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Sleeping Beauty [11b/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (11b/?)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, WAFF, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN1: Lol IDEK why I’m posting this today because everyone is jizzing over Catch Me, yours truly included. Only I was at work, so continually going to the bathroom to change underwear was kinda not cool especially when I ran out of underwear… Anyway TMI with Nicki again hahaha.

AN2: And yes, the rating just went up again lol.

Chapter 11a

Jaejoong jerks awake suddenly, unsure as to what has woken him. He is severely disorientated for a few seconds, his mind veering wildly, and wondering where the fuck he is, before he calms down, recognising the furniture in the room, realising exactly where he is. A frown crosses his face, and he gets out of bed, padding barefoot out the door to figure out what woke him.

The apartment is dark, and Jaejoong has no idea what time it is. He checks in on Jiyool, noting that the door is fully open, which means Yunho is most likely home. The baby girl is still sound asleep, barely in a different position from earlier. He is almost tempted to get a mirror to check and make sure that she is actually breathing, when, as if feeling his worry, she moves, turning onto her side and hugging the teddy bear someone has left for her. That someone can only be Yunho, and Jaejoong exhales loudly, his breathing shaky all of a sudden. He is not sure how brave he is now, in the darkness. But he is the light isn’t he? That’s what a lot of people call him.

He takes a deep breath as he exits the nursery, trying to regulate his breathing as he approaches the master bedroom. That door is ajar too, and Jaejoong hears a groan coming from within it, and his brow furrows in confusion. His steps are cautious, trying to remain as quiet as possible, ignoring the chill on his skin from the airconditioned apartment. He pushes open the door, and the sight that greets him is one he definitely did not expect.

Yunho is leaning back against the headboard in the middle of the bed, face tilted upwards and his eyes shut. The red light is on, dimmed, but on nonetheless, and Jaejoong hates the light even more as it casts its dull glow on the man groaning softly as he fists his erect cock. Yes, Yunho is masturbating. Jaejoong cannot really see much from where he is standing, because Yunho’s lower half is covered by the sheets, one foot planted on the bed while the other is stretched out, and so his view is obscured. But there can be no mistaking what is going on underneath those sheets.

No words come to mind as he watches Yunho, mesmerised by the corded muscles in his arms and upper body. His movements seem slow, almost lazy, as if he wants to savour the moment, and Jaejoong can feel his cock responding, even as he feels the beginning stirrings of anger seep into him. He said he wasn’t going to take this personally, the fact that Yunho has all but moved him out of this room. But this? This is definitely personal.

He watches in silence as Yunho’s hand speeds up, alternating between wanting to jump on top of the man and smack his hand away and replace it with his own, to wanting to jump on top of the man and strangling him for being such an idiot. Honestly, the frustration he feels right now knows no bounds. He is frustrated about everything right now, but mostly because of the gorgeous man currently jacking off in the middle of the bed without him.

Yunho calls out Jaejoong’s name, just as he comes, and the surprise of that utterance brings forth a gasp from Jaejoong. His eyes fly up at the sound, and as his cum paints his chest and belly, he comes face to face with a teenager staring at him, eyes wide, and darting back and forth between his face and the clear evidence of his gratification. It feels as if they are staring at each other forever.

Jaejoong stands aghast in the doorway, a hand on the doorknob, gaping at the man in the middle of the bed. They watch each other in silence, before Jaejoong moves to enter the bedroom, shutting the door behind him and leaning against it.

“You promised.”

“What did I promise you, Jae?”

“Don’t be an ass. First you move me out of our bedroom and now this? The first I might have been able to forgive eventually…maybe. I don’t know, I haven’t given it enough thought because I’m still hurt and I want to yell at you for hurting me again. And then this? What is this, Yunho? Please tell me, because I really don’t understand. I’ve been waiting here for you. Waiting for almost three weeks and then I find out you’re jacking off by yourself? Excuse the French, but what the actual fuck? I’m not a child, even if you maybe think of me as one because of how we first met. Do you even know how many times I’ve tried to get myself off from sheer frustration at waiting for you, but I always fail because I don’t want my hand, I want you. But clearly you don’t want me since you don’t seem to have any problems finishing.”

Jaejoong’s chest is heaving, working himself up into a lather the more he stares at the impassive face of the man lying in the middle of the bed with drying cum on his belly. If he’d been less hurt, less annoyed, less frustrated, less removed emotionally from the whole thing, he would have probably laughed at how ridiculous they both look right now, Yunho naked and half covered by the sheets and him in his Hello Kitty boxers. But he is hurt and confused, and that combination is never a good thing.

