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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Forsaken [2]
Title: Forsaken
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, supernatural
Prompt: Adopted the prompt by kpopbee and written with her permission.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: There is a war brewing for control of Hell and the result hangs on the slim, pale shoulders of a young human. As pure and white as snow, yet the mark of the devil is on him, Jaejoong is destined to be the forsaken one. The bride of the Lucifer himself, his destiny was written from the day he was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millennium. He may be the pawn of Destiny, his future supposedly damned, but a demonic prophecy throws chaos into the mix and nothing is certain anymore.

AN: Please don’t kill me… *hides* And I’m talking to my TWIN in particular… o__O

Chapter 2Collapse )

Oh!!!!~ You have an awesome characters already...
Prince of Lies! that was something new as for Devil! YJ Fics I'm currently reading and I have a strong feeling that the prince of lies is YooChun or maybe Changmin but i'll go for yoochun!.And the people, animals etc. the freak accidents just way too cool!. I love the contrasting attitude of the Characters... Jae is the light while Yun is the Dark. It perfectly Juxtapose Jae's character as he is the bride yet he has a heart of an angel but I'm expecting that this might not last or this might change in the next chapters. But i'm getting the idea, why prophets or the destiny is caught up in a mess..as I can see that Jae is the middle-ground between good and evil and I hope I'm right for interpreting this. Please Update soon! ^^

Why do people think Prince of Lies is Yoochun? Lol cos you're not the first. Prince of Lies is just another name for the Devil aka Yunho XD

Well, Jae is destined to bring about balance so we'll see what happens to him ;-) I'm really happy you like my characters! And i'll try to update soon because this fic is basically for my twin and what twin wants, twin gets...(eventually) :P

Thanks for your comment!

I had goosebumps while reading this. Seriously, this story is chilling. It is so ironic that Jae embraces the comfort provided by the very same being that toys with him at night yet cruelly isolates him in the day, leaving him bereft. He may have a cheerful disposition, but I really wonder how that will last when he finally grasps all the dark, twisted revelations about his life that are not within his control. Thanks for continuing this story! Am totally looking forward to the progression (:

Mmmmmmm I love getting goosebumps when reading fic so i'll take that as a huge compliment! :P

Ohmygod can I kiss you? I'm so glad you got the isolation thing because I was looking at my story notes and that was a main point but I don't know if I conveyed it very well because I wrote this so fast OTL

Jaejoong is a trooper... he'll survive somehow...hopefully :3

/chains muse to you/

come on you both can write lots and lots more, basking in my personnal joy at FINALY having something on Forsaken =3
I understand how JJ feels about his supposed dreams, I would have a boner all day too v_v

Lol... my muse is still rattling around in my brain :P I don't know about lots more... this fic seems very compact in terms of words... Not needing much to convey what is necessary. That could change of course but i'm digging the length for now ;-)

AND YES... I'd have a boner all day every day 24/7... Jizzing over everything... Fucking Yunho. Fuck him. ISTG the man has brought me to new levels of frustration that I never thought possible and I almost hate him for it. Damn it. So i'm taking it out on fic...

I blamed Changmin for where my HoMin fic went this afternoon but really, it's all Yunho's fault. ALL OF IT.


OMAN >.< !! he got me hook on all ur story!!!!! but i sincerely pray its not gonna be a sad ending. *please* life is alrd sad enough

I don't do sad endings... Not really lol. Like you said, their real life is fucking tragic enough, I don't need to make it worse OTL

When I saw this update on detox, I have a mini spazz. I love this, can't wait for Jaejoong to meet Yunho.

Awwww \o/ And I can't wait either :O

Yaaaaay for this fic I would say that from the new album... Getaway is appropriate xD well I would say that Getaway is appropriate for all the fics... because I really like that song xD.

and I kind-of laugh while reading about the suicide dog... I laugh and I was aaaaaw Vick xD

LOL... I just died because I was literally listening to Getaway all afternoon and out of it came a HoMin fic that was meant to be PG13 but turned decidedly NC17............

Yeah awwww Vick indeed OTL

i like where this is going tho~ so yunho is lucifer and jaejoong is his bride... but who is this demon who looks after jaejoong? where will yoosumin come into the picture? what else do you have planned for this?

So many questions lol... and I can't give you any answers :P

Ok I can give you one... the demon looking after Jae is one of YooSuMin :P

Ohhh.. you update this! :O
I wonder who's the demon who watching Jaejoong.

It's not important ;-) And I updated chapter 3 today XD

//chains you to your bed with a Word doc//

this is so your fault by updating us with such an intriguing plot! i love the whole dark turn this plot is taking with yunho "protecting his interests".. i'm curious about what yunho's job profile really is; and where do yoosumin come into it..

jae is/was in india and i was walking a hole into the ground all of sunday coz i was at the damn airport the other day!! ugghhh!! one of the many down sides not living in korea..

hnnnggg.. if i were jae, I'd be hopping off to bed with a handful of tissues by 7 every night >_<

Word is gross!!! I use Scrivener :P

Yunho's job profile? He's the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, etc :P YooSuMin are hanging around somewhere. They all have a role at some point :3

Hahahahaha omg by 7pm? I think you've read the current chapter haven't you? Seven indeed...

I had goosebumps after this... and I want more *__*

Well, I just posted chapter 3... Though fair warning, I gave myself goosebumps writing that OTL

the prince of darkness is like a bodyguard hehe
and jaejoong is such a clueless cutiepie hehe

I never realized Forsaken is ongoing ._.
But yay~! Uh...let me just strangle those seniors talking behind JJ's back.
This is lovely, I'm off to read the rest now ^^

All the bad things of him with animals must be related to yunho then...there are beliefs that animals can see the devils/demon, and since the darkness already filled him, then that must be he reason behind it..
Im foreseeing the death of the seniors that are badmouthig joongie...hmmm

wow.. this is awesome..

You wrote one Jaejoong I wouldn't want to meet!