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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Shade of YunJae
Title: One Shade of YunJae
Series: 50 Shades of DBSK
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Smut
Warning: Mild blood/knife play and mild sadism/masochism.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Who is really in control? That’s the question, isn’t it?

AN1: Un-betaed... I also haven't re-read it...I have this problem with re-reading my stuff lol! All mistakes are mine.

AN2: So I was hanging out at the police station at 1am early Saturday morning on work-related business and this kinda occurred to me. Why not make my own 50 Shades of DBSK? Though please note, I’ve never read the published novel but I did read the Twilight version all those years ago (2008?) when she was still writing and updating it. I don’t even know how the story concludes because I gave up on it before the end. This will be a one-shot series, each shot probably totally unrelated to the others (except maybe YunJae) but basically it’ll be PWP with whatever pairing inspires me at the time.

Yunho has a blade between the ribs of his lover currently driving the Lamborghini. He is angry and Jaejoong is going to pay for it.

The pale man has a death grip on the steering wheel of his car, his eyes never wavering off the road as they speed out of Seoul. The speedometer steadily climbs as he feels Yunho’s hot breath against his ear.

“Keep going, love. Faster.”

Jaejoong grits his teeth as he presses down on the pedal. His eyes dart down briefly and he has to stifle his shock. They are already at 200kph, the red needle taunting him as it keeps moving steadily to the right. He hears Yunho unbuckle his seat belt next to him and he cannot help the despairing moan that escapes.

“What’s that love?”

Jaejoong knows better than to answer, his eyes pricking with tears, stiffening when Yunho takes a casual lick of his ear, before whispering that dreaded word once again.


He bites his lip hard, wishing the action could draw blood because he needs that familiar coppery taste in his mouth again. His foot is heavy on the pedal as the scenery flies past, the demonic needle moving inexorably to the right. He’s past 210kph now and steadily approaching 240kph. He feels Yunho shift next to him but doesn’t dare take his eyes off the road. Not when his lover is sans seat belt. Jaejoong knows Yunho knows this. He’d die first before causing harm to the younger man. Tonight though, he may get to prove this. His grip on the steering wheel is so hard his knuckles are white and he finds a second to note how the moonlight makes his skin look like it’s glowing. He feels a hand slip into his lap, rubbing leisurely up and down one thigh as Yunho leans in once again.

“Faster, love. Don’t make me angrier than I already am.”

Jaejoong feels a scalding tear slip out as the speedometer moves past 240kph. If he makes a single error in judgment, this will be the end for them both. He feels the blade in his side and struggles not to flinch. The tip of the metal cool against his skin. He feels the rip as Yunho drags the blade down, hearing the material give way as the side of his half a million won shirt is destroyed. The tip though, the tip is still against his skin and Jaejoong can feel the pain as it breaks through. There will be blood on his seats before this night is over.

“Keep going. Don’t you want to drive with me out of this hellhole? Faster, love.”

Yunho’s voice is soft, but they have the effect of causing Jaejoong to break out in goosebumps as he bites down harder on his lip, shredding it, willing his body to suppress the shivers that are threatening to break through. The speedometer keeps climbing. He is at 270kph now and holding steady.


“No!” He manages to choke out before moaning when Yunho trails the blade up his side. The pain, he welcomes it.

“Are you going to defy me now? Of all places? Jaejoongie, you should know better than this.” Yunho’s tone is mocking.

Jaejoong works desperately to collect himself. His face is now wet with tears and he blinks hard to get rid of the liquid because it’s making his vision blurry. He steps down hard and the glowing needle finally moves past 270kph. Too soon he is on 300kph and he is fighting to keep the car under control. To keep himself in control. To keep his lover in control.

“Ah, that’s a good Jaejoongie. Should I reward your obedience?”

