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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [10/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: THE MORNING AFTER!!! Hahaha actually not really :P But yeah...

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Freaking love you all. So much. No beta because they're both asleep and I just wanted to get this out of the way. All mistakes are mine and I haven't re-read it because #reasons :3

The room is too bright and his head is throbbing. Jaejoong looks up and around, trying to get his bearings. He is back in his room and as he lays there staring at the ceiling, trying to blink his sleepiness away, the events of last night come crashing back down on him. Jaejoong bolts upright, wincing at the pain in his head as he looks down at himself.

Clothes from last night? Check.

Male parts? Check.

Virginity? Check. NO WAIT! Uncheck. Or check? Was it check or uncheck? Jejuko is no longer a virgin but what about Jaejoong? He shakes his head, trying to clear it. This gender-changing business is messing with his head, and in more ways than one. He swallows bitterly, thinking what a fool he is to believe he will get out of this unscathed. His feelings for Yunho have not been sated after last night, in fact, they are burning hot and he wants more, far more than he will ever be able to get as Jaejoong. What does this mean for him? Last night, he wished desperately to be himself and not Jejuko. He doesn’t want to be a girl. He doesn’t want to deceive Yunho. But it is the only way he can be with him, the way he wants, the way he craves. Jaejoong is disgusted with himself. Maybe he should have stayed the night instead of stealing away like a thief, and then Yunho will find exactly whom he’s slept with. But no, in this matter, Jaejoong is a coward and he admits as much, head in his hands, massaging his temple.

He gets up and stumbles into the bathroom, looking for some Tylenol for his aching head and wondering where Yoochun has gotten to. A quick glance at the clock reveals that it is almost noon, which means he has missed his morning classes. Jaejoong curses under his breath as he swallows the Tylenol dry and strips off Jejuko’s clothes from last night. He looks in the mirror and is surprised to find his face already scrubbed clean. However, that isn’t the only surprise in store for him as he leans in closer to examine the interesting bruises around his neck and collarbone.

“Yunho…” he breathes out, fogging the mirror. Why did he mark him so much? Isn’t that what high school kids do? He looks further down his body and blushes as he finds more pretty little bruises dotting his body including down his chest and on his inner thighs. “I guess I bruise easily…” he mutters to himself, staring at his reflection in the mirror as it slowly unfogs, revealing his face to him. He takes in the tangled extensions, sticking out wildly from his head, the sharp lines of his face and his too-huge eyes as they stare back at him. A sudden feeling of panic assails him as he wonders if Yunho will recognise him today, tomorrow, if ever. As he stares at his reflection, he realises that deep, deep, down, he wants Yunho to recognise him as Jaejoong. After last night, if he doesn’t, it may hurt even more than Yunho being angry with him for the deception. Why is this? Does he really want Yunho to recognise him? Jaejoong feels a little queasy. He will make sure Yunho doesn’t recognise him. That way, he won’t hurt. That makes sense doesn’t it?

He tugs at the clip-ons on his head, wincing as they hold fast. He remembers Sooyoung telling him how to get them out but his head is throbbing badly and he cannot summon the effort to recall what she says. When in doubt, go to YouTube for “how to” videos and that is exactly what he does. His search query lands him his answer in seconds and within five minutes, the tangled mess of clip ons are off his head. He folds them neatly away in the box Sooyoung brought and conceals it under his bed. He makes way to the bathroom, standing once again in front of the mirror, staring at his stark countenance, eyes slightly haunted. Jaejoong opens the medicine cabinet and gets out a pair of scissors and the box of hair dye Yoochun bought for him for a laugh on his birthday a few months ago. His eyes watch as his hands reach up to his hair and starts cutting. Snow White will be no more.


Jaejoong makes it to his afternoon class with a few minutes to spare. He slinks into his seat, head down, fully aware of the stares he is getting as his classmates notice his new hairstyle. It’s rather drastic but his head feels lighter and he likes his new look. He runs his hand through the disheveled mess of hair, still slightly damp from his shower, with a bit of hair gel to hold it in place. He quite likes the “bed head” look he’d achieved purely by accident. It’ll take some getting used to but he likes it and that’s what matters. What also matters is that Yunho will never recognise him in a million years.

