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Sleeping Beauty [15/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (15/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: Spent the entire day in Court… Wrote this chapter in between all the waiting and hanging around and all that jazz so I don’t know about the quality of this, but I’m going away for a few days as I have friends who are arriving from overseas and I need to be a good host and so I figure I should post otherwise there won’t be an update till the middle of next week…

Jaejoong is nervous. He is waiting for Yunho at the marriage registrar’s office, to sign the papers, making their union official. The traditional wedding ceremony will take place at the Kim mansion tomorrow at noon but for today, it will be just him, Yunho and Jiyool. The baby girl is sound asleep in her push chair, tired out by Jaejoong’s nervous energy. The last week has gone by a little too quickly for his liking, with too much going on, and what feels like not enough time to do it all. He checks his phone, sighing when he realises that he is half an hour early. He could have waited for Yunho at his office and come together with him, but his mother wanted his opinion on the catering and he’d spent most of the day veto-ing food, much to the caterer’s consternation. His stomach has been churning endlessly, and nothing is sitting right with him.

The days following Yunho’s shocking revelation have been busy, especially for Jaejoong. They’d spent the weekend looking at houses as planned, but it is Jaejoong, with a list of questions that engaged the real estate agents, Yunho merely a bystander, holding Jiyool as he stares out various windows in all the houses they visited. They’d seen seven houses in total, and Jaejoong has a clear favourite out of all of them.

It is perfect really, almost equidistant from both Jung Tower and the Kim mansion. Fifteen bedrooms, which is a little much in his opinion but it has the most perfect tree in the massive backyard for a treehouse. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have based his decision on a tree, but as he stood out on the deck, looking over the lawn, he could see his family in his mind’s eye in it, running around and playing, chatting and socialising. Another selling point is the master suite with its attached nursery. The real estate agent had explained that the previous owners had a large family, and kept the youngest child close to them till they were old enough to have their own room. The room has a high tech built in video baby monitor, and noise is minimised between the rooms by a short hallway that acts almost like a vacuum. The nursery leads on to a massive playroom, which is in turn attached to what the agent called the family room. The space is phenomenal and despite Jaejoong’s aversion to large empty spaces, he can imagine the rooms filled with his family, and he is quite looking forward to adding to the numbers.

The kitchen is spectacular, and made Jaejoong moan in appreciation when he saw it, which brought forth a smile to Yunho’s lips for the first time since they started looking at houses. And for Jaejoong, that is enough. They spent over an hour on the property, longer than all the others. The house ticks all the boxes on his list, and he’d arranged a second viewing with his parents in tow after Yunho had begged off and told him “i’ll sign the papers if you want it”. That annoyed Jaejoong a little, because the house is for them not for him, and he voiced his dissatisfaction to the head of Jung Corporation who merely smiled tightly, replying that anything that makes Jaejoong happy, makes him happy. Jaejoong, not wanting a fight over nothing, lets it go because really, how do you argue with that? Plus he really doesn’t want to give Yunho any unnecessary grief, mindful of the new information he has. He isn’t treading on eggshells so much as not wanting to add anything extra to the man’s shoulders. He can carry whatever day-to-day burdens there are if it means his future husband gets some peace of mind this week.

The house is now their’s, the only catch is that they won’t be able to move in till the week after the wedding. He’d had his heart set on having his family help move them in the weekend of the wedding, because he had this romantic notion of starting their lives as a properly married couple in their new home immediately, but was willing to relinquish that idea. However as he was busy cooing over the house and its features, the presence of the pool had Yunho voicing his first query of the weekend, asking Jaejoong if a pool is really necessary. They’d viewed that “perfect house” just after lunch at the Kim mansion, a lunch that was a little more exciting than usual. Jaejoong had jumped into the pool with his brothers-in-law for a game of water volleyball. He was in the shallow end of course, since at the ripe old age of nineteen, he still cannot swim. It is not for lack of trying, but apparently his muscle density is a lot heavier than it looks because for the life of him, he cannot seem to figure out how to float. He sinks like a lead weight each time and after years of trying, everyone’s given up on him. He’s quite content to paddle around in the shallow end though, not finding swimming a particularly enticing form of recreation or exercise. That day, his foot had slipped as he jumped in, and he’d belly flopped into the water instead of cannonballing in, getting a lungful of water in the process. And so Jaejoong had the dubious honour of practically drowning in waist deep water, Yunho having to pull him out when he was unable to do it himself from the shock of the impact and inhaling and swallowing that much chlorinated water.