Before Jaejoong can even think to formulate a response, he feels the blade move away from his side to slash across the top of one thigh. A quick, practiced stroke, and his black pants are ripped. He feels the pain, knowing Yunho has marked him once again. He has to bite back his moan at the thought, eyes glazed and fixed on the road. It is that part of the night where no one sane is awake, and the black asphalt is laid out for miles and miles, mocking him. Taunting him. He knows where to head. Where they always head when Yunho gets like this. It is their safe place. He takes the next exit, relieved when Yunho doesn’t comment.

Yunho doesn’t pay attention to the road anymore. He is far more interested in exposing that milky white flesh to his eyes as he hooks the blade in the jagged rip he has made, slicing, humming to himself as the material gives way with no protest, and soon, he has a black flap he can fold down. He does so and the exposed skin with the beautiful red line marring its perfection almost causes him to falter. Almost. The anger is back again as he recalls their night. The night they are running from. All those fellow idols pawing at his Jaejoongie at the after party. They may be his friends but this man is his. Only his.

The car rolls to a stop on the edge of a wooded area. The silence in the car almost oppressive, till Yunho breaks it by opening his door and stalking out. He moves quickly around to the driver’s side, yanking the door open and glaring down at his lover who stares up at him, all liquid brown eyes and swollen lips.

Jaejoong’s eyes dart down, away from those hot eyes searing his soul and gasps in surprise when he sees Yunho already unbuttoned, cock hard, the head poking over the waistband of his boxers. He doesn’t take his eyes off the swollen tip as he unbuckles his seat belt. He watches as Yunho moves his hand down, dipping that beautiful hand into his boxers to pull his heavy cock out. Jaejoong unconsciously parts his lips, wetting them in anticipation, rewarded almost immediately by the turgid flesh pushing its way into his willing mouth.

Yunho sneers down at the older man as he uses his free hand to grip the back of his head. “You like this don’t you, Jaejoongie? You like wrapping those sinful lips around cock. Do you know how hard it gets for me on stage when I see your mouth pressed against your microphone? Do you?”

Jaejoong can only moan in response as he struggles to take all of Yunho in, relaxing his throat, the grip in his hair painfully tight but he enjoys the pain, welcomes it, as Yunho starts to fuck his mouth, hips snapping cruelly in his face, cock filling his mouth and throat.

“Do you know how I feel when all those men stare after you, lust clear in their eyes? Wanting your perfect little mouth wrapped around their cocks? Do you?” His grip tightens viciously as he tilts the beautiful man’s head up to face him, still fucking his mouth, glowering down at the wet doe eyes staring up at him with nothing but love in them. Always love, and deep-seated lust. Does he even deserve that love? The thought makes him angrier and he brings his other hand up, still holding the blade as he places it flat against the older man’s cheek.

Jaejoong hollows his cheeks out as he sucks down Yunho’s cock eagerly, licking and lapping as best he can although at the moment, his mouth and throat are really but a vessel as his angry lover thrusts into it, not really allowing Jaejoong any sort of control, his mouth merely another orifice to fill. His eyes never waver from Yunho’s flashing ones when he feels the blade against his cheek. The younger man would never ever mar his face, he trusts him enough for that, and so he stares up, allowing Yunho to brutally fuck his mouth, his throat aching and eyes tearing, but he takes it all, because he loves the proud man standing over him.

Yunho is his heaven and his hell.

He stares down at those beautiful eyes, feeling himself getting sucked in deeper and deeper, as if Jaejoong can see into his very soul. He is drowning in those brown pools, and he slows down the furious pace he’s set, fucking his lover’s mouth so painfully. He slows down as he drags the flat of the blade along a cheekbone. He slows down as he wonders, will people still love his Jaejoongie if his face is scarred. Is that what it will take for the man to be his and his alone? He slows down as he takes the blade away, placing it on the roof of the car, before moving his hand back down to caress the cheek that had felt that cold cold blade, staring down into Jaejoong’s eyes as he wrenches his head back, his cock leaving that delightful mouth with a pop.

Jaejoong’s neck is tilted at a painful angle, Yunho holding him tight as he is slapped with his cock. Once. Twice. But he doesn’t wince. He wants that thick flesh back in his mouth and he knows once Yunho is done whipping him with it, he will be able to do as he will with it.

