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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[3] Short Shorts
Title: Short Shorts
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.
Summary: What the fuck is Changmin wearing? Yunho is not pleased, but he may just end up swallowing his words…

AN: Un-betaed and well... this was meant to be a PWP... I'm not sure what happened OTL This fic is also dedicated to my twin, Nicole :PPP This one's for you twinNic ;-)

Yunho is a little irritated. Ever since that afternoon three days ago, Changmin has flatly refused to speak to him. He’s even gone as far as to accept a last minute assignment in Japan the next day and disappeared without so much as a goodbye apart from a voice message to his secretary about his whereabouts. His secretary! Do you know how embarrassing that is? Yunho, still tying up the loose ends of the Choi Shipyards takeover, was stuck in Seoul and that made him grit his teeth just a little bit because he had wanted nothing more than to chase after his silly young wife. The teenager is sulking which is somewhat out of character, as he’s usually more confrontational and they’d duke it out instead of him turning tail and running. Yunho knows what this is about and wonders if he’s going to have to put up with Changmin overreacting to everything for the next seven months. Power play is good and all and Yunho finds it amusing but really, running off to another country?

And now, he’s pacing the VIP lounge at the airport, wondering where the hell his wife is. Their flight to Hong Kong leaves in less than an hour and Changmin landed from Tokyo an hour ago but his elusive wife is nowhere to be seen. Calls to his cellphone have all gone straight to voicemail. Yunho is not actually worried about him because airport security informed him earlier that Changmin disembarked safely. Yunho figures his dear darling little bitch of a trophy wife is still not over his annoyance. The brat.

Yunho sits down with a huff, crossing his legs, tapping his fingers impatiently on his knee as he waits. He’s also a little annoyed at the outfit he’d pulled blindly out of the closet. Who in their right mind would think colour block shorts would look good? And pink too. Yunho uncrosses and crosses his leg restlessly. He certainly hadn’t bought this ridiculous outfit so he chalks up one more thing to be annoyed with Changmin about. He is disrupted from his thoughts by his phone chirping. A quick glance reveals a message from his wife that simply says “on my way”. It’s about bloody time.

Changmin knows his husband is probably annoyed right now, but he needs some time to regroup. He cannot explain his own irrational behaviour, and by the time he reached Japan, he wanted nothing more than to turn right around and fly back. He’d waited, expecting Yunho to come after him, but apart from a few slightly irate voice messages, nothing. Is he really surprised though? He sighs as he walks out of the mens room. He fiddles with his phone and sends a quick message to the man as he walks slowly to the VIP lounge, feet dragging. Sometimes he wonders why he insists on staying married. Is he that much of a masochist? And now with a baby on the way, he’s pretty much screwed.

Yunho looks up as the doors open quietly and his jaw drops. There is his wife, strolling nonchalantly into the room, laptop in hand and sunglasses in place wearing the shortest fucking pair of shorts he’s ever seen on the man in public outside of a photoshoot. They’re practically boxer-length! Yunho growls as he stands to meet his darling wife, eyes glinting dangerously as he takes in the slim frame, and all that exposed skin.

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“Wow, that’s a nice greeting for your wife whom you haven’t seen in three days.” Changmin’s voice is laced with hurt that he struggles to hide.

If Yunho hears him, he ignores it, eyes still raking up and down his wife’s body.

It doesn’t take much for Changmin’s own hackles to rise, and he places a flat palm on Yunho’s chest and shoves hard, watching in satisfaction as the older man stumbles backwards, his face a picture of shock. He lowers his sunglasses and glares disdainfully as his husband, then turns on his heels and quickly leaves the VIP lounge, heading towards their gate as they will be boarding soon. Since he’s a first class passenger, hopefully they’ll let him on the moment he gets there because he knows he’s going to have a fuming husband to deal with soon enough.

Not ten minutes later, Changmin is seated in his window seat in first class, glass of champagne in hand as he stares morosely out the window.

“That better be sparkling grape juice.”

The young supermodel turns to look at the source of the voice, unsurprised to see Yunho’s glowering face staring down at him as he places his bag in the overhead compartment before taking his seat. He snatches the delicate flute from Changmin, and tosses it back, grimacing slightly before setting the glass down and scowling at his wife who scowls right back.

