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Sleeping Beauty [10b/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (10b/?)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, WAFF, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: And yes the rating just went up... :3

Chapter 10a

Yunho hears him. He hears every word. He has to hand it to Jaejoong, the boy is saying just enough, without giving away everything, leaving him a way out if he needs it. He hears the implication of his words, and he hears the wistful smile in his voice. He grips the edge of the sink hard, as Jaejoong talks about how his father makes his mother smile. He can feel his heart thundering in the silence. And then the teenager confirms what he suspects with a simple innocuous sentence.

Jaejoong watches closely as Yunho turns around, his eyes are shuttered, but that doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t blame him actually. If he knows how, Jaejoong reckons his eyes will look the same. They look at each other, neither uttering a word, before Yunho pushes himself away from the sink, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. He is not wearing a wife beater underneath and Jaejoong is trying very hard not to sneak a look.

“I’m a little sore from work today. I’m getting into the hot tub. You can join me if you wish.”

And with that, Yunho walks out of the kitchen, leaving Jaejoong blinking bemusedly after him. What was that? Whenever he thinks the man is going to do something somewhat predictable, he does something completely…not. The hot tub? Is that an invitation for more or…? Jaejoong eyes the empty cradle of the cordless phone, wondering if it’s inappropriate to call his sister. What do you do when someone invites you to share a hot tub? Do you even wear clothes in the hot tub? Oh god… Jaejoong can feel his cheeks burning at the thought. No, he’s definitely keeping some clothes on. But what if he doesn’t want to keep his clothes on? Oh god… why didn’t he check that bag Jiyool was digging through for lube? Ok no, back up. Back right the hell up. He is running much too far ahead of himself right now. How did he go from an invitation to jump into a hot tub to…sex? Oh god…

If Yunho only knew the thoughts running through Jaejoong’s mind, he’d be incredibly amused. His invitation is actually completely innocent. He really feels sore and he figures it might be easier to talk if both of them are relaxed. He undresses quickly in his walk-in closet, a rare grin on his face when he sees the pile of Jaejoong’s folded clothes on top of his. The boy hasn’t spent much time in his own room since moving in, and now his clothes have migrated into Yunho’s closet too. He debates whether to wear a wife beater into the hot tub, but discards the idea immediately, a scowl replacing his earlier grin. He pulls on the bathrobe he’s taken with him and strides quickly out of the closet, checking on Jiyool and grabbing a baby monitor on his way out before he can change his mind about getting into the hot tub in the first place.

Jaejoong sees Yunho walking down the hallway, past the kitchen doorway and he finally gets up, and heads to the bedroom. Why did Yunho have to wear a robe? Jaejoong really needs to know what a person is expected to wear in a hot tub. It can’t be helped. He needs to talk to someone before he makes a complete fool of himself. He is sure Yunho knows he’s a virgin, but no need to proclaim exactly how completely innocent he is to everyone. He grabs his phone from the master bedroom before heading into his closet in the other room. He’s been surreptitiously sneaking clothes into Yunho’s closet, but not quite anything appropriate for a hot tub. He presses the speed dial for his oldest sister, the one least likely to tease him about this.


“Noona, I don’t have a lot of time. What does a person wear in a hot tub?”

Used to Jaejoong’s strange questions, his sister thinks nothing of it. She’s heard about the arrangement with Yunho of course and while she has her reservations, like her parents, she gives her baby brother a lot more credit than her other younger sisters. She also knows something they don’t.

“That depends. Are you in public?”


“Is the tub in the bathroom or in some other place?”

“It’s out on an enclosed balcony. It’s actually like our sunroom back home, but very very very high up. No one can see in unless they’re in a helicopter.”

“I see…” so Jaejoong is getting into Jung’s hot tub. “Wear your swim shorts. You might want to wear briefs too, just in case.”

“In case of what?”

“In case little Joongie decides to come out to play.”

“Noona!” Jaejoong’s voice is high pitched, completely scandalised. His sister cackles in his ear. So much for not being teased.

