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Jejuko [12/15]

Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: On the home stretch nowwwwww. This story is almost over OTL I know how the next three chapters pan out. The last chapter is already written lol since I knew exactly how this was going to end when I started it. However I still need to write the interim chapters OTL

AN2: Unbeta-ed and i'm super busy. If I leave it, I might not post it so yeah... Forgive any mistakes please! *bats eyelashes*

Jaejoong is exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally. He shuts his door behind him, throws his bag in the corner somewhere and falls facedown on his bed, inhaling deeply and groaning because he can still smell Yunho.

It is Friday and he is quite pleased to see the end of the week. Ever since their dinner on Monday, Yunho has been spending every afternoon and almost every evening with him. Jaejoong is a lot more comfortable with the campus kingka now, but the sexual frustration is almost killing him. However that aside, they spend a great deal of time getting to know each other, finding out that they actually have a lot of shared interests, including music and movie tastes. Even their political views are similar, which is a good thing because Jaejoong is quite the political activist. A quiet, behind-the-scenes type but an activist nonetheless. They were both at a talk on the death penalty yesterday evening, and spent a good four hours after that debating and talking about it, with Yunho playing devil’s advocate. By the time they’d noticed the time, it was well after 2am and the man ends up spending the night. Jaejoong had lain awake all night, crippled by want and terrified to accidentally touch, since Yunho insisted they share the bed.

Remembering the last time they’d shared a bed almost kills him and he is tortured by every little sound that Yunho makes during the night. At one point, the taller man had flung an arm across his waist and Jaejoong had almost moaned in sheer agony as he gingerly lifts the wandering arm by the wrist and deposits it where it rightfully belongs; by Yunho’s side and not across his own body. But oh how natural it felt and as he thinks back on it, he wonders if he should have just feigned sleep and enjoyed the embrace. It’s not like it was he who wrapped Yunho’s arm around his own body. That was all the older man’s doing. Yes, Yunho is older by almost a year, their birthdays only two days apart. They were both extremely amused to find that out, and Yoochun had jokingly suggested they name February 5 “YunJae Day”. Yunho seems to have given the idea some serious thought while Jaejoong merely laughs and dismisses it, though inside he deeply wishes he can claim the man for his own. YunJae Day sounds like something a couple will celebrate. He sighs mournfully as he takes another deep huff of his sheets. He’s never going to change his bedsheets ever. There’s that sweet musky smell that is uniquely Yunho’s and Jaejoong cannot get enough. He closes his eyes as he recalls Yunho stripping down and the somersaults his belly was doing last night. At least he kept his wife beater on. Jaejoong would have been totally lost if he had taken that off too.

So right now, Jaejoong is suffering from the longest case of blue balls in the history of blue balls, unable to relieve himself as the cause of his affliction was with him that morning. He wore his tightest pair of jeans, and overlapped them with another looser pair that’s almost completely ripped up so he gets away with the dual layers even though Yunho chuckles when he sees him, arching an eyebrow and giving him a thumb’s up for his outfit when he runs his eyes up and down his body. That definitely didn’t help Jaejoong’s already painful situation and as he blushes under the scrutiny, he is internally thankful that he’d also worn two pairs of briefs. Yunho had watched him rather closely and Jaejoong is not about to pop an obvious boner in the presence of the man. He will keep it controlled even if it kills him!

He was that desperate to keep it contained, and now he is dying. Yes, he is being melodramatic but at this point, he doesn’t care. He wants Yunho so much and the apparently extremely affectionate man being all touchy feely the whole week has not helped matters at all. They went shopping yesterday before the death penalty talk and the man not only carried his bags, but he had randomly draped a hand on Jaejoong’s hip as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. A hand on another man’s hip. Who does that? Several times he’d thought to ask Yunho if he’s straight or bi but each time he chickened out. And Yunho’s hand on his hip continued to be a burning imprint on him, the heat of it searing his skin even through his clothes. And because of the mental, physical and emotional torment of the previous day and night, it has come to the point where Jaejoong flinches every time Yunho touches him, prompting the latter to ask him that afternoon if Jaejoong dislikes him! How far from the truth that is.

