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[6a] Dazed and Confused

Title: Dazed and Confused
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot (in two parts)
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Today is a big day. It is Changmin’s final photo shoot before his hiatus and also their first ultrasound appointment. Yunho is there to provide support but as always, his young wife is a little too much to resist.

AN1: Part two is not completed yet unfortunately as I’m just flat out busy (17hr days!!!). I really thought this was all going to fit nicely in one post but clearly, my muse had other plans and this became far longer than I’d intended. So what’s new? I really need to muzzle my bratty!Changmin muse. So thanks to the brat, you won’t get the hospital appointment till later this weekend or even next week. No prizes for guessing which shoot is Changmin’s last :P

AN2: This entire installment (parts 1 and 2) is dedicated to Eryneu my blood sisturrrrr ;-) Not to be confused with my twin :P

Yunho checks his wristwatch, impatiently tapping at the leather arm rest, as the town car moves through the busy Seoul streets. It is Changmin’s final photo shoot today before going on hiatus till after he has the baby, although his wife has confided in him recently that he’d much rather go to college than back to modeling. Due to the early showing of his pregnancy, he’s going on hiatus a lot earlier than Jaejoong had done but Yunho has no cause for complaint. If his wife wants to go to college, he’d be more than happy to support him. Yunho smiles to himself, thinking about the last couple of weeks. Nothing has changed very much since that fateful evening at the Park mansion, his young wife still as willful as ever, still as sarcastic, still as prickly, probably worse in fact.

They have not said those words again to each since that night but with Changmin, actions have always spoken louder than words. In the past, when the teenager is very much annoyed with Yunho’s penchant for messiness, he’d pick an empty guest room and dump everything he finds in there; as haphazardly and as unceremoniously as possibly. It actually took Yunho almost six months to discover the existence of this room and when he did, it resulted in their first major fight since getting married. Sometimes he has the sneaking suspicion that his wife flies through the apartment, collecting everything that “doesn’t belong”, opens the door to that bedroom and just tosses whatever he’s holding into it. After a few rows over missing documents, favourite items of clothing that somehow manage to vanish, leaking fountain pens, damp towels and half empty food cartons that make the room smell, Yunho’s learned to leave well enough alone and started picking up after himself. He still makes it a habit to check that particular guest room every evening to see if there’s something he should’ve put away. Finding rotten food in the middle of a five million won day bed is not something he’d care to repeat. However in the last couple of weeks, instead of the usual assortment of his “crumbs”, the room has been conspicuously empty. At first, he wasn’t sure if he’s just been extra careful, but when he purposefully left books lying around in the kitchen and his jacket and tie draped over a dining chair one night, he fully expected them to be in that room. Instead, he finds the tie hanging in the closet, jacket gone but a new ticket for the dry cleaners on the vanity, and his books all put in their exact location on the shelves in his library. He doesn’t mention it to his wife, repeating his experiment again the next night by leaving a full bag of smelly gym clothes by the front door, and again, the room is empty and everything he’s left lying around are where they should be; his gym clothes in the laundry, the duffle bag emptied and aired, his shoes on the shoe rack.

However, his snark and tendency towards brattiness is still very much in evidence, his young wife appearing to be more confident in his barbs, growing more secure in Yunho’s affections when they don’t waiver. In truth, Changmin’s defiance amuses him and is one of the reasons he fell in love with the headstrong teenager. It’s nice not to be feared in his own home, to be called to task every now and again, to be answerable to someone rather than no one. Yunho will never admit it to anyone but if push comes to shove, he will defer to his young wife if it will make the man happy. Within reason of course. Changmin keeps him in check like no one else can or even dares to and Yunho can always depend on him to be unfailingly honest, unflinching to the consequences of his honesty, and unwaveringly loyal. As the car slows down to pull into a parking lot, Yunho realises that he has trusted his wife for a very long time with everything, and now the teenager holds his heart in trust as well.

He shakes his head from the sappy thoughts, smiling ruefully to himself and wondering if he’s getting soft in his old age. He chuckles at that, because the thought reminds him of how his little brat keeps calling him “old man”. Old man indeed. Maybe he should start calling Changmin “little brat” and see how he likes it and his lips quirk as his mind drifts in a pleasant direction, namely what happens when his wife is indignant. He still gets phantom pains in his shoulder from the younger man’s need to push the boundaries of their sex life. Speaking of which, Yunho is looking forward to seeing Changmin’s doctor to have a word about that, because his wife’s penchant for aggression in the bedroom is cause for concern in his current condition, and he’s not sure if continuing the way they have been is a good idea. They are going to the hospital after the photo shoot for his 12 week check up and ultrasound and Yunho is more excited about it than he’s let on so far.

