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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [9/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Mmmmm...so what happens after a scorching lap dance? ;-) YunJae cookies for those who notice what I’ve done lol! It's just a tiny reference thing to something else :P

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Freaking love you all. So much. This chapter was ridiculously hard to write tbh... Please don't kill me!

Jejuko is feeling lightheaded. The contest is over and she is standing outside the club in the cold, alone. She knows where Yoochun is, having seen him get into Junsu’s car not two minutes ago, while Sooyoung and Changmin wandered off in the darkness hand in hand after practically squeezing her to death before they left. Sooyoung in particular squeezed extra hard, almost reassuringly, similar to her parting with Yoochun. Changmin is still side-eyeing her and the thought brings an amused smile to her lips. She is waiting on the corner curb for her own ride; Yunho. She pulls her jacket tighter around her, fully aware that she is sans socks which are currently rolled up in Yunho’s back pocket, and can feel the goosebumps on her legs. However, the shivers wracking her body right now has absolutely nothing to do with the cool breeze blowing. It is just past 11pm and Jejuko is fully aware of the time ticking away. Her mind is in a jumble and her tummy in knots. She has no idea what Yunho is thinking, but she recognises the look in his eyes; the look he gives her throughout her lap dance performance earlier, and especially that heated look when she takes the blindfold off. She is pretty sure the look in his eyes is mirrored by her own judging by how proprietarily Yunho had carried her off stage. He had stood up effortlessly, hands cupping her ass, dropping her slightly to hide his erection so her groin is flush against his and she has to keep her burning face in his neck as he strides offstage to the loudest hoots and cheers of the night yet. She remembers as he drops her at their booth, her body sliding down his, his erection far from gone and the man, far from ashamed of it, nonchalant in fact as he chats with her friends. All she wanted right there and then was to wish her friends and the club away, straddle his lap once again and kiss the hell out of him, but it was not to be. Not then anyway. She shivers once again, resolute that she will go through with this. How can she not? She wants Yunho with every fiber of her being, and if this is the only way to get him then she will take it.

A sleek black car pulls up in front of her, and Jejuko takes a moment to appreciate the beautiful curves of the Audi R8. Trust Yunho to drive such a car, she smiles to herself, as she watches Yunho hop out and open her door for her.

Yunho places a hand in the small of Jejuko’s back, as he guides her into his sports car, careful to hide her from view of any potential upskirt peeks. Not that it matters, he thinks ruefully, fully aware of where they’ve just been and what she has been up to. But he is a gentleman and will treat Jejuko as such, regardless. He is unsure where the night will take them, but he is more than willing to follow Jejuko’s lead.

There is a charged silence in the car on the way back to the apartment Yunho shares with Junsu. The latter having promised not to return till noon the next day at the earliest. Yunho’s hands grip the steering wheel tightly, wondering what on earth he is to do. He wants Jejuko. Badly. But if Jejuko is Jaejoong, which one of them is real? He thinks it might be Jaejoong since he sees the man in his classes but the uncertainty is driving him a little crazy. If Jejuko really is Jaejoong, why is he doing this? What could possibly motivate someone to switch genders to join a pole dancing competition? He cannot stop the grin that takes over briefly at that thought though. Jaejoong/Jejuko completely blew the competition away and he knows the other four are actual girls. Will Jaejoong dance for him? The moan he lets out at that image actually shocks him and he coughs loudly to cover it up.

However Jejuko is oblivious to the thoughts and noises of the man next to her, so deep in her own mind with nary a sidelong look at Yunho.

This whole thing is making Yunho feel a little nervous and keeps sneaking quick glances at Jejuko’s profile. From the side, she looks more and more like Jaejoong with each passing glimpse, their nose and mouth quite similar. He is unsure as to whether to call Jejuko out on it, or to just keep it to himself and see where Jejuko leads him. The whole matter is starting to hurt his head and if he is honest with himself, and if his accidental moan is anything to go by, he truly doesn’t care if Jejuko is actually a boy or if the boy is actually Jejuko. He makes a promise to himself to play it cool and casual, letting Jejuko/Jaejoong lead, and not pushing anything.