His brow furrows at the memory, as he stares at the peaceful features of the sleeping baby in front of him. Yunho had shown more emotion in the ten minutes after his almost drowning than he had since Friday night. However, once he ascertained that Jaejoong was ok, he’d retracted into his shell once again. Not even his sisters’ teasing could get him to open up, merely smiling, but not responding, the smile never ever reaching his eyes.

The rest of the week has progressed in much the same way. Yunho is distant and disengaged. Jaejoong has had to organise all the details of the wedding himself, though he put his foot down when Yunho had dared to suggest that he pick out their outfits on his own because he trusts his judgment. Already stressed and anxious, they’d had their first real fight on Tuesday night. Jaejoong is trying his best, and he knows Yunho loves him. He also knows that this sudden coldness has to do with the revelations of the last week, and he doesn’t push it. He really thinks this isn’t one of those things he can push. Yunho is not really hurting him or taking anything out on him. He is just distant and quiet, keeping to himself. Sometimes Jaejoong wonders if he is avoiding him again, because his hours at the office and lengthy, but the thought always leaves him every night when Yunho comes to bed, spooning him, whispering a soft “I love you” into his neck, thinking that Jaejoong is asleep. But he never is, and his worries lighten a little each night at those three words. Jiyool hasn’t slept in her nursery all week, and until Yunho is ready to talk things out, it will probably remain thus.

He cannot talk to any of his sisters or even his mother, because some things just cannot be shared, and Yunho’s painful past is one of them. He will share it only if the man gives him permission, and he knows he won’t so Jaejoong has to work through all the crazy emotions on his own. Managing the house, a very chatty and inquisitive Jiyool who thankfully still doesn’t know how to walk, the wedding, packing and moving details, not to mention still going to school, is all taking its toll on the teenager. He’s also been feeling poorly all week, and he petulantly blames it on all the nasty chlorine he swallowed on Sunday. The pool in their new house is a salt-water pool and he is just a tad smug about it.

He checks the time, and he still has more than fifteen minutes before he even expects Yunho to appear. He leans back, trying to get comfortable on the hard wooden seats in the waiting room. His jumbled mind, already disjointed and flitting about randomly, now goes back to Friday night, and his fists clench. They have not been intimate since that night, and Jaejoong understands. He’s tried talking to Yunho several times about the possibility of seeing a therapist, one out of the country if need be, but the man is unwilling. In fact, he literally shuts off right before Jaejoong’s eyes every time he brings it up, and after the third attempt, he drops it, deciding it’s one of those things he will deal with after this week from hell is over. It is a little sad that he is thinking of the week leading up to his wedding in such a horrible manner, but there’s no other way to describe it. His thoughts are a muddle, trying to keep track of a million things, and while his family is extremely supportive, he needs the support to come from his future husband, especially since the most difficult thing he’d ever has to face prior to meeting the Jungs is trying to convince his family that he will be fine living on his own.

