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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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First Words
Title: First Words
Pairing: JaeJae
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Twincest - if this bugs you please don't read
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.
Summary: Youngwoong and Jaejoong, the Kim twins are inseparable. When one of them loses his voice, it is up to the other to help him find his words...even though he really doesn't mean to.

AN1: I upset my twin earlier tonight (it's 11:45pm here) and this is written for her as an apology. This is at her request and so thongintheice, I hope you're happy with this bb and again, I am really, really sorry for my throwaway comment.

AN2: Un-betaed. I haven't even re-read it so if the names are mixed up in places, i'm really sorry! Please forgive me! The gif is not mine but ohmygod do I want to kiss whoever made it OTL

Youngwoong is having a really good dream. Jaejoong is licking a path across his cheek and nose, stiffening his tongue, the resistance sending shivers throughout his body. It is odd but it also feels like his ear is being licked which isn't right as surely Jaejoong's tongue can't be in two places at once. Youngwoong struggles to wake from the pleasant dream knowing his twin will be there with him in real life and nothing can be better than that.

"Mmmm Joongie?” Youngwoong calls out, not bothering to open his eyes. Oddly enough, he can still feel something cold and seemingly wet moving across his chin and up to his cheek, as well as a warm tongue in his ear. "Jae?" Youngwoong tries again as he cracks open an eye just as his younger twin brother pulls away looking adorably rumpled with a cute grin on his face and a guilty look in his eyes. It is the 10th day of Jaejoong's imposed silence from his throat surgery and Youngwoong can't wait to hear his beautiful voice again. "You're cute." Youngwoong leans forward and gives Jaejoong an eskimo kiss causing the latter to giggle silently and move back slightly. Jaejoong's face is slightly fuller due to the medication but it does not detract from his luminous beauty, those large doe eyes he knows mirror his own and every time he looks into them he feels like their souls are saying hello. They are identical right down to their birthmark, the only distinguishing features between them being the smattering of moles on their faces in different patterns and their two inch height difference, Youngwoong naturally the taller twin. He however knows his brother very well and the cheeky look in his eyes is distracting him and causing him some mild concern. "Jaejoong... what have you done, baby?”

Jaejoong covers his mouth as he tries to stifle his giggles. He brings a hand up and in it is an uncapped dry-erase pen. The pen Jaejoong has been using to communicate with the everyone with his dry-erase board when his older twin isn’t around which isn’t often. Youngwoong looks at it confusedly as Jaejoong continues to giggle silently. Seeing his brother's confusion causes Jaejoong to bite his lip to stifle his laughter as he sits up and picks up the dry-erase board off the floor.

"I am playing connect the dots." Jaejoong writes as his shoulders shake from stifled mirth, sucking his plump bottom lip into his mouth as he diligently tries not to burst out laughing.

"Connect the dots?"

He nods and grins as he continues writing. "Its fun! I've drawn Cassiopeia."

“Your fanclub?” Youngwoong sits up with Jaejoong, leaning against the headboard as he watches his twin’s eyes sparkle mischievously. He shakes his head trying to clear the cobwebs from his mind from his prolonged sleep, having been running around like crazy trying to make sure that as Jaejoong’s personal manager, his brother’s brief absence from the spotlight isn’t detrimental in any way to his singing career. His beautiful brother who looks and sings like an angel has only recently celebrated his first year since his debut with Dong Bang Shin Ki, a five member acapella/dance group currently taking South Korea by storm. It’s an odd arrangement to say the least but the Kim twins made it clear in no uncertain terms to SM Entertainment that they are a package deal. Youngwoong can’t sing or dance to save his life but he can act and he is fiercely protective of his younger twin. Being older by 15 minutes as their mother had delivered them naturally, he grew up filling in the role of an older brother and he takes the role very seriously. He isn’t just the older twin, he’s also the more masculine one, having the need to be just so in order to protect his younger twin; his literal other half.

He stares at his twin, his thoughts coming back to the present, forehead wrinkling at Jaejoong who isn’t making any sense at all. Connect the dots? Cassiopeia? He reaches out and puts his hand against the giggling man’s forehead. "You don't have a fever…I don’t understand. Connect the dots?” Youngwoong echoes again.

Jaejoong swats at his hand and laughs soundlessly as he writes, "With your moles."

"My mo-“ Youngwoong's eyes widen as it finally dawns on him. That dream…the wet and stiff strokes on his face. That wasn't Jaejoong's tongue. That was the dry-erase pen! "Jaejoongie!” Youngwoong jumps out of bed and runs to the closet, flinging open the door to look at himself in the full length mirror hanging from it. His jaw drops as indeed his crazy twin has used him as his canvas. He finally understands how the little minx has managed to draw his fanclub. He has literally drawn the Cassiopeia star formation on his face by connecting his moles! He stares is absolutely shock at the black lines crisscrossing his face; across his nose, the area between his nose and his top lip, and even his lips! Jaejoong had drawn a line ACROSS HIS LIPS. His brother has indeed been playing connect the dots and Youngwoong scowls ferociously at his visage, still not quite believing what he’s seeing. The sideways ‘W’ stares back at him, almost mockingly.