“Why, Yunho? Please tell me, why. Am I not good enough for you? You promised. You promised. What does this ring even mean? It means nothing to you. Nothing. You promised me…”

The teenager’s voice trails off as he sinks slowly to the floor, his heart breaking, as he fiddles with the heavy ring on his finger, struggling to pull it off. Why did he have to fall for such an emotionally unavailable man? He knows they haven’t made much progress in terms of anything really in the last few weeks, but he holds tight to Yunho’s affection towards him in bed, clinging onto it like his own beacon of light, because nothing else is forthcoming. He feels like a desert flower, flourishing against the odds, but when it becomes too extreme, even something accustomed to that harsh environment will die. He thinks about the weekend he has planned and he is crushed.

He can hear the other man moving, but he doesn’t turn his head to look, his eyes cast downwards onto the floor, hugging his knees, giving up on trying to get the damnable ring off. He’ll need to use soap or oil or something. However, next thing he knows, he is being scooped up off the ground, Yunho barely staggers with the additional weight, before heading to the large master bathroom.

“What are you doing, you damnable man? Put me down!”

Jaejoong wraps his arms around Yunho’s neck even as he berates him. His hands both push and pull at those broad shoulders, confused as to what he wants. On the one hand, he is feeling exhilarated at finally being in the older man’s arms again, rather possessively at that, and on the other, he just wants to hit Yunho for hurting him yet again. But Jaejoong is not the retaliating kind, and after a very brief fight within himself, he gives in with a sigh, and nuzzles like a sad little kitten against Yunho’s ear. The man doesn’t even pause, striding into the large walk-in shower and turning the water on, all while still holding Jaejoong in his arms. He steps away from the spray of water, but he doesn’t relinquish his hold on the teenager currently rubbing his nose against his ear. He can feel those pillowy lips graze his earlobe once, twice. The move is so tender and affectionate that it almost sends Yunho to his knees in remorse. Once again, he gets it wrong. So very wrong, and he doesn’t even know where to begin to apologise to the boy in his arms. The boy he doesn’t want to let go of. That he cannot let go of. The tiny show of affection is like a panacea for his insecurity, for his second-guessing, for his low opinion of both himself and of Jaejoong and the strength of their feelings. It heals Yunho because despite everything that he has done to him, the boy still gives with his whole heart. There is nothing vindictive or deceitful in Jaejoong, and Yunho has to relearn how to function around someone so giving.

He turns his head just as he feels yet another pass of those soft lips against his earlobe and jawline, capturing Jaejoong’s mouth, pulling the boy closer, even as Jaejoong’s arms tighten around his neck to deepen the kiss.

He is home.

Jaejoong parts his mouth for Yunho, trying to pull the man closer as he suckles on his tongue, reaching a hand up to fist his hair tightly, wanting to pull the man into himself if he can, to absorb him so he cannot run away again, so that he cannot push him away again. And then he remembers his things in the other room, and he wrenches his mouth away. Yunho growls at the loss, but Jaejoong needs to know why, and even though he wants nothing more than to keep kissing the older man, he also wants answers. He presses his mouth against Yunho’s, sucking that sinful bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling on it before relinquishing it, much to Yunho’s displeasure once again.

“Why did you move my things?”

Yunho stares at the practically naked teenager in his arms, aware that he himself is completely nude. He doesn’t want to answer, but he knows he has to. He owes him that much. However, he also wants to get into the warm shower, as the bathroom is cold, the weather unseasonably cool for the end of summer. Making a decision, he walks back into shower, directly under the now warm spray of water, smiling when Jaejoong yelps in surprise. He drops the boy gently to his feet, relishing the slide of his body against his, before capturing both his hands and pushing him up against a wall, his hands over his head, pressing the lower halves of their body together to hold him securely. Jaejoong’s wide eyes hint at the beginnings of lust, and Yunho wants to make sure it stays that way, thrusting gently against the boy, his cock at half mast, but Yunho is a shower not a grower so half or full, it is still considerable, especially to virgin eyes.

Jaejoong feels Yunho against him, and he cannot help but drop his gaze down, his jaw dropping at what he sees, before his eyes fly back up as heat pours through him.

“I.. Uh… How… what… I…” He stutters, completely at a loss at what to say. He doesn’t even know what to ask, his initial question long forgotten in the face of Yunho’s…attributes. He has felt it enough times to know that the man is far larger than he is, and he isn’t small! But to finally come face to face with it is a little disconcerting, and Jaejoong knows his virgin is showing.

