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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[5a] Grand Gestures
Title: Grand Gestures
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin (side!JaeChun)
Rating: PG13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.
Summary: How will Yunho and Micky appease their angry wives? Maybe going ahead with this dinner party isn't such a good idea after all because sparks are sure to fly.

AN: Un-betaed and the summary sucks omg. I hate summaries. I need to hire a summary writer or something. I can write 5,000+ words in three hours but ask me to write a summary and I run for the hills. I also haven't re-read it...I have this problem with re-reading my stuff lol! All mistakes are mine.

Yunho is truly at a loss. He is not used to floundering this badly in anything, or even floundering in general, but floundering he is as he watches his beautiful wife confer with Jaejoong about something. Their heads close together as they whisper to each other about who knows what. The blond man happens to look up and catches Yunho’s gaze and he actually winces at the scowl sent his way by the much younger man. His wife seems to be oblivious to his best friend’s change in countenance because he doesn’t even look up, still bent down and whispering in Jaejoong’s ear. Jaejoong’s glare can melt the polar ice cap and Yunho, despite his age, power, status, everything, has no hold over the smaller man and he acknowledges that he has lost by looking away.

That familiar taste of guilt is once again coating his tongue and he doesn’t even know where to begin. He remembers Changmin’s words from two nights, I hate you… I fucking hate you… and the shock he feels. He doesn’t protest when the teenager pulls away and gets out of bed, disappearing into their closet only to emerge dressed and holding with a duffel bag. Not one word is exchanged as he watches his wife walk out the bedroom door, and the slam that reverberates throughout the entire apartment rocks through him. But he doesn’t make a move, simply lying there staring blankly at the ceiling. He is unsurprised to find Micky at his door not an hour later, and the two men commiserate in silence, nursing glass after glass of amber liquid till they pass out on his couch.

“We need to fix this.”

Yunho is broken from his depressing memories by Micky, who stands next to him, staring after his wife. Changmin has vanished, leaving Jaejoong alone to mingle with his guests. Even he can tell that the smile on Micky’s wife’s face is fake, and he briefly wonders where his own wife has gotten to.

“Did you hear me? We need to fix this. Jae says he hates me. I don’t know if I can keep doing this. I love him so much despite all his shortcomings but I won’t bind him to me if he wants out. That’s what it means right? When he says he hates me?” Micky’s smile is forced when some business partners of his accost the powerful duo, engaging them in inane conversation about the stock market till he suggests they check out his newly landscaped garden out back, knowing one of those men is a competitive old bastard when it comes to landscaping. He sighs in relief when they leave, turning back to his friend who was uncharacteristically silent through most of that conversation.

“Changmin says he hates me too.”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“I guess there’s not much you can say to that…” Micky is still staring at his wife, floating around the crowd of guests, his blond head standing out in the sea of brunette.

“They love us.”

“What?” Micky turns to gape at his friend. “They both said they hate us. Where did you find the word love in there?” However the spark of hope in his heart cannot be quenched and he desperately wishes Yunho is right. In the last two days of exile to Yunho’s empty apartment, he’s come to realise his own failings as a husband. He’s always told his wife that he loves him, but actions speak louder than words and his actions are always questionable. He’s been a flirt all his life, and it doesn’t stop even after marriage. He’s never dallied with anyone of course but a lingering kiss here and a lingering hand there and it stands to reason that Jaejoong throws fits. He’s never thought anything of his behaviour because he really does love the crazy supermodel and believed his words to be enough. Now though in retrospect, as he watches his wife giggle at something Han Geng says, a Chinese businessman with his own handful of a wife who is conveniently out in the gardens, he feels his gut clench. He cannot remember the last time Jaejoong laughed at something he’s said and for another man to coax laughter from him, allows Micky to understand how the younger man may have felt seeing all those women constantly touching him.

“Love and hate. You have to care enough about something in order to hate it.” Yunho’s voice is flat, almost emotionless, looking in the same direction as Micky since his wife is still nowhere to be found.

“I want my wife back.” Micky, carefree and clueless Micky, is now seeing red as Han Geng puts an arm around Jaejoong, whispering something in the shorter man’s ear, eliciting another giggle from the pregnant male.