“Seriously though, hot tubs are not exactly the best place for sex. I’m guessing Yunho should know better. Don’t wear briefs if you want, but do use protection. Baby Joongie is finally growing up. Who would’ve thought it would take this long?”

“God…my family is trying to marry me off to the first person who comes calling.”

“You were married a long time ago, baby brother.”


“You don’t remember do you? Do you know you’ve met Yunho before?”

“Yes, umma said I peed on him. Please tell me I didn’t.”

“No, you definitely did. I had to clean you up and give the poor boy Tae’s old school uniform.”


“You don’t remember?”

“I don’t remember anything.”

“Then I guess you also forgot that you asked him to marry you and he said yes.”


“While I was bathing you, you showed me the ring he gave you and said you were married to him. You were quite proud that you managed to snag the most beautiful husband in the world. He wore the ring pop ring that you gave him the whole time he was at our house. It was really funny watching him eat dinner with that sticky ring on his little finger, but he never took it off. I’m sure that ring is long gone but you still have the ring he gave you.”

Jaejoong is gaping in shock, his hand is frozen, with his phone to his ear as he stares unseeing into his closet. He can hear his sister calling to him, asking if he’s ok, but he is not ok. He lifts up his left hand and looks at the silver band adorning his ring finger, remembering what Yunho did in the kitchen and the feeling as if he’s missing something. He definitely missed something alright. He missed his own wedding.

“He remembers…”

Jaejoong believes in fate.


“Nothing, noona. Thank you for your help. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I love you.”

Jaejoong hangs up and drops his phone onto a pile of clothes. He undresses quickly, wanting to jump into that hot tub and demand Yunho explain why he hasn’t told him they’re married. Ok, no, they’re not really married. But come on, the man just put that damn ring back on his finger, as an adult. He digs through his accessory box, finding the biggest ring he has, and pops it onto his middle finger before dashing out of his room and towards the balcony.

Yunho has almost given up hope of Jaejoong joining him, when the teenager suddenly materialises through the sliding door. He watches as the teenager climbs into the hot tub, wearing a pair of rather short, swim shorts, a sliver of annoyance shaking him as the teenager’s body disappears from view under the dark water. He’s left the balcony light off, the only light illuminating the hot tub is the one from the Seoul skyline. It is bright enough to make out Jaejoong’s features, but not much else.

“I seem to need a lot of do-overs.”

Jaejoong’s voice is unwavering in the darkness, finally convinced that this is really where he is meant to be. He will fight Yunho if he has to, but the man is not going to be able to get rid of him now. He couldn’t do it sixteen years ago, he sure as hell will not be able to do it now. Not if Jaejoong can help it. He is very secure in his charms, innocent or not, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except the fact that he belongs with this man. Broken or not, Yunho is his.

“What is it that you need to do-over this time? I don’t remember anymore sleepy kisses.”

“Do you remember an illegal marriage sixteen years ago?”

Yunho sinks lower in the water, sliding down over the jets as they massage his back. So the boy remembers. And he wants a do-over?

“I remember.”

Yunho’s voice betrays nothing, content to let Jaejoong make his moves. If the precocious toddler he remembers is anything to go by, the teenage version should be a heck of a lot more interesting.

“You had your do-over in the kitchen. I want mine, now.”

And he is still as demanding as the (almost) three year old brat back then.

“Oh? Do you have a half eaten ring pop hidden in your shorts somewhere?”

“No, but I have this.”

Jaejoong has tugged the second ring off his middle finger and is now holding it in his palm. It is a titanium ring, with an oxidised red band in the middle of the blackened metal. The ring is very light compared to the heavy platinum band on his ring finger, and he thinks it is appropriate, considering he was married in the first place with a plastic ring. This is light enough.

Yunho looks at the ring in Jaejoong’s palm. It is rather symbolic if he thinks about it. That ring pop was cherry flavoured. He knows because he tasted it.

“Your hand?”

