I have the flu from hell so be kind to me and don’t kill me :P This is really much easier to write while at work than at home I have to say…

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Such a cliffhanger... I really want Jae to taste him..lol

I like this fic due to the fact that jae is the one protecting yun annd yun is the vulnerable which one seldom finds in other fics. And also despite jae is the one who is stonger than the two,he also at the same time the uke (i believe so).

Can't wait for yunjae time...

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