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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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First Words
Title: First Words
Pairing: JaeJae
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Twincest - if this bugs you please don't read
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.
Summary: Youngwoong and Jaejoong, the Kim twins are inseparable. When one of them loses his voice, it is up to the other to help him find his words...even though he really doesn't mean to.

AN1: I upset my twin earlier tonight (it's 11:45pm here) and this is written for her as an apology. This is at her request and so thongintheice, I hope you're happy with this bb and again, I am really, really sorry for my throwaway comment.

AN2: Un-betaed. I haven't even re-read it so if the names are mixed up in places, i'm really sorry! Please forgive me! The gif is not mine but ohmygod do I want to kiss whoever made it OTL

First WordsCollapse )

one Jae is enough made me crazy, yet you create another identical Jae at the same time?! holishinki!!!!!
i imagine it so perfectly hot, jae with jae getting on it *nosebleed*

i wonder how yunho will choose of both...or rather he will take both for threesome???
ohmaigat ohmaigat!!! you can write a story about that! make a sequel with yunho in it!!! XDDD
aaaaaaaaaaaarrrghh i'm really going crazy because of you XDDD

ah, and the gif is really awesome, freaking hawt!
it'll be really hot if jaejae is real XD

oh, wait! u have a twin? cool! XD
i wish u n ur twin make up n forgiving immediately :)
peace n smile with sibling is a blessing ^^

Two of Jaejoong, brilliant idea, I really like it!

I enjoyed the interaction between them, the difference between their personalities and how well they completed each other... and also how hot they were together! : D

The awkwardness between Yunho and Youngwoong seems to be something really funny!

Music: HALCALI - ドライバーズ・ライセンス feat.宇多丸 from RHYMESTER

Hahahaha Yunho protects Jae onstage and Youngwoong offstage... Sparks are bound to fly XDDD! I'm glad you enjoyed their interaction. I've always been fascinated by twin bonds so yeah ;-) I'm happy it came through. Thanks for reading and commenting :P

With my limited knowledge i have managed to somehow wrap my head around this. At first I was trying to figure who the eff this Youngwoong person was but then I realized after reading through comments that you just went ahead and cloned Jae. Which then takes me to the Jae/Jae pairing as it was not Jae/self like in most masturbation fics but actual Jae/Jae since Jaejoong had a hole to put himself in, let alone that being his twin!

You know I am all for the twincest so this was quite a creative twist making your own twin universe! I can only imagine the fans reactions since unless you're in a fandom with twc, it can be quite a shock at first. The sex scene was explicit so A BIG PAT ON THE BACK FOR THAT! Way to not be shy about dipping your toes in the water because you just canon balled right in on that scene! Bravo bravo! Twin sexy times are always the best. Insert the ever famous quote "It's so wrong but that's what makes it so right" lawl

Personal fan of this line:
He has literally drawn the Cassiopeia star formation on his face by connecting his moles!

Ever since you explained the fan base's name and it's connection to the star constellation and then to the song 'W'. HAZAAA I FEEL LIKE I KNOW THINGS NOW! See? I can get these softball references although I'm sure there's some stuff that flew right over my head.

Well great job! Must feel great to get the twc feelings out of your system, I'd been pondering if I should write a twc fic or not for 2min but I think I have to plan that one out more because these girls seem quite shocked at the nature of my fics :/

I'll stop my rambling now. FANTASTIC FIC!!

Edited at 2012-07-18 06:46 am (UTC)

Re: Do you like my icon?

Woah, Teagan you wrote an essay! Hahahahaha and YES I love your icon!!! Flawless TWC right there tbh ;-)

Oh no! I thought it was obvious from the gif lol! Manly Jae with girly Jae. If it was masturbation I would have put Jae/Self lol! Yup, it's Jae/Jae. Youngwoong is Jae's stage name in SK. It means "Hero" hence in English he is Hero Jaejoong.

I've read a few incest fics in this fandom actually and even one YunJae twincest but nothing really explicit. When you said the sex scene was explicit I actually laughed because I wanted to label this "R" instead of NC17 but then since it's twincest, I figured NC17 would be safer. I left out a lot of details I wanted to add in because I thought it would be too explicit for people to take lol!

I am very impressed my explanation months ago made such an impact on you actually. Nothing much in this would have flown over someone unfamiliar with fandom cos I tried to keep it as generic as possible despite the mention of DBSK. U-Know Yunho is Yunho's full stage name jsyk ;-)

Why would they be shocked? IDGI... I was told that Shawols are the perviest fandom and if they're shocked at your fics then i'm side-eyeing that title of "perviest".

I find it so hilarious and love you for reading my fics because you're not even in this fandom!

you know what'll be great? the 2 gifs with diff timing to show us manly and girly jae at the same time...

i'm watching dr jin ep 15 now... manly jae is so.........

i'm the elder twin too!

That's true! But I have no idea how to do that so sucks for me :-(

I cannot watch Dr Jin omg... I cannot see Jae crying or in pain or whatever. Call me ridiculous but I really just cannot. I watched the first two episodes and was weeping over his face in the second episode. I cannot... That man kills me.

My twin is a brat :P Let's hope she doesn't read this comment...

whoa,i can't stop staring at the gif :p
it was lovely, somehow :3 really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it <3

Yeah that gif is kinda mesmerizing... Especially soft and sleepy girly!Jae omg... Hehehe i'm glad you enjoyed this :P

well you already know I have a twin thing ;)

Actually though, I wasn't really sure what I'd make of this, I was curious enough to read it though. And trusting in my previous fandoms, too lol. This was SO sexy, so so SO sexy. Shower sex is such a turn on, especially when there are ~feels of love.

I think I noticed a hint of Yunho jealousy when Youngwoong mentions he's always looking for a chance to show him up? Well, even if I'm wrong IT WAS THERE IN MY MIND. Yunho is ALWAYS there in my mind... wanting Jae.

But aw, I did love this, I like the idea of Jae/Jae apparently!

So well written but tbh when is your stuff NOT? Teach me your skillz and I'll take you on a rocket trip to the moon :))))

Loved this, OBVIOUSLY.

Hehehe i'm glad you like this ;-) And yup you noticed that, huh? Not wrong at all. I threw that in because #reasons :PPP

I loooooove the idea of Jae/Jae especially with that gif omg so fucking hot unf. Manly Jae is just... unf!!! And pretty girly Jae... double unf. It's like, you can't go wrong with two Jaes lmao!

Awww ILU bb and miss you heaps and heaps and heaps!

Two jaes! Omg two jaes I think that's like one of my fantasies. Two jaes together being sexy! :-D it's like christmas! I absolutely loved this!

Hahaha I think two Jaes is everyone's fantasy... Especially Yunho's :PPPPPPP

I'm glad you loved this ;-) Thanks for reading and commenting!

Huaaa I love incest, Jaejae twin the most ><
This is so hot. I love it >

I'm glad you loved it ;-) Thank you for reading and commenting!

I saw this when I was stalking ur fic list and wow!!!
this is soooo hot!
twinjae is so damn unf! my nose bleed...

i'm just sitting here imagining jaejoong riding youngwoong's cock.