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You Mad?

Title: You Mad?
Pairing: JaeHo/YunJae
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: It’s been a rather topsy-turvy week in the lives of YunJae shippers, but what about Yunho and Jaejoong themselves? YunBoa, YunTae, those selcas with Lee U and the icing on the cake? Yet another dumb tweet from Sam Lansky.

AN1: This is the result of being stuck in the hospital for over ten hours. It was NOT COOL. I may have gotten some details mixed up since I had no way of checking it after my phone ran out of battery. I’m home now and have sorta checked but I’m also doped up on pain meds so may have missed something. Also, my laptop died soon after my phone lol.

AN2: Unbeta-ed. Totally unnecessary to read my other Sam Lansky oneshot as I think I only made two references to that fic and they’re very brief and not really significant. However if you’re interested you can read it here - Love is...

Yunho is dropped off by a smirking maknae, his “have a good night, hyung” is more of a leer than a genuine wish good night and he has to marvel at the younger man’s good mood. He’s been cheery all day and he wonders why. As he stands in the underground carpark ruminating on that, it is too late when he realizes he is somehow carrying his luggage. Damn, Changmin! Why did he let him take his bags? Yunho grumbles as he hitches his duffle bag over his shoulder and pulls his suitcase along behind him as he makes his way to the private elevator that will take him to his lover’s apartment. He scowls slightly, as he checks his wristwatch, knowing Jaejoong won’t be home for awhile yet if he’s planning on attending the after party of the premiere. Yunho pouts to himself as the carriage makes its way to the top floor. He is really tired and he’s not sure if he can wait up for the older man. He rolls his neck, wincing as it cracks. The lift stops with a gentle jolt and he exits into the lavish foyer, letting himself into Jaejoong’s apartment.

Jaejoong is annoyed as enters his home. The after party is a washout, with all the rumblings about the fact that Yunho is a no-show, that he is more than happy to excuse himself early. Clearly, no one seems to know of the man’s schedule since he was on a plane from Japan during the premiere and there was absolutely no way he could’ve been there. But of course, that pertinent fact doesn’t make a lick of difference and he’s had to smile through everyone side-eyeing him all night. It’s a wonder he manages to even pay attention to the movie. His annoyance however vanishes in a puff as he catches sight of an identical pair of shoes, set uncharacteristically neatly next to its match that is a size smaller and a beautiful smile threatens to split his face as he hurries into the living room. He is greeted with darkness though which surprises him as it’s not even midnight yet. His heart skips slightly, and he almost turns to hurry back to the front door to check on the shoes to see that he’s not imagining things. Instead, he takes a deep breath and presses on through his silent apartment, the darkness almost oppressive to him as his short-lived spurt of happiness is dissipating quickly in the gloom, sadness enveloping him as he wonders if their clashing schedules are going to once again leave him disappointed.

He stands outside his own bedroom door, unwittingly mirroring Yunho two months ago, as he stretches his hand to the doorknob. He turns it, unaware that he has stopped breathing as the door swings open, and the relief he feels pours through him, quenching the brief ache in his heart. And with that relief comes a measure of annoyance. Jaejoong is feeling rather put upon with the long evening and judging looks and the last week of SM instigated fan service that sets his teeth on edge. Yes, Jaejoong is feeling rather put upon indeed.

The beautiful man enters the room, closing the door softly behind him as he eyes the mound under the blankets. The air conditioning is set low, just as he likes it and how Yunho doesn’t and so his lover is currently buried underneath the covers, protected from the cold, not even his head showing from where Jaejoong is standing. His toe snags on a large damp towel on the floor and he rolls his eyes as he picks it up to drape it over a nearby chair to dry out. He sets his phone by the bedside table and reaches a hand to pull his white v-neck by the scruff, over his head, discarding it next to Yunho’s clothes already on the floor by the bed. He chuckles quietly as he looks at the little pile. All the clothes on the floor belong to Yunho. All of it.