The car finally comes to a halt in front of the studio where the shoot is being held and Yunho instructs the driver to come back in two hours as he leaves the car and bright sunshine to head into the large building. Yunho has only been to a handful of photo shoots, his work not allowing him to conveniently attend the somewhat erratic schedules his supermodel wife keeps. However, he has cleared his day to be here for Changmin, who doesn’t actually know he is coming.

The studio is in a controlled form of chaos as he enters. People running about, barely noticing him as they continue on with whatever it is they’re doing. A tall, good looking man is not out of place there and no one pays him any mind. Yunho won’t claim to know anything about this life, the bright lights, the cameras, the constant vapid chatter in the background, all those people constantly touching his wife. He finds the handsome teenager easily enough, the tall man standing a good head over most around him. He is currently even taller as he’s standing on a small trampoline, chatting amiably to the photographer as he bounces idly up and down. He’s wearing a flowing white shirt, oddly patterned pants, and a black sash around his waist that has silver dangly strands coming off it. Yunho quirks an amused eyebrow at the outfit, deciding he will never understand fashion. Changmin looks gorgeous as always but really, would anyone leave the house dressed like that? Especially that weird sash thing? His eyes roam quickly down over his wife’s lanky body, and then back up those endlessly long legs, when he stops at the sash and stares hard. Maybe the outfit isn’t meant to look like that? Changmin’s visible pregnancy is currently hidden by that black sash, the silver dangly bits off it probably serving to distract from the tiny bump that Yunho can make out from where he is standing.

He is distracted when his wife is joined by a pretty female model with a beehive hairdo that Yunho is pretty sure went out of style when he was a kid but again, what does he know about fashion? Changmin still hasn’t noticed him yet but that doesn’t bother him. He wants to watch his wife in his element. A smile tugs at his lips as the younger man laughs at something one of the stylists says, as he prepares to be photographed. Yunho looks over the female model critically, feeling a little sorry for her because his wife outshines her by a mile. He knows the exact moment when Changmin realises he is watching because he suddenly smirks, spoiling the shot. The brat doesn’t bother to even meet his eyes but his hand over the small curve of his belly is enough of an acknowledgement for Yunho.

By now, others have also noticed his presence and a chair and refreshments offered to him, but Yunho turns them all down. He is really just here for his wife and he doesn’t want to be distracted from him. He leans against a far wall, watching the goings-ons, feeling an irrational pang of jealousy when his wife holds hands with the girl when a flash right in his face startles him.

“You’re very photogenic.”

“Excuse me?” He stares at the tall, older woman he vaguely recognises as someone important in Changmin’s modeling agency. She is holding a digital camera and busy peering into the tiny screen before looking up and winking at him.

“You and your wife are a very striking couple. My sister is really sad to lose him. She shed many a tear.” The woman chuckles before turning back to her camera.

Ah, no wonder she looks familiar. He smiles and holds out his hand but instead of taking it, she lifts up her camera and once again snaps a shot, blinding Yunho momentarily. He really has no idea how Changmin does this on a regular basis as he blinks hard, trying to regain his eye sight.

“One would think you’d be used to the flash by now. You certainly are photographed enough at the airports and various society functions.”

“I’m usually prepared for the shots, and I’m usually wearing sunglasses at the airport,” comes the rueful reply as Yunho eyes the strange woman. He’s heard of the eccentric, world-renowned photographer, older sibling to the head of Changmin’s modeling agency, but has never actually met her in person. He is distracted once again when he sees Changmin jumping up and down from the corner of his eye and he turns to give his wife his full attention once again, frowning slightly when the camera director tells him to jump a little higher.

“All that bouncing won’t hurt the baby. Don’t worry about it.”

“He bounced a lot harder last night.” Yunho speaks without really thinking about what he’s saying, talking more to himself really and is snapped out of his thoughts by a loud, husky laugh and he turns back to the older woman.

“Oh to be young again.” She chuckles as she watches the tall, imposing man look slightly chagrined when he realises why she is laughing. I’m Lea.” She finally offers a hand and Yunho takes it, bending over to press a quick kiss to the back of it, smirking up at her as he straightens.

