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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [15/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13 - R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: This is the end, folks… I’m feeling emoCHUNal ;_______; A great many thanks to all the people who have gotten me to this point through encouragement and cheerleading as well as content details, in particular Felicity, Catherine and my twin Nicole. THANK YOU SO MUCH ;-) And well, apart from the possible one shot I mentioned in Chapter 9, I have no plans at all to write a sequel or side shots or anything like that… :3

AN2: Unbeta-ed and all mistakes are mine. Please be gentle...

Chapter 15Collapse )

dear god this comment is so late..but it's better than never.
this is the first time i read gender switch fic (gender bender is just not my cup of tea) but i don't regret it. this is one hell of an artwork!
a good fluff that made me laugh, a beautiful friendship that made me squeal, and a true love that warmed my heart. and yunho was right, why would he need a girl when he could have jae by his side?
thank you very much for writing and sharing this fic, i've had a lot of fun out of it ^^ <33333333333333333333333

omg how come I just noticed this fic!!!?!?!
it's sooooo beautiful n the end both of them
being just sincere was romantic ... I love it! *w*

Truthfully, I don't read genderbend even with my other fandom. This is like the first one I've read and I love you because you stuck with BL yunjae~ yay! And uh, main reason I read this was because I love the way you right(insert music). Also I love the way you portray possessive yunnie~ that always gets me. And I love yunho that way~

I need a smut filled scene with jaejoong and yunho!! lol everything ended in this beautiful term! Fantastic! It was an amazing re read!

Come on, authorssi! This is not the end. Not a classical one. This is an open ending, which leads always to a beginning. This is the beginning of their life together, as a couple. A Yunho and Jaejoong couple. Which is good. No, not good. Wonderful!

Splendid the scene in the morning, in Yunho's bed. Yunho - so gentle and loving and afraid of a possible rejection. Jaejoong - scared of a possible rejection, but desperate for Yunho's love. Priceless.

Thank you for sharing. <3

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Hello! I've just read this and I finished this fic for 2 days... haha! anyway, I was a silent reader of ur fics... I enjoyed them. Keep it up! <3

Done reading all chapters.
Jae would look so pretty as a girl. And the dancing. /fans self
Hooray for YunJae!
Thanks for sharing your awesome fic.

Eskimo kisses trump all, I'm not even kidding! What if one day Yunho accidentally ingests the drug OMG...

This is sooooooo different from SB in a good way. This one hurts in the right places and doesn't just flat out rip your heart into pieces. My favorite has to be the pole dancing and I don't even have to give reasons for that.

Sweet and cuddly YunJae is still the best YunJae <3

I am a hopeless puddle of goo thanks to this amazing story.

I decided to give this fic a try, even though it's not really my cup of tea.

Well, let's just say I drank the entire teapot in one sitting and have absolutely no regrets. :D

It's my first time reading a gender-switch fanfic ( usually not my cup of tea! ) but yunjae and your writing skills kept me going through it... I liked it, but still prefer jae as a male:) anyway it was an interesting discovery. Thanks for sharing

God knows how many times i've reread this again and again *giggling.. maan.. you're seriously one of a kind author.. you keep saying this kind of story is out of your comfort zone, STOP THAT! YOU NAILED IT! i know this is old.. but hey! I love old times! XP. Though here i can't stop but keep wishing on #UKNOWTIME(no pressure at all, i love this the way it is, only after effect read your an and that hashtag keep poking me teasingly and here i can't stop myself to tell you XP again, no pressure at all xD)

I just want to say thank you for writing this (and all of your stories) they're all truly like my own life therapy (aside from those 5 men) whenever life's being b**ch x3

*And hey! I'm the triple digit! #111 XD

Edited at 2017-12-01 03:18 am (UTC)

I was re-reading your fics and realised I've never read Jejuko *get bricked*

Although gender switching is not something that I usually read, I truly love this sorry. But of course I expected myself to like this cause well, the writer is you and I've always love the way you write.

The ending is really sweet. I'm so glad that all's well that ends well. So glad that Yunho was determined to confess everything with Jaejoong. Sigh, Jaejoong was truly oblivious to Yunho's affection and signal. Yunho was sending those signal out rather loud and clear. I guess with all the bullying that Jaejoong experienced initially and Yunho was famous for being straight, his really low self esteem is really not letting him see things straight.

So glad that Yunho decided to come clean and face their deceptions head on. So glad that I decided to read this story and read all 15 chapters in one go ^.~

Edited at 2018-02-26 03:06 am (UTC)

You made me want to read this when I saw your comment because I couldn't remember details at all. Thank you though because even reading a little of Ch15 made me suddenly miss them and the memories are coming back slowly and now I think I might just re read it.