The room is softly lit by the light spilling from the bathroom, and Jaejoong makes no move to shut the slightly ajar door. He quickly strips off the rest of his clothes, his cock already at half mast, the cold doing nothing to stifle the heat in his loins as he pulls back the covers, exposing the sleeping man in their bed. The smile that twists his pillowy lips is wicked and something rarely seen in public as he takes in all that bare skin. Yunho is naked and turned away from him, snoring lightly, unperturbed by the loss of covering. As usual, when alone, the man is diagonal and encroaching on Jaejoong’s side of the bed. The lead singer climbs in behind the sleeping man, his cock now hard, having filled out at just the sight of his younger lover. He stretches out behind him, as close as he can, breath hitching as the heat emanating from the other man is like a furnace against his own cool skin. Yunho shifts in his sleep, and Jaejoong, a pro at this after so many years, coaxes him with the curve of his own body and gentle roaming hands, to straighten out and return to his own side of the bed. He follows Yunho’s body, his full cock nestled rather snugly in the crease of the other man’s ass and he grits his teeth when his leadershii suddenly grinds back against him. It’s not a conscious movement though because the man is still sound asleep ,but it serves to fan the flames of desire already licking through Jaejoong.

He starts pressing soft kisses along the back of his neck, alternating between kissing and simply skimming his cold nose along that warm broad back, nuzzling. His hand sweeps up and down Yunho’s side, feeling the difference yet again as the younger man has lost weight since the last time they were together, and Jaejoong cannot decide whether he likes it or not. He’s grown to enjoy the fuller body of the lead dancer, his slimmer frame now reminding him of their final “official” year together and he doesn’t want those memories. Not at the moment anyway.

He continues his languid kisses, in no hurry at all to wake the other man as he revels in exploring his body without being flipped over on his back and devoured as he normally would be. It’s a welcome change to be the one doing the devouring on occasion. It’s also nice to be big spoon for once. Yunho’s habit of protecting him extends even to their own bedroom and Jaejoong shakes his head to himself, chuckling at his lover’s endearing idiosyncrasies even as he massages his ass cheeks, squeezing lightly, running his thumb possessively against the crease. Yunho smells like him. If the discarded towel isn’t a big enough clue, his smell is definitely confirmation, and Jaejoong’s cock twitches in appreciation at what that means. He hides his snicker in the man’s back as he continues his casual exploration of all that beautiful warm skin. Yunho is just making this too easy.

His lover wakes just as he slips a lubed finger into him, the younger man moaning at the intrusion as Jaejoong kisses his ear, whispering soothingly.

Yunho tries to move away from the sneaky digit, but he is still half asleep and slightly disorientated and very very warm and so his attempt is half-hearted at best, his older lover far from dissuaded as he rotates his finger gently before pressing a second into the tight opening.

“What are you doing?”

The query coming out as more of a groan really. Jaejoong’s fingers aren’t exactly very slender despite the rest of him, and lubed or not, Yunho is feeling the burn even as the pleasure flickers on the edges of his senses.


“Oh no, you’re not.”

However the protest is weak even to his own ears, and Jaejoong rightfully ignores it.

“You owe me.”

He licks the curve of Yunho’s ear as he scissors as best he can in that very, very tight passage.

“What about those tweets?”

He is awake enough now to know what this is about, and he bites his bottom lip as Jaejoong brushes against his prostate, the movement probably accidental as he continues prepping his body to take more.

“Junsu was here. He took the photos.”

“Our fans don’t know that. You caused a ruckus.”

“So did you.”

And Jaejoong presses a third finger in, kissing a bare shoulder as Yunho stiffens, breath hitching as he tries to relax his body, unused to the intrusion though he cannot really say he is unfamiliar to it.



“I barely touched him.”

“He held your hand.”

“That isn’t my fault.”

“You let it happen.”

“I couldn’t very well snatch my hand away from him now could I?”

“Yeah, you could.”

“N-not with all t-those cameras.”

His cock is heavy now, full, as the pleasure finally catches up and overshadows the pain. He is breathing through his mouth, each exhale relaxing his body further as Jaejoong is now pumping three fingers into him, all the while never letting up with his words or his kisses over whatever skin his mouth can find.

“And then there’s BoA.”

“We’ve talked about this.”

“Since we’re listing who owes whom I thought I should throw that in.”

“We’ve settled this. You cannot use it as a reason.”

