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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[Poll] I wish I had more time...
Poll #1867438 I wish I had more time *sad*

Should I write or reply to comments?


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You so busy with work,study,home etc. I am just grateful that you produce such amazing stories. I really do not care if you reply my comment because I just purely here to support your writing. :))Plus I am such a bed reader because I do not even comment on every of your chapter.

Write more throphy wife serial please.... Kekekekeke no worries i think we enjoy anything you wrote

You shouldn't ever ignore the muse when she whispers in your ear... This lesson I've learned the hard way.

It doesn't matter to me if you respond to comments or not, just as long as I know you read them, I'm okay with it. ^^ You're gracious enough by writing the things you do, and as fast as you do, but you don't owe me, or anyone else, anything. Truth to be told, I feel like I owe you something to the equivalent of the sun for being a purely amazing writer. ♥

Couldn't have phrased it better if my life depended on it.

It is ok with me that you don't reply because it know you read them.
And I do realize how busy one can be with works, family and personal stuffs.
Instead of replying all the comments which I know it os a lot, I prefer you to spend the quality time on writing cuz that is the core reason of this LJ isn't it?

we will never expect you to reply to each and everyone of us..by continue writing and producing such amazing stories, you have done more for us..thank you for always keeping aside some of your precious time for us and we just want to thank you so so very much by leaving you comments..keep up the good work,nicky!!

i know you read them .. <3<3

personally, i am okay if you don't reply to my comments because i know you are busy and also because your updates especially sleeping beauty updates makes me feel
like christmas. you don't know how bouncy i get when i see that you updated, and then when i find out that it's sleeping beauty i smile like a fool, and i stay on cloud nine during and after i read your update. my point is, your updates are love. comments are for us to express our appreciation for your wonderful stories, you do not need to reciprocate in the same manner, because i believe that for most of us it's enough that you take time from your busy life to write something that we enjoy reading. :)

well, no worries, if you don't have time to reply to our comments, you will not be the only one.

there are several other authors that rarely reply to comments but i believe they've read them and inspired to write more due to the comments received.
and i personally don't mind at all as long as you keep writing those amazing fics.so cheers!~:)

p/s: but tbh, when authors reply to my comments, i feel a lil' bit closer to them. don't you think feel the same way? :D

i just want to know and read about trophy wife XD, so writting for me!
i dont care if you comment back ^^, im all cool if you dont, but yeah i really want to read more of that amazinf trophy wife series XD they are so fun

i thinkmaybe you should concentrate on writing when your muse calls for it. trying to finish a fic when you are in no mood for it is a really difficult spot.
ofcourse i do miss our cracky conversations; but that's fine. can i tell you that you are amazing that you can churn out soo many fics when you have a career and yunho-like hubby at home?

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