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Jejuko [11/15]

Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Unbeta-ed and I haven’t re-read it although I probably should have. But I have a feeling if I re-read it, I’d just ditch it and then the update will be even later! As it is, it’s been over a month and I’m really sorry to all those waiting. This chapter was like chapter 5 in the sense that it was a hurdle I had to get over. Hopefully things will be easier (for me) after this.

AN2: Do I even still have readers for this? :3

“So how was your night?”

“Hmmm?” Yunho can’t take his eyes off the two men walking ahead of them, arm in arm, their heads together and laughing at whatever it is they’re talking about. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration. He can’t take his eyes off one man. He’s given up trying to examine exactly why he finds Jaejoong attractive because really, no explanation is necessary. Physically, the man is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at him. However Yunho isn’t a shallow man and he wants to get to know him as Jaejoong, although he does hope that Jejuko is a good indication as to what his personality is. He is quite accepting of the fact that he is a man, that they’re both men. He’s been friends with Junsu long enough to know this doesn’t matter although it is still a bit of a surprise to him. Yunho is not the sort to indulge in denial just for the sake of it, and he’s definitely indulged enough over this, so he’s going to roll with whatever life (or Jaejoong) hands to him at this stage.

“With Jejuko…” Junsu snaps his fingers in front of Yunho’s face trying to catch his friend’s attention. He follows his friend’s line of sight and is slightly perplexed at the object of his attention. He is still staring at the two men and Junsu cannot figure out why. “Yunho!”

“Huh?” Yunho turns to look at his friend. He has no idea what they’re talking about, his mind in pleasant contemplation of working out how to spend time with Jaejoong without scaring the man off.

“What’s with you, today? Why are you staring at Micky?”


Junsu frowns and turns back to the two men and the light dawns on him.

“You’re staring at Snow White?”

“Don’t call him that,” Yunho frowns slightly and turns back as Jaejoong’s unique laugh washes back onto the both of them. The four of them are walking to the closest supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner and Yoochun and Jaejoong had walked ahead, leaving Junsu and Yunho bringing up the rear.

“He does look like Jejuko, now that I’ve seen him up close…” Junsu muses thoughtfully out loud, unaware of his friend coughing to hide his choked exclamation at his words. “Are you going to see her again?”


Junsu turns and smacks his friend on the back of his head earning himself a disgruntled grunt. “Seriously, where is your head today? Are you even listening to me? Jejuko? Smoking hot girl from last night whom you all but had sex with on stage? She’s not exactly that forgettable.”

“Oh, her…” Yunho scratches the back of his neck as he tries to figure out how to answer this. He wants to share his suspicions with his best friend but it’s not his secret to tell.

“Oh, her?” Junsu echoes incredulously. “I actually want to hit you right now. What the hell, Jung? Since when are you so rude about a girl you took home and specifically told me to stay out of our apartment for? If you screwed it up with her and Micky gets mad at me I swear to god it’s going to take a good long while for me to forgive you.” Junsu keeps his voice low, smiling brightly when Micky turns to look at them, telling Yunho off between his teeth.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.” Yunho tries to placate his friend, as he hitches the bags sliding off his shoulder. He is still carrying Jaejoong’s bag and he is vastly amused to see Junsu carrying Micky’s. “She left before I woke. She was gone when I got up.”

“Oh!” Junsu does an immediate 180 degree turn, no longer annoyed with his friend, as he looks at Yunho in sympathy, patting his shoulder comfortingly. He doesn’t pursue the matter as they’ve reached the supermarket, Jaejoong and Micky already having vanished within the depths of the large building. They walk in just in time to see Jaejoong laughing and pushing Micky in a shopping cart while the pretty man whoops as they speed, to the produce section, narrowly missing a couple of old women who shake their fists at the pair. Jaejoong calls out an apology as they round the corner, their laughter a happy echo in their wake.

“How old are they?” Yunho chuckles as he gets a shopping cart for himself and Junsu, both men unloading the bags they are carrying into it and following after their friends.

