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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Away for a week
I'm posting this from my phone because I thought I'd have more time but clearly I don't. I'm going to be away till September 17th and will only have access to the Internet through my phone. Coverage isn't that great where I'm going so I won't be posting anything. I'll be catching up on all comments through my phone for my fics (3G coverage permitting) so for those of you who've commented on Sleeping Beauty, I'm getting there!

See y'all in 10 days ;-)


ETA: Lol i'm not going on holiday. I'm going away for work.

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At least I spotted for this T________T

Shall try harder for your fics instead work hard Nicki~~ I'll be back on 19th September for your updates h3h3~ see you, miss me!

ahh!!! have a nice trip.. hope you catch up on your work commitments now that we bullying fangirls aren't there..

See ya~ 8D

Are you going somewhere fun?

bye bye .. see you next week .. *junsu style* ^^

Take care of yourself and come back safe.

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