Yunho doesn’t want to but he can’t help it. He can’t permanently hurt that beautiful face that millions love but he can taint it temporarily. Paint it in red with each slap of his heavy cock on that porcelain skin. Jaejoong’s eyes are so dark with lust that he always caves right there. He slaps him hard with his swollen erection, a streak of red appearing almost immediately. He does it several times, abusing that face he loves so dearly. Each slap hurts him just as much as it hurts his lover but this is where they are at peace. The pain of love.

He knows when Yunho is done when the man cups his chin harshly, grip so tight he can practically imagine the indents of his fingers in his cheeks. His mouth forms a forced pout and this is what his lover stares at. He stares for a long time, before leaning down to press a hard kiss to his mouth, biting roughly at his lips, never allowing Jaejoong to reciprocate before he shoves him away, growling in anger. The force throws Jaejoong against the steering wheel and he bounces off it. He whips out his hand to grip the hard bobbing cock in front of him, fisting it hard, tight, as regains his balance. He pulls that cock towards him and Yunho’s body follows obediently as he leans forward and Jaejoong envelopes that leaking head with his abused lips, wrapping that perfect cock-sucking moue around the swollen glands as he looks up at Yunho through his eyelashes.

He stares down at the glorious beauty with hair as black as midnight, and eyes almost as dark, staring up at him through long eyelashes, tear drops still clinging desperately to them. He watches that beautiful mouth stretch around his painfully hard cock, wrapped teasingly around the head. His body jerks as Jaejoong suddenly sucks hard. So hard, the sensation around his sensitive glands causing him to drop his head back as his eyes roll up into his head. He grits his teeth, not wanting to make a sound. He will not give him that satisfaction. Not yet. His legs wobble slightly as his lover drags his teeth over him, scraping hard as he pulls off. The cool air hit his cock, but it’s only for a few seconds as Jaejoong returns, pink tongue darting out between those red lips to lick languidly at his length, his hand holding his cock as he takes a very heavy lick from his balls, right up to the tip, dipping the tip of his tongue teasingly into the slit. In and out. In and out. In a mimicry of what’s to come.

Jaejoong loves everything about Yunho. Everything. His cock is a thing of beauty. He drags his mouth down his substantial length once again, placing sucking kisses down the shaft, nipping at the velvet hardness. He wants his lover to lose control again. His leadershii with his filthy words is what Jaejoong loves best about Yunho because it is only him who gets to see this side of the man. Yunho is his. Only his.

He pumps the younger man’s cock hard as he moves lower, licking and sucking, taking a sac into his mouth and playing with it, rolling his tongue around the delicate flesh, wondering what will happen if he bites down hard. Will Yunho scream? Instead of biting, he sucks hard and smiles to himself as Yunho’s hand moves to grip the back of his head, fisting his hair once again, the tightness against his scalp a welcome pain, a warning if you must. His lover knows him well indeed.

Yunho stares down at Jaejoong as he emerges from under his cock, licking up the long length, eyes hooded and as black as night now. His grip tightens as the man swirls his tongue around the tip, eyes on him as he wraps those plump lips once again around the head, the perfect pout. The perfect pout around his cock. The only pout around his mouth. Yunho gives in, groaning as his hips once again snap forward, shoving his cock all the way down his lover’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat harshly. He is done with the teasing. He’s been teased for hours already, from the performance at the Gayo Daejun to the after party and now finally, he takes what he’s wanted all night.

Pain explodes in Jaejoong’s head as Yunho rams his cock into the back of his throat, his head snapping back despite Yunho’s hold on his hair. But he smirks even through his inadvertent tears as the man once again starts to fuck his mouth hard. He will get to taste Yunho for sure. He knows his lover very well. The pace is painfully brutal, and anyone watching would never ever imagine that these two men love each other more than life itself. This is a manifestation of that love.

“I want to paint your face. Paint your fucking face with my cum. Will all those men love you then? With my cum dripping down your face. Will they, Jaejoongie?”