“Are you stupid? You’re not meant to drink alcohol and I know you know that. Are you that angry with me that you’d harm our baby?”

Changmin’s eyes widen at the vicious and wholly uncalled for accusation. The only reason he’s holding the champagne in the first place is because it’s standard practice for first class to be given a glass when passengers come onboard. He never intended to drink it, having only just found his seat before Yunho turned up a minute later. He acts without thinking when the flight attendant comes by with a flute for Yunho, grabbing it and dousing his husband with the contents before standing up and pushing past the infuriating man, the shocked stewardess, and heading to the bathroom.

“Sir, I’m sorry you can’t use the bathroom till after take off.”

“I’m pregnant and I want to puke. Would you like me to throw up on you?”

The male attendant hastily steps back, eyeing Changmin up and down before nodding and making way for the tall man, choosing not to question the upset passenger.

Changmin stares at his reflection, his face dripping wet with water as he forces himself to calm down. This is too much. His husband is too much. Yes, they’re perfect together, especially superficially, but being perfect on the outside is not enough. He doesn’t even know him. How can Yunho even consider that he would do anything to harm their baby? How could he? Changmin clenches the marble top of the vanity as he sucks in a lungful of air, trying his best to will away the tears that are pricking his eyes. Goddamn it. He doesn’t cry. He never cries. He is not the crying sort but Yunho has gone too far. That old bastard. And now he’s stuck on a fucking three and a half hour flight with him. Maybe he can change seats. There are always empty seats in first class.

A quiet knock interrupts his thoughts and he takes one last look at himself, blindly grabbing for a face towel from the small stack at the corner of the vanity and wiping his face clean. He wishes he has his shades but they’re in his bag and he is not planning on returning to his seat anytime soon. He straightens, squaring his shoulders and pasting on the haughtiest expression he can muster, lips quirking ruefully at his reflection. Being a supermodel does have its advantages as he turns to open the door to the very apologetic flight attendant who tells him the plane is about to take off. Changmin uses the pretext of his nausea to claim a seat near the bathroom instead of returning to his own seat. He never even spares a glance in his husband’s direction, as he buckles himself in and crosses his knees, noting disinterestedly that his shorts are riding up rather high.

Yunho knows he’s pushed too far. He’d let his anger and jealousy cloud his judgment and in that split second, hurt his wife far more than he ever intended. He says nothing, letting the stewardess pat him dry as he deliberates, thoroughly annoyed with himself. He’s already on the back foot as it is and now, he’s just dug himself a rather deep hole. He winces as he recalls his words, knowing the second they leave his mouth that he’s gone way too far. Most of the champagne landed on his head and the wet spots on his shirt just serve as a reminder as to what an ass he’s been. He dries his hair the best he can with the towel the stewardess leaves with him. He is feeling guilty, an emotion completely foreign to him and he doesn’t care for the bitter taste. He turns to the empty window seat on his right, and sees Changmin’s open bag on the floor. The corner of a book catches his eye and he leans forward to pull it out of his wife’s bag. His heart clenches as he reads the title, “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy”. He flips through it and sees that Changmin’s bookmark is just one chapter from the end. His nails bite into his palm as he squeezes his fist, filled with remorse.

He notices movement at the front of the plane and he looks up to see his wife finally emerging from the bathroom. He’d contemplated following him but knowing Changmin, it’s probably better to let him cool off on his own. His eyebrow twitches as he once again takes in that expanse of exposed skin. A passing flight attendant reminds him gently to buckle up as they are about to take off and he complies, frowning as he does so when Changmin sits in one of the forward seats. Yunho sighs to himself as he settles back, staring at the back of Changmin’s head as the plane taxis slowly.

Changmin looks down at his exposed thigh, absentmindedly rubbing his palm up and down it as the plane takes off. The seatbelt sign goes off and he unbuckles himself to lean forward and fix his shoelace. When he straightens and looks up, he catches the male flight attendant staring at his legs and something clicks in his mind. So Yunho is angry about his short shorts? Changmin’s mouth twists into a smirk as he shakes his head in disbelief. His husband is truly a fool, to lash out over something so petty. Did he even ask why he was dressed in such a manner? Of course not. That would be too much to expect from his husband to even care about anything beyond the fact that Changmin belongs to him and him alone. He’s tired of giving more than he gets back and if Yunho wants anything further, well, the man will just have to beg for his indulgence because Changmin has had enough. Changmin will be his wife, but Changmin will not care to be a wife. Yunho wants a trophy wife, not a loving wife.

