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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Forsaken [2]
Title: Forsaken
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, supernatural
Prompt: Adopted the prompt by kpopbee and written with her permission.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: There is a war brewing for control of Hell and the result hangs on the slim, pale shoulders of a young human. As pure and white as snow, yet the mark of the devil is on him, Jaejoong is destined to be the forsaken one. The bride of the Lucifer himself, his destiny was written from the day he was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millennium. He may be the pawn of Destiny, his future supposedly damned, but a demonic prophecy throws chaos into the mix and nothing is certain anymore.

AN: Please don’t kill me… *hides* And I’m talking to my TWIN in particular… o__O

Jaejoong struggles to open his locker, the metal door constantly stuck. He’s mentioned it to the janitor several times but the man just fobs him off. He tries to get a grip on it, tugging hard and finally, with an agonizing screech that echoes in the hallway, quiet in the early morning before school, it gives way. There is a price to pay for access to his schoolbooks though.


The pale young man slips his sliced open index finger into his mouth, wincing at the sting, sucking hard while his other hand digs for his books. He’d forgotten to take his English homework home and that’s his third period. Thank goodness for his free period first thing that morning as well as study hall in his second. He can get his homework done then. The coppery taste is heavy on his tongue, and as he swallows, he feels a flare of heat on his neck. Moving the finger in his mouth into his cheek, he stretches his middle finger down past his jaw, to the pink spot under his chin, rubbing at it absentmindedly while still picking through his locker. The spot had appeared overnight on his sixteenth birthday, and no matter how hard he’s scrubbed at it, it hasn’t gone away. It’s not really noticeable, and now when anyone asks him about it, he just tells them it’s a birthmark.

A few weeks after the pink spot appeared, he’d started experiencing strange heat flares against it. Multiple appointments at various doctors and hospitals have yielded nothing, and Jaejoong has learned to keep his mouth shut about the occasionally heat-infused mark on his neck. In fact, it happens often enough now that he thinks nothing of it. The instances are always random and inexplicable. The first time it happened, he was on his way home when a passing skateboarder accidentally knocks into him. The boy was rather rude about it, accusing Jaejoong of stepping into his path. In the instance he meets the sidewalk, his neck suddenly feels like it’s been lit aflame. It is a strange feeling because it doesn’t hurt him at all. He just knows it’s hot. He’s too preoccupied by the weird feeling dancing on his skin that he ignores the skateboarder who’d knocked him over in the first place, deaf to the abuse being laid on him. Apart from the quick flare of heat, he only suffered from a badly bruised wrist as a result of breaking his fall, but nothing else. Two days later, a boy is hit by a bus on the same corner, but Jaejoong thinks nothing of it.

That boy was the skateboarder.

Jaejoong is a happy young man, full of life and friends who adore him, but yet he prefers to be alone. There is a child-like innocence about him that endears him almost instantly to anyone. He has a way of seeing the beauty in everything, even a withered rose or a charred piece of paper, or even twisted metal in a junkyard. Somehow, you can always depend on him to find something positive in the doom and gloom of anything. Looking at the world through his eyes is to marvel at everything. He sees it all as a gift that he is privileged to touch, and despite his comfortable life, he never takes anything for granted. He also has this strange ability to block out negativity. Some people may call it selective hearing, but for him, it is almost as natural as breathing. He has never once thought ill of anyone, and if put in a situation where others are speaking ill of another, he simply switches off. If asked about the conversation later, he will only remember the positive aspects of it. Even with the stupid locker that has managed to injure him, his only thought is that it is better him than someone else.

He shuts his locker carefully, gaining everything he needs for the first half of his day from it, and heads for the library to get started on his homework. He walks to the south entrance just as a freshman enters, carrying some mice in a cage, and he smiles at the girl, causing a deep blush to bloom on her cheeks. However her shyness is forgotten when her pet mice start to go absolutely crazy in the cage, and she stops to peer at them. They are running around frantically in circles, constantly crashing into the metal sides and even each other, scrabbling frantically at their cage, as if wanting to get out. Jaejoong’s smile falters and he hurries past the girl, and up the stairs to the library, his thoughts in a jumble.

Animals hate him.

It’s been over a year now and Jaejoong is still at a total loss. It really seems as if every single animal on the face of the planet hates him. His beloved pet cat, one that he’d raised from a kitten when he was 10, hisses at him whenever he walks past. In fact, his formerly indoor house cat turned itself into an outdoor cat practically overnight, refusing to come into the house if Jaejoong is in it, and always entering the minute he leaves it. His five older sisters tease him about it, saying that he must smell, and Jaejoong takes it to heart. He was a walking perfumery in the month after his sixteenth birthday but nothing helps. Once, he even tries to walk around with dog food and meat in his backpack, through one of the pockets greenery around the city where people walk their dogs, and he’s never seen a park emptied so quickly. Tiny little toy poodles straining on their leashes to drag their bewildered owners away from him is a sight he isn’t going to forget anytime soon.

