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Sleeping Beauty [14b/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (14b/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: I feel like i'm about to shatter into a million places damn it...

Yunho’s thoughts are dark. He’s managed to stall the meeting with the lawyer till Friday, and now that it is finally over and done with, he can feel the bitter taste of fear on his tongue. The rest of the week has gone by relatively uneventfully, falling back into the easy domesticity that Jaejoong seems to excel in. The boy runs a very tight ship at home, no doubt learning well from his mother. He has also noticed an increase in Jaejoong’s public displays of affection, as if the boy is trying to singlehandedly turn the world back in his favour, to view Yunho in the light that he views him. They still get stares wherever they go, Jaejoong’s effervescence is extremely eye-catching, and Yunho’s reticence quite a contrast. Coupled with the cheerful baby between them, he has sensed a slight change in the attitude of the public when they are out and about. There are still whispers of course, and the distrustful stares. Some even close to home, as Jaejoong’s sister still hasn’t warmed up to him. He has no idea what her issue is with him, but he knows Jaejoong is very upset over it. So upset that he overheard him talking to his mother on the phone just yesterday about not wanting her at the wedding if she is just going to ruin it for him.

He hates being the cause of dissension within the Kim household, but he believes Jaejoong when the teenager tells him that it is his sister’s problem and has nothing to do with him. He has more pressing things to think about, namely the Chois. They had met at a neutral location, Yunho turning up on his own and not bothering with his own lawyers just yet. For one, there are no family lawyers attached to the corporate law firm that his own corporation has on retainer, and second, he wants to sound them out, to figure out what his next step will be. He is not about to relinquish control of the meeting to a pissing match between two lawyers.

He remembers the Chois’ smug faces as their own lawyer blathers on, hinting that they have something up their sleeve that will guarantee that a court will grant them custody of Jiyool. The man talked about negotiating an out of court settlement, negotiating visitation rights, negotiating holidays. However Yunho doesn’t really pay attention to it all, because all the lawyer is basically insinuating at is money, money, and more money. His worry is deep, as he wonders exactly what it is that they have.

As he stares unseeing at his desk, Sun Ye’s voice starts to resound in his head again. He hasn’t heard her while awake in so long, but the custody issue and his worries are making it come back. He cannot share it with Jaejoong, not just yet.

You are mine, Yunho. You will do everything I say.

You can do nothing without my permission, do you understand?

How much power do you have now? You are weak and pathetic.

I am going to take everything from you, do you hear me? EVERYTHING.

His jaw tightens as he fights to banish her mocking voice from his head. She will not take Jiyool. He is stronger than this. He has to be for his baby girl.

He picks up the phone, dialing a number from memory, and speaking rapidly, barking orders, making it clear to the person on the other line that he is not playing games. All the meticulous planning over the last few months is going to come to a head in the next few weeks and the Chois will rue the day they even attempted to cross him. Those vile people who tacitly allowed their daughter to run amok, unchecked. Who manipulated and endorsed her brutal and calculated seduction of his teenage self. What started off as a means to take back what belonged to him, is now a personal vendetta. They made it personal by daring to petition for custody of Jiyool. He will crush them.

Just as he replaces the receiver, the door to his office bursts open, and his intercom squawks. His secretary is apologetic for making the mistake of telling Jaejoong that he had no one in his office. Yunho doesn’t respond, cutting her off as he watches the teenager, Jiyool perched on his hip, his hair sticking up and out and looking rather frazzled.

“Yunho, oh my god. I’m going crazy. Please save me from my sisters. They ganged up on me and dragged me hanbok shopping, ignoring my pleas that I wanted to go with you and not them. They started talking about how the groom is not supposed to see the bride or something. Well, ok so I’m the wife but I’m not a bride! I don’t know if they were trying to be funny but I swear to god all the hanboks they made me wear were pink and purple and floral. I am not getting married in pink! Good god, can we just run away? You have a private jet right? Let’s be all Western and elope and run off to Vegas or something. That’ll serve them right for torturing me like this. I actually escaped them. They’re probably looking for me right now. Can I hide here?”

Jaejoong doesn’t pause for breath as he looks around wildly, trying to find a hiding place as his phone rings. He jerks at the sound, answering it but accidentally putting in on speaker and the sound of women laughing is heard.

“Joongie, baby boy where did you go?”