Yunho is not giving up without a fight, even as he starts moving with those fingers, rocking his hips back ever so slightly with each thrust. Jaejoong should win fairly, not through imagined wrongs.

“Did you have to get so close?”

“Jae, I was thinking of you the whole damn time. Your rings were a hot brand on my fingers, you know this. Hell, I’m pretty fucking sure she knew it too.”

“Not good enough.”

“Yes, it is.

“I have more.”

“No you don’t.”

“She picked you to take to a deserted island with her.”

Yunho huffs irritatedly at that even as he coughs to hide a moan. This SM orchestrated fan service is starting to get a little ridiculous. While he is more than happy to help a longtime friend out, he thinks maybe a chat with her might be in order and soon. However he has his own rather valid comeback to that, as he screws himself back against Jaejoong’s fingers, unashamedly now.

“You picked Changmin that time remember?”

Jaejoong stops pumping as he stares at his lover’s profile incredulously.

“That was YEARS AGO!”

“Well, you’re bringing up stuff we’ve already settled, I figure it’s a free for all now.”

Yunho clenches his ass, prompting Jaejoong to pull his fingers out with a slick pop and he has to bite the covers to stop the complaint he was about to voice at the loss. He feels Jaejoong moving about behind him but he doesn’t turn around. He’s secure enough in himself to admit he really doesn’t want to. He misses Jaejoong and will have him whatever way the man is willing to give, even if it probably means being taken tonight. Not that that’s a bad thing, but a little protesting is always good for the soul.


“He’s our friend!”

“Since when does he back hug you?”

“Jae, you’re being ridiculous.”

Yunho is getting exasperated now, and moves to turn but a firm hand on his hip stays him.

“I have to fly out tomorrow, you get to sleep in.”

“I have rehearsals.”

“Yes, but you can half ass it.”

“I don’t half ass anything.”

“You know what I mean. It’s a slower day than usual for you.”

“You’re going to be spending hours on a plane. You cannot get slower than that!”

“Four to one. I win.”

“Fuck you.”

“Not tonight.”


Yunho wakes up first, wiping at the thin line of drool on his chin. A squint at the bedside clock reveals it to be just past 10am. The gorgeous man curled around him whines as he is shifted from his favourite spot in his neck as Yunho pushes him gently off his dead arm.

“What time’s your flight?”

“Close to four I think. What’s the time?


Jaejoong stretches, arching his back off the bed as he yawns loudly, before turning and crawling atop Yunho who grunts at the weight but says nothing, rubbing the older man’s ass instead as their morning erections frot in greeting.

“I don’t have to be at the airport for hours.”

“But I have rehearsals later and I really don’t want Changmin side-eyeing me if I starting wincing while doing the Android choreo.”

Jaejoong tucks his face against Yunho’s throat, licking at his adam’s apple, rubbing his erection against the other man’s belly.

“Yunho-yah, how long have we been together?”


“And how many times have you fucked me just before we had to go onstage?”


Jaejoong moves to crawl further up Yunho’s body as he lifts his head from under the younger man’s chin to stare down into those amused almond eyes he loves so much.

“I can walk straight.”

Yunho chuckles and leans up to press a kiss to the still swollen lips of the pouting man hovering over him.

“You are a masochist. And you’ve had way more practice at walking straight than I have. Android choreo is killer. As much as I’d love to let you have me again, I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes and nips the tip of Yunho’s nose lightly.

“I was implying me, dumbass. Take me.”

Yunho arches an eyebrow in question even as both his hands move down to massage Jaejoong’s butt cheeks, his fingers teasing at the crease but not delving in to explore further. Not yet.

“What about last night then?”

“Mmm…you liked it.”

“That’s not the point!”

“You hardly let me top. I had to play on your guilt.”

Yunho squeezes and spreads Jaejoong’s ass at that, a dry finger now circling at the eager opening that is clenching in anticipation.

“Manipulative bastard.”

“You love me.”

“God help me.”

“Yes, indeed. Help me call to god now.”


Yunho is lazily nuzzling the back of Jaejoong’s neck when the quiet is interrupted by the chirp of an iPhone. He allows the man to reach over far enough to grab his phone before pulling him roughly back into his arms and burying his face in his hair, inhaling deeply, even as his hand wanders back down to massage what belongs to him.

