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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love is...
Title: Love is...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Those Sam Lansky tweets...and an inadvertent slip of the tongue.

AN1: An anon on tumblr asked me WEEKS AND WEEKS AND WEEKS ago to write something about the Sam Lansky thing... And well, here it is lol. I took some liberties... Hope you like it.

AN2: Unbeta-ed and i'm at work. I wrote this at work if you're wondering about the rating lmao! XD!

22 May @samlansky
@mjjeje Hey, guess what? I'm coming for your man. Hope you've got him on a tight leash.

4 June @samlansky
@mjjeje Hey, remember me? Yep. I'm still coming for your man.

Jaejoong stares at his phone, not quite believing what his dear soulmate has just texted him. Apparently Micky finds this rather amusing but Jaejoong is far from amused. The first tweet irritated him enough as it is but now with the second? He knows he should just ignore it. It’s just someone else riding on the coattails of their infamy, of the YunJae tragedy. He flings his phone aside in disgust as he stalks into his kitchen, uncharacteristically loud as he bangs about, muttering angrily under his breath. And what of Yunho? The man is in fucking Japan yet again and Jaejoong is starting to feel abandoned. Yes, he’s being melodramatic and yes, he knows Yunho has to work and fly to places and meet people, but does he have to meet obnoxious men like this Sam Lansky guy? Who the fuck is he anyway? Jaejoong really isn’t the slightest bit interested, his irateness stemming more from Micky teasing him than anything else. His soulmate is extra good at pushing his button, though never as good as Yunho. He knows this Sam fella is harmless but really, the audacity of him to tweet him directly. He bangs the pot lid extra hard and the slam reverberates up his arm causing him to wince. Alright, maybe taking it out on his kitchen isn’t a good idea.

Yunho is stuck on yet another asinine variety show, completely unaware of his lover’s annoyance back in Seoul. Admittedly, this show is different to most, with a psychologist being one of the MCs. Tohoshinki is only one of a number of celebrity guests instead of the usual solo guest of the program and Yunho is grateful for that because it means he can relax his mind and drift off as other people monopolize the attention of the MCs. He possible drifts further than he expects though because he’s startled from his empty thoughts by a not-so-subtle elbow in the side by the maknae.

“The next round with the psychologist will be Tohoshinki! Let’s play a word association game! I will say a word and you have two seconds to say the first thing that comes to mind. If you take longer, you will be punished!”

Both Changmin and Yunho nod quickly, smiling widely at everyone.

“Our psychologist here will analyze your answers. The point is not to let your mind think of the answer, and hopefully your honesty will give us some insight into your characters.”

Yunho frowns slightly, cocking his head to the side. He can see their manager out of the corner of his eye looking a little panicked. That’s the difference between Japanese and Korean variety shows. Japanese shows allow for much more ad-libbing and despite being briefed about the show earlier, depending on the MCs, anything goes. This is also a morning show and being aired live, and it really is too early for thought so the game seems fairly harmless to him.

“Are you ready Changmin-san?”

The younger man next to him nods as he sits up, body slightly tense and eyes alert.

Yunho can’t help but laugh along with the audience as Changmin’s answers to the seven words he’s given are pretty predictable. He barely even takes a second to think as he answers everything with a food related word. Yunho can see their manager looking relieved and chuckles, knowing that he’s probably thinking back to Changmin and his honest admission to watching porn all those years ago. Yunho’s heart clenches slightly at the memories, it seems like a lifetime ago. He shakes his head, getting rid of the image of Yoochun, sitting across from him, trying not to cry as he relates his hardships in America. He cannot go back to that. He has to be strong now for all five of them.

“Yunho-san, are you ready?”

“Yes, of course.” Yunho pastes a wide smile on his face that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, his heart still a little heavy.

“Alright, we’ll start now. Animal.”







“Kimchi jiggae.”

The audience laughs loudly at that and so does Changmin, but there’s a warning look in the quick glance he throws at Yunho, who ignores it.







The silence in that split second after he answers is deafening as Changmin gasps out loud next to him, the MCs stare at him stunned and Yunho honestly has no idea what he’s said to make everyone react in that way. And then the screaming starts. The wall of sound that hits him almost knocks him off his seat. Recording has clearly stopped as his manager storms up to him, face mottled as he grabs him by the arm and drags him off towards the dressing room with Changmin trailing quietly behind them.

Jaejoong’s spoon is arrested between his bowl and his mouth, his jaw hanging and frozen in shock. He blinks at the screen as the show cuts quickly to a commecial break, the screaming still ringing in his ears. Both his phones start ringing and beeping like mad. Even his landline starts to ring but he ignores it all, still staring blankly at the colourful CF playing on his television screen as his mind works to process what he’s just seen and heard. Yunho’s shock at the everyone’s reaction is typical Yunho. The man is clueless. Jaejoong doesn’t even want to imagine the storm about to rain down on his lover’s head and wonders if he should tweet something. Well, at least he has no need to be jealous of anyone.