“I’m not telling you!”

“You ran off to your husband didn’t you? Or pseudo husband since it’s not official till next Friday. We’re coming to get you.”

“No! No! No! No! Go awaaaaaaaaaay!”

Jaejoong wails the end and Jiyool starts giggling, mimicking him, bouncing excitedly in his arms at all the noise. She still cries at strange female voices, but no longer at any of the Kims, having spent enough time with them to recognise the difference.

“No! No! No! Waeeeee.”

“Jiyool-ah? Pretty baby can you tell your Mama that he needs to shop for his wedding to your Daddy, baby girl?

“No, no, no!” The baby girl replies, and Jaejoong latches onto it like his lifeline.

“Hah! See? She says no too. Go away, otherwise I won’t come to Sunday lunch.”

“Maybe we should kidnap him. What do you think?”

There are loud sounds of agreement in the background, and Jaejoong’s eyes widen when he realises that the sound is also coming from Yunho’s outer office as he’s left the door open when he came blazing in.

“Damn it!”

He hangs up, rushing towards Yunho, dropping Jiyool unceremoniously in his lap before clambering under his large desk.

Yunho, silent throughout Jaejoong’s flailing from start to finish, looks down at the apprehensive face between his knees as Jaejoong gazes imploringly up at him.

“Please save me?”

Yunho strokes Jaejoong’s cheek with the back of his hand before pulling his chair forward, and dropping Jiyool on his desk. Sure enough, five of his future sisters-in-law as well as Chaerin come bustling in.

“Hello, Yunho. I know he’s here since Jiyool is sitting pretty on your desk trying to eat a paper weight.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Our baby brother. Blonde, taller than all of us, makes us all look like trolls even on his worst day but it’s ok because we love him. I know you’re hiding him.”

Yunho feels a hand creep up his leg, towards his groin, and he schools his features. The Kims are pretty damn brazen and if you can’t beat them, join them.

“I’m not hiding him, but he’s otherwise occupied at the moment.”

“Otherwise occupied? Is he in the bathroom? Chaerin, go look.”

Yunho’s mouth quirks, as he feels a questing hand, an appreciative hand, stroking at him. The trek Jaejoong has made up his leg had already stirred the beginnings of lust, and with the teenager now fondling him gently, Yunho has to summon all his years of hiding, to keep his features stoic. In the past he had to hide his pain, now he has to hide his pleasure, although really, it is almost painful as he feels Jaejoong tug on his zip. The teenager is something alright. Insatiable, and completely inappropriate right now with Jiyool sitting on the desk just over his head.

“He’s not in the bathroom.”

“Yunho-ah. I’m your noona. You can tell me where the brat is.”

“He really is otherwise occupied.”

Yunho pairs his words with a suggestive quirk of his eyebrow and a telltale smirk. Jaejoong’s sisters look from him, and then down at the table, and then back up at him, blinking as they process his words and expression. Meanwhile, Jaejoong has freed his prize, and is now in the very awkward position of being pressed against the underside of the table, in order to get to it. Failing to get comfortable, he does the only thing he can think off, pulling the gas lever to Yunho’s chair to lower him so there is more space for him to fit his head in.

At the sudden drop of his chair, even though both his hands are in plain sight on the table and his expression never changes, not giving anything else away, his sisters finally catch on.


Various scandalized voices echo around the room.

“Oh my god, your baby is here! You dirty boy!”

Jaejoong, who has just managed to get his mouth around the tip of Yunho’s cock, jerks and bumps his head on the underside of the table in shock when he hears his sister’s words. He’d actually forgotten about Jiyool in those few minutes, and with the pain in his head, the cock in his mouth, and the desire flowing through him, it all gets a little too much and he starts to giggle.

They all hear the sound, Jaejoong’s giggling carries up from under the table, confusing Jiyool as she looks around trying to find the source of the sound. Yunho maintains his blank expression, merely arching his eyebrow yet again to Jaejoong’s second oldest noona who is gaping at him, even though the urge to buck his hips upwards is extremely strong. Years and years and years of keeping his thoughts and feelings hidden is definitely coming in handy. Jaejoong’s giggling around his cock is sending delicious vibrations down his length, as the boy, for some reason, swallows him down even more, as if trying to muffle his amusement by gagging on cock.

