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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Turned [11]
Title: Turned
Pairing: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, vampire!AU, fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho is one of the Turned, a newly made vampire, completely lost in the ways of the undead for his Maker was cruelly taken from him by the sun the very next morning before he could impart the wisdom of ages (the most important being AVOID THE DAMN SUN). Jaejoong happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ordered to take the newborn under his wing, much to his dismay for he has never been careless enough to turn anyone, and now he’s saddled with a responsibility that…well…is for eternity unless one of them decides to say hello to the sun.

AN: Hmmmm…Anticipation is best served with…

There is an animalistic quality to hunger that thirst cannot fully ascribe to.

He wants to take, consuming and subsuming, making every single beautiful inch of the young vampire his.

He wants to taste and he knows a little sample, as the word implies, isn’t going to be enough because what he wants, what he needs, is to devour completely.

He wants to tame and control and bend him to his will, and yet he also wants the converse - to be tamed, controlled, and bent against his will and feel the exhilaration of the battle.

A battle where there are no losers, the winners take all, for they are each other’s prize.

And what better prize can there be?

Any hesitance, over two centuries worth of seeing his parents and the fear of not being able to get that disappears the second he scented his Turned.

Truly scented him.

Yunho is marked very distinctly, and he recognises what it means.

No one would dare try to break them apart.

And if any do, then let what happened to James Morley and his two friends be a lesson for all.


He feels set alight, like fire has taken to his flesh, both within and without, and it is threatening to consume him completely.

Yunho watches Jaejoong moving down his body, his tongue burning a hot trail along the way, his midnight doe eyes gleaming in the darkness, the hunger and possessive intent within twin black diamonds is ill-contained, and the young vampire feels a surge of momentary trepidation, suddenly unsure as to what the older vampire’s intentions towards him actually are.

What he thought was obvious doesn’t seem quite so clear anymore in the dimly lit room where he is trapped with the other, for he has no idea how to exit the chambers should he need to get away for one reason or other.

He cannot imagine any situation or scenario that would require him to run from the older vampire.

It is still the same vampire who had held him gently in his palm earlier that morning, eyes filled with concern as Yunho fed weakly from his wrist.

And yet, it is also the same vampire who had torn apart three of his kind in the space of a bare few minutes, with a breathtaking ferocity and utter disregard for the continued existence of the three, that is completely overwhelming and just a little on the side of terrifying.

It is this latter personality that Yunho sees most clearly right now, hovering on his hands and knees between his legs, a dark predatory intent in his familiar eyes.

Something utterly bestial and there appears to be no concern over keeping any semblance of control at all - as if Jaejoong has let go of the shackles that held him in check, and he has let his true side out.

He referred to himself as the poster boy of the wars, but if Yunho knew the true reality, he would learn that Jaejoong vastly understated his involvement, making himself sound like nothing more than a pin-up.

Jaejoong was the poster boy because he led the battalions. Knee deep and bathed in the blood of the enemy forces, his brutal efficiency at dispatching both vampire and humans alike were whispered about for years, and still thought about fondly by Council members who can and still, appreciate his skills.

The humans talked about him in hushed whispers, narrating stories that their grandfathers and great grandfathers told them about a mysterious being who stalked the night and would eliminate entire camps simply by passing through.

Vampires gave him a wide berth. They know who he is, they know what he is, and they would rather not have anything to do with him. His ties to the Council are too tight and most vampires, though not law breakers, are not exactly the voting type either.

As if feeling the hesitance and growing trepidation of his still very young charge, Jaejoong surges up Yunho’s body, holding himself perfectly still to minimise his blatant aggression earlier, their bodies mere millimetres apart except for their cocks which rub deliciously against each other, but he ignores the sensation, his attention on something more pressing and infinitely more important than slaking his hunger for his bonded.

Jaejoong’s warm breath ghosts over Yunho’s overheated skin as he once again lazily noses the diamond jawline of the young baby Turned.

“You have nothing to fear from me.”

“I’m not so sure about that…”

Jaejoong lifts his head and stares intently into his eyes.

Yunho stares right back, his brief fearfulness draining out of him under the clear gaze of his adopted Maker.