Jaejoong, who tumbles out of bed when Youngwoong had jumped out in a hurry, sits on the floor wrapped in sheets eyeing his brother a little warily. "I'm sorry," he mouths, face contrite, his hair falling in soft waves and framing his cheeks, making him look even more feminine and angelic than usual. However Youngwoong isn’t taken in by those large innocent doe eyes. Not this time.

"Oh you'll be sorry alright you little brat!” Youngwoong jumps on Jaejoong, caging the younger twin who has fallen back on his back, between his arms as he glares down playfully at his pretty twin who blinks up at him slightly apprehensively. He then digs his fingers in Jaejoong's sensitive sides, tickling him mercilessly. Trapped in the sheets, he can only scream soundlessly, as he ineffectually tries to buck Youngwoong off him. Amazingly, he is silent throughout the onslaught and Youngwoong is secretly impressed by his willpower. He stops after a few more seconds and kisses his brother's sweaty forehead. "Come on. I need a shower and you're going to wash all this ink off me." He stands up and scoops a slightly dazed Jaejoong in his arms and moves to the bathroom.


Youngwoong is standing with the back of his head pressed against the tiled wall of the shower, his eyes shut, humming tunelessly as Jaejoong gently scrubs away the last of the marks he had so eagerly drawn on him earlier. He can only be thankful that his naughty twin had used a dry-erase pen and not a permanent marker. This has cemented his decision to never ever get a tattoo, but he knows that if Jaejoong truly wants matching tattoos at some stage, he will likely cave. Hopefully that will be in the very distant future as he winces slightly from Jaejoong's rather enthusiastic scrubbing over his nose. Jaejoong kisses his mouth softly in apology as he wipes away at the last of his 'artwork'. Soft arms snake around his torso as Jaejoong presses against him, hot breath in his ear and a familiar hardness rubbing against his own, half-awake erection. He smiles slightly as he misses being with Jaejoong. They had mutually agreed that sex is probably a bad idea while Jaejoong has to be silent to allow his throat to recover from the surgery because Jaejoong being Jaejoong can never contain himself no matter how hard he tries.

They actually had a bet going once and the stakes were high. If Jaejoong can stay quiet during sex, Youngwoong would join his group for rehearsals of their upcoming concert and dance in Jaejoong’s stead. U-Know Yunho, the handsome leader of DBSK had been more than happy to give permission for this, the man always seeming to want to show Youngwoong up whatever chance he got and show him up he would because Youngwoong really cannot dance beyond a marching side-step. He inadvertently growls at the thought of that man, hands moving to grip his twin’s petite waist tightly, possessively. A wet hand caresses his cheek and he opens his eyes to peer into identical brown pools staring curiously up at him.

He stares back for a few seconds before realising that a sneaky soapy hand has been playing with his cock, coaxing it to fullness. The shower is beating down on Jaejoong who in turn is pressed against Youngwoong, rubbing his own hard cock against his twin’s thigh as he lazily strokes his brother.

Youngwoong pushes himself away from the wall and turns abruptly, moving his twin and switching their positions, pressing him up against the wall. He tips his head down to press his lips eagerly against his twin's waiting mouth and he sees stars. It is rather cliche but he really misses this. Their mouths slant over each other's over and over, hot breath mixing with a desperate urge to swallow each other whole, to become one once again, just the way they started their life in their mother’s womb. They kiss like they haven’t seen each other in years when really, they'd only ceased to be intimate for about two weeks. But two weeks is a very long time for a teenager and as Jaejoong presses his tongue against the roof of Youngwoong's mouth, he growls almost ferally. "Jae…I need you now. I'm sorry I can't wait."

Jaejoong pulls back and smirks coyly at Youngwoong, glancing at the taller twin through his eyelashes before he turns around to present himself to his brother. Unbeknownst to Youngwoong, he had prepped himself while scrubbing Youngwoong, hiding his movements by being extra harsh with the flannel. He has been horny for a good 20 minutes and is dying for his older brother to get in him.

"Oh!" Youngwoong exclaims as he finds Jaejoong's entrance with his fingers, and he is already well lubricated and loose enough that three fingers entered easily. "You sneaky fuck…” He bites down on Jaejoong's shoulder as he fits in a fourth finger eliciting a low moan from Jaejoong. "You're so hot in there…I can't wait to feel you around my cock. I've missed you so fucking much..." Jaejoong bucks back against Youngwoong's hand and grinds down as he whimpers needily. He sends a smouldering look over his shoulder to his twin, eyes so huge and innocent, belying his actions as he grinds down again and Youngwoong cock hardens even more at the look. Jaejoong doesn't need any words.

