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One Shade of JaeHoMin...

Title: One Shade of YunJaeMin
Series: 50 Shades of DBSK
Pairing: YunJaeMin
Rating: NC17
Length: One-shot
Genre: PWP... nothing else OTL Don't read if you're expecting a riveting plot.
Warning: Mild BDSM, snowballing, rimming
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: So Changmin likes feeding Yunho on camera? Well, Jaejoong will make sure he feeds him off camera too...

AN1: This is attempt FOUR at YunJaeMin. I’m not even kidding… I wish I was. I’ve discarded over 12k words of this goddamn trio who are trying to ruin my writing life collectively. Seriously, IDE want to do this again…

AN2: Written for my twin thongintheice cos she loves YunJae and totally freaked out over the first installment of this series. I think she hollered at me for a good five minutes! And then again she was really mad at me over the JaeMin installment so… OTL Ariel if you hate this too then I’m going to wave the white flag cos clearly I SUCK. This is your vanilla ice cream cone sex as requested. You can also blame sly_heiress because she was drowning me in YunJaeMin on Twitter :-/ SHINE THIS IS ALSO TOTALLY YOUR FAULT! :O

Jaejoong is furious, as he lets himself into the apartment. His entire day ruined because well-meaning “fans” keep tweeting him shit. Shit that includes Yunho and Changmin’s oh so cozy and domestic photoshoot or interview or whatever the fuck it was, where the not-so-little maknae is happily feeding his fucking lover. Yunho is his and Jaejoong will be damned if Changmin forgets that. He’s not opposed to sharing, their relationship established long ago when they were still together as five. The only reason he finds himself able to leave almost three years ago is because he knows Changmin will look after Yunho and vice versa. The first year was the worst of their lives, the youngest in their group taking out his anger and frustration on the two oldest members.

He enters the living room just as Yunho and Changmin stroll down the hallway in the opposite direction. Their eyes meet and Yunho smiles at the beautiful man, but his smile falters when he realises that Jaejoong is far from happy to see him which is a first. They haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks and this is their only free day. He and Changmin have only just returned from Japan and plotting ways of escaping their minders so the younger man can drop him off at Jaejoong’s, only to find the love of his life standing in the middle of their living room, with daggers shooting out of his beautiful eyes.


“Jaejoongie? Is that all you can say, my love? What the fuck is going on?”

Jaejoong shrugs off his jacket and starts unbuttoning his shirt. He sees Yunho’s eyes widen and the smirk spread across Changmin’s face. Oh, Yunho knows he is in for it. The maknae? He hasn’t quite cottoned on just yet. Not even close if that amused smirk is anything to go by, but when Jaejoong is done with both of them, they will both know exactly who is the hyung is in this relationship.

Yunho eyes his fuming lover, mentally trying to catalogue exactly what might have set off the beautiful man. In all honesty, there are a few things that could have set the gorgeous lead singer off but he is not even going to try and guess. When Jaejoong is on a rampage, it’s probably best to just smile and nod, and let the man get it off his chest.

“What? No answer for me?”

“He’s afraid.”

“Shut up, Changmin. I’m not pleased with you either. What the hell is that photoshoot about?”

“You knew about that.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did. We told you about the slight bondage concept…”

“That’s not what I’m talking about but thank you for reminding me. Go get the bottom drawer from the dresser.”

Changmin turns immediately to comply with the command, a shit-eating grin on his face as he leaves the two oldest members staring at each other. Yunho draws himself to his full height, straightening, hoping to intimidate his angry lover but really, he knows that when Jaejoong is in one of these moods, there is no derailing him. He watches as a mocking smile crosses that face he knows so well, that beauty enhanced by the wicked smirk that is so out of place on that face, yet so perfectly suited to it. His eyes dart down to Jaejoong’s pillowy lips, his tongue sneaking out to lick as his own lips, unable to help himself as he imagines them pressed against his own.

“Why did she say those things?”

His eyes fly up at the tone in Jaejoong’s voice. The man is staring at him, his face a cold mask, not unlike the one he usually wears on stage or in public. This is Jaejoong’s public persona and Yunho doesn’t like it.


“Don’t play the fool. What the fuck is SM playing at? Are they trying to throw her at you?”


“I know you’re innocent and oh so clueless most times. Your ridiculously trusting heart will be your downfall if you’re not careful. Hasn’t Changmin taught you anything? I left him with you to make sure they wouldn’t take advantage of you and you still haven’t learned?”

Yunho feels himself bristling at the uncalled for observation from Jaejoong. The nerve of the man when it is him who chose to leave.

“We’ve been over this, Jae. If you want to rip open old wounds, go ahead but I’m not going through this again.”

He turns just as Changmin strolls back in, carrying a drawer that is filled will all manner of rather interesting paraphernalia, some spilling over the sides such as the black silk covered rope.

“Stay, Yunho. You don’t get to guilt me. Not today. Sit.”

“What if I don’t?”