“Micky is twenty-one and he refers to Jaejoong as hyung so I’m guessing he’s older. You can’t tell though. His face, with that new hairstyle, I’d believe it if he says he’s in high school.” Junsu lets Yunho commandeer their shopping cart as they stroll to join the two giggling men juggling sweet potatoes.


Somehow, the four of them manage to get out of the supermarket intact, although not before stocking up on all manner of things. Junsu, seeing how adept Jaejoong was at picking items for their dinner that night, had asked the copper-haired man to help stock their empty shelves. His only instruction? For Jaejoong to “go hard”. Well, hard he did because they’d needed a cab to get themselves home when Yunho and Junsu normally walk the quarter hour back to their apartment on nice days. Jaejoong was horrified when Yunho paid for everything, explaining that he had never meant for them to spend that much and was going to pay for the groceries since they were his suggestions and preferences, but of course Yunho is having none of it and so now here they are, back in the apartment, Junsu and Yunho on the couch half-heartedly playing Mario Kart while the objects of their affection are doing god only knows what in the kitchen.

“Should we help them?”

Yunho eyes his friend incredulously. “Help? You, maybe, but certainly not me. I can’t even make ramen without injuring myself.”

“You’re the only so-called intelligent person I know who’d actually stick his fingers into a boiling pot of ramen to check if the noodles are cooked!”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Yunho mutters under his breath, wincing at the memory.

“Well, I want to go see what they’re up to…it’s been awfully quiet in there.”

“Stop.” Yunho smirks at his friend. “Before you head in there, tell me what’s going on with you and Yoochun?”

Junsu wrinkles his nose and purses his lips thoughtfully, his head cocked as he looks at Yunho. “In all honestly, I don’t actually know.”

Yunho chuckles and shakes his head at his friend. “Come on, you spent the night with him since I kicked you out of the apartment. So what happened?”

“I don’t kiss and tell,” comes the prim answer.

“Since when?”

“Good point…but really there isn’t much to tell. He’s ridiculously adorable and makes the weirdest faces sometimes. We kinda spent the night talking and making a fort in his room.”

“A…fort?” Yunho stares at his friend incredulously. Did he hear right?

“You know, with blankets and pillows and well placed chairs.” Junsu explains slowly as if to a child.

“I know what a fort is! You’re twenty-two! What on earth are you doing making forts?” Yunho is certainly bemused. Their nights were total opposites.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time…” the blond man mutters defensively. “We also kissed and cuddled in the fort. Does that make it better?”

“Marginally. Though in all honesty if you told me you had sex in the fort I don’t know what I’d sa-” Yunho is cut off when Junsu throws a cushion at his head and he is suddenly attacked by a fit of giggles . The visual is too hilarious and it’s a good minute before he can stop chortling, much to the disgust of his best friend who keeps pummeling him every now and again with another cushion.

“Remind me to keep details to myself from now on.” Junsu sniffs annoyedly, clouting Yunho over the head one last time for good measure with his cushion before settling back in his end of the couch, arms folded.

Yunho tries valiantly to contain himself but honestly, these last few days have been somewhat crazy and his emotions are all haywire with Jejuko/Jaejoong, the drug, that he is accepting and somewhat resigned to the fact that he likes a man, Jaejoong…lots of Jaejoong/Jejuko confusion, and now his best friend is playing forts with another man. It’s just a little too much, surely. He needs a calm day where nothing surprises him.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry.” Yunho holds his hand up and sends an apologetic smile his way. “But I do have something I’m curious about…”


“Who tops?”