Yunho wordlessly lifts his left hand out of the water, and watches as Jaejoong moves towards him. The teenager’s hands are soft, as they take his offered hand, and Yunho holds his breath as the boy pushes the do-over ring onto his finger. It snags briefly on his knuckle, but Jaejoong wiggles it around, a pleased smile splits his face as the ring slips over Yunho’s knuckle, to sit snugly on his finger.

He lifts up his hand, to try and catch what light he can, to look at the ring on his finger. It is almost as light as the first ring, but it is definitely not plastic. The ring seems to sit far more comfortably on him than his real wedding band ever did.

“Do you always get everything you wish for?”

“I’ve never been disappointed yet.”

“Is this what you wish?”

“My three year old self knew a good thing when he saw it. I’m nineteen, and I definitely know a good thing when I see it.”

“You can’t see everything, Jaejoong. You can’t see through the darkness.”

“I can if you let me light the way.”

“What if I don’t let you?”

“Will you deny me now? We’re married.”

“No we’re not. Not really.”

“It’s real enough for me.”

The two men are an arm’s length apart still, staring at each other in the dim light. Neither is making the final move to close the distance. Both want to, but both are also waiting for the other. Suddenly Yunho chuckles, causing Jaejoong to raise an eyebrow at the sound.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just remembered how you made sure I was yours all those years ago.”

“I want a do-over.”

Yunho cocks an eyebrow at Jaejoong, and even in the darkness he can see the flicker of embarrassment play across the teenager’s face, and his mouth forms a pout, which causes Yunho to smirk.

Jaejoong has no idea where his daring comes from, but he will be damned if he doesn’t at least attempt to erase Yunho’s memory of getting peed on by him. He moves astride Yunho in one rather sloshy move, water going everywhere, but he doesn’t care. He wants a do-over and he’s going to get it.

Yunho suddenly finds himself with a lapful of eager teenager, hot mouth over his before he can blink. Well, they are married, aren’t they? His hand reaches up to cup Jaejoong’s jaw, coaxing his mouth open before delving in to taste the boy once again. He tastes as good as he remembers, his tongue a quick learner as they lick and taste at each other.

Jaejoong wraps his arms around Yunho’s shoulders even as he tries to press closer, kissing and sucking and biting, his moves instinctual rather than experienced. But this is Yunho and he is Jaejoong. Their bodies are made for each other as he works to fit against the older man’s unyielding frame, muscles hard against his chest. The friction against his piercing from their bodies rubbing against each other elicits a low moan from the boy, that is swallowed by Yunho, even as he is pulled up higher in his lap, Yunho running a hand up and down his upper thigh, while the other is still cupping his face, to hold him in position.

Yunho knows he should stop. Though for what reason, he has no clue because he cannot think of a single one, but he’s sure there are many. However, the hot supple mouth over his and the heat of their hardening cocks frotting against each other through their swimwear is too much to say no to. And when Jaejoong runs his hand up along his neck, fingers playing along his jawline before moving to card his wet hair, his grip firm even as he tries to get closer to Yunho, is too much. The soft moan and shy whimpers against his mouth is his undoing.

He drags his mouth from the teenager’s, nuzzling his jaw before nosing a path to the side of his face. He takes a long lick along the curve of his delicate ear, satisfied when Jaejoong shudders in his arms, even as he tries to get closer still. The boy cannot stop moving, and every movement sends a flame of desire right through him with every pass over his now fully hard cock. He knows Jaejoong can feel it, and he isn’t running. He nibbles the piercing-free lobe, before he whispers hoarsely into his ear, inhaling and breathing the boy as he speaks to him so intimately.

“Jaejoong, please tell me to stop.”

The teenager makes a sound, but it is unintelligible. However the shaking of his head is answer enough.

“Then tell me what you want.”


Jaejoong moans plaintively as Yunho nips his ear again. He is struggling not move because he wants to kiss the man again. To kiss his way down that hard body, that broad frame. He rocks in his lap and mewls when he feels Yunho’s cock against his. It is not enough. He wants more contact, more friction, but he doesn’t know what to do next. Well, he knows what he wants to do, but he’s not sure how to get it.