“Ah, a boy with manners. You’re few and far between I have to say. Your stunning wife over there has beautiful manners too.”

Yunho bristles slightly at being referred to as a “boy” but he knows the woman is in her 50s and so he lets it pass. He does snort at her comment about Changmin’s manners though, earning himself yet another flash in the face as she snaps yet another photo.

“You should model. We need more men who actually look like men in this industry. Everyone these days are far too pretty, your wife included. You’re almost ridiculously photogenic.” She exclaims as she looks at the screen, frowning at the shot she’s just taken. “I snapped that when you snorted and the photo still looks good. Most people can’t be photographed straight on. Everyone has their “right angles” but I’ve taken three different angles and I’ve yet to find a wrong angle on you.”

“I’m going to be polite and pretend I know what you’re talking about,” he smiles at the older woman who huffs at him.

“Turn. I want to take a profile shot.”

Yunho has no idea why he’s complying to the strange woman’s demand but he is feeling indulgent today and so he turns. He is met by his wife’s amused face, arms folded across his chest, that damnable eyebrow quirked as usual as he tries to hide a smile. Yunho wrinkles his nose in response and Lea exclaims yet again as she snaps the shot. His attention momentarily diverted as he looks at her, long enough for his wife to sidle up behind him, wrapping long arms around his waist as he whispers a greeting into his ear.

“You look edible, old man.”

If Changmin were Jaejoong, he’d be squealing in happiness right now, but thankfully, the supermodel isn’t his friend and instead of squealing, he chooses to tease his husband instead. He is more than surprised to see the striking figure of the older man out of the corner of his eye while shooting with A Ra. Choi A Ra not Go Ara. He’d be more likely to break her hand than hold it had it been Go Ara.

Yunho stiffens, in more ways than one, as the low whisper caresses his ear and he suddenly wants nothing more than to drag his naughty young wife into an empty back room right this second, photo shoot bedamned. Before he can reply, another flash goes off in his face and he’s starting to get irritated by the entire thing. Honestly, why won’t the woman stop?

“Mmmmm… I think you might want this photo.” Lea smirks as she hands over her camera to Changmin who grins at her and takes it, as his husband doesn’t seem too inclined to move.

Changmin turns the camera over so both he and Yunho can see the screen and he is quietly stunned. Is his expression that obvious? Even he can see love on his own face while his husband looks…like he is contemplating debauchery as usual; specifically, his debauchery. He cannot contain the eye roll he does just then.

The photo is a simple shot, black and white and taken from chest upwards. Changmin is resting his cheek and chin on Yunho’s shoulder, head tilted with his face angled towards his husband, a tiny smile playing on his lips as he looks at the older man’s profile. Words that come to mind to describe the look in his eyes include fond, loving, happy, among other nausea-inducing sentiments. Changmin winces inwardly, wondering where his supermodel training has gone. Why is he wearing his feelings on his face when he’s kept them hidden for so long? He looks at the photo again and despite his initial surprise, has to agree with Lea. He wants this photo. In it, Yunho has his face half turned to Changmin as if trying to catch what he is saying. His eyes are cast downward but there is enough of his profile to see the wicked smirk playing about his lips. He definitely looks like he’s contemplating some form of depravity. Changmin has a rather good idea as to what that might be to and for a moment, his mind skips ahead, wondering if they can steal away to his dressing room.

However, as pleasant as those thoughts are, he is at work and is rather rudely reminded of it when Iwa comes by, tugging on his arm, taking the camera from him and returning it to Lea, and saying she needs to touch up his makeup while he gets changed for the final shoot. She nods a greeting to the woman and stares overlong at Yunho but says nothing to him as she pulls a rather reluctant Changmin with her. Yunho scowls in their wake, a little annoyed that he hasn’t even gotten a chance to kiss his wife. He follows their progress till they disappear behind a door, feeling a tiny burst of happiness in his chest when his Changmin turns back for one last look just as the door slams.

“I’d like to do a photo shoot with the two of you.”

Yunho turns his head back to Lea, momentarily forgetting where he is. The scowl is still firmly in place though as he eyes the smirking older woman. He simply quirks an eyebrow at her in question, causing her to chuckle.

“Both of you look incredible together. Almost painfully photogenic. It seems like such a waste not to capture it for the world to see. What say you?”

“This is his final photo shoot.” Yunho starts but is cut off as she waves her hand airily, as if dismissing his words.