Yunho clears his throat, to disguise the groan that wants to erupt from him, as Jaejoong finally stops laughing, and starts sucking and licking. Unfortunately for the teenager, in his exuberance, he yet again forgets his auditory audience. Being under the table, surrounded by Yunho’s delicious musky scent, in such an enclosed space, Jaejoong is in his own little world, his attention wholly and completely on Yunho’s hard cock.

Yunho watches as all the faces of all six women in front of him gape in disbelief, Jaejoong’s youngest sister clapping her hands over Chaerin’s ears, and practically dragging the girl out the door. The oldest in the group, Jaejoong second sister, steps forward and picks up Jiyool from the table, shaking her head at Yunho, before turning to leave. She hustles her other dumbfounded sisters out, before turning and lifting a finger at Yunho, who rightly guesses that she is trying to tell him that they will be back in an hour. The second the door clicks shut, Yunho lets out a tight moan, reveling in finally being able to show his appreciation for Jaejoong’s enthusiasm.

He pushes back his chair, running his hands through the teenager’s blonde locks, gripping it as he sets the pace of the boy’s mouth.

Jaejoong groans his appreciation at Yunho taking charge, relaxing his throat the way Yunho has coached him, looking coquettishly up at the man through his eyelashes as he allows him to fuck his mouth. His hand pumps the base, even as his mouth works the rest of the thick wet length sliding between his lips. He is hard pressed to find any sexual act that he doesn’t like, loving everything, even this. The taste is still a little weird to him, but it turns him on no end to realise just how much Yunho enjoys watching him. Apparently his mouth, his pout in particular, gives Yunho regular fantasies about it being wrapped around his cock, and Jaejoong is nothing if not accommodating.

Yunho looks at the stunning boy whose doe eyes are glazed with lust overlaying a good deal of happiness, and his hips jerk forwards, harder and faster. The memory of Sun Ye echoing in his head is still there, and he knows the teenager won’t understand if he suddenly loses his erection and so he clenches his eyes shut, hands fisted even tighter, as he fights both to get his dead wife out of his head, and to come for his wife-to-be.

Jaejoong is blissfully unaware of the fight going on in Yunho’s head, as he moans happily around Yunho’s cock. He has been trying to push Yunho to have sex the way he wants to again but the man has suddenly taken to walking around with packets of lube everywhere. He’s tried cornering him in every place imaginable, but somehow, a familiar black bottle, or a foil packet of lube always materialises seemingly out of the blue. Yunho’s harsh hold on him right now though, gives him a taste of what he wants and he is taking it. His cock is painfully hard in his pants and he wants to be ridden hard after this. What are the chances of Yunho keeping lube in his office desk?

However, those thoughts fly completely out of his head, as his mouth is suddenly filled with hot spurts of cum, as Yunho comes explosively, and he chokes on it, trying to pull away but Yunho’s grip is still tight and he cannot move. Tears spring to his eyes as his throat closes off, and the cum goes down the wrong pipe as he splutters and gags, blowing cum out of his nose, and more dribble out over the side of his mouth, his lips still stretched over Yunho’s girth. His vision clouds as the tears fall, obscuring Yunho’s face from his view. The man’s grip finally relents as his orgasm is milked out of him by Jaejoong’s panicked throat contractions, and he immediately wrenches himself off, head over the wastepaper basket conveniently situated next to him, and retches into it.

Yunho’s bliss is short-lived, the sounds of someone dry retching loud under his desk as he opens his eyes, to find Jaejoong with his head practically in the bin as he coughs and chokes. Yunho isn’t sure what happened, so focused on getting to his release and he feels a flicker of remorse, wondering if he’d been too rough. He pushes his chair further back, not caring that Jaejoong seems to be trying to regurgitate his lunch, manhandling him, and pulling him up into his lap.

Jaejoong immediately drops his forehead into the side of Yunho’s neck, still coughing and gasping for air. His nose is filled with cum and he needs tissue or something. Sweet sweet air is filling his lungs as he sucks in deep breaths. He picks up Yunho’s expensive silk tie, wrapping it around the bridge of his nose as he blows hard, just wanting to get it all out. Globs of thick white cum mixed with clear mucus and remnants of tears end up soiling the material, and Jaejoong gives it a cursory glance before dropping it and wrapping his arms around Yunho’s neck, sniffling quietly and feeling a little sorry for himself. His erection is long gone, the only memory of it being the wet patch of pre-cum on the front of his underwear.