“Jaejoong… Jaejoong, I need you to tell me exactly what you want.”

“Please touch me…”



Yunho drags his mouth from that beautiful ear, to look at Jaejoong in the semi-darkness, those luminous doe eyes glittering in the dark. That full mouth is parted, and the boy is panting softly, looking so innocently and trustingly at Yunho. Even as they stare, Jaejoong takes Yunho’s free hand, the one not currently squeezing his upper thigh, and places it over his heart. He moves his splayed hand, and a fingertip brushes against a hardened nipple. A nipple with a barbell through it, and his eyes widen at the discovery. The teenager is really full of surprises. Suddenly eager to taste him, Yunho drops his hand, both hands move to grip Jaejoong’s hips tightly, lifting him slightly before he drops his head to claim that nipple. As his lips close over the piercing and he licks and tugs, Jaejoong lets out a long keening moan, hands fisted in his hair as his body trembles from the new sensation.

Jaejoong is certain he can see stars. His body is like a giant nerve, so terribly sensitive, almost painfully so, but it is so delicious. If kissing Yunho is like heaven, what is this? Every suck sends bolts of lightning through him, his body twitching at each pull. Yunho moves to the other nipple, equally hard, but without the paraphernalia and Jaejoong is practically clawing as his shoulders now.

The older man soon moves his mouth back to the original nipple, nipping lightly before licking heavily, trailing his tongue back but slowly, languidly, tasting the water on that glowing skin, and latching onto a collarbone. He sucks lightly, before biting, encouraged by Jaejoong’s loud whimpers, marking the teenager as his. The boy has somehow moved, or been moved in such a way that Yunho’s heavy cock is now nestled against the cleave in his ass, and every time he rocks in his lap, Yunho responds by thrusting upwards.

Jaejoong wants more. He knows exactly how this works, but yet he doesn’t. Watching porn is one thing, actually doing it is a completely different story and he suddenly feels very shy and unsure of himself. A raging need is sweeping through his body and he is unfamiliar with the feeling, almost terrified at being swept away, and so he holds on. He hangs onto Yunho, because the man is his anchor. He can feel Yunho, hard and thick against his ass, and the friction he can feel through his tight swim shorts is driving him crazy. Not putting too much thought into it, Jaejoong moves back and away from Yunho who is looking at him in surprise. He quickly pulls off his shorts, thankful that he didn’t listen to his sister about the briefs, and climbs back astride Yunho, as naked as that day sixteen years ago.

Yunho sees, but he is finding it hard to believe. And then he feels Jaejoong’s bare cock against his belly, hard and needy as Jaejoong rubs against him, eyes half-lidded and slowly shutting, mouth parted in a perfect O, his head thrown back slightly as he tries to get closer, and he knows he is not dreaming. The beautiful teenager is naked and willing, but Yunho is not yet completely lost that he is going to allow Jaejoong’s first time to be in a hot tub. But there can be other first times…

Jaejoong’s eyes fly open when he feels a large palm close over his cock, a sure hand fisting his swollen member. His breath is coming in short pants, but the soft sound is drowned out by the churning water. He watches as a slow smirk spreads across Yunho’s handsome face, and he speaks without thinking, his words coming out in a breathless whisper, the transformation on Yunho’s face almost kills him with need in that instant.

“You are so beautiful.”

“Pot calling the kettle black?”


“Still as precocious as I remember.”

“What else do you remember?”

“I remember that we’re not done with the do-over.”

And with that, Yunho moves, flipping them around, and depositing Jaejoong in his seat as he kneels in the middle of the hot tub. He reaches under the water blindly, unerringly finding Jaejoong’s cock again, fisting it, watching the teenager’s eyes roll back as he slumps against the wall of the tub. He smiles at the beautiful boy, leaning forward to hook an arm under his butt, and then lifting him to the ledge meant for books or glasses of wine. The teenager lets out a surprised yelp, which turns into a strangled shout when Yunho’s mouth closes over him, as he kneels between his legs.

