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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[6b] Dazed and Confused
Title: Dazed and Confused
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG13
Length: One-shot (in two parts)
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Today is a big day. It is Changmin’s final photo shoot before his hiatus and also their first ultrasound appointment. Yunho is there to provide support but as always, his young wife is a little too much to resist.

AN1: I have no idea whether I’m going to be bricked for this. But if I am going to be bricked, at least I’m happy lmao. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m going to be bricked by at least one person… Oh well. I like living on the edge XD!

AN2: This entire installment (parts 1 and 2) is dedicated to Eryneu my blood sisturrrrr ;-) Not to be confused with my twin :P

Part 1

“You’re such a bastard!” Changmin is thoroughly annoyed as he scrambles to dress himself, wincing as his legs are still a little wobbly. He struggles to pulls his pants back on, sneezing suddenly as his flapping around with his clothes dislodges whatever dust particles that clung to them from earlier, and he lets out a loud groan at the decidedly indelicate sound that comes out the other end.

Yunho is in the middle of buttoning up one of Changmin’s shirts when he freezes at the noise. His almond eyes meet wide dark ones that are filled with embarrassment and mortification, and he can’t help it. He cracks up. He gets an empty glass bottle to his head for it but he barely even feels it glancing off his shoulder and rebounding against the door before clattering to the floor. His wife is very close to throwing a fit but Yunho can’t find it in himself to feel contrite. He gets a heavy duffel bag to the head this time and the momentum throws him against the door which suddenly falls open, almost spilling Jung Yunho, head of Jung Corporation out onto the sidewalk. A poker faced driver is standing just outside.


Yunho blinks up in the sunlight, and grins as he can hear his wife howling with rage in the background.

“Just a minute.”

And he pulls the door shut. When he turns, a shoe lands squarely in the middle of his chest as his sweaty and irate wife is glaring daggers at him, his eyes practically shooting sparks. Yunho continues chuckling even as Changmin lifts yet another shoe to throw at his head and he slides across the seat quickly to scoop the teenager into his arms, seating him sideways across his lap and holding fast.

“Calm down, little one.”

“I’m not little! I’m fucking taller than you, old man!” Changmin is struggling in the confines of Yunho’s arms but his husband is far stronger than he is, and his muscles are tense, bunched, holding the younger man fast. He just needs to free one arm and then Yunho will be very sorry for laughing at him. The goddamn ass, this is all his fault! Why did he have to look so fuckable? These fucking hormones…this baby…just fucking everything! Changmin’s world is turning on his head and everything he’s known is changing, the realisation crashing down on his head. Changmin lets out a distressed sound as his mind is in a bit of a jumble and he’s suddenly feeling frightened by how overwhelming everything is becoming. He is horrified to feel that telltale prickle in his eyes and he stops fighting, hunching over the best he can, grimly determined to will those tears away even if it kills him.

Yunho feels and sees the sudden change in the younger man and he relaxes his arms, pulling Changmin up securely in his lap and coaxing his young wife to find solace in the crook of his neck. He hears a muffled sniffle and he moves a hand to stroke his back even as he murmurs into his temple.

“Min-ah, I’m sorry for laughing at you.” The only response he gets is a hand on his bicep tightening, but otherwise, Changmin still has his face buried into the side of his neck. Yunho can’t feel any tears so he’s grateful for that much. He really shouldn’t have teased his pregnant wife like that but it really was rather funny. “You’re not little, but you are terribly young and I keep forgetting that. Forgetting that you are changing, your body is changing and everything must be a little overwhelming for you. I’m sorry I forgot, love.”

Changmin shifts, digging his nose in deeper under Yunho’s chiseled jawline. He can feel the moisture leaking out of his ass when he moves, a reminder as to why he’s annoyed with his husband in the first place, but then the man had to take the wind out of his sails didn’t he? He has to be that annoying, understanding husband. He can’t even bring himself to summon enough contrived rage to accuse Yunho of being patronising because he knows that is not the man’s intention at all. Getting annoyed for the sake of getting annoyed is a little silly in retrospect. Yes, he is absolutely mortified, but this is his husband and this isn’t the first time it’s happened that’s for sure. And of course the man has to say the right thing at exactly the right time. It’s as if he can see into his mind. He sighs into Yunho’s neck, pressing a soft kiss to the older man’s pulsating jugular, lips feeling the throb in the vein, and his heart and mind settle quietly with the soothing beat.