The young man stands up slowly, taking care not to bother tugging his shorts down that have now ridden up quite high due to him being seated. He is a supermodel, and therefore absolutely unashamed of his body as he all but struts back to his seat, his expression aloof. Legs from here to forever, teasing everyone in the first class compartment from the male (and female) flight attendants to the businessmen and their self-absorbed wives dotting the seats to his repentant husband who can’t help but fume inwardly at everyone ogling at his striking wife, all the while taking care not to let it show on his face.

Yunho watches Changmin stalk down the aisle towards him, face cold and vaguely contemptuous, every inch the international supermodel he married. He can’t help but be proud of his young wife. However he is feeling a little unsure, as Changmin’s expression is closed to him and he has no way of knowing what he is thinking, not that he knows most of the time but he definitely expects fireworks. Changmin seems to read him better than he can read the younger man and Yunho muses about that. Those long limbs cross briefly in front of him and his eye twitches again as he sees how high the shorts have hiked up, following their progress as Changmin settles back in his window seat next to Yunho, and they ride up even further when he does so. He doesn’t seem to notice as he crosses his legs and the hem of his shorts almost all but disappear under his teeshirt. Yunho massages the armrest, his eyelid twitching again.

“Changmin-ah…” Yunho starts, unused to apologising for anything but this time he has to swallow his pride because he knows he is in the wrong. “Min-ah…” he tries again, but his wife doesn’t even deign to acknowledge that he’s heard the call, eyes studiously trained on the fluffy white landscape out the airplane window. Yunho reaches out to take a slim wrist only to have it whipped from his grasp as Changmin finally whirls around, eyes flashing.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t you fucking touch me.”


“I’m serious, Yunho-ssi. Don’t even think about it.”

Yunho winces at the teenager’s choice of words. “I’m sorry, Min-ah.”

Changmin makes a rude noise at that before turning away and lowering his seat slightly. He digs around in his bag for his sunglasses which he finds, perches them on his face and settles back in his seat, arms crossed, mouth turned down in a scowl.

Yunho sighs, knowing when to leave well enough alone for now as he takes a last look at his wife before turning to wake his iPad to look through some documents he needs to run through before his meeting in Hong Kong. About half an hour in, the soft snores coming from the seat next to him make him smile as he asks a passing flight attendant for a blanket which he uses to cover his wife. Changmin stirs slightly but doesn’t wake. It is barely fifteen minutes later when he feels a weight against his shoulder, and he turns to find a messy, wavy head of hair on him, Changmin nuzzling against his shoulder in his sleep, his brow marred slightly by a furrow. Yunho shifts slightly, tilting his chair back and the younger man falls further on him, across the wide console between them. Yunho balances his wife’s head on his shoulder as puts his iPad away to turn fully towards the sleeping boy. He kisses the furrowed brow, thinking about the man sleeping trustingly against him. His wife is still a teenager, even though not for long and he always seems to forget this fact. He is a little heartened by the realisation that even though Changmin is clearly mad at him, that he still turns towards him for comfort.

Yunho buries his nose in his wife’s fragrant hair as the teen turns even further into him, trying to sprawl on his husband in his sleep. The blanket slips with his movement and Changmin’s legs are once again on display. Yunho is taken by the tanned, slim limbs that the supermodel is known and sought after for, his hand moving before his brain catches up, stroking a light palm up an exposed thigh. Changmin sighs in his sleep at the caress but doesn’t move and emboldened by this, Yunho moves to pull the blanket over both of them before moving his hand back to that soft skin. He runs his hand slowly up and down, a repeated motion from knee to thigh. His hand gets heavier at each pass, and higher. He can feel his pants getting a little tight but really, all he wants is to touch his wife. He’d be lying if he says he didn’t miss him those two days. Yunho never ever travels without Changmin and no matter how late he has to work, always comes home to him at night. It’s the least he can do, being as busy as he is. A slow realisation comes across Yunho as he thinks about it, nose buried in Changmin’s soft hair. He’s in love with his wife. Somewhere, somehow, he fell in love with the snarky teenager. He grimaces though as another thought passes through his mind. He all but accused Changmin, the man he loves, of trying to harm their baby. Yunho has no idea how he is even going to try to redeem himself from that one. An apology is far from good enough. What about DSquared’s Fall Collection? Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t realise that his languid caresses have woken the focus of his thoughts.

