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Jejuko [13/15]

Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Errrrr… hello? *waves sheepishly*

AN2: Unbeta-ed and i'm super busy. If I leave it, I might not post it so yeah... Forgive any mistakes please! *bats eyelashes*



“No, come on it’s too much. Remember the headaches? They’ve only just let up in the last two days.”

“I’m going crazy. Just please, Yoochunnie.”

“He likes you just as you are. You don’t need to switch. Damn it, Jae.”

“But he doesn’t like me in that way.”

“How the heck do you know that? Have you seen yourselves this last week? Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of you two together but what I have is enough. He can barely keep his hands off you.”

“He’s just affectionate.”

“I have NEVER seen him touch Junsu the way he touches you. And we both know the two of us used to watch them a lot. Are you seriously trying to tell me it’s the same?”

Jaejoong sighs and crosses his arms over his chest, a hand on each shoulder as he tries to curl into himself. Yoochun’s eyes are sad as he looks over at his friend who is a picture of misery. It is Saturday morning, and he’d woken up to frantic text messages from Jaejoong and had rushed over without even bothering to shower. He’d stayed the night at Junsu’s and is wearing the soccer captain’s jersey, holding it to his nose and inhaling the faint scent of the man as he eyes his best friend. The man had been absolutely beside himself when he arrived, making absolutely no comment on his choice of attire, and launching into how much he needs more Switch. Yoochun had let him rant, but he cannot say yes. He really cannot. He will not. This has gone on far enough, and the guilt is eating at him. But Jaejoong’s powers of persuasion are not to be underestimated.

“Yoochun-ah, please. I just need to touch him. Don’t you understand? Imagine if you can never touch Junsu the way you want to. I see you wearing his shirt and I know why you didn’t return my calls last night. You already have him. I don’t have Yunho, Jejuko does. I know it’s fucked up. It’s so fucking fucked up that my head is hurting just thinking about it. But I have no choice. Can’t you see? You have the man you love. You can touch him and kiss him and if that huge hickey on your hip is any indication, you’ve also finally slept with him.”

Yoochun drops the jersey in a hurry, not realising the hem had lifted, exposing his belly and the tops of his hips on his low slung pair of jeans. He flushes, but Jaejoong takes no notice, looking away from him and staring forlornly at the bed.

“You know that if he loves you back, that he loves you for you and not some alter-ego. Can’t you understand? Can’t you feel my pain? I can never have what you have. But I can have just a tiny slice of heaven, even if it’s just for a few hours. I can have him. I can be myself, and I can have him. I just want to touch him. To run my fingers along that strong jawline and feel his scratchy chin, and see him smile at me, and feel his soft lips on mine. I don’t even want anything more than that. Having sex as a girl is a damn weird experience, but Chunnie that’s not why I want to switch. I just want to touch him. To show him I love him the only way I can. I just want to touch him…”

Jaejoong’s voice cracks at the end and he bows his head, forehead on his knees, shoulders shaking as he starts to cry. His words are muffled, and broken as he continues.

“I just want to touch him…”

Yoochun crumbles. He can feel the pain radiating out from his best friend, and it feels as if he himself is hurting. He knows there’s no point reasoning with Jaejoong. He can’t understand why his friend is so blind to the fact that Yunho does like him for him. As a boy. But he’s not going to push it. Not today. Maybe Jaejoong needs some convincing. He doesn’t think it is Yunho who has the gender issues but rather, his heartbroken best friend. He is absolutely fixated on the fact that Yunho is straight and will never be anything else. A week ago, Yoochun would have agreed. Now? Not so much. Maybe Jaejoong needs more proof, and Yoochun can only try and make him see.