Tears are running down his cheeks, as he hums a response, the sound reverberating in his chest and vibrating his throat, wrapping Yunho’s cock in it as the man continues to abuse him.

“Your perfect fucking mouth will only know my cock. You are my whore aren’t you, Jaejoongie? Aren’t you?”

He is close, he can feel it in Yunho’s balls as he cups and massages them, as they grow tighter and the flesh between his lips grows harder if that’s even possible. He is almost blinded by his tears and his throat hurts so good.

“How hard do you want me to fuck you, Joongie? You are such a cock slut. You like me fucking your mouth don’t you? Don’t you?”

Jaejoong bares his teeth, scraping the length as it moves in and out of his mouth.

“You fucking bastard. I hate you.”

Yunho pulls out with an animalistic shout, fisting his cock quickly, pumping it, emptying all over Jaejoong’s waiting mouth and face. The streams of cum spurting long and hard over that perfection. He can barely see straight as he hunches over, a hand on the roof of the car, supporting and keeping him upright as he paints Jaejoong with himself, blinking hard to regain his vision because he knows what a vision it will be. Jaejoong’s perfect pink tongue, hanging out of his mouth, lapping eagerly at whatever lands in or near his mouth. There is cum in his hair, the white stark against the black. There is even cum across one eye, mixed in with tears, but his Joongie pays no mind.

Jaejoong moans fervently as the first drops of hot cum splash across his face. With each drop he groans, almost panting in anticipation, wanting to taste his lover. He basks in being painted so thoroughly, tongue searching for any drop he can find, moaning in happiness when a large spurt lands directly on his waiting tongue. He smears and spreads it around his lips as he licks and swallows, the taste of his leadershii hot and heavy on his tongue. He revels in the taste, wanting to make it last for as long as possible as he stares up at Yunho who is now spent, and looking down silently at him.

“Clean yourself.”

Jaejoong cocks an amused eyebrow up, the eyebrow that is currently stiffening in the cool breeze with cum.

“Why don’t you help me?”

“You won’t like it if I help you.”

“Oh, I know…”

Yunho growls at that response, fisting the front of Jaejoong’s shirt and yanking him out of the car, and slamming his mouth down hard over his. He can taste himself in the older man’s mouth and it drives him insane.

Tasting himself on his lover is the easiest way to get him to lose control and Jaejoong knows it. Encourages it, as they kiss long and deep. When he nips at that full bottom lip is when Yunho pulls away, but only to move to his cheek, licking heavily up over the eye and brow covered in cum. Yunho bathes his face with his tongue as he cleans up his own cum, even in his hair, sucking on each tainted strand. When he finally moves back into his line of sight, Jaejoong moans long and low at the look in his eyes. He is in so much trouble.

Yunho is almost blind with lust and rage. Jaejoong is pushing him and he knows it and he is raging because he cannot help his response to it. He hates the older man for it. He pulls Jaejoong towards him before grabbing him by the hair and bending him over, tossing him back into the car. He hears a pained yelp but he pays it no heed as he grabs the knife still sitting pretty on the roof of the Lamborghini and grabs the older man by the back of his pants. Jaejoong has one knee on the seat, the other still stretched out behind it, foot on the ground. He stabs him in the back of his thigh, just under an ass cheek and Jaejoong howls at the sudden pain. Again, Yunho pays him no heed, as he rips down viciously, tearing the material like a hot knife cutting through butter. He pulls the material apart, staring at the red line he’s caused. It is a mere scratch and nothing to worry about but the initial wound at the top is relatively deep, crimson drops already spilling through and flowing down the back of Jaejoong’s thigh. He stares dispassionately as more drops seep out slowly, thick, almost heavy as they paint that porcelain skin to thoroughly, tainting it like nothing else has done before. Yunho reaches out to stroke a finger up that leg, scooping up the basic essence of his lover, bringing his finger to his lips and sucking it clean. He repeats the process a couple of times, his head swimming from the remnants of his own fluids in his mouth, mixed with Jaejoong’s blood and he is hard once again.

