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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I'm going on semi-hiatus from July 23 to September 15 due to work (basically working 7am-10pm for 3-4 weeks) and study. It means I will only write and update when I can so it may take awhile. Those following Jejuko, i'm really sorry, I really wanted to finish it before I had to go but my muse clearly had other ideas. The story will be completed, I just don't know when exactly.

ETA (July 24): I’ve just found that writing seems to be a good way to relax myself from the insanity of work. Basically I will write whatever comes to mind or wherever my muse leads me. I won’t be forcing words out because that kinda defeats the purpose of a hiatus. I am not preferring one pairing over another. I’m just going with my muse ;-)

Admittedly, my muse right now is screaming HoMin at me but the thing is, I have no problem writing YunJae, I just don't have the right plots in my head for it at present so if anyone is desperate for some YunJae and has any suggestions, they'll be welcome cos I suck at dreaming up plots. Nothing complicated, just one shots ;-) No promises of course but hopefully my muse cooperates.

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Remember to sleep well and don't work yourself too hard! :D Good luck and have a nice break author-ssi ^_^

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