“Our maknae is not your goddamn lap dog.”

“Changmin, do you mind?”

“Pleasure’s all mine.”

Yunho turns to glare at the youngest member who passes the drawer to Jaejoong and simply smirks at him, forcing him to turn, pushing him backwards towards the large black leather couch. He tries to stay his ground but in the turn, his feet tangle and he drops heavily onto the couch with a loud grunt. Before he can stand back up, the younger man is straddling him, pushing him back into the couch. Yunho moves his head to try and look around the man sitting in his lap, to stare wide-eyed at Jaejoong whose face is still a mask, not giving away a thing. He watches as Changmin turns, and the Soul Fighters communicate without speaking. But really, actions are far louder than words when Jaejoong steps forward and wordlessly hands Changmin the length of rope. Yunho starts to struggle then but is stopped when his lover walks over and slaps him smartly across one cheek with a practiced flick of his wrist. By the time he recovers from the shock his tee shirt has been yanked off and Changmin is looping the rope around his torso, securing his arms to his side.

“What pattern do you want, hyung?”

“Sucking up are you?”

“Shut up, Yun-ah. You don’t get to say anything. I don’t care about patterns, I just want him unable to free his arms from his sides so do whatever you want, just make sure it’s tight.”

Changmin’s smirk widens as Yunho’s furious eyes meet his, he pulls the rope tight around his leader, making sure the knots are secure, unable to resist looping a vague imitation of one of the various Japanese rope bondage patterns he’s picked up over the years around the larger man, the black rope is stark against his tanned skin. He winds the rope tightly around his upper torso, wrapping the soft yet textured binding over his nipples that are puckered stiff, as if in anticipation. He accidentally flicks his thumb over one of them and Yunho jerks underneath him, even as Jaejoong smacks him hard across the back of his head for his troubles.

“Did I say you could play with him?”

Changmin doesn’t respond, biting and wetting his lips as he continues with the rope binding.

“Do you want his pants off or left on?”

“I thought you were intelligent. Why have you suddenly gone stupid on me today?”

This time it is Yunho who smirks as Changmin frowns, entirely displeased at being called stupid. His intelligence is his pride and he knows for a fact that he is smarter than both older men, but he holds his tongue, because it is that very same intelligence that is warning him that Jaejoong is not to be trifled with at the moment. He backs off Yunho’s lap, hands gripping at the waistband of the older man’s sweat pants, thankful that he isn’t wearing something harder to take off. As he moves back, he pulls hard, Yunho being completely uncooperative at his disrobing, pulling both the sweatpants and the boxers underneath off, sliding them down slowly as he kneels on the floor between the man’s legs. He can feel Jaejoong’s eyes boring into the back of his head and he doesn’t dare sneak a peak at Yunho’s crotch. He keeps his gaze fixed on Yunho’s hot eyes that are glaring down at him, eyes shifting back and forth from his face and back up to the man standing behind him.

“Play with him.”

Changmin half turns, mouth gaping, taking in the now topless man who is not even looking at him, his cold eyes still trained on the leader fuming in silence on the couch. He is already painfully hard within his own sweat pants, as he shifts on his knees, trying to ease the ache, slightly ashamed at being turned on by the whole thing. He cannot even remember the last time he’s been invited to join South Korea’s very own version of star-crossed lovers. It used to happen more often when they were still five, the opportunities coming up far more often than they do now. It is always just relief for him though, keeping a firm grasp on his emotions because he knows that both these men are emotional unavailable to everyone but each other and it has been like that for almost a decade. He cannot complain though, because he also knows the two men love him in their own way and in the industry that he is in, and starved of affection, he is content with that.

He reaches out his hand, eyes finally moving away from Yunho’s face and down to his crotch, and cups his heavy cock. Yunho is a shower, and even flaccid, he is substantial. His fingers fondle at his balls, gently, even as he feels Jaejoong shifting behind him. He can sense the man pulling off his pants, and the flare of desire that shoots across Yunho’s eyes is reflected in the twitch of his cock as blood rushes through the organ. Changmin wraps his hand around the base, squeezing, before starting to pump slowly, his hands travelling in long and slow strokes, meant to tease, and not much else.

“What is going on with BoA?”


“What is it with her and name dropping you?”

“What did she say this time?”

“That she wants to kidnap you or something. I don’t know but I keep getting spammed with all these fucking gifs and it is pissing me off.”

“Kidnap, Jae? Isn’t that enough to tell you I would never go willingly?”

“But she’s with you and I’m not. I don’t know what the hell she’s playing at so I’m asking you. What the fuck is going on?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Yunho is starting to squirm a little, as Changmin’s hand continues their ministrations, even as Jaejoong stares down at him.

“What about that photoshoot then? Where Changmin is feeding you? Care to explain that one?”

“I didn’t want to do it.”

Changmin is quick to jump in, knowing what Jaejoong is capable of when he is jealous. He really doesn’t want to be punished for something that isn’t in their control, and in all honesty, he is more than happy to feed Yunho to the lion so to speak because the leader is a lot more adept at surviving one of Jaejoong’s jealous storms.


