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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[7] Can You Believe It?
Title: Can You Believe It?
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Orange hair…mood swings…ramblings and more ramblings and the ever pleasant “horny trimester” that is the highlight of every pregnancy :P

AN1: Oh god… this one-shot was meant to be PG13. ISTG it was meant to be PG13 and then… IDK what happened. I really don’t. It originally had JaeChun and HanChul in it as well… and then it got derailed so hard so fast, my head is still spinning.

AN2: I recommend putting Getaway (by TVXQ duh) on repeat while reading this… you can thank me later. Also, I have NOT re-read this because I died writing it and I have to work so I really don't want to die again so please forgive any mistakes.

Can You Believe It?Collapse )

I think I am with you with the lady boner on yunho.. and even in the video he is just oozing sexy... those pictures of them says a lot.. going to dream land to dream!!!!

I have a permanent boner for Yunho... seriously...

(Deleted comment)
Thank youuuuuuu... It makes me smile so hard when you say that because i've heard that HoMin writers are pretty good which is why my disclaimer says please don't kill me lol. I've only read two HoMin fics ever and they were both one shots so this 'verse is just my own little HoMin escape. And yes, they absolutely fuck like bunnies all the time... I mean come on. Yunho as your husband? I'D FUCK LIKE BUNNIES TOO!

His hair has grown on me too tbh and yes, he is fucking gorgeous. ISTG SM totally lucked out getting him and Jae in the first place. Those two men have got to be the most truly gorgeous people I have ever seen and Yunho is so damn lucky I can't even begin to say how lucky omg.

Nawwww Min is happy with his husband :P Yunho was just being a brat and teasing his wife lol.

I’m literally a whimpering mess right now omfg

You're not alone lol

Seriously... I've written A LOT of smut this week and this scene is hands down the one that left me dying the most...

not sure if i've commented yet on this series (if i haven't, my deepest apologies! i've quite enjoyed it) but i just have to say: i love you for writing in changmin's new haircut. when i saw his teaser picture i stared in shock for a few minutes at least, lol. what was maknae thinking?!?

waiting for the next installment~ hopefully with hanchul teehee~

Lol it's ok ;-) And I really don't think he had a say in the matter. I can't actually imagine Changmin willingly getting orange hair lol! And yes, next installment will have HanChul unless the horny HoMin couple decide otherwise.......

OMG YOU CAME BACK TO TROPHY WIFE~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -throws party- Yes I freaking love S.B. but there is just something special about HoMin to me (probably like how you feel with YunJae) and when my favorite author writes about it I feel like partying!

And omg this was *fantastic*. The smut was freaking *hot* and the idea of Min loving to give blowjobs and coming just from that is so absolutely sexy! The dance Minnie did and how ferocious YunHo was and it was just amazing!

And of course the lol factor about Minnie's hair. I absolutely 100% agree with you - the orange bowl cut is just something I want to laugh at but it makes him look so young!

Anyways amazing amazing amazing job and I really look forward to more in this series (and Min's payback to Jae!)

Actually, my Trophy Wife muse is VERY VERY VERY noisy at the moment. I'm literally being torn in four different directions at the moment. TW definitely wants to be written, SB is a close second followed by Forsaken and then Jejuko is now rearing her pretty little head and i'm kinda like ahhhhhhhhhh!!! *tears hair and glares at muses*

You must think i'm crazy, as do other people, but the power of the muse is seriously not to be underestimated. They make me do things *cries*

OOooooooh yes, being able to come from giving is a bonus when you get so turned on by the fact that your partner is turned on. Min loves Ho very much indeed despite his super brattiness :P My twin says I ruined Getaway for her hahaha... I think she's going to ban me from including any type of music in my fics if she can help it lol!

HIS HAIR IS GROWING ON ME...... I am loathe to say it but it is. God... he is so beautiful and....... I want to do bad things to him. Well, you can see I was living vicariously through my JaeHoMin fic which I THOROUGHLY enjoyed writing btw :PPP I know my AN in that was a little off. I was a little frustrated at all the wasted words it took to come to that. The wasted words were all me forcing my muse when it didn't want to cooperate and the actual end product was when my muse decided where it wanted to go and I happily went :P

IDK if we'll have payback but there'll definitely be more :P

LOL why would I think you're crazy? Your beautifully awesome muses are what's spoiling us readers with waves of chapters! XD Listen to them more! mwhahaha >:)

OTL I know the hair has slowly grown on me too. I don't mind the orange-ness of it, but I honestly think Changmin is one of the few idols that look best with natural black hair (Also Siwon from SuJu and Minho from Shinee). It's that freaking bowl cut that I hate. God that has to be the fugliest hair cut to ever come to see the light of day. I honestly felt like Changmin and Yoochun got the short end of the stick with hair stylists - those weird cornrows for Min and that freakish asymmetrical hair for Chun amongst others. But since Yoochun left his hair has been freaking gorgeous all the time.

God, do you remember Yunho with his blond highlights in 2009? I thought that was the best hair he's ever had! And Jae always looks so freaking amazing with every single hair color he's ever had. I think Junsu looks freaking amazing with platinum hair - heck even the blue hair looks good on him!

Wow, that was a severe tangent!! Whoops!

although a little late, but changmini i found an anime character with orange hair! nami from one piece! though i'm not sure she has the same color hair with you! cheer up now! if it's you, it'll be gorgeous! :)