“This is not a job. I just think the world needs to see how good the two of you look together outside grimy tabloid pages. I have no idea where or when the photos will surface but I can promise it will be with a respected magazine and you will have all the proofs.”

Yunho stays silent, and Lea huffs at him.

“Unless you want it to be a Vanity Fair type pregnancy shot, I’d suggest agreeing to it sooner rather than later.”

“What if I don’t wish to be photographed?”

Lea stares at Yunho in disbelief. “Do you know who I am? People pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for me to consult on a shoot and much much much more for me to actually take the photographs. I’m offering you this opportunity out of the goodness of my heart!” Her tone is indignant and she is starting to rethink the man’s manners. Surely he’s joking.

Yunho has to chuckle at the irate woman. He remembers that quick shot she captured of Changmin and himself. He wants that photo for his desk at work.

“Send me that photo you took of us and get in touch with my secretary tomorrow to arrange the details.”

Lea eyes the autocratic man. She knows of Jung Yunho. Who doesn’t? The man has his finger in a lot of pies in South Korea and most of East Asia. But what she just witnessed is a man in love with his wife and she is itching to capture that on film. It is beautiful to see and she’s always had a discerning eye. She’s also heard of their recent troubles and if the “message” Jung Yunho sent out two weeks ago isn’t crystal clear enough, the look in his eyes when he looks at his young wife should be the perfect accompaniment to ensure that everyone knows he is not joking. A slight commotion outside Changmin’s dressing room draws the man’s attention from her once again but this time she slips away quietly, already having secured what she desired.

Yunho sees the dark head of his wife, mouth twitching slightly to try and hide the smirk as he takes the younger man in. He is wearing a grey blazer but nothing underneath, the deep V stopping just before reaching “danger territory”. Suddenly, the head pops up even higher and Yunho is vastly amused to see Changmin move through the crowd as if on wheels. His wife turns to look in his direction and winks and Yunho licks his lips in reply, smirking when his brat rolls his eyes and turns his back on him. He moves closer to the scene of the shoot and finds the reason for Changmin’s fluid movement and sudden increase in height. A skateboard. Yet again another frown mars his features as he wonders how safe that will be. And yet again he is distracted when Changmin turns around to face the camera, this time with a lollipop in his mouth as he sucks on it rather enthusiastically.

Yunho cannot contain the groan that escapes and he is thankful for the hustle and bustle because the sound he just made is rather embarrassing as his pants start to tighten. He scans the room, wondering where the safest place will be to keep an eye on his wife and not embarrass himself. He watches as Changmin chats with several people fiddling with his clothes and hair, all the while sucking nonchalantly on his lollipop, ignoring his husband. Yunho knows he is doing it on purpose but there’s nothing he can do about it, as he watches those lips form around the round head of the lollipop and he is transported back to last night and his pants tighten even more and he is now a little desperate to find a safe place. He is thankful he hasn’t removed his jacket and he moves to button it up, the length of it covering his growing erection. He moves to the far right of the room, giving him a good view of the scene from the side.

Changmin is idly flipping the skateboard as he listens to the cameraman’s instructions, closing his eyes obediently as Iwa does a quick spray of his hair, muttering under her breath about his mop of hair and how it’s ridiculously hard to tame. He simply smiles, extremely glad that this is the final scene for the day and his final shoot ever. Well, for the next year at least. He has absolutely no intention of leaving his baby with a sitter and so the trophy wife will become a housewife, even if only temporarily. He wrinkles his nose at the thought, earning himself an exclamation from Iwa who is currently trying to do a final touch up to his face and he mumbles an apology around his lollipop. He has no idea where Yunho is in the room but he knows the man has his eyes on him. He can practically feel them as he smirks to himself, popping the lollipop out and then back into his mouth, and then out again, his lips forming a pout as the sugary sphere leaves his mouth and he licks at his sticky lips, staring innocently out into the sea of people, unseeing, but fully aware of his actions.

The cameraman says something to Changmin and Yunho watches as his wife crouches down, foot on the edge of the skateboard to tilt it up as he stares into the camera, fingering and twirling the stem of his lollipop, popping the damn sweet in and out of his mouth, as the flashes go off in his face. He doesn’t bat an eyelid as he moves around, his blazer shifting with his movements, exposing more of his chest, those pecs, and Yunho is seriously ready to jump up to haul his wife away. But he grits his teeth and composes himself, wondering if all his shoots are like this somehow and if they were, Yunho is more than happy to see the end of them. He looks around the room at the men and women staring at his wife, staring at those sinful lips wrapped around the lollipop and he growls. He knows he’s being irrationally jealous and this is his wife’s job, but seeing everyone eyeing Changmin as if he’s some sort of treat is really something Yunho can very well do without. He remembers his last jealous outburst and how close he was to losing Changmin and he calms down. And as if his wife senses his thoughts, the younger man finally turns his way, meeting his eyes and the smile he sends Yunho’s way is a promise of more to come.