And then there was that one occasion just last month with his friend’s older brother who’d come to pick them up after school. They had their Great Pyrenees in the back and the giant dog had practically plastered itself to the opposite side of the car, clawing desperately at the door when Jaejoong had opened the passenger door to get in. Its whining was so loud that Jaejoong had ended up riding shotgun, his friend sitting in the back with his dog. It was a ridiculously warm day and the air-conditioning wasn’t working and so his friend’s brother thinks nothing of winding down the windows in the car. They were on the highway when it happened. Their beautiful white dog leaps out of the car window the first chance it gets, and into the path of an oncoming car and is killed instantly.

That shatters any illusions Jaejoong ever has about animals. They hate him. Plain and simple. He doesn’t say anything to his friend about his ongoing misfortune with non-human living things, but he cries for over an hour when he gets home that day, absolutely bereft. And yet, despite that, his inherently bright nature still shines, out of the blight that seems to have descended upon him.

Jaejoong sighs as he pulls out his laptop and starts it up. He glances at his wristwatch and is shocked to find that over half an hour has passed. He quickly flips through his notebook for the homework that they were set last night: Pick a theme from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and illustrate it using contemporary examples personal to you.

He stares at the question as he runs through the themes in his head. Love? He knows nothing about love. Not the romantic sort anyway. Opposites? That is a possibility. He can write about opposites, though he will struggle to find ugliness in anything. He files that away as a backup. A play within a play? That bit still confuses him a little. Pass. Magic? Is that even real? Definite pass.


Jaejoong feels his face heat up as the thought crosses his mind. No, he cannot write about dreams because they are far too real, far too intimate. He’s been having the same dream every night with only slight variations for over a year now. But it always ends the same way, and he always wakes up covered in his own cum. He doesn’t know or understand how or why, even looking it up on medical forums. Wet dreams are not this constant, this realistic, this prolonged. He’s toyed with the idea that maybe it’s because he is a virgin, but anyone he’s interested in or tries to get close to always seem to move away inexplicably. He reckons he just has bad luck in love.

But it doesn’t explain why he looks forward to going to bed, that he is probably the only teenager on the planet who is in bed by 10pm each night. He doesn’t want to think about it too much. In his dreams it is always a man. A man with a low voice, smooth like velvet, whispering wicked things in his ears. Things he really shouldn’t know about. A man with skilful fingers that dance all over his body, setting it aflame, till he feels like he might actually be set alight. The warmth and heat is not unlike the burn he feels against the mark on his throat. In fact, the feeling is almost comforting. A man whom he parts his thighs for willingly and yet he cannot summon an ounce of shame for it. It is only a dream, isn’t it?

His thoughts are disrupted by the wail of a siren close by and he turns towards the bank of windows, but doesn’t move, because he is sporting a full erection and it will be far too embarrassing if anyone sees him like this. As he contemplates puppies and rainbows to try and will his boner away, several female students enter the library, chattering noisily. He catches snippets of their conversation, and his heart is filled with sadness for the man they are talking about.

Did you see the ambulance?

He fell off the roof.

They say he may not survive.

What was he doing on the roof anyway?

He’s the janitor. Who knows what they do?

He sighs, sending up a brief healing thought for the man’s health. He decides against looking out the window, although his schoolmates have no such restraint as they press themselves against the glass. He turns back to his homework, completely oblivious to the several pairs of eyes that are currently on him. They are torn between staring at the chaos outside the full length window and at the beautiful boy sitting in a cubby who is currently staring earnestly at his dog-eared Shakespeare textbook.

“Do you think he’s a virgin?”

“With a face like that? I highly doubt it.”

“Everyone thinks he’s such an angel but I’m sure looks are deceiving.”

“Yeah, I agree. He’s probably a huge slut.”

“He doesn’t slut around here though.”

“He’s probably got some college boyfriend somewhere.”

The other three girls make disgusted sounds at their friend who simply smirks at them.

“What? Come on, do you really think he’d be fucking a girl?”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind him fucking me that’s for sure.”

“Ooooh such a cradle snatcher.”

“Don’t be an idiot. He’s a junior.”

“We’re seniors. Do you think he’d date one of us?”

“I don’t want to date someone prettier than me.”

“Ugh, I’m sure he’s had plastic surgery. His family is loaded and none of his sisters are even half as pretty as he is. It must be plastic surgery.”

“How pathetic. So he sluts around and pretends to be an angel and is basically 90% plastic.”

“Everyone seems to like him in this school. It’s strange.”

“Yeah, I think we’re the only ones who see him for who he really is.”

There is a pregnant pause before all four girls say the same words in one breath.