The pain comes as a shock to Jaejoong and even though he is expecting it, It is never the same. Each time, there is something different about it, and every single time he welcomes it. It makes him feel alive, the pain white hot, makes him hyper-aware of his lover, of everything the man does. He whimpers quietly as he feels liquid run down the back of his thigh and he knows he is bleeding. Blood on his seats, didn’t he call it earlier?

He feels the almost gentle finger trailing up his leg and he has to fist his mouth to stop the sounds. He wants a taste. It is silent, the air now still, as if everything has stopped to watch his defiling. He can hear the blood pounding in his ears, roaring as he bites hard on his knuckles. He hears a loud groan and he knows he is lost.

Yunho takes the knife to Jaejoong’s pants once again, his movements almost frenzied to anyone watching but only one person matters and that is Jaejoong. Soon, his lover is exposed to him and his eyes glitter at the red butt plug the man is wearing.

“You really are a whore. Who were you planning on fucking huh?”

Jaejoong doesn’t answer, he simply looks over his shoulder, and stares.

Yunho holds his gaze for as long as he can but again, his lover gets the better of him. And again this pisses him off. He yanks the butt plug out unceremoniously, eliciting a groan from Jaejoong but nothing more as he shifts to bring his other leg onto the seat. Yunho wants him to scream. He lines up his cock quickly to the well-loosened and lubricated hole. There’s much to be said about silicon lube that’s for sure as he nudges the head of his cock into the opening. He stays there for a few long seconds, waiting.

Jaejoong brings his other leg into the car, both knees on the leather bucket seat now, he is on his elbows on the low console between the seats, head hanging limply down. The pain in his thigh is now a dull throb, a reminder that he still hasn’t tasted what he wants. He feels Yunho push in and he spreads his legs, as far as they will go without the outer knee falling off the seat. But Yunho doesn’t push in and he frowns, turning his head to try and see his lover’s face. Just as he does, Yunho grips his hips with both hands and hauls him out of the car, impaling him on his cock and the scream that leaves his throat is not one he was counting on happening.

Yunho smirks in satisfaction when he hears the stunned scream and he lets go of Jaejoong’s hips, causing him to almost buckle to the ground as his legs struggle to find purchase on the flat surface. He is fully enveloped in Jaejoong, the heat and tightness almost does his head in, but again he waits. He doesn’t have to wait long when the beautiful man shakily straightens his legs properly and sends a scorching look back at him over his shoulder as he clenches his ass.

“Are you waiting for permission, pet?”

And the rage is back, as Yunho grips his hips, pulling out before slamming forcefully back in. He watches as Jaejoong grips the steering wheel with one hand and the other on the seat to hold himself steady as Yunho pounds into him, fucking him hard, the growls and grunts an obscene counterpoint to the slapping of their bodies together. Yunho still has his pants on and he is getting blood on them but he doesn’t care. Not in the slightest.

Jaejoong is a moaning mess. The pain, the pleasure, that initial shock of entry. His scream is more of pleasure rather than pain. He enjoys being manhandled by Yunho and the younger man has done so in the most delicious way possible. He is so tight he can feel every single stroke that is made, his passage burning from the heat between them. His grip on the steering wheel tightens, a repeat of earlier, his knuckles white against the black and glowing in the moonlight as he is fucked with all the love, rage and jealousy his younger lover feels.

Yunho needs more. He wants more. He picks up his knife once again, trailing the blade down Jaejoong’s spine, scratching him, the momentum of his hips never losing their implacable pace, the blade stuttering as it moves over Jaejoong’s rocking body, leaving scratches in some places and shallow cuts in others.

“Should I carve my name on your back? On your ass? Like these pretty names pointing like an arrow straight to what belongs to me. Should I? You little fucker.”

Jaejoong groans in response, but says nothing. The pain down his back a beautiful explosion of his senses, his awareness is acute. He can feel everything and yet he wants more.

“What shall I write? Maybe I’ll just sign my name right in the middle of your fucking ass.”