“Am I forgiven?” Yunho’s arms tighten around his quiet wife when he feels that tentative kiss against his neck.

“There’s nothing to forgive. I’m just…I don’t know. Everything’s happening so fast.” Changmin’s voice is quiet and a little mournful. He’s suddenly feeling extremely exhausted and he really just wants to go home and sleep for a week.

Yunho hums in understanding, pressing a kiss to Changmin’s forehead before nudging the man from his safe place. Their eyes meet and he’s pleased to see that his wife isn’t crying. But he is definitely tired. He’s been at the photoshoot since 5:00am and it’s now almost 3:30pm, no wonder he’s feeling out of sorts.

“Come on, put on a shirt and let’s go. When we get home, we’ll get into the hot tub and soak your aches away.”

An eyebrow goes up at Yunho’s statement and the older man chuckles.

“I’ll keep my hands off you, Changdola.”

And the eyebrow goes up even higher if that’s even possible. Yunho shakes his head at his wife who is looking so gorgeous, he has half a mind to tell the driver to take them home, thus admitting that the incredulous eyebrow is completely justified. He laughs instead and lifts the younger man off his lap, onto the adjacent seat and resumes buttoning up the shirt that is just a tad too tight on him. The buttons are straining but it cannot be helped. It’s either this or walk in wearing a wife beater and that really isn’t the look he’s going for at the hospital today. Lord knows Changmin’s doctor is good at her job, but she is almost as bad as his young wife when it comes to snark and she’s yet another one not intimidated by him. He’d rather not risk being on the receiving end of one of her droll remarks.

“Well, you better help me keep my hands off you.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because my ass hurts, you ass. Ride me harder? Really, old man?”

Yunho almost snorts but he controls himself, content to watch his wife getting dressed as he mumbles under his breath.


“Not really, but even you in your almost inexhaustible capacity to do whatever it is that I want is not going to change the fact that I’m pregnant so let’s just get this over and done with.”

Yunho pauses his hand on the door at Changmin’s casual words. His wife is digging around in his duffle bag looking for something, completely unaware of the eyes on him till he looks up.

“What?” Changmin slips his phone into his pocket.

“Do you want this baby?”

Changmin’s brow wrinkles in confusion at the quiet question. Yunho’s face is blank, which is itself an indication that his husband is upset. How did he get upset in one minute? What happened? He quickly retraces the last couple of minutes and realises he’d spoken without thinking. He sighs and pushes his duffle bag off his knee, letting it fall to the floor before moving to land once again in Yunho’s lap. His thighs ache, not to mention his ass but he ignores the pain because he can see the hurt slowly seeping into the older man’s eyes.

“I’m an idiot, ok? A pregnant idiot. Cut me some slack over the next six months because I’m sure I’m going to need that immunity idol or whatever it is that will give me a free pass. I do want this baby. I’m just annoyed and hormonal and aching and grumpy and emotional and it’s just a whole bundle of craziness inside me right now. I’m not used to feeling so out of control and yet, there’s nothing I can do about it which in turn infuriates me and I take it out on you because you’re the only one I have. Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain even computes. And sometimes my hands throw before my brain catches up. You’re going to have to understand that real fast otherwise I’m going to end up unintentionally hurting you. I know I can be a brat. I know I’m an ass. I know I’m impossible to live with sometimes but also know that I love you.”

And there are those words for the second time ever. But Changmin’s gaze is unflinching as he stares at his husband. He has to give him this much. He has to give something. Marriage is not a one way street and Changmin will be damned if he cuts off his own nose to spite his face. Some things are just not worth holding on to and pride is one of them.

“When I think you can’t surprise me anymore, you go ahead and prove me wrong. I love you too, Changmin-ah.” Yunho wraps a hand around the back of his wife’s neck and pulls him down for a soft kiss, before chuckling against his mouth when Changmin’s tongue snakes out to try and gain access. “You do realise we’re already five minutes late for this appointment. Your doctor is going to blame me.”

“Oh fuck!”