Junsu groans, sinking down in the couch, grabbing yet another handy cushion to cover his face with. Well, isn’t that the million dollar question. His choice of male partner has always been masculine and dominant because he is comfortable enough with himself to be a willing bottom. Topping men like that too is a hell of a turn on and so Micky is a bit of a curve ball for him in terms of preferences. He knows Micky is pretty much exclusively a bottom though, the pretty man shyly admitting last night that he’s not that confident topping another man even though he’s had a fair number of female partners. However topping a man and making love to a woman are two completely different things despite the basic premise of insert cock into hole. Micky has never topped a man and doesn’t seem too inclined to start judging from the way he clung to Junsu last night. If he is being honest, he wants more from the man than a casual fuck buddy. He’s noticed Micky at various points of time over the last year or so and his interest is always accompanied by a flare of what if but nothing ever comes to fruition till these past few days and he is not about to squander the opportunity.

And that is the main reason why they hadn’t had “sex in the fort” although Micky never did ask Junsu as to his preference. On his part, he was more than happy to let the night go down an innocent path rather than the path he’d normally have taken by now. He genuinely likes Micky, and will willingly listen to the man talk for hours, his baritone such a contrast to his delicate features and petal mouth and he shivers at the memory of that low voice, whispering in his ear as they shared a pillow under the fort they’d built. To add to an increasing number of reasons for Junsu’s infatuation, they seem to share the same sense of humour which is rare because even Yunho finds him tiresome sometimes. Junsu loves making his friends laugh and Micky will laugh at even the lamest of his jokes.

Yunho laughs at his silent friend’s expression and leaves it be. He’s teased his friend enough. He gets up of the couch and reaches out to haul Junsu to his feet and they both head to the kitchen to find out what the other two are up to.

The sight that greets them is a ridiculously domestic one. Both Yoochun and Jaejoong are covered in flour, the white powder on various parts of their body including their faces. However both seem oblivious as they concentrate on measuring something out into a bowl, heads together, one brunette, one redhead. The two men just stand in the doorway and watch, leaning on opposite sides, smiling into the kitchen.

Jaejoong notices their audience first, when he happens to look up and he can feel the heat slowly travelling up his neck and spreading across his cheeks. He knows he is blushing and he wishes he doesn’t colour so easily but it cannot be helped. If he’d been Jejuko, she will have probably sassed her way out of her blush. Unfortunately he is not Jejuko right now, but Jaejoong. Poor little Snow White. Yunho’s eyes on him are sparking with humour and Jaejoong takes comfort in that as he nudges Yoochun to alert him to their company.

“What are you making?” Junsu is the first to break the silence as he saunters into the kitchen and leans over the counter to peer into the bowl. He doesn’t turn to look at Micky, concentrating on the contents of the bowl, but his hand reaches out to cup the man’s face, rubbing idly at his cheek to get rid of the smudge of white on it. The movement is completely casual and it is over before Micky can even summon a reaction.

Jaejoong is unable to hide his smile as his best friend stands there a little bemused while Junsu rubs away at the spot of flour on his cheek. His eyes meet Yunho’s over Junsu’s head and they share a knowing look. Jaejoong forgets his shyness in that instant, too happy for his friend and what looks like to be a blossoming relationship.

“Dinner will take awhile so we thought we’d start on dessert. I figure we could do something simple like sugar cookies so that’s what this is.”

Both Yunho and Junsu move around the counter to the other side where Jaejoong and Yoochun are standing. Yunho ends up on Jaejoong’s left and Junsu is on Yoochun’s right.

Yunho leans down to look at the contents of the bowl and then back up at both Jaejoong and Yoochun with a questioning look on his face.

“That just looks like a bowl of flour…”

Junsu and Yoochun make identical sounds of disgust while Jaejoong merely chuckles as he reaches over for the smaller bowl next to the bowl of flour.

“Well, we were just measuring out the sugar and flour when you two came in.” Jaejoong cracks a couple of eggs into the bowl as he talks. “And now I’ll just beat the eggs and then we can make the dough.” He picks up a pair of steel chopsticks and starts beating the eggs as he speaks, in his element now as cooking is something he loves doing. “Yoochun-ah, can you melt that stick of butter.” He nods towards the butter sitting in yet another bowl on the counter.