Changmin realises his rather transparent method of teasing his husband is also sending half the room into a bit of a frenzy when he looks up and sees both men and women gaping at him, as if entranced. He tones down his rather avid sucking of his lollipop but the damage has been done. Having noticed Yunho’s placement in the room a little earlier, he turns towards him, sending him a smile that speaks volumes. He hopes it’s enough to calm the older man down in the meantime as he keeps posing.

After another half hour, the photographer finally halts the shoot, gesturing for him to come round to look at the photos. Inwardly, Changmin is dancing a jig. This is really getting ridiculous. If he’s not careful, his inner thoughts are going to manifest themselves outwardly and that will be the end of him. The enigma that is Changmin, aloof and impassive, international supermodel, reduced to a giggly, giddy, teenage wife. Yes, that cannot happen. He looks over the photos carefully, making comments here and there. Lea is back and agreeing with most of the comments he’s made, and expressing her sadness about losing him. However there is a twinkle in her eye as they finally wrap up the shoot and she hugs him, whispering a “see you soon” in his ear before kissing his cheek and winking at him.

Changmin barely has time to wonder about what she said before his hand is grabbed and he is stumbles after Yunho, who is making quick time with his long strides across the studio, heading outside. Changmin’s duffle already in hand.

“Yunho! Yunho, stop! I need to change!”

“I spoke to whoever it is that owns those clothes and they’re now yours,” comes the curt answer. Yunho not even bothering to turn around to look at his wife.

Changmin’s expression is almost comical as he stares at the back of his husband’s head. He still has the stick of lollipop in his mouth, the sugary sphere all but gone and he chews on the end as he is hurried out into the sunlight. He sees the waiting town car with the driver dressed smartly in his black uniform and he rolls his eyes. Guess it’s too much to ask to be taken to the hospital like a normal patient. He nods in acknowledgement to the man who opens the door for him, and he disappears into the spacious interior, not waiting for Yunho who has stopped to talk to the driver. He immediately heads for the bar fridge, looking for some ginger ale as he’s feeling a little nauseous, not to mention the fact that he’s been told to come to the appointment with a full bladder.

He’s already chugged down half a bottle when Yunho enters the car, jacket off. He tosses both the duffle and his jacket into the seat opposite him as he lounges in the back seat, legs spread and stretched out ahead of him, crowding Changmin.

Yunho doesn’t say anything as he stares at his young wife. The car starts moving slowly but he doesn’t really pay much attention to it as he watches Changmin take a long swallow of his ginger ale, those lips wrapped around the mouth of the bottle as he tilts his head back, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows down the brown liquid. He watches in fascination as a trickle spills over the side of his mouth, down his chin, past his jaw and down his neck. Yunho’s eyes follow the progress of the little trail till it disappears into the V of Changmin’s blazer, slightly displeased that his position in the car is not affording him the best view of his wife. He shifts slightly, aware of how tight his pants are, wondering if the younger man has noticed the rather obvious tent in his pants. However the teenager has yet to look his way since he entered, seemingly extremely absorbed with finishing his bottle of drink.

And finish he does, his lips coming off the top of the glass bottle with a rather obscene pop which elicits a smirk from the younger man and right then, Yunho knows his wife is fully aware of his actions. He is married to the biggest and brattiest tease on this side of Asia, he’s sure of it. He watches the younger man turn towards him, eyebrow cocked as always, lips quirked into a very knowing smile, his eyes dancing with mirth as Yunho growls and leans forward to haul his wife into the back seat with him.