Yunho spits out as he glares down at the maknae who is wearing his own glare, his defiant.

Jaejoong chuckles, the sound is cold in the room, not humour in it whatsoever. He steps forward again and fists his hands into the back of Changmin’s head, and twists his head cruelly towards him, towards his waiting cock that is already full and waiting, wanting relief. Before Changmin’s lips touch him though, he smiles down at the maknae, a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.

“It takes two to tango, Changmin-ah.”

And with that, he guides his cock into the maknae’s parted lips, pushing in as far as he can go before the younger man starts to gag. He is unrelenting though, not really giving the man much of an option as he fucks his mouth shallowly. Those lips are perfectly wrapped around his cock and he has to bite back the moan that bubbles up his throat, not wanting to give Yunho or Changmin the satisfaction of hearing his pleasure. Changmin still has his hand on Yunho’s cock and his pumping is in sync with his mouth bobbing up and down over Jaejoong’s cock. Jaejoong is a master at schooling his features, especially in the last three years as he is forced to hide his true feelings from the world. And it is this skill that he drags up from within him, maintaining the cold mask of his face, as he sees confusion cloud Yunho’s eyes as he stares at him.

“Why do you two have to keep breaking my heart?”

Changmin tries to pull off the cock in his mouth, but Jaejoong’s fist tightens in his hair, and he is helpless to resist. He continues nipping and licking and sucking at the hot length sliding in and out of his mouth, lips wrapped around the rosy head and sucking on the fluids that are leaking out, luxuriating in the taste as Jaejoong continues.

“Why do you two have to hurt me so?”

“We don’t mean to.”

“I don’t care.”

Jaejoong yanks Changmin roughly from his cock, gazing down at those beautiful pools of brown. He takes in the younger man’s features with a critical eye, and growling when he is unable to find a flaw within them. Changmin is beautiful, stunning even. There is something about the way his face is put together that makes him almost otherworldly in his beauty. Like himself. Jaejoong and Changmin are cut from the same cloth, both beautiful and both unapproachable but in a different way. He watches as the man licks at his lips, the action is almost nervous as his eyes dart around. His hand is still gripping Yunho’s cock, but he has ceased movement. Jaejoong tightens his fist in his hair, smirking when the maknae winces. His grip is unrelenting, almost cruel as he tugs harshly at the hair within his grasp.

“Does it hurt? You don’t know pain, Changmin-ah. Pain is watching you feed the man I love, knowing full well I can probably never do it again in public. Pain is having thousands of people remind me of this daily as I look at my mentions on Twitter. Pain is going to sleep at night with an empty spot next to me, the man I love missing. Pain is watching the two of you together on gritty SM Town fancams and wishing I could turn back time, and have never left. Pain is watching Junsu and Yoochun crying because they miss you, seeing Junsu turn to the empty space to my left and seeing his face fall when he realises there is no one there. Tell me, do you feel my pain?”

The younger man’s eyes flash as he struggles to stand, no longer feeling the tight grip in his hair. He lets go of Yunho’s cock as he reaches back to grip the Jaejoong’s wrist, the one with the firm hold in his thick hair. Pain? Does Jaejoong want to compare notes now?

“Pain? Don’t be a fucking martyr. It is not you holding hyung together when he cries over not being able to touch you. It is not you who watches him stare at the soccer game on tv, unable to summon even the slightest interest because Junsu isn’t there with him cheering the opposite team. It is not you who has to awkwardly stare at him when he yells at me to remember to bring an inhaler just in case. I don’t have asthma, hyung.”


The sound is like a pistol shot, snapped out harshly, reverberating in the room as both Jaejoong and Changmin turn towards Yunho whose eyes are glittering with an unknown emotion as he stares at the two men standing in front of him. The three of them look back and forth at each other. Jaejoong though doesn’t take his eyes off Yunho. And as he stares, he gets angrier. Angrier because he hates their situation and he hates himself for being a part of it. He hates himself for his irrational jealousy and he hates himself for hurting these two beautiful men. But in the hate, there is love. So much love. With a low cry of pain, he tugs Changmin’s head towards him and crashes their mouths together, kissing the taller man roughly, not caring about shielding his teeth. He wants the man to take everything. He feels Changmin’s hand reach up to card through his hair, gripping the back of his head and mirroring his own hold on the back of his own head, as he slants his mouth over Jaejoong’s, sucking harshly on his tongue, before driving it from his mouth with a feral growl as he stabs his tongue down the older man’s throat. Taking, dominating, overpowering.

But Jaejoong is having none of that, as he rips his mouth from Changmin’s and punching his hard in the shoulder, eliciting shocked gasps from the other two. He hits him again, biting out harshly, even as he moves his leg to kick Changmin’s out from under him.

“Get on your fucking knees.”