“Jae, what happened? I’m sorry, I was too far gone, I should’ve been paying more attention.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, face tucked against the side of Yunho’s head, sniffling in his ear.

“N-nothing. I just wasn’t expecting you to come so soon.”

“Well, you know what I’ve said about your mouth…”

“I know, it’s ok. I’m just embarrassed.”

“Why? Well, your sisters did hear you, though I can’t quite bring up the slightest feeling of shame at the moment. I can share my indifference with you.”

Yunho’s voice is lightly teasing, trying to push away the guilt. He knows Jaejoong won’t want him to feel guilty, but he cannot help it. In his quest to banish Sun Ye, he has somehow managed to hurt Jaejoong yet again and the thought is killing him a little.

Jaejoong picks up Yunho’s tie, fiddling with that, his voice soft.

“I got cum all over your clothes. I’m so sorry, I’ll go get you some clothes after we finish cuddling.”

Yunho takes the tie from Jaejoong’s fingers, staring at it, brow furrowed in confusion.

“How did you get cum on my clothes?”

“Well…you came so suddenly it went up my nose.”

“Oh god…”

Yunho starts laughing. He cannot help it. He should feel bad, he should feel sorry, and he definitely should feel guilty. But Jaejoong, this boy, this beautiful teenager, he knocks him off balance when he least expects it.

“Stop laughing!”

Yunho turns to take in the petulant curve of the boy’s rosy lips and he laughs even harder, hugging him close, and he finally drives Sun Ye out of his head.

“You are beautiful and I love you. I’m sorry about earlier, I’ll make it up to you tonight, ok?”


“Yes, I’ll let you have your wicked way with me.”


“Yes, whatever you want.”

Jaejoong beams. This is rather unexpected. His thoughts start to drift, feeling safe and cherished as Yunho’s chuckles reverberate in his chest, vibrating against him, and he basks in the sound as he plots about what he wants later that night.


Yunho and Jaejoong are sitting in bed, Yunho reading some papers while Jaejoong looks over houses. They’ve been sitting there for a good hour after dinner, Jiyool long asleep and back in her cot. Yunho has all but forgotten his promise to Jaejoong from earlier that afternoon, but the boy hasn’t. He is just trying to figure out how to go about getting it. He stares unseeing at his laptop screen at yet another large house with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Really, does that even make any sense? Why would a house need more bathrooms than bedrooms? This is one of the smaller options though. Yunho had emailed him a list of potential homes that morning, asking him to pick a few for them to look at in the weekend, and Jaejoong had been heartened to find that almost all of them were in the same neighbourhood as the Kim mansion. He immediately discards the ones outside that neighbourhood, and he is now narrowing down the search. It still numbers ten houses, and he really doesn’t think Yunho would want to spend the entire weekend looking at that many. He can see the man out of the corner of his eye, sitting in just his boxer shorts, making notes on whatever document he is reading. He is wearing thick framed glasses, and for some reason, it makes him look much younger. Younger and dorkier, and Jaejoong giggles at the errant thought. He could pass for a college student.

Yunho looks up at the sound, and find Jaejoong grinning as he stares at his laptop. He leans over to look at what the teenager appears to be amused about, and is confused to see a list of chattels. He quickly skims it, not really finding anything out of the ordinary or worth noting.

“Why are you laughing about light fixtures and curtains?”

Instead of answering, Jaejoong shuts the lid of his Macbook Pro, placing it on the bedside table before turning and gathering up Yunho’s papers quickly, making sure he doesn’t lose their order, placing them atop his laptop. He then turns, climbing across Yunho’s thighs and straddling him, smiling at the expression on the older man’s face. He doesn’t say a word, simply pressing their mouths together, licking insistently at Yunho’s dry lips, seeking entrance.

The older man relents, partly in surprise, and partly because Jaejoong’s probing tongue is not something he can say no to. The teenager’s kissing though, is insistent, bordering on painful, as he rocks over Yunho’s clothed erection, as he presses Yunho back, deepening the kiss, pushing him against the headboard. He moans as Jaejoong thrusts his tongue between his lips, in and out, as if mimicking what their lower halves are going to do.

Jaejoong finally pulls away, satisfied to see Yunho looking thoroughly kissed, his lips wet and red.