Instead of replying, Yunho leans down to capture Jaejoong’s parted mouth once again in a gentle kiss, meant to relax the poor boy who looks like a deer in headlights, about to bolt in fright. He coaxes a reply out of the teenager, meeting his tentative tongue with tiny little licks of his own, having seen the panic in his eyes. He breathes against his mouth, tasting and licking, but not deepening the kiss, before speaking, his voice low and very husky.

“We’re not going to do anything. I need a shower and thought you might like one too.”

“I-I’ve already showered.”

“Well then, you can watch.”

Yunho steps back, releasing Jaejoong’s hands, watching them fall heavily to the sides before smirking and backing into the shower. He closes his eyes and tilts his head into the welcoming jets of warm water, allowing it to wash away the tension in his body, as well as the cum on his chest and belly. He steps further back, the water cascading over his face as he breathes through his mouth, running his hands up and down his torso, washing away whatever residue is left, enjoying the water running over his body, and more so with the knowledge that he has an appreciative audience. His cock twitches at the thought, and his lips twist into a knowing smirk as he fists his semi-aroused cock languidly, slow strokes meant to tease not only himself, but the boy he knows is watching his every move. He is unsurprised when he suddenly finds a hand on his chest, palm over his heart, just resting there.

Jaejoong watches as Yunho steps under the waterfall shower head, eyes unashamedly now roaming over the taller man. He drinks him in, long and appreciatively, his body heating up even more at the sight of the muscles in the man’s upper body rippling with every move. He is not overly muscular, instead perfectly toned, with a little bulk. That bulk adds to the breadth of his already broad shoulders and Jaejoong cannot help but admire the beautiful lines of the man. His eyes sweep downwards, over the slightly defined abs, and then further south again and his cheeks explode in crimson. His first thought is that he wants a taste, and a shiver runs through him at his naughty musings. But he cannot escape them, as his eyes take in the length and girth of Yunho’s semi-erect cock, still substantial even at half mast, and he shivers again. How this will work, he will never know unless he finds out, right?

And even as he thinks that, Yunho’s hand sweeps down over his belly, trailing over his languishing cock, before fisting it, the water catching on the glistening head, and Jaejoong’s mouth parts in response.

He bends over at the waist, pulling his now sodden pair of boxer shorts off, and kicking them aside, his own cock already fully erect and he fists himself, pumping a couple of times before letting go and stepping towards Yunho, not quite under the shower, but close enough to touch as he reaches out an open palm, the hand with his wedding ring on it, to press it against the man’s heart. He sees Yunho’s eyes open under the water, and his gaze is gentle, despite the rather wicked smirk he is currently sporting, and Jaejoong is no longer apprehensive. He watches as Yunho reaches up with his left hand, ring glinting dully in the light, to cover his own much smaller hand.

They stand there looking at each other for a few seconds, before Yunho links their fingers, and then tugs Jaejoong forward, before letting go of his hand and pulling him close.

Jaejoong lets out a surprised yelp, suddenly finding himself pressed full length against Yunho’s wet body, underneath the warm water. His fringe falls into his eyes as the water cascades down on top of them, and he can feel Yunho’s hands moving, splaying across his narrow waist, before cupping his ass and pulling him closer still. Their bare cocks rub against each other and Jaejoong cannot stop the groan that escapes him, even as he bends to tuck his overheated face into Yunho’s neck, to get away from the water, and to get closer yet again to the man. He entwines his arms around the older man’s neck, opening his mouth against his skin, lapping at the water collecting in the hollow of his collarbones, drinking it, tasting him as he does so. He sucks gently on that damp skin, mimicking what he remembers Yunho doing that night so long ago, wanting to mark him as his the way he was marked that night. He remembers the contentment he feels the next morning, seeing those marks on his throat and shoulders and he wants to replicate it for Yunho. He wants the man to feel as warm and as loved as he does.

He feels Yunho’s massaging his ass and he tries to get closer still. He wants to be as close as possible and this is not enough. He hooks a leg around his calf, rubbing up and down even as he tries to get closer still. They are tightly pressed together now, and it is a wonder that Yunho is still standing upright, a veritable immovable mountain underneath the water, as Jaejoong tries rather unsuccessfully to climb him.

Yunho chuckles at the movements of the teenager, the open mouth against the side of his neck sending sparks running through him and his cock is once again heavy and fully, trapped between their bodies, rubbing against Jaejoong’s own fully erect cock. He braces himself, muscles bunching and tightening, to hold them upright as Jaejoong appears to be trying his best to push into him.