He walks over to his friend, and sits next to him. He doesn’t have to wait long as Jaejoong unfolds himself and crawls into his lap, straddling him, winding himself around his body as best he can, face pressed against the side of his neck. Jaejoong hugs Yoochun as if his life depends on it, and Yoochun turns his head to nuzzle his best friend’s hair, humming softly as he rubs his hand up and down the beautiful man’s back. He can feel wetness against his skin, but at least the man is no longer trembling. Jaejoong’s arms are strong around the slender man, and his weight is resting in Yoochun’s lap, and he is uncomfortable from the additional weight pressing down, his ass sore on the hard floor, but he doesn’t voice a word of complaint.

“I’ll give you Switch if you agree to one thing.”

Jaejoong doesn’t answer, but Yoochun can feel an almost imperceptible nod against his neck, and so he continues.

“There’s a soccer game today. The school’s B Team is playing, and Junsu invited both of us to come along. I want you to come to that as Jaejoong, but to behave like you would if you were Jejuko. Be yourself this afternoon. Your real self, and I will give you Switch after the game.”

There is silence, and Yoochun sighs, hugging his friend close, waiting for an answer. After a few minutes, he finally hears a whispered ok from the beautiful man in his arms. He hopes that he is right about Yunho, and then maybe Jaejoong won’t want Switch tonight.


The stands are a sea of red, and Jaejoong peers up at it, blinking in the bright sunlight. His head is pounding dully, but he is not going to say a word to Yoochun for fear of jeopardising his chance at getting Switch later. He figures it is probably the intensity of the sun, and wishes he’d worn a cap. He is wearing one of Yunho’s soccer jerseys, Yoochun having given it to him after disappearing for an hour, saying that they are all going to be wearing their home colours and Junsu wants them all to match. He doesn’t protest, secretly happy at wearing the man’s name on his back, even though it was Junsu’s idea and not Yunho’s. He is feeling apprehensive, ruffling his hair, unaware that he is the subject of many eyes and some whispered conversation. The light bounces off his new copper locks, almost giving him a halo around his head, and coupled with his beautiful face, Jaejoong is a vision indeed. While he may not be able to see his friends, they can definitely see him.

“I’m going to go get him.”

Yunho looks up, and watches a smiling Micky Yoochun press a quick kiss to the side of Junsu’s pouting mouth as he gets up off his lap, presumably to walk down and get Jaejoong.

“No, let me.”

Junsu’s new love interest cocks an eyebrow at him, his gaze curious. He turns to look back at Jaejoong who appears to be squinting in the sunlight, a hand over his face as he tries to see up into the stands.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. We’ll stop by the concession stand on the way too. Do you two lovebirds want anything?”

“Just a Coke please.”

“Make that two Cokes.”

“What? No lemon soju? Or a pretty cocktail maybe?”

Junsu’s laughter is loud at Micky’s smart reply, recognising his words on the night they met. He tugs the him back down into his lap, and presses a kiss to the pretty man’s gorgeous mouth, nibbling on his bottom lip and waving his best friend off as he walks past muttering good naturedly about spending the entire game watching them suck face.

Jaejoong’s eyes are desperately trying to find his friends, and he digs out his phone from his pocket to try and call Yoochun. He is not very hopeful though because the crowd has started singing We Are The Champions and he can barely hear himself above the din. A ringtone will be completely lost in the noise. He scowls at the mass of people ahead of him, grumpy at them singing the song before the game even starts therefore leaving him without his friends. He looks down at his phone and starts to text when arms snake around him from behind, a chin on his shoulder and a cheerful voice in his ear.

“Hello there, stranger. You look lost. Can I help you?”

His body freezes at the contact, then relaxes when he recognises that low voice, but then when he does, he stiffens yet again. He remembers Yoochun’s words, and while he doesn’t know if his friend can see him, he is not willing to chance it. Switch is his end goal. Well, touching Yunho the way he wants to is his end goal, and he will be himself even if he is practically dying from mortification inside. He takes a deep breath, imagining how Jejuko will react, and he just rolls with it. He has nothing to lose. Not really. Maybe.