Yunho drags the blade down to the base of his spine, and with a quick flick of his wrist, he opens up that glowing white skin, tainting it, painting it red. The cut is shallow, and he tosses the knife into the car, done with it as he watches the crimson spill over the sides of Jaejoong’s bouncing hips. This time with two fingers, he scoops up the angry trail of red, and sucking them clean once again. He steps back, dragging his lover further out of the car, leaning forward to pull the man upright, lining them up so they are back to chest, a hand around his throat, as he uses his thumb to push Jaejoong’s face towards him and their mouths meet.

Jaejoong lets out a keening wail as he tastes his blood in his lover’s mouth, the force of each thrust sending flicks of precum onto the seat in front of him, his needy cock almost full to bursting. They kiss hard, Jaejoong sweeping his tongue in and around, trying to taste himself on the younger man as much as possible. The pain in his back, his ass, his thighs, all of that is nothing compared to the pain in his heart when he’s not with this man. He can still taste what remains of Yunho’s essence and when he does, his legs buckle in so much need, but he is held upright by a strong grip on his hips. A hand that moves forward to fist his painful erection. One pump. Two pumps. Jaejoong rips his mouth from Yunho’s and screams into the darkness of the night as his orgasm crashes over him, painting the side of his car.

Yunho is blind to everything except the man in his arms, now whimpering, clutching at the roof of his car, almost hunching over if not for Yunho’s arms around him. It’s like his senses have been totally cut off and everything is Jaejoong. He lives and breathes the man. He holds him close, mouth against his ear, as his own orgasm hits him, panting the same words over and over and over again.

I love you.

They stand there for awhile, still connected, two lovers leaning into the side of the car. Jaejoong has his arms folded on the roof, his head resting on it while Yunho has both arms wrapped around his waist, his face buried in the back of his neck. The smaller man moans in distress when he feels the other pull out of his body, immediately bereft at the loss of their connection, but he is quietly soothed by gentle kisses against his ear and whispered promises. He just stands there, leaning his weight against the car, using it as his anchor for now when a shirt is draped over him. He is enveloped by the sweet musky smell of the younger man and his heart is calmed once again as he takes a deep breath.

Yunho is standing in his wifebeater and bloodied pants that he’s done back up. His shirt is long enough to cover Jaejoong’s ass and that’s good enough for now as he frowns at the tattered remains of his pants. The blood has clotted and he just wants to get home, to clean the older man and put him to bed. The love he feels almost chokes him, but he drags in a steadying breath as he moves to get into the driver’s seat, all the while keeping a hand on Jaejoong, because he needs that connection.

Jaejoong feels a gentle tug on his elbow and he looks up, eyesight bleary. He sees Yunho in his seat and he smiles as he climbs into the car, into his lap, sitting sideways. Yunho has pushed the bucket seat far back enough that he is not pressed against the steering wheel and he mentally thanks whatever deity out there for giving Yunho long legs.

Yunho shuts the car door carefully, holding onto the precious bundle in his arms, all sleepy doe eyes and soft mewls as the older man snuggles into him, his body fitting into all the curves and hollows, molding them together as one. He starts the car, while the other reaches for the button that connects to his phone, speed-dialing. As he pulls onto the road, a deep sleepy voice answers.


“We’re coming home.”

“What do you need?”

“Two robes will do, and a warm bath.”

“Half an hour?”

Yunho eyes the sleeping beauty in his arms and sighs softly, pressing a kiss to his temple.

“Forty five minutes. He’s sleeping.”

“Ok, drive carefully please.”


AN: So…um…yeah :P I have more YunJae, JaeHo, HoMin, JaeMin, MinSu and MinChun sorta planned already but will only write them when the muse hits or when I need an outlet for my feels lol ;-) I’m kinda wrung out right now………

SPOT I need to read this later

Wow I'm first. o___o

So... what to say about this...
I mean it isn't really my cup of tea. I'm more of a 'let me embrace you in the rain because i'll love you and everything is sparkly and fluffy and whatever' kind of person.
Okay, well, maybe not. Because I did actually enjoy this.

