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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[5b] Grand Gestures
Title: Grand Gestures
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin (side!JaeChun)
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.
Summary: How will Yunho and Micky appease their angry wives? Maybe going ahead with this dinner party isn't such a good idea after all because sparks are sure to fly.

AN1: Un-betaed... I also haven't re-read it...I have this problem with re-reading my stuff lol! All mistakes are mine.
AN2: I literally puked rainbows here… Baby rainbows… PUKED. I have this odd tendency to write the opposite of what I’m feeling so right now, work is completely angsty and so as a result, you get an installment of RAINBOWS. Oh my god who am I? IDEK anymore… I’ll get bricked and kicked out of fandom for these rainbows. RAINBOWS. I’m not even kidding.
AN3: Also, I actually did a word count and calculated and this is over 60% HoMin despite the beginning ;-) And uh, this is the most ridiculously long “chapter” ever and it’s not even an installment by itself! This fifth oneshot is officially the longest damn shot I’ve ever written OTL I want to shoot myself…

Grand GesturesCollapse )

so this is where the curtain falls? i'm glad everything ends well. too bad ChunJae didn't ended up with hawt smexxxxx~ LOLS.
HoMin is so kinky tho - but i bet if they are happy like that, then i dun mind at all filming their next sex scene (if ever).

Nuuuuuuuuuuuu the story will go on and on and on as long as I can write it OTL I love this 'verse too much to stop.

Hahahaha HoMin... The fuck like angry rabbits ;-) I wouldn't mind filming ANY sex scene with DBSK tbh... OTL

(Deleted comment)
Well, it's a oneshot verse so I think it can be anything hehe. The fourth shot was mainly JaeMin ;-) And yes I love JaeChun here. Chun is a little boy at heart tbh. Jae needs to look after him.

I think i've had people mention to me before that their own moods are affected by the characters in this fic when they read it so I think i'm doing something right, there! I love them fucking like bunnies hahahaha ANGRY BUNNIES... :P This 'verse started as a porny escape for me hahahaha so you know there'll be smut here there and everywhere if I can help it :P

I'm so sorry for the late comment! Work this week has been so stressful :3 I hope work is going better for you.

Jaejoong reckons he’d probably just laugh in his poor husband’s face if he tried.
lmao, I love all of it. And Jaejoong would do that haha. Really enjoyed how you juxtaposed Jaejoong and Yoochun's relationship/love next to Yunho and Changmin's to show their differences because of the differences in their personalities.

I would quote Jaejoong and Yoochun's talk, but I would probably end up quoting the majority of it, so I'm going to have to refrain lol. That was probably my favorite scene in this part of the chapter though...Jaejoong's calmness and maturity despite everything, the revelation that Yoochun knew Jaejoong played the piano all along but just didn't say anything, Yoochun noticing all these small details that shows how much he actually loves Jaejoong (haha, grumpy songs when the cooking isn't turning out well! :D)...anyways, it was so much fun to read.

Thanks so much for writing this and sharing. I loled when you said this was supposed to be your "porny escape" XD but all in all, it turned out with a good plot and I enjoyed all of it, smexing or no smexing haha. ♥ I enjoy reading what you write and I hope you keep on writing~!

Better late than never! And I totally feel you about work OTL

Yes, Jae would totally do that lol! I can even imagine it. I really never meant for this to turn out the way it did lol. I was puking rainbows during the ChunJae part hahaha cos it's really not me. If I could pick a chapter to describe my husband and me, it would be this one. He'd be the ChunJae and i'd be the HoMin. I did use my own husband for the ChunJae part cos the man notices the most ridiculous things with me. Things even i'm not aware of OTL And although Yunho does the same, it's somehow sweeter with Chunneh :P

I found my porny escape OTL... So I dunno how much porn is gonna be left for this series hahaha. Thank you so much for enjoying my stuff and taking the time to leave a long comment! I really appreciate it ;-)

I liked every bit of this chap, from part 1 on which I haven't commented but I don't think any less of it, to nasty bitch Heechul and caring Yunho and...

Well, I'll never like mpreg. But their scene in the jacuzzi was really sweet~ (it weirded the shit out of me at certain point, you'll have to excuse me)

sorry that my comment lacks of consistancy compared to the previous ones I left you but fic is being difficult and tiring and suicide-inducing :/

Lol you crack me up, Leia. But I really am grateful that you're reading this despite the mpreg! And I totally understand re fic. I've got so many things pulling me in all different directions right now I really just want to scream in frustration. I hope things are looking up for you. Miss our random chats on Twitter.

*nods nods* you should be grateful \o/

ahah, I miss them too~ I need to erase all the drama from my life and... work less? hm, not going to happen, nyuuh >.

Wow. First off, that was an amazingly long read. Second of all that was a fucking amazingly long read!

I just can't get over how perfectly you characterize Changmin, Yunho, Yoochun and Jae. Every bit of their characters have something that make me fall for each of them. I really think you nail Changmin the closest to irl Changmin. It's absolutely amazing to read.

I am absolutely in love with this series! I really hope we get to see an update with the baby bump/baby soon! Amazing job! =D

Thank you sooooo much omg. My fics (even the random smutty one shots) focus a lot on the characters even though sometimes it might be real subtle. For me a story is all about the characters tbh and everything else is secondary. I love that you think Changmin is like irl Min. A friend of mine who is a Min stan also says this and i'm feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy over it.

I'm in love with this series too lmao. IDEK why or how it happened but I truly enjoy writing this 'verse. I'm so happy to hear you love it too. Thank you for your lovely comment!

aaaaaaand that was amazing.

Can I just have this series wrapped up to keep forever? I kind of really adore this. And the JaeChun!! Never really a pairing I've given much attention/thought to but your JaeChun is ALL I WANT. Well, not all 'cause I want your HoMin and your YunJae too. Oh and YooSu because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I LOVE THAT PAIRING AT ALL TIMES.

I just adored all the tender moments in this fic, the way they're always touching and wrapped up in each others arms (both HoMin and JaeChun) was magical. I'm forever a fan of the sweet moments :))))) Can you please just get published now? Seriously, your writing is phenomenal (lol almost couldn't spell that...)

I'm all ♥___♥ rn.

LOVE YOU (and I'm really sorry I'm being such a shitty friend atm - I have problems :()

Hahahahaha omg you love everything don't you? And I love you for it. And I seriously freaking love this series so much I think it's almost unhealthy how much I love it. It's colouring my view of Changmin tbh. Everytime I see him now I think of this fic. Poor boy lol. He's pregnant OTL

I really don't think anyone would publish what I wrote hahaha.

ILU too baby and you're not shitty. I'm here to listen if you need someone. Email me.