Speaking of the devil, Yunho runs into the lecture theatre, out of breath, eyes searching the room. Jaejoong keeps his head down, unwilling to meet the eyes of the man who so thoroughly took his virginity last night. He’s decided that yes, Jejuko is Jaejoong and therefore it counts, even if it wasn’t completely real. In a bid to redirect his thoughts, he thinks about his friend who hasn’t called him yet and he wonders how his own night went. A tiny grin escapes as he recalls Junsu and Yoochun leaving with their arms slung around each other’s waists. Yoochun was by no means drunk and Junsu, even further from it. He knows that Junsu lives with Yunho and wonders where exactly the blond man spent the night. He shifts in his seat, hand reaching for his phone to send a quick text to Yoochun to meet him for dinner.

Yunho catches sight of whom he’s looking for and stops to stare open-mouthed at the man. He blinks once, twice, and yes, it is Jaejoong from Friday afternoon. No one quite has that distinctive pout, Jejuko or otherwise, nor that almost porcelain skin that seems out of place on a male but it suits Jaejoong very well indeed. Although he cannot see the large doe eyes, currently hidden by a fringe of copper, he knows that has to be the man. He watches as he accidentally knocks his phone off his desk, mouth forming a vexatious moue as he stands up to lean over and grab it. Yunho chuckles quietly as he stares at the slim frame of the klutzy boy he knows, clad simply in jeans, white tee-shirt, dark blue shirt and a skinny black scarf wound a few times around his neck. His hair is shorter, the back no longer flowing past his collar as it used to, barely skimming the tops instead. The dark copper colour compliments Jaejoong’s pale skin, and the artfully messy hairstyle is reminiscent of someone who’s just stumbled out of bed, but Yunho guesses the effect is on purpose rather than accidental.

That hair coupled with the pretty pout that has formed as Jaejoong fiddles with his phone reminds Yunho of last night and chews on the inside of his cheek as he climbs slowly up the steps to the back of the lecture hall, wondering what he should do. He doesn’t think confronting the man is a good idea because what can he say? Oh hi, by the way I know you’re the girl I made love to last night. Yeah, no. That isn’t going to work. He exhales slowly to release the tension in his body, still musing about what to do. He realises that perhaps it was a mistake to have taken it as far as they did last night and his conscience is eating away at him for it. The excuse that Jejuko/Jaejoong led them down the merry path of mutual satisfaction is not holding much weight, Yunho more than willing to acknowledge that he is now practically an accomplice to Jaejoong’s deception. In fact, he may be worse. He shakes his head, clearing his mind of the unpleasant thoughts, leaving them for another day for now since he is not even a hundred percent sure that the two are the same person, not having the time to research the drug just yet.

Jaejoong clicks send and looks up, catching sight of Yunho staring at him and he looks down quickly, a blush colouring his cheeks that Yunho can see even from where he stands. The blush seals it for him for now, the change in hairstyle notwithstanding. Yunho walks up to the seat next to Jaejoong, smirking slightly as Jaejoong keeps his head down.

“Hey there,” Yunho greets as he drops his bag in the seat next to Jaejoong. “Is this seat taken?” He asks, knowing full well it isn’t.

“Uh… N-no…” Jaejoong looks up, eyes wide and his mouth answers before his brain catches up.

“Great!” And with that, Yunho settles in next to him, ignoring the confused expressions from his friends from around the class. As he rummages through his bag, he stops, as if remembering something, and turns to Jaejoong. “Why did you run off the other day?”

Jaejoong stiffens at the question. He is already holding himself rather still, afraid to move because the seats are narrow and any movement will cause him to touch Yunho. The taller man isn’t cooperating at all today. He seems to be sitting closer than necessary, and Jaejoong has no clue what to do. He turns his head slightly to meet Yunho’s expectant gaze.