“I’m looking for a pretty man. He’s about my height and is probably wrapped around a skinny blonde man somewhere in this crowd.”

“Is he all you’re looking for?”

Yunho hasn’t relinquished his hold. His arms are loose, hands resting very lightly on Jaejoong’s hips, but his chin is still on his shoulder and he has to fight the sudden urge to lick the man’s ear. How has he not noticed how delicate the curve of his ear is? It is practically elfin and very pretty, enhanced by the black stud poking straight through the middle of it. He remembers Jejuko having the exact same piercing, recalling the sounds she makes when he tongues it, and he wonders if Jaejoong will make a similar sound. He represses the shudder of desire that suddenly rocks through him, stepping back slightly as he feels his body responding to the thought. He takes a deep breath and Jaejoong’s familiar and heady scent is almost his undoing.

Come on baby, come on come on, darling…

He hums to the song in his head, surprised when Jaejoong steps backwards into him instead of pushing him away.

“Well, there’s this other guy. Tall, tanned, quite handsy and a pretty mean dancer.”

“A mean dancer huh?”

“His hips don’t lie.”

Yunho chokes on his saliva as it goes down the wrong way in his surprise, his laughter coming out in a strangled sound, finally letting go of Jaejoong as he tries to cough the random liquid that has gone down the wrong pipe. A strong hand thumps him between the shoulder blades and he is unable to stop the laughter when he hears Jaejoong’s familiar broken laugh washing over him. They stroll to the concession stand, both still chuckling.

Laden with drink, since neither wanted anything to eat either, the make their way back up to the grandstand. Catching sight of Junsu and Yoochun, Jaejoong sniggers.

“Told you he’d be wrapped around a skinny blonde man.”

“You have no idea. Be thankful you don’t live with them.”

“Were they loud?”

“No, but they were all over each other everywhere. I saw them at dinner, I saw them at breakfast, I saw them at lunch and needless to say, they were exactly as you see them now.”

“If Junsu hurts him, I may have to beat him up, just so you know.”

“I’ll help you. Micky is good for him and if he screws it up, I’ll definitely help you.”

“So…who tops?”

Yunho sees the smirk on Jaejoong’s face, his eyes still trained on the couple cuddling in the middle of the bleachers. Yoochun is wearing a red beanie to match Junsu’s spare jersey and it is currently knocked askew as he squirms while Junsu looks to be trying to take a bite out of his ear.

“Does it matter?”

Jaejoong turns towards Yunho who is looking at him strangely, and he feels a flush coming over him at the gaze. Yunho’s eyes are warm, and familiar, and Jaejoong has this insane urge to reach out and cup his jaw. He can see a very light shadow on his chin, and knows Yunho probably didn’t bother shaving that morning. He wants to feel that scratchy jaw over his sensitive skin, and his cock twitches at the thought. He licks at his bottom lip, and watches as Yunho mirrors him, licking his own lips. The other man’s eyes are now trained on his mouth, and Jaejoong cannot help but to experiment again, sweeping his tongue full across his bottom lip slowly, wetting it, and tiny curls of desire dance up his back, teasing him as Yunho once again mirrors his movement. He eyes dart back towards the canoodling couple and he can see that their attention is on them. Yoochun quirks an eyebrow at him, and Jaejoong decides to play. He has nothing to lose, right?

He reaches out a hand, brushing his thumb against the corner of Yunho’s mouth, a little surprised that the man doesn’t jerk back and away. Their eyes meet, and Jaejoong falls a little more, realising his playing has backfired on him. He wants this man with an intensity that is going to send him to his knees if the clenching in his gut is anything to go by. His heart is hammering, and all from an innocent touch. Fate is cruel to them, and he resolves to behave in the manner Yoochun wants because he will have Switch after this game. His brain seems to have a strange block, disregarding Yunho’s non-aversion to his rather intimate touch, and instead focusing in on himself, and what he wants and how he will get it. Jaejoong is uncharacteristically selfish, wallowing in his own misery, refusing to see anything else. If he had just taken a step back away from himself and truly seen Yunho, he will recognise the look in his eyes. That heated look is the same one the man gives Jejuko. Instead, he smiles, injecting a cheery note in his voice that he doesn’t quite feel.