They pull into the underground car park of a condominium complex on the edge of campus. Jejuko has yet to give Yunho any indication of what her state of mind is, and as he parks the car in his allocated space, he wonders if he should have just taken her home. As he kills the engine, all thoughts of taking her home fly out the window when Jejuko turns and gives him a coquettish look through hooded eyes, touching the hand that is still resting on the gear shift, sending a shiver of anticipation through him. She caresses his hand lightly, holding his gaze, her mouth curving into a semblance of a smile that promises more, licking her bottom lip as she stares at him.

Yunho decides to give in then as he reaches over and hauls Jejuko bodily across the middle console, wincing when her knee bangs the gearshift, and into his lap where she lands in a tangle of limbs and an undignified squeak, that quickly turns into a quiet giggle. Yunho silences her with a gentle press of his lips against hers, and he feels her smile against his mouth. Their lips move over each other slowly, neither in any hurry, content to just taste each other for now, exploring the curves of each other’s mouths, just a soft continual brush against one another. It is innocent as far as kisses go, gentle and undemanding. Yunho has no idea if Jejuko has been kissed before him, but he wants to treat her well. The touch of their lips are tentative, as if questioning how far to go. Yunho lifts a hand up to cup the side of Jejuko’s head, lightly stroking her cheek and Jejuko leans into his hand, kissing Yunho sweetly and chastely.

The butterflies in Jejuko’s belly are flying around in a frenzy. Her mind is blank and she is content to sit in the protective comfort of Yunho’s arms, instinctively knowing that Yunho will go as fast or slow as she likes. She needs this from him. Since meeting him on Friday afternoon and their interactions since then, Yunho has been nothing but kind, even when he saw her as Jaejoong. She wants Yunho so much that the possible consequences are far from her mind.

Jejuko’s tongue runs tentatively along Yunho’s bottom lip, silently asking for entrance, which Yunho allows eagerly. Her tongue licks shyly around Yunho’s mouth and he reciprocates by massaging her tongue with his, sucking gently. She lets out a throaty moan as Yunho finally takes over, sitting up and delving deep into her mouth, pressing her closer to him, unable to get enough of the feel of her against him. Her hands move up his body, dragging heavily up one arm, ending with one fisting the front of his shirt while the other presses into the nape of his neck where she plays with his hair, tugging every now and again. She gets bolder as Yunho lets out a moan of his own when she tugs particularly hard at his nape, running her hand up into the back of his head, carding her hands through his hair, gripping harder. She needs him closer. She wants him closer. She wants him in her…

Yunho’s hands are roaming all over Jejuko’s body, teasing her with brief touches all over her sensitive skin. Skin that so silky smooth to the touch that he just can’t get enough of her. He doesn’t pause on any one particular area, preferring to explore her entire body, marveling at the unique mixture of soft curves and straight lines. His hand pauses over her hip as he completes a particularly thorough exploration up one bare leg, as she sucks on his bottom lip and tugs. He opens his eyes, and squeezes her hip, and she too opens her eyes and stares into his.

Jejuko breaks the kiss, body flush with desire, her skin on fire as she craves more from Yunho. She knows what she wants and for now, unafraid to seek it. She is Jejuko, but she is also Jaejoong and Jaejoong has wanted Yunho for far too long to stop now. He can’t and so Jejuko won’t. Her voice is low and husky, sounding about as close to Jaejoong as she has ever done. “Let’s go upstairs….”

Yunho doesn’t need a further invitation. They leave the car quickly, Jejuko firmly tucked against him, his arm holding her possessively to his side. Jejuko starts kissing along his jaw as they walk, giggling against his ear when he stumbles, content to trust that Yunho will get them from point A to point B despite the distraction. Yunho is trying quite hard to keep them both upright, almost failing along the way, as Jejuko playfully nips at his ear.

Somehow, they manage to make it to the elevator, Yunho finally letting Jejuko go briefly as he needs both hands to find his access card and swipe them up to his apartment. They continue nipping playfully at each other as the elevator makes its way slowly up to his apartment, hands roaming everywhere. Jejuko fits herself between Yunho’s legs, pressing him against the wall of the elevator, uncharacteristically dominant as she sucks his tongue into her mouth, her hands nimbly undoing his buttons.