Jaejoong is understanding to a point. After all the new information he has about Yunho, he knows he cannot fight off all the man’s demons. He will do his best, but he is not equipped to deal with trauma at that level, and while love may solve most things, it doesn’t solve everything. He smiles ruefully to himself, thinking about his oldest sister. She’d probably start crowing about how baby Joongie is finally growing up. He feels like he’s had to grow up really fast over the last few weeks, but he doesn’t resent Yunho for it. What he has gained far outweighs whatever he might have lost, his blissful innocence for one. You can almost say he’s gone through life asleep, unaware of exactly how cruel and brutal the world can be, sheltered all his life. Yunho has woken him up to the ugliness that underlies even the most beautiful of things, and while he hates having the knowledge, he is grateful for it all the same. One cannot go through life, living and appreciating it without knowing both sides. He has slumbered on for nineteen years, and his awakening to the ugly and painful side of life has made him appreciate and cherish what he has even more.

He thinks of Yunho, and a semblance of a smile ghosts across his lips. A smile that is quietly and subtly stunning in its beauty because of the emotion behind it. He loves the man, every single shattered piece of him, and he will fight to put him back together, with or without his cooperation.

He is pulled from his thoughts when a familiar presence settles next to him, taking his hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it. He smiles as he turns to greet Yunho, who is not looking at him but rather at his daughter. The haunted look he was wearing last Friday is back, the pain in his eyes is clear, and Jaejoong is shaken.

“What’s wrong?”

Yunho doesn’t turn to him, simply shaking his head. He can feel himself retreating slowly but surely back within himself this past week, and even though he fights it, he cannot hide it. Not from Jaejoong. The week has been filled with multiple calls and threats from the Chois, and Yunho is unable to respond to them, biding his time as the cogs of his own plans turn in the background. He has engaged a lawyer, only one name coming to mind because he cannot trust anyone else. He doesn’t tell Jaejoong’s noona not to tell her brother though, because he knows she won’t breathe a word. However, not telling the boy is taking a toll. His search for that video cd has turned up empty-handed and he is almost beside himself with worry even though a little voice in his head is telling him that the Chois are bluffing, posturing, and simply being manipulative, thinking that he is still somehow under the thumb of their dead daughter. But he cannot take any chances, not with Jiyool. Yet another ridiculous demand has arrived that day, and his mind is still on it.

Jaejoong stares at Yunho’s profile, the prominent line of his jaw, watching it flex as he clenches it. The tiny scars over his face stand out in stark relief for some reason and his hand itches to caress them. He hasn’t asked about those scars, and today is definitely not the day for it. He places his other hand over Yunho’s that is still holding on to his, and he squeezes. He sees Yunho’s lips quirk slightly in response and he knows that will probably be all he gets out of the man. He’s toyed with the idea that Yunho might be getting cold feet, but here he is, five minutes early, and holding his hand. His countenance might be a little dour, but he is here.

“Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong?”

The couple look up as their names are called, and they stand. Yunho lets go of Jaejoong’s hand, but he wraps his arm low around his waist, skimming his hips and Jaejoong maneuvers the push chair, and they enter the registrar’s office.

It is almost anti-climactic, answering a few questions from the man behind the desk, and signing their names on a few pieces of paper. In less than fifteen minutes, Kim Jaejoong is now Jung Jaejoong. There is no fanfare or ceremony, that all comes tomorrow. However, to the teenager, this almost seems to make more sense. He’s considered them married for weeks now, and the piece of paper and the ceremony tomorrow is only a formality and something to please his parents. Yunho’s hold of him is firm, maybe a little possessive as they leave the office. Jiyool slept through the entire thing, much to the amusement of both her parents. Yunho had asked if Jaejoong wanted her awake, but he declined. No need to wake the baby for something she too already knows is real.

They have an early dinner together outside, enjoying the unseasonably warm day despite being autumn, sprawling out on a picnic blanket in one of the pockets of greenery that dot the city. They are undisturbed, the little family enjoying each other’s company. Jiyool’s antics are distracting Yunho from his worries, as the baby girl tries to imitate him. She frowns when he frowns, and smiles when he smiles, and looks solemn when his countenance turns somber, and giggles when he chuckles at her. It is funny to watch, and Jaejoong feels his spirits lifting again. The three of them share an ice cream, careful not to give Jiyool too much despite her squawking, remembering what happened last time. The little girl doesn’t protest too much at her parents’ caution, as she too remembers the not-too-pleasant experience. She imitates her father even in this, content to lick ice cream off Jaejoong’s lips instead, that brief taste of cold sweetness is enough for her.