“That’s ok, I’ll get it. How long for?” Junsu sends a brilliant grin Micky’s way as he swipes the bowl before the other man can get hold of it.

Jaejoong hums as he picks out a tiny piece of shell from his beaten egg mixture. “15 seconds should do it.”

Junsu’s brow wrinkles at the extremely short time given. Yunho is no help as he just shrugs and turns back to watch Jaejoong beat the two eggs into total submission. The scene is so domestic it’s warming his heart. There is still flour on the beautiful man’s face and he is itching to do the same thing Junsu does with Micky. However, they are nowhere close to that level of intimacy yet and Yunho can only stare at the little puffs of white on his nose and left temple, fingers twitching to wipe at it but knowing it’ll probably makes things really awkward if he does. Soon, he tells himself. Soon he’ll be able to do it.

A loud pop interrupts the sound of Jaejoong beating the eggs, quickly followed by a squeaky yelp as all four are startled from their thoughts.

“Yah! I said 15 seconds. How long did you put it in for?”

Junsu is standing sheepishly next to the now open microwave door, streaks of yellow on the inside, remnants of the exploding stick of butter.

“It didn’t seem long enough…”

Yoochun cannot help but laugh. Jaejoong’s expression is incredulous while Junsu is looking quite lost as he stares at his now dirty microwave and at the bowl of butter in his hands, his gaze just moving back and forth between the two, the wrinkles in his brow get deeper as he scrunches his nose in confusion. Yoochun moves to take the bowl from Junsu, patting the man on the back of his hand reassuringly before heading back to the counter and tipping the contents into the bowl of flour and sugar. Jaejoong follows suit with his bowl of beaten eggs.

“Should I clean this up?” Junsu is still standing by the microwave, looking like a lost puppy. He is really not cut out for being in the kitchen and hopes the next task he gets given or volunteers for is a lot easier.

Jaejoong sends a soft smile his way, eyes glinting with humour but he doesn’t tease the poor man. “Get a paper towel and wipe it all up and then a quick once-over with a warm soapy sponge and you should be fine.” After giving those instructions, he turns back to the large bowl in front of him. He needs to use his hands to mix the ingredients up but he is wearing one of his favourite rings and he really doesn’t want to get it dirty. He tugs at the platinum band, pulling it off his finger and he’s about to place it on the counter when a palm appears out of nowhere.

“Here, I’ll keep it safe for you.”

Jaejoong doesn’t really think much of it as he drops his ring into the waiting palm. But instead of putting it in his pocket like he’d expect him to do, Yunho slips the thin band onto his pinky finger, the ring going on easily. It is slightly loose but his knuckles are over-large and it stops the metal band from slipping off. Jaejoong stares at the ring and then turns his gaze up to Yunho who meets him with a smile. Does he not understand the implication of what he’s just done? His mind is running away from him. If a woman’s ring fits on her partner’s pinky finger, they are meant to be. Of course Jaejoong isn’t a woman but don’t the same rules apply since he’s gay anyway? Oh wait, that’s the kicker isn’t it. He’s gay but Yunho sure as hell isn’t. He doesn’t realise he’s scowling as he turns to wash his hands in the kitchen sink before dipping them into the bowl and starts mixing everything together.

Yunho is curious as to the thoughts running through Jaejoong’s head. His face is like an open book. He reads confusion, hope, maybe even desire, before it is all erased by consternation followed by a scowl. He’s not entirely sure how that works though because scowling? The man is suddenly at least twice as attractive as before and Yunho would be lying if he didn’t feel that familiar low tug in his belly. What the hell is going on? He thinks Jaejoong scowling is a turn on. Ok, no wait, back the hell up. How did he jump from finding the man attractive to being turned on?