He remembers the hurt in Yunho’s eyes not an hour ago when he runs off straight after class, like the coward he is; the liar he is. He is about to burst from all the emotions and feelings he is holding inside. Yunho is so much more than just a gorgeous face and a lovely personality, and the deception that Jaejoong has played on Yunho is plaguing him, the guilt eating away inside of him. He wonders if his actions from that afternoon will affect their relationship at all. He’s seen a side of Yunho that he’s never seen before and his intelligence, love of life, ability to laugh at himself and just general all round goofiness is extremely endearing. Who would’ve thought the college kingka would be such a down to earth person?

His attention is suddenly drawn away from his morose thoughts by a loud pounding on the door. Jaejoong smiles slightly, knowing that can only be Yoochun. He hasn’t seen much of his best friend this week apart from that lunch where their birthdays had come up. He’s been hanging out with Junsu and him with Yunho. He groans and pulls himself up from the bed as the pounding never lets up, and opens the door for Yoochun just before he practically breaks it down with his hammering.

“Where’s the fire? Calm down, Yoochunnie!”

Yoochun huffs, and pokes Jaejoong in the belly as he walks past his best friend. He throws himself facedown on the bed, and starts making ‘snow angel’ movements on the covers, messing it up.

Jaejoong cocks his head at the odd sight, Yoochun’s butt wiggling weirdly as he makes the cover angels on his bed. He flops down next to him and smacks his ass, causing the younger man to flip over and pull a weird face that only he can.

“How’s it going, stranger? I haven’t seen you in forever.”

Yoochun pouts cutely, his petal mouth in full bloom as he flings himself onto Jaejoong, knocking him back flat on his back with an armful of 135lbs of twenty-one year old male. He stretches out on top of his best friend, ignoring the slight hardness he feels against his belly, and folds his hands on Jaejoong’s chest, resting his chin on them as he stares into slgihtly perplexed doe eyes.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Micky.”

Yoochun chuckles throatily at the nickname, and leans in for Jaejoong to give him a kiss, which he obliges, pressing one to his forehead. They are both ridiculously affectionate with each other and to a stranger, it might seem a little odd. Many times they’ve been mistaken as a couple but they really suit being friends more than lovers. Two bottoms are not exactly the best relationship dynamic.

“How’s things with Junsu?” Jaejoong’s voice is soft as he plays with his friend’s asymmetrical fringe, trying to push it behind his ear and frowning every time his hair falls free. But he keeps doing it, the action more soothing than practical, conveying affection if nothing else.

Yoochun immediately takes on an apologetic look. “I’m really sorry I haven’t been around. Junsu is a little overwhelming and he’s managed to suck me up along with him. I don’t think my social life has been this busy since…well, since ever.”

Jaejoong chuckles, now carding his hand through his friend’s hair gently after giving up with his uncooperative fringe.

“I think he’s treating me as his Yunho replacement since someone has been monopolising his best friend all week, hmmm?”

Jaejoong merely shrugs, a movement made difficult by the man on top of him but he manages somehow.

“You know as well as I do that I’ve never initiated anything with Yunho.”

Yoochun just hums as he lays his cheek against the chest below him, staring at the wall by the bed and wondering if he should voice the niggling suspicion he’s had since Monday. Yunho’s odd reaction to Jaejoong’s love bites that day has struck a chord and for some reason, his mind refuses to let it go. He’s forgotten it of course over the last few days as he really has been extremely busy and preoccupied with Junsu but then when it quietens, the thought pops into his head and he cannot help but wonder because it does explain Yunho’s sudden interest in his best friend. He’s asked Junsu about Yunho and nothing much is forthcoming apart from the fact that the man has never really shown an interest in any man prior to this except for his friend. Junsu let slip one afternoon that Yunho doesn’t like people calling Jaejoong “Snow White” and that Yunho noticed Jaejoong months ago. But before he can voice his thoughts, Jaejoong speaks up.