His Jaejoong is back.

There isn’t any preliminary nudge like before.

They just meld together seamlessly.

“Trust me.”

“I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a little wary about your intentions.”

“I just want to taste you.”

“Will I survive this…tasting?”

Jaejoong’s smirk is remarkably devilish as he bends his head and licks a stripe along the path of Yunho’s carotid. The resultant shiver that runs through the body beneath him makes him chuckle darkly.

“You taste me all the time,” he reminds the younger vampire.

Yunho is resisting the urge to move. Their cocks touched again at his body’s inadvertent shiver and the brief sensation made his toes curl enough for him to want more.

“Where…where are you tasting me?”

Jaejoong hums, leisurely nosing his way along the charmingly embarrassed Turned’s jaw again, feeling a great deal of satisfaction that the baby vampire has lost his momentary anxiety. The heat coming from his cheeks makes his smirk widen as he finally lifts his head up again to stare down at the blushing vampire.

“I think the question should be…where do you want me to taste you?”

Pink turns to red as Yunho basically flushes from head to toe and he subconsciously cants his hips upwards so their cocks slide against each other’s again. Looking like a deer caught in headlights and yet, there is that familiar underlining determination to see whatever it is he’s set his mind on, through to the end.

The heat from the younger vampire’s acute shyness practically burns against Jaejoong’s skin, and he cannot help but admire the steady gaze of his very own Turned, the young vampire remarkably brave despite his somewhat immediate peril.

Someone he never wanted to begin with and now, someone he cannot imagine being without.

His scent makes his blood sing.

And yet, he’s discovered that it also calms him, bringing him back into himself even if overcome by bloodlust.

They are bound, and Jaejoong cannot ignore nor pretend any longer that their connection isn’t more than it actually is.

“Are you going to make me say it out loud?”

The older vampire leans forward to press a kiss between Yunho’s eyes, feeling long lashes kissing his own cheeks as they flutter closed at the affectionate gesture.

“You can say it in here,” his voice lightly teasing. “It’s cosier isn’t it?”

“This is embarrassing.”

“I can stay here all night, baby boy…”

“You’re really going to make me say it?”

“I’d say something about not being able to read your mind but we both know that’s a lie. I just feel like being indulged since somehow, I think you’ve always had the upper hand in this relationship, and I think pink is a good colour on you.”

“Relationship? We’re in a relationship?”

“Did you have any doubts?”

“No, but you did. Separate coffins, remember?”

“Too right. Ok, no more doubts from me..”


“You’re stalling, baby boy.”

“Fine…thigh. My thigh.”

“You’re such a dirty little liar, baby bat boy Jung Jung Yunho” the older vampire laughs as he kisses the heated cheeks of his young Turned. “You like a bit of pain then I guess,” he continues talking as he moves lower, making especially sure that their bodies do not touch.

“P-pain?” Yunho lifts himself up on his elbows and stares down his naked body to the grinning vampire now curled up like a very dangerous cat between his thighs. The audacious being even leans against one thigh and starts trailing his fingertips along his other thigh. Each light touch sending tremors of desire shooting through the baby vampire’s body and to his further embarrassment, his cock twitches rather merrily between them, eliciting another throaty laugh from the smirking creature who is within nuzzling distance of his balls.

Jaejoong plays a tune Yunho’s thigh, as he leans forward, eyes trained on the younger vampire’s face, his tone taking an instructional lilt. “The easiest places to feed are the wrist, the carotid and the femoral. Of the three, the femoral hurts the most.”

“You really did mean taste, didn’t you…” Yunho’s eyes drop to the slick moisture coating the head of his cock.

“Changing your mind?” Jaejoong inquires archly, his eyebrow cocked as he follows Yunho’s gaze. “There are less…painful ways.”

Raising his eyes, Yunho decides to meet the challenge he can hear in the other’s voice. “

“I’m a vampire.”

“Indeed you are, baby boy,” Jaejoong’s smiles, his fangs lengthening.

“A little pain never hurt anyone,” Yunho swallows heavily, staring at the sharp canines. He knows he’s being a little ridiculous because he feeds from Jaejoong practically without a by-your-leave sometimes. He’s not afraid of the pain, but more of the unknown. The older vampire has never fed from him.