Yunho stays him though when the other man sets his empty champagne flute down to probably stride off into the middle of the crowd and cause a scene. He shakes his head at his friend who sends an uncharacteristic glare out into the crowd. Micky has always acted on his emotions and he is really lucky to have inherited his empire because he doesn’t have the right personality to build one from ground up. Yunho has always watched out for his friend and he’s not about to stop because if Micky does go into the crowd, the fireworks will rival the new year festivities over the Han River.

“How is his behaviour any different from yours?” Yunho can’t help but point out though, knowing exactly why Micky is angry.

Micky grunts in response before adding, “I know, ok? You’re right and I’ve been an idiot. And since I now know, I want to fix it. I want my wife back.”

“So do I but I don’t think words are going to cut it this time, somehow. I have the feeling we’re on our last chance and if we screw this up…”

“We won’t.” Micky cuts Yunho off, his voice resolute. “We won’t. I cannot lose him.”

Yunho nods, straightening when he sees his wife finally coming back into the ballroom with a tiny bell which he rings with a smile, indicating for the guests to make their way to the grand dining room adjacent. The crowd moves slowly, the low constant chatter is an echo to the chatter in his mind. The reason why Yunho didn’t go after Changmin yet again that night he left is simple. He was floored. Absolutely floored. Yunho is not a stupid man and he has been hitting himself figuratively over the head for the better part of the last two days for being so blind. For being caught up in Micky’s misguided notions of trophy wives. Blinded by the fact that his wife is so much younger and therefore, different from himself. Something he always forgets because Changmin is so intelligent and mature for his age. They have always had a meeting of the minds, his wife more than capable of holding his own in any topic of discussion with Yunho and the teenager is always oddly capable of accurately assessing what Yunho’s needs are. But a meeting of the heart, now that’s another matter altogether. Yunho realises that ever since he acknowledged and accepted the fact that he loves his snarky young wife, he has never said a word to him about it. Not once. Somehow, due to their usual connection and meeting of the mind, he assumed his wife knows how he feels. And thanks to that assumption, he is in this self-created mess. He is guilty of not practicing what he preaches as he remembers his words to Micky when they were driving around in the town car waiting for their spouses to cool down. His wife may be able to assess his needs, but Yunho has failed as a husband to offer the younger man the same courtesy. As he take his seat, he wonders at the fact that Go Ara has been placed next to him.

Changmin is trying his best, he really is. He is smiling and conversing, co-hosting the party with Jaejoong who begged him to help out because he is not going to depend on his “useless husband” for anything from now on. And since Changmin has his very own “useless husband”, who is he to deny his best friend? However when he sees Yunho for the first time in two days, resplendent in his dinner jacket, he has to will himself not to just run into his arms, in front of all their guests, and sob his poor broken heart out. Because despite everything, Changmin loves his stupid husband. While he knows Yunho probably doesn’t love him back, the two days with Jaejoong has made him realise that he cannot live without the older man. He hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since leaving and Jaejoong’s angsty rants over “idiotic husbands” simply makes him miss his own. Not even Jaejoong can comfort him because he realises that the one man who can is the one who broke his heart in the first place. So where does that leave him?

As everyone takes their seats, the chatter in the room seems to increase. Jaejoong is a master (or mistress?) at hosting, and dinner parties are his forte, always making sure to seat people so there will be no lull in conversation. However he is clearly off his game today when the seating chart proves otherwise. He’s not sure how it happened but he’s managed to place Go Ara next to Yunho and he winces as his best friend notices, his face paling. Changmin himself is seated opposite Yunho and Jaejoong is kicking himself for not double checking the seating plan. However nothing can be done now short of causing a scene and while Jaejoong is more than willing to create a ruckus on behalf of his friend, these people are his husband’s contemporaries, his business partners and friends, and no matter how angry he is with Micky, he will not shame the man in his own home. He settles back in his seat, praying he survives the night without losing his temper.

Yunho carries on a conversation with Choi Seung Hyun, no relation to Choi Shipyards, studiously ignoring the woman on his left, a social faux pas surely but he is uncaring. However as the third course is served, he feels a hand on his thigh as she leans into him. The audacity of the girl when his wife is seated right opposite! He doesn’t want to look up, feeling his wife slipping from his grasp with every stroke of the insolent girl’s hand up and down his thigh. He moves to push her hand off, but it comes back less than a minute later, rubbing and squeezing his thigh. He chances a look up right then and the pained look in Changmin’s eyes is what causes him to speak. Oh his wife is acting as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening, but his eyes, they speak volumes and Yunho knows he has to do something. He knows his wife cannot do so, without censure raining down on him. But Yunho is more powerful than anyone in this room and right now, he can actually see his wife’s heart breaking and well, his wife’s heart is more precious to him than anyone in that room.