“Can I have my wicked way with you now?”


“You promised.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I just want to ride you…”

“You scared me for a second.”

“…without lube.”


“Yunho, you promised.”

Yunho lets out a sigh as he stares at the teenager in his lap. He’s not sure how Jaejoong does it but he’s managed to look forlorn, horny and cheeky somehow all at the same time. His lips are forming into a moue of dissatisfaction, his eyes large and glazed in lust, but with a slight twinkle in it. A twinkle that reminds him that his Jaejoong, his Joongie is still there. He watches as Jaejoong’s mouth purses into a more pronounced pout, as the teenager wrinkles his nose at him, rocking his hips once again over Yunho’s painfully hard erection. The boy’s mouth always does it to him. There’s no escaping it. That sinful mouth that he knows is capable of making the most erotic breathy moans, or needy whines, or demanding screams.

“How about we compromise? Either I prep you, or you prep yourself, with lube, but none on my cock. Or you lube my cock and we don’t prep you. Pick one.”

“Yah! Which part of no lube didn’t you understand?”

“It’ll be tight enough, trust me. And remember? You were sore for three days last time. Do you really want no sex for the rest of the weekend?”

“Such a party pooper.”

“Killing my erection, Joongie.”

“Don’t call me, Joongie! And I’ll fix your damn erection.”

Yunho arches his eyebrow at Jaejoong’s heated words, as the boy crawls off him, yanking at his boxers. He was exaggerating about losing his erection, his cock bouncing against his belly as Jaejoong gets rid off the offending piece of clothing. He watches as he bends over, taking just the tip into his mouth and sucking hard around his head, not bothering to shield his teeth and the sensation is almost too much. Yunho’s hips twitch against his will, jerking up as sharp teeth graze over the sensitive head of his cock. As if encouraged by this, Jaejoong starts sucking harder, even as he fumbles to kick off his own boxers. Distracted momentarily by the movement, Yunho looks up, only to realise that their closet door is open, and the mirror hanging on the inside is directed straight over his side of the bed. Jaejoong is face down in his lap with his wiggling ass up high in the air as he slides off his underwear, and the sight sends a fresh surge of lust through him, and he voices his appreciation.

Jaejoong keeps lapping at Yunho’s cock, massively turned on by the sounds Yunho is making, unaware that he is making quite a spectacle of himself in the mirror behind him. He keeps a tight hold around the base of his cock, propping himself on his elbow and leaning some of his weight over Yunho’s thigh to prevent him bucking up too much, even as his other hand reaches between his own legs to fist his own cock. His mouth bobs in time to the rhythm of both his hands, and he momentarily feels a flicker of pride at being able to multi-task so well.

Yunho’s attention is completely on the vision in the mirror in front of him. Jaejoong’s tight ass in full view, and he watches as the boy pumps his own cock, fondling at his own balls every now and again. Jaejoong’s hot wet mouth around the head of his cock in unrelenting, as he noisily laps and slurps, his movements slightly jerky as he tries to work three things at once. Yunho’s belly is swirling in anticipation, and he fumbles at the side table, pulling out the drawer, eyes never leaving the mirror as he drops a bottle next to Jaejoong’s head.

“Prep yourself,” he bites out harshly, already imagining what it is going to look like in the mirror and his cock hardens even more if possible, twitching in Jaejoong’s mouth.

Jaejoong doesn’t argue, already realising that Yunho is right about being sore, and the idea of not having sex the whole weekend is just not something he is about to consider. He releases his hand from his cock, pulling back slightly. His mouth is still wrapped around the head of Yunho’s cock, not wanting to lose contact with the man, as he balances himself, popping open the lid of the bottle, squeezing three drops of lube onto two fingers. He tosses the bottle blindly aside as he resumes his earlier position. He is once again propped against Yunho’s thigh, a hand fisted tightly around the thick base of the older man’s cock, as he reaches his other hand between his legs, past his now leaking cock and tight balls, to his puckered entrance.

Yunho watches, as Jaejoong arches his body, almost like a cat stretching, the curve of his back is pronounced, as he drops his shoulders in order to be able to reach behind him. His pale ass is glowing in the light of the bedside lamps, and Yunho moans long and low as he watches Jaejoong penetrate himself with two fingers. Clearly the teenager is serious about liking rough sex, because the answering groan that is ripped from the boy, the sound doubly erotic as he vibrates in his throat, hugging his cock, is loud. His eyes are almost crossing in his lust, as the two fingers pump in and out of that tight hole harshly, no finesse at all, Jaejoong having lost his rhythm a long time ago.