“I’ll be gentle,” Jaejoong leans forward and closes his eyes, burying his nose against Yunho’s inner thigh and inhaling deeply. His pupils dilate immediately, and he loses himself for a moment.

Opening his eyes, he finds Yunho still looking at him.

Trust, need, and apprehension collide in those beautifully shaped almond eyes.

Lifting a hand, he wraps it around the young vampire’s heavy cock and pumps, just as his fangs break skin and his mouth is filled.

Yunho has no idea which is worse.

The hand on his cock, or the mouth on his thigh.

Both equally compelling, both equally able to drive him mad.

And throughout the whole thing, the darkened eyes of the older vampire never leaves his face.

“Do you understand now?”

Yunho groans at the sweet torment. He doesn’t even have time to reflect on the fact that he’s been basically torturing Jaejoong for the better part of three nights.

His cock has swelled even more in Jaejoong’s hand but it isn’t just because of his touch.

Jaejoong’s mouth as he tastes him seems to have a straight line to his groin.

The sucking sensation is amplified and it feels like there is a hot mouth, not a hand over his turgidity.

The flames from earlier reignite and a magnified a thousand times over and his own fangs drop and a terrible hunger assails him.

A deep, raw, hunger that feels like it will never be satisfied.

Never ever be sated.

The need to feed is so deep that it feels as if his soul itself is crying out.

With a low growl of his own that is at odds with his personality, his chocolate brown eyes turn into the same twin black diamonds of his adopted Maker as he leans up to pull Jaejoong away from his leg.

Blood runs down his chin and the older vampire holds off the impatient younger one for a moment as he licks the wound clean.

Yunho can barely wait a moment longer and the second Jaejoong lifts his head up, he hauls the smaller vampire to sprawl on top of him as their mouths crash together.

Their fangs retract immediately, but the ferociousness of their contact means a split lip or two anyway. Kissing, licking and suckling at each other’s tiny wounds till they mend, their mouths slant hotly over each other’s, seemingly unable to get enough as they practically devour each other for long minutes while their hot aroused bodies rub flagrantly against each other, seeking some sort of relief.

“I’m sorry,” the younger apologises, his voice raw and hoarse with need when they finally draw apart. “I’m so sorry…I didn’t know.” Jaejoong is settled very comfortably between Yunho’s thighs and the younger vampire is rubbing his bare ass with a heel as he apologises.

“It’s ok, baby…” Jaejoong lifts his body slightly and slips his hand between their bodies, their bellies wet with the unmistakable evidence of their arousals and need, and he dips a finger into the slit of Yunho’s cock, drawing a long low moan from the younger vampire as he collects the slippery fluid.

His moan becomes even more pronounced when Jaejoong sticks his soiled finger into his mouth, those ravaged pouty lips a deep cherry red from blood and abuse, sucking so suggestively on his finger, that the need for more drugs the four-day old vampire’s mind.

“Is it ass o’clock?”

Jaejoong pauses, staring into the blown pupils of the handsome young Turned shifting restlessly beneath him, feeling Yunho’s heel digging into the fleshy part of his ass and pulling in, jerking him forward, his cock sliding alongside Yunho’s own length.

He pulls his finger from with mouth with a needlessly obscene pop and hides a smile as a flare of interest lights up Yunho’s eyes.

“Do you want it to be ass o’clock?”

“Only if it’s my ass.” Shyness forgotten momentarily, the young vampire grins at his own cheek.

Cocking his head, slightly amused at the cute smile his hopelessly adorable Turned is wearing, Jaejoong asks curiously, “You don’t want my ass?”

“I don’t know what to do with your ass.” The baby vampire admits honestly, mumbling under his breath while simultaneously flushing to the roots of his hair, shyness crashing upon him fast and hard.

“Ah,” the vampire teacher smirks, sitting up on his heels and slicking up two fingers with the pink moisture beading from the tip of his cock.

“It’s not like you’re born with this knowledge,” Yunho mutters, too caught up in the heat of his embarrassment over his confession that he doesn’t notice what the other vampire is doing. “I’m only four days…no nights old and—” his words choke off and he would have flown backwards through the head of his coffin in a reflexive bid to get away if Jaejoong hadn’t kept a hand on his thigh, holding him firmly in place.