“Um…I had someone to meet.” He wants to say more but he can’t because he’s just taken a deep breath and his nose is full of Yunho’s cologne and his sweat. The intoxicating mix makes the blood rush to his groin, causing a low tug in his belly. A tug he got really familiar with last night. Jaejoong bites his bottom lip worriedly, willing his body to stay calm, thankful that he has at least worn tight jeans, any potential tenting can be kept contained.

Yunho watches the man curiously, wondering what is going on in his mind. He can feel him holding himself ramrod straight, as if paralysed in that position. He is looking away from him now, leaving Yunho to examine his profile. A profile he definitely shares with Jejuko. Apart from the much more defined jawline, their silhouette is almost identical. The curve of the nose, the familiar pouty lips, even the chin. He decides to take a chance and see what would happen if he acts a little forward.

Jaejoong almost chokes in surprise, not realising he’s been holding his breath as Yunho suddenly takes hold of his hand. His first instinct is to wrench his hand free, but Yunho is watching him with a soft look in his face and Jaejoong is lost. He allows Yunho to turn his hand, palm up.

“You healed rather well,” Yunho murmurs as he glances down at the smooth palm. Not a scar to be seen apart from that black mark. The black mark in the exact same spot Jejuko has hers. That same electricity he feels whenever he touches Jejuko is back. It is almost comforting, that familiar spark that runs through him. Yunho genuinely likes Jejuko and her oddly innocent yet brazen ways, and Jaejoong is an inexplicable entity. He noticed him almost from when he first arrived on campus over a year ago, who wouldn’t? The male Snow White, much more beautiful than any girl Yunho has seen, and yet he doesn’t seem to socialise much. Yunho recalls looking out for him at parties and he is always disappointed. The only times he seems to catch the formerly raven-haired beauty is in class. Thinking back on that, he realises he actually has his answer to his question from last night. Jejuko is Jaejoong, not vice versa. He wants to get to know him as he is and now’s a good time as any. “You’re Jaejoong, right?” his voice is still soft as he lightly strokes over the black mark, unwilling to let go of the man’s hand, and yet knowing he has to as the professor has entered the lecture hall, wondering if the shorter male feels the same tingles he is feeling.

The professor calls the class to attention and Yunho grudgingly lets Jaejoong’s hand go as he digs out his tablet to take notes. As everyone fiddles around with their papers and various note-taking gadgets, he hears a soft response.


Yunho smiles and pets Jaejoong’s hand reassuringly and leans over to whisper back, “You have a nice name. I’m pleased to meet you. I’m Yunho.”

Unfortunately for them, their professor is an ornery one and he’s chosen to look up just in time to see the two heads in his direct line of sight, up at the back, whispering to each other.

Jaejoong nods in acknowledgment, skin burning from their proximity, just as the professor pauses to tell them off for talking, and he flushes even more, sinking low in his seat, shaking his fringe to obscure his view of the lecture hall as the class snickers. Yunho simply shoots a glare in the general direction of everyone, before squeezing Jaejoong’s hand reassuringly before letting go to pay whatever attention he has left to the professor.

The class passes by quickly for Jaejoong. He has no idea what’s been taught as he pays scant attention to the lecture, his attention instead being held by the man next to him. Yunho seems to find every opportunity to ‘accidentally’ touch Jaejoong. These slight touches send flutters all through Jaejoong, but he refuses to look further into it. He knows Yunho is quite comfortable with touching people although he has never really seen him touch any males apart from Junsu and his teammates from the soccer team.

Yunho’s mind is whirling, busy working out a plan to keep Jaejoong with him after class. Jaejoong is so skittish that Yunho is genuinely worried that he’ll bolt the second the bell goes. He pays almost no attention to the professor droning on about criminal procedure even though it is a topic he is interested in. Before he is able to think up something concrete, the bell chimes, signalling the end of class and as predicted, Jaejoong hurriedly packs up his things. Yunho is nervous, unsure how Jaejoong is going to take his next question knowing what happened between them last night.