By the time the lift reaches its destination, Jejuko has already undone the rest of the buttons on Yunho’s shirt. Her hands roaming over his wife-beater, tantalisingly teasing at the strip of flesh at the top of his pants. Yunho’s hand has long found itself against the curve of her butt and he squeezes her encouragingly as they crab-walk to the door of his apartment, and through it after a brief fumble of keys.

Yunho’s shirt is discarded as they move to his bedroom where Jejuko pushes Yunho down onto his bed, eyes sparkling mischievously.

“Do you have any music?” she asks, licking at her swollen lips and smirking down at Yunho who is resting back on his elbows on the bed.

“Over there, by the bookcase. Just look through my iPod. Everything’s connected.”

Jejuko leans down, and presses a quick kiss against Yunho’s mouth, whispering against his lips, “…stay here,” and skipping out of reach with a giggle as he leans up and makes a grab for her. She fiddles around with the iPod, and seconds later, a familiar song comes across the speakers hooked up around the room. Yunho arches an eyebrow at the song as Jejuko walks slowly back towards him, in time to the slow undulating beat that starts the song.

As the keyboard comes in, she starts moving to the music, swaying her body provocatively, arms up over her head, eyes caressing Yunho’s body as he too returns the look. Her body is full and long, all mesmerizing curves as she flows with the music, eyes hot on Yunho, coy and teasing. She dances close and then steps quickly out of reach when he makes a grab for her. She stays on the hard beats, moving beautifully despite the rock song and interesting lyrics. As Jay Gordon’s Slept So Long plays on and as the chorus starts for the first time, at the crashing cymbals, Jejuko starts unsnapping the buttons on her white shirt, trailing her hand up under the tank top underneath and lifting it up slightly, showing Yunho far more flesh than he has seen since then.

I see hell in your eyes… taken in by surprise…

Her creamy white stomach, flat and taut with that green jewel winking at him at every turn, proves too much for Yunho as he half raises off the bed and catches Jejuko.

And touching you makes me feel alive… touching you makes me die inside…

She laughs softly, pushing Yunho back down onto the bed and straddling him, as she leans over and smirks, “Now, now. You know the rules, Yunho. No touching.” She wags a slim finger at him as he gives a heartfelt groan at that, slowly sliding off his lap, grinding down briefly on the hardness she feels. Jejuko has no idea where this daring has come from, but if this is the only time she has with Yunho, she is going to make it worth their while.

Did you think it’s cool to walk right up, to take my life and fuck it up? Well did you?

She continues dancing, her shirt now discarded, her body never stops moving to the heavy, sexy, beat of the song, as she pulls at the thin ties at her shoulders. The tight tank top is now held up by her breasts alone as Jejuko teasingly unravels the ties that are all up one side of the tank top, dancing provocatively between Yunho’s legs as the chorus starts up for the second time. Yunho is being a good boy, keeping his hands to himself but his eyes are devouring her every move.

“I’ve slept so long without you…it’s tearing me apart to, how’d it get this far, playing games with this old heart…” Jejuko sings along, putting emphasis on the start of the line, making it a challenge; an invitation for Yunho as she lets the ties go, the tank top dropping to the floor.

I see hell in your eyes…

Yunho is blind to everything but the girl standing in front of him. He almost chokes when the first thing he sees is the metal in her left nipple, his pants tightening so hard he has to bite his lip to keep from moaning.

…touching you makes me feel alive…

Jejuko is still dancing, as she moves to climb into Yunho’s lap, long legs folding on either side of his thighs as she mouths the words, desperate for his touch. The rosary necklace swaying between her breasts, drawing attention to her lush figure, the black so stark against her milky white skin, a goddess if there ever was one.