Youngwoong pulls his fingers out and Jaejoong groans loudly at the loss but before he is able to take a breath, Youngwoong penetrates Jaejoong with all the love and care he feels towards his twin, his soul.

Jaejoong's breathing hitches as Youngwoong slowly breaches his innermost place, his forehead falling against the tiled walls as he struggles to suck in a breath. His brother moves carefully, the pace is slow as no matter how prepped Jaejoong is, Youngwoong is bigger and not wanting to cause more pain, his twin pushes in slowly.

Youngwoong’s grits his teeth, his gut instinct is to rut into Jaejoong like there is no tomorrow, but he will never ever forgive himself for hurting Jaejoong and if he has only nubs for teeth by the end of this, so be it.

Jaejoong is savouring the burn as Youngwoong stretches him. He has missed this so much. It is more than just sex to them. It is a connection they can never have with anyone else. They are identical twins, they share everything. Youngwoong is Jaejoong’s and Jaejoong is Youngwoong’s. The twins are always connected and never separated and he loves the beauty of the renewal of their connection time and time again. Other people may never understand but he doesn’t care. He loves his brother more than life itself.

He bites his lip hard as Youngwoong moves inextricably deeper. He knows he should probably take it slow but feeling Youngwoong in the deepest part of himself is driving him crazy. He wants to connect their souls again. He wants Youngwoong. He needs him. He takes a deep breath and makes a decision...

Youngwoong pulls back again slowly, water cascading down on them, marveling at the droplets scattered across Jaejoong’s pale shoulders, marred by a bright red mark from his earlier bite, but any further thoughts fly completely out of his head when Jaejoong snaps his ass back hard against Youngwoong's thighs causing him to shout in surprise and pleasure. Jaejoong looks back over his shoulder again and Youngwoong reads him loud and clear. Fuck me. With a hoarse grunt, Youngwoong does just that. His fingers dig into Jaejoong's slender hips as he snaps forward and their bodies smack together with satisfying slaps. He craves to be closer to Jaejoong and pulls his twin further upright and flush against his chest as his hips pump into Jaejoong, nudging and passing over that spot that would normally have Jaejoong wailing loudly.

Jaejoong has his eyes clenched shut and is biting his lip furiously as he moves with his brother, always in sync and always as one. He feels Youngwoong's arms around him and his legs almost give out right then. He needs to see him. He needs to see his Youngwoong. He turns his head and his twin is already there, ready to kiss him senseless. They exchange a long kiss, their hips stuttering together, Jaejoong swallowing Youngwoong's moans as their movements become more and more frantic.

Suddenly Youngwoong breaks the kiss and pulls out. Jaejoong turns in confusion and sees Youngwoong, his eyes uncharacteristically wet. "I need to see you. I want to see you. Please..."

Jaejoong smiles tenderly at his older brother and turns the shower off. He takes Youngwoong's hand and leads him out and back into their bedroom. They make a wet track to their bed but it is the least of their cares. He lays down on the unmade bed and finds himself with an armful of Youngwoong who buries his face in his neck and laps hotly at his throbbing jugular. Jaejoong opens his legs and Youngwoong settles between them and reaches down and tugs at his cock causing Jaejoong to squirm. He had been so focused on being penetrated that he has all but forgotten about his needy cock. Youngwoong's hot hand on it brings it back to the forefront of his mind as his hips buck up, he lets out a strangled moan. Youngwoong covers his mouth with his free hand and smiles at him.

"Shhhhh Jaejoongie. You need to be quiet, love."

Jaejoong shakes his head at Youngwoong and starts to thrash around on the bed as Youngwoong's increases the speed of his hand. Jaejoong is so close but he wants Youngwoong to be in him when he comes and he grabs Youngwoong's hand with both of his desperately shaking his head and asking him to stop. Youngwoong understands and moves to lift his hips up to meet him again.

"I love you..."

Youngwoong lifts Jaejoong's legs to hook around his shoulders as he leans forward and makes love to his brother the best way he knows how. They move together in unison and the only sounds that can be heard in the room are Jaejoong's rapid shallow breaths and Youngwoong's low moans and occasional grunts.

Jaejoong is so close to being undone and as he looks up at Youngwoong who stares back down at him with all the love they share in his eyes, his toe-curling orgasm hits him like a freight train causing him to utter his first words in over two weeks.


AN: Um... so yeah, i'm not putting this up in comms cos IDK how comms feel about this type of thing lol. Maybe I should investigate but not tonight...

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was hesitant about reading this but I'm so glad I did... SO HOT *fans self*

"pairing:jaejae" sounds really cute btw haha~

continue writing more fics ^^

Hesitant because of the incest? Lol i'm glad you gave it a chance and found it hot :P

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