Eyes agog, staring at the moving hand between his thighs, his mouth parts as the sensation finally registers over the shock of the initial intrusion.

Laughing quietly and leaning forward to press a kiss against the corner of Yunho’s mouth, Jaejoong inserts a second finger quickly and he is rewarded with a tiny bewitched moan.

“I’m sorry, baby. This lesson is going to be quick because—“

“Quick is fine,” Yunho interrupts breathlessly, pretty much all eyes and staring up in dazed wonderment at the older vampire who chuckles again, unable to help himself as he leans down to press and another quick kiss to the corner of his parted mouth.

Each stilted breath is like a call tugging at his own cock and he derives huge pleasure at feeling and seeing Yunho reacting to him so wonderfully.

Jaejoong curls his fingers then, and the intense wave of sudden pleasure has the young vampire reflexively grabbing his cock with both hands as he squeezes everything.

He squeezes his eyes shut tightly against the foreign sensation.

He squeezes his cock with both hands to stave off an impending orgasm.

He squeezes Jaejoong’s fingers tightly in his ass, drawing them further into his body.

Panting slightly from the effort of keeping himself contained, his voice is nothing more than a croak through gritted teeth.

“I am going to shoot myself in the eye in the next ten seconds, so if you’re going to be putting anything else besides your fingers in my ass, you might want to do it now.”

And so the story of the first time between grandpa Yunho and grandpa Jaejoong is probably a story best left between them. If it was ever brought up later, grandpa Jaejoong can safely say that it was the first time in his 261 years that he and his partner had both orgasmed while laughing, and grandpa Yunho may admit to having the dubious honour as a then four-day old, of being an expert marksman and managing to actually shoot both of them in the eyes.


“Do we have to? Can’t we just stay in bed and you can give me more lessons?” Yunho props himself up on an elbow and waggles his eyebrows suggestively at the shorter vampire who is laying on his back with his hands stacked behind his head.

Jaejoong smiles, the wealth of affection he feels towards the young vampire is leaps and bounds more than what he feels towards his own parents, but the type of affection is so different that he doesn’t think it is anything to be sorry for.

Lifting a hand he rubs a soft thumb pad over a pouty lower lip, his smile widening when Yunho drops his fangs and nips playfully at the digit, easily breaking the skin.

Alarmed at what he’d inadvertently done, Yunho immediately sucks Jaejoong’s thumb into his mouth, licking at the tiny wound, eyes showing his contrition.

“If you’re going to feel bad about every bite, you’ll be feeling bad for a very long time. My parents are blood bonded too and they still mark each other.”

Giving his thumb one final thorough licking, he pops it out of his mouth before he replies, though he only really caught half of what Jaejoong just said. “It’s different isn’t it? It’s not thirst. Hunger is close but still doesn’t quite address how it truly feels. I just want to bite you all the time.”

“Bite, or just sink your fangs into me.”

“Isn’t it the same? Bite you. Fang you.”

“Are you a vampire or an animal?”

Yunho straightens his elbow and lays down on his side properly, circling a finger around Jaejoong’s bellybutton before trailing it upwards. He is enchanted by the muscles dancing below his light touch and his groin grows heavy when his finger meets the tight pucker of a dusky pink nipple begging to be…fanged.

“Are you sure I can’t interest you in another lesson?” he asks, licking his lips and eyeing his prize.

“You know, I was a very responsible and respectable vampire before I met you.”

“We can be responsible and respectable later.”

“It’s a little hard to be respectable when I’m probably going to be going out later with the memory of you fucking my face. Perhaps instead of blinding me, you might want to give choking me a try?”

A strangled squeak is all that is heard as shocked almond eyes meet heated doe eyes.

“I…what…choke…what…” Coherence has all but left the young Turned.

“Lesson number two…”


“What if you don’t like when I do to you what you do to me? What if my fangs accidentally drop and I bite your thing off? What if it hurts if I…uh…I…” Yunho trails off, pale skin pinking for the nth time that night.

For someone who didn’t want his own coffin, he is spending far more time in it than necessary.