Edited at 2012-07-29 05:27 pm (UTC)

Unf, except for the highway part (which you already know I'm fond of, no need to say it twice), Jae totally owned this. Nuff said.

And I don't know if I was supposed to laugh but god knows I did \o/ (especially during the cock-slapping part. Jae's thoughts were extremely disturbing OTL)

Wait wait wait, I'm a big fan those kinds of love that destroy all around them, even the loved one, okay? :3

-I didn't read 50 shades of crap either but I think you're slowly getting here~
ahah I like this. I think. /slightly confused.

lol cock slapping lololol. the perfect way to get the message of 'you're my bitch' across.

the speeding part was my fave, it was a great way to exploit the dynamics of their relationship straight away.

Im going to pretend that blood doesn't scare me. (don't worry I saw the warning.)

But yeah this was really nice :)

Edited at 2012-07-29 12:27 am (UTC)

But Jae isn't Yunho's bitch ;-)

I love the speeding part too... Was tempted to just have it end with the car wrapped around a tree but after my last one shot, I couldn't do that to everyone.

Thanks for reading and commenting ;-)

Love the cock slapping and the butt plug. Those cuts, no matter how shallow will hurt.

These two ... Are intense.

The pain of love holds true indeed. What's a little physical pain when your heart hurts even more? But yeah, they are intense...I love the intensity tbh. All or nothing.

... once again, you have floored me.
@#$#@%$#^#%@$# this is amazing amazing amazing omg.
looking forward to the rest of the series!

Thank you ;-) I'm glad you like it heh.

Oh oh oh..!! I love thissss!!! ^____^

Hehehe i'm glad and thank you for commenting!

what struck me the most about this fic is how overwhelming their love for each other is. the smut was glorious, but it's the description of the dynamics of their relationship that makes this entire fic stand out.

THANK YOU. Thank you for getting what I was driving at. The smut is totally secondary. This whole fic is about them. All my non-AU fics are really about *them* and everything else is just padding around that intense love they have for each other. I think out of everything i've written, this is my favorite... Thank you for getting it and for your comment.

oh god!! can i tell you i absolutely adored the car scene.. i like the borderline crazy & intense feel you've given their relationship.

saw the warning, but the cutting and bloodletting squicked me out a little <3

When you love like them, it will and can get crazy. I'm glad you liked the car scene. I love that part too ;-) Well, I really think the blood and cutting is mild but my twin was screaming at me saying it's hardcore and I should warn properly so I might amend the warning OTL

I freaking love this. You are amazing.

Thank you ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for telling me.

*fans myself*

okay so it's not exactly yunjae ver of 50 shades of grey but idc. more smut. the more the merrier *yay*

“Should I carve my name on your back? On your ass? Like these pretty names pointing like an arrow straight to what belongs to me. Should I? You little fucker.”

do youknow how i screamed AMEN TO THAT over and over again on those sentences? oh shit. i can't. this whole fic is like, putting all my wishes on how jung yunho should punish kim jaejoong so any other man won't go the distance to have him and jae won't flirt here and there like a shameless whore -_- (he is, btw) oh god. purely satisfying. this fic. i can't be more a fan of your works more than this. you are awesome ♥

LOL the 50 Shades was just to indicate that this would be a smutty series with somewhat kinky sex :P Never intended to replicate that dumb story.

Jae likes to play games lol. I think he plays them to get a reaction and fucked EXACTLY how he wants it. Cos if you think Yunho had any control in this fic, you'd be wrong lol. I'm happy you like this because out of everything i've written, I think this is my favorite.

the knife and blood made me frown,tbh-

but i love the last part,really.the sweetness makes it up for the violent part somehow. :)

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Lol! Jaejoong declared on national Japanese tv that Yunho is a Sadist ;-) How could I not work with that delicious fact? And know that he totally got punished for his little "slip of the tongue" later. And Jae is always a sweet little kitten when he gets his way *wink*

O_______O this is so good. I love controlling yunho and the cock slapping.
Really like your style of writing.