“I want…”

Yunho drops his head, taking a step to the side so that their heads are no longer underneath the running water, he reluctantly moves a hand up, to coax Jaejoong out from his neck, tilting the boy’s face up towards him. His eyes are dark with lust, and innocence. So much innocence. The boy is as pure as the day Yunho first met him all those years ago, and his heart jumps, pounding a little faster than before. He loves this boy. It almost hurts how much.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t know…I just want to get close. Closer. This is not enough, I want to be closer.”

Yunho leans down, unable to resist the wet pouty mouth of the beautiful teenager, taking his fill, before licking and whispering against his mouth.

“We’re already very close, Jae. I don’t think you can fit a hair between us.”

“Not close enough…”

“How close do you want to be?”

“I want you…in me.”

Yunho’s next exhale is a shuddering breath, Jaejoong’s shyly uttered words are soft, yet the impact is huge. He draws back slightly, to look into the boys eyes, and he sees his reflection in them, and love. He sees love. And he is lost. He is finally well and truly lost. He bends down and kisses the boy again, smiling against his mouth before taking a step back and letting go of him.

“Do you always get what you want?”

“Always…I need you, please.”

“Not in the bathroom, not like this. Wait for me in bed, Jae. I’ll follow you in a minute.”



Jaejoong suddenly smiles, his grin is bright, and Yunho can’t help but return it, as he watches the boy turn, grab a towel and leave the bathroom quickly.

He soaps his body quickly, rinsing off, avoiding the urge to fist his cock, before leaving the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. The lights are still on in the bedroom, and he can see Jaejoong sitting right smack in the middle of the bed, back against the headboard with fluffy pillows all around him, covers to his waist. It is a rather comical sight because he is also pinching his cheeks.

“What are you doing?”

“Making sure I’m not dreaming.”

Yunho’s sharp bark of laughter is loud in the bedroom, and Jaejoong pouts at him.

“Don’t laugh. I already thought I dreamed my first kiss with you. I don’t want to accidentally find out this is all just a dream.”

“If you are dreaming, is it a good dream?”

“The best.”

Yunho is standing at the foot of the bed, watching the teenager with unreserved affection. The boy’s guilelessness is almost intoxicating. Yunho having spent over a third of his adult life in various shades of deceit, finds the light that is Jaejoong extremely warm and welcoming. He turns around, releasing the towel from his hips to dry the rest of himself, figuring it might be prudent to face his rather prominent erection away from the boy who’d already run a little scared in the bathroom when confronted with it. In his concern for Jaejoong though, he forgets one very important detail.

Jaejoong lets out a loud gasp as he sees the bare back of the man standing at the foot of the bed. His heart constricts so painfully that he struggles to draw breath, a horrified hand to his mouth.

Yunho freezes at the sound. He clenches his eyes shut when he realises what Jaejoong is seeing and shame pours through him. He’s always been so careful to keep his back turned away from the boy. He’s taken so much care that he even wears a teeshirt to bed, not wanting to risk it. And it is all for naught. He waits for the derision, for the disgust, for the disbelief that someone like him would let another mar him in such a manner. To let himself be whipped like a dog, whipped so hard that it draws blood and leaves scars. Small scars that criss cross all over his back, a mute testament to his degradation and humiliation for almost a decade at the sadistic hands of his dead wife. He stands as still as a statue, unable to move even if he wanted to, paralysed by his pain. He thought he was done with pain. Jaejoong is like a balm on all his past hurt, both physical and emotional. But now, now, who is going to save him from the hurt of losing that beautiful boy?

His eyes pop open in shock when he feels warm arms enfolding him from behind.

Jaejoong is hurting. Hurting for the strong, proud man, standing there with his head bowed, and all the scars of his past on his back. Hurting for the pain he must have felt upon their infliction, and hurting for how much it must have broken him both in body and in spirit. To come out of that, and be the man that he is now, the father that he is, takes a type of courage that Jaejoong cannot even begin to understand. To go through that, and still allow himself to take a chance and open up to someone else, to Jaejoong, to love him, he realises just how truly beautiful the man’s soul is. He is thankful at being given that chance to know this man, yet he is at a loss because how do you vocalise to such a man how truly amazing he is?

How do you tell him that he is the best man there is?

How do you tell him that you love him?

And so he does it the only way he knows how; through his actions. He crawls up slowly to the foot of the bed, sitting up on his knees as he wraps his arms around Yunho, hot tears spilling down his cheeks as he presses soft kisses to each and every scar that he can see. Trailing his lips across that expanse of healed flesh, wanting to absorb all the hurt and pain that was ever cast on the strong man doing his very best to survive the cruel hand that fate hate dealt him.