“You’ve got to be the only vampire I’ve ever met who is embarrassed about sex.”

“I’m not embarrassed!”

“Your continued disregard for my blood donation and its uses tells me otherwise.”

Steeling himself, Yunho opens his mouth to try and get the words out. Jaejoong’s knowing smirk doesn’t help one bit and the heat in his cheeks give him away, but he still pushes through. He’s had two lessons. Surely he can at least get the words out.

“I’m sort of bigger than you…” he gestures vaguely between their bodies though studiously not looking anywhere he is gesturing towards. “What if it hurts if I…if I put it in you?”

Jaejoong’s snort of laughter makes the younger vampire’s colour deepen even more.

“It? What is it? Your fingers are longer than mine. Your thumbs are bigger than mine. Shall we compare our toes too? Or maybe our tongues…I think mine’s is fatter than yours but yours is more agile it seems…”

“You’re mean.”

“Baby boy…I am preparing you for my mother. She will tease you to death about everything. I wouldn’t put it past her to sit topless in your lap and talk about the state of vampire politics in Arkansas or vampire rights in Siberia.”

“She wouldn’t,” baby vampire is all innocently outraged eyes.

“Oh yes, she would. And the hilarious part about it is that if anyone actually makes a pass at her…well…she operates on a, we are doing this on my terms not yours so keep your fucking hands to yourself before I rip them off.”

Balking even further at that mental image, Yunho swallows hard. “Can we meet your parents here? At least it’s our place and she wouldn’t really do such things in someone else’s home, would she?” the poor young vampire is troubled, unaware still that Jaejoong is a product of his parents and teasing is just second nature. Having repressed that side of him for so long, it is now free from its tethers and running away unbridled and Yunho is the lucky recipient of all of it.

Jaejoong’s teasing has backfired a little this time though for Yunho’s words have sent a warm tingle through his body and it has quickly turned into a steady thrum of growing desire for the cute baby Turned.

“You’re stalling again.”

Yunho pouts and turns on his back, running his hands through his messy hair before stacking them under the back of his head. “Cock. Penis. Dick. Happy?”

This time it is Jaejoong who props himself up on an elbow and runs a trail of his fingers on the other’s torso, going down this time and is quite unsurprised at finding that the younger vampire is already hard.

Jaejoong hums as his fingers trail along the soft velvet length, feeling the hardness through the soft touch before he wraps his hands around it and strokes it slowly.

“Perky. I’d say Perky. It perks up quite easily don’t you think?” His hand doesn’t stop even as he speaks, his strokes are deliberate as he coaxes pinkish moisture up through the slit. “Though I suppose Happy is a good a name as any since it’s always happy to see me,” he chuckles lowly at his own lame words.

His hand never stops moving.

Yunho has no response, throat dry as the hunger starts to gnaw at him, he just watches Jaejoong’s hand teasing him mercilessly.

Each bead of pink dew drop is allowed to drip, tipped over from the slit by a new beadlet of the slippery fluid.

After a few minutes, Yunho finally speaks, his cock now drenched and coated and he is feeling quite desperate. “If you’re teasing…this is really mean.”

The older vampire leans up to kiss the frustrated young vampire on the nose before climbing astride his torso, his hand not once leaving the other’s cock as he positions the bulbous head at his entrance. His hand moves down to the base to get a better grip and his eyes never leave Yunho’s face as he slowly lowers himself on the steel length, one very slow inch at a time to allow his body to get used to the intrusion.

Whatever happened in the last two hours just got trumped by the vision before him.

Where does he start?

His eyes are telling him something, his cock is saying the same thing, his heart is hammering like mad and his mouth is like the Sahara desert, so parched with need that he can barely force his brain to work.

A brain that is a little scattered, filtering bits and pieces of knowledge and trying to point out that he should have known, and yet absolutely nothing has prepared him for this.

He stares at his cock disappearing slowly into the older vampire’s body. The exquisite torture is incomparable to everything else so far for the tight velvet glove encasing his body is unlike no other.

The heat is threatening to burn him up, and it gets worse with every inexorable inch for Jaejoong’s body is like a furnace.