It’s not as if Changmin has much of a choice as he almost face plants to the ground, grabbing blindly for Jaejoong as he hits the floor, wincing in pain. Next thing he knows, his tank top is being ripped off him, and Jaejoong is bending over to yank his own sweat pants off him. It says a lot for the state of shock he is in because in mere seconds, he is stark naked, nursing a semi hard cock that is leaking precum from its earlier arousal, his mouth being forcefully opened as Jaejoong’s thick length is shoved between it.

“You like to feed my man, baby? Feed him this.”

Jaejoong’s pace is even more brutal this time than it was earlier as he fucks Changmin’s hot wet mouth. He doesn’t care about the tears that are gathering in those bottomless brown eyes, his pace relentless as he only wants to come. He barely allows the man time to breathe, his mind in a red haze as those lips stretch to accommodate his girth. He looks up towards Yunho, whose eyes are hooded, body moving almost spasmodically in time with every jerk of Jaejoong’s hips. His cock is full and almost purple in its hardness, the tip glistening with moisture and Jaejoong smirks. He turns his head down, watching those wide eyes staring up at him defiantly, though there is a softness to the defiance, sneaking in along the edges and Jaejoong can see it. And it is this that pushes him over the edge as he comes, pulling his cock out and covering Changmin’s face and waiting mouth with it. Jaejoong doesn’t thrive on pain. He thrives on love, and he sees it in the eyes of the baby of the group.

“Don’t you dare fucking swallow a single goddamn drop.”

Jaejoong hisses out as he expends himself over the younger man’s waiting tongue, hot streaks of cum decorate his face and neck, as he pumps out every single bit of himself. He watches as Changmin’s stays in position, his mouth open submissively, not closing it for fear of accidentally swallowing. Jaejoong steps back and nudges his foot roughly between Changmin’s knees and up to his straining cock and balls, toeing at them before shoving roughly, the maknae groaning deeply in response.

“Feed him. I want to watch you feed him.”

Changmin obediently crawls towards Yunho, pulling himself up over the couch to kneel on his left. He raises himself up on his knees, looking down at his leader whose burning eyes are hot on his face, sending a shiver coursing through him. He reaches out a hand to tilt Yunho’s head back and hold it in place, while the other pulls down at his chin, coaxing his mouth open as Changmin pushes off the cum on his tongue with his teeth, slowly, making a show of it for the lead singer watching them. The thick strand of cum, drops off, almost in slow motion into Yunho’s waiting mouth and as it connects with the leader’s tongue, Jaejoong moans in appreciation. Changmin doesn’t turn though as he spits into Yunho’s mouth, feeding him everything of Jaejoong that he has gathered in his mouth, watching it coat the other man’s tongue.

“Swallow, Yun-ah. Swallow that and then lick him clean.”

Jaejoong’s command is hoarse, as he watches the two. This is far better than any porn movie ever made. Why would anyone want those? He watches as Changmin offers his stained cheek to the leader, trying to bite back his moans at every pass of that tongue, scooping up more and more strands of white. Yunho is defiant though, because Jaejoong knows the man hasn’t swallowed. He is collecting every last drop on Changmin’s face and neck, worshipping the younger man’s skin with his tongue. Jaejoong feels each pass of that pink tongue over the tanned skin as if it is passing over his own, feeling it tug low in his belly, unsurprised as his cock twitches. When Yunho is done, the man turns to look at him, opening his mouth and showing the collection of spit and cum he has accumulated.

Jaejoong changes his mind about wanting Yunho to swallow.

“Give it back to Changmin-ah. Our baby boy is always hungry isn’t he?”

Changmin moans, his cock heavy between his legs, the licking of his face and neck teasing and exciting him and he willingly bends his head to take the proffered mouthful.

“No! Put your head on his thigh. I want to see him drop it to you.”

He unashamedly complies, scrabbling to unfold his legs, stretching out on the couch as he lays back on a hard thigh, as Yunho bends over him, arms still tightly bound to his side, eyes flashing with lust and a hint of anger, as he spits slowly into Changmin’s waiting mouth. The thick mixture of cum and spit connect their mouths, as both swallow whatever is in their mouths, but there is still that strand between them.

“Kiss him.”

Changmin needs no further encouragement as he leans up, pressing a hot open mouthed kiss onto the waiting lips of his leader, unconsciously moving to straddle him as they continue kissing. The taste of Jaejoong is heavy on their tongues as they duel back and forth to suck as much of his essence off each other as they can. He screams his surprise though, when in the middle of their overlong kiss, a cold lubed finger is suddenly shoved unceremoniously up his ass. But he cannot move as Jaejoong holds the back of his head in position, forcing his mouth to stay pressed against Yunho’s.

His scream of protest soon turns into wanton moans as the lead singer works a second and third finger into him, twisting and scissoring harshly, stabbing at his prostate every now and again, his hips jerking with every pump, as he tries to get away from those unrelenting fingers, but yet he doesn’t want to. The hand has left the back of his head but Changmin is too far gone to notice as he wraps his long arms around his leader’s neck, their cocks frotting as they rub back and forth against each other as they kiss.