Changmin is feeling hot again. He’s been having horrid hot flashes for the last two days and if he could get away with walking around practically nude, he’d probably go for it. He slowly wakes, noting the hand on his leg and the slight tightness in his pants, but it is the heat that truly wakes him. He finds himself pressed into Yunho’s shoulder and he grunts as he realises why he’s so fucking hot. He sits back up quickly, head swimming briefly from the sudden movement and throws the blanket off himself with a hiss. He stands up quickly, taking off his sunglasses and glaring down at his husband for overheating him and stealing what little sleep he’s managed to get in the last couple of days. Changmin can no longer sleep properly without Yunho but he’s not about to tell the man that. He knows it’s not Yunho’s fault that he woke up but really, he’s more than happy to lay the blame for anything on the man right now. He’s so irritated and his sweat glands feel like they’ve suddenly exploded, covering his body in a thin sheen that repulses him. Changmin hates to sweat, hates it with a passion. He shrugs off his jacket, leaving it in his seat before crossing over Yunho’s legs and striding down the aisle to the front of the plane to enquire about using one of the shower spas. He doesn’t have an appointment but it’s a short flight and he highly doubts any of the other passengers will have utilised the facility. He all but forgets his anger towards his husband in his quest to cool down.

Yunho is currently sending glares in everyone’s direction who watches his wife’s progress down the aisle. His shorts have bunched up so badly in the back that his ass cheeks are practically showing. What on earth is the man thinking? Why is he practically wearing UNDERWEAR in public? He scowls as he watches Changmin confer with the male flight attendant. Why does he manage to find only males to talk to when there is an abundance of female attendants around? He can see the steward blushing as they talk and Yunho fumes. His pants have tightened in his annoyance, the emotion linked to arousal lately. The male attendant hands Changmin a toiletry bag and the teenager disappears into the shower suite at the end of their aisle. The steward follows him in which has Yunho bounding out of his seat in a heartbeat and moving down the aisle ready to unleash the fury of Hades on the besotted member of the flight crew.

The poor unsuspecting flight attendant walks back out of the shower facility just as Yunho gets to the door and one look at the man’s face has him cowering and muttering apologies for what he knows not. He just wants to get the hell out of the man’s way. He knows the young supermodel in the bathroom is his wife and he can only guess at why the two don’t seem to be in accord. He ignores protocol, knowing just who Jung Yunho is and looks away when the powerful man pushes past him and into the shower spa, after his wife. The door shuts and the lock clicks into place and he turns to face the disapproving faces of the females in the first class cabin and knowing smirks on the males. He shrugs helplessly in their general direction and resumes fixing the drink he was making when interrupted.

Yunho enters just as the shower door shuts, water running already. The door is frosted and he can’t see in and he guesses Changmin can’t see out either. He scans the small bathroom, noting Changmin’s clothes on the floor. What is it with him these days? He is loathe to leave his wife but the man clearly hadn’t thought this through. Was he planning on re-wearing his clothes? Or walk out in a towel? Honestly, Yunho won’t put it past Changmin to strut out in nothing but a towel around his waist and he scowls at the very thought. He picks up the discarded clothes and leaves quietly, to get a set of change.

Changmin is still in the shower when Yunho returns. His water should be running out about…



Yunho settles back on the bench, legs apart, lounging almost indolently as he fiddles with the various complimentary Bvlgari products on the shelf next to him, waiting for his wife to emerge. The frosted door cracks open, and a long limb emerges, followed by a wet and naked body. Yunho drinks his wife in, smirking slightly because the younger man is muttering to himself about ridiculous time limits on the water when clearly no one else is planning on having a shower. In fact, Yunho has a feeling Changmin is about to pop his head out of the bathroom to growl at the spa shower assistant to reset the water so he can keep going when he realises the man has no intention of covering himself before opening the door.