“Yunho…oh my god Yunho what are you doing. Fuck, god, oh my god…”

Yunho keeps a firm hand on Jaejoong’s hip, to keep him from moving away, as his other hand fists the base of his surprisingly lengthy cock. He pops his mouth off the head briefly, watching in fascination as clear drops of liquid form at each pump of his hand. He takes an experimental lick, and the moan Jaejoong lets out spurs him on, as he wraps his mouth around the tip, tonguing the slit hard before swallowing the boy’s cock down, hand still on the base, hollowing out his cheeks as his mouth moves over the hot length.

Jaejoong feels like he’s about to fall over. All the sensations running amok through his body, he’s impressed that he’s not screaming even louder. As it is, he is chewing hard on his bottom lip, legs stuttering and shaking, thankful for Yunho’s firm grip on him because he is sure he’d have fallen over into the water without him. His breath comes out as a hiss, as Yunho’s teeth grazes the tip, liking the feeling more than he thinks he should.

Yunho can’t get enough of the teenager, no longer listening to his head, but his heart. He wants the boy to lay claim on him, just like he did all those years ago, though not quite like that. He can feel him jerking underneath his mouth, and a glance up through his eyelashes reveal a very wide-eyed Jaejoong staring down at him, his lips so red and full, that Yunho can’t help what he does, as he surges up out of the water, claiming that mouth for his.

Jaejoong immediately wraps his arms and legs around Yunho, kissing him for all he’s worth. The sensations are threatening to drown him, and he needs to hang on to something. He wants more and yet he doesn’t. He wants so much but he doesn’t know what he wants. He trusts Yunho though, he trusts him completely, and he pours all his feelings and trust into the kiss, sucking desperately on the older man’s tongue, tasting himself on it. That realisation sends another wave of desire through him that would have knocked him over if Yunho hadn’t been holding him tight, both hands splayed across his waist. Jaejoong rubs his erection against his belly, whining softly, missing that hot mouth, but not wanting to relinquish it just yet as Yunho returns his sounds with a soft groan of his own which Jaejoong eagerly takes in.

Jaejoong moves his hands to the front of Yunho’s tented shorts, the size and hardness scaring him a little, but then Yunho gasps against his mouth, and he feels a little more confident, pressing the flat of his palm against the hard bulge, sucking on Yunho’s plush lower lip even as the older man groans deeply, before catching Jaejoong’s hand by the wrist and pulling it away.

Yunho ignores, Jaejoong’s protesting whine, as the boy struggles to free his hand. He pulls his mouth away from Jaejoong’s, slipping down once again between his legs, the teenager’s hard length dragging across his belly and chest as he slides downwards, mouth all over whatever skin he can find, nipping, sucking and licking a path back down. The time the belly piercing catches his eye, and he licks at it, chuckling when Jaejoong growls, fisting his hair as he tugs. Yunho turns his gaze upwards once again and is inflamed by the heat in the younger man’s eyes. He smirks up at the teenager, amused when Jaejoong’s bedroom eyes become even more inviting, even as he licks at the wet head of the boy’s cock, sucking hard at the tip, teeth grazing just around the slit, before he swallows him down whole once again. He relaxes his throat even as Jaejoong screams, the sound echoing bouncing off the glass walls. His mouth is filled with warm cum, and he swallows whatever the boy as to give, holding the trembling teenager upright with a hand around his waist.