…touching you makes me die inside…

Their mouths meet once again but this kiss is nothing like their earlier kisses. This kiss is demanding, needy, and as Yunho delves deep into her mouth, Jejuko whimpers against his lips, making soft mewling sounds and rocking on his hips as he ravages her mouth. They break for air, gasping, Jejuko shuddering against Yunho, her mind and body a complete mess of feelings and emotions that she has never experienced. There is a desperate urgency in her that she cannot understand and she just wants it sated. Despite Jaejoong being rather adept in pleasuring himself, Jejuko’s body is completely foreign to him even though that tug low in her belly is familiar. She has nothing to work with. So she does the only thing she knows to do.

“Please…” Jejuko whispers against Yunho’s mouth, her arms moving almost frantically up and down his biceps, squeezing as she pleads, rocking her sex over Yunho’s hard bulge. “Please…I don’t know…”

Yunho looks at the glorious girl in his arms, her eyes luminous in the semi-darkness, skin almost glowing from the weak light thrown by the lamp next to his bookcase that Jejuko had switched on while looking for music. He sees need and uncertainty in those eyes, and something else that looks familiar yet he cannot place it. He moves his hand up, skimming her ribs and cupping a soft breast, his finger flicking lightly against the piercing he wants nothing more than to taste and he watches Jejuko unravel slowly, squirming in his lap, gasping at the bold touch.


“What do you want?” Yunho presses his forehead against hers, nuzzling her nose, hand still softly caressing her curves, smiling slightly everytime Jejuko twitches when his thumb plays with her piercing.

“You…” comes the breathless whisper and Yunho groans, dipping his head to score his teeth across the delicate collarbone, kissing and licking as Jejuko clutches for purchase on his shoulders. Her skin is fragrant, like vanilla and Yunho starts sucking, wanting to mark that beautiful pale skin. He falls back slowly, turning to the side as he lays her out. A feast fit for a king as he leans back to drink in the jet black hair, lush and full, laid out over his pillow, her lips rosy red, swollen from their kisses and just begging for more. Her skin is tinted pink and as he drags a hand up her body, circling a puckered nipple, Jejuko lets out an abashed gasp.


Instead of responding, he bends down and takes the perky nipple into his mouth and Jejuko’s moan is long and drawn out as he licks and tugs at the pebbled peak, teasing, reveling in the sounds she is making. When he stops to look up at her, Yunho has to chuckle slightly at her shocked expression, quirking an eyebrow when she blushes, a shiver running through her making the tips of her breasts harden almost painfully. Yunho moves to accord the same attention to the pierced nipple and this time it is he who moans loudly, the feeling of metal in his mouth ticking off a kink in his mind that he never knew he had. However what makes him moan is not simply the fact that she has a piercing, it is the thought of Jaejoong with the piercing, and he really does not want to stop and examine that stray thought.

However, stop he does as the thought of Jaejoong brings another question to his mind. What exactly does Jejuko want? Or is it Jaejoong? How far are they going to go because in all honesty, he thinks they’ve gone too far already…and if he doesn’t stop now there is probably no way he will be able to unless she straight up says no. He pauses in his attention to her body as he tilts his eyes upwards to look at that heartbreakingly beautiful face. He can absolutely see Jaejoong in her features now, remembering his question to her about having a twin brother. Her eyes are more cat-like than his but what is within them is the same, those shy beguiling eyes filled with an unknown emotion that seems to bore into his very soul and Yunho fears if he looks too far he will fall in and drown.

“Je…” he drags out the first syllable of her name, watching her carefully, noting how she stiffens under him and he runs a soothing hand up and down the length of her body till she relaxes, never taking his eyes off her. “Baby girl, I need to know…” and yet again she stiffens, this time worse than the last and Yunho sighs inwardly, once again stroking away the tension, his fingers skimming the tops of her thighs as he nuzzles the side of her breast. He is still watching her when he finally finishes his query, “…how far do you want to go?” Yunho promised not to push and he won’t. He wants her to answer him because he needs to know what she wants. He also wants to know what Jaejoong wants.

The music flows around them, the unique voice of Brian Molko doing his version of Running Up That Hill, their gaze unwavering.