Changmin is trying very hard not to laugh. Yunho’s breathing pattern had changed when he’d purposefully let some ginger ale slip out the side of his mouth, the cold liquid running a trail down his neck. The joke’s on him though at that point because the tiny stream flows directly over his extremely sensitive nipple and he almost chokes on his moan which he disguises by removing his lips from the mouth of the bottle rather loudly. He discards the bottle and turns toward his husband, eyebrow raised in challenge as he smirks, unable to hide his amusement as he takes in the bulge in Yunho’s pants. He is unsurprised when Yunho swiftly pulls him to the seat next to him but Changmin doesn’t want to be beside Yunho. He pushes his husband back when he tries to lean in for a kiss, moving to straddle the older man quickly, pressing down on his husband’s erection as he runs his hand up the back of Yunho’s head, fisting his hair as their mouths meet.

Yunho discovers exactly what flavour lollipop Changmin was sucking on as he sweeps his tongue into the teenager’s mouth, massaging and licking at his tongue. Strawberry cream.

Their kisses grow wetter, lengthier, and somewhat stickier. Yunho is determined to taste his wife thoroughly and Changmin can’t seem to get enough of his husband either. Knowing that the busy man has taken time off to come visit him on set means a lot to the younger man and for the second time in as many weeks, he lets his guard down.

The sounds his wife is making is driving him crazy. Changmin is moaning needily into his mouth as Yunho sucks on his tongue, rubbing his erection against his belly, movements becoming increasingly frantic. His hands have thoroughly mussed up his hair both hands in them now, while Yunho’s own hands have been scratching lightly up and down the smooth skin under the grey blazer. He reluctantly moves his mouth away, trailing his tongue along the corner of Changmin’s mouth, following the slightly sticky trail left by the ginger ale earlier. Realising his intention, the teenager moves his hands from his hair to lock around the back of his neck as he leans back slightly, eyes closed, mouth parted as soft gasps escape his lips as Yunho’s wet mouth runs a hot trail down his throat, nipping at his collarbone before undoing his blazer. He keeps going lower, licking around one puckered nipple, chuckling lightly.

“What’s so funny, old man?”

Changmin’s voice is breathy, no fire behind his words as they’re usually wont to contain. He opens his eyes and tilts his head down to meet amused brown eyes. Eyes that stare up at him as Yunho leans forward to capture a nipple, his tongue licking the perky nub and the keening moan that leaves Changmin’s mouth is loud indeed. He struggles to contain himself but his nipples have been really sensitive since that morning and god, Yunho’s hot mouth is driving him crazy. He rocks desperately against his husband, urging for more as he presses against the clothed erection he feels under him. He really cannot wait this time. They’re on a time limit as it is. Fuck the appointment.

“S-stop. Yun.-ah…s-stop!”

Yunho’s response is to lick harder, a tiny nip sending Changmin rocking backwards, away from the tormenting mouth. He moves off to the side, only one leg stretched across Yunho’s lap as he buries his face against the leather seats, feeling extremely overheated and struggling to contain himself. He remembers what Jaejoong was like at the end of his first trimester, constantly horny as all fuck and well, now he knows that that feels like. Though really, he is feeling seriously cockblocked right now and wonders if it’s too late to ring his doctor to ask if he can move the appointment an hour later.

Yunho moves to pull his wife back into his lap but Changmin grips his wrist, staying his hand.

“What is it?”

“We don’t have time.”

“We have half an hour, love.”

Changmin’s eyes fly up to meet Yunho’s amused ones. He quirks an eyebrow and then grins as he turns around and hurriedly divests himself of his pants and briefs. Yunho’s laughter is echoing in the confines of the car but Changmin really doesn’t care. He’d laugh too if he wasn’t so damn horny. Now naked from waist down, he straddles Yunho’s lap once again, growling when he realises Yunho is still very much fully clothed. He lifts himself up and fumbles with the buttons on his husband’s pants. When he finally gets them undone, he moans appreciatively when his hand is met by a very hard cock, still hidden behind cloth but Yunho is wearing boxers, not briefs. However before he can reach in for his prize, Yunho grips his cock, pumping hard and Changmin promptly becomes legless, dropping back hard in his husband’s lap.

His gorgeous wife is whining as he tries to free Yunho’s cock while practically seated on it and the squirming with low groans interjected every now and then increase his amusement with the younger man as well as his lust. He can see Changmin’s growing impatience as he struggles to try and pull his cock out from the confines of his boxers, but is unsuccessful thus far because his grip keeps faltering every time Yunho thumbs his slit.

“I want your fucking cock now, damn it! Let me have it!”

Changmin is not above begging and he really wants to smack his husband when the man just laughs at him. But before he can actualise his mental punch, the older man cups the back of his head and pulls him in for a hard kiss while his other hand cups his ass, lifting him up even as he slides down in the leather seats so Changmin is sitting on his belly. He loses himself in the kiss, content to assume his husband is finally going to get moving even though their position right now is slightly awkward as he hunches over him.

