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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You Mad?
Title: You Mad?
Pairing: JaeHo/YunJae
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: It’s been a rather topsy-turvy week in the lives of YunJae shippers, but what about Yunho and Jaejoong themselves? YunBoa, YunTae, those selcas with Lee U and the icing on the cake? Yet another dumb tweet from Sam Lansky.

AN1: This is the result of being stuck in the hospital for over ten hours. It was NOT COOL. I may have gotten some details mixed up since I had no way of checking it after my phone ran out of battery. I’m home now and have sorta checked but I’m also doped up on pain meds so may have missed something. Also, my laptop died soon after my phone lol.

AN2: Unbeta-ed. Totally unnecessary to read my other Sam Lansky oneshot as I think I only made two references to that fic and they’re very brief and not really significant. However if you’re interested you can read it here - Love is...

You Mad?Collapse )

I so love this fic.
I love how you've weaved pictures Jaejoong tweeted, pictures of him and Yunho that are taken by fans into a fic.

This pairing is amazing. They never fail to amuse me.

So happy you love this ;-) I really enjoy putting real life stuff into my fics. IDK if it's a good or bad thing but I find that it makes the story feel more real somehow if you know what I mean?

And yeah, they amuse me and also kill me and make me want to stab people hahaha. Oh well. They definitely dig up random emotions in me.

I like Jaeho too even if YunJae is my preference, and I like it exactly the way you wrote it, exactly for the reason you named :D Spot on, seriously xD

Anyways I always love it when YunJae act all serious and have conversations at the same time they're already sexing xD It makes it seem like they do it a lot 8)

Hehehehe ;-) Glad we're of one mind in this!

And yep totally. When you've been together that long, stuff like that does happen and tbh, it's fucking sexy talking about every day things while you're knuckle deep in someone's ass hahahahahaha!

I just found this! T.T
Jae surely has a very unique way of telling us that he owns yunho. And i honestly think that they switch. Too bad not many author write it.

Or Yunho owns him :P And yeah switching makes sense in my head lol. I get if some authors don't write it but I don't get people who flatly deny the possibility. Ah well! Thanks for reading and your comment ;-)

Oh! that explains a lot.... haha :D

LOL! I can only wish it was accurate :PPP We can hope \O/

This was my favourite bit :)

“You picked Changmin that time remember?”

Jaejoong stops pumping as he stares at his lover’s profile incredulously.

“That was YEARS AGO!”

“Well, you’re bringing up stuff we’ve already settled, I figure it’s a free for all now.”

This fic definitely happened irl. But you know, this is a perfectly conveyed written version. I liked your dialogue, it was so natural and funny and coupley and YunJaey. I totally imagine their relationship like this. I loved this of course. So so fab. I love fics that are a rendition of rl things.

P.S plz don't be mad at me forever .-. I'll bake you a cake!

So possibly true we can't help but wish it to be true!

I know the Sam Lansky story, but didn't know if his lines in your fic were real or made up. Did he really tweet Jaejoong "jaejoongie is love" ?

Thats the beauty of these fics though ;) what's real and what's fan made is not always clear ;) but it's not to say that fan made ideas aren't real XD

Awesome fic.
Thanks for writing <3

Oh mygosh this is so hot, sweet and funny. XD

cute! especially the ending hahaha
regarding your AN1 though:
"It’s got nothing to do with who is manlier or whatever but more to do with love and pleasure. Why restrict yourself when you love someone so completely? You will want to give your everything won’t you? And you will want them to know the same pleasure you feel. Love is more than cliched roles in the bedroom that’s for sure."
i don't know if it's just me but it seems like a lot of the younger fans (age-wise) seem to have really defined ideas of who tops in these kpop couples. (or any yaoi couples to be honest) so it makes me happy to see that other people share my opinions on topping and bottoming and whatnot :P

So awesome, you wrote them in such a genuine loving way. I really love when authors write them as a couple with healthy give and take attitude. Just a gem, thanks for sharing!

Love love Jaeho~~ I love how you made their relationship balanced. They both share the pleasure they experience.
This was so sweet and funny <3
haha Jae is so adorable wearing Yun's clothes and shoes and stealing his Shin ramen lol xD
thank you for sharing~ ^-^

i personally believe most couples switch, so i have no problems with seeing a change in the usual dynamics. i do have a preference for one way or another, but it don't bother me to that extent. yunjae are always lovely and adorable no matter what :)

It's refreshing to read a JaeHo for a change. I like more YunJae, but I won't deny that JaeHo is interesting as being a variation to the YunJae cliché.
And you did a very good job here. I like it so much...

PS: At this time, the video is not available anymore and I don't know where to find at least the photos. But the narration is accurate enough for me to imagine the whole thing. :)

Hurray for JaeHo.
Poor shoes.

Hahah. It's funny. Their fight is cute. Thanks for making this fic.

I know this was from hella long time ago, but daaaaaaamn, it's still amazing. La-la-looove it, might as well shower with Sam's Lalala playing. lol. that didn't make sense./kisses