“Go-ssi,” he addresses Ara’s father, seated to Changmin right and opposite his daughter, “I don’t think I can do business with you.”

Ara’s father laughs loudly, assuming Yunho is joking, forgetting that the head of Jung Corporation never jokes, especially when it comes to business. His laughter booming around the now quiet room as the table has fallen silent, the other guests unconsciously leaning closer to find out why Jung Yunho is talking business at the dinner table.

“I’ve decided I cannot partake in your joint venture and wish you all the best in finding a new investor.”

There is a collective gasp from the table, Ara’s father’s face is now a picture of shock. Yunho however, continues eating, as if unaware of the ruckus he’s just caused. That silly girl’s hand is still on his thigh and he pushes it off, pleased that it doesn’t come back this time.

Meanwhile, his friend is smirking from his seat. He has a good view of both Yunho and Ara and is fairly positive he knows where this is coming from. The joint venture is a lucrative one and would have made Yunho millions. Micky has to hand it to the man, he doesn’t do anything by half measure. He chances a look at Changmin whose extremely puzzled expression is mirrored by most of his guests. Micky, like Yunho, are the only ones eating nonchalantly. He looks up and meets his own wife’s confused doe eyes and he smiles broadly and winks at him, pleased to see an immediate blush colouring the beautiful man’s cheeks as he looks away.

“B-but why? It would have made us millions. Made you millions. I don’t understand Jung-ssi.” Ara’s father’s face is mottling in his shock.

Yunho puts his knife and fork down and pins the man with a level gaze, one that causes most people to flinch and flinch the man does. “I don’t see how I can do business with a man who cannot control his own daughter.”

Ara’s disbelieving gasp is loud but she is ignored as her father stands up, now angry.

“What do you mean by that?”

Yunho smiles, taking another bite of his fish, chewing thoughtfully, aware of how he’s just turned this dinner party into a sideshow exhibit, but he cannot actually bring himself to care. A message needs to be sent out and he wants there to be absolutely no question on the matter. A sidelong glance at his friend spurs him on, the grin on Micky’s face enough for him to continue because he knows he has his friend’s support despite the shambles this little party is about to turn into.

“Do you know I’m married?”

“Yes! We were at your wedding, my daughter and I. Your wife is sitting right next to me. What does that have to do with anything?” The man gestures to Changmin who is sitting frozen in his seat as many pairs of eyes turn towards him. He manages to school his features into a haughty scowl, as if everyone smells bad, and Micky is desperately trying not to laugh.

Yunho hums in acknowledgement, taking another bite of his fish. The whole table is waiting, as he swallows and takes a sip of wine before replying. “Your daughter’s behaviour, Go-ssi is a little cause for concern to me.”

“What are you implying?” The other man is now looking between his red-faced daughter and the powerful man seated next to her. He knows of Ara’s bahaviour around Jung Yunho, and in fact, he encourages it, hoping to tempt the man away from his wife, believing in his daughter’s beauty. However this doesn’t seem to be going the way he’s hoped. He has no idea where Shim Changmin even comes from and genuinely believes his daughter is a far better suit for a man like Jung Yunho. Actually, why would a man choose another man over a woman anyway? That has always perplexed him.

“Simple, Go-ssi. My wife’s happiness is worth far more to me than the millions I will no doubt gain from this joint venture. Your daughter’s behaviour as you are very well aware since it’s been spread across the gossip pages, has been upsetting to him and if he is upset, I am upset. In all this upset, I find myself unable to tolerate doing business with you.” Yunho takes another bite of his fish, chancing sidelong glances at both Micky and Jaejoong at either end of the table. Micky is, predictably, trying to stifle his amusement while Jaejoong looks like a guppy, his mouth opening and closing, with not a sound coming out. He’d love nothing more than to look at his wife but he needs to make sure the table knows he is not kidding, not that he ever does anyway when it comes to business, and even less so when it comes to his wife.