Yunho frees his cock swiftly, the head already slick with moisture which he collects with a fingertip before pressing his finger slowly against Changmin’s convulsing opening. The younger man moans loudly against his mouth as he wiggles his hips and tries to press down, to swallow that probing finger but Yunho will not let him, moving his hand down from his wife’s hair to grip his ass tightly as he slips a finger in just up to the first knuckle and swirls it around. The urgent mewling from the teenager grows as he ruts himself against his belly, but his movements are restricted by Yunho’s grip on his ass and his whining increases.

Changmin’s patience is starting to wear very thin as he nips hard at Yunho’s bottom lip.

“We don’t have all fucking afternoon, old man. I swear to god if you don’t fuck me now I am going to scream and then you can explain to the driver why you’re trying to murder your wife in the middle of the afternoon.”

Yunho simply smirks and pushes in further, his index finger disappearing completely up Changmin’s clenching ass and the younger man gasps and rocks his hips down as best he can.

“You’re going to have to promise to be quiet, love.” Yunho murmurs against his wife’s panting mouth. “Are you going to be a good boy and be quiet?” He punctuates every couples of words with a rough rotation of his finger, brushing against Changmin’s prostate but it is always merely a fleeting touch. The teenager growls in response, still desperately trying to fuck himself on the solitary finger buried in his ass but Yunho is far stronger that his young wife. “Will you be quiet for me?” Yunho drags his mouth away from those sweet lips, licking his way down his throat because Changmin has long lost any interest in kissing. The man is making gasping sounds now and Yunho is delighting in teasing him. However he finally loses the game when he looks back up and Changmin turns his hot eyes on him, practically fucking him with one heated glance, eyes full not only of lust but love with a tinge of desperation.

Yunho pulls his finger out and the whine from Changmin is very loud as he continues to rub himself against Yunho’s belly, the precum from his leaking cock leaving wet spots on Yunho’s white shirt. He digs into his pocket for the bottle of lube he’d pocketed from Changmin’s duffle earlier after a quick look through his toiletry bag and the sigh of relief from his teenage wife elicits yet another low chuckle from himself. His wife’s eyes are bright with anticipation as he eyes the bottle almost hungrily as Yunho pops the lid and quickly lubes up three fingers.

Changmin gets up on his knees, head bent against the roof of the car, still astride his husband as Yunho uses one hand to pull aside an ass cheek while the hand with the lubed fingers prods at his entrance. He grits his teeth as Yunho slips two fingers in quickly, shaking his head at the older man when he sends an apologetic look his way. Changmin is so horny he can barely see straight as he screws himself down on those beautiful long fingers. In less than a minute, a third finger joins the two and his head falls back as his breath hitches. Those fingers pump in and out of his body deep and fast and he can feel that pre-emptive tug low in his belly that starts to spread and spiral hard and fast towards his groin. He leans up further and reaches down to catch Yunho’s wrist, shaking his head, eyes full of desperation as he pulls out his fingers. The loss of those fingers causes him to whimper in need but he has a better alternative.

Yunho can see the urgency in his wife’s eyes and he quickly lubes up his cock. Changmin’s bobbing erection is such a distraction though and he wishes they had more time because he really wants to savour the man but as it is, they’re quickly running out of time. He barely manages to slick his length once before Changmin knocks his hand roughly away, and directs the tip to his waiting body.

Changmin sinks slowly onto the older man’s cock, his lower lip ripped to shreds between his teeth as he fills himself, burning eyes on Yunho. They just stare at each other, Yunho grunting as his wife’s body tries to accommodate his girth and length. He is just so fucking tight it feels like a vice grip on his swollen appendage as Changmin’s walls press tight all around him as he slides down his length slowly, tiny little hitches of breath escaping between his teeth in a hiss. Yunho can feel his wife’s legs trembling on either side of him and he moves to cup his ass, spreading the cheeks, holding him up. Supporting him. When he is finally fully seated, he just stops and they gaze at each other.

The teenager watches as his husband’s lips suddenly quirk into a ghost of a smile, his eyes never leaving his as he lifts him up using the strength in his arms alone, with no help from Changmin, almost pulling him completely off his cock. Changmin can feel his body protesting the movement, the slow drag of his walls and his clenching hole trying desperately to hold on to that length, to hold it in. He doesn’t fight it though.

