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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Forsaken [3]
Title: Forsaken
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, supernatural
Prompt: Adopted the prompt by kpopbee and written with her permission.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: There is a war brewing for control of Hell and the result hangs on the slim, pale shoulders of a young human. As pure and white as snow, yet the mark of the devil is on him, Jaejoong is destined to be the forsaken one. The bride of the Lucifer himself, his destiny was written from the day he was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millennium. He may be the pawn of Destiny, his future supposedly damned, but a demonic prophecy throws chaos into the mix and nothing is certain anymore.

AN: This is for my twin. She’s been very patient waiting for this fic and I appreciate it very much. I also miss her because I’ve been busy with work and writing and gah! So yeah, Ariel this is for you ;-)

Chapter 3Collapse )

Aha... So it was the other way around.... God that was hot...
But I am not complaining at all.
P.S. I am looking forward to Sleeping Beauty. You have made me such a sap and I am drowning in all the fluff.... (and the hot smut) ;D

Hehehe... It could have been but it isn't ;-)

I'm drowning in fluff too. I love reading fluff but never thought I could write it because i'm not the romantic sort. But babies! Yay!


I actually enjoyed all the smut, actually maybe a mite too much its so hot, and im starting to sound like a perv ._.

Perv away! I perv almost 24/7. It's all good ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Why the heck would Jae vanish? o__O That doesn't even make sense...

(Deleted comment)
So what is going to happen next....after the sex.....I can't wait to know.

They have more sex? Hehehehe that's the only guarantee I can make for this fic lol. There will be sex!

D: oh no the second prophecy ;-;...
omg Ho's so possessive ♥ I love it mwahaha.
Moar smut /grabby hands/


And yes I love possessive Ho................ :O And yes, I can also promise more smut for this fic heh.

i died in the part where he asked who is he and jae relied MINE. i love all your fics!

Yes, Yunho is as much Jae's as Jae is Yunho's ;-) The Devil best be prepared for that lol!

GAWD... Both of them are scary...O_O
so, the first prophecy was like whoever gets Jaejoong first, everything will be his. That was cool though but now I understand why there is a war ongoing. At first, I thought Jaejoong was destined for Yunho but no, it was Yunho who seeks for him because of that prophecy. What I still don't understand is the second prophecy. I wonder how will it affects everything. Although I took this literal, I have a feeling that Jae will be split into persons/entity like a Yin Yang. One will be the light and the other, will rule over the dark. True, Yunho's possessiveness is the scariest I've ever encountered and if only Jaejoong knew, he might be suffocated by it. XD

Edited at 2012-09-28 07:57 pm (UTC)

Both of them? Jae and Yunho? Yes indeed :P

If Jiyong had gotten to HIS destined one, it would be different, but he didn't. Yunho is Jaejoong's Destiny ;-)

Writing prophecy is seriously hard is all I can say. Trying to say enough without saying too much and then being all cryptic and gah! I was tearing my hair out tbh lol and wondering why the hell i'm writing this fic this way but hey, it's fun hahaha and i'm clearly a masochist.

I love Yunho's possessiveness... Love it :P

I think we need to go back in time to just right when they begin writing season 3 & 4 of Supernatural, because I am ridiculously in love with how you've managed to handle this prompt thus far. It's dark, it's sinister, and I love it to bits and pieces. I know you've read this from me before but srsly I can't say it enough ;_; As much as I love Supernatural, it is clear you have a vibrant imagination that would approach the whole Lucifer/Apocalypse muuuch better than what happened. And we'd probably get some lovinz while we're waiting with bated breath on the edge of our seats. ;)

My heart bleeds for Jaejoong. First animals (sobbing because THAT GORGEOUS GREAT PYRENEES DKFNGSKDFGHB T_____T) and now plants. He is cursed by a darkness he doesn't yet understand and it's heartbreaking because he's so...lovely and innocent, aside from his naughty dreams.

Um, holy crap Jiyong... I didn't expect him but I am oh so pleasantly surprised! It seems both of them have the wrong idea, but at least Yunho's on the right track.

A+ on the room description. I love how each of the walls represents a world. ngksdnfghabghb your brilliance never fails to leave me in awe omg.

jnhskdhnahbgjahb THE SMUT OH LAWD THE SMUT SOMEONE TAKE ME NOW sobbing because it's beautiful and oh the rimming. I expected it to be somewhat rough if not brutal when it finally happened and just... lgjshbgajsbgjB FML. brb changing my panties


EDITING TO ADD HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE THE POSSESSION/CLAIM PARTS. I love that Yunho is just as much Jaejoong's as he is Yunho's. ;)

ALSO, UM. holy shit. I am ridiculously eager to see what happens next. I want to know how this affects Jaejoong (other than the obvious :P) and how things will proceed from here on out. *digs nails into my bed* you've got me so on edge nkgbsdhbgsjhbg the suspense is killing me (T_____T)

BUT DON'T BE RUSHED TO WRITE ANYTHING SOON. :D You've written so much in the past week I'm surprised you haven't burned out. ._. TAKE A BREAK 8D

Edited at 2012-09-29 02:37 am (UTC)

Do I want to know what happened in Supernatural? I think I don't lol... I watched it ages ago but clearly it's forgettable because I cannot remember a thing apart from a girl called Lilith? Or Lily? Or something? And let me squawk because I am secretly terrified about how i'm going to pull this off and not disappoint people.