And just as suddenly as those fingers enter him, they suddenly leave him, his body suddenly bereft, and Changmin growls in protest. He protests even more loudly when he is suddenly yanked backwards off Yunho, and dropped unceremoniously to the floor. He turns to meet Jaejoong’s hard cock slapping him across his face and he moans at the pain even as he tries to stand and fight back. He manages to gain his feet, but Jaejoong has always had the upper hand as he shoves him back hard, causing Changmin to fall back against Yunho who lets out a soft grunt as Changmin’s abused ass meets his chest.

“Sit. Sit and show me you know how to ride cock, Changmin-ah. I’ve missed seeing you ride cock.”

And for the first time, Changmin’s protests is genuine, as he shakes his head and tries to get off Yunho.

“Hyung, no, I can’t. We have practice tomorrow and I can’t.”

“Too bad for you. I managed all those years, I’m sure you can, baby.”

“But you’re used to it. Hyung is too big. Why can’t you fuck me instead?”

Changmin knows he’s made a huge mistake the second the words come out of his mouth, as Jaejoong cocks an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, really now? One more word out of you and we will both fuck you and trust me when I say you won’t even be able to stand on your comeback stage in a few days, let alone dance on it.”

Changmin gulps, swallowing hard at the thought even as his cock hardens. Too much porn in his life, the mental visual almost makes him crosseyed with lust. He scowls at Jaejoong to cover up his interest in the theory of what Jaejoong just suggested. Well, that’s what he keeps telling himself anyway as he pushes away from Yunho’s chest. He gingerly grabs the base of their leader’s cock, feeling it jump in his hand at the contact, guiding it to his lubed entrance. He can feel the head against his twitching hole, when Jaejoong suddenly speaks.


Changmin looks up, a little surprised to see a wicked smirk over Jaejoong’s face. This is probably only the third time ever that the man has allowed Yunho to fuck him and the last two times ended a little quickly when the lead singer’s jealousy gets the better of him. So the smirk is a little disconcerting and he eyes the man warily, his thighs spread, over Yunho’s lap, feeling the burn of the half squat in his legs. However, all that rigorous dance practice is paying off because he manages to keep the awkward position without giving away the discomfort he is in because he knows Jaejoong will pounce on it.

“Our dear leadershii is not going to get any relief out of this.”

Jaejoong steps forward and Changmin’s eyes widen when he sees what the man is holding; a cock-ring, butt plug and a leather blindfold. He gapes at the beautifully evil man, and Jaejoong takes the opportunity to shove the butt plug into his waiting mouth. He leaves it there as he walks around to the back of the couch.

“You’re going too far, Jae.”

“Am I now? I really don’t think so, my love.”

Changmin doesn’t bother turning, feeling Yunho jerk underneath him, and he actually hears teeth clash as the two oldest members kiss each other punishingly. He keeps sucking on the plug in his mouth, waiting for them to be done. The head of Yunho’s cock is still poised at his entrance, and when he loosens his hold on the man, his hips cant upwards slightly and the head pushes in. Changmin bites hard around the toy in his mouth, thankful for it, because there will be hell to pay if Jaejoong knows what Yunho has done. The burn is very slight and extremely pleasurable, though he knows the pain is coming. There is always pain with Yunho, and if he is honest, he is glad Jaejoong pulls him off quickly those last two times.

He lifts himself up, Yunho’s cock springing free from his body just as he hears Jaejoong growling at Yunho.

“I saw what you did, bastard. You’re lucky I love you.”

Jaejoong ties the blindfold quickly over Yunho’s angry glare, smirking as he presses a mocking kiss against the man’s closed lips. He walks back round to the front, seeing Changmin’s large eyes staring at him, following each step with a wary look in his eyes. The younger man’s cock is turgid and very wet, Jaejoong can see a thin line of precum dripping from it, dropping to parts unknown and he wants a taste. Changmin is looking very young with his new hair cut and hair colour, and the tug low in his belly is starting to spread throughout his body. That innocence is oh so attractive to him, remembering the maknae’s initiation into their bedroom. He has always been the only one allowed in, even though Yoochun and Junsu both know about their relationship. His relationship with Yunho that is. They don’t know about Changmin. Not yet.

He rubs the pad of his thumb up and down Changmin’s cheek, keeping the cold mask on his face, as he stares into those deep dark eyes. He drags it across the lips stretched over the butt plug, before he pulls it out roughly. He pops it into his own mouth, smirking around it as he sees the flare of heat in the younger man’s eyes at his actions. He then pulls Changmin forward and off his hover over Yunho’s body, pushing him behind him. His lover’s cock is dripping precum all over his belly, and his beautiful mouth is twisted into a scowl. Jaejoong is having too much fun to stop though as he leans over, ass in Changmin’s direction, and licks his way down from Yunho’s pert nipple, lapping at the precum on his belly, satisfied with the noises Yunho is making as he purposefully avoids his cock, licking a trail instead around it. He nuzzles at his balls, the musky scent of the man is extremely intoxicating to him, and still he moves lower, pushing Yunho’s thighs apart as he licks at his puckered hole. Even as his tongue breaches that extremely tight opening, he feels hands gripping his own hips, and a wet tongue wriggling around his own entrance.