“Hello, Changmin.” Dr Kim Eri smiles as the tall man returns her greeting. She notices him limping slightly as he moves from the doorway, filing that observation away, as she finds herself confronted by a tall, broad-shouldered, very well-formed male who simply quirks an eyebrow at her. The man’s very presence is overwhelmingly masculine and very virile and he appears to be trying his best to intimidate her, but the effect is somewhat diluted by the fact that he looks like he’d just gotten out of bed, and pulled on Changmin’s shirt by mistake judging from the fit. In fact, she’ll be absolutely unsurprised if that’s exactly what happened if her patient’s gait is anything to go by.

They’d really not hit it off the first time they met, the man questioning her presence in the room, not realising that she is the doctor. The autocratic man was apologetic but she’s still a little miffed at his snap judgment that day that found her wanting. At barely 5”3 and blessed with youthful features, it is easy to underestimate Dr. Kim. She is also Caucasian, which makes her stand out rather starkly in the hospital, but really, a man who heads an international corporation really should have known better and so their relationship is tenuous at best. She is unimpressed by him and he doesn’t care to impress her. It’ll work for now.

She arches her own eyebrow at him, cooly returning his gaze, taking care to stare at him from the tips of his shiny leather shoes to the messy mop of hair on his head, before smirking and greeting him. “You’re late.”

Yunho shoots a glance at his wife who starts chuckling, giving him an I told you so look which Changmin acknowledges, grinning as he settles into the chair be his doctor’s desk. Yunho moves to sit in the chair next to him, leaning over to place a hand on the teenager’s knee and rubbing it as the doctor finds her own seat behind the desk.

She then turns to her patient, dismissing the older man from her mind as she starts asking the younger man some routine questions.

Yunho realises he’s been dismissed and is a little irked by the doctor’s behaviour. The woman is practically half his height! But he lets it go, paying attention to her questions and Changmin’s answers. He unconsciously grabs his wife’s hand about ten minutes in and doesn’t let go, rubbing his thumb over the younger man’s knuckles over and over as he listens to their dialogue. If Changmin notices this, he makes no mention of it. The doctor however suppresses a smile as she continues with the standard questions she needs to ask before proceeding on with the twelve week scan to check on the baby’s growth.

Changmin settles into the elaborate chair that looks like a dentist’s torture wet dream come true. It comes complete with stirrups and the damn thing even has leg grooves. He scowls as he fits his legs in, feeling just a tad exposed even though he’s wearing pants. What the hell? He fervently hopes he won’t have to do this often. He wants to know about his baby and if it’s healthy and all but must it be so…humiliating? He discards the thought even as it enters his mind, mentally berating himself for being so self-absorbed. He should be thankful not annoyed. He sighs to himself as he wiggles around, trying to get comfortable. The dull throb in his ass was not helped by the chair earlier and even though this one is much more comfortable, the damage has been done. No more limo sex that’s for sure. He’s not sure when the hell a little pain fazes him but fazed he is and he’s blaming hormones because what else can he do? 20 months of marriage and rough sex and suddenly it’s all a little too much. It has to be those damn hormones.

Dr. Eri notices his expression as he settles in the chair and she can’t help but tease the young man. They get along very well and after just three visits, he’s one of her favourite patients. He asks all the right questions and even ones most patients don’t think of asking. His intelligence is clear and she appreciates that a lot. As one who is always judged by the way she looks, she knows that it is the same for him and they indirectly bond over it. She runs her eyes appreciatively over his features, the man is stunning.

“I’ll be tilting the chair back in a second so there’ll be less pressure on your butt, but I can get you a cushion to sit on if you’re a little…sore.” She places heavy emphasis on the last word and smirks as Changmin whips out an arm and thumps his husband, seated in a chair next to him, hard in the chest.

Yunho grunts in response, two buttons popping off when he tenses at Changmin’s movement. “You are honestly the biggest brat in the world,” he complains affectionately as he undoes the rest of the now ruined shirt and shrugs it off, leaving him sitting in a white wife beater.

Changmin merely rolls his eyes and thumps his husband in the chest once again before settling back in the chair, ignoring the pain. He’ll be damned if he shows his discomfort in public again.

