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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty [14b/20]
Title: Sleeping Beauty (14b/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: I feel like i'm about to shatter into a million places damn it...

Chapter 14bCollapse )

and just when i thought all is well, sun ye come backs and haunts yunnie again. gosh, why do it takes so long to move out from the house? i know they want to buy one, but can it please be now? it hurts to know that yunnie is still haunted with his past. gosh, if not, at least they should throw away that canopy bed and buy a new one.

oh wow.... and, what is this thing about you closing your lj???! please don't let that happen.

OMFG TT__TT JAEJOONG IS NOT SUNYE, DAMN IT! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! IT HURTS, AUTHORESS. IT HURTS~ For Yunho, for Jae, for Jiyool...*sniffles* When Yun said, "Please don't hate Jiyool" I was pretty much dying! Omo, Yunho! Let me hug you~ :( But Jae could never hate Jiyool. That little innocent soul~ *pets her*

Ok, I wanted to talk about the cum in the nose and all of that, but I seem to have lost my steam after all of the sad stuff. :( Just...I was giggling throughout the entire thing, from the moment Jae came into the office! And I can't get over how close he is with his family. I'm just one of those people who doesn't share shit with anybody (I'm an extremely private person), so it's a little weird for me to read about him calling his mom or sister(s) over such intimate things. LoL He's so many different things - shy yet bold, sweet yet strong, emotional yet practical, easily embarrassed yet it's the things he willingly throws himself into that end up making him embarrassed. LoL Just a perfect walking contradiction. :D But perfect is perfect and I wouldn't want him any other way, as I'm sure Yunho wouldn't either~ <33

And there's sooo much truth to this: "Jaejoong hums, suddenly feeling like he can conquer the world, that he is at that very moment, the sexiest thing to ever exist" ♥ Uh, don't worry honey, truth is truth and there's no way around it. ;) You CAN conquer the world, and you ARE the sexiest thing to ever exist. ;D I love how his sister said he makes them all look like trolls even on his worst day. LOLZ xD

ouch! you certainly know how to go from the fluffier and fanservice-y earlier chapters to introducing the readers to a depth of pain they've never read in fics.

in terms of importance, it's finally the chapter where yunho learns his most important lesson. and the secrets that have been revealed at horrifying at best.

i adored naughty lil joongie sucking on yun!cock in the middle of the boardroom like that.. it's hilarious and slapstick & really shines out now that things are getting darker by the second

guess there is no need to tell you i was actually bawling in the last part.. made me appreciate how brave yunho is in the first place.

your works stand out because of the amount of emotions YOU invest in them. sure SB & SSL are dark themes, but the raw honesty in emotions is what makes them winners. the fandom is very glad to have you as a writer, so you needn't worry about us readers as collateral..

<3 TC nicki..i can see the chapters ticking down on this one also T__T with all the angst that's coming up for sure,it'll be one long roller coaster ride..

The ending to this cjapter really hit me deep. Just to see how weak yunho is, how he clung to jaejoog~ its saddening to image how that must look. ~.~
But once again jaejoong proves to be so strong! I love the contrast of sunye and jaejoong, they really are opposites that leave such an impact on yunhos life. I cant wait to read the next chapter!

my feelings are jumbled up right now so ASDFGHJKL;QWEGHJJHTFGHJYTFBHGTRFV
WTF WTFFFFF omg what the hell is this omg!!! if this bitch wasn't already dead i'd pull some magic shit and jump right into this just to MUUUURDEER this beast!!!!!!

words don't describe how my heart broke reading this my poor Yunho bb

I'm so glad he has Jaejoong because after everything he's been through he needs a little light at the end of the tunnel

can i just comment here from the previous chapter and try to encourage you to make this mpreg~ the world needs a yunjae baby Jesus that boy would be godly and just I can't even describe it but i WANTTTT

please don't ever delete your lj it's already so hearth-breaking that yunjae is losing so many wonderful authors; dont join them please D:

wow... this comment is just all over the place XD
thank you so much for this update♥♥♥

Omg!!!.this is just perfect!! Girl oh gosh....
Jiyool.poor baby...finally Yunho is.opening!! Jaejoong must be areally brave patient and understanding!!!
Keep.going ^^
Thanks for updating!!

Oh wow..this chapter is really heavy.n there r so much problems to solve.n gosh..Jae is so strong!

love the updates...

Although there are many emotions involve in this chapter..
the best i can say is that.. you have potrayed them so well..
its like seeing yunho who is very hard on the outside but so fragile in the inside..
i love it when jaejoong is trying to be strong got the three of them..
although the past is haunting them, i sure do hope that they can get through it~

thanks for the updates..
p/s: pls don't ever talk about closing lj.. there have soo many good authors out there closing their lj.. so sad thinking they wont continue writing..huhu

It sure is a chapter of revelations ackk poor yunho and how i hate sunye for doing that to him T_T and ackkk dont delete your lj account >_< hehe i love you and your writing and btw i love how jaejoong is being courageous and willing to do ajything to protect yunho abd jiyool his family <3 TC always

hahahahahaha jae n his sisters confo crack me XD
ckck...naughty n horny joongie... please spare ur noonas...poor them XD

so... this chapter less jiyool n more yunjae smut!!! LOOOOOOOLLL

That was one intense chapter full of revelation indeed...that's all I can say. Hands up!

Edited at 2012-10-17 08:46 pm (UTC)

Of all the wicked fanfic characters that I have read from Yunjae Fictions...Sun ye is got to be the wickedest of all the wicked characters that has been created...>.<
She is worst...>< I can't believe she did that to yunho although it shouldn't be a surprise anymore.Undoubtedly, she's the epitome of Dark Beast of Lust hidden on a beautiful unsuspecting form of a human being!!!!
Anyway, you excellently weaved your characters and I'm really impress. This fic never fails to surprise. I never imagine that this fic will be so deep and dark...
I'm worried for yunho...It seems that he's gone the worst psychological trauma. :(

Yunho really suffered alot. its so sad that even the new memories he is creating with jae is still tainted by his past.

thanks for the update

Dayum. And I hope when Jae knows about the Chois wants a custody for JiYool, all hell will break loose. No one can win JJ...XDDD

Waiting for the next part ^____^