Yunho barely makes it through the next three days unscathed. The sheer amount of screaming and shouting and even hitting he’s had to endure almost drives him to madness. Almost. Changmin, his tower of strength never lets him out of his sight, not even when furious executives all but physically try to remove him. The young man does not budge, standing firm next to Yunho’s side, taking the abuse for both his hyungs with a blank stare that infuriates everyone. No one can actually do anything though. What’s done is done and backpedaling will only make it worse, not to mention the tidal wave of red that will descend like the hand of god himself if Cassiopeia even gets a sniff that Yunho is being punished for his Freudian slip. YunJae fans are a part of fandom not to be trifled with, especially not when both Yunho and Jaejoong are fait accompli to the intense shipping. So after all the verbal abuse, threats and occasional slaps, both Yunho and Changmin have been given two days to disappear till the clamour dies down.

And so here he is, driving for four hours, even switching cars with Changmin halfway, just to lose his minders, sasaengs and god only knows who else to end up in the underground garage of Jaejoong’s penthouse apartment building. It is almost 2am and the quiet is chilling despite the warm summer night. He hasn’t received a single message from the older man and he wonders why he is even there. They haven’t seen each other in weeks, barely texting, which is odd when you know Jaejoong. He sits, staring out in the dim garage at the rows upon rows of expensive cars, lips quirking when he catches sight of the ostentatious Lamborghini. Oh well, he might as well see if he still even has a lover, otherwise this shit storm is for naught.

Yunho lets himself into the apartment, genuinely surprised that the keycode works. The place is silent as he walks, only the naked bulb from the hallway illuminating his way and as he ventures deeper and further away from the light. It’s almost symbolic. He comes to the end, the door almost daring him to open it. What will he find? Yunho takes a deep breath, duffel bag in hand and hair rumpled from excessive handling as he runs his hand nervously through his hair almost continuously. He exhales slowly, placing his hand on the doorknob but before he can turn it, it opens with a soft click and a sleep rumpled beauty peers out at him through half mast doe eyes, rubbing sleep out of them cutely.


“Yunhoya…you’re so noisy.” Jaejoong steps forward and wraps his arms around the taller man, settling his face in the crook of his neck and inhaling deeply. He lets out a soft sigh at the familiar scent, happier than he’s ever been in a long while and all from a hug. He closes his eyes, nuzzling against his throat, perfectly content to stand there, smiling against the light jacket Yunho is wearing when the other man hugs him back, not too tightly, just perfectly, because it is Yunho. The man always knows what he needs.

Yunho presses a soft kiss to the top of Jaejoong’s head, holding him, the relief within him so powerful. He doesn’t know how anyone expects him to deny his love for this man. He’s denied it long enough, in public that is. His members have always known, even before he ever did. They stand there for a while, till Yunho notices Jaejoong leaning rather heavily into him and realises the beautiful man has fallen asleep. He moves carefully, maneuvering to scoop the sleeping man in his arms as he heads to their bed. It is their bed. Jaejoong took the bed they shared in Japan and here it is. It will always be their bed. He deposits the sleeping man on his side, slightly amused to see his side untouched and yet his heart aches that it isn’t. It should never be pristine and smooth that way. It should always have him in it. But he isn’t willing to waste time dwelling on the past as he strips quickly, sliding into bed next to his love, tugging him so they are facing each other. Jaejoong pouts in his sleep and Yunho has to stifle a groan at the sight, and presses a soft sweet kiss to those plump lips as the older man moves closer, throwing an arm around Yunho who closes his eyes, content to breathe in his air as they share a pillow, and he drifts off to sleep.


Yunho is pleasantly woken by soft kisses raining down on his skin and he cracks an eye, noting the light trying to get in from behind the heavy curtains, and the disheveled head in his line of sight. “Joongie?”

The head comes up, Jaejoong’s nose wrinkling cutely just as they’re interrupted by his phone chirping. Yunho watches as he huffs, turning in his arms to check his phone and Yunho follows him, wrapping long arms around his torso and refusing to let go, peering over his shoulder while Jaejoong checks his messages. His brow furrows as he sees some English words he doesn’t recognise and the howl of annoyance from his Joongie startles him.

“What’s wrong, love?” He nuzzles into the other man’s shoulder, rubbing his nose back and forth across a bare shoulder. “I didn’t understand that.”

“Sam Lansky,” comes the curt and frosty reply as Jaejoong types furiously into his phone.

“Who’s that?”

Jaejoong turns, and kisses Yunho hard on the lips before pulling away. “Some jerk you met in America who keeps tweeting me shit.”

“Huh? Like what?” Yunho listens as Jaejoong explains, his brow furrowing.

“So there! The nerve of the man! And our fans keep retweeting him and it’s just hideous.”

“Why don’t you tweet something?”

“What can I tweet?”

Yunho muses for a few seconds. “How about - Love is Jaejoongie? If he keeps as close a tab on me as you seem to think he does, that’s a fuck off right there. If he bugs you anymore, just ignore him. I will never be anyone’s but yours.” And that is a promise Yunho never intends to break as he presses a soft, reassuring kiss to the pouting man.

“Ok…I love you, just in case I forget to say it later.” And he resumes typing on his phone, biting his lower lip in concentration.