Yunho feels wetness against his back, and he knows Jaejoong is crying, but still he cannot move. He doesn’t understand. He knows not why Jaejoong is kissing him. Shouldn’t he be running out the door in horror? In disgust? He’s seen those looks before from doctors and his parents, and he is terrified to turn around and see the derision that will undoubtably cloud those beautiful, innocent doe eyes. And then he hears the soft broken whispers, as Jaejoong’s breath and lips ghost across his skin, even as the teenager’s precious tears forge a scalding path as they flow down his back.

So strong…

You’re so beautiful…

So strong to bear all this pain…

I love you…

Those final three words finally shake him from his paralysis, prompting Yunho into action as he suddenly whirls around, catching Jaejoong by surprise. The boy has no time to react before Yunho captures his mouth in a searing kiss, pouring all the love he has tried to contain over the last three weeks into it. He gives him everything as he pushes the teenager backwards, chasing him and following him up the bed, till Jaejoong is lying against the pillows, clutching for purchase at Yunho’s shoulders, their mouths fused together, their kisses desperate in a clash of teeth and tongue.

When they finally break apart, each gasping for breath, Yunho rests his forehead against Jaejoong’s, eyes tightly shut as he breathes in the boy beneath him. He lifts a hand to cup a smooth cheek, rubbing his thumb gently across his cheekbone, as he kisses down his other cheek, tasting the remnants of his salty tears, before resting his head on a pale shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Jae. I love you.”

“I’ve waited almost three weeks to hear you say that.”

Jaejoong turns into the other man, nuzzling against his forehead, placing soft kisses across whatever skin he can find, tiny little pecks, so brief in their touch yet each caress melts whatever ice that is left around Yunho’s heart.

“You saw my note, didn’t you?”

“You know I did.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t think I had to. Next time I will, if it will stop you going off and imagining things and jumping into conclusions that are not right, I will speak up. Yunho, you need to stop. Just talk to me, please. I don’t know what goes on in your mind half the time and when I think everything is ok, you do something to make me think it isn’t. Umma told me today she almost divorced appa because she was under so much stress with four little children, and he was always at work. But she didn’t tell him that she needed him. I know we only have one little girl, but I don’t want it to come to that. Please talk to me. And if it’s not clear in your muddled head yet, I love you. I need you. I want you. Yunnie-ah…the next move is yours. I’m laying it all out there. Take me or leave me. But you can’t have anything in between because it will kill me.”

Jaejoong continues kissing Yunho even as he speaks, interjecting every other word with a kiss to his brow, to his temple, to his closed eyelids, to the bridge of his nose. Anything his lips can find, because he needs the man to know how much he is cherished. How much he is loved. But he stops at his last statement, waiting for a response, his body tense like a tightly coiled spring, because he is not going to assume how Yunho will react or respond. But even though his lips have stopped their soft caresses, his hands never stop moving, stroking Yunho’s back and arm comfortingly as he waits for an answer, even though there is the very tiny chance the man will break his heart completely.

“Will you marry me?”

Well, maybe not tonight then, as his hands still mid-stroke. And he watches as Yunho lifts his head to gaze down at him, almond eyes fathomless pools of darkness. But in that darkness, he sees himself. And he sees love. They stare at each other, Jaejoong unaware that he has stopped breathing till he suddenly needs to gulp in lungfuls of sweet air, inhaling the scent that is uniquely Yunho, breathing him in and wanting it no other way.

“Is this a do-over?”

“If this were a do-over, it’ll be you demanding that I marry you.”

“You know…I don’t actually remember that. Tell me what happened.”

“Well, you met me, then asked me to marry you, I said yes, and then you peed on me. The end.”

Jaejoong squeaks, smacking Yunho across his shoulder as the older man grins affectionately down at him. He can feel the colour rise in his cheeks, but he doesn’t care. He loves that his toddler self wanted Yunho all those years ago. It seems right somehow.

“I hope you don’t plan on peeing on me when I say yes.”

This time it is Jaejoong’s turn to smirk as Yunho’s jaw drops, but the smirk is short-lived, when the man suddenly digs his fingers into his side, his ticklish body betraying him as he howls and begs for mercy. Giggles and howls soon turn into soft moans as Yunho drops his head to kiss him, thoroughly exploring his mouth, before licking at his lips and drawing back.

“How did I end up falling in love with such a brat?”

“You know, that’s starting to sound old. Everyone calls me a brat. My mother says I can’t just pout and expect the world to fall at my feet. But surely that’s how things work? Look, I’m pouting, will you do anything I ask?”

Yunho looks down at that pouty mouth, so sinful in its fullness, made even more tantalising because they are wet from his saliva. Jaejoong is his.