“You had something by your mouth. It’s gone now.”

He turns to go, greeting both Junsu and Yoochun, leaving Yunho behind to stare a little dumbfounded at him.

The crowd finally stops singing, as the teams march out, and the four take their seats, Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu in a row. There is quite a bit of space on the bench, but they are all pressed close together. Jaejoong and Junsu are fighting over who gets to hang off Yoochun who is enjoying the attention, and Yunho is turned, body angled towards Jaejoong. He slips an arm around the man’s shoulders, just as the whistle blows for kick off.


The halftime whistle blows and Jaejoong is flushed with excitement, bouncing up and down much to the amusement of the other three. He is waving the scarf Yunho gives him around, cheering exuberantly, attracting smiles and laughter from the crowd around him. He is standing up and chatting animatedly to a couple of men from one of his other classes, waxing lyrical about how football is really quite exciting. His enthusiasm is catching, and soon there is a crowd around the foursome. Jaejoong’s innocent passion shines through, as this is the first game he has actually paid attention to. All other games were spent staring at Yunho, and since the man is sitting next to him, patiently explaining the game, he is able to get in on the excitement and exhilaration of a good match instead of gazing longingly at the goalkeeper. The two teams are evenly matched and the countless near goals and misses has the entire crowd pumping and a little on edge. However, the home team is up by one goal, and everyone is riding high on that fact, especially Jaejoong.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong gesticulates wildly, re-enacting the goal to Han Geng and Kangin, two men he recognise as going to their school but he doesn’t know them well. They are standing on the bleacher below, both listening avidly, as are a few other males hanging around. Some girls have tried approaching the group but the amount of testosterone around turns out to be a bit of a deterrent, as they all stay on the fringes, none venturing closer. He smiles as Jaejoong kicks out with his foot, presumably imitating the goal scorer, when he loses his balance and pitches sideways. Before Yunho can react, Han Geng has caught him. Yunho watches with narrowed eyes as Jaejoong blushes, giggling nervously as he straightens up as Han Geng steadies him, a hand on his hip and another holding his wrist. The man doesn’t let go of Jaejoong’s wrist and Yunho isn’t sure if Jaejoong notices because he keeps talking and smiling after recovering from his initial surprise and embarrassment. He waits, but Han Geng doesn’t let go and Yunho can feel the hackles rising on the back of his neck. He sees his name in bold letter across the back of the jersey Jaejoong is wearing, and the kick of possessiveness is almost like adrenaline, jolting him into action, as he stands up.

Yoochun watches curiously, having had his eye on Yunho and Jaejoong for most of the first half and now during half time. He is leaning against Junsu, who is sitting sideways on the bleachers, straddling the seat and Yoochun is comfortably settled against his chest. He can hear his new lover chuckling quietly at Jaejoong’s antics, even as Yunho stands up. He eyes the man who takes a step closer to Jaejoong, standing directly behind him. He hasn’t pressed their bodies together so Yoochun can still see through the gap between them as Yunho raises his hand and starts rubbing up and down Jaejoong’s upper arm. He cannot quite see the man’s eyes from the angle, but his gaze is directed squarely at Han Geng, and Yoochun is amused to see the man flinch and take a step back. Whatever he saw in Yunho’s eyes must not have been very welcoming as he drops his hold of Jaejoong’s wrist. His best friend is still totally oblivious to the silent battle, as he continues talking about the game. As if to seal the deal, Yunho drapes his other hand casually around Jaejoong’s hip, and drops his chin onto his shoulder again, and starts talking, contributing to the conversation about the amazingly ambitious bicycle kick by one of his team mates. Yoochun smirks as Jaejoong steps back into Yunho’s embrace, and the expressions on Han Geng and Kangin’s face tighten.