“You would throw away millions in profit for this…this…man with no breeding? No background? This…nobody?” Ara’s father is truly stunned. He’d laughed when he found out the two most eligible bachelors in South Korea had taken young wives, thinking that they’re just there for show, to look pretty, never ever guessing Jung Yunho would be willing to forsake a sound business venture for his…wife. Hell, even he would sell his wife and daughter to make the profit that Jung Yunho is so willing to do away with.

“I do think you just insulted my wife. You might want to consider apologising before I run out of patience which should be in about five minutes, and then I promise, you will not like the consequences. ” Yunho’s voice is deadly, cold; the chill in it unmistakable.

However the man is too proud to bow down to a mere supermodel, wife of Jung Yunho or not, he is not apologising to a teenager of absolutely no background, no connections, nothing. He just stands there, staring at the head of Jung Corp who actually takes a look at his wristwatch before quirking an eyebrow at him.

“So be it, Go-ssi. My lawyers will be in touch tomorrow.”

“You cannot be serious?” The man is beyond flabbergasted now. All this because his wife is unhappy? Surely this is too much. Maybe Jung Yunho has a sense of humour after all and this is merely the evening entertainment.

“Oh I am very serious. My wife, if you will excuse the innuendo, ALWAYS comes first.”

This time the gasp is from Changmin, who is staring as if stricken, at Yunho, eyes glittering as he collects himself and holds his head up high. Yunho sighs inwardly in relief when he sees the telltale softening that only he recognises, in that face he loves.

“Jung-ssi, please tell me you’re joking.” The man laughs awkwardly, trying to hide his panic. But Yunho merely stares at him, as if he would a cockroach on the bottom of his shoe, decidedly UNamused.

Before Yunho can answer, there is a commotion at the head of the table where Jaejoong is sitting as he stands up, eyes sparking dangerously as he pins the standing man with a deadly glare. “Please leave, and take your daughter with you.” His gaze moves to pin the now cowering girl next to Yunho.

The man is clearly losing his wits when he scoffs at Jaejoong, sneering “Another nobody. Who do-“ he is cut off by an open palm slamming onto the table at the other end of the long dining table.

“That is enough! Go-ssi, you have two choices. Either walk out now with whatever is left of your dignity or I will have you thrown out.” Micky is on his feet, no longer amused at the stupid man who still doesn’t seem to comprehend the gravity of the situation for him. The nerve of him to call his Jae a nobody.

Yunho stands up slowly, his lips quirk into a smirk. “I’d be more than happy to take out the trash for you. It will give me a great deal of satisfaction.” His eyes gleam as he casually shrugs off his jacket, unhooking his cufflinks to roll his sleeve up. By the time he moves to undo the second set of cufflinks, it is Ara who has left her seat and moved to urgently tug her father away. They are gone, stumbling hurriedly from the dining room by the time both sleeves are rolled up and so Yunho finds his seat once again, taking a sip of his wine.

The table is silent, everyone staring at each other awkwardly, unsure as to how to react or even what to do next. One thing is for certain, everyone seated there now know far better than to cross Jung Yunho and Micky Park Yoochun on the matter of their wives though some are still completely incredulous, even bewildered at the Jung’s reaction. Surely a wife isn’t worth that much? They are all startled from their private musings by the bright tinkle of the tiny dinner bell.

“Now then,” Jaejoong beams down the table, his smile genuine as his husband once again smirks and winks at him from the other end of the table, “how about the next course? All that excitement has made me really hungry.”

His comment causes nervous tittering laughter to go up and down the table, but the tension has broken and the guests slowly but surely resume their friendly chatter. However just as the fourth course is served, Changmin stands up, excusing himself from the table and disappearing quickly.

Yunho shoots a look down the table to Jaejoong who shrugs at him and shakes his head, indicating he has no idea why Changmin left. A similar glance to his friend results in a similar response. Yunho moves to excuse himself, going off in search of his wife. He looks everywhere. Ok, everywhere that makes sense to him. The closest powder room, empty room, kitchen, the gardens, the guest bedrooms, library, even the master suite, but his wife is nowhere to be found. Perplexed, he walks down the curving staircase back to the foyer when a passing maid stops him.

“Y-y-your w-wife l-l-left, s-sir.” She stammers nervously, not looking up at the man as she wrings her hands in her uniform.