Jaejoong pushes his fingers in, burying them within himself up to the knuckles, and scissoring roughly as he moans around the thick flesh in his mouth. He is going to come soon if he keeps this up, and he doesn’t want that. He purposefully avoids his prostate, simply prepping his body as demanded. His mouth swallows Yunho down as far as he can go, over and over, his weight keeping the man in place, preventing him from gagging him. After an endless while, he finally lifts his head off, sucking hungrily at the fluid at the tip, before pulling back with a very obscene pop. He smiles, as he straightens up slowly, fingers still buried within him. His mouth drops open as his movements inevitably causes him to brush against his prostate, and he licks at his mouth in anticipation. Yunho is still wearing his glasses, and looking completely poleaxed as they stare at each other.

He pulls his fingers out, satisfied at the groan from the man when they both hear the slick sound of them leaving his tight body. His movements are slow, almost teasing as he bends over, crawling the short distance up and over Yunho’s body, hips undulating, eyes never leaving Yunho’s face even though Yunho is no longer looking at him. In fact, the man is looking past him and over his shoulder, his mouth hanging open as he swallows hard.

Curious, Jaejoong looks over his shoulder to see what could be more interesting than him, and he is momentarily stunned at the vision that he sees. His eyes meet Yunho’s in the mirror, and he is astonished to see the wicked grin that crosses unbidden on his own face as he smirks at the handsome man. If he knew how to wink, he definitely would have done so, just to see Yunho’s reaction. As it is, a hoarse voice, tight with need and lust washes over him as he turns back to face Yunho.


Jaejoong hums, suddenly feeling like he can conquer the world, that he is at that very moment, the sexiest thing to ever exist, as he crawls up the remaining distance, making sure his hips are swaying enticingly as he spreads his legs to straddle Yunho’s hips. He leans forward to lick teasingly at Yunho’s mouth, chuckling wickedly as he moves his head away when Yunho tries to deepen the kiss.

“You’ve been so bad watching me in the mirror. Tell me what you see.”

Jaejoong lifts himself up, a hand tight around a tense shoulder, as his other hand guides Yunho’s cock to the entrance of his waiting body. He sinks down slowly, the burn he enjoys snaking up his back. He exhales loudly, as his body fights to push out the intrusion, but he forces on, till Yunho is fully seated within his body.

Yunho’s eyes are fixed on Jaejoong’s ass, watching his cock disappearing up that tight body, and as he watches, he is suddenly transported to another time and place.

Jaejoong forgets that he’s asked Yunho to talk to him, as the urge to move is overwhelming. The pain is there, but the pleasure, there is so much pleasure at being filled in that way. He’s ridden Yunho before of course but not like this, not when the man is sitting upright, and the fullness seems much more pronounced at this angle. His cock is weeping against their bellies, the wetness serves to ease the passage of being trapped between their bodies as Jaejoong starts to move.

What the fuck did you put in my drink?

Don’t you like it, big boy? I can’t remember the last time you were hard for me. I thought I’d change that.

Fuck you, Sun Ye get the hell off me.

Why should I? You’re my husband.

In name, nothing more. You will never have me.

Oh, really? I think I’m having you right now.

Jesus fuck get the fuck off me you witch.

Now, now, watch your language otherwise I’ll have to gag you.

Get off me!

You might want to stop struggling. Those are real handcuffs and they’re going to leave marks.

I don’t fucking care. I don’t care anymore, just get the hell off me.

Mmmmm I’m really enjoying this. Do you like the view?

No, Sun Ye! Stop, please stop.

So you’re finally talking now? If I’d known this is what it took for you to make a sound I would have done it earlier.

Why are you doing this? Do you hate me this much?

Fuck you, Yunho. You have everything. I do hate you this much and more. You make me feel weak even as you lie there bleeding. How is this possible?

But I have given you everything. Why this? Why now?

Just something else to control you with.

Sun Ye, no!

What are you going to do about it, big boy? You don’t have enough self control to fight this. I have you.

No, no, no! Get off me! Oh god, please no.