“A slut.”

They are loud enough for Jaejoong to look up in their direction. He sends a smile their way, not actually hearing their words. One of them sends her own smile back, completely fake of course, as they move away from the window and leave the library just as the first bell rings, signalling that they have three minutes to get to class.

Jaejoong stares at his book, his nose scrunched cutely as he ponders his options. English is not his strongest subject and he wonders why he’s even doing it. He doesn’t notice the dark clouds gathering over the school, nor does he notice the young man standing by a bookshelf, watching him intently even as he whispers under his breath, as if talking to someone, but there’s no one near him.

M’lord, I’ll take care of it.

I understand.

Yes, he has to remain innocent. I’ll make sure of it.

Is it time for that?

The figure stops talking, straightening his tie that’s part of the school uniform. He’s not used to walking the earth, more comfortable in one of his other forms. Being a trickster while in human form is difficult, and his chances have been few and far between. However, he’s had only one task for the last year, set on him by the Prince of Lies, the Ultimate Deceiver; to watch this human, and to ensure no one touches him. He’d been a little derelict in his duty in the first couple of weeks, unsure as to exactly what Lucifer wants of him. He’s a demon not a babysitter. The world however, cannot stand the weight of the Devil walking amongst them for very long, and his nightly visits to his bride is about all it can stand for the moment. If he walked during the day time as well, it will be eternal night for all. It is in the third week that he learns a thing or two about the connection between the Devil and his bride.

Nothing that touches Jaejoong ever lives long enough to regret it.

A freak lightning storm hits the school later that morning, multiple strikes on the outdoor tennis court. There are four casualties. No fatalities, but those girls won’t be returning to school anytime soon.

AN: Lol I was listening to the wrong damn song (Destiny) while writing this and so this failed because that song was more appropriate for Chapter 11 of Sleeping Beauty lol… So my muse ran away helter skelter and I was bereft.

LOL... I'll go with you liking this :P

I had been waiting for this!! Thanks for updating! Cant wait when yunjae finally meet.

I can't wait either tbh... Mainly because I have no idea how they're going to roll... My muses tend to surprise me and my HoMin is a damn good example of that OTL

too much of baby vibes? ^^

I guess as much that anyone who hurts Jaejoong in anyway ends up dead or badly injured.

Those girls shouldn't have called Jaejoong a slut.It's a gift that they survived.

I am just wondering who is Yunho's minion who is keeping an eye on Jaejoong. Is it Changmin or Junsu?

I cannot wait to read the next part.
How many chapter is this fic going to have?

Definitely too much baby on the brain...

Yeah Lucifer doesn't take too kindly to his bride being messed with... You shed his blood, he sheds yours... easy. It's more about HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY PROPERTY though lol.

Ugh those girls were gross. But I still wouldn't wish a lightning strike on them though OTL

And as I mentioned to you on Twitter, his minion is neither Min nor Su :3 And I have no clue how long this is going to be... I'm guessing 10-15 chapters at this stage.


Okay, I'm starting off on the wrong foot here with this story, but I must say I am very pleased with this chapter. ^_^ Like I said on Twitter, I don't mind smut at all (porn monster loves the smut, don't be fooled! :D) but I do enjoy the more sinister aspects of this story. I love how much emphasis you place on the fact Yunho is the devil and how evil his figure truly is considering how the Earth can't actually handle his presence. To appear during the day would chase away the sun? That is some seriously evil mojo and I LOVE IT.

Poor Jaejoongie, cursed with being the devil's bride but blessed with such a kind soul despite the dark mark scarring it. It broke my heart to read about the animals that suddenly hate him, and the Great Pyrenees... ;_; What a beautiful creature and such an unfortunate fate.

On the other hand, is it okay that I'm strangely delighted that Yunho and his demon subordinate are keeping a close, possessive eye on Jaejoong? Some incidences might be truly unfortunate, but those girls calling him a slut got what they deserved! :< Jaejoong is not a slut, he is a bride, get it right ffs. >_>

I am pleasantly surprised by this update! You continue to be amazing and I really do appreciate how much you spoil us readers. n_n

Love it bb ♥ I'm excited to see what happens next! ^_^

Well, he is the Devil so... his malevolence will be pretty damn palpable if you ask me. I honestly can't imagine a being such as he walking about the earth and nothing being different. I mean if ghosts gives people shivers, if djinn can fool with people, if the boogeyman in the closet and under the bed can frighten kids...imagine the Devil. I don't want to know tbh...

That Great Pyrenees... Have you seen that video of Jae and Vick leaping out the back window as he drove? That's where I got this from. And then him getting out of the car and wrangling his dog back in. I think they were at a traffic light or something though so it was ok.

Lol, I think Yunho would want to keep an eye on his property :P Especially with the war that is brewing.......