It seems though that the older Jung enjoys eating his ice cream that way a little too much, and Jaejoong gets his wedding night even though he wasn’t expecting it. They drop Jiyool off at the Kim mansion, the plan was already for her to stay the night there, and when they get home, the officially married couple make love sweetly and tenderly, both mindful of the long day they will have tomorrow, as well as just needing to reconnect after so long. Their union is characterised by whispers of love, and adoring touches, nothing hasty or desperate about it even though they’ve been starved of each other for a week. It is about new beginnings and both are determined to begin this right. They are going to try anyway…

“Mmmmm do you know I always get what I wish for?”

“Should I be worried? What are you wishing for now?”

Jaejoong smiles into the side of Yunho’s chest, tucked safely under his arm in bed, happy and satisfied, his finger tracing circles over a flat brown nipple as Yunho strokes his hair idly.

“I wish for more kids. Jiyool thrives with my younger nieces, and I think she’d like a sibling.”

Yunho’s hand stills, as he is reminded of the custody battle that is looming like a hideous spectre from his past, and it is on the tip of his tongue to say something. However the teenager is humming happily, content and sated in his arms and he is loathe to ruin the moment. He can tell his new wife about it when they return from Jeju Island. He opens his mouth to speak, injecting a little lightheartedness into his voice.

“I think you’ll get your wish, since you’re only 19. There’s plenty of years ahead and we can always practice till we succeed.”

Jaejoong chuckles, lifting his head to lick teasingly at the now perky nipple he was circling earlier.

“You don’t understand. I wish for a wedding night baby.”



Jaejoong wakes up alone, which is in itself odd considering how early it is. There is a delicious ache in his body that reminds him of the previous night, and he is glad he doesn’t have an audience as he blushes like a bride. Some bride he is though, already thoroughly debauched, but no one needs to know, although he knows his entire family knows. Oh well, secrets are practically impossible to keep in the Kim clan, unless of course your name happens to be Jung. Jaejoong frowns slightly at that, but his happiness overrides that brief meander into a dark memory, and he banishes it.

He stretches, luxuriating in the musky smell of last night’s lovemaking, and hopefully, baby making if his luck holds out, before turning his head to bury his face in Yunho’s pillow, unable to stop the very loud squealing that escapes him. He is finally, for the first time that week, feeling like everything is alright. He screams a little more, the sound muffled by the pillow as he wiggles happily on Yunho’s side of the bed, missing his new husband and wondering where he’s gotten to. His sisters had tried to insist on them staying separately last night, but neither Jaejoong nor Yunho were having the bar of it, and all his eight sisters had to concede defeat. His fourth sister has finally warmed up to Yunho after the disastrous pool incident of last Sunday, saying that a man who will jump into a pool fully clothed without hesitating for even a second, even though there are other family members closer to the drowning teenager, is good enough for her baby brother. She’d even gone as far as to apologise to the man for her rude behaviour, and had been civil to him since then.

Everything is working out nicely, and Jaejoong lets out one last happy squeal before he sits up, blinking in the early morning sunlight. He starts to sing to himself as he gets out of bed to pad barefoot and stark naked out of the bedroom. The stickiness in his ass doesn’t faze him one bit, thought the empty apartment does. He finds a short note on the fridge door though that makes him beam from ear to ear.

Something came up and I’m in the office. Stay in bed, and we can make full use of the morning since I’m sure the wedding night lasts 24 hours ;-)

He lets out a strange sound, possible a cross between a squeal and a happy moan, as he opens the fridge door to get some orange juice. He fully intends on returning to bed, but his tummy is rumbling and although not hungry, he probably should fill it with something. He chokes on his first sip though, because the visual that accompanies his last thought is not something for the innocent.