10 June @mjjeje
Love is Jaejoongie ^^

AN: Also a little mad at my twin right now cos she's abandoning me and I want to cry TT_____TT

this is so cute! jaejae forever jealous of all yunho's fanboys…
and yunho is so adorable slipping jaejoongies name! i love it dearXD

Yay! Glad you like it ;-) Well, Yunho has a fuckton of fanboys so I don't blame Jae lol!

changmin totally saw that coming XD
yunho slipped up
and omg the whole sam thing just cracks me up for some reason XD
im glad to see there are other delusional fans out there LMAO (him)
tho sad he never twitted about the other members XD
but yunjae forever <3

Hahahaha you have no idea how happy I am that you said that about Changmin because yes, he totally saw that coming lmao! Apart from those two tweets, IDK anything about Sam Lansky lol!

I love Yunho's Freudian slip up.

I can imagine his clueless expression when screams broke out and the sudden rush to get him off stage.
I bet Changmin had to explain to him what he did. ^^

Yeah he is such a dork omg and I can totally imagine his shock as well when all those screams started :P

jaejoong is forever cute! XDD
and that slip-up, it's sooo honest, and you can't rly backtrack. so there, yunho's truest feelings~ :D

Hehehe, you know there can be no other word when given "love" ;-)

This crack me up. I didn't know that Yunho could get careless. Oh well. It's his instinct that answered the question. There is no other answer other than "Jaejoongie" when it comes to love. :)

Sam Lansky? He's making the Yunjae couple more famous. :))

I'll be honest and admit I don't actually know anything about Sam Lansky apart from those two tweets hahaha. Glad I made you laugh though ;-)

I want Yunho & Changmin do that game in real live!!!
So they won't be able to edit what they have to say in public...
So we know what they really think about the other members...
& if there's a 'YunJae' slip up then it's a bonus XD

I doubt SME will let HoMin play such a game hahaha... Too much potential for absolute disaster as you can see.

T___________________T WHY YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEE ;;___;; dkjkhgugh now can this please happen for real T___T it would be the most glorious day in the fandom.. *wipes tears*

YunJae fans are a part of fandom not to be trifled with, especially not when both Yunho and Jaejoong are fait accompli to the intense shipping you sure are right about that!! XD

ah, the ending was so cute ;__; <3 now I'll just pray that someday in the future something like this will happen T^T

Awww i'm so sorry. It was meant to be fluffy not make you cry! I'm glad you found the ending cute at least. Jaejoong is so precious.

KYAAAAAAAA~ Yunjae fluff!!!! I love love love!!!

Yay! Happy you loved it and thank you for telling me ;-)

And you say fluff is not your strong point (pfffff....)

Yunjae are absolute darlings here. When Yunho said "Jaejoongie" on live TV, I just about roflmfao. I wanna punch those ass***es that punished him.

Yunho's homecoming was so very sweet.

Sam Lansky is a douche for sending those tweets directly to Jae.

Hahahahaha it really isn't. I promise. I am not comfortable writing fluff because it doesn't really come naturally. This turned fluffy cos I was upset with my twin and needed something to cheer myself up lol.

YunJae are perfect for each other tbh... ;~;

Japanese shows are the best!!!its always full of yunjae and they are more free.:)
Changmin is really funny and I'm sure he's stressed always because of yunho.lol
And that slip is like one of a kind!! I'm sure the twitter will be in chaos. And honestly I find sam lansky entertaining. I can totally imagine chun teasing jae and jae seething!
Makes me remember the rumor in strong heart, they said it was cut off but when yunho was being asked who's prettier Mina or jae,he answered jae. Oh well.hehe

YESSSSSSSS omg I fucking love YunJae in Japan!!! //flails

The whole fandom would be in utter chaos lol. Everyone. Can you imagine the stans? Hahaha i'd laugh so hard. And eeeeeeeek i've never heard of that rumor O__________O But seriously, ANYONE would say Jae because come on now... If Yunho had said MinA it would have been more suspicious because he is clearly lying lol.

Love it so sweet and just lots of fluff:)
No one touches jj man ❤❤❤

No one but Yunho! I'm glad you loved it and thank you for telling me ;-)

Awesome on all levels!
It is just so damn nice to imagine something like this ever happening...
Thanks for putting it into words!!!

Really happy you liked it! Thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know ;-)

gah gahhhh!!! reminds me of YunHo's puppet boy's name!! YUNJA ~E!!!!

LOL! Yunho cracks me up sometimes... IDK if he is purposefully clueless ;-)

Sam Lansky dude is just one amusing dude~ xD keke
It`s funny for the few first tweets then he gets really annoying~ xD like leeching over yun`s and jae`s fame lol..

xD and this fic is adorable! :3

Lol i'm glad you think it's adorable. IDK anything about the Lansky guy apart from those tweets hahahaha.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started to scream with the fans the moment he said Love is Jaejoongie.....
God I love this...Amen

LOL! This cracks me up SO MUCH cos a few readers have done the same thing and i'm seriously amused by it. If y'all scream, KNOWING this is fiction, imagine if it'll actually happen...