His wife turns around in shock, almost losing his footing as he crashes into the wall. His hand clutching at his belly, chest heaving. He recovers quickly and all but snarls at Yunho.

“Get out.”


“Then I will.”

Yunho isn’t sure if Changmin realises he is dripping wet and very naked still but he is not about to find out, gaining his feet quickly and grabbing the taller man by the arm, pulling him flush against him, body tense and ready for a struggle. And struggle is exactly what he gets as Changmin tries to break free from Yunho, punching him hard in the chest and generally trying to shove him away. But Yunho stands firm, unflinching as his wife pummels him with his free hand, waiting (and hoping) for the man to tire himself out. He sure packs a decent punch and when the teenager shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, Yunho decides enough is enough. He grabs the flailing arm and moves to pin Changmin against the shut shower cubicle door.

Changmin is fuming. Can he never be free of the man? To his disgust, his cock is stirring at the close proximity to Yunho. This always fucking happens and he is furious, both at his husband and with himself and his traitorous body. He tries to knee his husband in the groin but is successfully blocked, his own knees knocked apart as Yunho slides his thigh between his legs. Changmin finds himself pressed against the shower door by an irate husband who is looking at him like he’d like to do nothing more than to devour the supermodel. Their heated gazes meet and well, heightened emotions, a naked body, it’s no surprise that in the next moment their mouths are fused together.

Yunho has Changmin’s arms pinned over his head, keeping him still as he slants his mouth over and over his wife’s taking everything the younger man has to give. His jealousy, anger, guilt and love flow through him and the result is a kiss that is almost violent as he ravages his wife’s mouth, wanting to drink the man in. He rocks his thigh between those long limbs, feeling the heat from the younger man through his clothes as he nudges his balls. They kiss fiercely, and it is a long time before their mouths break apart, both gasping harshly for air. Yunho presses his forehead against Changmin’s as they pant against each other’s mouths, sucking air and breathing each other in. He lets go of his wife’s wrists and Changmin lets out a hiss of discomfort as his arms drop. He sags against Yunho, straddling his thigh, practically sitting on it and it is Yunho who is keeping the younger man upright.

Changmin is hunching over, curling to press his face into the side of Yunho’s neck when he remembers he is still angry with his husband. He straightens slightly, putting two flat palms against Yunho’s chest and in a repeat of the VIP lounge, shoves his husband back hard, away from him. His mouth twists in amusement as Yunho, completely unprepared for that, stumbles and falls against the bench, sitting down with a hard thump. His expression is almost comical as he stares up at Changmin, eyes surprised, mouth swollen from their kisses, shorts fully tented and barely constraining his erection, the white shirt clinging to him like a second skin thanks to Changmin’s damp body.

Changmin licks at his lips as his eyes graze over a dark nipple showing through the wetness and he walks slowly towards Yunho, smirking as he watches his husband’s hot eyes raking over his body. Changmin is not showing yet, and so his lithe form is still all muscle and softness. His abdominals and pecs are defined but not overtly so and he is proud of his body that he maintains through swimming. He comes to a halt between Yunho’s legs, eyebrow cocked as Yunho gazes up at him, waiting silently.

Yunho has no idea where to land his gaze, wanting to look at so many parts of Changmin at once. His eyes, those furious, hurt eyes that he wants to kiss away the pain from and apologise, desperate to see that mis-matched eye smile again that is so rare it’s worth more than diamonds to Yunho. The body he worships, wanting to reach out and pinch a dusky, perky nipple but he stays his hands. Those legs that he had on display for all to see earlier, the endless legs that he wants wrapped around his waist as he makes love to the younger man. And then his eyes stray to the junction of his thighs, lips quirking at the lack of hair and inordinately pleased that Changmin is fully erect. He licks at his lips, unable to tear his gaze away from the swollen head, despairing for a taste but not stupid enough to move just yet. Bad enough he can’t look away out of his own volition, and he all but wrenches his gaze back upwards when Changmin speaks.

“You’re not fucking me.”

The voice is cold, almost emotionless, but Yunho is not fooled. He can see the hurt in Changmin’s eyes.

“I am fucking you.”