“I don’t know if umma would be too impressed if I kept eating her potential grandchildren…” Jaejoong muses out loud to the empty kitchen as he finishes his glass of juice.

He leaves the glass in the sink, wanting to get back into bed as soon as possible when the phone rings. He picks it up, his voice cheerful and singsong as he greets whoever it is on the other line as he makes his way back to the bedroom.

“Joongie? I’m not going to ask why you’re so cheerful.”

“I’m maaaaaaaaaarried.”

His sister chuckles at the happy teenager, “Yes, baby, I know.”

“Why are you ringing at the crack of dawn anyway?”

“It’s after 7, hardly the crack of dawn. And I wanted to talk to that husband of yours. The Chois have sent through yet another custody condition and I wanted to talk it over with him, although really, the demand is so ridiculous no court would grant it.”

Jaejoong freezes on the threshold of the master bedroom, his fingers holding the cordless phone tight to his ears as he stares at the messy bed.


“Is Yunho there? I just need to tell him about this, but really, you don’t need to worry about it.”

“What…noona…I don’t…what?”

There is silence on the other line as his sister catches on immediately as to the shock in her baby brother’s voice. She winces in remorse, massaging her temple, wondering how she’s going to fix her inadvertent slip. Goddamn Jung Yunho. She cannot believe he kept this from Jaejoong. She cannot. It is not her place to scold him as his lawyer but she sure as hell can blister his goddamn ear as his oldest sister-in-law. The line is a little hazy though, and she exhales quietly, opening her mouth to speak but her brother cuts her off.

“No, don’t tell me. I don’t want you to compromise your privilege even more than you already have. I’ll see you at the mansion.”

Jaejoong hangs up, and hurls the phone at the wall, not satisfied at all as it crashes against it and breaks into several pieces of plastic. He is so angry, a complete opposite to his mood not even five minutes ago that he can barely breathe. He pulls on whatever clothes he can get hold off, blindly grabbing his phone and keys off the side table, not realising he’d grabbed the wrong keys as he runs out of the apartment. He doesn’t bother with the lift, taking the stairs instead. However the exertion simply fuels his anger, and by the time he reaches the foyer of Yunho’s office, Jaejoong is the angriest he’s ever been in his short life.

He flies through Yunho’s office, uncaring as the man’s weekend secretary tries to stop him, brushing her off and silencing her with a deadly glare. He bursts through the door of his inner office, stopping short when he finds Yunho on the phone, but he doesn’t leave, simply shutting the door behind him and leaning against it, staring at Yunho’s impassive expression. That very expression that brings a fresh surge of hurt and anger pouring through him. The anger is fueled by hurt but also by fear. The fear of losing Jiyool, and not being told of the possibility.

Yunho takes in the rigid lines of his teenage wife, never seeing Jaejoong this upset before, and he has a feeling he knows why. He ends the call to his associate prematurely, a little annoyed at having to do so because he needs to finalise some details about is plan regarding the Chois, and so he is not feeling quite as charitable as he should have been towards the fuming teenager.

“When were you going to tell me?”

“Who told you?”

Jaejoong stalks forward, almost vibrating in his ire, blind in his rage.

“It doesn’t fucking matter who told me. What matters is the fact that you didn’t tell me.”

“I didn’t think you needed to know.”

“Yunho! Are you fucking kidding me? Are you being serious? Because I don’t know if I’m hearing correctly.”

“I’m handling this. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry? Don’t worry? Our daughter might get taken from us and you’re telling me not to worry? How would you feel if I kept this from you and told you not to worry? You don’t hide things like this! Who are you? I thought we were done with hiding stuff. I can’t believe you. I can’t fucking believe you.”

Jaejoong’s lets out a short hysterical laugh, shaking his head and glaring at the man he suddenly cannot recognise. Last night is a distant memory for both husband and wife as they stare each other down.