I'll just have you know that i'm gyrating to Getaway right now... I basically had it on repeat writing this chapter hahaha so now I have two images in my head to go with this song... wonderful :P

Ok back on topic... I kinda regret using Jiyong now hahahaha. Wonder if it's too late to change his name :3

Lol the smut... I wanted it to be lengthier but like I mentioned to you while we were sprinting, this fic doesn't seem to be the wordy type. Rimming is love ok. TwinNic said Slept So Long is like a primer for asslicking hahahahahahaha. IDK but I love it XD

Oh hell yes. The Devil belongs to his bride for sure... Even though he may think it's the other way round :P It works both ways. I haven't even thought about what happens next let alone be in a position to write something lol so don't worry about me rushing :P Being on edge is so nice though...frustrating as fuck but damn the relieve when you get release is beautiful :P

And cue Changmin's orgasmic high note at the end of Getaway.......

What the? *nosebleeds*

Smut? Repetitive? Never! Devil Yunho is so hot here it gives me the shivers *O*

When the pure is tainted by the cloven one, so shall he split into two and balance will be restored. -> I can't help but think that that means Jaejae is going to get pregnant. Shoot me >_> Why does my brain work like this?

Hehehe... I want Devil Yunhoooooooo but I think Jae will have something to say about that...

Well, the prompt says - Jaejoong is the unlucky one. Destiny chose him as the human with all the newborns to be the one who'll have the obligation to carry on the bloodline of the devil (Yunho).

So your brain is working just fine ;-)

yunho is really the devil with his possessive streak and relationship with his own brother. I love how very descriptive this chapter is, almost cinematic..^^ I'm looking forward with the 2nd prophecy "split into two". Will they have an offspring? Hope you'll update soon^^

Delicious though, isn't he? I love possessive Yunho. LOVE IT.

I'm happy you love this! Sometimes I think my descriptions run away from me but i'm glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to that prophecy too hehehe ;-)

Ooooh~~~ so interesting...

"When the pure is tainted by the cloven one, so shall he split into two and balance will be restored." -- wondering what this means? O_O

I'll have my friend read this for sure. HAHAHA! :D

You'll find out soon enough ;-)

Hehehe thanks for reccing it to your friend. I hope she likes it too!

What an amazing tongue .... It can lengthen, it can fork. Sex with the devil .... Wicked and intense.

You write amazing smut.

Hnnnnnnnnnggggggg Yunho and his bloody talented tongue. His IRL tongue is just as fascinating... and now you've managed to distract me from what I was planning on doing OTL

And thank you :P

I started read you fic just now and OMG this is so well written!! I'm totally in love now ♥

we always want more smut if it's yunjae *ç*

Hahahaha I like your "if it's yunjae" disclaimer since I don't just write YJ smut lol.

Glad you liked this ;-)

LOL I almost forgot about this story! But I'm glad that you are giving it attention again, though admittidly you have my torn three different ways with all your stories! Seriously, how do you jump from such different muses like the Trophy wife to Sleeping Beauty to Forsaken? Well I think S.B and F have a few things in common, but still the plot settings and direction seem completely different.

Wow, this story is so intense I can't even imagine what's going to happen next. I know this is a weird thing to comment on since the chapter was blown away with sex, but the way you described the weather and the terror of the Earth was just so -shivers- I felt like I could feel and hear the same weather myself. It was so intense - you are such a brilliant author!

I look forward to more! P.S. I really hope you aren't straining or overdoing yourself with all these chapters. It seems like you are a very busy person irl, so I hope you are taking care of yourself!

I will honestly say I have no idea how I do it. And now Jejuko is rising her head again as well so i'm torn quite a few different ways when it comes to fic OTL Too bad i'm busy all weekend but i'm going to be free on Monday so hopefully everyone will get an update of something or other out of me heh. I feel bad for updating so much last week and sweet fuck all this week hahaha. Thank you for your concern! I am super busy but I write for me and as a form of stress relief so i'm not too worried. Also, people seem to have stopped bugging me for updates so that's made me relax a little.

I wanted everyone to feel that weather. Imagine what a sight it is to see forked lightning hit the earth and freeze. My hair was standing on end writing this chapter actually lol. I was giving myself goosebumps which is kinda weird but yeah XD

this chapter does not need any apology for it has the HOTTEST SMUT EVER!!!
i love evil yunho and jae doing it
so dark and i am seriously falling inlove with this