Jaejoong’s head is spinning. He’s masturbated before of course but nowhere close has he ever come this hard and this suddenly. It is as if a dam has just burst and every single feeling and sensation he’s been keeping just under his skin, rippling and waiting for release, explodes in an instant. He cannot stop the scream that escapes, always vocal, though usually he is muffled by a pillow. Not this time. He can hear himself, and he can vaguely see himself outlined along a glass wall, sitting on the ledge of the hot tub, a hand fisted in Yunho’s hair while the other around the forearm of the hand holding him upright by the waist. He looks wanton and debauched, his hair messed up and sticking up oddly. Seeing Yunho’s head between his thighs though, sends heat coursing right through his body once again and he groans low and deep, just as Yunho releases him from his mouth. He looks down at the man gazing up at him, eyes dark with lust, and he tugs his hand free from his hair, trailing them along Yunho’s jaw, before rubbing his thumb across that pouty lower lip. He can feel the stickiness, and curious, he pops his thumb into his own mouth, tasting the salty essence. He can’t stop the face he makes though, and Yunho’s soft chuckles is a welcome sound as he sheepishly slides back into the water, his face suffused in colour.

“Not to your taste?”

Jaejoong pops his thumb back into his mouth, but the water has washed away anything that’s left, and he cocks his head, looking at the man in front of him. He moves forward, pushing Yunho back till he is once again seated along the wall of the hot tub, and he climbs astride once again. Yunho’s continuous chuckling is warming his heart, his face, and his body. He knows the man is laughing at him, but he doesn’t mind. Yunho can laugh at him for the rest of his life if he has a mind to.

“Are you marked as mine yet?”

“I can still taste you, Jae…”

He drags his thumb once again along Yunho’s bottom lip, before he leans forward, replacing his thumb with his mouth, tongue licking tentatively at Yunho lips, seeking entrance, but not sure what he will find. Yunho doesn’t push him, simply letting him poke and prod at his lips with his tongue till Jaejoong draws back with a pouty huff at the man’s uncooperative behaviour.

“I’m shy.”

Yunho raises an eyebrow at the naked teenager sitting astride his lap, the crease in his ass once again nestling his still-hard erection rather well. He drops his eyes down, and then running them back up, his gaze meaningful, and Jaejoong pouts in response, while nodding earnestly, a hand curved around and caressing the nape of Yunho’s neck, playing with his hair.

“I really am shy. Why won’t you kiss me back?”

“My mouth is full of you, Jae. It didn’t look like you enjoyed that little taste you had.”

Jaejoong can feel the heat rising in his cheeks again. He is really thankful for the darkness because if Yunho already finds him amusing in the dark, he will be cackling like his mother was earlier, in the light. He hums, running the fingers of his other hand along Yunho’s collarbones, trailing the tips lightly, a soft affectionate touch, as he stares at the hollow at the base of the older man’s throat.

“Please kiss me.”

Yunho raises his hand in response, tilting Jaejoong’s chin up to look him in the eyes, and he sees innocence and trust there, as well as something else. Something he wants to know more about. He pulls the boy closer, and their lips meet, a gentle kiss, much like the kiss they shared in his office not two days ago. This time, he meets Jaejoong’s shy licks against his mouth with his tongue, and the boy makes a tiny mewling sound as he opens his mouth for Yunho’s tongue, allowing the man to delve in, and to share Jaejoong’s essence with the teenager. Jaejoong’s grip on the back of his neck tightens and he deepens the kiss, their tongues dancing against each other, massaging and licking, finally pulling apart when Jaejoong needs air, the boy sucking it in hard.

“I taste better on you.”

Yunho’s laughter is loud this time, ringing around the balcony as he pulls Jaejoong down against his chest, moving him off his cock so that his now semi-hard member sits snugly between them, hugging the boy close, affection for the strange teenager overflowing, like his laughter. He feels Jaejoong rock, a hand now ghosting down his belly towards his cock and he captures his hand again, shaking his head at the boy who is looking puzzled.

“What about you?”

“Next time.” Yunho nuzzles the top of Jaejoong’s head as the boy tucks his face against his throat and wraps his arms around him. The teenager’s next word brings a smile to his face.



AN: I’m sorry for the fail!smut. I really really really find it hard to write tender stuff… Give me hard and fast anytime but dealing with someone’s (almost) first time? Good god I can’t… Mine was over a decade ago! So yeah… ugh, sorry. SO SO SO SORRY.

Chapter 11a

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, r

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