Yunho is starting to get angry at being yelled at for something when his only intention was to protect, and his words are unchecked, simply wanting to lash out too because it is also starting to become too much for him to handle on his own. The irony of that thought however, is completely lost on him as he utters those fateful words that will start a chain of events that will cause him more pain than he can ever imagine. A pain far worse than the entirety of the last decade put together.

“You don’t get it, do you? Jiyool is not our daughter. She is not your daughter, she is my daughter. This has nothing to do with you.”

Yunho regrets the words the instant they leave his mouth, as the teenager steps back as if he’s been slapped. His face crumples in disbelief and a wealth of hurt, even more than what he was already showing, and he takes yet another step back, staggering slightly as his legs tremble in his shock at Yunho’s careless words.

“Jaejoong…Joongie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

Jaejoong can only shake his head mutely, his eyes smarting from unshed tears as he backs away from Yunho. The whole week is taking its toll, and the teenager can take no more. He turns, opening the door and he runs. It is the morning of his wedding, and he should be happy but instead, the hurt he feels bears no comparison. Not once in his short life has he ever felt so cut up. Yunho’s words slice right through him, carving into him, and he chokes on a sob as he enters the elevator, stabbing the button for the garage.

His phone beeps, and he looks at it.

Don’t be late, baby Joongie!

His hands tremble as he presses a reply.

I won’t. I’ll see you later.

The lift doors open with a soft chime and Jaejoong hurries out, heading straight to the Audi as he finds the keys in his back pocket, grabbing them by mistake in his hurry to confront Yunho, instead of the house keys. He won’t be able to get back into their apartment, but it is not like they were planning on returning home anyway. They were going to fly to Jeju Island that evening for a short honeymoon, their bags already packed and sitting in his old bedroom in the Kim mansion. Short, because Jaejoong had not wanted to leave Jiyool for any longer than necessary, and Yunho had been in accord with him over that decision.

He wipes away angrily at the tears blinding him as he slides into the driver’s seat, hands shaking as he struggles to start the car. He should probably not drive in the state he is in, but he just wants to get away. To get far, far, far away from the man that owns the building. His husband. They are married in the eyes of the law, and Jaejoong’s laughter is a broken sound as he thinks about it. He puts the car out of neutral, and into reverse, backing out of the lot much too fast, but he really doesn’t care. He wants to get out of there.

In seconds, he is out of the artificially lit garage, driving through the city, heading where he knows not. His phone beeps again, and he gives it a cursory glance, fists tightening over the steering wheel when he reads the message.

Jae, I really didn’t mean that. I’m sorry for keeping this from you. Please…i’m so sorry. Jiyool is as much yours as she is mine. She is ours.

At the next traffic light, he picks up his phone, stabbing at the unoffending piece of technology as he types out a reply.

I’ll see you at the wedding.

The light turns green, and Jaejoong drives on. He has a destination in mind, somewhere he hasn’t been in awhile. He needs to clear his thoughts, and heal the deep wound in his heart. He knows, he truly does, he knows that Yunho did not mean it. But it still hurts nonetheless.

Yunho is gripping his phone so hard, his knuckles are white, and when it chirps indicating a reply, he groans in relief. His eyes search Jaejoong’s response eagerly, disappointed at what he gets, but it is enough. Jaejoong doesn’t intend on leaving him. He has no idea where to even begin to make up to the boy for what he’s said and done, but the first thing to do is to come clean with everything. No more lies by omission. No more keeping secrets because he thinks it is in Jaejoong’s best interest. He doesn’t know what a real marriage is supposed to be like, but he definitely knows that he has started on the very wrong foot. He will swallow his pride and talk to his new in-laws if necessary. He cannot lose Jaejoong.


