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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty [12/20]
Title: Sleeping Beauty (12/?)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, WAFF
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: The Jung meets the Kims… I hope you like it :3 And watch out for the start of the chapter......... :PPP I BLAME DESTINY.

Chapter 12Collapse )

I so live Jiyool, especially when she was telling Yunho no for I guess cuddling her Jaejoong. Ha, Yunho finally met the family, wasn't as detrimental as h thought it would be, glad Papa Kim gave his consent. It worries me that The Bitch's family is going to try and take little Jiyool, and they, Jae's parents, are already starting to prepared for the fallout. Oh well, can't wait for more!

the kim family is sooo wonderful
and im so thankful that yunho is happy with the kim family.
they are really angels :)

Awwwwwww I just loved this chapter like one big happy family!! YunJae get married already
Hmmm abattle is coming...will they use Jae's noona as a lawyer???
Whoaaaa cant wait !! Keep going & thanks for the update^^

This chapter was sooooooooooooooo cute.Yunjae acting domesticated is too good to miss......
Yunjae are soon to get married , let's see... what the future brings for them?

Edited at 2012-09-27 12:13 pm (UTC)

what???no mpreg??~~/full force pouts

i just looooooooove this update!/squeals
so cute,so sweet,so full of yunjaeness~~<3

i'm seriously dreading to find out bout yun's past though../sigh

The pull out method doesn't usually work? It worked for me for...well, as long as it took before we decided to have a child and didn't pull out anymore. ;)

Ok, enough of that talk before I get turned on with my husband laying right next to me! LOL AGAIN! Because, damn, newly devirginized and insatiable Joongie is hot stuff! LoL I was the same way; why losing it suddenly makes you into a nympho, idk. Kekeke~ Ugh, and manly, 32 year old Yunho is friggin hot, too! I love their age gap. I don't know, it's just sort of sexy~ :D Really, I just love this YunJae so much. <3 Some things about them remind me of me and mine. :D And with the baby girl, too! I just found out yesterday I'm having a girl. :D Granted it'll be my third child, but still! YunJae + baby girl = love~ ♥

I love how Yunho had all the right things to say about marriage and future kids. :D Aish, I can't stop grinning with this chapter! Very cute and very sexy! <33

;___; I apologize for butting in another person's comment section, but:


^___^ Much love~ ♥

Oh my such a lovely chapter yunho met the kims and he's assured that its a family that will put light to jiyool and his life Ahhh sunshine... Btw im now scared as to what might happen to the choi's hmmm battle?? Acckk so very hooked with this story so bring on the drama kyahaha i can take it lol anywei TC always

I really like how comfortable those two became with each other, and their visit at the Kim mansion was so amusing! The way the whole family stalked them during their sweet moment they spent in the kitchen was sweet! And the tree house-scene too! I'm glad Jae was able to show his tree house finally how he promised sixteen years ago! : D
And I have mention how I like when Yunho's less experience with children shows... it's cute how Jae rubs Yunho's nose in it because he knows better! : D

But what's with the mpreg-thing? I don't say it bothers me too much, but after the atmosphere of all previous chapters and also Yunho's background story I assumed it will be a more realistic fic. Okay, I stop complaining, especially because I really like your other story with MinHo and JaeChun, thank you for the wonderful update, I can't wait for the next chapter! [heart]

[Music]: JUNIEL(주니엘) - illa illa (일라 일라)

Edited at 2012-09-27 01:32 pm (UTC)

Awwwwww.....they are perfect for each other. Everyone can see that....they are really like a old married couple.


lol you're an insatiable monster n00nar :P

aarrrgggggh...u update!!!fuck u choi!!why u want to tkaae jiyool away from yunjae!!over my dead body!!hahahaha....thank for update!!!they look so cute when yun hug jae from behind when jae were cooking!!awwwww...

the chois can go get run over by a car. Bleh.

Awww this is sooo sweet OMG I loved this chapter so much! Just full of yunjae feels ^^

Omg, Jiyool's first word is "no" - that was mine too! So funny. Kids just learn what they hear most. OTL

Looooooving the Kim family (mostly) accepting Yunho. Jaejoong's umma continues to be a riot, she reminds me of mine - totally inappropriate and candid most times. ^^;;

Wait. What. I know in your note you say no intended mpreg here but wtf? Lol I thought Jae was just being his amusing and nonsensical-rambling self about having kids but when Yunho didn't just seem to be playing along and spoke seriously about not wanting to impregnate him before they're married you totally lost me. Is this a universe where men can get pregnant? Didn't see that coming. So crack-y for this story.

"...it’s harder for boys to get pregnant..." lol you don't say? Yeah I guess there is that whole biologically impossible thing... :P (Sometimes I can tolerate mpreg if it's what the story is formed around but mostly I just side-eye because it's such an overused device to create fluff and turn Jae into a woman. Most of the time it's just so ridiculous, unnecessary and random.)

I think for this story and the characters in particular (and this is just me) adoption is a much more suitable route (and imo more touching) if they wanna expand their little fam. :3 *imagines them as powerful super-parents with a flock of kids like Brangelina LOL* I'm all for them marrying and getting all hot and heavy because they love each other so much, but not to make butt babies. ROFL.

To be honest I thought the reason Yunho pulled out would've had something to do with a subconscious habit from his horrible past with that crazy bitch and neither wanting her to get pregnant for their own different reasons. So I was completely thrown off by the reasoning he gave. Unless...it was a joke to deflect from having to tell the truth and my humour detector is really failing today? Haha...

Even though you've baffled me a bit I really enjoyed this chapter. Thanks again for the update~ <3

i so love this particular story of yours The contrasting personality of YunJae.The struggles that they each have to face and how they deal with them are also very realistic that it wasn't so hard to imagining seeing them in front of me as the scenes unfold :D Parent YunJae+baby is always <3 Once again,thank you for sharing your fanfics with us :D