Yunho’s eyes widen and before he can react to that statement, he feels Changmin grab a fistful of his hair as his other hand holds his cock, directing it and pressing it between Yunho’s lips, made easier by his slackened jaw. In a blink, he has a mouthful of turgid flesh, struggling to control his gag reflex as Changmin grips Yunho’s head with both hands and proceeds to mouth-fuck him, uncaring if the older man is ready.

Changmin just wants to come. He is hot for Yunho and wants nothing more than to have the man fuck him against the marble vanity top while they stare at each other in the mirror. A privilege Yunho probably paid over five million won for. Per seat. But he is still angry and hurt and doesn’t want to give his husband the satisfaction of knowing that despite everything, Changmin still wants him. His grip tightens, fisting Yunho’s hair cruelly, lost in the sensations of that warm mouth swallowing him down. Changmin can feel himself hitting the back of Yunho’s throat and smiles bitterly, wondering what sort of excuse Yunho will give if he loses his voice. He closes his eyes, tilting his head back, hands implacable against Yunho’s head, not giving an inch to the man whose mouth he is currently fucking almost brutally.

Yunho can feel his eyes tearing, barely able to suck in a breath as Changmin fucks his mouth harshly. They have played this game before and Yunho always wins. The simple fact is, he can quite easily overpower his young wife if he wants to, but that’s the point isn’t it? If he wants to. Yunho doesn’t want to. His throat hurts, his scalp is prickling with pain, his vision is getting a little hazy and it is a real struggle trying not to graze Changmin’s cock with his teeth. But Yunho takes his punishment willingly. In fact, he probably deserves more pain and if his wife had insisted on actually fucking him, he is honestly unsure what his reaction would be, but it wouldn’t have been an outright no fucking way. His own erection all but forgotten, and in fact, he’s lost any urge to sate his own lust, only wanting his wife to get his pleasure.

Yunho moves his hands up Changmin’s long legs, digging and scraping his nails into the backs of his thighs as they progress upwards slowly, earning himself an appreciative moan. They move higher till they reach his prize, the young man’s delicious ass, fitting perfectly in the palms of Yunho’s beautiful hands. He kneads hard as he relaxes his throat further, taking Changmin much easier now as he gets the rhythm of his thrusts and is able to time his breaths. He moans around the pulsating flesh in his mouth, desperate for a taste of the essence of his wife, the shallow thrusts deep in the back of his mouth not according him that small indulgence. However, as he massages and spreads Changmin’s ass cheeks, fingers grazing his crack, his wife keens lowly, adjusting his stance to allow Yunho better access, his strokes slowing down just a fraction. and becoming longer. Yunho chances a glance up and marvels at the long column of Changmin’s tan body, the arch in his neck as he presses a a dry finger against that puckered entrance.

His moans get pronounced as he can finally taste Changmin on his tongue, his large hands continuously massaging and spreading, trying to get better access as his fingertip breaches the tight ring and Changmin jerks in his mouth, before increasing his tempo, his grip in Yunho’s hair tightening as he fucks Yunho hard.

A tear spills out of the corner of one of Yunho’s dark almond eyes just as Changmin looks down, and that pushes him over the edge, and he comes with a pained moan, ripping himself from the pliant mouth, the hot spurts smearing white on the beautiful face of his husband. His body jerks spasmodically as his cock empties itself over Yunho’s tongue, nose, cheeks, cum running down his chin, his proud husband looking like a harlot begging for more. It is his hands that are holding Changmin upright, cupping his ass still, massaging gently as the teenager recovers from his orgasm. Changmin fights to regain his composure, standing to rest his full weight on his shaky legs as he steps back and out of Yunho’s reach. He avoids looking at his husband as he reaches for the pile of clean clothes next to Yunho, dressing quickly before walking out of the shower suite, leaving his bemused, cum-drenched spouse on the bench without a second glance.