“Remember that Sam Lansky guy?”

“Not really.”

“Love is Jaejoongie… remember that tweet?”

Yunho looks up to peer over Jaejoong’s shoulder at the screen of his phone, even as his fingers unerringly find their way back to the man’s now loosened entrance. He can feel the dampness and his cock perks up at the thought even as he snags at the moisture, coating his fingertip with the remains of their earlier lovemaking and smearing it around the little crevice.

“Oh, yes, that was a rather interesting episode…”

“He tweeted me again.”

Jaejoong twists to show Yunho the weird gif.

“He clearly hasn’t gotten the message.”

“Well, Yoochun-ah said some Japanese tabloid is talking about the love triangle.”

“What love triangle?”

“Oh god, are you even paying attention?”

“I am.”

“Not to my ass, you pervert!”

“What could be better than your ass?”

“You’re hopeless.”

“I’m in love.”

“You’re cheesy as hell too.”

“I won’t see you for awhile. Let me be cheesy.”

“You can have my ass in a minute. Just tell me what to do about this jerk.”

“Mmmmm…wear my clothes to the airport today.”

Yunho slips a fingertip in and Jaejoong growls in protest but his actions betray the sound as he rocks his ass back, his body swallowing the finger easily.

“What? From last night? I think I used it to wipe your cum off…”

“I came straight here last night. My bags are in your closet. Just grab whatever you want.”


“Anything, now shut up and kiss me.”


Yunho is woken up by a horrified yell as the covers are suddenly kicked rather unceremoniously off himself by the other occupant of the formerly warm haven, who flies out of bed and into the bathroom, the door banging against the wall from the force of his entry.


No response as loud banging comes from the bathroom and Yunho picks up a discarded pillow and pops it over his head. He must’ve fallen back to sleep because the next thing he knows is having an armful of a dressed Jaejoong, pressing kisses all over his face and mumbling about being so fucking late. He grabs the still disheveled man and kisses him thoroughly, silencing him, before breaking the kiss and tellling him he loves him and to say hi to Su and Yoochun. He is still quite sleepy and nods off almost as soon as Jaejoong finishes tucking him in once again, smiling contentedly at the other man’s final whispered I love you.


Jaejoong is drumming his fingers on his knee, tapping out an idle tune on an imaginary piano, humming happily to himself even as he shifts in his seat from the dull ache in his back and ass but it is a pain he welcomes. It’s something to remember Yunho by and he doesn’t want it going away any time soon. His phone rings just as he sinks himself into a rather pleasant recollection of their morning, and he grins happily when he sees who the caller is, knowing Yunho might just be a teensy weensy bit irritated with him by now.



“Don’t yeobo me. You took my shoes?!!?!?!”

“You said anything.”

“I meant a teeshirt or two. You don’t fit my shoes!”

“I did take a teeshirt…or four. And yeah I know…I think I’m going to have to buy you a new pair.”


“I had to step on the back so I could walk in them.”



Yunho sighs into the phone, the familiar feeling of exasperation at his crazy lover washing over him, but at the same time he is oddly touched.

“Remember to eat something while waiting for the plane.”

“I’m waiting for my noodles now.”

“Ah that’s good. I’m going to have noodles too. I suddenly felt like Shin ramen last night but fell asleep before I could have it.”

“Uh, about that.”


“I stole the noodles from your bag...”


AN1: LOL I probably lost a few readers who saw the pairing as JaeHo/YunJae :P I genuinely believe these two switch IRL so I’m going to write it as such ;-) It’s got nothing to do with who is manlier or whatever but more to do with love and pleasure. Why restrict yourself when you love someone so completely? You will want to give your everything won’t you? And you will want them to know the same pleasure you feel. Love is more than cliched roles in the bedroom that’s for sure.

AN2: I actually hate writing dialogue as my regular readers will have noticed the distinct lack of it in pretty much all my fics so far lol so I have no idea why this has so much but eh. Exploring my horizons and all. IDEK… Hope y’all liked it.

Tags: fic:you mad, pairing:yunjae, r

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