“So have you two done the nasty?”

Jaejoong smirks when Yoochun’s head pops up in shock, his face slowly colouring as he gapes at his friend. Instead of replying, he smacks him lightly across his shoulder while shimmying up and burying his burning face in his neck.

“Since when did you turn shy? You’re always so free with your details with the girls you bed.” Jaejoong is vastly amused.

Yoochun mumbles something incoherent into Jaejoong’s neck as he fidgets. The movement is tickling him, but he misses his friend so he tightens his hold on the younger man to stop his fidgeting. Thankfully, his earlier hard on has died away. He feels only affection as he closes his eyes and holds Yoochun close, breathing in the scent of his hair.

“I can’t hear you, Micky.” Jaejoong’s teases in a sing-song tone as he continues to play with his best friend’s hair, eyes shut, smiling to himself.

“I said, no!” Yoochun says a little louder. Jaejoong’s eyes pop open in surprise.

“Really?” He tries to nudge him out from his neck but he isn’t budging.

“Yes, really. He’s sweet and I adore him to death…but I don’t think I’m ready.”

Jaejoong bursts out laughing at Yoochun’s mortified confession. “Oh my god, what happened to my best friend? The one who usually does a good job of pretending to be the Whore of Babylon? Yoochun-ah!”

“Shut up, ok. Jerk!” He lifts his head and glares down at his still-giggling best friend. His scowl deepens when he realises Jaejoong has absolutely no intention of halting his laughter anytime soon and all the vibrating is starting to annoy him. He knows how to shut him up though and his lips twist into a familiar knowing smirk.

“So…I know you’re not a virgin anymore but we haven’t talked details.”

Jaejoong’s laughter cuts off abruptly as his eyes widen. Now Yoochun is the one looking amused.

“So is it true?”

“Is what true?” He’s starting to feel a sense of misgiving. Whenever Yoochun looks like that, nothing good ever comes out of his mouth.

“Is he really hung?”

“Huh?” Clueless doe eyes meets laughing brown ones.

“Do I really have to spell it out for you?” The blissful innocence shining out of those eyes cannot be imitated and Yoochun coughs out a combination of a groan and a laugh. “I guess I do.”

“Do what?”

“Oh god, Jaejoong. Are you really this innocent? Don’t you watch porn?”

“Of course I do! But they’re not exactly doing much talking. Their mouths are otherwise occupied…” Jaejoong trails off and blushes even as he shoves at Yoochun who starts cackling, his laughter bouncing around the room.

“You know what? Never mind. Just hug me. I’ve missed you.” Yoochun snuggles back down on top of Jaejoong who presses a kiss to the top of his head.

Jaejoong squeezes his friend tightly before starting to run his hand up and down Yoochun’s back, his mind acutely aware of the fact that he’s only held one other person this close, and the sparks he feels with Yunho cannot be his imagination because he loves Yoochun and yet, no sparks. Just love, pure and innocent. Love. His eyes widen even more as he draws comfort from Yoochun, as his heart races, his mind finally catching up with what his heart already knows.

They lie in comfortable silence for a few minutes, until Yoochun breaks the peace.

“Why is your pulse racing madly? It was fine earlier and then it started galloping the last few minutes.” Yoochun leans up to nuzzle against Jaejoong’s jugular.

“I…I-I think I love him.”

Yoochun’s head pops up quickly at that, bumping Jaejoong in the jaw along the way. He ignores his friend’s pained moan as he sits up, astride Jaejoong’s hips, and peers down at his friend through narrowed eyes. “Come again?”

Jaejoong shakes his head defiantly, hand massaging his aching jaw as he eyes his friend warily.

“Come on, Jaejoong. Say it, OUT LOUD.” Yoochun grins as Jaejoong rolls his eyes back at the Twilight reference. If that doesn’t get him to spill, nothing will. “You know, there’s more where that came from. Shall I keep going?” he threatens lightly, knowing full well how much his best friend hates the series.