Jaejoong is desperate to leave the class. The row is emptying and he is trapped by Yunho who is sitting on the outside. If he goes down the row to escape at the other end, it’ll look too weird. He has no choice but to wait for Yunho who seems disinclined to move. He hasn’t even packed up yet! Jaejoong starts drumming his fingers nervously on the desk as he waits for Yunho to make a move. His belly is churning and he really feels like throwing up as the headache is back too. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to take Switch so much in the weekend….

Yunho packs up slowly, aware of Jaejoong’s nervousness, but he is himself nervous and has no idea what to do about it. He is dragging out the time they have together, the class is practically empty with only the professor left at the front, talking to the teacher aid. After he runs out of things to pack and can no longer delay Jaejoong’s departure, he turns to the boy in question, pasting on a confident smirk he does not feel as the butterflies explode in his belly, he decides to jump right into it.

“Would you like to have coffee with me?”

Jaejoong blinks up at Yunho. This seems to be happening a lot whenever he’s around the man. Whenever he thinks he knows what’ll happen next, Yunho turns up and everything becomes so random his head spins. His brain has ceased to work. His head is pounding, but he knows some caffeine and tylenol will get rid of it. “S-sure. Um…why?” Jaejoong hates that he keeps stuttering, but Yunho’s proximity makes him nervous and the memories from last night keep interrupting his thoughts causing him to blush at awkward moments. He hopes Yunho doesn’t notice his body’s treachery.

“Why? Uh…” Yunho scratches his head. “I know we have a few classes together and I just wanted to get to know you. I’ve seen you around.”

“Really?” Jaejoong breathes out, staring up at Yunho who is now standing.

“Um…yeah. You’re hard to miss.” Yunho winces inwardly at the way that comes out and hopes Jaejoong doesn’t take it the wrong way. He reaches out and absentmindedly straightens Jaejoong’s scarf and accidentally pulls it loose instead. His eyes widen as he sees the marks on Jaejoong’s neck and collar, instantly transported back to last night where he had purposefully made those marks. However, he’d forgotten them till that second.

Jaejoong squeaks and hurriedly covers up his neck, flushing red once again, lost as to what to do next, hoping Yunho doesn’t put two and two together.

Yunho can’t help but smirk. “Good night, last night?”

Jaejoong pauses for a second, wrinkling his nose, still embarrassed, but determined to work through it. He shrugs and gets up, shaking off his nervousness and trying to channel Jejuko. It shouldn’t be hard, should it? He’s almost in disguise with his new hair anyway and Yunho doesn’t know Jaejoong at all. “It’s none of your business, but yes.”

Yunho’s grin widens at his response but doesn’t comment, picking up Jaejoong’s bag unthinkingly as he steps back to let the copper-haired beauty move out of the aisle, admiring the slim figure of the man. His hair has made his skin look even whiter if that’s even possible. The dark copper locks making for an extremely attractive contrast between the large brown doe eyes, red pouty mouth and pale pale pale skin. He remembers Jejuko’s tangle of jet black hair, cascading down her bare back and his lips quirk ruefully. He actually prefers Jaejoong’s hair. What does that say about him? Filing yet another thought away for later perusal, he slings both his bag and Jaejoong’s over his shoulder and starts walking down towards the exit, keeping up a quiet conversation with the beautiful man about everything and nothing.

Knots, sailor knots, that’s what Jaejoong’s insides are all twisted up into. He gawked for a couple of seconds after Yunho moved away with his bag and then quickly shakes himself out of it, walking quickly after the man who has started talking about their shared classes, rambling on about the subject, their lecturers, even their classmates. He doesn’t really stick to any one topic, doing most of the talking and Jaejoong is thankful for that because his heart is racing so hard he doesn’t think he’d be able to do more than croak out a response.

He makes an attempt to retrieve his bag as they leave the building, fully aware of all the eyes trained on them, but Yunho shrugs him off and continues to chatter nonchalantly, as if carrying Jaejoong’s bag is nothing strange. He doesn’t try again after that because he has a feeling that if he does get his bag back, he will probably run all the way back to his room at the first opportunity. Perhaps Yunho knows this and that’s why he’s holding his bag, not because he wants to but because he has to? Jaejoong sighs to himself, wishing he is Jejuko because she won’t be feeling this confused surely? What a mess. Yesterday he wanted to be Jaejoong and today he wants to be his female alter-ego.