I'm glad you like it ;-) Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I really appreciate it.

I like knifes.I like cars.I like smut.I like yunjae.I like you.
ur fics never let me down, my favourite nympho gurl *O*

I like you too, Sophia ;-) I'm glad I didn't let you down even though you don't normally read one-shots. I know how picky you are :PPP And shhhhhhhhh that's a secret! *angelXiahpose*

Wow! That was super, super intense. I chickened out a few times, but eventually got to the end. You really know how to write a true BDSM fic. I was expecting a tiny little bloodplay as is normal when some says BDSM in this fandom but I'm really pleasantly surprised you decided to write it the true way. The fact that Yunho actually stabbed Jae. Wow.

It's definitely not my cup of tea, so my admiration has more to do with how well you managed to write BDSM and YunJae's relationship. I like how Jae kept pushing Yunho and Yunho didn't hold back. And no matter how wild and crazy Yunho was pushing Jae to the edge in the beginning with the car, and if seemed like there wasn't any trust, if you look at the overall whole picture you can see there was trust everywhere. That Yunho wouldn't hurt him irreversibly, that Jae wasn't doing this for anyone else and a lot more.

I'm excited to see how you are going to do the other fics with the pairing listed. I saw JaeHo which is really interesting because I never would have pegged you for one that would ever consider uke!Yunho so I'm really looking forward to that one. I love JaeHo a lot, mostly because I never see Jae's dominant side in this fandom. I would really love to see you do a SuHo or XiMin because I swear those are the rarest pairings in DBSK. Well seme!Su is just rare period lol.

Anyways I'm sad to see you on hiatus but I hope you rest your muse well and I'll look forward to your comeback, whenever that maybe! =D

I like intense. Intense makes more sense to me in all honesty. I'm glad to see you gave it a chance despite chickening out a few times. I have no idea what "bloodplay" is like in this fandom because i've never read it, mainly because i'm afraid it's probably going to be done wrong and then i'm going to rage.

Yeah, their relationship, the love and the trust is really the primary focus of the story. Everything else is secondary.

Hahahaha I just cackled at "pegged"... I'm such a teenage boy. I'd peg uke!Ho any day *wink*

Who is XiMin??? SuMin? My chaptered fic is JunChun! I'm all for top!Su tbh.

Well, my hiatus is going ok I think. I'm still writing but I don't feel pressured so it's awesome! I can write whatever I want :P Thanks for your lovely comment!

You nailed it on the head

Oh lord, you know me far far far too well. I loved this, I loved this. God I haven't read some good violent/bdsm fics in a while and this just hit the spot. The way Yunho was all controlling and forcibly pushing Jaejoong around and 'using' him. Knife play is always welcome and you did a fantastic job writing it because you didn't cross that line of making it too violent where the submissive gets hurt. Like Jae has a few scratches but nothing fatal.

This part got me so hot and bothered:
and so he stares up, allowing Yunho to brutally fuck his mouth, his throat aching and eyes tearing, but he takes it all, because he loves the proud man standing over him.

AND I see you made a Tokio Hotel reference. Ahh~ the pain of love! Even if that was unintentional, I started grinning.

Excellent job as usual! I actually really prefer this kinda of fic to your emo/fluff/emotional romance ones you sometimes do. So...more fics like this in the future? :3

Re: You nailed it on the head

Hahaha yes, after what? A year? I think i've got you pegged reasonably well :P And yes I totally snorted at that lol.

I love making you smile! I love making Aliens smile in general tbh cos i've been such a bad one lately that it's the least I can do.

Hahaha I can't even remember why I wrote this fic but it kinda just blurted out. I kinda need to write fluff to counter all the goddamn angst that is my fandom. I'm such a masochist. OFC of all the dozens of kpop groups to stan, I had to pick the fandom with the biggest heartache OTL

Thanks for your constructive comments as usual! I still flail a little inside to know that you enjoy my fic despite not being in my fandom.