He groans, pushing his nose in deeper against Yunho, as his tongue licks and laps at that ridiculously tight entrance. He forces his tongue in, sucking at the skin around as he stabs his tongue within the man’s resistant body, licking and tasting, trying to ease the passage of what is to come. Yunho isn’t cooperating very much, and he runs a hand up a thigh, squeezing and pumping his cock, wanting the man to relax. It takes about a minute, but soon Yunho is making uncharacteristic whimpering sounds, as Jaejoong thoroughly licks him out, even as Changmin laps at his own hole. The butt plug is still in his hand, and he grabs the lube he dropped earlier under the couch when he was working on Changmin, drizzling it liberally before pushing it into Yunho’s damp entrance. The larger man stiffens at the intrusion, his mouth forming an ‘O’ of shock, but Jaejoong is unrelenting as he pushes the rest of the plug in, grinning when he is done. He steps forward, and straightens, amused at the whine Changmin makes when he loses his grip on his ass. Such a naughty maknae. He turns, tugging the man into his arms and kissing at those swollen lips briefly before pushing him away.

“Jump on, baby.”

Changmin moves to straddle Yunho’s lap, but Jaejoong’s words stop him mid-step.

“Facing me.”

He turns slowly, spreading his legs across Yunho’s knocking them together. Their leader moans long and deep as the action nudges the plug in his ass and it rubs against his prostate. He looks up in time to see Jaejoong lean forward, a snap a cock ring around Yunho, making the man shout in protest.

“What the fuck, Jae!”

“I told you. You’re not going to be getting any relief.”

‘Fuck you.”

“Definitely not this time, my love. Sit, Changmin.”

He complies, grabbing Yunho’s painfully hard cock, and guiding it back towards his entrance. He sinks down on it, eyes burning into Jaejoong’s whose only answer is a tiny smirk playing about his pouty mouth. His body feels like it is ripping apart and if he manages to dance tomorrow, he’d be impressed indeed. He hears the low groan ripped from Yunho’s chest as he struggles to buck his hips upwards, but Changmin has a good grip, and in the leader’s trussed up position, he cannot get very good leverage. He feels like the man’s damn cock is never ending as he keeps taking it in, exhaling loudly in relief when his ass finally meets the hand wrapped around the cock ring, unaware that he’d been holding his breath.

“You should have exhaled as you sat. It would’ve been easier.”

“Fuck you.”

“Now now, baby boy, is that anyway to speak to me?”

“Goddamn it, hyung. This fucking hurts.”

“For fuck’s sake, Jae, he’s right. It fucking hurts. It’s hurting me too.”

“Fuck you both. Changmin, move or else I will join in stretching that tight little hole of yours.”


“Yes, fuck. Now.”

Changmin grits his teeth, grinding them as he lifts himself up, feeling the suction of his tight body over Yunho’s cock. His eyes never leave Jaejoong’s whose own eyes are fixed at the juncture of his thighs.

“I feel like filming this. Is this why you like watching, Min-ah? Seeing him going in and out of you is making me want to fuck you both.”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Shut up, Yunho. You don’t get to talk.”

Changmin’s pace increases, as his body accommodates Yunho’s girth slowly but surely, and he is finally starting to feel some pleasure. He keeps staring at the beautiful lead singer whose mouth is parted, that cold mask over his face is finally dissipating slowly, replaced by a lusty glaze over those expressive doe eyes that usually look over him with care. His eyes drop down, watching at Jaejoong plays with his cock lazily, thumbing his own slit, hips jerking with the movement as he walks towards Changmin. Surprisingly, instead of pulling him over to suck his cock, Jaejoong kneels down instead between Yunho and Changmin’s spread thighs.

He moans loudly as that hot wet pouty mouth closes over his bobbing cock, stuttering his rhythm over Yunho briefly as he rides him. The pleasure of Jaejoong’s mouth is driving away the pain Yunho’s cock is giving him and as he shifts over the man’s lap to get better leverage, he accidentally angles the man against his prostate and he screams at the sudden explosion of sensation that courses through his body. He feels Yunho struggling beneath him, the man is tied up and blindfolded and unable to see a thing, and his concern for Changmin is obvious in his words.

“Goddamn it, Jae. What have you done to Changmin?”

Jaejoong’s winks up at Changmin, who is now hunched over slightly, his hands gripping Yunho’s knees as he bounces up and down over his cock. He suckles at the tip of the younger man’s engorged length, teeth nipping harshly, dragging out more sounds of pleasure from the maknae, before he pulls off completely. He nuzzles down his balls, and laps at the base of Yunho’s cock, tongue flicking and touching the edges of Changmin’s stretched asshole.