The seconds drag and the older vampire is finally fully seated, knees tight on either side of the younger’s hips.

The stretch still hurts and he lifts his arms to brace his hands against the top of the coffin. The too-full feeling is welcome though, and as he leans down to kiss his absolutely poleaxed Turned who is currently looking more like a toothy baby goldfish, he murmurs against his lips.

“Lesson number three…”


“How many lessons are there?”


“Will we go through them all?”

“We’ll have lots of revision.”

“Oooh! I like revision! I like getting better at something and…oh…” Yunho trails off when he realises what the other meant. To his credit, his blushing is very minimal this time.

And it only took three lessons.

Or perhaps it helps that a healthy amount of blood had already been redirected elsewhere for most of that evening that there isn’t much left to spare for his momentary bouts of shyness.

“Are you ready to go out now?” Jaejoong asks, sprawled quite comfortably on Yunho’s chest. He taps a finger on the tip of his Turned’s nose, watching amusedly as the baby vampire’s eyes cross as he tries to watch.

Yunho blinks to refocus his eyes and looks down his nose the beautiful face of his adopted Maker.

Maker sounds a little trite since Jaejoong didn’t make him, and even if he did, he feels like more.

So much more.

His mind pokes at him and an earlier conversation he wasn’t paying much attention to is brought to the fore and he remembers something.

“What does blood bonded mean? You said your parents are blood bonded too. So you’re not my Maker but you’re my blood bond?”

Jaejoong drops his chin on Yunho’s chest, before turning his head and resting his cheek against the vampire’s heart.

“I think this conversation needs a cosier setting.”

Yunho wraps his arms around the older vampire’s back and relaxes completely, feeling the nudge this time.

“Is this cosy enough?”

Jaejoong laughs out loud, lifting his head up and shaking it. “I meant my coffin. I broke yours when the lid came off.”


“What do you have against your coffin? After all the time we’ve spent in it this evening…”

“Well…it doesn’t need a lid for that. I’m sleeping with you in your coffin later, right? Or do you have some horribly expensive spare coffins lying around somewhere?”

Jaejoong squeezes the sulking baby vampire before he sits up and hops out of his coffin and into his. Pressing the button to close the lid, he sings out. “You better hurry if you want to get in here.”

Yunho has never moved faster, though he fair knocks the breath out of Jaejoong in his haste.

In the closed confines of the other coffin, with its familiar scents, both vampires forget why they moved in the first place as they reacquaint themselves with each other.

Lesson number four…spooning.


They finally, finally make it out of the inner chamber some time near midnight. After banning a pouting Yunho, who eventually transforms into his cutesy baby bat form as some kind of protest, from stepping foot in the shower because they need to fix the bathroom first before the extremely studious, eager young disciple makes a mess out of it for lesson number five, Jaejoong takes a long much needed shower.

He is only just shampooing his hair when a stricken vampire dashes into the bathroom, suds all over his body and holding a towel around his waist.

“Something’s happening!”

Shampoo gets into his eyes just then and Jaejoong is blinded for a moment as he washes his hair and eyes out with one hand and gestures with the other for the younger vampire to come closer.

“What’s wrong?”

Yunho takes one look at Jaejoong and his eyes widen.

Stepping into the shower area, he stares intently at the mark that has bloomed across the fair vampire’s throat, the same as for him.

Reaching out just as Jaejoong clears his eyes and ducks his head out from under the spray, he caresses the side of the older vampire’s throat.

“You have one too.”

“One what?” Jaejoong’s eyes widen and he is immediately pressed against Yunho, examining his young Turned’s throat. “What happened to you?” He rubs at the large stain and finds that it will not disappear. “How did you get tattooed? When did you get tattooed? Did you leave the apartment?”

“I didn’t leave—“

“Then how?!!?” Jaejoong nicks his finger and tries to use his blood to rub away the elaborate markings. “Did you do this yourself?”

“You’ve got one too,” Yunho presses his thumb against Jaejoong’s carotid. “Right here and it’s big.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen and he shimmers to the closest mirror.

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah, I know how you feel.”

Turning to his bemused charge, he shakes his head. “I don’t know what this means.”