Yunho looks at her name tag and smiles at the girl even though she isn’t looking at him. “Tiffany-ssi, I didn’t quite get that. Can you repeat it please?”

The smile and friendliness in his voice helps with her nervousness but she still refuses to look up as she repeats. “Your wife left, sir. I saw the valet get his car for him and he left.”

Yunho utters a quick thank you to the housemaid and quickly runs down the rest of the steps. Changmin’s cars were both still parked in the underground garage back at the apartment so how on earth did he leave? It stands to reason that Jaejoong has lent one of Micky’s collection of cars but his wife doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift, or at least, he doesn’t think he knows how since both his cars are automatic and Yunho is panicking just a little. He races out of the main entrance, snagging a surprised valet.

“Have you seen my wife?”

“Your wife, sir? He left about 15 minutes ago.”

“What car was he driving?”

The valet stares at the tall man, slightly perplexed. “Yours, sir. He left in your Audi.”

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter, startling the poor valet whom he thanks before heading back to the dining room, still chuckling to himself at the audacity of his wife. He calls for a town car after making his apologies to everyone, and heads home to look for his young wife. He really hopes the man has gone home because he’s not sure where Changmin may go at 9pm on a Saturday night without him.

He lets himself into the apartment, down the hallway and is pleasantly surprised to see Changmin sitting at the wet bar, nursing a drink. He bites back the urge to ask exactly what it is he is drinking, assuming the glass holds soda water and nothing else. Yunho is not a fool. Changmin doesn’t look up, still staring at the clear liquid in his glass, swirling it.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m drinking?”

“No. I trust you.”

Changmin’s smile is tinged with bitterness. “You should have trusted me last month.”

Yunho drapes his jacket over the back of the couch, glad he tidied the house up earlier that day, before leaning against the wall and answering his wife. “I know, and you have no idea how much I regret saying what I did.” He pauses as his wife turns towards him, eyebrow cocked and his expression faintly contemptuous. Yunho can’t blame him for being incredulous though since he hasn’t apologised since their flight. “Changmin-ah…I’m truly sorry for hurting you.”

The teenager scoffs, just as he did when Yunho apologised on the plane and takes a sip of his drink. His mind is whirling and his chest is feeling constricted. He wants nothing more than to ask his husband what the fuck happened at dinner but he’s almost afraid of the answer. Afraid to hope. It’s like his rational mind is at war with his irrational heart. His mind is telling him, logically, there is only one conclusion as to the reason behind what happened at dinner. His heart on the other hand, is still in pieces and refusing to see reason. What now? Does he ask? Changmin is no coward.

“Why did you do that?” Changmin knows his question is ambiguous, he will leave it up to Yunho to interpret it how he will.

Yunho has a feeling they’re no longer speaking of the apology. He watches his wife take a deep breath after asking his question, body tensing, as if waiting for the worst. What is so bad about what he did? Unless he still doesn’t believe or understand fully what happened. Well, Yunho cannot have that. He’s done with being at cross purposes with his wife and he wants to fix this. To fix them. As Micky would say, he wants his wife back.

“I will never ever do business with someone who has hurt you.”

“But he didn’t hurt me.”

“His daughter did.” Yunho watches as Changmin’s hand tightens around his glass and his shoulders stiffen at the mention of Ara, even if it isn’t by name. “I know you saw those photos and I know you noticed what happened at the dinner table.”

“But I remember this venture, it’s a sound one. You’ve been discussing and working on it for the last six months. You cannot throw it away. It doesn’t make any sense.” Changmin tries to argue, trying to make sense of this because really, it makes no sense and there is only one conclusion but he flatly refuses to look into it. He’s not about to assume anything when it comes to Yunho. The man literally shocked him speechless at the dinner table today. Speechless even in his mind because he could barely hold onto a single thought, hence why he left. And he is even more shocked that Yunho followed him home.

“Love never makes sense, Changmin-ah.” Yunho’s voice is soft, gentle even as he watches his wife struggling.