“Oh my god, Jaejoong.”

Instead of responding to Yunho’s increasingly mouthy cries, as both the leader and the maknae are getting more and more vocal, Jaejoong bares his teeth, nipping around the cock ring, before licking back upwards, smirking as Changmin’s cock slaps against his face with each bounce. He moves to suck the younger man down again, working over his cock expertly before pulling off, sitting back with his hand still around him and pumping as he gazes up into Changmin’s glazed over eyes.

“Smile, oh pretty baby.”

Those words, sung so beautifully by Jaejoong, pushes Changmin over the edge and he comes with a loud groan, hunching over, nails digging into Yunho’s legs as he spends himself over Jaejoong’s face and mouth. He cannot see straight at all, the force of his orgasm is making his body tremble hard as he fights to stay upright. He feels Jaejoong’s strong palms against his chest as he finally gets up from off his knees, and he blinks at the man, who forces his mouth open. He struggles but to no avail as Jaejoong spits his cum into his waiting mouth.

“Feed him.”

Jaejoong’s voice is low, and forceful, and Changmin is too weak and spent to argue, and so he twists, painfully aware of Yunho’s cock still buried deep within his still clenching body, to kiss his groaning leadershii, feeding him as commanded.

Yunho’s hot mouth is eager, taking whatever is given. In his blind and bound state, everything is heightened, and so much more painful because he is unable to get relief. He licks and sucks on Changmin’s tongue and lips, desperate to get whatever mild relief he can, the taste of the maknae is enough to give him something, even as that tight sheath over his cock is driving him close to madness. Jaejoong is too much sometimes. This is too much. His body is thrumming and if he could move his arms, he’d be scrabbling and clawing to get out of his own skin because the feelings are so intense.

All of a sudden, Changmin is ripped from his mouth and pulled off his body, and he moans at the sudden loss. However, it is quickly replaced by a soft kiss, of a mouth he knows even better than his own, and his groan this time is of pain and pleasure because he loves this man so much, and would do anything for him. Even this. It was Jaejoong who invited Changmin into their bedroom and saying no to the beautiful man is usually an exercise in futility. That was a good seven years ago. He is unable to hide the whine in his moan as Jaejoong suddenly sits on his cock, still wet and slick from the lube on Changmin, but he knows Jaejoong’s body well, and he knows the man has not prepped himself at all, feeling the friction and tightness. He groans against those lips, as the older man wraps his arms around him, rocking over his painfully hard cock.

Changmin sits off to the side of the couple, on the couch, angled slightly so his weight is not resting on his ass. He can still feel the throb and burn, and as he flexes his butt muscles experimentally, he winces as his asshole feels like it is gaping. God, it probably is, and he won’t be able to sit properly for the rest of the day. Goddamn, Jaejoong. There is no real anger in his thoughts though, as he watches the inhumanly beautiful man, skin so pale, a sharp contrast to the black rope crisscrossing Yunho’s body and his tanned skin. He marvels at the soft gentle kisses, even as he sinks down over Yunho’s cock, that thick length disappearing into the man’s body. He knows the pain the older man must be feeling, especially since the only prep he’s had was his own tongue earlier. But it doesn’t stop Jaejoong. Almost nothing stops Jaejoong when it comes to Yunho.

However, sooner than expected, Jaejoong suddenly stops, and gets up off Yunho’s lap. Despite his soft kisses and masochistic behaviour, Changmin sees the fire still in the older man’s eyes and he knows their lead singer is not quite done punishing their leader. And sure enough he stands up, yanking hard at the rope around Yunho’s chest.

“Get up.”

“I can’t really move.”

Jaejoong growls, and hauls the much larger man bodily with both hands, the muscles straining and popping in his arms, rippling down over his shoulders and his back as he uses every last strength he has to pull Yunho up. Changmin can even see his thigh muscles straining, as he flips their leader. Unable to hold himself up because he is still bound up tight, Yunho’s cheek rests against the back of the couch, kneeling on the couch, and Changmin can see the black butt plug sticking out of his ass. His eyes dart back and forth between Yunho’s ass and Jaejoong’s face, completely blank as he stares down at it.

The lead singer is pumping his own cock now, working it furiously as he looks down at Yunho, and Changmin is unable to hide his surprise when Jaejoong suddenly pulls the butt plug out roughly, tearing a loud groan from Yunho. His mouth is gaping as Jaejoong slaps an ass cheek hard, before lining up their bodies, and he watches in almost fascinated horror as the beautiful man pushes into leadershii. The same man who is currently whimpering open-mouthed against the back of the leather couch, and Changmin feels a twinge of sympathy for the man. Clearly they have both underestimated exactly how unhappy Jaejoong is with both of them.