“I don’t think it’s anything bad,” Yunho replies, seeing Jaejoong’s wide eyes and not wanting to alarm the older vampire any more than he already has. He’d been caught by surprise when he first saw it, but now that he’s seen a similar mark on Jaejoong, he figures it’s probably related somehow and anything that binds him to the stunning being cannot be bad.

Leaning forward for a closer look, Jaejoong tries to rub the mark along the side of his throat. It doesn’t hurt, and it is oddly appropriate in its own way.

One more thing to ask his parents or the Council about.

The list of questions is getting longer by the night.

Tossing his towel, Yunho steps under the still-running water to rinse off the soap from his broad frame.

“Maybe it’s to do with the blood bond.”

Finally stepping away from the mirror, Jaejoong turns to look at Yunho. “You think so?”

Looking over his shoulder, the baby Turned shrugs stoically. “What else can it be? It’s practically a matched set.”

“Hmmm…you might be right but it’s not something I’ve ever heard of.” He grabs a towel and turns to leave. “Be quick please, baby boy. We really need to go to the shops because the humidity escaping that hole is ruining my clothes, and we still need to talk.”

The shower turns off immediately and Jaejoong isn’t even out of the bathroom when a very wet, slightly amorous young vampire plasters himself to his back and licks his way down his ear to the new mark on his neck.

“Quick enough?”

The conversation they eventually have is mostly one-sided with Jaejoong doing most of the talking as Yunho comes to grips with their reality.

He tells Yunho about never having a Turned, and how his father had basically commanded to take him in.

He talks about the accidental blood bond and how his parents are bonded and the little he knows about what being bonded means.

He explains the protections accorded to blood bonded vampires but also mentioned that they seem to be different to the normal blood bonded and briefly talked about the pair his parents had alluded to.

He confesses that he had been resistant to fully allowing the blood bond to take on his side at least, but it was primarily due to his own personal history and issues and was very clear that it had nothing to do with Yunho himself.

The four-day old vampire currently being hit with much more information than any Turned his age, takes most of it in stride, though he did have a few questions at the end.

“Do you regret having a Turned now?”

They are sitting on the large bed in the outer bedchamber with Yunho’s against the headboard and Jaejoong comfortably seated in the V of his legs and leaning back against him. Both are finally fully clothed.

Pulling Yunho’s arms tighter around him, Jaejoong shakes his head, replying with a simple no before falling silent.

Dropping his chin to bury his nose in Jaejoong’s blown-dry locks, he asks another question. “Is that other crazily attached couple Antony and Cleopatra by any chance since Egypt and all…didn’t she commit suicide after he did?”

A warm chuckle escapes Jaejoong’s throat as he shakes his head again. “My parents said they didn’t last a month. I don’t know exact details but I’m pretty sure they had children together so I’m guessing probably not.”

“They could have bonded later after the kids.”

“True, but I still don’t think so. Does it matter?”

“Maybe if Romeo and Juliet were real…”

Jaejoong laughs outright this time, twisting at the waist to kiss Yunho’s cheek, though his lips unerringly moves towards his mouth.

Yunho squeezes the smaller vampire. He has a final question, but Jaejoong is too warm and pliant in his arms and he deepens the kiss, casting the question and its somewhat negative connotations out.

He had been thinking too hard though and their connection flares as their mouths meet properly. Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he hears the quiet thought, but just as his Turned had done, he allows it to slip away and out of their minds as they both arrive at the same conclusion that since they’re in a proper bed and all, that perhaps they have time for lesson number five…

“Are our feelings…my feelings…real or just the blood bond?”

AN1:…a twist :D

AN2: Gonna be honest, I have no idea how many chapters are left OTL It was supposed to end with the “tasting” and I literally started this entire fic with the Epilogue planned and the end line already written - “How do you feel about a trip to Europe?” but as you can see, that didn’t happen lol. Yes, the smut was supposed to be the Epilogue hah! I am trying to end it but my muses have other ideas and keep insisting on going and I am forever a slave to them. It’s difficult managing one muse, but when you have two, sometimes even three for the same fic…guh.

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i really really really want to see a super jealous yunho. maybe a past vampire lover or admirer of jae.

jealous yunnie is the sexiest. LOL

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