“NO!” Jaejoong practically shouts as he shudders in mild disgust. “Alright, alright you evil dolphin lover, you! Or should I say, vampire lover?”

Now it’s Yoochun’s turn to shudder in disgust. “Bite your tongue, Jejuko m’dear. Now, say it!”

“I LOVE HIM. Ok? Are you happy now?”

“I am actually. Took you long enough to realise it.”


“I know you love him. You’ve loved him for awhile. You just needed to realise it yourself.”

“What use it this, anyway? Yunho doesn’t date boys. Yunho slept with Jejuko. Yunho is Yunho. I’m a boy, Yoochun. I really can’t change that no matter how much he’d prefer it. I love him, but I want to stay as Jaejoong.”

Yoochun scoots backwards, and leans forward, laying his head against Jaejoong’s chest.

“I know, hyung. I know.”

He can hear the anguish in his friend’s voice and decides that maybe it’s time to voice his suspicions because if they’re true, then there’s more than hope for the confused pair of star-crossed lovers. He wrinkles his nose at his random trip down the long-forgotten path of English literature.

However, before Yoochun is able to vocalise his thoughts, the door to Jaejoong’s room bursts open and Yunho walks in. He freezes at the sight in front of him; Jaejoong in bed, with a man sprawled on top of him. Not just any man; Junsu’s man. His mouth works before he can stop it.

“What the hell is going on here?” His tone is belligerent, and aimed at Yoochun. He knows the pretty man and Jaejoong are very close. Hell, he practically cheered him on as Jejuko. However, the snaking tendrils of jealousy worms its way around him, and he’s struck blind to logic or being rational.

Yoochun sits up in surprise, slightly shocked at how mad Yunho sounds. He simply gapes at the figure in the doorway whose angry gaze is focused on him. If he only knew why he’s angry though, he’d be extremely surprised. As it is, he thinks he is angry on behalf of Junsu.

“I’m just hugging my best friend. Is there something wrong with that?” Yoochun’s tone is calm and questioning. He has no idea why Yunho is so angry, and feels it is slightly unwarranted and yet, he is touched that he is so close to Junsu that he’d get angry on his behalf. Little does he know….

Yunho’s tears his gaze away from Yoochun, and down to Jaejoong who appears to be doing his best ostrich impression. A pillow is now covering his face, and he has both arms over it, appearing to be resolutely trying to suffocate himself to death.

Yoochun hops off Jaejoong and off the bed. He stares up at the slightly taller man, who seems to have increased in height in his anger, poking him in the side.

“Stop being an idiot. Nothing’s going on. I love Junsu and Jaejoong loves…” his eyes widen and he claps his hand over his mouth in horror. Not waiting for a response, he dashes out the open door, slamming it closed behind him. Alright, wow. Trust his big fat mouth. Now what? Run to Junsu before Yunho can tell him what he just blurted out by complete accident in some ridiculous attempt to placate the glowering man? What? Shit. Yoochun is seriously mortified right now. He’s not ready for Junsu to know about his feelings, he hasn’t even admitted them properly to Jaejoong, and now Yunho knows before he does and this is ridiculous. He gets into the elevator and stares unseeing at the numbers as they move slowly down. His thoughts are far from his friend at the moment, a little wrapped up in himself and how to conduct damage control somehow.

Yunho stays standing in the doorway, unsure as to what to do next. The anger leaves almost as quickly as it arrives and he closes the door quietly, clicking the lock in place. He eyes the man on the bed, whose hands and arms are practically white with how tightly he is gripping the pillow over his face. He lets out a small sigh, and moves towards the bed, sitting down next to the prone body.

Jaejoong flinches as he feels the bed sink next to him. He knows Yoochun is gone, having heard his disastrous explanation to Yunho. That can only mean that it’s Yunho seated next to him. His grip on the pillow tightens. He is sweating and practically suffocating under the pillow but at that moment, he really doesn’t care. He wants to disappear into the bed. Why is do these things only happen to him? Seriously? Yoochun. He’s going to castrate the man when he sees him next for his astounding slip of the tongue.

