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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You Mad?
Title: You Mad?
Pairing: JaeHo/YunJae
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: It’s been a rather topsy-turvy week in the lives of YunJae shippers, but what about Yunho and Jaejoong themselves? YunBoa, YunTae, those selcas with Lee U and the icing on the cake? Yet another dumb tweet from Sam Lansky.

AN1: This is the result of being stuck in the hospital for over ten hours. It was NOT COOL. I may have gotten some details mixed up since I had no way of checking it after my phone ran out of battery. I’m home now and have sorta checked but I’m also doped up on pain meds so may have missed something. Also, my laptop died soon after my phone lol.

AN2: Unbeta-ed. Totally unnecessary to read my other Sam Lansky oneshot as I think I only made two references to that fic and they’re very brief and not really significant. However if you’re interested you can read it here - Love is...

You Mad?Collapse )

If only this happened in real life ... Gah! I don't think Jae can top, but that's my own opinion although the scene wasn't too drastic so it was okay for me to read. It seems like after the lawsuit, they've been having make-up sex rather than just loving sex. Make sense? Lol.

We can always hope hahaha. Mmmmm I LOVE make-up sex cos all that anger just makes sex extra intense :P And as for Jae topping... watch this ;-) http://beeswaxing.tumblr.com/post/29211009318

Yunho's life will never be boring with Jae around,..😊

No one's life would be boring with Jae around tbh... That man is unpredictable as hell. But I love it and love him! Thank you for reading and commenting ;-)

I saw this story coming after your tumblr comments on yunjae playing games ...lol

Funny how most people thought Yunho when they saw Jae's outfit and shoes at the airport, myself included.

I was sad at not seeing fashionista Jaejoong though and Sam Lansky is downright annoying now.

LOL I never intended on writing anything tbh but then that Lansky guy tweeted and the airport photos hit and I was seriously WTF Jae... And yeah this happened XD! And come on, we all know Jae is playing games. I wanna clobber them both over the head with my stilettos.

this is just freaking adorable C: good job :DD

LOL thank you. Glad you liked it ;-) Thanks for reading and commenting!

awww I know you said fluff isn't your thing but this was so nice and sweet, and just when I was hoping someone would write something about all the stuff that's been going on too!

love everything from the jealousy to the clothes to the shim ramyun~ well yunho can always take some cup noodles from jaejoong's house anyway doesn't he have a stock of them ^^

really appreciate your take on Jaeho/Yunjae and yea, I do believe they switch in real life too because their love for each other is so strong and relationships are always about give and take... I think I'm rambling oops :/

anyhow, this was really lovely, looking forward to your next fic~~~ :)


Yeah fluff is not my thing but it's my way of coping with emoshinki. I seem to like writing the opposite of what I feel cos it's challenging. I love reading fluff and am in awe of lots of fluff writers cos you know it's good fluff when you're smiling so hard while reading.

Hehehe but Yunho bought that ramyun specifically for himself! Hahaha so damn funny omg have you see the cute little chibi cartoon? Wait here it is... http://beeswaxing.tumblr.com/post/29119666719 SO CUTE I DIED.

Thanks ;-) I know JaeHo isn't very popular so i'm really happy to read comments that you guys also think the way I do heh. And ramble away ;-) I ramble a lot too!

I just started another chaptered fic... What am I doing? //hides

"I won't see you for awhile. Let me be cheesy."
"Anything, now shut up and kiss me."

i love their moments together in this fic. It felt like i was watching their domestic living somehow, and that's really heart warming :3


kjlskmcdovod they're really lovely bickering like that. jae was annoying,huh? xD but yunho love him anyway :p

*read your AN2*
I didn't notice that orz their dialogues are adorable,though xD

Really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it bb. Gonna mem it <3

I clearly have a serious soft spot for domestic YunJae lol! I'm glad you liked it ;-) And they are so adorable when bickering :3

And yeah dialogue isn't my strong point. Pleased you liked it enough to mem it!

hahahaha, this is funny and sexy at the same time.

So Sam Lansky tweeted Jaejoong about this Japan tabloid mag that published Yunjae X OC love triangle article =.=

Poor Jaejoong. He has to deal with this kind of people all the time.

Happy you liked it! Thanks for reading and commenting ;-)

they are so adorable together *A*

IKR? Sigh... need them together in public... now please. Maybe the underwear genie will grant my wish? u_____u

haha..this is so funny..Jae you're really mad..
I love it..^^

Hahahaha Jae is hilarious. He's so 4D and is really fun to write. Glad you loved it! Thanks for reading and commenting ;-)

This was a really good story, liked the complete randomness of Jae.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it ;-) Thank you for reading and commenting!

jaeho happens. fandom needs to open up to this idea. :))

IKR? I keep telling myself that too especially since I don't think we saw Yunho the next day hahahaha! And as for JaeHo... watch this :P http://beeswaxing.tumblr.com/post/29211009318

Seme Jae is really hot, so I didn't mind it was JaeHo at all!

Thank you for the amusing story, I enjoyed it so much! [heart]

Yay! I'm really digging JaeHo lol! Though i'm trying rather desperately for turning it into one huge insane kink...

No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :P

love it!! :-) thank u for sharing your yunjae stories :-)

Hahaha no problem. Starting to think my one shots are like "Nicki's idea of what YunJae are really like" or something OTL

what is this and why is it so fluffeh~ ;A;

Do you not like fluffy? I think I did say the genre was fluffy....... sorry? ;A;

Yay JaeHo/YunJae fluff/smut!!! =D Awesome combination! I really like YunJaeHo switches because I really can't imagine Jaejoong as bottom all the time lol. And there are YunJae moments where I just think to myself - Jaejoong, why don't you tap that!? (even though Yunho doesn't have much of a butt to tap ;D)

Great fluff/oneshot - but now I want to know why Changmin was so happy in the beginning!

Yunho's butt has filled out lmaooooo though he lost weight again so aish... But he's a dancer so i'm sure his butt is muscular and unfffffff... ok I better stop with this thought direction...

Hahaha Changmin was just being sleazy cos he knows what YunJae will get up to ;-) Glad you liked this!