“I think Yunho likes Jaejoong.”

“Yunho likes every one.”

“Well, he doesn’t like Han Geng.”

“You could tell huh?”

“You’d have to be blind not to see that, and I’ve known Yunho for years. Though this is the first time he’s actually shown any interest in a guy. He’s always preferred girls, and I thought for sure he was going to go for your cousin but maybe not.”

“So he’s not straight?”

“Well, let’s just say we have a bit of a history.”

Yoochun half turns to look at Junsu who is smiling affectionately towards Yunho.

“Are you serious?”

“Put it this way, we are much better off as best friends.”

“How long ago?”

“Ages. Junior High.”

“Well fuck that was young.”

Junsu laughs and kisses at that pouty bottom lip, licking till the pretty man gives in and opens his mouth, allowing him entry and they exchange a languid kiss. The leisurely kiss ends in pain though as Micky nips his bottom lip, before pulling away, his eyebrow arched.

“I guess this explains your type. Tall, dark, model type. I’m not Yunho.”

“If I wanted Yunho I’d still be with him. We’re not together and have not been in that way for years. We were kids experimenting. Don’t worry about it. Like I said, he prefers girls. Well, till your friend came along.”

“Do you think he likes Jaejoong in that way?”

“I think so. It’s hard to say because I haven’t seen them much but after that interesting display of possessiveness, I’m going to go with yes.”

“You know, he practically glared a hole through me when he found me lying on top of Jaejoong yesterday. I thought he was angry on your behalf but now I’m not sure.”

Their conversation is cut short though, as the whistle for the second half goes and Yunho and Jaejoong settle back on the bench.

“Chunnie can you sit properly?”

“I’m comfortable.”

“But your feet is practically in my lap. I don’t want your smelly feet.”

“Then sit the way I’m sitting.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as his best friend pushes him. Surely that’s too much. Not even Jejuko will be this forward. He scowls, wrinkling his nose, remembering the coffee shop on the morning after they all first met, and both of them perched in Junsu and Yunho’s lap. Yes, Jejuko would indeed be that forward. But Jaejoong is not game, and he glares at his friend, crossing his arms across his chest and huffs irritatedly as he stares out at the field, no longer interested in the twenty two men running around chasing after a ball.

Throughout the second half, Yunho’s hands roam freely, touching a knee, a thigh, an arm, slung around Jaejoong’s neck, hanging loose about his shoulders, you name it and Yunho probably did it. At first Jaejoong reacts a little stiffly, still annoyed at his best friend being an ass, but Yunho’s touches are non-intrusive, almost ghosting over his skin, as if asking for permission, and Jaejoong is unable to resist the temptation of his touch. However with that touch comes desire, and no matter how innocent he believes Yunho’s affection is, Jaejoong’s reaction is anything but. Each touch is like an electric spark low in his belly and tugging at his balls, tightening them as his cock fills. By the end of the match, which they won by that sole goal scored in the first half, Jaejoong is an internal writhing mess of need.

When they stand, cheering their team on as they do a victory lap around the field, Han Geng, Kangin and a few other guys come back, muscling through the crowd. Yunho sees their approach and steps up onto the bench behind Jaejoong, so he towers over the crowd. He then bends over, draping his arms on Jaejoong’s shoulders, smiling when the beautiful man instinctively steps backwards yet again, as if trying to get closer. He bends his head, and whispers in his ear, his eyes never leaving Han Geng and Kangin who both stop and stare, attuned to the dire warning in his eyes. He knows how intimate it looks, and that is exactly the message he wants to send, even though he is merely asking Jaejoong if he enjoyed the match. He is aware of the baleful look he is throwing their way and he smirks triumphantly when he sees the two men and their group of friends finally turn around and walk away.