Dr. Eri exhales quickly, turning round and pressing the button to lower the chair. Well, that certainly does explain the glow around the younger man. Though she still thinks Yunho is a bit of an ass, even she can appreciate the raw masculinity coming from the man and can’t really blame Changmin for indulging before his appointment. Hell, she’s pulled her own husband into the handicapped bathroom on more than one occasion in between patients. She blames his ass. The best ass on any male alive in her opinion, and it belongs to her. Her lips quirk, before she takes a deep breath, schooling her features and turns back round to her patient and his husband. Her impression of Yunho is slowly mellowing as she watches him whisper and smile at her teenage patient who is pouting, his hand never leaving the younger man’s. She clears her throat to get their attention.

They both look up, Changmin’s pout doesn’t leave his face. In fact, it gets more pronounced and the reason for it becomes apparent when Yunho opens his mouth.

“A quick question, before we start?”

Dr. Eri nods, gesturing with her hand for Yunho to continue even as she prepares the area for the ultrasound.

“How will the pregnancy affect our sex life?”

Changmin groans and throws his arm over his face, refusing to look at either his doctor or his husband. She has to fight to keep from smiling though Yunho has no such compunction, sending a fond smile at the sulking teenager currently trying to hide from the world.

“It shouldn’t affect it much, but nothing too rough. If anything hurts, stop.”

“Anything?” Yunho cocks an eyebrow.

“Anything. Changmin, listen to your body, don’t ignore it.”

A muffled sound comes from behind his arm but the patient in question doesn’t emerge.

“When must we stop?”

“Well, technically you could probably have intercourse right up to the delivery room. But really, it depends on Changmin. Most of my male patients continue to have sex well into their eighth month so it’s not a problem.”

Yunho hums and throws a grin at his wife who is still hiding behind his arm. He looks up and exchanges amused glances with the doctor who shrugs her shoulders at him as she moves forward to pull up Changmin’s shirt.

The cool gel on his belly does nothing to stem the heat suffusing his body. His husband is dead. DEAD. It’s up to him, huh? Well, he’s never having sex again.

He feels a smooth curved object press against his belly and he finally moves his arm away from his face. His eyes meet his husband’s laughing ones and he makes the universal sign for you’re dead, dragging his thumb across his throat before huffing and looking away from the insufferable older man. Stupid husband.

Changmin turns his gaze to his doctor who is staring rather intently at the monitor that is currently turned away from them. She runs the imaging device over and over across his belly, as if searching for something as her brow furrows and she squints at the screen, and Changmin starts to feel tendrils of worry.

“Is something wrong?”

Dr. Eri turns her head quickly towards her patient and shakes her head, smiling reassuringly at him.

“No, but I’ll be right back.”

She puts the device down and hurries out of the room. Yunho and Changmin exchange worried glances, both not really knowing what to say as they hold hands, gaining comfort from each other.

The tiny doctor returns not a minute later, followed by a slim blond man who is introduced as “Dr. Kim Junsu”.

“That’s Jae’s doctor.” Changmin whispers to Yunho as the two doctors stare at the screen and confer between themselves.

“Why isn’t he yours too?”

“Did you really want me to have a male doctor? I specifically asked for a female because I know you.”

“Did you have to get her though? How old is she? 20?”

Changmin hisses and elbows Yunho hard in the chest, forgetting their worries briefly. “Don’t be an ass. We’ve been over this the last time you came with me! She’s the best here after him. They’re married.”

“She doesn’t like me.”

“Well, I wouldn’t like you either if you told me to go get the doctor and I was the damn doctor.”

“Point taken.”

“I’m glad. I was starting to question your intelligence for a second.”


“Old man.”

“Come on, you can do better than that.”

“Thou churlish pox-marked clotpole.”


Changmin smiles winningly at the expression on his husband’s face. “There’s more where that came from.”

“I don’t even know what you said. I don’t think I want to know.”

“Oh my dear goatish weather-bitten miscreant.”

“Shakespeare, Changmin?” an amused female voice cuts in and the couple both look up.

“Yes, Dr. Eri.”

“Shouldn’t you call her Dr. Kim?”

“I’m Dr. Kim around these parts. My wife prefers to be called by her name.” The blonde doctor grins and wraps a loose arm around his tiny wife, pulling her flush against his side, causing her to elbow him in the chest to try and get away but he doesn’t release her, and she sighs.

Yunho watches with growing amusement. No wonder Changmin gets along with her.