It is almost noon and the back yard of the Kim mansion has an air of festivity. Beautiful Japanese lanterns, Jaejoong’s favourite, dot the perimeter, still pretty even though unlit. The house is bustling with activity, as hired wait and catering staff walk around, making sure that everything is in order. The family themselves are chatting together in various groups, as they wait for the arrival of the baby of the family. Yunho is resplendent in his traditional wedding garb, and in deep conversation with his mother-in-law. He had searched her out the minute he arrived, to explain what had transpired that morning, and to seek her advice. After a blistering tirade he will not soon forget, the woman kisses him on the cheek, patting him fondly, as she sits him down.

Shortly after 12, there is a commotion at the front of the mansion, and everyone starts darting around, trying to find their positions. Mrs Kim has an arm firmly in the crook of Yunho’s elbow, as he escorts her to the front of the small crowd, and once situated, they all turn, looking expectantly at the open ranch sliders for the tardy bride.

“Trust baby Joongie to be late for his own wedding.”

“Well, he was late for his own birth so did you expect anything less?”

“I really don’t think oppa would appreciate being kept waiting for three days like umma.”

“Then he should be thankful the brat is only ten minutes late.”

The quiet chatter continues as family members joke about the teenager. However their words die, as instead of the Kim heir appearing in his pretty hanbok, two police officers, looking a little intimidated emerge. Their eyes dart around, taking in the crowd of expectant and confused faces looking towards them. One of them clears his throat.

“We were told that Jung Yunho is here today. Can he step forward please?”

Yunho, head and shoulders taller than most of those present steps forward. He is already striking without the obvious wedding finery he is wearing, and the police officers both gulp, as they take in the man striding through the crowd that parts quietly for him. They know of this man, and it is clear they are interrupting his marriage ceremony. They look away uncomfortably from the Jung magnate’s piercing gaze, sweeping it across the sea of faces. Some of South Korea’s most elite are standing and waiting in this backyard, and the officers’ feeling of unease grows.

“I am, he. What brings you here?”

“Do you own a black Audi A4 with license plate JUNG 03?”


“Do you know who was driving it today?”

“My wife. He left Jung Tower early this morning in that car. There’s probably surveillance footage of it, and I can direct you to the guard I spoke to who saw him leave. Why?”

The two police officers exchange nervous glances, thoroughly unhappy at being the bearer of bad news.

“I’m sorry, sir. The car was just pulled from the bottom of the Han River about an hour ago.”

The screams of shock and gasps of horror echo around the back yard, as the man’s words sink in. However, Yunho is deaf and blind to all, as he takes another step forward, refusing to believe what he is hearing.

“Did you find Jaejoong?”

“The car was empty, there was no body within it but divers are searching as we speak.”

Yunho feels his world spinning, as his legs suddenly buckle, and he falls in a heap of scratchy clothing right smack in the middle of the chaos. He can hear crying around him, but he is too shocked to comprehend what is going on. One thing he knows for a fact, is that Jaejoong cannot swim. The boy practically drowned in the shallow end of the pool right here at the Kim mansion just last week. He shakes his head, trying to clear his mind, to latch on to an anchor because he can feel himself drifting away fast. But Jaejoong is his anchor, and his wife is…gone.

Amidst the broken cries of various people, the wail of a distraught child is heard, cutting through and across the din, her voice strong as she bellows her need.

“Daddy… Mama… Mama…”

AN1: Don’t kill me… I know this is the mother of all cliffhangers but this had to happen.

AN2: Btw that whole wish thing… you can blame twitter for that. I’ve been super busy today and when I jump on it for only the third time yesterday (that’s nothing if you know me), the first thing I see is Jaejoong looking pregnant in the Jackal or something and guh……. My brain malfunctioned. I’d apologise, but I won’t because this is my story. If you’ve been following this and hate mpreg, well, it won’t bother me if you stop reading. But i’ve mentioned it before and I’ll repeat it, I have no plans of putting in actual mpreg in this fic, but I will mention it (as you can clearly see).

AN3: You guys still want to kill me don’t you? Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to update till next week =______=

Chapter 16a

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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