“Alright, Yunho definitely likes Jaejoong.”

“You think? Does Yunho throw his weight around a lot?”

“He doesn’t have to. Everyone knows he’s the campus kingka but for him to actually do that, well…”

“If looks could kill…”

“…Han Geng and his friends would be toast.”


“Jae, come on.”

“You promised. I did what you said, and I was myself. You know I was. Don’t make me beg.”

“But, can’t you see he likes you for you?”

“He’s just affectionate.”

“He doesn’t touch me the way he touches you. How many times do I have to point this out? He doesn’t even touch Junsu the way he does you and those two have fucked.”


“Oh shit, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to know that.”

“Back the fuck up. What?”

Yoochun growls and throws himself onto the bed, staring at the ceiling and fiddling with his bracelet, annoyed with himself. He feels the bed sink and suddenly Jaejoong’s pale face is looming over his, eyes huge and dark against that milky white skin.

“Chunnie, what the hell?”

He covers his eyes with the back of a hand, and speaks, his tone morose as he explains.

“Yunho and Junsu have a history. Junsu didn’t say much and I don’t actually know if they fucked but they definitely fooled around.”

Jaejoong feels a teeny tiny spark of hope in his heart. But he doesn’t dare give in to it. It’s too good to be true. Nothing can be this good, can it?

Yoochun massages his temples tiredly, this whole fiasco is starting to give him a headache. No, it’s already giving him a headache. The mess seems to grow larger by the day and he wishes he could confide in Junsu because he really needs to talk to someone about this. He got them all into this mess, and he really wants to get them out of it. He knows Yunho likes Jaejoong. Hell, Junsu is convinced of it and who knows Yunho better than the blonde man? But Jaejoong is stubborn. Stupidly so, and too wrapped up in the idea of being the wrong sex. But he has to try. He’ll give it a try.

“Think about it. Yunho used to have some sort of relationship with Junsu. Junsu says he prefers girls. If someone is straight, you won’t say they prefer one sex over the other. Yunho is at least bisexual as well. Come on, Jae. You don’t have to switch. I promise.”

“See? You just said it. He prefers girls. I’m not a girl. I’ve never seen him with a man. Maybe he used to be bisexual and now he isn’t. Can you say for a fact he still is?”


“No buts, Yoochunnie. I cannot deal with it. I’m drowning here. Drowning. I need to breathe. I need air. Yunho is my air. Please, don’t do this.”

“What will you do when he finds out? Do you think he’ll appreciate the deception? He at least likes you as a friend now. He wants to be your friend. How will he feel when he finds out you’ve been lying to him?”

Jaejoong hunches over, forehead to the bed as if in prayer, as pain lashes through him. The anguish he feels at the thought is crippling. His voice is broken, as he speaks. He is in too deep.

“He won’t find out.”

“Jaejoong, you cannot guarantee that.”

“Only you know. And Changmin and Sooyoung. I know you won’t tell him.”

“Yunho is far from stupid. ”

Jaejoong sits back up, eyes flashing, his anger a defence mechanism.

“Why would he ever think that I’m a girl? Why would anyone think that? They won’t. Just give me the fucking pill, Yoochun. I love you, but this is my problem not yours. I’ll deal with it.”

The two best friends stare at each other, unwilling to look away, in a battle of wills.

And as always, Yoochun loses, caving in and digging out his wallet to fish out the pill he has separated from the rest of his small stash. He drops it in Jaejoong’s waiting palm, and watches as the man tosses it back, swallowing it dry.

“No more, Jae.”

AN: I wrote this in between the fucking MOUNTAIN of paperwork I did not want to do at work today so please excuse any mistakes etc. I also haven’t re-read this fic in ages so ack… I’m sorry if this was a bit of a fail TT______TT I managed to finish my paperwork so I’m pretty proud of myself lol especially since I was supposed to have the day off work today OTL

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