“Your babies are healthy,” Dr. Kim smiles at the couple as his wife continues, “and they appear to be on track in terms of size.”

Both doctors are silent, waiting for their words to sink in, and both smirk when Changmin’s eyes widen.

“Wait, what?”

“What do you mean what?” Yunho stares confusedly at his dazed wife and then back at the doctors.

“Babies…” Changmin whispers.

“Babies…” Yunho echoes, and then it hits him and his gaze turns to the two smiling doctors, as he grips his wife’s hand hard. Even Dr. Eri is smiling at him as they both nod, the husband leaning down to whisper something into his wife’s ear, kissing her even as she speaks.

“Yes. Congratulations, you’re having twins.”

AN1: Lol! Congrats to all those who guessed :P Min is going to have his work cut out for him chasing TWO brats that will probably be handfuls just like he is. It’ll serve him right hehehehehe.

AN2: Also, I know sonographers usually do the ultrasounds and give the images to the doctors but there are too many characters already in this series so I exercised my creative license ;-)

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I don't know if I should be pitying Min or Yunho since they are having twins.
If their personalities are like Min, it's going to drive Yunho up the wall.
If they have Yunho's personality, I think live will be more peaceful in the family until someone upsets Minnie. ^^

I'm feeling sorry for them both :P Min cos he has to deal with them more than Yunho and Yunho because he has to deal with Min hahahahaha XD

OMG!!!!! *breathes a sigh of relief* you got me freaked out when the Dr left the room!!! my thoughts went to a dark place and I expected the worst!!! good God...

aaaaaannnnyyyhooo YAAAAAAY!!!!! twins!!!!!!!!!! God could this couple be any more perfect...your HoMin is absolutely delectable (^_^) srsly one of the best characterizations I've read!! don't think I could get enough of them!! and Yunho's small affectionate gestures leave me absolutely euphoric...and I love Changmin for being rational and recognizing Yunho's needs and giving his part in the marriage..the affection they have for each other is so beautiful..not annoyingly sappy yet strong..ok now I'm babbling nonsense..

Love you~

Awwwwww this is a fluffy fic! I'm sorry I scared you *huggles*

Yeah I can't imagine them being the sappy sort. Not like JaeChun :P Those two were making me puke rainbows back in "Grand Gestures" lol. I'm always super happy when people say they like the characterisations cos I think characters are pretty important. Plus Jung is my bias and I can't do him wrong...or can I? :O I think I might have in another fic lol. Waiting for people to brick me for it.

Changmin is an intelligent young man. He's not going to be stupid for the sake of being stupid. He was stupid before but that's cos he thought his husband didn't care but now he knows he's loved and that makes me squee actually cos we'll be getting sweet Minnie :PPP Sweet with a dash of spicy ;-)

OMG you're so brilliant.. TWINS!!! and I want them to be a minnie Min and little Yunnie in terms of character aww... hope you'll continue writing this series!!! this is real daebak!!

Hehehe I definitely haven't gone so far as to figure out the twins' characters lol but I do know their sex :P I decided on it waaaaaaay back in the first one shot lmao.

And yes, please anticipate more from this series cos I love this 'verse so much OTL

Amazing! Changmin will have twins!!!! Hahahaaha i thought the babies will be the Kim twins but then Junsu is the Obgyn kekeke
Too bad Dr. Eri didn't ask Changmin to take off the pants , she will see the evidence flowing out kekekeke

Edited at 2012-08-28 01:02 pm (UTC)


You have no idea how much I laughed at this because Dr. Eri is based on my blood sister and she would be horrified at being confronted by a leaking ass hahahahaha.

to tell you the truth, I was expecting them to have twins since that moment when Changmin popped so soon:D
LOVE this chapter :)

Hehehe :P My friend popped pretty damn early and she was having a single baby. I think it's different with everyone but yes, in this case you're right! :P I'm happy you liked this! Thank you for reading and commenting ;-)

You had me laughing while Changmin was throwing all that stuff at Yunho.. imagine the chauffeurs face when he accidentally pops out of the door! the serious moment when Yunho asks him if he does want the baby.. and Changmin spilling his guts on how he is going to be for the next six months but that he does love him.. so sweet.. love how the Dr looks at Yunho.. and she is married to Junsu.. Twins Twins Twins... yes!!! love this fic.. thanks again for the update..