Changmin closes his eyes at the word. That bad, evil word. He drops his glass on the table with a loud thunk as he hunches over, trying to disappear into himself. He cannot deal with this. He doesn’t want to ask but he wants to know. What is Yunho saying? What is his useless, business-driven husband saying? His mind is screaming at him that it makes sense but Yunho just said it never makes sense. So what is right? He has no idea how much time passes and doesn’t realise he’s crying till he feels the bar stool being rotated and Yunho’s familiar presence is in front of him, and a long-fingered hand brushes away at the wetness on his cheeks as he is gathered up into his husband’s strong chest, Yunho holding him as if he cherishes him completely. The instinct to fight back as always rears its head. Changmin is not a submissive wife, never has been. He is strong, and equal, but in this instance, he takes what comfort he can because he just needs his heart to mend and Yunho is the only one who can fix him. He can fight later. The thought brings a teary smile to his lips as he buries his face into the side of the older man’s neck, seeking solace in the only man truly capable of hurting him.

Yunho holds his wife, his heart is clenching painfully in his chest. He has never seen Changmin cry, not like this and he doesn’t care for it. He doesn’t care that he is the cause of it. He has to make sure his wife knows in no uncertain terms how he feels. He knows Changmin must love him, there is no other reason why he’d be so upset otherwise. His proud and young pregnant wife, having to deal with all the crazy hormones and now this. He holds the quietly sniffling teenager close, rubbing a soothing hand up and down his back.

“Min-ah, listen closely alright, love?” He pauses waiting for a reaction and Changmin nods slightly, face still against his neck, but it’s enough for Yunho to continue. “You are worth more to me than that joint venture or the millions it will bring. I don’t have a board to answer to as you know, and can decide on whatever that suits me. It will never suit me to do business with anyone who disrespects you. Whoever disrespects you, disrespects me and I will not tolerate that.” He tightens his hold around the slimmer man who has started to struggle from his grasp.

Changmin doesn’t really hear anything except the last line. So it’s his damnable pride again huh? He is angry at himself, at his heart for letting in that false hope. Yunho can go shove his respect up his ass. He tries to pull away from his husband whose arms only tighten but Changmin still has strength left, and strength borne from hurt is what propels him to manage to push Yunho away.

“You are an asshole. I don’t even know why I thought it would be different but no, it’s still about you, about your business. It’s never me.”

Yunho shakes his head at his angry wife, knowing exactly what Changmin chooses to hear. The younger man is ridiculous but it’s Yunho’s fault for causing him to believe what he believes. He steps close, pinning his wife who has hopped off the bar stool against the counter, grabbing his wrists and tugging so their arms are outstretched and he leans into Changmin, forcing the younger man to curl back slightly over the counter. He holds his wrists down against the smooth surface, leaning close enough to stare into his wife’s beautiful deep brown eyes, so full of hurt that Yunho almost chokes but he doesn’t. His wife needs to get this thing clear in his head.

“You are not listening to me. Look into my eyes and know that I have never lied to you. If I am ever given a choice between millions in profit and you, I will always choose you. That choice was made very clear tonight at dinner and I know everyone else understood the implication of that, except for you.”

Changmin hears and he sees but clearly he has this stubborn streak within him that is simply refusing to let up. Maybe it’s conditioning, to shy away from anything that might hurt him since he doesn’t care for the feeling. But it’s too late isn’t it? The reason it hurts is because he cares.

“I love you, Changmin-ah.”

There is a lengthy pause, as the words sink in. Husband and wife stare into each other’s eyes, both searching for something only they know they’re looking for. Then a strangled moan as Changmin frees his wrists, flinging his arms around Yunho’s neck and crashing their mouths together.

When they pause for breath, Changmin pulls back and sends a coy smirk at his husband, the effect slightly diluted by his wet eyes but it is still enough to tighten Yunho’s pants.

“So I hear I ALWAYS come first? Is that a promise, old man?”

Yunho lets out a hoot of laughter as he presses the willful teenager back against the counter top to kiss him senseless. His wife is back.

Part 2 [NC17]

This was one excruciating piece to read! not from the content..faaar from it! I had to physically restrain myself from reading ahead! I had to literally hold my hand against each paragraph so my traitorous eyes won't go down and skim ahead!!!!!

Yunho is so freakin' hot here I had to lower the temperature of the AC so I wouldn't break into a sweat! how he kept calmly talking and eating..my freakin' uterus was doing somersaults!

He just stands there, staring at the head of Jung Corp who actually takes a look at his wristwatch before quirking an eyebrow at him.