“Can we have our wedding night now?”

“Oh, Jae…”

And those are the last words uttered in that bed for several minutes, as Yunho and Jaejoong take their time reacquainting with each other’s mouths and body, hands roaming over each other, even as their tongues dance and duel, never ever able to get enough of each other.

With each lick or suck, Jaejoong just wants to get closer. Always closer. Yunho is now settled between his thighs, his legs wrapped around the man as they rub against each other, but still, it is not enough. His fingernails are scratching up and down the man’s back, when his mind finally catches up with him and he stops with a gasp, wrenching his lips away from Yunho’s who protests.

“What’s the matter?”

“Does it still hurt?”

“Does what still hurt?”

“Your back, I’m sorry I forgot briefly. I didn’t mean to scratch you.” Jaejoong’s face is a picture of remorse, dark liquid eyes blinking sadly up at Yunho.

“No… Jae, no, it doesn’t hurt. I love you, god, I love you so much. Please don’t ever change.”

Yunho bends his head, but he bypasses Jaejoong’s inviting mouth, leaving the teenager to mewl in protest as he starts on a trail down that pale body, hard yet soft. The boy is a contrast, but what a beautiful contrast it is. Wide shoulders, and quite muscly all round, the boy is more muscle than fat. But his skin is so soft. So very soft. And that narrow waist is a massive tease. So dainty, Yunho is sure the boy can easily fit in a pair of girl’s jeans. He smiles, as Jaejoong’s belly contracts as his ghosts his lips over that taut skin, dancing over the curves of muscles he can see, nosing his way back up a set of abs before latching onto that pierced nipple, causing Jaejoong to arch off the bed with a soft cry. He wraps his arms around that slim waist, his hands in the small of the boy’s back so his body stays arched, as he laves and sucks on that hard nipple, teeth teasing and tugging at the piercing, each pull eliciting a drawn out moan from the boy. His hair is messed up from Jaejoong’s hands, his fingers tangling in his damp hair, but the tugs to his scalp is a beautiful type of pain.

He moves to the other nipple, teeth nipping gently, encouraged by the sounds that Jaejoong is making, not to mention the boy’s hands holding his head close, and pulling closer as he arches into his mouth even more, wanting more, asking for more, with his body. No words are necessary as he worships the boy with his mouth and tongue.

It is still not enough for Jaejoong. Yunho’s hot mouth on his skin has lit a fire within him, fanning the flames, and he wants more. He clutches and claws and arches, needing to get closer. Yunho’s mouth is driving him crazy, and his skin is crawling with electricity, the sparks sending bolts of lightning to his heavy cock, so painfully full that with each pass of Yunho’s body against it, he has to bite his lip to stave off the coming orgasm. He keeps being pushed and pushed, pushed just to the edge of coming but not quite getting there. Forcing himself not to get there because this is his wedding night and he wants to make it count. He wants to remember it. Sometimes it gets too close, especially when Yunho finally moves off his nipples, all red and rosy and swollen now, and down to his belly, teeth tugging at the belly stud, licking around it, tongue delving into his belly button, and his stomach clenches reflexively with each pass, causing the older man to chuckle lowly against his skin, the sound vibrating up his body and straight to his heart.

And then Yunho releases him, sitting up on his heels, looking down at Jaejoong, eyes taking him in, drinking in all that pale expanse of flesh with his erection heavy and proud against his belly, such a contrast to the milky white skin. He grabs a pillow, and manhandles Jaejoong onto it, so his ass is now tilted upwards. The position is weird, and Jaejoong can feel even more heat crawl up over his body. He feels exposed, but it is Yunho, and therefore it is ok.

“Touch yourself.”

“W-w-what?” Jaejoong stutters, as he looks at the man looking down at him as if he wants to eat him up. Yunho’s eyes are heavy lidded, a wicked smirk playing about his lips as the man repeats his request. Or is it a demand?

“Touch yourself. You saw me earlier. Now I want to watch you. Fair’s fair, Jae.”

“T-touch myself? W-what d-do you mean?” Jaejoong is stuttering because he cannot breathe properly. The idea of touching himself for Yunho is almost enough to push him completely over the edge.

“You know what I mean, Jae. You watched me.”