Yunho eyes the death grip Jaejoong has on the pillow. He smirks slightly, knowing that Jaejoong is extremely sensitive under his arms. A discovery made by accident that night they shared not long ago. Yunho steels himself for the storm that is sure to come as he drags his fingers quickly down along the inside of Jaejoong’s exposed arms, digging in rather meanly into his armpits.

Jaejoong lets out a howl of surprise at the assault, flinging the pillow off and jerking back against the wall as far away from the evil fingers as possible, his legs kicking out reflexively, and meeting a firm thigh. He glares at Yunho who looks completely unrepentant even as he grunts and rubs at his injured leg.

“What the hell did you do that for?” He yells, indignant, temporarily forgetting his mortification as he gulps in precious sweet air. He wipes the sweat from his brow, staring at the taller man who is currently making sad puppy dog faces as he rubs his thigh. Jaejoong feels a twinge of sympathy because he did kick out rather hard but damn, the man knows he hates being tickled!

“You weren’t leaving your pillow anytime soon. I had to do something.” Yunho’s tone is purposefully mournful as he exaggerates the pain in his leg, hoping for sympathy and forgiveness.

Jaejoong’s eyes cloud over as Yunho doesn’t stop rubbing his thigh and he crawls forward on his hands and knees, gingerly poking at the spot where Yunho is rubbing. Looking up apologetically through his eyelashes, he runs his fingers over the spot, almost hovering, barely touching.

Yunho feels the brush of fingertips against his jeans like a hot spark straight to his loins, magnified so intensely as if the man has lain a heavy hand on his bare skin, and he has his answer then. The question that has been plaguing him since their dinner on Monday. This is the first time all week that Jaejoong has initiated any touching, and while his own seemingly inexhaustible need for contact with the beautiful man has kept his body almost buzzing constantly, it is the explosion to his senses from the man’s innocent, apologetic caresses that rocks him to the core. He is most certainly sexually attracted to Jaejoong. He bites the inside of his cheek as his watches that head of dark coppery hair bent over his thigh, wondering if he should confess now. The week has been enlightening in terms of discovering Jaejoong. Jejuko is definitely him, the teasing, flirty sparks coming out occasionally till he realises what he’s done and becomes self-conscious. Yunho has confirmed the existence of the drug and has even gone as far as to find out who the supplier is, unsurprised to find out that the pills were sold to Yoochun. He doesn’t know whether to thank Junsu’s pretty new friend yet.

“Are you sorry?”

Jaejoong startles out of his reverie. He’s fingers are circling Yunho’s jean-clad thigh and he draws his hand back in a hurry, sitting back on his knees, fighting to keep the blush out of his face.

“W-what?” he stutters, coughing to cover it up as he wills the blood not to rise to his face. But really, it’s a futile endeavour and he knows he’s lost when Yunho suddenly smirks.

“Awww how cute. You’re blushing.” Yunho’s tone is lightly teasing, unable to resist because he loves seeing Jaejoong blushing. It makes him look more beautiful somehow.


“Drama queen.”

“Are you fucking calling me a queen?” Jaejoong’s expression goes from embarrassed to incredulous as Yunho loses the edge and splutters ineffectually in denial. He lets Yunho sweat for a a couple of minutes before he cracks up, unable to hold it in.

Yunho stops apologising, eyeing Jaejoong suspiciously.

Jaejoong ceases laughing long enough to quirk an eyebrow at Yunho, following it with a rather smug grin. He’s feeling comfortable again.


The howl he lets out shocks the two students passing by his room door as Yunho tackles him, fingers digging in mercilessly as he is tickled till he begs for breath and mercy. Both boys are sporting identical hard ons but both are unaware of each other’s somehow. Jaejoong is desperate though. Desperate enough to call Yoochun after Yunho leaves, to ask for one more dose of Switch…

AN: Jejuko is coming back, yes. I have included an update schedule thing on my Masterlist sticky on the front page so just check back there for the coming week’s updates. I’m trying my damndest to stick to it.

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