I'm happy I surprised you my, honeybee! :P

ahahahah oh my god poor jaejoong, people are dying everywhere he goes, dogs commit suicide and the whole world is rotting, and the guy is in his own littlle world, lusting after the Devil... way to go~

“Yeah, I agree. He’s probably a huge slut.” yup. YUP YUP YUP.

and wait, the prince of lies? THE ULTIMATE DECEIVER? I'm willing to hang myself if this is not whochun. I mean, the man has been trying to make us believe he's part of jyj for /years/ ffs. (oh, I'm mean, so mean)

I really love how everything is cohesive, the consequences of being the devil's bride, but at the same time I'm a bit... horrified. In a good way, though :P

hmmm I want more details about the dreams~~ come on jaeslut, touch yourself in front of those hoes, give them a good sight before they ~disappear~

thanks for updating :33

I LOLed reading your first sentence. I seriously LOLed. Hey, don't blame him... I'd be lusting after Yunho too and oblivious to everything else if he came to me every night *cough*

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Prince of Lies is another name for the Devil aka Lucifer :P Please don't hang yourself!

I was actually a little worried that I wasn't portraying what it meant to be the Devil's bride very well but I think with everyone's comments, i'm doing ok :3

More details on the dreams? USE YOUR IMAGINATION :PPP Insert great fat devil cock into pink clenching angelic hole...


(Deleted comment)
Woow that was amazing !!! Jae is sooooo sweet and innocent *squeals* ( you know he is currently in India , same country as me !!!!!! *squeals and flails like crazy* , he is around 7 or 8 hours away from the state I currently reside in and I can't go :( life is a bitch *cries* ) . Anyway love the new chapter , possessive Yunho is soooooo hot *fans herself * . So Jae's dreams are not exactly dreams *smirks* I wonder what will happen when he meets Yunho wide awake >.< . You are so awesome !!! I hope you update Jejuko next ^^

Edited at 2012-09-25 06:26 pm (UTC)

I'm really bloody surprised Jae managed to escape Seoul without anyone getting whiff of it tbh... One minute he's in Korea and the next, he's tweeting from India with a huge shit eating eye smiley smirk. While i'm glad he managed to escape under the radar, i'm also pretty baffled lol.

And yes god I love possessive Yunho... I love dominant Yunho... I love angry Yunho... Oh man this is going to be one huge kink for me OTL

I hope I update Jejuko soon........but the muse for that is as silent as a tomb at the moment so i'm just writing whatever is being noisy... :3 Thanks for commenting!

this is really interesting..^^..I'm hooked after reading 2 chapters...I wonder who's the one looking after Jae..can't wait for the next chapters..^^

I'm happy you like this \o/

Hehehe Jae and his demon babysitter :P Hopefully I won't take so long to update after this OTL Thanks for the comment!

(Deleted comment)
Well....he is nothing but consistent. Nobody touches Jae, and goes for long without punishment.

The Devil is pretty damn possessive :P

It's cool how Yunho has been.. protecting (?) Jae like this!
And Jae is such an angel and the girls deserved it. >:!!!

Thanks for updating this!

Protective... possessive... tomayto... tomahto... :P

Jae is an angel for now XD And you're welcome!

Freak accidents along Jae Joong's trail and he only picks up on animals being afraid of him? Innocent! Jae indeed!

I don't know if he'd put two and two together... I personally wouldn't lol and yes especially with him being that innocent because he'd never wish ill on anyone :3

So awesome and so interesting I just want to read mooooooooooooooooore :D

I want to read more too but alas, I have to write it first OTL

hey this is your twinnic :333333 i wasn't gonna c0mment but this story is off the chain so here i am <3333333 OMG UPDATE before i kill you, this story has so much potential to be awesome i cant wait xoxoxoxox

Yah! Of course I know who you are *glomps twin*

You're the worst at pressuring me ISTG... you're just damn lucky ILU :PPP Don't kill me... The muse for this is still rattling around in my brain so I'm quite hopeful. Unlike my Jejuko muse which is as silent as a tomb it's not even funny...

Woah... love the darkness of the story!
In the end, everyone who wronged Jaejoong one way or another are destined to die. Been Lucifer's bride is not a joke, he had life of many over his shoulder without knowing it.
But poor animals, they all go crazy around Jae. At least they are smart enough to hurt him physically or is it just instinct...
Now I'm really curious about how you'll pull off the meeting between them. Something even darker would be awesome!

Edited at 2012-09-25 02:19 pm (UTC)

I hope he never finds out about all those people inadvertently hurt or killed because they crossed his path :3

Animals can sense things so I was going with that. Yunho leaves his mark on Jae every night... It's going to manifest somehow... And yes, not sure how i'm going to pull off the meeting lol. Please anticipate and thank you for commenting and i'm really happy you like how dark this is! \O/