Yunho slips his middle finger into his mouth, tongue swirling around it, wetting it as much as he can, before pulling it out slowly, well aware Jaejoong hasn’t taken his eyes off him. He drops his hand over the boy’s straining cock, finger lightly scooping at the moisture gathered at the head, smiling when Jaejoong’s body jerks in response, before trailing the finger down his cock, watching the teenage shudder, feeling the vibration. He trails his fingers lightly over his smooth balls, cupping them gently, slightly amused when Jaejoong stuffs his fist against his mouth, a muffled keening sound escaping, his eyes are so huge in his face that he is practically all eyes. His breath is coming in short pants, but Yunho doesn’t stop. He fondles the soft sacs, even as that moistened finger slips lower, finally finding their prize, at Jaejoong’s tightly clenched opening.

“Touch yourself, Jae. I’m not going to tell you again.”

Jaejoong slowly lowers his fisted hand from his mouth, Yunho’s words and the command in them exciting him even more, as he trails his hand down his body, moaning softly as his hand drags over a sensitive nipple, his eyes never leaving Yunho’s. He can feel the man’s finger nudging against his entrance, and he wants to open himself for him, his shyness is almost his undoing, but he fights against the impulse to clamp his knees shut, instead, forcing them wider still, moving his alread parted thighs wider, finding that the position is actually quite comfortable for him, especially with that pillow under his hips.

His hand finally reaches his cock, and he wraps his hand around it, gratified when Yunho’s finger stutters against his entrance, and his nostrils flare. He fists it gently, stroking down and then up, once, twice, slowly.

“Do it like you normally would. Don’t tease.”

“And how do you know I don’t normally do it like this?” Jaejoong’s reply is almost coquettish, suddenly finding his confidence when the man’s finger once again jerks against his entrance. He doesn’t dare look at Yunho’s own erection because he knows he will probably turn into the stereotypical virgin and possibly swoon. There is not going to be any swooning for Jaejoong tonight. He might be prettier than most girls, but he is still a man. And men definitely do not swoon.


Jaejoong resumes fisting his cock, his movements a little faster, but he maintains an uneven tempo because he really does not want to come. The tenseness in his body doesn’t help the not coming thing, so he wills his body to relax, his muscles turning to water.

Yunho watches, his own cock so fully and needy, he wants nothing more than to find his release. Find their release, but Jaejoong is not prepared yet. He coaxes at the boy’s very tight entrance, wondering how he is going to fit in when he can barely get a finger in, when Jaejoong suddenly relaxes his body, and his finger slips in easily. He watches as the teenager’s mouth forms a perfect ‘O’ in surprise, and he swirls his finger around. The shaky moan that comes out of Jaejoong is encouragement enough, and he leans over to slip a hand under the pillow to grope for the lube he’d used earlier when Jaejoong caught him. His searching hand retrieves the black bottle, and he quickly squeezes a couple of drops over the two fingers on either side of the digit still buried within the boy’s tight and clenching body.

Jaejoong can feel Yunho’s finger within him, even as his own hand falters over his cock. The feeling is very strange, but yet pleasurable. However even as he is getting used to that intrusive digit stroking his inner walls, a second finger is suddenly slipped into him. He can feel the slickness of the lube and his breath is starting to hitch again. Yunho must think he’s open enough or something, because a third finger joins the first two, and Jaejoong finally makes a sound of protest.

“I’m sorry, love. I need to prepare you, and if this is going to work, you need to take me. Just breathe, exhale slowly and relax.”

Yunho leans over, three fingers deep in Jaejoong’s ass, to kiss the pouting boy. He licks and coaxes a response, which comes quickly as Jaejoong wraps his arms around his neck, kissing him back fiercely, even as he shakes with every pump of Yunho’s fingers within his body. He starts to scissor his fingers gently, swallowing any sounds the teenager is making, wanting to make their coupling as easy as possible, but he knows he might hurt the boy regardless. Pain is the last thing he wants him to feel.

“Keep touching yourself, Jae. I didn’t say you could stop.”

Yunho breathes against Jaejoong’s mouth, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling on it as he feels Jaejoong drop an arm from around his neck, snaking it between their bodies again, obediently wrapping his hand around his cock once again.

A few more pumps, and Yunho removes his fingers from that welcoming body. Jaejoong’s eyes are glazed over with lust, but he can still see the love and trust shining through. His hand is still stroking his weeping cock almost lazily, but Yunho knows the boy is close. Hell, he is close and Jaejoong hasn’t even touched him yet. He crawls over the boy to cover him with his body, the heat from the teenager is scorching on his skin. Jaejoong is like an inferno, and Yunho wants nothing more than to touch the sun. He slicks his cock quickly with the lube before lining up their bodies carefully, Jaejoong spreading his legs even more, hitching one ankle around his hip and rubbing back and forth gently as he stares wide-eyed up at Yunho. The sweet caress almost breaks him, and Yunho grits his teeth, wishing he doesn’t have to cause the boy pain, but it is going to be inevitable.