All Jaejoong really wants to do is to hold Yunho’s hand. So imagine his surprise when the man taking over his mind stops suddenly and turns, grinning brightly at him as he catches his hand and tugs, changing directions abruptly. The tingles that run up his arm flow all the way down to the tips of his toes and it is almost too much for him as memories from the night they shared bombard him mercilessly and his heart twinges. He tries to pull free but Yunho’s grip tightens, although he does slow down, he makes no move to relinquish his hold on his hand. In fact, he links their fingers. Jaejoong is ridiculously confused now. First, he’s never ever seen Yunho hold a man’s hand, ever. And second, why on earth would the man be holding his hand? For all intents and purposes, this is only the second time they’ve met and while Yunho is well known to be affectionate, surely no one is this affectionate with a someone essentially a stranger to them? A seed of worry has been planted in his head and deep down inside, he wonders if Yunho actually knows who he is. His body heats up as he flushes bright red at the thought because that would be absolutely mortifying. If Yunho knows, Jaejoong isn’t sure if he’s ever going to be able to face him. Not after last night.

The reason for Yunho’s abrupt change in direction is clear when Jaejoong finally looks up, breaking free of his musings, and catches sight of Yoochun and Junsu lounging in the shade of a huge tree in the middle of campus. It’s a popular tree, frequently surrounded by students, but not this time. The reason simply being Junsu. He is sitting with his back against the thick trunk, Yoochun’s head in his lap as he plays with the man’s hair. Jaejoong has to hide an inadvertent laugh when he sees the glare Junsu sends to an unwitting freshman who attempts to take shade, scaring the poor boy off. However the smile he bestows on Yunho when he sees him is absolutely stunning and for a second, Jaejoong has to wonder if there ever was, or is anything between the two most popular men on campus. He lets that stray thought go though, because as they approach, Junsu moves his hand from Yoochun’s hair to slip it into the top of his polo shirt, the move highly possessive. What induces a raised eyebrow from Jaejoong is the fact that Yoochun doesn’t even flinch, his eyes hidden by large sunglasses and his perfect mouth pursed.

“Mind if we join?”

Junsu smirks at his friend as he rubs Yoochun’s chest, avoiding his nipples because this really isn’t the place nor time. “Even if I said no, you’d join in anyway. Introduce your friend.” He nods to Jaejoong in acknowledgement as the two newcomers settle in next to the two men.

“This is Jaejoong.”

“Jae?” Yoochun lifts his sunglasses, blinking in the sunlight as he tries to focus on the new arrivals.

“Yes, it’s me you dolt. You didn’t respond to my text!” Jaejoong forgets their audience briefly, happy to see his friend as he pokes the man in the side.

“I left my phone in my room. What the hell did you do to your hair?” Yoochun sits up, dislodging Junsu’s hand but he doesn’t even notice as he leans forward to ruffle his best friend’s shorter locks. “You look like Edward Cullen.”

“I do not!”

“You do too!”

“Do not!”

“Do too!”



Junsu and Yunho exchange amused glances as the gorgeous pair bicker over Jaejoong’s hair till they end up in a fit of giggles that warms the hearts of the two men watching their antics.

“Wanna join me and Su for dinner?”


“I kinda told him you’re a good cook…and sorta promised that you’d help christen their new kitchen…” Yoochun trails off, noticing his friend has turned bright red. The curious thing is, Yunho is flushed too. As Jaejoong looks away to stare off into the distance, licking at his lower lip, Yoochun puts two and two together and starts laughing. Three pairs of eyes turn towards him, all confused as to his sudden burst of hilarity but Yoochun is oblivious, too busy cackling.