IKR? I love Min chucking things at Yunho for some reason cos it cracks me up hard out. And it's even better when Yunho is just amused which in turn infuriates his bratty wife even more :P

Yeah, I did feel for Yunho at that part. Min and his mouth and not thinking but he's mature enough to fix it and fix them.

LOL I find it very nice actually that no one has thrown a brick at me for marrying Junsu off to a girl. No problem re the update ;-)

Oh bless you for this Homin fic! Seems like everyone is a Minho fan these days.

Thank you :P I think I greatly offended some MinHo fans with this series judging from the word war in the comments of "The Handbook" but hey, I can be HoMin fan's sanctuary or something lol.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

(Deleted comment)
Was Jaejoong's dr. Kim and Dr. Eri's husband Junsu? Because I imagined it was him! : D

Oh, they're expecting really twins! I like this series so much! [heart]

I knew it was twins since the day he popped at Jae's house! This going to be interesting and I hope you continue this series!!!!! I would love to see what type of twins they are having along with the gender and how Min and Jae progress though their pregnancy!!!!! Thanks for this!!!

you are one strange girl. in one part i was drooling a puddle on my desk from the smut scenes. in the next, i am awww-ing like a kid.

yunho is one cute little puppy isn't he.. i was giggling at the way he was vying for attention & absolutely couldn't stand being ignored.

Min was as snarky as always. omg.. things are going to get utterly crazy in the coming months when he is hormonal AND as big as a whale..

twins..~~ <33

OMG IM FLAILING SO MUCH ALL OVER THE PLACE RIGHT NOW! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Omg aaaww poor Minnie is so emotional now and hormonal. How cute and he's opening up more to Yunho. :3 And Yunho the sweet husband but still teasing. I have to say I should've gotten the hint when the doctor was talking about her husbands ass so I have to facepalm to the fact I didn't get it was Junsu until he came in. XDD And OMG! Twins! *squeals* Don't ask why but for some odd reason I just fucking new Changmin was gonna have twins. Ugh I'm so happy with this update and series. Plz keep updating. 8D

Congrat's Changmin Yunho.. twins twins :') so proud of you
wah.. wondering if Jae have twins too..
Yunho and Yoochun .. be ready ok..

Oh dang! No wonder he popped so early. :p Cuz he was carrying two! Hahaha, Yunho better hope at least one of the kids will be easy to handle....otherwise he'd be tugged apart 3 ways. xD

Maybe I just want to see him suffer (a little bit :p) though because Yunho with baby Changmins would be sooooooo cute. As if he isn't already wrapped around the adult Changmin's fingers already. Awwww but Yunho would be so cute with a baby girl. I'm just so happy they're having twins. :3

I just knew when Eri was thinking about how her husband had the best ass that she was married to Junsu. I. just. knew. it. My brain always makes the connection between beautiful behind and Kim Junsu. It's become a reflex thought, I'm not ashamed about that at all. :D

Also, Yunho + tight fitted shirt= drooooooooooooooool. Hot hot hot! ;)

love it!!!!!!!!! i really do
so much babies things to buy and to take care of lol
OMG i cant wait to see how yunho and min really take it from the looks of it they were shocked min was XD so cute here in this ch XD so cant wait to see his hormonal reaction lol and cute all happy yunho the dad of twins...also happy to here junsu is in the fic

Twins yay!!!!! Yunho please be my husband already XD

twins...oh my...but in some ways i can't really say i'm surprised...they're really going to have their hands full when the babies come out

Read all chapters in one go! Love love love!! :)
Can't wait for an update :D

eeee I totally knew it would be Junsu, with that ass comment Dr Kim Eri made.

I <3 Junsu sfm. I'm so glad he made an appearance!

and omggggg twins!! Always a sucker for twins, as you know girlie. This is so exciting! I wonder how Changmin and Yunho are going to take this. There had better be more to this series... just demandin' sayin'.

I loved the humour in this chapter, Changmin and Yunho teasing each other made me go all fangirly and squealy.

Ahhh ~~~~feeels feels feeeeeeeels feels.

You write MAGNIFICENTLY, lady.

I want more.

But I have more, I'm reading Jejuko now and it's so exciting!

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