“Don’t move, Jae, please don’t move.”

Yunho’s voice is hoarse with emotion, and the control he is exerting as he sinks into that hot, tight body. He inches forward slowly, Jaejoong’s body gripping him so tightly he is sure he is shredding his own lip to keep from making a sound. Jaejoong’s breath is a hitching pant, his eyes wet, but the trust in them is complete.

Jaejoong feels a burning pain like no other. It is as if someone is trying to shove a hot poker up his ass. His hand grips a taut bicep hard, fingers digging in, sub-consciously trying to transfer the pain, to share it. And then he realises what he is doing, and it is as if a switch turns on, and his body relaxes again. He will not cause any pain to Yunho if he can help it. The man has dealt with enough pain to last several lifetimes over. He gulps in air, sucking it in, breathing in Yunho again, and that relaxes him, even as he remembers the man’s instructions from earlier. Exhale slowly. And so he does. And as his body relaxes, he finds that the pain, while still there, isn’t as intense as before. His body continues to stretch, to accommodate Yunho, and he cannot help but voice a pouty complaint.

“Why are you so big?”

“Dear god, you are a mouthy brat. Did you really just ask me that?”

“Well, seeing as you’re trying to rip me in half, I thought it was a valid question.”

“But right now, Jae?”

“Well, ok, I guess the timing is a little off. But it doesn’t hurt so much. Can I still not move?”

“You can try moving if you like.” Yunho’s voice holds a clear note of amusement, as he gazes down at the boy underneath him, his brow furrowed as he tries to move. Honestly, only Jaejoong would do this.

After a few little grunts, Jaejoong gives up, his pout is in full effect.

“Not working?”

“You’re pinning me to the bed. I can’t move.”

“How about I move then? Will that suit his highness?”

“Don’t be an ass.”

“I’m in your ass.”

Yunho pulls back as he says it, and then pushing back in again, cutting off whatever it is Jaejoong was about to say as the boy groans low in his throat. He does it again, and Jaejoong shudders in his embrace, his legs hitching up higher, wrapping loosely around his waist now. His hand is still on his cock, and Yunho leans back up slightly to gaze down, satisfied when he sees that Jaejoong hasn’t lost any hardness.

He pulls back and pushes in again, each slow stroke easier than the last, even though the tightness of Jaejoong’s passage doesn’t really ease up. The tempo increases, as he leans down to swallow Jaejoong’s jerky breaths and stuttering moans. He wraps an arm under the boy’s waist, arching him off the bed a little more, closer to him, trapping Jaejoong’s hand on his cock between their bodies, as his strokes increase. He presses against the teenager’s mouth, his voice a harsh command as he feels himself spiralling towards orgasm.

“Touch yourself for me, Jae. I want to see you come. I want to see you covered in your cum and mine. Touch yourself.”

Yunho’s hot words against his mouth, causes Jaejoong to whine in need. He is as close as he can get to Yunho, and he hastily and clumsily does what the man asks. His hand tightening around his hard cock, pumping it quickly. The image of Yunho coming over his belly sends another loud moan from his throat, the mere thought of being marked by the man so thoroughly is enough to push him over the edge he’s been skirting for a good half hour.

Yunho feels Jaejoong’s orgasm before he hears it, that tight body clamping down painfully around his cock, spasming almost violently, before the beautiful sound of Jaejoong keening loudly, calling out Yunho’s name as he comes hot and fast between their bodies. Yunho can feel each spurt as if it is a brand, and with a final stroke, he pulls out, fisting his own cock as he too comes between their bodies, painting each other with their fluids.

When he is spent, Yunho lowers himself gently, slightly off to Jaejoong’s side so as not to crush the boy, who immediately turns his head, his mouth seeking purchase against Yunho’s and they exchange breathy kisses, Jaejoong mewling quietly as his body comes down from his high. The teenager is like a little kitten, turning into Yunho, seeking comfort and reassurance that he’s done well, and the older man doesn’t withhold any affection, stroking his hand up and down the boy’s back as they turn into each other, ignoring the sticky cum on their bodies, as they once again try to get as close as possible.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

AN: So I attended FIVE weddings this weekend. Do you know how crazy that was? But the weather was stunning though so they all picked a really good weekend. One of the couples was 19 and 32 and I was all hnnngggggggg… So yeah you can blame my weekend for where this just went because I DID NOT INTEND FOR THIS TO HAPPEN SO SOON. When the muse speaks, I’m powerless. I’m not even kidding.

Chapter 12

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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