AN1: Ok some parts MIGHT be a little confusing. I’m not sure if anyone is confused but I thought I’d mention that this one shot was never meant to happen. The NEXT one shot was meant to be the third shot in this series but since I decided I had to squeeze this one in, I had to sorta include some things here that will be cleared up in the next shot. Ok, I’m confusing myself now lmao. The ONLY reason I wanted to squeeze this in was those damnable shorts. I didn’t even have a plot to go with it… I just wanted those shorts and it was meant to be a porn without plot… Sorry for the fail everyone because I clearly failed by a mile OTL

AN2: Also, I’m pretty sure Korean Air doesn’t have showers in first class but other airlines do (though not on a flight from Seoul to HK) so I exercised my artistic license :P Also, those who expected MinHo, I’m sorry lol! It was always meant to be this and this is exactly what I meant when Min said what he did to Yunho. Fucking doesn’t always mean ass, kay? ;-)

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haven't read the other oneshots to your trophy wife series, but I love this oneshot just as a standalone itself ^^
hope this means Changmin has forgiven Yunho now :3

Hmmmm... Would you forgive Yunho? Cos I certainly wouldn't :P I'd make him suffer just a little bit more... Maybe a lot more... He got off lightly!!!

Oh if you do read the series, you have to start with Trophy Wife cos otherwise Handbook won't make sense :3

Glad you liked it and thanks for commenting!

lol first of all thank you for keeping it HoMin *tears of joy* I truly love this series..I wish Changmin would realize just how much Yunho cherishes him..as much as I love the push and pull and bask in it I don't want it to go as far as them hurting one another..

can't wait for the rest!

Lol! IDT i'd ever write MinHo...but well, if my guilty emo!Jung muse wants it, I won't deny him hahahahaha :P

I'm so glad you love this series. I adore it too which is so weird. Supermodel!Min blended into trophy wife!Min is SUCH a turn on for me omg... I have been having loads of Changmin feels for weeks since I first started this series OTL

HoMin are both a little dumb about each other tbh... Changmin assumes too much and Yunho takes him for granted. Wanna smack both!

Glad you liked it and thanks for commenting!

Yunho needs to tell Changmin that he loves and cares for Changmin asap before anymore wrong ideas starts growing in our poor Minnie's head. I carry a bit of hate towards Yunho for saying 'Are you that angry with me that you’d harm our baby?' How can he even ask that? He's so insensitive. I'm all for making Yunho suffer a little bit more before Changmin forgives him.

I like this series. Keep it up! (:

Minnie assumes too much, poor kid. And yes omg IDK where that came from but I was super mad at my emo!Jung muse cos because of that line, this turned so far from the PWP i'd originally envisioned. He was a cockblocking ass. I'm still mad at him tbh.

So glad you like it! And thanks for commenting ;-)

I loved this. It saddened me to see Changmin so upset. They need to talk it out before Min asks for a divorce. Update soon!

Mmmmm yes, they sure do. Aish, poor Minnie. I was upset too :-( Was super mad with Yunho and he got off pretty lightly. Glad you loved it and thank you for commenting!

Yea... I had a moment of confusion in the beginning trying to figure out what was going on lol.
Looks like I wasn't losing my memory ^^.
Their relationship is truly complicated... Yunho really has a shit way of showing his love. I would smack his pretty head if I didn't love him so much ;~;.
It's a little heart breaking to hear that Changmin waited for Yunho in Japan ): Not to mention to fact that he couldn't sleep properly without Yunho as well.
Both are very stubborn. And really Changmin's legs are just asking for attention. I cannot... T__T. Are they going to make up in the next part? They desperately need to...

I think those two should go to couples therapy, or something...Yun might realize he's being a dolt by not showing & telling Min he loves him..& Min might not act the way he does if he knew how Yun felt about him

Dem short shorts are alwayyys causing trouble. :P I have to admit that seeing Changmin wear those tight black ones a while ago made me gape at my computer screen like an unsightly fish. Seriously. What is that boy thinking? Maybe he's uber jealous of Yunho's fanboy army and he wants to capture some for himself? :D

I think the thing I liked the most in this installment was when Yunho realized that he loves Changmin. Took him a while, huh? But I guess the whole point of their relationship in the beginning was to be the hot business man husband and the beautiful trophy wife. Yunho has got some major sucking up to do! No pun intended? :P

Edited at 2012-07-11 04:11 pm (UTC)

When I saw those shorts I actually thought they were photoshopped at first lmao!!! His legs are seriously from here to forever and I was unashamedly ogling I have to say... ooops!