It doesn’t hurt me…

Jejuko is desperately wishing she is Jaejoong. Wishing so hard she is Jaejoong and not Jejuko. That Yunho wants Jaejoong and not this girl.

You wanna feel how it feels…?

She wants to feel like herself. This body is so unfamiliar and she is more than nervous. Yunho will take care of her, won’t he?

You wanna know, know that it doesn’t hurt me…?

Yunho is looking at her with such care and concern, it feels like a fist has tightened over her heart. Why is she deceiving him like this?

You wanna hear about the deal I’m making…?

But she has no choice. Jaejoong will never get Yunho. For once in her life, just this once, she is going to be selfish. To take something for herself, to cherish on those cold lonely nights. Just this one night, with the man she has watched from afar for over a year, longing to be his friend, knowing they can never be lovers as Jaejoong.

And if I only could, make a deal with God…

And Jejuko makes her own deal, no more lies. Jejuko is her only lie.

…and get him to swap our places…

She reaches a hand to cup Yunho’s small, handsome face. Rubbing her palm on his roughened chin, she smiles as he leans into her touch, her thumb grazing his cheekbone. The man is beautiful, perfect, and she is lying to him. He deserves better, so much better than her. But this is just one night isn’t it? A one night stand. Isn’t it common among college students?

You don’t want to hurt me…

Yunho gazes at the angel, his angel. He is hers for the taking, she only has to say the word. His Snow White.

Unaware that I’m tearing you asunder…

She looks down into those eyes looking so trustingly at her and she almost breaks, wanting to confess but fearing she won’t be able to survive the fall out of that confession. She nudges at him, using her body to direct him as they move, Yunho turning over on his back and her, straddling him, running her hands over his torso, pushing the wife beater he is still wearing up and over his head. His toned, tanned body now on display, the hunger within her for him makes her final decision for her.

Tell me we both matter, don’t we…?

She leans down, pressing her chest against his and moaning when their bare bodies fuse together, her curves fitting against him, as she moves to press a kiss against his throat. She whimpers when she feels the vibrations of his own groan as his hands splay across her back, caressing her with his large hands, making her feel safe.

They stay like that for a long moment, Jejuko content to lay in his arms. Yunho turns to lick the shell of her small ear, singing huskily along with the song, “Come on, baby… Come on, come on, darling…”

Let me steal this moment from you now…

Jejuko shivers, moving to lift herself, hovering over Yunho’s shadowed face, so handsome, as she kisses the scar by his nose.

Yunho sings one more time with the song, talking to the beautiful girl, “Come on, baby… Come on, come on, darling…” he needs his answer.

She smiles a siren’s smile down at the man lying underneath her as she leans forward to whisper against his mouth, “I want to go all the way. I want everything…”

AN1: OMG SO MUCH FAIL… Please forgive me. I hate het. I hate reading it and I hate writing it even more and I think it’s obvious lmao! And it’s mainly because OMG THIS HAS TO BE VANILLA SEX and I really just ugh… I can’t write tender lovemaking or whatever. It’s just really out of my comfort zone because it’s something I don’t actually like. I fuck. I don’t “make love” :-( That last chapter of SSL was hard enough to write, this one was so much worse omg and I didn’t even really write anything. I’m so sorry for the epic fail. Epic. I’m gonna go on hiatus now and hide from fandom because what the hell did I (almost) write? //Creys

AN2: There MAY be a detailed one shot (outtake of this fic if you like) sometime in the FAR FUTURE (i’m talking months) when I can get up the gumption to write it without wanting to puke rotten roses everywhere. Also, I’m assuming most readers are like me and DON’T WANT HET with their YunJae so I think this chapter is borderline on the tolerance level lol!

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Hahaha yes, that song was the inspiration for the demon!fic. "I see hell in your eyes" (demon)... "touching you makes me feel alive" (Jae)... "touching you makes me die inside" (Yunho) and also "did you think it's cool to walk right up to take my life and fuck it up" - well, the demon sorta started off fucking them up but it worked out ;-)

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Hey now, Jejuko is essentially a PG-13 fic :P So commenting would be appropriate anywhere! \O/ \O/ \O/

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