He exhales loudly and goes around Jaejoong and Yoochun to help Junsu clean the microwave, his thoughts a jumble in his head. This is going a little too fast for him. He’s only just getting used to the idea of liking a man. Getting turned on by him is a totally different ball game and Yunho really doesn’t want to go there just yet. The whole situation is ridiculously fucked up. He has no idea where to begin to unravel this impossibly tangled web he finds himself in with Jaejoong. But he is really at a loss as to how to bring it up with the man because on the one hand, Jaejoong is lying and on the other, so is he. In fact, he cannot actually decide who is more in the wrong, right now because last night has absolutely changed everything. Jaejoong slept with him as Jejuko, thus deceiving him. Yunho slept with Jejuko, with almost full certainty that she was Jaejoong. What the hell? His head is really starting to fucking hurt.

“I think you can stop wiping that spot now.”

Junsu’s amused voice penetrates his baleful thoughts.

“The microwave is cleaner than it’s ever been. Who would’ve thought you liked cleaning? We must have company round more often, eh?”

Chuckles echo around him as Yunho goes to drop the paper towel he is holding into the trash. His back is to the other three and he doesn’t want to turn around just yet. He’s not sure what he wants anymore. It all seemed simple this morning. Well, simpler. But now he’s not sure. Is he attracted to Jejuko or Jaejoong? Is he going to spend the next however long being confused? Should he confront the man or wait for him to make the first move? Jaejoong basically led all the way last night and Yunho was happy to give him that responsibility but in their little party of four, he’s the only one who knows the whole truth. He assumes Yoochun is part of the switching idea and Junsu is clueless. So what now? His head is really starting to actually hurt and so he leaves to go to the bathroom in search of some aspirin, almost sighing in relief to be away from the cheerful voices and the laughter that fills the kitchen.

After downing two painkillers dry, Yunho stares at himself in the mirror. There is a slightly wild look in his eyes that he really needs to shake off before returning to the kitchen. He runs his hands through his hair before dropping them into the sinkful of water that he’d filled earlier and a loud clinking sound startles him. He lifts his left hand and sees Jaejoong’s ring on it. He stares at the simple ring, and then moves to fiddle with it and is surprised to find that it is actually a reasonable fit for his pinky. He spins it idly as he looks back up at his reflection, the movement seems to be comforting as he can actually see the tension slowly melting away from his face the longer he plays with the ring.

He strips off his top and washes his face with the cool water in the sink, before dipping a cloth in it and giving himself a sponge bath of sorts. He’s just feeling a little overheated and wiping himself down with the washcloth is almost cathartic as he lets his thoughts calm down. His phone vibrates in his pocket just as he pulls the plug in the sink and he perches on the edge of the tub as he reads the text.

Dude, where’d you go? I’m making cookies! ^_^

Yunho chuckles at his friend’s message. Making cookies? More like ruining them but he trusts Jaejoong to be able to wrangle the hopeless mess that is Junsu. He loves his friend dearly but sometimes he does wonder if the dancer slash soccer player is a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket. Either that or he’s the most brilliant person on the planet and is just insanely good at hiding it in order to deceive the world. Ok, now his thoughts are going in weird directions again. What the heck? He shakes his head ruefully as he moves to drape the damp washcloth around his neck before typing a reply.

Headache. Just took some pills and cooling off. I’ll be out in a minute.

His phone vibrates almost instantly back.

Headache? Is that what you’re calling it these days? I saw you checking out Jaejoong’s ass. Don’t lie.

Yunho frowns at his phone but he knows Junsu is kidding. At least he hopes he’s kidding because he really doesn’t recall checking out Jaejoong’s ass even though he won’t put it past himself to do it by accident.

Your ass eclipses all other asses. I only have eyes for you.

The response is immediate.

Well, you had your chance but you blew it :P HURRY UP AND COME OUT ALREADY!

And Yunho is left wondering if his friend is really as clueless as he makes him out to be…

AN: Alright, this story got massively cockblocked because I lost my muse. More like I had no idea who the hell my muse was tbh. I was actually re-inspired to write this a couple of nights ago and then JaeMin came along and cockblocked. Basically, Changmin is the biggest Jejuko cockblocker on the planet. Noona is not pleased Min-ah :P

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