You know, they're both very smart individuals but for some reason, totally useless when it comes to their marriage =.= It's kinda fun to write actually and all that about Yunho kinda came out of nowhere. Blame my emo!Jung muse. And yes that most certainly was the point of their marriage...

I LOVE YOUR PUN! Thanks for reading and commenting :P

Okay, is Changmin still mad because Yunho had found out about his Handbook and realized he was lying.. I think he is wearing those shorts because he either was running late or the pregnancy is bothering him with the heat... Yunho is going to have to gravel a lot for him to forgive him.. love this update... update soon.. love it!!!

Min is mad at losing control. He has to be the perfect wife all the time and it's kinda only in the bedroom that he gets to have his back so to speak and he was not happy with Yunho though his sulking this time kinda went too far lol.

Yeah shorts is because of the hot flashes, simple reason if his stupid husband would have asked nicely -____-

Glad you loved it! Thanks for reading and commenting ;-)

U r the person who made me read Homin! As much as I avoid this pairing, I really enjoy this trophy wife series, lol! This constant little war between them is what keeps their marriage alive! Supermodel Min, I like!

I seem to be making a lot of people read HoMin against their will lol. I personally avoid the pairing too (such a hypocrite) but damn do I love supermodel!Min... And to have him as Trophy Wife!Min is honestly the best thing in the world for me in terms of HoMin hahahaha. I've been having so many Changmin feels lately but they are ALL associated with how I see him in this fic. Weird huh?

I'm really glad you're enjoying this random little series :P Thank you for reading and commenting!

(Deleted comment)
LOL! Sorry :P

Ugh his shorts, seriously I was gaping just a tad. Are you serious about mine being the first one? I thought there'd be tons of fics written by now OTL My poor series got cockblocked by this lmao.

Hahahahaha Min is nineteen :P It says so in The Trophy Wife ;-) And yes, well, he was kinda sulky and a tad bratty and I was running out of words tbh. You're so polite :PPP AND YOU'RE VERY WELCOME.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
oh cool part 3

but i didn't quite understand why changmin was being so agnsty... preg hormones?

Well, he left in the first place because he was annoyed at what happened in The Handbook. He's angsty because he doesn't think Yunho cares about him. Wouldn't you be angsty if you thought your husband of 18 months didn't really care about you? He's also hormonal, yes but that's not really the reason for the stuff that happens in this part ;-) I guess the main point of this part was Yunho realizing what he does...

When Min said "I'm going to fuck you", I though he meant he was going to be on top (ride yunho) lol me n my pervert fantasies :D
Changmin in those shorts O//O

Lol!!! I'm sorry for that ;-) But who knows... your fantasies might come true :P And yes, Min in those shorts... I don't blame Yunho for going a little nuts :3

well you already know how I feel about finishing this.

jsyk I wanted more.

But I'll forgive you because you wrote it so well and it was so damn sexy but still had all those raging emotions between them and Changmin's haughtiness nearly killed me, SO FABULOUSLY PORTRAYED. It just fits him.

Yunho, Yunho Yunho Yunho. Silly man. But I still love you and thank fuck Min does too.

My favourite bit was the sleepy Changmin bit, it was such a kewt moment and I went all like this (n_n) :D I LOVE YOUR WRITING IT'S LIKE JELLY TOTS, which I love :)

oh my god I think I've lost the ability to leave decent comments. I need to get online more... again. But kind of not I waste too much time online.

Whatevs, "I LOVED THIS" just about sums it up.

LOL i'm sorry you scrolled down and was met by my AN rather than more of the story :P Ah Changmin hiding behind his practiced supermodel facade ;-) It does come in handy I have to say. I have a similar mask lol and it is fun to bring out let me tell you.

Sleepy and young Changmin is tdf... and awwwwww imma jelly tot! //gnaws on my arm

Nah you don't hafta be online. Detoxing is good! ILU bb!!!


ohhh boy i imagined ChangThighs from the El Sol photoshoot and uNF THOSE THIGHS OMFG THOSE SHORTS I NEED MORE!

*sniffs* even tho homin gives me the heebie jeebies a bit i want changmin to let yunho love him properly already *sniffs*

Yunho loves Minnie so much. But it make me frustrated because of all the misunderstanding.
Gosh can I slap Yunho for letting his jealousy cover his judgement and choice of words?

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