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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I'm going on semi-hiatus from July 23 to September 15 due to work (basically working 7am-10pm for 3-4 weeks) and study. It means I will only write and update when I can so it may take awhile. Those following Jejuko, i'm really sorry, I really wanted to finish it before I had to go but my muse clearly had other ideas. The story will be completed, I just don't know when exactly.

ETA (July 24): I’ve just found that writing seems to be a good way to relax myself from the insanity of work. Basically I will write whatever comes to mind or wherever my muse leads me. I won’t be forcing words out because that kinda defeats the purpose of a hiatus. I am not preferring one pairing over another. I’m just going with my muse ;-)

Admittedly, my muse right now is screaming HoMin at me but the thing is, I have no problem writing YunJae, I just don't have the right plots in my head for it at present so if anyone is desperate for some YunJae and has any suggestions, they'll be welcome cos I suck at dreaming up plots. Nothing complicated, just one shots ;-) No promises of course but hopefully my muse cooperates.

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Have you seen this pic on tumblr?


That's how I imagine Jejuko would look like.


My tummy just clenched rather painfully... Yikes... Now imagine that innocent angel lap dancing XDDD!

I've been imagining the lap dance, pole dance, strip dance ... since I saw that pic.

I've always thought the ps pics of Jae as a girl were ugly. Even when Jae dressed as a girl in the banjun drama, he wasn't really that attractive. But this particular picture ... I really can't stop looking at it.

LMAO! I'm re-reading Jejuko today so I can kinda get my head around writing it sometime this week. I did a poll of that photo around my office today and 5/5 of the men all thought SHE was gorgeous and the all commented on HER lips/mouth hahahahahahaha. I was dying. Maybe i'll tell them who SHE is tomorrow at work ;-)

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