Yunho’s eyes are transfixed on the pale body riding him. From the back, Jaejoong’s figure is starting to merge into Sun Ye’s. They are not the same, far from it, but the view, and the last time Yunho was in this position is suddenly crashing around in his head. He is paralysed, unable to move as the memories come back, eyes staring blindly at his cock disappearing in the pliant body.

What is it, big boy? You don’t want to come in me? Well, it’s just too bad you can’t move isn’t it?

Goddamn it, Sun Ye, please, I’ll do anything, just get off me.

Do you still think you’re in control? You’re not, your worthless fucker. Wouldn’t the world love to know that the great Jung Yunho was raped by his perfect little wife?

Sun Ye, please…

Come. Come and I will leave you alone.

No, just, no, I can’t. No.

I can ride you all night, big boy.

Jaejoong is not so far gone that he doesn’t finally notice the look of blank horror on Yunho’s face. His movements stutter and slow, but he is on the cusp of release, and his orgasm is wrenched from him, as Yunho suddenly bucks up hard against him, head dropping backwards, hitting the bed frame hard as he comes, his cock pulsating within him. Hot cum decorates their bellies, but Jaejoong barely notices, crashing down from his high as a loud sob echoes around the room. He runs his hand along the back of Yunho’s neck, tilting the man’s head up gently and is stunned to see tears streaming down his face. Jaejoong can see a broken man, Yunho’s beautiful almond eyes so haunted, as the tears don’t stop. His mind immediately flies back to what Yunho told him earlier that week, about Sun Ye, and he knows deep within him that this has something to do with her. His own eyes start to fill, as the pain in the other man’s eyes is so visible as they stare unseeing at him.

“Yunho, Yunho, it’s Jaejoong. Your, Joongie. I love you, please, can you see me?”

Jaejoong keeps talking, his voice soft, Yunho is still within his body but he doesn’t want to make any large movements. His cards a hand through the man’s hair, taking off his glasses, just constantly touching him, gentle caresses, showing the man how much he loves him. His whispered words never cease, reminding Yunho who he is. Reminding Yunho how beautiful he is. Reminding him that it is Jaejoong with him, and no one else. That he loves him very much, and he will be here waiting when Yunho comes back to him.

As the tears spill from Jaejoong’s own eyes, his heart hurting so badly as he fights to be strong for both of them, he feels Yunho finally moving and responding, wrapping his arms around his body as he drops his foreheard, pressing against Jaejoong’s collarbone. His words come in gasping breaths as he holds on tight to the brave teenager willing to absorb his pain if he could. Wanting to be everything for him.

“She raped me…she raped me. Jiyool is a child of rape. Joongie, she raped me. Please don’t hate me. Please don’t hate Jiyool. Please…”

Jaejoong’s jaw tightens, as he holds on tight to the broken man sobbing against his throat, the hot tears inflaming the anger within him. He stares darkly at the wall in front of him, vowing to protect Yunho and Jiyool with his life, to banish the evil that was Sun Ye.

AN1: This fic is killing me istg… I’ve never felt this wrung out before writing a fic. I kinda felt like this while writing Slept So Long and now I’m feeling it again and it’s killing me because it’s a lot worse for some reason. I guess the closest would be when I was writing my One Shade of JaeMin and basically cried through the whole chapter. I didn’t quite cry through this entire chapter since it’s so bloody long but god it seriously fucking hurt in parts. Why am I doing this to myself? I know I’m a masochist but surely this is too much… ;;

AN2: I’m sorry readers. I write for me, and as a way to heal and to relieve the stress I have in my life with work and all, and I pretty much throw myself into my fics. By putting it up for public readership, you guys are collateral damage of sorts and I’m sorry. I actually had a conversation with my twin about possibly closing my LJ but it was just a random thought. Don’t panic!

AN3: I guess this chapter in its entirety (parts a and b) can be nicknamed “Chapter of Revelation” or something dumb like that… I feel like I just exposed myself or something. I feel naked. Imagine how Yunho feels :-( And Jaejoong derailed the middle of it with that scene in the office which wasn’t supposed to happen by any stretch of my imagination but my muse is ridiculous so there you go. Controlling Jaejoong is like trying to control the tide and telling it not to come in. It’s not going to happen. But I think he somehow knew it was necessary… just to help bring a smile before the tears. IDK about you but I am bawling ;_________;

Chapter 15

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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