To say Yunho is shocked might be an understatement. But there is no time for that as his lover presses into him, sliding in slowly, and Yunho can feel every fucking inch as his virgin hole is violated. He’s had toys in there before of course but never actual cock and for Jaejoong to be doing it now, of all times… He shuts his eyes tightly against the pain, panting through his mouth as he wills his body to relax. But then, Jaejoong nudges something within him, and a ripple of pleasure rolls through him and he is unable to stop his hips from bucking backwards, swaying on his knees, hearing the wicked chuckle from his lover as his ass meets his hips. Jaejoong is still for a few seconds, before pulling back and pressing in again, this time a little faster. He does it again, and again, each time the tempo speeds up and soon the obscene sound of skin slapping against skin is echoing around the room.

Jaejoong grips at the rope that crosses over Yunho’s back, using it as his leverage as he fucks the man into the couch, immensely turned on at seeing that stunning proud man in such a vulnerable position. The tightness around him is absolute, and he knows he is not far off. He turns towards Changmin, a glimmer of amusement in his eyes as he stares at the practically befuddled maknae gaping at him. He nods towards Yunho, and the man unfurls himself, wincing as he crawls towards Yunho’s body, rocked with every thrust.

Yunho’s thighs shake as he feels a hot mouth close over him, and he lets out a strangled moan as Changmin’s wet mouth sucks on the tip of his cock.


“What’s that?”

“I need to come. Oh god, please.”

“I’m not god, Yun-ah.”

“You’re mine… please Jae.”

Jaejoong bites back a satisfied moan at Yunho’s words, leaning forward to unclasp the cock ring, even as his hips snap forward harshly, almost punishingly into the younger man’s body.

Yunho comes with a hoarse shout, going temporarily deaf as the blood roars in his ears, unaware of Changmin practically gagging on his cock, as his mouth is filled with spurt after spurt of hot cum. After all that foreplay, Yunho’s orgasm is explosive, and the poor maknae is almost drowning in cum. He is unaware of the nails digging into his hips, leaving angry red crescents on his skin, as Jaejoong comes too, filling his body with cum for the very first time. He is unaware of the man pulling out of him, of the trickle of cum leaking out of his abused asshole and slowly streaming down over his balls and along his inner thigh. He is unaware of the hands tugging at the knots, freeing his numb body from their bindings. His forehead is pressed into the couch and he is still shaking.

“Feed him.”

That he hears though, and his eyes pop open just as the blindfold is pulled off. He blinks, trying to adjust to the sudden light, even though it isn’t really that bright. He feels a sticky mouth press against his, and suddenly his mouth is filled, and he chokes on it, his brain not quite catching up yet with what is going on. His hips jerk forward as he suddenly feels a tongue making dainty kitten licks at his leaking hole, and he moves to try and get away from it, squirming, but two strong hands stay his hips as he is cleaned up by Jaejoong. He feels cum slipping out the corner of his mouth, as Changmin pulls away, and he is bereft for a moment before yet another mouth presses against his, lapping at the runaway stream, coaxing his mouth open again as Jaejoong’s tongue delves in to lick and suck whatever he can get. Jaejoong smells musky, but he tastes familiar, and Yunho groans softly, lifting up a weakened arm to clutch his lover’s face to his as their cum mingles in their mouth, kissing the man back desperately.

Finally sated, Jaejoong moves, coaxing Yunho’s body back onto the couch, curling into him, his body fitting perfectly against the larger man’s, their mouths still fused together, their kisses loving. Their bodies are damp with sweat, and Yunho’s is also marked heavily by the ropes as well as his and Changmin’s nails, and he strokes his hand almost apologetically over his body as they kiss. He feels movement next to him, and he cracks open an eye to see the bare back of Changmin limping down the hallway. He frowns, pulling back slightly from Yunho, remaining close enough to breathe in the man, and Yunho nuzzles almost sleepily against him, eyes shut.

“What’s wrong?”


“Where is he?”


Yunho’s eyes pop open then as he lifts his head and looks around. Not finding whom he is looking for, he looks back down at Jaejoong who is wearing a pretty pout, his brow furrowed in thought.


“I know, come on.”

Jaejoong gets up, pulling Yunho up, steadying the man as he sways on his feet. He says nothing about Yunho’s gait, allowing the man to lean on him as they walk slowly towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms. The first room is empty, and so is the second, Changmin’s room. A soft smile is now playing about Jaejoong’s mouth as he enters the final room. Yunho’s. They push the door open, and Changmin’s still form is in the middle of the large bed, still naked, covers pushed down till they are just skimming his hips, turned away from them.

Yunho and Jaejoong exchange looks, both smiling now, just as a sulky voice comes from the bed.

“What took you so long?”

AN1: So there, vanilla ice cream cone sex for my twin who I know will probably hate at least half of this cos she’s hard to please and I just keep trying OTL And well, this really should be JaeHoMin lmaoooo :P

AN2: Btw I haven’t re-read this because I’m a little annoyed at how bloody long it became so yeah……. Lol IDEK. My muses annoy the heck out of me most times it seems.

Tags: nc17, pairing:yunjaemin, series:50 shades of dbsk

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