“Min-ah…remember what I said.”

The younger man’s eyes are huge as he stares, suppressing a groan as his husband drops his hips slowly even as he rolls his own hips upwards to meet Changmin’s. His mouth drops open at the slow undulation because every single movement drags right across that spot within him and his skin is crawling with sparks of electricity with every heavy pass.

“Are you going to be a good boy?”

Changmin doesn’t respond because Yunho’s words are sending a delicious shiver up and down his spine. It is rare that he allows Yunho almost complete dominance, but seeing his husband in his dress shirt, sleeves rolled up exposing his muscular forearms, and that knowing look in his eyes that only comes with age, Changmin is willing to give an inch just this once. The urge to ride the fuck out of the older man though is just skittering about on the edges of his senses and he is holding on by a thread.

Yunho hooks a hand around Changmin’s neck and pulls him down for a deep, almost brutal kiss as he starts to pound his hips upwards into his wife, one hand still a vice grip on his hip and controlling the younger man’s movements. Their mouths are pressed together but the bouncing results in more clashing of teeth than is usual and Changmin finally rips his mouth away, his eyes almost black with lust as he bounces on Yunho’s cock.

The older man licks his lips, tasting his wife, tasting the sweet ginger ale that still lingers in his mouth and that tantalising hint of strawberry cream that drives him crazy. His runs his hands up Changmin’s chest, pushing the open blazer off his shoulders and his wife complies by shrugging it off, not losing his rhythm at all as his gasping mewls are becoming much louder. Those pretty dusty pink nipples are exposed to his sight and Yunho leans forward to capture one in his mouth, tugging lightly, satisfied with the keening wail that comes from the throat of the teenager. The brat is not paying attention, is he? Yunho nips lightly at the perky tip before he pulls off after a last heavy lick. He can feel his climax pooling and building and he really needs for his wife to come soon.

“Such a little brat.” He pulls Changmin forward, holding onto his wife’s lithe body as they rock together. He presses his mouth against his ear, licking the curve. “Such a horny little brat aren’t you, love? Show me how hard you can fuck me.”

The moan that leaves Changmin’s throat at those words is his loudest yet and he grips the back of the leather seats with both hands as his hips snap against Yunho’s. His bounces hard, rocking desperately as he chases his climax as his normally stoic husband whispers dirty filthy words in his ears.

My little fucking brat. You like my riding my cock, don’t you?

Ride me. Fucking ride me, harder.

Your body is so fucking tight. My own little cockwhore.

Changmin is almost crying into Yunho’s shoulder now, desperate to come. He wants his husband’s hands on him. His words are inflaming him like crazy and he knows he is going to come hard but he wants his husband. His sobbing gasps against Yunho’s ear is loud and broken as he rides the man hard, marveling at his stamina and patience because Changmin is about to scream.

“You need to be quiet, love. The driver is not too far away.”


Changmin’s rocking increases in urgency, the slap of their bodies loud but the bubbling moans coming from his throat even louder as he begs.

“What is that, love?” Oh Yunho knows what his wife wants but he’s not about to give it just yet. He’s enjoying every second of that body wrapping around him like a glove. Changmin’s body is made for his.

“P-please t-t-touch me. F-f-uck you, old man. Touch me!”

“Are you going to be a good little boy and be quiet?”

“Y-y-es I’ll be qu-quiet. Please.”

Yunho turns and noses along his wife’s jawline, using a hand to guide his head as their mouths meet once again. The kiss is fierce and very very desperate as he reaches between their bodies to fist Changmin’s neglected cock. As his large hand closes around the weeping member, he thumbs the slit roughly before pumping hard.

The dam bursts as Changmin screams into Yunho’s mouth, his climax almost agonizing as it is ripped from him like a tidal pool sucking him in. He paints Yunho’s shirt white with thick creamy strands but he is uncaring as he exhales into his husband’s waiting mouth, more scream than breath in it as he rides out his orgasm.

Yunho comes almost simultaneously, as Changmin’s body sucks his essence from him, his groan low in his throat and muffled against his wife’s own scream against his lips. Their mouths are still pressed together, each swallowing the sounds from the other, as the car slowly rolls to a stop.

AN: JFC I have no idea what happened but that was fucking long and now I need a cold shower… Sorry if it was too long for some of you lol :P

Part 2

Tags: nc17, pairing:homin, series:the trophy wife

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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