“So be it, Go-ssi. My lawyers will be in touch tomorrow.”

oooo don't mess with the Jung!!

“Oh I am very serious. My wife, if you will excuse the innuendo, ALWAYS comes first.”

that literally floored me!..reading this at work..(I couldn't wait..so sue me)..and I literally snorted out loud, my office mate choked on her tea! XD

Yunho stands up slowly, his lips quirk into a smirk. “I’d be more than happy to take out the trash for you. It will give me a great deal of satisfaction.” His eyes gleam as he casually shrugs off his jacket, unhooking his cufflinks to roll his sleeve up. By the time he moves to undo the second set of cufflinks, it is Ara who has left her seat and moved to urgently tug her father away. They are gone, stumbling hurriedly from the dining room by the time both sleeves are rolled up and so Yunho finds his seat once again, taking a sip of his wine.

You hear that? that's the sound of my ovaries exploding...

Min taking his car was ♥ I swear I think the only person I'd ever tolerate such behavior from is Changmin..he wears it so well!! and Yunho is the only person who can deal with it in all his calm and sexy glory! those 2 could not be more perfect for each other *sigh*

“I love you, Changmin-ah.”

There is a lengthy pause, as the words sink in. Husband and wife stare into each other’s eyes, both searching for something only they know they’re looking for. Then a strangled moan as Changmin frees his wrists, flinging his arms around Yunho’s neck and crashing their mouths together.

When they pause for breath, Changmin pulls back and sends a coy smirk at his husband, the effect slightly diluted by his wet eyes but it is still enough to tighten Yunho’s pants.

“So I hear I ALWAYS come first? Is that a promise, old man?”

Yunho lets out a hoot of laughter as he presses the willful teenager back against the counter top to kiss him senseless. His wife is back.

*dies and goes to HoMin heaven*

oh Changminnie (⌒▽⌒) ..so happy for him..the poor thing suffering all this times..glad the Jung finally came to his senses and realized what he needed to do!

I REAAAALLY hope this is not the end of this series...I wish you all the best in your studies and at work...will miss your writing a lot...hoping for more HoMin from you! will wait patiently..like a good girl..(I will not cry..I will not cry.. I WILL NOT CRY!!) hehehe JK good luck babe!

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LOL... There's a part two and you definitely don't have to imagine the smut :P

Yes! So glad you updated! I'm glad Yunho got Changmin back! I hope he can keep him through out the rest of his pregnancy!

God I still have no clue how to write a pregnant Changmin OTL... Looks like this will be a journey into the unknown for me and them hahahaha! ;-)

My favorite installment of the series! So much fluff and i love it <3 gonna reread this thousands of times until youre back from your hiatus. Thanks for writing :))

I laughed when I saw your review because when I put this fic up in the comms I labelled it as angst. And then you say there's so much fluff and I got confused lol! But you're right, it is kinda slightly fluffy and not really angsty. Second part is up and I vomited fluff in it omg... RAINBOWS! I PUKED RAINBOWS! OTL

omg thank you!!!!!
love this a thousand times!!!
and i cried huhu...
their semi happy ending then??

Awwww don't cry //hugs

Hehehe why semi-happy? It's not the end yet... I can't actually see the end of this series yet OTL

I was about to go to bed when I decided to see what was new... I am so glad I looked in.. it is how it should always be.. Changmin will always come first... Love HoMin.. thanks.. but I wanted another chapter... now I will have to keep waiting until you update again.. sad face!

Lol! Second half of this is up ;-) And yes, Changmin always comes first *cough*

I love you too yunho-ah, please be my husband :,)

Changmin is so lucky!!! I'm happy that their misunderstandings were fix.

I have my own Yunho clone but yeah, a little jealous of Changmin lmao! He is lucky indeed... Let's hope he realizes it ;-)

haha! the dinner is all sorts of epic!! when the men decide to do something, they don't do half measures. will there be a jaechun version as well.. all this time i thought of chun as the forgettable busy husband; never thought he was an incurable flirt as well// lol. this makes yunho about a 100 times better..

Micky is a silly billy but he'll sort it out ;-) Second half of this is up and you do get to see JaeChun in it ;-) I hope you like it!