“Yah! You’re scaring these guys! Stop laughing! Are you crazy?” Jaejoong smacks Yoochun on the knee in an attempt to curb his laughter but Yoochun just keeps howling. Jaejoong looks over at the two bemused men watching Yoochun flop around in the grass like a dying fish, still laughing. “Junsu? Do you have an inhaler? He’s going to start wheezing anytime now.” Jaejoong’s voice is matter of fact as he crosses his arms across his chest and glares at his laughing friend.

True enough, Yoochun is in need of relief for his lungs a couple of minutes later, Junsu coming to his rescue once again. The blond man tsk tsking as he rubs his back soothingly while the pretty man struggles to regain his breath and control of himself.

“So…dinner, wanna come?” The second the words leave his mouth, Yoochun starts howling again.

Jaejoong simply shrugs, apologising to Junsu and Yunho for his friend’s insane behaviour. However he is dying inside because he’s caught on to why Yoochun is laughing and he would like nothing more than to make like an ostrich and bury his head in the ground. He is starting to feel warm and he tugs his scarf loose, pulling it off completely as he absentmindedly starts fanning himself.

“OH MY GOD!” Junsu’s shocked exclamation halts even Yoochun’s laughter. “Are you dating a high school kid? Who did that to you!?”

Jaejoong turns in confusion to Junsu who is gaping at him. Yoochun next to him is in a similar state. “What?” He is confused, completely forgetting about the state of his neck.

Yoochun’s eyes dart back and forth from Yunho to Jaejoong. His best friend is a picture of innocent confusion, hand still fanning at himself, trying to cool down. Yunho on the other hand has looked away…guiltily. His eyes narrow as he stares at the tall man, forgetting his friend for a second. This is a little odd because Yunho seems completely unsurprised. Of course, he could have seen it earlier in class but Yoochun has a niggling feeling that’s not the reason the handsome man is looking thus.

“Your neck…” Junsu starts and he doesn’t need to finish as Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he wraps his hands around his neck in consternation, mouth parted in shock as he remembers exactly why he’s wearing a scarf in summer.


Yoochun, feeling sorry for his friend, elbows Junsu in the ribs and chides him. “Some gentleman you are. You don’t go round asking people you’ve just met about their love bites.” He softens the blow though by rubbing at the “injured” area.

Junsu apologises to Jaejoong who shrugs it off as he tries to loop his scarf around his neck, but his hands are shaking and his head aching something fierce. He is helped by Yunho, who after watching Jaejoong struggle for a minute, takes the scarf from his hand and loops it around his neck, making sure to hide the marks he himself left. He smiles at the red-faced man who mutters his thanks, and agrees to make dinner but only if they provide him with caffeine and some pain medication.

AN: You know, I was so tempted to have Jaejoong dance in this chapter because i'm so used to him/her dancing in the last three chapters it felt weird having no dancing lmao! It's 4am and LJ is being the biggest fucking goat in the world but i'm here, updating... OTL

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but Jae's headache is happening so often. is that the side effect of Switch? hope he wouldn't take it anymore. :((

thanks for the awesome update. /hugs

LOL! He already went overboard as it is lmaooooo!

Jae!Cullen omg... Seriously that's hilarious. He makes a far hotter Edward Cullen though unffffffff!!!! And well, tbh anyone who denies Jae's beauty can't be too smart and Yunho is intelligent hehehe ;-)

Jae needs to watch himself... :-/ And i'm glad you like it! *hugs back*

Aww, jae should be less shy. .__.
but lol Junsu <3. I was wondering if Yunho was going to be offended when Junsu said the love bites were from a high schooler. XDD

Hahahahahaha seriously, my husband used to cover me in them and he was 16/17 so i've always associated it with kids lmao! Thankfully he's stopped littering me with them and is happy for the odd one here and there. Yunho was a total brat for doing it so yeah lol.

I loves how YunHo go shyly around JaeJoong when Jae's neck exposed to YooSu.. Lol..

Hehe... Yunho is a sweetheart. Don't forget that ;-)

I'm LOL-ing like crazy with Yoochun XD
Thank God I don't need any inhaler...

Hehehe his job is done then :P Comic relief. Such a stinky best friend though lmao!