<3 <3 <3 <3 I wish I could send you a million hearts for updating this. <3
/cries/ Jung Yunho, why you so perfect? His grand gesture totally won me over as well, but I think Yunho would care what I think because I'm definitely no Changmin. :p

This line totally got to me: "...his wife’s heart is more precious to him than anyone in that room." /sobs/ Yunhoooooooo, why is there only one of you in this universe?

And then while I'm already spazzing at his love for Changmin, he goes and says something like this: "My wife, if you will excuse the innuendo, ALWAYS comes first.” What. the. hell. Yunho. What are you? Why do you have to say such ovary-busting things. I will never have children because of you.

And when he was unbuttoning his cufflinks. So hot. I don't get why Changmin (or everyone else for that matter) didn't want to jump him at that table. Angry Yunho is my favvvvvvv. :3

I also spot some JaeChun making up...albeit it was pretty subtle. I don't think Jaejoong would be able to ignore that table smack. Looks like Micky is gettin' some soon! ;D

Just overall....asgklsljgohaoiholfdsoirheorihgohryaklaldkjhljh. I hope you can discern my spazzyness and love for you from the keysmash. I am so excited right now. Hopefully this will tide me over until you find time to update next. ^w^ THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. <3

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Awwww it's the thought that counts and my heart is filled your million hearts ;-) Yunho doesn't do anything by halves lmao... And he needed to make a statement and that was a helluva statement XD! Glad he won you over too hehehe.

Hahaahah it's true though. Changmin always comes first *cough* And believe you me...Changmin was definitely thinking of jumping Yunho at the table. Hell, i'm just picturing it in my head and I want to jump him. Imagine seeing it... I'd melt into a puddle of need.

Awww yes JaeChun... Micky finally steps up ;-) And you'll be pleased to know there is a second part to this one shot. Officially my longest one shot ever OTL I hope you like it! :3 Thank you so much for your brilliant and lovely comment. It warms my heart to know you like this 'verse cos I know a lot of HoMin fans don't actually care for the way i've written this... especially Changmin stans.

Finally! A love declaration! A scary love declaration if you really think about it. LOL.

Ah shucks, you'll be going on a hiatus? *pouts*

It is scary... I wouldn't want to cross either Jung or Park lol!

Semi-hiatus ;-) With emphasis on the word semi. Also, I wrote a second part to this one shot :P Maybe that'll cheer you up ;-)

I really enjoyed this! Tbh, the whole changmin as a wife thingy wasnt my thing at first, but this fic turned out to have a really beautiful emotional focus as well, and now I'm going back to re-read it :)
Thank you!! <3

I know Changmin stans don't really like the way i've written this but i'm really really really glad you gave it a chance. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate the positive feedback on my take of this pairing.

Oh such a grand gesture! Breaking up with his business partner to prove love to Changmin was really admirable! But even in these circumstances stubborn Changmin was able to misunderstand his intentions! At least this time Yunho didn't let things go too far!
I'm glad they sorted it out finally!

Hopefully JaeChun also made peace after the party... I want to see Yoochun to confess so badly - even if it's actually a HoMin fic -, or at least hearing it from Jae as he proudly tells the whole story Changmin the next day...

Thank you for the lovely chapter! [heart]

Changmin's had months upon months upon months of insecurity laid on him. Poor kid. He's also a little blind but yes, Yunho finally wises up :P

Hehehe I wrote a second part to this and you get your JaeChun ;-)

Seriously Changmin always thinks that everything Yunho does is about his pride.
Doesn't he realize that all of his own actions are because of his own pride too?

Anyone and everyone can recognize what Yunho did and what he has explicitly said. All save Changmin because of his own pride.

In the end, the brat still must have the last word. ^^

Yunho is really such a sweetie. When he makes mistakes and realizes them, he really goes all the way out to correct it.

Changmin is young and pregnant and heartbroken. I'd probably be like him if I was 19 and pregnant with a businessman for a husband who seems to be also married to his work! It's like you want to believe, but then it seems too good to be true. He's just protecting himself. But yes, he's a brat too XD!

yunho is so cool and deserve to get his wifey back

I think so too! Thanks for reading and commenting ;-)

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They're both bliiiiiiiiiind XD! LOL i'm glad your poor heart survived this long to see them make up :P Next part is up ;-) I think your heart will still be intact after it hehe. Thank you, Nana :D